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voices in the dark

Posted on August 12, 2019 at 8:11 pm
Mood: Rotoita
Now Playing: maudlin of the Well - Blight of River Systems
So, to sum up The Lathe of Heaven: it's basically the Goosebumps book Don't Go To Sleep except good. Also, the effects are wider reaching (although they could be in that too; we see our protagonist studying Anna Karenina in literature class, not studying current events or history) and the path to the ideal isn't necessarily a good one.

Someone else said that the Simpsons see Carmen in Russian because it’s the only recording Fox Television had the rights to. I actually watched the scene and yeah, it sounds Russian.

There's a new anthology in Kratman's fictional setting, which is basically the Earth but upsidedown and there's no Australia, and somehow, it's even more heavy handed than the real thing. There's a preview on Amazon with characters named Besma and Rashid, and I think they were in Caliphate but I read that around a decade ago and there is no fucking way I'm reading it again.

Salvini is attempting a coup against the populist party.

The most apt description of Fear Inoculum is that you had an AI spend 1000 hours listening to Lateralus and bits of Ænima and then had it write a Tool song. And then appended a title from one of those fake tracklists floating around. The people who know what Maynard had for breakfast on August 12, 1999 like it. I'd probably be a lot more interested in this if I was still a teenager.
The vocals don't seem to me as worn out as Eat The Elephant's so maybe they were just sitting on that song for a decade.
The cover art looks like a self-published novel on Amazon and I guarantee when and if they have an album in 2038, when Tritoch is still chatting with the occasional spambot and Denicalis held his one hundred millionth unattended Twitch stream, the cover art will be this one except red.

She made a drawing of what I assume is herself riding a rat. There's Ada and Caitlin and Alex, and she is none of those.

Jennifer brought her African gray parrot and Senegalese parrot. The gray said something to me but then wouldn’t speak after that. He’s also afraid of store-bought toys. The Senegal shrieks, mumbles out random human phonemes, can apparently say his name which is why she didn’t change it when she got it, cackles, imitates other birds, and makes what appear to be fart sounds. Jennifer has a raven tattoo. She wanted newspapers and I suggested the Herald and the New York Post and brought up British newspapers and her first response was "The Sun." If the British came up with a newspaper worse than the Daily Mail, that would be their greatest accomplishment.

I've got nothing. Here's a barred owl.

burning question: Michael asked why Anakin needs to be from Tatooine at all and why he couldn’t be from Naboo. Because he hates sand! But does he really have to hate sand at all? Is that so important to his character? Did he choke a contractor on the Death Star because their rec room included a sandbox?


a million sparks

Posted on August 08, 2019 at 5:08 pm
Mood: Ceratomonia
Now Playing: Radiohead - Treefingers
Once again, it dropped to 20% to get our hopes up. The nicest thing I can say about the weather is that they were miraculously able to get a rain location instead of canceling a once in a lifetime chance to hear something. Also, it wasn't as packed as the last time. In fact, many seats were empty, and not because people were blocking them.

I spent a bit of time at the MFA where I saw various illustrated editions of Moby Dick including one with just pictures of whales that leaves the appearances of Ishmael, Starbuck, Queequeg, Ahab, et al, to our imagination, one by Jack and Holman Wang: Ten Words. Ten constructions of felt. The whole tale.
Autocorrect wants nothing to do with Moby Dick.
I met a woman with hair of varying shades of chromista green and oceanic blue and candy violet and in two knobs. I met a woman with a tattoo of a flower with "not broken, just bent" and a snail in black and white.

A man has a tattoo of a chameleon with no legs and bird wings.

There was a haiku contest. There's a misconception about haikus. Really, they're just short poems about nature and the seasons.
the crack
in a tiny blue egg

polar vortex
our footprints not
where we left them

caught without an umbrella

costumed tour guide
colonial dress
almost covering her tattoos

Phaudrig Croohore is an archaic form of Patrick Connor. I've always seen it as Pádraig. The woman in front of me had some gripes with the hero of the story: he crashes a wedding and kidnaps the bride. In his defence, it was an arranged marriage. She also brought up something in the program notes in which choristers found a line about "for he was the devil" obscene and Charles Villiers Stanford refused to change it.
I don't know if it's part of a larger song cycle. Recordings are scarce.
I was the one person who didn't raise my hand when the director asked who has never heard this before. This is because I looked it up on Youtube a few days before, expecting a cancellation.

Amy Beach learned to compose by pouring over sheet music.
It wasn't the first symphony composed by a woman but it was close.
The first movement is a sonata with two themes from her previous work, one a tempest and one a lyrical jig based on an Irish folk song.
The second movement is a scherzo based on an Irish lullaby. The third movement is a lento also based on Irish lullabies, first one, then the other, than an integration of both.
The fourth movement reintroduces a theme from the first movement and introduces a new theme. It plays out like other Romantic symphonies.
She was about as Irish as many Irish elk.

I got this kurkure green chutney style snack mix, made with dal (lentils), corn, and rice. The back of it says “roz milte hain life le, par silent hain why? kurkure khul jaaye toh family bann jaaye.” I think it’s either Hindi or Marathi. They also have a Naughty Tomato flavor. Green Chutney is apparently green chili, onion, garlic, tamarind, dry mango, fennel, and parsley.

Emma studies flute and her favorite palant is lavender and she missed the summer rains in Boston but she was in Baltimore at the time, where it rained a lot there too, where the public transit is nonexistent or barely existent and not existent but broken like in Boston or existent and efficient but very confusing and monotonous like in Washington DC or existent but has an offputting smell to it like in New York City. I feel like this year, it's rained a normal amount of days but rained a lot more than it normally does on those days. Also, warmest July ever, apparently. That's climate change for you, says Emma.
Emma has a pouch with a moon-mask attached and some beads on it. The nose of the mask is the trunk of a tree. It reminds me of a disk with a Darth Maul face on it I found while we were cleaning out the art room on the last day of school.
Bees like fennel, aster, rosemary, sunflower, coneflower, sage, geranium, thyme, poppy, lavender, buttercup, aster, fennel, and verbena, according to Emma's t-shirt, which says "plant these: save the bees" on it. I looked this up. Most of her shirt was obscured by a blue and white scarf. Ants like peonies and flies apparently like rhododendrons.

Katrina has a very prominent widow's peak.
I saw a guy dressed as an MRA/incel stereotypes, that is to say, a fedora and cargo shorts and a t-shir with Ronald Reagan and a tattoo that I think depicts a stahlhelm and really bad facial hair.

burning question: is it a crime against humanity to deport people to a place they've never been?


we burn our eyes to see the light

Posted on August 05, 2019 at 8:20 pm
Mood: Crataerina
Now Playing: Charles Villiers Stanford - Phaudrig Crohoore
One of the birds in boarding meows.

Michael said the book he’s talking about is called Can You Brexit Without Breaking Britain?

“Lime Time. They like the sour.”
Meanwhile, she’s “getting all the goods out” of a pregnant guinea pig.
Caitlin flooded the table. “Nothing happened here,” she says, to which Jacob says “I see a spill and a massacre.” and also “you could make a mask out of it.”

Abby has never had sushi. Or maybe she has as a small child but doesn’t remember it.
Emma was eating cookie dough in a coffee cup.

She wanted to capture some hippoboscid flies for research purposes. They’re obligate parasites, some of mammals and some of birds. They’re flat and they crab walk (we got a demonstration of this) and they’re not good flyers. Bat keds look like spiders.

Abby speaking Spanish is basically Kevin Kline's character from A Fish Called Wanda. Which he does do in the Italian dub.

Once Emma tried to dye her hair with koolaid powder and wouldn't drink the stuff afterwards because she thought it would turn her insides red for years.
Your insides are already red, Primrose says.

Dova bit someone's finger. The nail wasn't painted red, though, it was just shiny.

Walker’s roommate asked where his bible is and he said “uhh, I left it at home” and his roommate’s like “oh, not to worry, I have six!” It’s like KVN discovered religion.
Primrose says that if she steps inside a church, she's burn.

Riley told us about the time her grandmother was in hospice care and she really liked birds so one time she’s like “I’m sorry but I think it’s time for her to go” and her grandmother passes and at the same time a bird crashes into the bay window.
Emma will be in Cancun. She will probably come back but not this week. Most interns are either finishing up this week or finishing up next week.

I’m listening to Phaudrig Croohoore, an Irish Ballad for Chorus and Orchestra right now and much like The Rape of Lucretia, the recording is utter shit. The chance of rain Wednesday has hovered around 40% for the last week with a peak at 50% earlier this morning and a low of 30% on Saturday.

Burning question: Would you rather fight 30-50 AR15-sized feral hogs, or one feral hog-sized AR-15?


from the painter's hand

Posted on August 04, 2019 at 7:59 pm
Mood: Tanaocerus
Now Playing: Lady Pills - Eat Them
I hope this is like Vietnam, where they lose one for every twenty they lose, yet we still win. They know that demographics aren’t on their side. I just thought they’d wait until they start dying off.
For the purposes of voting, the killer was a casualty. Trump won’t pardon him because he still has to pretend to be a decent person.
The SAVAK guy matters less because there’s no fucking way a Californian can massacre their way to the California of Reagan and Nixon.

A man had tattoos of a nude woman and the sun in a window bordered by sunflowers, with the words "beware of the phog" on a streamer, of a Babylon-bearded man wearing the head of a bear as a hood.
A woman with octpus earrings was discussing a trip to Seoul. She’s also been to Scotland. I assume her friend who had a face so expressive it was caricaturesque is Korean.
Sarah has long rust red hair and a tattoo of a flower on her arm.
A woman had bathypelagic hair and a colorful phoenix tattoo.
Some kids in a writing camp were imagining sorbets with various vegetables.

Hyman Bloom - Seascape II
This was hung in the same room as The Slave Ship.

Audrey or Harry pointed out that the shark looked rather unrealistic and this is because a) Copley has never visited Havana and b) has most likely never seen a shark, or if he did, it would be stuffed and mounted or maybe it would be washed up on the beach, not in the process of biting off some guy’s foot (his entire leg had to be amputated).
Harry’s been to Peru. Mostly Lima but also Cuzco and Machu Picchu and a llama farm.

I think I posted this before but it’s an amazing painting. Thing that sticks out in Brinley's mind is the Mondrian square in the upper left corner and the tongue or missile coming out of the horse's mouth that she doens't think was in the original Guernica.
She has seen the actual Guernica when she spent a summer in Europe. Her favorite was Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss.
It’s not about the pipeline. I think it’s a reference to “well, seems we found oil on your territory so now we have to kick you out.”

The new gallery of Islamic art is open. I remarked that it felt as cold as Arabia during the Cryogenian.

