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misplaced in time

Posted on August 25, 2019 at 11:09 pm
Mood: Sinomicrurus
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Victoria is an artist. She mostly works in abstract watercolors and acrylics, but she never has the time. Her friend does oil paintings and oil paints and turpentine smell bad and probably taste bad and make her head spin so she can’t sleep in the same room as her art studio. One of her rings is very definitely amethyst. The green ring is a combination of two stones and it looks like malachite. She’s not sure what the orange one is but it looks like amber. Or citrine. One of her rings is a silver snake. Her pendant depicts serotonin. Her bag depicts various cacti and succulents. Sculpture is one thing she never got into but she wants to.

A woman I drew looks a bit like the singer of Arc Iris.

the current exhibition in the Atlantic Wharf gallery is called Off the Clock. Art about time. Art about existing outside time and its consequences.

I’m not sure what this one is.

C.J. Lori - Prism
this is a painting from 2006 so I guess it makes sense that it’s so… TINY.
Victoria has not played Majora’s Mask. I know this because she asked me what kind of animal Twinmold was meant to be.

Dorothea Van Camp's art there looks like the one…

this is a calabi-yau manifold
the medium is a translucent collage on a light box, photographed and digitally manipulated.

A man who dresses like Ned Flanders’ hipper cousin was reading Station Eleven and found it rather eerie at times. He agrees with me that late summer is great for post-apocalyptic novels. Also planetary romances and dying earth. He didn’t say that, I did. Also autumn is best for horror and pre-Tolkien fantasy. One of the women at the table was reading Lamb by Christopher Moore which I either read in the summer between high school and college or the summer after that, and her high school English teacher recommended it to her. The other woman was reading Nights at the Circus, which she says is very dense and she’s having trouble getting into it but it’s funny at times and there are some sexy moments too. She knew Door Into Ocean was from the 1980s and
Unlike the rest of the Elysium Cycle, which use cheap-looking CGI stock images or art drawn by spider monkeys, A Door Into Ocean uses an existing cover for its Kindle edition.

John and Lily and someone who’s name may or may not be Courtney all work at the Tea Party museum, and one of their coworkers played the Duke. Courtney (?) has not only seen Measure for Measure twice, she’s acted in it. A woman with green hair that’s been like that since last September was eating a bowl of ramen she got from Bon Me.

As for Measure for Measure, it’s set in Vienna but everyone has an Italian name. Anyways, Duke Vincentio left Vienna on a mission and he’s leaving his deputy Angelo and assistant Escalus to run things in his absence, and Angelo is very giddy about enforcing all the laws, which includes a death sentence for fornication. Claudio made his intended wife Julietta pregnant and so he’s arrested and sentenced to die. The Duke, however, is actually in disguise as Friar Lodowick. Isabella wants Angelo to be merciful but Angelo will only let Claudio go if Isabella sleeps with him. Isabella is like “nope.” and Claudio is like “please?” and the Duke says “yes but Mariana, who was supposed to marry Angelo will take your place.” The provost also thinks he’s going too far. The Duke tells the provost to substitute the body of a notorious but not dread pirate in their custody who had succumbed to an illness. Isabella learns that Claudio has been executed. The Duke removes his disguise and Isabella tells him of Angelo’s seduction, but the Duke pretends to not believe her. Mariana also speaks out and they go get that friar. Escalus condemns him and Lucio removes his disguise. Angelo admits his guilt but the Duke tells him its ok as long as he marries Mariana. The Duke marries Isabella.
It’s a problem play, which means it’s not really a comedy and it’s not a tragedy either because nobody dies. In movie parlance, it would probably be classified as a drama.
It’s short enough to be performed without an intermission.
Whenever Angelo spoke, John and friends hissed. He's a nicer Scarpia, which doesn't really say much.
It's like they picked Macbeth or something. Canceled in Allston due to rain, not that I could go to that, and canceled in Easton, due to EEE. It happened at Atlantic Wharf but it was cold and the grass was wet.

Burning Question: Should I be surprised at all to find that Jenny McCarthy's zodiac sign is Cuchulainn, the Impure?

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