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in the wind

Posted on August 18, 2019 at 12:37 am
Mood: Slowdive - Alison
Now Playing: brachytron
I seriously miscalculated how long it would take me. The train took a while to arrive and there was the lingering aroma of a dump truck outside and we had to stop because an Ashmont-to-Alewife train arrived at JFK at the same time we did and I was serioulsy contemplating getting off and getting on that one but pulling that off would either be about as realistic as the sun rising blue as Neptune or a fool's errand that would add another five minutes to my journey even should I make a succesful attempt. Miraculously, I almost made it on time to get a pakora, an Indian fritter of spinach, potato, and onions with some surprisingly spicy mint chutney. Elise likes spicy food but I wouldn't recommend the fritter for Ash. Elise brought an extra sweater. I think it was nice when the sun was out but not when there were clouds. The weather couldn't make up its mind, whether to be crappier than yesterday or actually kind of nice and I wish I wore shorts instead of long pants.

Ash has his own instagram at gotta_corg_em_all.

Ginger beer is basically Gollum Juice in a can, which is a concoction Andy Serkis came up with to deal with the sore throat from hell aftermath of voicing Gollum. I kind of want the kind that has more ginger than your standard gingerale but not as much ginger as the Strongest variety.

I'm not sure who Maya and Company are. I think they may be Cover It Up.

Freylekhs is a name the fiddler and clarinetist of Ezekiel’s Wheels and guest musician Gabe on double bass gave themselves when not every member of the band could make it.
A scissors dance doesn't have to have anything to do with scissors. You can make it up as you go.
The belly dance troupe did their own interpretation of a klezmer circle dance.
He thinks John Cage wrote a piece where the wind blows the pages around.

A woman has cicada earrings that everyone thinks are cockroaches, tattoos of BB-8 and the Millennium Falcon and female yellow morph swallowtail wings on her back. She has neon carrot hair.
I haven't seen any swallowtails but I have seen a lot lot lot of monarchs.

Tato Mianzi was playing string music elsewhere.
I saw a woman who looked like Death. She had an ankh pendant and dark hair and dark eye makeup.

Amy and Shyam Nepali weren’t listed. Amy plays violin and Shyam Nepali plays Nepali fiddle, which is called a sāraṅgī even if it’s nothing like the Indian instrument with the same name. He's from Nepal, as you can tell by his name.
Nepali sounds a lot like Hindi, even to my untrained ears. I'm not sure if Nepali and Nepalese have subtle differences or if they refer to two different things or if they're interchangeable like Immeeni and Immeenish.
There was a man originally from Kolkata who sold rather nice jewelry and his wife always quizzes him on the colored stones that represent each chakra and he never passes.
I have no idea how Kalakātā got its reputation as Gary, India. What I knew about Kalakātā as a kid is that it's very far away.
A woman had a tattoo of a violet crescent moon hooked on a blue Zalera's sigil, amongst five pointed yellow stars.

One of the women in the eco-fashion show wore a dress covered in the mirrored fragments of CDs and a few wore chainmail of can tabs. One of them had a dress that reminded me of a blue-ringed octopus.

Kwaku is a Michael Jackson inspired musician who immigrated from Ghana.

A woman had a tattoo of a cattle skull and red roses with a rosary entwined around one of the horns.

Bino Barros is a musician from Cape Verde who plays what I think is their folk music with rock instrumentation. Whatever it is, it’s quite beautiful.
Mel is a shih tzu puppy whose name means honey in Portuguese. Makes sense because the Greek word for honeybee is μέλισσα (mélissa)

Alissa Cavallaro is an electropop musician from Long Island who goes to school in Berklee.

Alexis and Alyssa go to school in Boston but are from elsewhere. I told them that I’m really looking forward to when and if the Red Line and Blue Line are linked. Bashar al-Assad can pay for it. And people who use Bowdoin station. I write Bowden now because that’s how it sounds. I used to be able to spell it but now that I know how it’s pronounced, I can’t anymore.
I was really lucky, though: a green line train arrived immediately and a red line train arrived in two minutes.

burning question: Has anyone out there not experienced seeing a word and hearing a word and not making the connection? This happened to me with the word "choir." I didn't realize that a quire (sic) was a choir until high school. I guess maybe if you don't speak English. English is a language with 26 letters and a handful of digraphs and around 44 phonemes depending on your accent and dialect.

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