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beyond the wasteland

Posted on August 29, 2019 at 8:28 pm
Mood: Epitonium
Now Playing: The Moon Seven Times - Desert Vineyards
The trees around the museum were the color of television, tuned to a dead channel.
I like how they painted one of the stumps.
The original forests of Cape Cod weren’t the pine barrens we see today, the pitch pines, the red cedar, and the scrub oak merely filled in after settlers and a series of forest fires left the land barren.

[Click for art. If you are here about Fallout, you can ignore this.]

The stories say that sailors constructed sailor’s valentines on long journeys when they had nothing to do. But then some historians and collectors wondered where they got all the materials to make them and why all of the seashells used are from the West Indies, specifically Barbados (wentletraps, tellin, keyhole limpet, mussel, cowrie, chiton, mitre, olive, dove, emerald nerite snail, strigilla), and not, say, Australia or the South Pacific or the Philippines. And it turns out locals made these in workshops and sold them to sailors. You can learn to make your own! All you need is 875 dollars and a time machine that can take you back to mid-August 2019. And if you have a time machine, it won’t be difficult to obtain 875 dollars.

Sea whips are an order of coral that don’t produce calcium carbonate skeletons.
Squilla is a genus of mantis shrimp and those antler-looking things are their claws.
It used to be an inn so one of the walls can detach and raise up for use as a ballroom. The ceilings are rather low and the floor is uneven although that might just be age.

I’m impressed that she could carve an urchin’s test like that. Test coming from a word meaning amphora, not from a word meaning testimony (to virility)

these are the internal shells of a spirula, a ten-legged deep ocean cephalopod with an internal shell that will occasionally wash up on the beach.

this conch is made from clay by the artist Valerie Hegarty.

if you can’t tell, Bradford’s Iceberg (actually by Hegarty) is warped, melting into the oil-dark sea.

it’s based on this painting by William Bradford

the daguerrotype indicates that this obelisk was made in honor of a deceased family member, probably in the middle of the 19th century.

Peter Gabel - Mermaid’s Dollhouse - a 9-inch tall house with urchin test domes and spinity light fixtures and a gastropod shell mirror, upon a bed of Bahamas sand. Or maybe it was Bermuda. Same thing, right? No. Not at all.

sorry about the watermark.

There's a bookstore nearby with an impressive collection of old sci-fi magazines but I had neither the time to browse nor the money to buy anything.

Delvina has candy-colored pink hair and I think she said something about mixing all the dyes together and that was the result.

Here's my experience with getting Fallout 2 to run on VirtualBox:
Windows 98 runs Fallout but it’s a) slow and b) has no music. Fuck that. I’m not sure if I can get it to run with a lot more tweaking. NINJA EDIT: The music doesn't work (and doesn't work on other versions of Windows either) because the installer is an idiot and puts the music files in the wrong folder. This game is the Final Fantasy VI of western RPGs, in that somehow a buggy mess results in a really good game.
Windows 95 refuses all efforts to run on both VirtualBox and DOSBox. Windows 95 bewilders me. In fact, Windows itself bewilders me. Some of it is just a case of “damn you, muscle memory,” aka my Super Mario World memory of dying to the first enemy because THEY SWITCHED THE JUMP AND ACTION BUTTON ON THE SNES FOR NO GOOD REASON or every time I play Xenosaga. My theory is that Windows is a feedback loop of “people use it because it’s successful and it’s successful because people use it.”
Good Old Games used to have a Mac port of Fallout that I think used a modified DosBox. I can't get it anymore.
Windows XP, upon installing Fallout, shows the introductory video, it’s amazing, and then you get either a green screen or a smear of psychedelic color. And trust me, if I want a game that looks like Vasily Kandinsky vomited on the screen, I’d play Moraff’s Dungeons of the Unforgiven. Anyway, I don’t know what I did but even with the vanilla version I have no problems with the color but the cursor is somehow both jittery and sluggish. Think Sonic the Hedgehog getting in a fight with Flash Man. What I tried then was the unofficial patch, setting the sensitivity to 1, and then increasing the mouse sensitivity to maximum on Windows to compensate for it. Nope. I've read that Fallout ignores Windows' mouse settings. A worst-case scenario would involve somewhat janky mouse controls, not turning off sound and playing Desert Vineyards by The Moon Seven Times on repeat.
OKAY. Turning off mouse integration helps. It will require some tweaking but it works pretty well. I’ll just have to find that magic number. That's it. It's a really obvious solution and nobody's pointed it out. Everyone complains that the mouse sensitivity of 100 is way too high. And 1 moves like Mitch McConnell on valium.
I'm not sure if I need the unofficial patch.

NINJA EDIT: if you're using a retina display and a Macintosh like I am, go to diplays in the preferences and set the screen size to larger text. Bada climp. Bada clamp.

Incidentally, the last Windows OS I used was XP. I dunno, Vista came out in 2007. But Vista was only a few steps above Windows Millenium Edition.
Things that have "millennium" but not "falcon" in their name are usually terrible. The Dream Millennium sounds good.

burning question: who the fuck presses B to jump?

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