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less is a bore

Posted on August 24, 2019 at 9:36 pm
Mood: Rocio
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David Koch is dead and maybe that means public transit can start improving again. Alas, I think Charles Koch is the Mario of the duo, in the way that Mitch McConnell is an evil alternate universe version of Raphael the Ninja Turtle.

Olivia likes to write poetry. One of her rings is a serpent and she has the image of a snake on her bracelet.

Less is a Bore is the principle of maximalism and a retort to the edict Less Is More, which was not coined by Polonius, even though it sounds like something he'd believe in. I can find articles that talk of the curator reading interior design magazines and wondering who the hell lives in places so devoid of decor and pattern and heart. Kanye West and Kim Il Kardashian, obviously, but nobody else.

They had a scavenger hunt where you can find all the patterns. It’s surprisingly difficult. Not quite as difficult as finding things on the internet.

[Click For Art]

Sol DeWitt - Wall Drawing 280
There are over 1200 of these wall drawings by Sol LeWitt. This is number 280. This was his first done in colors, albeit minimalist primary colors.

Valerie Jaudon - Pantherburn

Nathalie du Pasquier - Untited

Robert Kushner - Cincinnati C
We have a company whose motto is “paradise is a walled garden” gobbling up more and more of the internet. I'm not sure if my inability to do a location search on Instagram without logging in is intentional or if it's just a glitch that should be cleared up by the next time I do something like this.

Howardina Pindell - Autobiography:Artemis
She traveled in the jim crow south and noticed that some plates were marked with a red dot for their use by non-whites, which I can only assume translated to “well, we don’t have to do a very thorough job washing them.”

Miriam Schapiro - Mexican Memory

Lucas Samaras - Chair Transformation 9
Or maybe 12.

Joyce Kozloff - Tile Wainscot
This reminds me of the tile mural in Harvard Station. Wikipedia tells me it's by the same artist.

Franklin Williams - Yellow Apron

Franklin Williams - Sixteen Sweet Moments

Ettore Sottsass - Casablanca Sideboard
combines simple form with complex patterns.

Nathalie Du Pasquier - Royal
I’m bothered that most images that show up seem to be a CGI mockup of it.

Jasper Johns - Scent
Inspired by him seeing a painted car speed by.

Jennifer Bartett - 27 Howard Street - Day and Night

Betty Woodman - Window
I found something similar but not this exact thing. Is it too general a name? Yes, it is.

Robert Zakanitch - Big Bungalow Suite
It reminds me of 1970s decor.

Polly Apfelbaum - Small Townsville
She calls it "fallen painting." These are pieces of synthetic velvet, dyed and placed in a circle.

Joyce Kozloff - If I Were An Astronomer: Boston

Roger Brown - Garden of the Uncultivated

Philip Taaffe - Observatory

Laura Owens - Untitled

Frank Stella - Brazilian Merganser

Franklin Williams - Little Porcelain Boy

Schapiro - Vestiture Paris Series 2
I think that's right.

Jeffrey Gibson - DON'T MAKE ME OVER
A tunic of chiffon hung with bells and a helmet.
Reflects his Chahta and Tsalagi heritage.

The Sisters Zénaïde and Charlotte Bonaparte. Zenaida is a name meaning Life of Zeus and is the genus modos are part of.
It’s based on a painting by Jacques-Louis David

Taylor Davis - BRWG
There are three pairs of these: south, west, and northeast. This one is Northeast.

Joel Otterson - Voluptuous Desire

Diana Molzan - Untitled
Diana Molzan removed the weft threads and left the warp threads to hang.

Zoe Pettijohn Schade - Crowd of Crowds

Ruth Root - Untitled

Pae White - Bugz + Drugz
She’s inspired by ephemera like smoke, popcorn, time, birdsongs, and bugs. She has a computer program weave out randomized patterns, in the case of bugz+drugs, that is to say, insects and psychotropic plants.

Marcel Wanders - Bon Bon Chair

Sanford Biggers - Dagu
And fuck you, website, for making me take a screenshot because I can only get a 640x331 image via Google. This isn't Turkmenistan and/or 1985, no matter how much Trump wants it to be. Speaking of Turkmenistan, a city council candidate in Marysville, MI embarrassed herself.

Lisa Lou - Offensive/Defensive
It took a team of 40 people to make the bead art. The docent doesn’t know how long it took because she thinks they racked up so many hours they lost track.

Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian - Muqarnas 1
Autocorrect turned it to shakeout.
There's one like this at the MFA.

Virgil Marti - large chandelier hybrid/austrian swag/hippie piss/starman/straight rainbow
The curtains are painted on the wall.

This is a really nice picture of the chandelier, which looks like flowers attached to antlers.

Lari Pittman - Portrait of a Textile

Portrait of a Human (Pathos Ethos Logos Kairos)
Greek words meaning suffering/experience, character, expectation/ground/plea/opinion/speech/reason/discourse/proportion/word, and time for action

Betty Woodman - Of Botticelli

Apfelbaum - Pattern and Apparation

I lov the painting that looks like a boreal forest but the colors make it a deathly pale green, like there was a Mako reactor leak. You can kind of see it here. Open it in a new window. That will help.

Wangechi Mutu - untitled tumor.

I met a brindled pug-Boston terrier mix who was trying to eat a piece of dried pasta she found and her owner had hair in rotini of bright neon pink and a black dog with a little white splotch on his throat who was named Patrick and being fostered and a Bernese mountain dog. Someone called Boston Dog City.
A woman was dressed as a cyborg skeleton with green tubing for hair and a silver thing over one eye and a plush duckling clipped to her belt and she said that's how she always dresses.
A woman had a monarch butterfly tattoo and a woman had a tattoo of a woman with green curly hair in profile.
In the Seaport District are sculptures of animals made in multicolored triangle facets.

I see a few people with eye pendants or bracelets.

My journey home was spent drawing a woman who looked like a younger Lisa Goldstein, a woman with a tattoo on her ankle and a backpack with Monet's water lilies, and trying my damndest to not let my mango salad from Kala Thai leak any more vinegar than it already did.

burning question: Doesn't it sound like a lovely name for a village? Wainscotting. Wainscotting, Wainscotting, Wainscotting. Wainscotting.

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