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the library of dreams

Posted on August 26, 2019 at 8:17 pm
Mood: Euaspis
Now Playing: George Crumb - The Mystic Chord
The Internet Archive has what I can only assume translates to several tons of out of print books. Horray! They don't have everything from my childhood (The Book of Nightmares is conspicuously absent) or everything I want to read (Book two of Lisa Mason's Pangaea, Saraband of Lost Time, Caves of Karst, Daybreak on a Different Mountain). But hope springs eternal. After all, There And Back Again by Pat Murphy is there.

A Mask For The General does have that same mood to it that The City, Not Long After does.
It’s a paean to a San Francisco that is no longer, set in an all-too-real future for America. It opens around the end of July, 2021. Brazil, interestingly, isn’t fascist in this setting. I checked, and in 1987, Brazil was ruled by a man who admired the military dictatorship of the 1960s. And in real life, Japan is content to cut itself and its pop culture off from the world. Also, there’s a moon colony.

We released the raccoons Sunday. Right now, it’s mostly Christabel, Jacob, and Primrose keeping the place (along with laundry) running until the new interns show up.

Christabel regaled us with a story of the time someone tried to microwave cookie dough. It didn’t work but it did melt and warp part of the microwave door.

Michael says the best character in all of the Lord of the Rings is the Olympics Orc at Helm's Deep.

Michael asked this about Trump's plan to nuke hurricanes.
burning question: Did Trump get his knowledge of weather from Sharknado? Because they nuked the sharknado in that. I’m not sure what it would do. It would kill the sharks but they were going to die eventually anyway and it would still be like being whipped in the face with a mop made of sandpaper. Without the sharks, it would probably just spread fallout around.

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