There's an exhibit on Kay Neilsen's fairy tale illustrations. His art reminds me of Yoshitaka Amano. I'm not sure if Nielsen was an influence on Amano but Persian miniatures and Japanese woodblock prints were an influence on Nielsen.
He worked on some sequences in Fantasia and he worked on, surprise surprise, The Little Mermaid but didn't live to see the finished results. -sen is usually Danish or Norwegian, -son is Swedish.

It's paired up with a collection of fairy tale photographs.

This one is based on an Iranian folk tale the artist told to her daughter during the Arab Spring. A spider catched a beautiful butterfly in his web and offers to let her go if she captuers another insect in her stead. The butterfly is unwilling to sacrifice the firefly, the honeybee, the grasshopper, or the beetle after hearing their reasons to not be eaten, so she returns to the spider. The spider tells her that she is good because she did not sacrifice any insects, so he lets her go.

Someone wrote
in second grade, I launched a protest against our grade school dress code which required girls to wear skirts in all weither. It made walking to school uncomfortable and snowball fights impossible. We girls retaliated by wearing pants under our skirts, an effect so unladylike that the principal gave up."
I have a voice and a presence. I can whisper, sing, or scream. And what I put on my body is one more way I can express myself. Thank you for opening my eyes."

A woman had Famfrit’s sigil on her wrist and the underside of a horseshoe crab surrounded by geometric and linear designs. She pulled out a blue mesh pouch and took some earrings from it, so I had to add those to her portrait.
A woman in a black dress had geometric designs tattooed in rings around her arm.

burning question: A caramel candy drops in a pool of grundle handwicks which wick the hand from which the wicking has handed. Did the caramel grow in hand wicking? Or, did it get stolen by the three blind grundle snackers?

mervyn pumpkinhead

the burden of other people's thoughts

Posted on August 03, 2019 at 9:31 pm
Mood: Ramphocelus
Now Playing: Maurice Duruflé - Gloria
The chance of rain for July 31 held steady around 40% for the previous ten days, dropped down to 20% on the day before for a glimpse of hope, and jumped up to 50% that evening. There is one advantage to being postponed: I can watch Archer. I don’t know why I’m saying advantage because that was the season finale.
It took well over 90 minutes to get from Braintree to Downtown Crossing so when Gabriella didn’t show up later, I should not have been surprised.
The automated voice said “no smoking, please” and a guy from the Netherlands, specifically Holland, said that the smoke is coming out of our ears.
Megan had a shirt with passion flowers and rose buds and peonies (at least, that's what I think they were. My knowledge of botany is pretty much "plants have cell walls and most can photosynthesize. Also, people believed that fungi were a type of plant well until the 1970s even though Haeckel considered them to be protist, which doesn't actually mean much") a tattoo of a pine tree on her ankle and a tattoo of a pineapple on her arm. I’m assuming she has a tattoo of a apple somewhere on her. I didn’t think to ask.

A woman had a tattoo of a muscular nude man with Ashley Riot’s hair firing an arrow while seated in a bed of flowers.
Hannah is fairly androgynous looking. On one arm, she has tattoos of a faceted mountain, of a pit leading to the void, a howling wolf and snowflakes and stormclouds, the words “she’s mad but she’s magic. there’s no lie in her fire” from a Bukowski poem. On her other arm, abstract curves and swirls, a sun with its cardinal spokes the points of a compass and the two between them curved, various sigils and glyphs, a quote in Spanish and the Latin words Amor Fati, a bear's paw with a spiral on it, a sailing ship amidst a raging sea. On her leg, a stag, the words “we stand steady as the stars in the woods,” a lyric by Ben Howard, and the scales of Themis, personification of order, law, and fairness, with a lachrymose eye at the base. The number XXIII is on her other leg.

The theme is hope. There is one tough stretch, a little over a year, before the elections. It's hard because there was a mass shooting today.
There was a sticker on a traffic light that says kick racism out of racists.
William Grant Still wrote Festive Overture winning a $1000 war bond in 1942, and based it on midcentury American themes: a sonata done in Hollywood style with jazz harmonies. It opens with a pentatonic fanfare.
George Walker’s Lyric for Strings is redolent of Adagio For Strings in mood, but the structure is different. Whereas the Adagio is a canon, and the Lyric is three arches of intertwining voices rising and falling, accumulating and receding.
There were four spirituals, or rather, three spirituals about God delivering Daniel from the lion’s mouth and Jonah from the whale, about Joshua knocking down the walls of Jericho, about Lazarus’s hardship in life and heaven awaiting him, while a rich man, unnamed in the Book of Luke and named simply Dives, or “rich man,” went to hell.
The thing about spirituals is that they’re about slavery. They use religious imagery. It’s usually pretty obvious too, especially in Go Down Moses. Some spirituals even had coded messages. The thing is slave owners tried to make slaves accept their lot in life.
So it’s really quite obvious that He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands isn’t really a spiritual. There aren’t any references to slaves or to slavery. It was transcribed and recorded by Frank and Anne Warner.
Michael Tippett wrote A Child Of Our Time, an oratorio of spirituals about Kristallnacht, written from 1939 to 1941 and premiered in 1944, when things went from bad to worse.
Jubilee refers to a song that spoke of a bright happy and free future.
The Chariot Jubilee is in parts a homage to the New World Symphony. You know who did that. I say this because I can’t hold the r key and get ř or ŕ or even ꞧ (used in older Latvian writings) or ȑ (whatever that’s used for, no doubt some obscure Russian language that normally uses Cyrillic or someone’s proposal for an Abkhaz Latinization that is compatible with Unicode).
David Frazier wrote I Need You To Survive after the attack on the World Trade Center, which is sung completely in unison.
Fred Onovwerosuoke wrote A Triptych of American Voices: A Cantata of the People, setting poems to music as a response to race and gender relations. The theme of the last movement is that we are more than just the ideas and stereotypes others have of us. The poem was written after the Ferguson incidents. It starts percussion-heavy and ends percussion-heavy. It is a duet between countertenor and tenor with choral backing.
Simone the dog would bark every time the audience claps. Simone is part corgi.
Show Boat is a Broadway musical about a wandering gambler who falls in love with the boat captain, and about race relations.

One man on the train ride home had a tattoo of a samurai in blue and one man had a tattoo of a feather with its barbs breaking off and becoming a murder of crows. A guy who looked like the Dravidian version of Kylo Ren was talking about how we need water for life but not fire (depends on if you consider the sun to be made from fire) but really, the ranking of Belias above Famfrit is completly arbitrary and logic has no place in zodiac rankings and how his favorite lab experiment in chemistry is when you hold strips of various metals in a bunsen burner and the flame changes color.
The thing that sticks out in my mind was The Scary Pumpkin Shack, in which the teacher brought some pumpkins: one covered with lacerations that turned indigo when sprayed with something, one that spewed a carmine foam from every orifice, and one that self-carved. I also remember an implement called a rubber policeman which a) should really be called a rubber pope even thought that might sound suggestive and b) would make a good band name.
Everything went smoothly and I thought there’d be a catch. There wasn't a catch.

burning question: do you think there’s a way Kim Newman and Kim Stanley Robinson can take advantage of Trump?


flies and spiders

Posted on July 30, 2019 at 7:12 pm
Mood: Aplectana
Now Playing: Henry Cowell - Symphony no. 7
I got cherry cheesecake treasure coins for 50 cents.
Michael said that Boris Johnson is a lower-level palette swap of Trump.
He told me about a gamebook that has you take charge of Brexit and the writer is quite observant.
Elly went to Greece and brought back chocolate covered almonds. Emma was like "I wish I went to Greece."
There’s a spider in Valley’s enclosure but she’s catching a bunch of flies so Emma will let her live. There's a new Emma.
Porcupines die from panacur, for whatever reason. One of our raccoons has ascarid worms in his poop. Raccoons get worms. But we still don't want outbreaks.
D&D has a campaign setting in an environmentally degraded fairyland. And there are two DOS games based on it. Think Mad Max or Fallout in a fantasy setting. Also there are two moons with "great green seas" and "mountain islands of dizzying heights" and "mantled in steaming mists beneath which lie scarlet jungles and marshy seas." Cool.
There's also Wild Arms.
I was dreaming of labyrinths, not of fairylands.
Songbirds have two syrinxes to sing and they have to learn their songs, and sometimes we’ll have to pair them up with a similar species.
Greg told us of a bird growing up near a crosswalk and imitating a police whistle. I saw a video of a starling talking and making R2-D2 noises.
He said that a raccoon made the name Kayla with his handprints. It's probably a coincidence and that's just the raccoon word for "let me out and I'll grant you three wishes."
That's really about it. I spent a good portion of the day giving a tour.

In Iran, there was once a prominent fascist movement. Very prominent, in fact, they were involved in the 1953 coup. They were anti-Muslim. Mostly because their views are similar to a lot of Democratic Underground members: Islam = Arab religion. Arabs = backwards goatherds = bad. Iranians = Civilized Aryans who quote Rumi = good.
One of the few benefits of the Iranian Revolution is that they’re gone now. I don’t know why I’m saying “benefits” because I’m sure they’d be purged from Iranian society under the Communists as well.
There's also Jon Tron.
burning question: so an alt-righter shoots up a garlic festival and Trump is calling antifa a terror group? This isn't about terror, this is about criminalizing left-wing politics.


terra incognita

Posted on July 29, 2019 at 6:11 pm
Mood: atropsocus
Now Playing: Germaine Tailleferre - Concertino for harp and orchestra
There was a guy with a tattoo of a knife-wielding head of cabbage with sunglasses and stick feet.

There were three egrets in the Neponset River.
Olivia has rust-red hair and a snake ring and when she was a kid, she would go down to a lake and catch garter snakes. Maddy is blonde.
Someone brought his dog on the train.
On the green line was a tricolor guinea pig.
Maeve has a pearl pendant and freckle constellations.

I don’t know if there’s an easier way to get to Magazine Beach Park via the Red Line. What I can tell you is that it is not possible to ford the Charles River in that area. I think it might be possible to slog knee-deep across the Neponset.
I got some basil fried rice with chicken from Brown Sugar Cafe, which is right near Babcock St. station and looks a lot bigger on the inside than it does from the outside. While I was waiting, the black fish with white spots was chasing a cerulean fish with a yellow tail. There were clownfish in there too, just chillin’.
I’d say Babcock St, Pleasant Street, et al are classified as part of the Fenway and not Allston/Brighton. In fact, I’m pretty sure much of Allston is outside the reach of public transit.
I also got The Lathe of Heaven for 2 dollars at Goodwill.
That must be a hell of a view from the Boston University Bridge by night.

