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upon us

Posted on August 19, 2019 at 1:26 am
Mood: Laticauda
Now Playing: Radiohead - Sail to the Moon
Emma is from Glasgow, Scotland and spent two months on the Cape. You can tell she isn’t from around here because she called it Cape Cod. She has a tattoo of a rose and an abstract geometric design made of triangles and rhombuses.

There are sculptures on the Greenway: a UFO Porsche 924, a dump truck with stained glass windows depicting sea animals dumping out a heap of seaglass like emerald, sapphire, quartz, rhodochrosite, amber.

Bella is a puppy of unknown breed who is mostly brown but with a white heart marking that is totally adorable. I met a shiba inu and a very cute papillon named Penny who was black and white with brown eyebrows and loved to chase a tennis ball around. I met a dark-fawn pug who liked to jump on my leg and who tried to gnaw on my hand. Katie has a dog named Kaya with spots and with one ice-white eye and one dark eye and she was totally unfamiliar with the breeds she was a mix of until she got her.

Destiny Claymore is a pop singer with a surprisingly deep voice and an afro-mohawk.

Vitoru Kinjo is a guitarist and pianist from Brazil of Okinawan descent (his grandparents were from Okinawa) so he sung not just in English and Portuguese but in Okinawan (AKA Uchinaaguchi, which is mutually unintelligible with mainland Japanese although for whatever reason, probably politics, the Japanese government classifies it as a dialect and not a distinct language) and Tupi. There are a lot of references to Okinawan culture in Final Fantasy X and I think some themes of Final Fantasy XII tie into Okinawa, such as the tiny kingdom caught in the middle of a war between powers, which also shows up in Tactics Ogre but that I know is more blatantly about the Yugoslav Wars. It’s famous for being the place karate comes from.

Nikki has bathypelagic violet hair.
Nikki and the Sweetbriar Band did a cover of Jolene by Dolly Parton that was quite good. She's from New Jersey, a place even less known for country music than Boston. We do have a thriving bluegrass and folk scene.

Cimarron is a Colombian folk band who played harp, electric double bass, guitar, tiple, and mandolin. They also dance.

Ed Koban talked about how archaeologists have discovered three types of instruments on every continent in every culture except Antarctica: flutes, drums, and rattles. He says it’s because they mimic the sounds of nature.
Sometimes the wind takes over and plays the flutes for him.
He says he can't dance like Cimarron did.

I'm wondering if I have heard Hipshot before or if I'm mixing them up with someone else. They were way more like funk pop than hip hop, if you're wondering.

The last few bands were Grupo Fantasia, Nicholas Emden, Evens Gregoire , and Jah-Free-I.
It rained a rain show that appeared to be localized entirely within this one park during his set. I swear a few droplets fell on me earlier while I was checking out the Transplanted Roaming Greenhouse. I wouldn't gripe if it was cut short due to rain but I'm glad it wasn't. After all, they're all quite good musicians, especially Nicholas Emden. There wasn't enough rain to stop us. You'd need so much rain that you'd have to build an ark and sail to the moon.

Sara had a booth set up to justify veganism in Judaism. She had some cookbooks: the Jewish Food Hero Cookbook and Oy Vey Vegan by Estee Raviv.
Matt from college was Jewish and vegan so I think it must make it easy to keep kosher. That’s certainly a benefit, says Sara.
Meanwhile, this conversation happened:
“Maybe on a good day. And you have to say please.”
“Can I see your glasses please?”
“No, too late.”

By this time, I was wondering if they had to take out someone’s set but they somehow crammed this entire thing in one session. It went a few minutes over.

A woman had a tattoo of a mermaid with a giganterous fish tail with horizontal caudal fins like a mammal should have.

I met a woman with neon carrot and abyssopelagic black hair with tattoos of Michael Myers and some numbers carved on pumpkins, a mermaid, a witch riding a broom, and a rose. I swear I’ve met her before. I met a man with a tattoo of a great horned owl partially hidden amongst tiger lilies.

She asked this question.
burning question: why has no one invented windshield wipers for glasses?

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