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conceptions of celestial space

Posted on August 31, 2019 at 9:26 pm
Mood: chalcophaphs
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Allisandra remembers me from the last time and she still has a picture so she knows exactly what day it’s on. She sings but she doesn’t sing in a band or have any music out there but maybe someday & somewhere. She has a tattoo of flowers on her ankle. She was born in Messina and has recently traveled to Sicily, where she ate pizza with broccoli on it and I’m reminded of Inside Out and pasta with pistachios and isn’t sure about pronunciation of the second vowel, which I’d IPA for you if I understood it, but I think it depends on the region, and swordfish and eggplant. Brittany is most impressed with a church in which someone sat on his back painting scenes and she can barely do that upright. She took a video of a jellyfish and I wondered if it was an Aurelia aurita or moon jelly, which has that distinctive four leaf clover of gonads. She wasn’t sure but what she does know is that they hurt when you get stung by one. Salvini’s coup stunt boomeranged on him and Italy really dodged a bullet.
Brittany has a scarf printed with strawberries. She’s Armenian. She doesn’t want to visit Armenia because she expects to be imprisoned and never make it back home again. She’s been to the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam and pointed out that Germans like their beer warm. On The Simpsons, I think Homer offers a beer to the Germans who buy the power plant and they’re like “my English is not perfect, but I have to tell you your beer is like swill to us. Only a swine would drink this beer”
I feel the same way about Georgia. I’d love to visit but with my luck, Russia will pick that time to annex the country.
Jamie has a tattoo of a five-petaled flower on one shoulder and a tattoo of an abstract paisley swirl and a flower bumblebee obscured by the sleeve of her shirt. On her leg, she has a sunflower and the outline of a dove, on her foot is a heart, on her other foot is the peace symbol, which various crazies will say is a broken cross but is actually the semaphore letters N and D for nuclear disarmament. Her ring is turquoise and her earrings are gold.
Emma has a tattoo on her foot that says “the other side of fear” which Google tells me is "El otro lado del miedo.” I did this backwards; her tattoo is in Spanish.

A woman had ὣς οἵ γ᾽ ἀμφίεπον τάφον Ἕκτορος ἱπποδάμοιο tattooed around her arm. It's the last line of the Iliad and is something like "and so they buried Hector." It's Ancient Greek so Google Translate is no help here. "As the Hippodrome Hippodrome Tomb" is not a real sentence unless you're concussed.
My ability to read Greek is the biggest thing that's stuck with me from college.

April has a tattoo of the eight planets and the moon near Earth amongst constellations of freckles, a tattoo that looks like a flying saucer and arrow fused together, a tattoo of a flower. She has a vesica piscis shaped pendant with swirls.
Elizabeth, which I misheard as Eliste of all things, has giant flower earrings made of thin wire that look like tattoos because the brightest lights cast the darkest shadows.
Maeve has a shirt from the Fuzztival.

I had a blue raspberry soda from Harmony Springs.

Pagliacci has a sung introduction that summarizes the plot.
In Casta Diva, sung in Italian because this isn't a John Cage opera and there aren't enough texts in Gaulish to make an entire libretto, Norma offers a sprig of mistletoe to the moon goddess asking for peace between the Gauls and the Romans because she's in love with a Roman proconsul.
They also did a duet from Norma but I can't quite remember the context
Händel’s Giulio Cesare has fuck all to do with William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. It’s a scene with Sesto, stepson of Pompey and Cornelia.
While Julius Caesar himself was played by a castrato, Sesto was played by a soprano.
In L'elisir d'amore, Belcore convinces Nemorino to join the army so he can get the money he needs to buy the love potion he needs and then gloats about how smart he is and how brilliant his plan to get rid of his rival is.
The Bear is an opera by William Walton and has only three sung roles. Yelena Ivanova Popova sings about her dead husband, who cheated on her.
They finished with a quintet by the smugglers of Carmen.

There's a collection of recently acquired photographs at the MFA, some of them iconic, most of them the first or only or highest quaity print made.

According to the pins on Theodora's bag, she’s Bulgarian and loves baroque music. She’s studying vocals at the New England conservatory. Her shirt also depict Bulgaria, as does her pendant, with a heart around Kazanluk or Stara Zagora.

Kendra was reading The Outsiders so I asked her what year she was born in and I was prepared to be sad because she was born after I read it but turns out she was born in 1996, the year I believe I read The Outsiders. And also That Was Then, This Is Now, for a class in middle school. I forget what else we read but I want to say Tuck Everlasting and A Study In Scarlet. I think we also watched the movie, which was not directed by Francis Ford Coppola and it shows. And it doesn't even try to be a period piece. No, they just shifted it to the 1980s because they had no budget.
She has a tattoo of a skull and a rose on her leg.
I know someone with a cat named Sodapop. I don't know if that's a reference to The Outsiders or not.

According to a man's shirt, his spirit animal was a white bunny wielding chainsaws. Looks like the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog updated his arsenal.
Someone had a bag from a place called Mooncake and all I can think is chookity pok.

The Straight Pride parade was today. I don't think pride is an emotion these people should be feeling. I'd have probably gone there to heckle and/or protest but I kinda forgot about it.
burning question: what is this feeling I'm feeling right now? It's like I'm sad for another person. Is that a thing? Am I going crazy?

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