What I was expecting was a somewhat truncated Barber of Seville with piano in English along with a few well-known arias. What I got was a really truncated book-a-minute version of The Barber of Seville with Count Almaviva (tenor) and Rosina (mezzo-soprano) singing and Patricia playing the piano and cicadas providing background noise and Lydia with a tattoo of Exodus’ sigil on her wrist and a striped barber's apron, providing narration and occasionally breaking the fourth wall and the audience making some noise during a thunderstorm scene, along with a bunch of arias, the occasional lieder or other form of art song, and even an arranged English folk song, sorted by language, ending with a duet from La Gioconda. Two in Italian, from Rigoletto and L’italiana in Algeri; two in German, from Ariadne auf Naxos and The Magic Flute; one in French, from Werther; two in Russian because it’s Omar’s favorite language to sing in, one from Eugene Onegin by Tchaikovsky and one, Spring Waters, Весенние воды, an art song by Rachmaninov, who had giant monster hands, two in Spanish, one by Granados and one from an operetta by Chapí; and two in English, one from an opera called The Student Prince. Also, just so you know, ten thousand miles is about 2.5 radians. In other words, it's not quite the furthest you can be from home without leaving Earth but it's pretty close.
Props to Patricia who has to play the role an entire orchestra plays.

David, with the Spanish pronunciation that sounds more like the i in Davina, had a black and white curly-furred dog named Pancho.

Jones has Strawberry Lime and i don’t know where else to find it but it is really good.

Rachel has hair the color of plums and a tattoo of a dagger on her arm but nothing on her chest, nay, that was just freckles and shadow, and had an outfit of lavender and citric shades of green and yellow. On her bag are pins of a pansy, stars against a night sky, Jake the dog, the pansexual pride flag which indicates a preference for warm colors, a Magen David, a sculpture made from clay that reminded me of Klimt.
She just graduated from Lesley, which she says is best at being an art school now that it bought the Art Institute of Boston. She says that drawing people is a great way to interact with them. She says we hear a lot of funny stuff. Neither of us would know, because we don’t speak Arabic. She says her brain has moved on to other things.
That’s why they put the map right there, she says. Everyone does it.

burning question: have you ever gotten on the wrong train? I've gotten on an Ashmont train once. I've never gone the wrong way, though.


feast of lights

Posted on July 28, 2019 at 11:36 pm
Mood: Enypniastes
Now Playing: Dust Witch - Mirage
The Cheat is grounded. We had that light switch installed for you so you could turn the lights on and off. Not so you could throw light switch raves.

I arrived a bit late because of busing so I didn't go food truckin'
There's a pig sculpture on the Greenway that I kept mistaking for a dog, and a sculpture of logs.

It was a bit small this year, only taking up two plots of the Greenway. That building was painted with two blue birds. The artist is Dutch, so no doubt they are old world birds. One is peeking his head out of a broken glass container, one is perched on a flower.
The Vivaria were cool and lit up for night but you were supposed to take a mystery box and do the thing it tells you to do with a group of people but I have no idea how you could carry on a conversation so close to the DJ. Or occasional band. Like Abraham, who wrote an end of the world romantic song and played a few covers. They don't have much stuff online yet.
I have no idea what the thank you box is. It looked like just an empty tent. It says it’s a presence-responsive beacon in the dark; an evocative moment of unexpected gratitute, felt or recceived. Maybe that was the art. Maybe the art is inside us. Maybe the art is the friendships we make at Figment.
Mal, short for Maximina Alice Lee, is a dagron with some lights and two bicycles attached and when you pedal, her jaw opens and close and her tail sways back and forth. Nearby is a lantern filled with led lampyrines of cool purple and green and blue.
She’s A Rainbow is coiled blueprints all in different colors and you can walk through. Some of them were knocked off by the wind.
Tell Your Story, Change Your Story has a bunch of cubes with stuff written on them. I remember "a border I have crossed" and "a border I wish to cross."
There was a collaborative art tent but tha was a Greenway thing. A woman participating had a fish pendant.
Stuck is two rotating circles with a hexagonal pattern of circles on them that form hypnotic mandalas, lit up in a coruscating rainbow of leds.
Happy Earth is a sphere of cups lit from inside that shifts based on our motions and a nearby plexiglas cube that also lights up.
The Dome had a garden of flowers lit up deep sea bioluminescence and in candy rainbows.
Red Tape was back and someone was failing at it utterly.
The luminous fishes were back too.
There was a mixtape vending machine. Though I have a functioning tape player, I have not yet listened to it. One of the songs is by Strangers By Accident and one of them is by Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys. The mix is called My Friends Are Awesome.
Prismcompass: There are colors on the wall and colored tubes of lights.
Someone said it looks like Dr. Who designed the control panel. He also said the tubes do important things, much like his tubes, space phrasing. It was a hexagon and had two buttons, purpose unknown, and three dials, one which changed the beats and the intensity of the light, one which had circles that went from small to large with an unknown purpose, and one that very obviously changed the color. Spin it really fast and you can have a Hyper Sonic Rave Party.
You can make your own Sporky, except with spoons instead. Jen had a bunch of new tattoos.

Andrew always forgets my name and has no idea why.

Sarah was wearing a ballgown and had a holstered tea set and a set of markers you could use to color in the lines on the dress. Kristen said we’ll keep the tea party tea partying in Sarah’s absence. We had a leaky thing of iced tea and blackberry lemonade which is quite delicious and a thing of sour cherry juice with Russian writing because Kristen asks where else are you going to find sour cherry juice and I said Iranians and some various berries and kiwis and crackers and cheese and tea cakes made with real green tea and blueberry muffins.
"Happy birthday!" Kristen paraphrased Sarah. "You're running the tea party. Horray!"
Next year, most likely Figment will fall on Kristen's birthday.
Mika has a Fallout watch that glows in the dark. As much as he appreciates 1950s nostalgia, he’ll pass on radium.

A woman had a bird skull pendant made from metal and not bone. I think her name was Zenn but maybe I’m thinking of someone else.
Lux has a fan with a dagron on it, an abstract pendant, a blue shirt and white vest.
That’s why Neesi has the socks on a hot summer’s day. The pangolin tail bashes against her legs. She had matching horns of a deep metallic blue. Her shirt depicted various nocturnal animals like raccoons and owls looking at the moon projected upon the sky and it was a similar shade of blue. Her belt was brown and depicted birds the color of dried blood.
Someone had a tattoo of a chickadee standing on a twig near a fly agaric.

A woman passing through had blue and black hair and her friend had an abstract feathery spiky design tattooed on her back.

Bi+ Mic is when people read poems.
Sterling’s writing feels way emotionally charged for a nice summer's afternoon. One of them was about saving your work even if you aren't happy with it. Sterling has a mohawk of mesopelagic blue.
Kate, who has pink hair and a t-shirt with bi-ceratops on it, told stories about Ohio and going to the Hoover Dam and that three foot wall that separates you from the abyss and a horrendous death.
Nick read a poem about capybaras. Sandra Beasley’s Unit of Measure, which I think is the only poem out there about capybaras. Nick's shirt depicts a seven-pointed star and arms and fish skeletons.
Laurie talked about transitioning and becoming a better you.
Gabi, who has curly purple hair and a t-shirt with bi in blue and pink and other smaller words in white that form a heart, read a poem about dating as a queer woman imagined as a board game with a seven-sided die which can’t exist in real life which I can prove but one where you eventually make your own rules and the game becomes more social over time. We’re the first people in the world to hear it. She read a poem about people forcing identies on her.
Most of Merlin’s poems are about Sappho. Merlin wrote a poem when Ursula Le Guin died, although you’d never know because it’s about the ocean. Merlin's hair is blonde, short on one half and long and wild on the other. Merlin has two pendants, one ornate. Merlin's shirt said "gay pride."
Kit told me that her mother likes to draw people as well but people are generally shittier in Florida and get mad. I asked her how she draws people there because there isn't any public transit and people on the street move way too quickly, and she says that usually it's at the beach but sometimes it's at restaurants.
The bisexual resource center is not hip enough for Pinterest.

Andrew tried to grab a bird from the sky.
Trish, or was it Daphne, says we leave birds alone.
Birds do not recognize human boundaries.
Andrew showed us a photo of a fledgling bird and dismissed the myth about birds knowing your scent and abandoning their babies. Most birds have a very poor sense of smell, aside from the albatross and the turkey vulture.
Jess talked about how she knows a lot of other people named Jess and they can’t even call her Purple Jess because she’s not the only Jess with purple hair who shows up to these things. She talked about port and starboard and how she's seen the coast of Finland.
Andrew, I think, said they’re all clones. Andrew has blue hair now. Dahlia has a moon tattoo, tattoos for her mother. Garrett has tattoos of a space soldier with a raygun on one arm, an uncolored Gigeresque design of an alien with a robe and big head with tubes stuck in it.
Andrew says that Big Mac Heart Attack needs to be the name of a punk band. He has a fuck trump sticker and a hail hydrate one and a few others on his water bottle.
Trish does professional stage design which is a lot more planned than random sketches.
Zoë has light blue hair and a floral shirt and was sketching her view from inside the dome.
A woman had a dress of yellow and orange and black and earrings of squares and hexagons, and a tattoo of a floral mandala.
Hope had blue glitter on her face and was dressed as a sort of mermaid, with floral sneakers and a blue and green sarong held with a clasp bejeweled in green.
Scrams has green and orange dreadlocks and hair knobs. She's the one with the Un Chien Andalou tattoo.

Fiona has NC tattooed on her wrist, which is a reference to a dystopian comic in which women who do not confirm to the patriarchy’s demands or traditional gender roles or essentialism are labeled non-compliant. Fiona's shirt had a daisy in which the androecium was shaped like a heart.
Daisy had earrings of laser-cut bright pink plastic.

David said that plant would be great if it really was a giant dandelion the size of his head.
Later on, a woman was using one of those giant dandelion things as her standard.

Simone has a tattoo that said Forgive All By Understanding All in Greek, which Google Translate tells me is Συγχωρήστε όλους με την κατανόηση όλων, because she’s half Greek and a floral mandala on the other arm, and a brown dress with floral patterns and a black vest with gold trim, silver rings and a jade pendant, and very thick curly black hair.

Alex and Trent, a more different Raven and Brianna, were painting a repurposed school bus that they were taking to Burning Man. Trent has Hey written above his nipple.
Tierra was there, with a new tattoo of a scarab beetle in lapis blue and gold that she got because she spent a few months traveling through Africa, starting in Egypt and going through Sudan and Ethiopia via the Blue Nile and maybe Kenya and Tanzania, I didn’t hear, although if she was following the Blue Nile, she’d end up at a lake in the middle of Ethiopia, not Uganda or Kenya. She enjoyed the food in Ethiopia and really liked Sudan’s people and said that they are by far the most hospitable people of any place she's ever traveled to and I’m optimistic because Sudan has really nothing going for it aside from oil refineries they can’t use because South Sudan destroyed itself in an inability to hold things together without a common enemy, and if someone wants to control the Nile, they want Egypt because that gives them the Suez Canal as well, and what that means for Sudan is that the rest of the world won't be as invested in keeping their pet dictator in power. I recognized her because of her name and also because of the other tattoos she had: coexist which I can almost write in unicode and a map of the world. She had another new tattoo, themed of burning man. Her earrings suggest that she's trying to reclaim the ok hand sign. Or it's possibly about a lack of information flow.
It was three years ago, in August, I drew Tierra.

Felix reminds me of Rebecca. Her shirt was a patchwork of various patterns. One of her earrings was a crescent moon against the night sky, one an elephant.

Madalyn has tattoos of Gacy’s clown painting and a rose on her shoulder, cats with four eyes and Danny DeVito and flowers and fish-birds on her legs, a flying saucer abducting someone with its tractor beam and flying saucers illuminating a woman’s face in sickly greens and yellows and the tarot card Death (XIII) in red and black and a goat with a fierce expression and eyes like peridots and an eyeball flower and a fly on her other arm, a sort of Venus sigil tattooed above her navel, sigils and glyphs on her fingerse. Later, she was drawing a woman with horns and painting abstract designs on her legs in fluorescent paint of chartreuse and bright orange. She had blue and yellow and red circles painted on her cheeks. She says she wants a Pennywise tattoo. She has a pendant of a rainbow tree that Noodle gave her, and metal earrings that made her ears pointy.
Noodle’s hair is half blonde and half black. She has no visible tattoos but markings in paint. Her eyes are the color of obsidian.

Deki was back, with his electroswing.
I was like "holy shit, Cowboy Bebop!" I still need to watch that.

Raven's, the Raven with long, amplified hadeopelagic green and violet and deepest darkest black hair and not the Raven who is new to Figment and has shorter hair and was painting the school bus, friend had Thai chili-lime cashews, which I've never had before because they're so damned expensive and which may be a bit dusty but still good, and which I am not really surprised to see still at Trader Joe's.

I think a drop of rain fell on me.
Lily of Lily Black and Angeni, who wore a black gown and ribbon and fingerless gloves, and Cal, who has a collection of pendants and half-red half-green short hair, and someone I can’t remember the name of, and Zoë who has some silver necklaces and rings and a tattoo of a chickadee stumbled upon Figment.

Dirt Witch is not to be confused with either the Dust Witch from Something Wicked This Way Comes, a name which I’d imagine many bands have picked for their own name, including at least one from Massachusetts, or Crap Witch, a band that sings about bad family vacations, which is not to be confused with ChoExperiment, which formed while eating mustard sandwiches and sing about pineapples, ninjas, hamburgers, and sex. Dirt Witch, on the other hand, sings of XII - The Hanged Man and the Moon and exploding suns and magicks. Tom says that they'll be back next year with a unicorn theme. Maybe Tom. I don't know. One of the guys from OFTHESUN had eyeball tattoos, including two Tool references, an eye with two irises and two pupils, an eye engulfed in flames. I'm not sure if there are any fake tracklists of The Best Of Tool, to be released at the end of August.
They formed on the northern aestival solstice, 2018.

The table held a bowl where you write things or emotions you want to let go of, a pig's skull, antlers, stiff dried roses, a gold wire wrapped wood rod with a crystal tip, a pale twig, bright stones, a stick bedight in copper bells.
Mandalina has a tattoo of a scarlet crescent moon between her breasts, below a face with hollow eyes, on her leg, the Skull Kid wearing Majora’s Mask. She was wearing an outfit of iridescent cloth and black feathers and black lace. I met her two years ago. Usually, I can remember the season but not the year. Tierra I met in summer and Mandalina I met in October. And I remember what line they were on.
I asked if I drew her before because Mandalina is an uncommon name.
Summer has a flame tattooed above her navel, a mandala of circles tattooed on her shoulder. Her hair was curly and held with a jeweled headband, she had a crystal necklace. Tina Marie had spider hair decorations and a neon carrot colored braid and spiral earrings.
For one of their songs, Mandalina had an amplified Tibetan singing bowl and Summer had a tin plate and I think Tina Marie was using a blue silly straw to blow bubbles into an amplified chalice. Sable has short pink hair in spinities and does the effects for Dirt Witch.
A woman had a pendant of Majora’s Mask.
A woman had a tattoo of an octopus mermaid with teal legs and earrings with the sigils of the 12 zodiac constellations.
Leah has pink hair and a floral shirt over a pink shirt and a septum piercing.
I told Jackie that I like patterns and I like ornate tattoos, although sometimes I’ll just abstractify the pattern. Jackie’s outfit was black linear designs against gold, with gray and black swirls inside the hood. Her hair was a sunset prism in bright neon magenta and yellow, with thin braids.

I tried to put on doom doom doom doom doodle-um-doom doodle-um-doom, doodle-um-doom, DOO-DA-DOO-DA-DIDDLE DOO-DA-DOO-DA-DIDDLE DOO-DA-DOO-DA-DIDDLE The System Is Down The System Is Down The System is Down for the tea party but couldn’t hear it over traffic.
there’s no way I’d be able to put on Pennywise Laughing In The Forest Temple or Ocarina of Rhyme or any of that for Mandalina or the woman with the pendant or for Madalyn. Even if I did have it on my iPod.

Patrick was wondering what the plural of abyss is and I said that I’m not sure but it depends on what gender the word is and what letter the word ends in and also that it’s been Latinized.
The difference between the Void and the Abyss is that the abyss is just bottomless but the Void is all around.

OFTHESUN is ritual music on guitar, bongo drum, and human didgeridoo. During their set, I thought "oh, SHIT, it's 7:10," ran to Kala Thai because I've been wanting to eat Thai food at Figment, noticed that Kala Thai closes at 10 and not 8 like I thought for reasons not related to Piperi, which closes at 3 which is really too bad because I like their food, got some papaya salad with green papaya, green beans, chili peppers, lime juice, carrots, and peanuts. Surprisingly, the mango salad with cashews is slightly cheaper.
Then I got to hear the rest of OFTHESUN's set.

A woman was dressed as a rainbow monarch butterfly with red fiber optic lighting along the veins of her wings.
There was a woman with a third eye attached to her forehead and faery wings.
He can’t find himself when he googles floppy disk armor and he said that’s because it’s a good suit and not a bad one that people make fun of. Most of it was floppy disks, but he had a mouse on his chest and gauntlets with CD-Rs and circuit board shoulderpads.
I'm bad with names. Not quite as bad as Andrew.

By that time, I couldn't see Tierra's tattoos under her windbreaker. She asked me how long it takes to fill out a sketchbook and I realized that I don't think in terms of time but in sessions.
Meg, who is of the sign of the High Seraph, asked incredulously if Meg was an uncommon name. They were eating Gushers and Sour Patch Kids in the luminous garden.

Vicky’s bear backpack was named Mishka, a common Russian colloquialism for bear (which is медведь). She is Russian but from Belgium and studies art. Her hair is short and cherry red. David and Vicky and I danced with the bear.
Sometimes it's more fun to watch things so you can see all the pretty colors.
Jackie had a whip of rainbow fiberoptic lights. Amanda had a luminous hoop. She has white puffs in her dark hair. A guy had two whips of red blue green. There wsa a guy who looked like Blond Robert Smith and he says he gets that a lot. When I left, Brianna had changed her clothes again.

Shannon and Deb were at an event at the Charles River in which people put messages or drawings on lanterns and send them down the river where I assume they are collected.
There was a woman with short candy-pink hair, a necklace with tiny silver crescent moons and stars and a heart, and rose tattoos and a tattoo of something being pierced with a bunch of arrows on the train ride home who surprisingly wasn’t at Figment. I left at 10 because of the busing and didn't want to get home after midnight.

burning question: So, do you think Tool's new album will be a Greatest Hits? Just to troll us. So I know burning questions aren't supposed to have wrong answers.


the green country

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Steph has a tattoo of two ravens and a skull, in memory of two friends who committed suicide, and prawda, the Polish word for truth. The fluorescent light over the seat was buzzing and I thought it was the air conditioning and it was going to start dripping.
A woman was wearing a shirt that says Go Long Kid. Stay True. Which is a pop punk band from Weymouth.
A woman with a long braid and a blue t-shirt was reading a book about water elemental aliens.
A man had a tattoo of some kind of dagger on one arm, a coiled serpent on the other, and a shirt with a flamingo motif.
A woman has green hair and plays the ukulele and has a twelve year old dog named Valentine. In Boston Common, there was a man playing Cape Verdean music on the accordion, a man playing a guitar, a man playing a cello, and a man playing an erhu.
I met another pug and a dog named Hades and a dog named Piper who really wanted the pizza her owners were eating.
Cordelia has blue hair and is glad her parents picked that name and not some other name from Shakespeare.
Sam, Jessica, and someone else Jazzercized a plot summary.
Emily and friends were eating a pizza that was half cheese and half pepperoni and banana peppers, which Emily called spicy because she works with kids.
A woman has a tattoo of a circular labyrinth and an androgynous figure pierced with arrows tattooed on her arm. She wore a jade pendant and a necklace of purple and clear plastic beads.
Sarah thought my art style reminded her of Picasso’s.
Four people, a guy with a ladle he obtained from a Chinese restaurant, a woman with black hair dressed in white, a woman with blonde hair with a heart-key necklace dressed in black, reached Andrew before realizing they were supposed to go to Alewife. That’s understandable. I’m not sure how much of a hurry they were in or if one can get to the other side of Andrew without leaving the station and paying the fare again.

It was Free Fun Friday so we got a swordfighting demonstration, and I got a free cup of lemonade sorbet, where I overheard a conversation about how anyone asks, you're Jerry, and a free Cymbeline pin.
For dinner, Bon Me had two Cymbeline-themed specials. I had The Queen, which was brown rice topped with gochujang chicken, pickled carrots and daikon, cilantro, mesclun, peanuts, scallions, and crispy shallots, spicy peanut sauce and soy drizzle.
The songs were sung to violin, guitar, and accordion, composed by one Milly Massey. The stage looked like Tim Burton built a mining town and was lit with a color motif: red for the Romans, blue for the Britons, and green for the Welsh. The Britons wore Edwardian clothing and their soldiers were dressed like World War I doughboys. There was a scene in which Cloten wore an old-timey bathing suit. The Romans mostly dressed like legionnaires except for the soothsayer Philharmonius, who wore sunglasses. The Welsh were dressed wildly. The Great God Jupiter had great black wings. It reminded me of the Gormenghast tv series. This performance had a screen with subtitles in red off to the side which all performances should have, so you know which character is talking.
I’m pretty sure I already summarized Cymbeline when I last saw it, which leads into my burning question, but if I didn’t, sue me. And then sue me for this: smoke bomb!

burning question: what are the odds that I’d see Cymbeline twice before Winter’s Tale? Or Comedy of Errors? Or All’s Well That Ends Well?


after the flood

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A woman, whose name I believe was Jess, had a tattoo of a flock of bats and a moon and a black feather, of a crown and a heart, of a pegasus, Chinese writing and a wolf, of what I think was a smiling axolotl surrounded by an aura of watercolor. A blonde woman had a tattoo of Rick of Rick and Morty and a horsehead and a dreamcatcher with smears of watercolor against the feathers, glasses and gauge earrings and a septum piercing and eyebrows that gave her a perpetually shy look. A woman had blue and purple hair and a crystal pendant and a tattoo of a wolf breathing a gout of swirling flames.
They weren’t exactly sure what genre the band I Prevail fell under. She said screamo, which may or may not mean emotive hardcore with screamed vocals or post-hardcore or metalcore.

I found Ammonite by Nicola Griffith for a dollar. It wasn’t a dollarydoo because I wasn’t at Boomerangs, where all currency is temporarily transmogrified into dollarydoos upon entering. A woman browsing the outdoors section had a pendant of a woman sleeping on a crescent moon, her friend had short black hair and a rainbow colored dress. Inside, they had what seemed to be every book by Kenneth Robeson and then some. Wikipedia tells me it’s a house name.

I got an Italian sub at Pauli's because I haven't had one in a while. I'm not sure if they have a bathroom but Quincy Market, where the trees are garlanded in jewel-colored lights, does so FUCK YOU, THAN SHWE.

It was cool but it didn’t feel that cool until night fell. I didn't see Gabriella but I did meet plenty of puppies, including a pug and a shih-tzu daschund mix although I don't think he was really a puppy. The Tall Chair Brigade was in full force. They had set up a phalanx across the front so I was forced to sit in a crappy location.

The booklet just had the program and a lengthy list of sponsors and benefators.
The Cowboys Overture reminds me of Copland and was used in a 1972 movie about cattle herders.
The William Tell Overture is in four parts: a prelude, a storm, a ranz des vaches which is used in pretty much every cartoon in scenes where the sun rises, and the March of the Swiss Soldiers, made famous by The Lone Ranger and quoted in Strauss’ William Tell Galop and Shostakovich’s 15th symphony.
Funeral March of a Marionette would be described as a lesser known and rarely performed work if it weren’t for Alfred Hitchcock and much later on, Tales of the Leet's Romeo and Juliet. A marionette dies in a duel. A funeral procession commences. The mourners have a drink and a bite to eat before returning to the funeral.
The conductor called it Dvořák’s Pastoral (everyone has a pastoral symphony, named so or not, apparently. If you’re Cowell, I think they’re all pastoral), and said that he wrote it in the course of two months. It consists of an exposition with birdsongs played by flutes, a surprisingly fast adagio, a melancholy waltz, and a triumphal and turbulent finale.

burning question: How is it that we have a Q Anonymous follower running for a congressional seat?


a change in the weather

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When they said this summer would be wet, it is wet in a way that I did not expect. We're getting the standard, if irregular, weekly rainy day, it's just that a lot more rain falls when it does, and the clouds and bleak coolness linger on long after the rain is gone.
If the sites can be believed, it was 88 degrees at midnight for the last two nights. The temps peaked at 97 and then 98, and the day before that, it somehow reached 93 after a really low start.

A woman had a tattoo of three fish.
Emma, who has been to Chiangmai, which is in a place called Lanna near Burma, which makes Michael think of a Fighting Fantasy gamebook, was making a salad for the box turtles that we’d all probably eat had it been made with fresher ingredients. Arugula and basil, beets and carrots.
A nice summer salad, Emma says. We’re fancy.
Abby and Nicole (?) were eating cookie dough even though it was frozen. She earned that cookie dough because she did things. Dangerous things. Cookie-earning things.
Abby wants a shirt that says Trust Me, I’m A Carpenter. We were building enclosures that our boarder bunnies, one of whom was named George and I swear Leah had a bunny named George, that could keep them from climbing out. And we were using a drill to screw the handles on. I don't know why I'm saying we because we only had one drill and I spent ten minutes looking for a screwdriver only to find out it was too freaking small, and Abby was mostly providing emotional support, and there were a few monarch butterflies but they can't lift a drill anyway so they were just playing according to Abby, and Falco was squawking as if to say "shut up, guys. I'm trying to sleep."
Caitlyn says "let's breed Falco." and "if I were that hawk, I'd stay."
Abby was sleep deprived but she feels great.
Abby has a goldendoodle or something and a frog named Yoshi even though Yoshi is not an amphibian, he's a horse.

Michael and I were trying to figure out what the last great Simpsons episode is.

Priya taught us things about eyes during rounds. Things like how bird eyes can't move around in their sockets and how we use blood serum of other species to treat eye damage,

burning question: why would anyone attempt to debunk claims that Trump is racist by linking to a Styx Hexen Hammer video?


a corruption of moonlight

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It started to pour when we got to North Quincy. The chance of rain started at 20%, then 40%, back to 20%, and then jumped up to 50% the day before. As anyone knows, anything above 30% is guaranteed rain.

A woman on the train was learning Hebrew. A woman had peacock earrings. A woman in a purple jacket said I got her best side.

Sara makes collage art and has a skirt with lemons on it and was reading a book for class about how children end up unlike their parents. While this was happening, Brigitte from Jazz Fest ran up to me and showed me that drawing I did of her.

The Tanglewood Institute did things out of order so I had to infer who did what by the gender of the musicians and by their instruments. Like last years, everyone was talking even though they should have known. These aren’t children, either. Also, there were seats that people couldn’t get to so they stayed empty. And I think there were more reserved VIP sets than there were VIPs. And Jordan Hall outsourced their security detail to Castle Troglo. So you have to go around, get a wristband, and you can’t wait there so you have to go back to the main entrance only to be told you can’t wait there either. When they said we could come back, I was expecting them to tell us that nobody said they were open. It has a slight edge over the Church of the Covenant because easy access to shawarma and extra hot rajbhog mix and better acoustics.
bRUMBA!! for bRASS qUINTET and I’m not sure if whoever wrote the booklet pressed caps lock accidentally although I checked and holding shift while caps lock is on doesn’t make a letter lowercase but I swear that on some systems it did, or if the capitalization is intentional, was the first.

Wapango, more accurately huapango, is a Mexican folk dance.

Leah, the bassoonist, had pale seagreen and white hair.
They played Umoja, the first day of Kwanzaa, despite the fact that it’s July, and Carl Neilsen’s menuetto.

The composer, Andrew Sorg, calls Mental Disorders for Triton Bass a love story. It makes sense, as Multiple Personalties opens with a rapid meandering punctuated by a dissonant blarting noise, transitioning into a jazzy romantic waltz on brass instruments, occasionally punctuated by a dissonant blarting noise. What Could Have Been/What Is is slow.
I was going to say this is really expensive for a mp3 but that’s the sheet music.
I don’t think Sorg wrote that baroque-sounding work.

Short Ride in a Fast Machine makes me think less of rocketships and more some kind of celestial steam locomotive. It repeats an ostinato melody with a woodblock keeping rhythm but various instruments break from that rhythm.
Somehow, when Leroy Anderson wrote Summer Skies, I don’t think Wednesday is what he meant, although Thursday would have made even less sense, because at least we got summer storms. Because of the remnants of Barry, it was gray and cold. It wasn't even autumn-wistful, it was just dreary and the only way it could be appropriate is comparing it to Joshua Mooooooon, who is a lot less Josua and a lot more Elias, and a lot less Elias and a lot lot lot more Aspitis Preves.
Also Sprach Zarathustra is a 30 minute tone poem by Richard Strauss made famous in 2001: A Space Odyssey. After its famous Einleitung (Sonnenaufgang) comes Von den Hinterweltlern, where the backwoods/backworlds pun works just as well in English as it does in German, depicting primitive men governed by fear but their inquisitive nature shines through, and the horns quote Credo in unum deum; Von der großen Sehnsucht has a theme of longing in cello and basses overwhelming the Magnificat, played on organs and winds; Von den Freuden und Leidenschaften depicts freedom from dogma and superstitions; Das Grablied rises and falls; Von der Wissenschaft becomes exuberant; Der Genesende has the themes of Nature and Disgust alternate and then go at it; Das Tanzlied is a waltz evocative of his later opera Der Rosenkavalier; Nachtwandlerlied is a flight of fancy, slow in its old age, and Nature remains a mystery.
Joaquín Rodrigo's In Search of the Beyond (A la busca del más allá) was inspired by space exploration, and fragments of themes appear and vanish from a sea of percussion.
Song to the Moon (Měsíčku na nebi hlubokém) from Antonín Dvořák’s Rusalka was sung in well-translated English. In it, the water nymph Rusalka begs the moon to give her the love of the Prince, partially because she’s in love, partially because there’s a curse placed on the two of them. It’s basically Andersen’s The Little Mermaid, except in fresh water. If she read the same story I read as a kid, she wouldn’t be doing that.
John Williams' Close Encounters of the Third Kind stars out with a five note melody, and starts out sounding otherworldly but ends in a more traditional manner.
Philip Glass wrote the score for Icarus at the Edge of Time, a retelling of the Icarus tale in which he flies too close to a black hole and gets too close to the event horizon, gets sucked in and spaghettified, screaming for eternity because of time dilation. Pam, not spaghetti vacation!
At times, this sounds less like space and more like a foundry.
Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me To The Moon was on Buzz Aldrin’s proto-walkman that they’d use to record notes to themselves. It’s also the ending theme of Neon Genesis Evangelion.
Moon River isn’t about the moon, it’s about dreams. It makes Nelson Muntz cry. There aren’t rivers on the moon. There are lakes and seas and swamps and even an ocean, all with wonderfully evocative names, but they are basalt. It was written for Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany’s and made famous by Andy Williams.
In The Still of the Night is by Cole Porter.

On the Green Line, most of the people were speaking Japanese and there was one guy watching a video subtitled in Turkish. It was unexpectedly crowded for 9:15 PM.
There was unexpected busing as well. No signs. Sara, a different Sara, kupo, says that they were doing it on Monday and she found her way back home. I didn’t follow Sara and Jill. This was probably a good idea, because they went the wrong way. I did that too but when I did, there wasn’t construction in the parking lot. I was wondering if I should go after them but I think they were either long gone or had realized.
I sketched a woman on the bus with colorful yarn in her ponytail and a bright blue jacket, which is way too common to be déjà vu, playing with her pendant, which depicted a third eye.

burning question: What's dumb about a temporary black hole that sucks everything into it, then teleports itself to a random location in the galaxy?


death comes home

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Abby would require 2 million dollars before she eats raccoon food. They probably think it’s delicious, though. I mean, they eat garbage.

Someone has a bumper sticker with Not My President. Probably Abby, since I think Emma was on vacation. I think the problem with his latest racist attack is that his base in the right wing blogosphere not only agrees with what he said about immigrants having to go back to their country, but that Puerto Ricans aren’t true Americans and people who are raised by immigrants aren’t American enough.

They were dancing to 80s music while cutting up guinea pigs. Including the Safety Dance. We can dance. Dun dun da-ta-dun da dun ta dun. You know, that dance wasn’t as safe as they said it was. No Magic Dance, though. Abby’s been meaning to see Labyrinth but hasn’t. No Power of Love either. Or The Police. But later on, she played and sang along to Don’t Stop Me Now.
So, for the longest time, I had no idea Funky Town was sung by Sy Snootles. Because I always think of Morbo.
Abby put a piece of arugula on the bowl of cut up guinea pigs. One of them was pregnant and quite far along. I'd say something about trimester but guinea pigs are only pregnant for a little over two months. Third phase of pregnancy. That sounds about right. “It looks nice with a garnish.”
“We’re chefs at heart,” she says. “I’ll go on Hell’s Kitchen and make this. And Gordon Ramsay will like it because he’s actually a raccoon.”
She spun the squash around. “look at the squash dancing. I’m having too much fun today.”
“The guinea pig is sending us a message from the great beyond.” because there was a smear of blood on the table and it looked like a smiley face.

Lily has a conure and always thinks that raptors are judging her when they look at her.

There were handprints on the raccoon cages.

Jen says the best way to tell a baby sparrow (which we didn’t just get) from a baby grackle or blue jay (which we are likely to have just received) is that sparrows have a mini starling clown mouth.

Karen says maybe the washing machine won’t let her open it. Maybe my canceling is what unlatched it.

Olivia doesn’t ask questions. She was making newborn bird food, which is cat food, yogurt, water, and supplements.

“nobody’s getting enriched if we can’t get in the freezer.”
“Mr. Freezer Man, let us in.”
It took two of us to get in there.

Sierra has a tattoo of a raccoon against a backdrop of geometric shapes and watercolor nebulae on her leg.

burning question: do I look like a goddamn locksmith to you?


future's bright

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Avery has a tattoo of a hand holding a snake on each arm, one for each of her pet ball pythons, which is way better than Cyril’s hilariously awful drawing of a snake that looks like a loaf of bread with googly eyes. On her legs, she has a lachrymose eye in a circle, a not very anatomically correct centipede that looks more like a lanmola, a cockroach, some legs falling into a black hole. On her shoulder, she has a skeleton pulling its head off and some laurels.
She was reading The Colour of Magic and has read some of the other books out of order. I read Colour of Magic and Men At Arms when I was in high school and should probably get some of the other books.
It's too bad the Terry Gilliam Good Omens fizzled out.

I met two really big Great Danes and a brindle greyhound. I met a 14 year old dog with three black splotches on his behind. I met two King Charles Cavaliers. I met a really soft golden retriever puppy and her new friends. Her owner was like "see, Rory, that's what you'll look like." I met a chihuahua-Chinese Crested-Jack Russell mix. I met a shih tzu. I met a puggle.

A mechanical faery has replaced a payphone.

Inflatable Shoggoth.
It’s an inflatable virus by Wen Yu, made to raise awareness of the dormant viruses, which, in Latin, is an uncountable noun and therefore virii is not a real word, under the permafrost.

One of the vendors was wearing a Moby Dick t-shirt and he said he read it when he was 12.
He recommends Katherine Dunn.
Ashley makes jewelry and if she doesn’t wear headphones, she loses focus.
Brita makes ceramics and has a tattoo that I’ve forgotten the words of.
There was a woman with a tattoo of a hot air balloon in vivid colors below her ear, colorful floweres on one arm and black linear designs and suns with radiant dots, a dagger, and a fly, all in black, on her other arm, some glyphs on her fingers. She says she sees a lot of people with tattoos.

A man has a tattoo of an owl embracing a woman in skull makeup with its wings. Another man has a tattoo of a dog wearing a propellor hat. A woman had a tattoo of Alan Moore's Swamp Thing standing behind a naked woman.

Ella has a necklace with an A on it. I have no idea why.

A woman was reading In The Country of Last Things, which she says was depressing because it's about the apocalypse.

Elena Brunner has charcoal drawings of the Earth. There's nothing in the booklet about her. I've learned online that she's of the sign of the Bringer of Order and she was studying art in Maryland when the death of Freddy Gray happened and got into social justice. She has a tattoo of a multi-eyed Lovecraftian abomination destroying everything that embodies her anxiety about the environment.
Some of her futures are more optimistic than others. On one hand, there's a world in forest. On the other hand, there's an overcrowded world, a world enshrouded in a layer of smog, a flooded world where only the highest of mountains are above water, a world on fire and the northern hemisphere is covered in a choking cloud of smoke, a world with fences, a world that looks like a Leámonde Entite.

I made a neato butterfly pin with scented markers to support immigrants.

Not all the bands follow the theme.
Danielle Miraglia and the Glory Junkies are a blues rock band.

Luminarium Dance stood behind screens and made shadow puppets of centaurs in wavering grass, of owls in a tree, of ocean waves, to recorded speeches about extinction and ocean garbage, and then an interpretive dance to a monologue about waste adding up even when you think "it's just this once."
A dancer did an improvised dance to a soprano sax, like Cantus Arcticus for the tropics.

Juan Carlos Ruiz and Friends played Venezuelan folk. Morena (the Brown Girl) sounds a bit like Romany folk to me.
Grace Givertz plays folk on banjo and guitar. There was a sandwich board advertising something about bitcoin, which is ironic at a festival themed around consumption and the environment. Krissy Teigen does not understand bitcoin and all the techbros are doing their best to make sure she does by the end of the night. Someone explained it as leaving your car running 24/7. Doing so gives you solved Sudoku puzzles that you can use to buy heroin.

Swimming Bell came all the way from Brooklyn. Katie uses looper pedals and effects to create dreamy swirly rock.
Vocal Opposition is an a capella (that is to say, in the style of the church and not in the style of the little she-goat) group that does protest songs. For this performance, they did some environmental songs. I didn’t get to hear much because there were so many bands I wanted to hear.

Ben is a member of the band Berta Big Toe. Sivan, which I correctly guessed is a Hebrew name, does something but I can't remember what. Neither music nor visual arts. I think Brendon and Marcello are also musicians.
Priscilla has flowers on her hat, some jewelry she got from vendors, and some embroidered flowers on a wooden circle that she made herself. One of her friends had turnip earrings and one of her friends had an Earth pendant and a crystal around her neck.

The Sunrise Movement gave speeches about the climate crisis. One of them told about how Iran was covered in smog and you can be imprisoned for speaking out against the government.

Lily Black brought Scott on stage for some trumpet mastery. Otherwise, they played a lot of songs I’ve heard. Cranberries, Green Day. I left towards the end because Amy Kucharik was also playing.
Eliza and John were painting her in watercolors. I declined their offer because the paper I was using wasn't suitable. It'd probably seep through and warp the paper and make a mess. John's t-shirt has constellations. Eliza has a pendant that she thinks is meant to be an elephant or bear but she thinks it looks like an anteater.

The Northern Skulls is heavy rock.
The Ruta Beggars are a bluegrass group.

The parade, consisting of drummers, bees, a dragon made of flowers and green, butterflies, and the Fine Art Superheroes, came to the main stage while Klezwoods was setting up. Klezwoods, as their name may indicate, are a klezmer band. The description brings up Balkans and the Ottoman Empire. I guess this makes sense, because a lot of Ashkenazi Jews went to the Ottoman Empire when things went bad in Christian Europe. It just has a reputation for Sephardicness. See: Voice of the Turtle.
But for a long time, Germany was a great place to be Jewish. If you tell someone in 1900 that there’d be a genocide of the Jews, they’d be shocked, not by the fact that it happened, but that it didn’t happen in France or Russia.

Jordan said her mother is into klezmer music.
I think they quoted Frere Jacques.

I decided to get food during Grupo Fantasia’s set because they’ve been at ArtBeat before and they’ll be at ArtBeat again. Besides, I was hungry. All I had was a samosa with some onion chutney and a bunch of samples of popcorn and some unicorn yack.
Palm Sugar is now Dakzen. Kor Tor Mor is your typical American Thai fare: curries, larb, papaya salad,
Some of the stuff at Dakzen is probably Isan. Like pad kee mao, according to the menu, or P̄hạd k̄hī̂ meā according to Google translate. Drunken noodles. Or more aptly, drunkard’s noodles. It’s made with stir-fried broad noodles, your choice of meat or just veggies, baby corn, red bell peppers, peppercorns, bamboo shoots, holy basil, and a sauce of soy sauce, fish sauce, and oyster sauce. I get the feeling it got its name as a hangover cure. Either that, or the creator was drunk when he came up with it.
note to self. Lay off the chili oil. A small spoonful of the stuff is enough to make you feel like Trogdor the Burninator.
I want to say that Aimée was eating Khao Soi, which is an ethnically Chin dish of curry noodles with meat of some sort, red onions, pickled mustard leaf, a boiled egg, egg noodles, wontons, cilantro, and Chinese celery.
Also, I really like their logo.

I'm not sure if the bats are there for good luck or if this picture was taken in October.

She says that raspberry lime rickeys have a tendency of overflowing when you don’t use in them. It’s a bit like pouring espresso over seltzer.

I did get to hear a bit of Grupo Fantasia. A man had an ornate headdress of orange feathers and orange flowers and monarch butterflies on wires.

The Sun Parade plays a blend of 60s psychedelic and 80s indie and turn of the century electro-pop. They did a cover of Queen's Don't Stop Me Now and two women were way way way into it.
A woman had a crescent moon pendant and a crystal next to it, a tattoo of the moon going through phases and of flowers.

Cliff Notez had a band with him, so that’s cool. Specifically, keyboards, saxophone, trumpet, drums, and bass guitar. He rapped about racism and called out people who claim they’re not racist because they have black friends or whatever. They did their take on Lean On Me.
They added “fuck Donald Trump” and everyone cheered.
They finished with a rap about funerals and how people are never truly gone as long as we remember them. It was more like a New Orleans funeral.

Little Walter is an Australian shepherd who turned 11 on Thursday. His owner was wearing a Felice Brothers t-shirt and strongly recommends listening to them. I haven't yet.

Pugs get angry and growl when they see Lou the Corgi. His owner has no idea why.

Sophia has strawberry earrings and a t-shirt depicting the zodiac signs around a sun in its splendour. Gemini is a boy and a girl, unlike the mythological Gemini. I also had to make sure Cancer looked like a crab, unlike that monastery in France that has a frigging Cambrian creature less evolved than the edible crab or Atlantic rock crab or toothed rock crab. Sophia was carrying a carved wooden board that she found that the artist left in various places.
Specifically this one. She found it against a tree near Dragon Pizza.
The Braintree train was “five stops away” from Davis. I’m not sure how that’s possible because there’s only one stop after that. Arlington, maybe? It crashed into a shard of time.
The train was more crowded than I’ve seen it after 10 PM, even after South Station, people were still getting on.
Jem’s owner has not read To Kill A Mockingbird in a long time. So long, in fact, that she’s forgotten the character named Jem. She was in New York to adopt Jem although dogs aren’t allowed on the train there but she did it anyway. Boston’s a lot easier to navigate than New York because a) the lines radiate outward from a center b) all the train stations look different from each other unlike some places, like Washington D.C. and New York but not to the same extent and c) station names are somewhat intuitive.

Emma said I drew her back in the winter but she got off the train so we couldn’t chat so I’ll just have to look for a drawing with no label. She says she’s not sure if she was wearing the same jewelry, that is to say, a sunflower pendant and various ornate silver rings. She said her hair looked different. It was blonde then, now it’s magenta. I’ve never met Ben before. Ben is into photography.
I started my most recently finished book in June.
A nearby woman had hair of an oceanic teal.

burning question: Meanwhile, Fox and Friends is having Jefferson Starship play at their summer concert event in New York. Who the hell organized this thing? Drow?


body horror

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It was a relatively cool day but so wet and so humid that the air conditioning pretty much everywhere is on full power and so I feel like I’m surrounded by an undead presence waiting to devour me. Something powerful, like Nosferatu or a lich or spectre. It doesn't help that I woke up at three AM due to pouring rain.

Myrha has only seen hummingbirds in zoos. Her pendant was a hummingbird. Amani can only draw things she is looking at; she has trouble visualizing otherwise. Megan is just Megan.

A woman had bright neon pink hair, copper-toned skin, black boots, a blue dress with rust-orange flowers, a pale blue umbrella, and black boots. A woman had cotton candy hair. A man had dry rose hair. A woman had flower tattoos. A woman had a bird tattoo above her breast. A man had a tattoo of a woman in Day of the Dead makeup with floweres in her hair.

There was a terrier on the train.

One of the women I drew was born on July 3rd. The woman seated across from her had a pendant of a gold trefoil surrounding an opal.

On the fourth floor, they’re planning to showcase artwork by women. The new Islamic Art gallery is partially visible without descriptions.

The chameleons live in the San Diego Zoo or Africa, Madagascar, Mediterranean, Middle East, Southern Spain, India, Sri Lanka and pet stores.
Birds. Dragons. Dinosaurs. Cambodian hanging something.

Made from yarn.

Surprisingly, Hyman Bloom’s exhibit was opened as well.
Probably not safe for work. I'm warning you.
[Click for Art]

Fruits, painted in the same colors as bilirubin and biliverdin and hemosiderin and sulfhemoglobin, putrescine and cadaverine and adipocere, livor mortis and autolysis.

This is the front view of the female corpse, presumably the same one from the MFAs painting.
In many ways, dead humans are a lot like dead guinea pigs or dead rats only much much bigger and presumably even worse smelling on the inside. In other ways, they are very very different.

Click if you want to see a painting of a dead guy’s junk.

Some critics said his art is about the Holocaust but Bloom says nay, it’s about life’s circle.

He even makes archealogical digs look like flayed corpses.

He looks like the Chanukah Zombie. Don’t think this is the one at the MFA. I think they just got their Rabbi painting, as a gift from his wife.

A stilled life of a leg.

The Bride. She looks dead in this one.

they compared the bridal veil and the burial shroud, the white of her dress to pallor mortis, the colors of the flowers with the colors of putrescence. You’re never going to look at a wedding the same way. Unless you’re Rick Sanchez. Or unless you're thinking “wait a minute, they have cake at funerals!”

There was a drawing of Marsyas getting flayed because he dared to be a better musician than Apollo. The moral of the story is that the gods are dicks. Except Demeter; yeah, she makes it winter and presumably brown spring and gray-brown fall but that’s because she’s too busy feeling sorry for herself. And arguably Hades. He just drew the short straw, that’s all.

I got a curry chicken roti with chickpeas and potatoes on it and it’s amazing. From what I’ve heard, you eat them like you would Ethiopian food, that is to say, you tear off a piece of bread and grab the fillings with it. Also, I got a Country Club Refrescos Frambuesa (Raspberry soda) from a nearby convenience store. It’s apparently the most popular flavor in the Dominican Republic. There’s a Thai place nearby that also sounds good. I probably won't make the long walk beyond Ruggles if it's cold, though.

burning question: speaking of death, why are people mourning Ross Perot? Okay, I understand why right-wingers and conspiracy theorists and radical centrists are mourning him, but why people who are nominally left?


be not darkened, nor the clouds return after the rain

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Caitlyn also has a mandala tattoo on her other arm that she said didn’t hurt at all. I didn’t ask. Caitlin doesn't eat corn because it's in everything. Her logic. One of the others, whose necklace says "l✡ve" says she wants a tattoo but doesn't want to if that means her mom will disown her.

Karen's hits are hard.

We're giving turtle eggs to the raccoons.

Emma strongly recommends Tatte which is all over Boston and will soon show up in DC, which is a blend of Israeli and North African and is somewhat pricey but definitely worth it. I have some Israeli cookbooks sitting around collecting dust. I also have a book on Thai food which isn’t so much a cookbook as it is a historical curiosity and catalogue of traditional cooking methods that the writer wanted to preserve. And I’m pretty sure it’s all Thai Thai, not Isan Thai or Sino-Thai or Malay or Laotian. This one looks a lot easier.
Emma spent much of her life in South Carolina and Florida so her favorite pizza place is Little Caesar and there really isn't much choice because there are very few Italians and Greeks. That’s just sad, says everyone else.

Emma says Thailand is scary.
Thailand isn't the worst. Turkmenistan and North Korea are the worst and Uzbekistan is close in tin pottery and Syria is fascist and Sri Lanka is mostly just racist and China wants to be the dystopia in a cyberpunk novel and Russia is horrible but Asian Russia is irrelvant and Malaysia is too pushy about Asian values, and Thailand is gradually dismantling its democracy.

Emma wants a good president again.
I don’t want a return to normalcy.

I guessed that her friend was in Kenya or Tanzania given the presence of elephants and grasslands. For all I know, it could be Botswana or Mozambique. I don’t think its South Sudan or the Central African Republic. It’s waaaaay cheaper to fly to Nairobi or Dar es Salaam than it is to fly to Juba. I can’t find plane tickets to Damascus. Even Tehran isn’t giving me results. I remember Bangui being super-expensive. It’s still expensive. It just so happens that it’s 2000 dollarydoos expensive and not 5000 dollarydoos expensive. The weird thing is Banjul is pretty damned expensive and I don’t know if it’s because someone thought it was Bangui. Last I checked, Gambia is a nascent democracy and not a war zone. For reasons I can guess are “you’re flying from Dakar” or “you’re strapping wings to your arms like Ikaros” I can find Banjul flights for under a hundred.
This wouldn’t work on Earth but you can fly across the Kraken Sea or from Maxwell Montes to Leah Crater provided you can survive the hellish climate. If you try this on the moon, you'd fall like a stone. Or a feather. Or a piece of paper. It's really all the same.

Ashley was eating peanut soup.

Grey's Anatomy is still on except most of the original cast has been killed off or whatever. I was unaware of that.

We got a few bunnies. We had a distemper outbreak amongst the raccoons. We had a tricolored bat that was a juvenile according to Haley that we transferred to a rehabilitation place that specializes in batkind. Then some people brought in another bat of some sorts. All of the snapping turtles have hearts and their numbers painted on their carapaces.
We have a baby goose and she was mixing some of the greens in with some pellets in order to pique his interest.

One of them was asking how we got the guinea pigs and Alex says we probably gassed the hell out them. With CO2. Or stunned them and thwacked them against the wall, says someone else.

Congrats. Two babies.
Some of that guinea pig flesh looked kinda green to me. But then again, I wouldn't eat a guinea pig if doing so gave me superpowers.

We got some boxes of Crispy Oats, which are a Cheerios knockoff with just enough differences in their font to avoid copyright infringement.

Caitlin said that Terry looks like he was dying and then she moved him and he's like "why the hell did you wake me up?"

We have a baby snapping turtle. They're cute until they grow up.

Emma was wielding one of those electric fly swatters because they really like to breed in Enrichment.
I think I told the story of my friend squirting a bug zapper with a water gun.

burning question: does anyone actually live in Delaware or is it just our version of the Cayman Islands?
I have a friend who went to the Cayman Islands once but I can't divulge information about her secret, illegal account.

Oh crap! I shouldn't have said she was a customer.
Oh crap! I shouldn't have said it was a secret.
Oh crap! I certainly shouldn't have said it was illegal!


moments in golden light

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Partially because of the background noise and partially because I had my headphones on playing The House of Love’s A Spy in the House of Love and The Art of Noise’s The Seduction of Claude Debussy, I couldn’t tell if the woman whose windbreaker was green with white stripes was speaking German or something Slavic or something else entirely or even English.
A woman had a theropod dinosaur skeleton necklace.
Chloe is a tan and beige Australian shepherd and gave me kisses and then lied down under the seat.

Completely unrelated to the Celtic Music Festival, Andrew Forbes played bagpipes outside the Coop and two women with a pet chihuahua (the etymology of the dog is a state in Mexico; the etymology of the state is unknown but possibly means confluence) were watching. I also met a shih tzu and a labrador and a corgi and even two partially furred Chinese Crested, which most likely don’t originate in China but found themselves on Chinese ships hunting vermin. On the way to J.P. Licks, where I got a raspberry lime rickey, was Jonte of Songsabroad playing baritone sax.

Above the stage are color-shifting lights in abstract loops and tangles of threads.
Guilia Haible plays cello and keyboards and Caroline Dressler plays fiddle. Later, Stewart joined them on stage to play recorder, keyboards, and mandolin. Together, they form a trio who don’t yet have a name. They played a song called Don’t Deforest The Moon (Stewart would be very impressed if you could, although really, just go to Applied Cryonics and freeze yourself for 10,000,000 years, when you will end up in the setting of The Book of the New Sun and the hard part is finding something that will get you to the moon in a setting where even the distance between continents would be like traveling to another planet because all of our resources have long been used up) and a song written while she was spending her summer in the deep woods of Pennsylvania researching fireflies. The song is called Lampyridae, the family of beetles fireflies are part of. It was meant to be only 90 seconds long, and meandering and not really following a set pattern. They played a song called The Death of Bubbles. They have a CD but none of the songs they played are on it.
All of the trio’s songs are originals.
The songs that Giulia and Caroline played without Stewart were a mix of traditional reels and jigs and originals. Going by the stickers on Giulia’s cello case, she’s Scottish and Italian. Going by her surname, she’s also German.
I don’t know if the woman with a paper crane tattoo and the woman with a compass rose pendant were a relative of one of the members or just friends.
A woman had three naked dancers dancing under a crescent moon and a dagger tattooed on her arm.
Fade Blue was mostly James on double bass, Julian on percussion, Yaniv on bouzouki, and Lily on fiddle. And the reason bouzoukia are popular in Ireland is because someone went to Greece in the 1960s and brought one back with him and then hybridized it with the cittern. And that’s it.
Lily made her almost-debut on the concertina and Yaniv switched to accordion.
He would often play reels and jigs on the marimba.
The last song was called Oyá, after the Vodun goddess, and channeled Cuban music, using the same instruments as everything else, aside from a garland of bells on Julian’s boot.
Rebecca and Hannah danced on a stage.
Many members of Fade Blue were also part of Night Tree, which mixes Celtic and Scandinavian folk with jazz.

Lily had a lightning bolt tattooed on her wrist just below a leaf bracelet.
I got food from Salonika. Specifically, the Mykonos, a salad of mixed greens, zucchini and feta fritters, feta, red onions, spicy slaw, cucumbers, herbs, various Greek olives, and house vinaigrette. Yum.
Rebecca and Phoebe both have a lot of silver jewelry. A man who goes to art school in Chicago said he really likes my style.
Bailey was like “that’s the third time you drew me.”
There was a woman with the biggest eyes I’ve ever seen and two women of Indian descent I’d imagine though neither the younger woman nor the older woman wore Indian clothing. The younger woman had Ultima’s sigil with a crown on it tattooed on her wrist.

burning question: is it a good idea have half the Internet reverse-proxying through one service that can go down? I had a few in mind this week and they were all relevant at the same time. Cloudflare went out for maybe about 20 minutes early in the morning on July 2, and it went out a week before that. On the bright side, it fucked up some cryptocurrency webshites. On the other hand, is it worth living without a bunch of websites for a week or two in order to destroy bitcoin? Then we could save the environment and piss off a bunch of techbros at the same time.


summer rain

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I’ve diverted away from the theme of recent years in a few cases.
Stains of a Sunflower - Drip Drop
Hayley Thompson-King - (Robert Schumann)
Guzzalina - A Little Euphoria
The Police - King of Pain
Béla Bartók - A kékszakállú herceg vára
Rose Chronicles - Deidre
Albino Mbie - Mafu
Ruby Rose Fox - Your Sister Is Dead, I’m Buying A Sega
Epic45 - Sun Memory
Steve Reich - Different Trains
Fetish - Leah
Masochistic/Values - Leah
As The Sparrow - High School Girlfriend
Arc Iris - Beautiful Mind
Laura Cortese and the Dance Seeds - If You Can Hear Me
Jenny Olivia Johnson - Sylvia Songs
Avishai Cohen - Variations in G Minor
Common Sense - Sun Comes Up
Virgo Loves Cancer - True Love Waits - I find it hilarious that though this and the Radiohead song are done in two different styes and have slightly different lyrics, they’re both the same exact length
Dinosaur Jr. - No Bones
John Adams - The Dharma at Big Sur - I went through another John Adams phase
John Adams - Night Chorus
Collide - Tempted
Anastasia Screamed - Samantha Black
Dmitri Shostakovich - Symphony #11
Veruca Salt - Sleeping Where I Want
Sky Flying By - Endearing
The Equatics - Santana
Preservation Hall Jazz Band - Shake That Thing
Sarah Vaughan - Peter Gunn (Max Sedgley Remix)
This Bliss - Spark
Mini Dresses - Dark One
Youssoupha Sidibe - Dieuf - One of the things I love about Massachusetts is that I get to meet people from all over the world, despite the fact that I don’t travel. No, I’ve never actually met this guy.
The Sundays - Can’t Be Sure
Luna in Caelo - La Ida
Katydids - What’s The Matter Here?
The Murmurs - Neverending - So I think the best way to get into an era of music is to listen to it as it happened. You’re going to get a lot of neat stuff you’ll overlook with curated lists. What I’m saying is go watch some Daria or Beavis & Butthead.
Til Tuesday - Rip In Heaven
Strong Bad - The System Is Down - hey, remember when Strong Bad made a techno song?
Atlas Lab - Lullaby

I've also been listening to a lot of Tori Amos, Rose Polenzani, Radiohead, and in the last week, Flying Saucer Attack. Somehow, it reached 94 F today.

burning question: In Batman Returns, why does the Penguin have an army of clowns? They make more sense in the Schumaker movies: Two-Face has goons in two-tone gimp masks wielding tommy guns with freaking neon yin-yangs on them. Mr. Freeze has goons with an ice theme. You’d think Penguin’s goons would have bowler hats and dress like 1930s gangsters.
Michael says that logic be damned, Tim Burton just wanted evil clowns in his movie.


forest hymn

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I think the terfs are just aching for an excuse to not vote or vote third party because they can’t bring themselves to vote for Trump. I’m honestly at the point where I think terfism is half martyrdom complex and they need fascists in power to feed into that and half they’re realizing they’re dying off like Michfest did and raging against the dying of the light Kuja-style. So I really shouldn’t be surprised they’re buying into the right’s propaganda of quick dry cement milkshakes.

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a red-winged blackbird at the wildlife center. We have one now. He got stuck in tar. Christabel thinks he was just flying around and for whatever reason thought it would be a good idea to land in that black stuff. He wasn't expecting it to be sticky. He gets dog food and mealworms. I didn’t get to see him but they’re saying he and red-winged blackbirds are really sexually dimorphic.

Unlike, say, big brown bats, one of which we also have. I think he had head trauma but he was crawling around eating mealworms.

We got a piping plover.

This blue jay is thanking people in advance for their paper towel donations. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to post it.

One of the interns whose name I've forgotten or just never learned said that we have an entire family of snappers but they're not related, it's more like a wife swap.

Ashley was eating shrimp, zucchini, and asparagus with sriracha.
She really likes horror movies. She saw It 5 times when it came out but thinks the book isn’t great, she recommends Annihilation, both the book and the film. She hasn’t read Veniss Underground or the Ambergris books. I don’t have Annihilation because I’m expecting an omnibus although I guess I can keep checking Boomerang. I might read Borne next, I haven’t decided. I only just got to Captain Ahab in Moby Dick.
Karen brings a full-size bottle of sriracha with her.
Fizz does not like Hailey.

I did get a pretty good book haul. They're things I had my eyes on for a while. The Alien Years by Silverberg, Caliban's Hour by Tad Williams (which I didn't even know existed in paperback form but perhaps I am thinking of Child of an Ancient City), and two C.S. Friedman books.

John C. Wright linked to a video that basically says that the 2002 Time Machine is bad because it has non-white characters. It had flaws. It changed directors midway throug

burning question: Jesus, Mary, and Joseph Stalin! How hard can it be to be of the religious right without being either outright alt-right or at the very least sympathetic or adjacent?


last exit to fairyland

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The woman next to me on the train had violet and magenta makeup on her eyes and a tattoo of purple flowers on her arm.
Sara was flippping through Catch-22, which she has read many times, because she just finished reading it and had nothing better to do. She has not read Moby Dick.

If only there was a way I could get the best of both worlds with the tacos I had last year. I think I like Naco Taco's chorizo taco more except it doesn't have the cilantro crema or the radishes that the cochinta pibil has. Note to self: try the fried shrimp or cabrito.

There were a bunch of good books at Boomerangs but nothing I wanted. Empty Space, Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, Everything Is Illuminated, Winterlong. Okay, I’ve never read Winterlong but I have it and I’ve heard good things about it. It's sitting on my shelf waiting for me to find Aestival Tide and Icarus Descending and hopefully that happens soon. Say, I saw the trade paperback edition of Winterlong that lists her influences (Dhalgren, Twelfth Night) at Brattle Books. I hope they find a good home.
There was a book by Kathlyn S. Starbuck at Rodney's and I realized that I’ve been calling her Kathryn this whole time but only because someone on Barbelith called her Kathryn and I’m no closer to finding a book that reminds someone of their dreams of getting lost in large and strange houses.

I found the MIT museum transfigurated utterly upon my return. The robots are downstairs with videos featuring them in action one of which didn't work, along with a half-finished seal whisker through water demonstration.
Replacing the robot was an exhibit on racing boats. There was a woman with bathypelagic blue hair. There was a collection of object photography from the Bauhaus for its centennial: a champagne glass on its side, an urchin test and the shadow of a crab’s chela, a geometric proof of the Pythagorean theorem made with squares of cloth, mesh, abstract objects, dried mud, an orange half bejeweled.
There was an exhibit about their architecture school, which had a concept for the Beacon of Progress on the shores of Lake Michigan and a concept for a US-Mexico bridge.
The Arthur Ganson sculptures were still there but the holography room was closed off for renovations. I forgot where Tetris is.

A woman who walked out of Cheapo Records had half moonsilver and half night violet and all curly hair.

I think the guy at Aleppo Palace me the wrong thing, that is to say, labneh za’atar, but whatever. Labneh in a pita pocket with a lot lot lot of za’atar with some mixed greens and some fattoush (onions, cucumbers, and tomatoes). You can also get a thing of muhammara, which is a mix of hot pepper, walnuts, and pomegranate juice, along with a few spices like cumin and garlic. Trader Joe's had it. I doubt it's still there. They also had roasted tomatillo and mango salsa. I'd have to find something similar. Or a spicy shrimp bowl with pickled cucumbers, red cabbage, avocado, toasted sesame seeds, and miso glaze. I'm not sure what the dressing is or what makes the shrimp spicy. There's an instagram account that shows what items are about to be discontinued but it only started in 2018.

Ema, who spells her name like that because she’s special and not because it’s short for anything like Emanuela, and Jay were both Ariel in The Tempest and Jay is playing Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Ema’s bag said “all the world’s a stage” on it which is a quote from As You Like It. She wasn't actually sure where the quote was from. I had to wrack my brain some because I've seen the play before and knew it was one of the comedies. Jay’s hair is short and a a phosphoric green and yellow. Jay has a nose piercing and small gauge earrings. It looked like Jay got the hat from Gunnery Sergeant Hartmann. Jay's fingernails were painted black. Like the bird? I asked. Sitting next to them was a bearded man with tattoos of musical equipment and cassette tapes on one arm and tattoos of gears and labyrinths on the other.
There was a woman with short pink hair and a sleeping woman with abyssopelagic black hair.

I found a Masculinity Quiz, in which it asks you to choose who is more masculine amongst two men. Spoiler alert: good traits are masculine and bad traits are feminine.

burning question: Iron Faeries? Wait, isn’t that like a Gemini Man who is also a Snake Man according to the Chinese zodiac?

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