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in the air

Posted on August 17, 2019 at 12:01 am
Mood: Trimeresurus
Now Playing: Carl Orff - Tempus Est Iocundum
Tyler has a tattoo of the bunny from Donnie Darko on one arm, a sun on the back of the neck, and Jason Voorhees’ hockey mask on the other arm.
Tyler has short hair and long dark eyelashes and a whispery voice, black fingernails and a shirt with elephant motifs and abstract zig zag patterns in black and white.
There was a woman wtih flower tattoos and a triangle motif on her shirt, and a woman with a lizard pendant and choker.

A band called Gentle Temper was playing in front of Faneuil Hall. There’s talk of changing the name and I’m all for it and I think everyone should be for it, if only so we have a name that people can spell. Unless we decide to rename it after an Irish person. With a Gaeilge name. Ryan uses all of his limbs to play instruments, and by that, he plays a guitar and drums with a foot pedal and has jangly things on his other leg. Marion plays the bass and shakes things. She has pink hair and looks and sounds like Emma and even has some of her mannerisms like having her mouth hang perpetually open. She has tattoos of three lines and plants and a rodent of some sort and a bee and the constellation Orion and the skeleton of a whale with its outline around it, and some German. They sung a song called Triple Dog Dare that isn’t on their bandcamp, and they played a song called Sugar that is, and they played a song that Marion wrote while on the drive home from Portland, ME. They have a lightbulb in a jar.

Brigit Smith was playing guitar near Quincy Market. She doesn't really have anything online.

I’m not sure if Greenfest was shorter because a few of the artists had to bail at the last minute or if it was shorter because they made better use of their time. They relocated to the Greenway and waterfront. It's a good location, aside from having to cross the street to get food.
I got something from Piperi earlier to take advantage of the rare times they are open. Later on, I got a koshari and a samosa and finished the sketchbook with Alex.

Emma was almost named Franklin. Not if she was a boy. As a girl. Ivy wants to be in a published book of portraits. She has flat white disk earrings.

Ash is a corgi. Like Ash Ketchum, his owner, Elise, says. Some people, like me, think of Evil Dead instead.
Elise also has a cat. I also met a husky, several pomeranians, and several Frenchies.
It was warmer than I thought it would be. Not

Coley Virgo was back, with a ornate necklace of ruby red and Neptune blue and deep violet glass. She sang the national anthem. The repurposed drinking song, not the Radiohead song.

Yoham Ortiz sang the less-known and less-exported genres of the Dominican Republic, not just bachata. He combined the music of northern Brazil with the American blues. He played a song about the water situation in Flint, done in the stye of the Cuban conga.

Ed Koban was back and talked about how he was at Standing Rock to protest the pipeline, braving blizzards, and he met a man who quit his job in Russia to come here and protest.

Zili Misik has been around since 1999 or 2000, apparently. I mean, it makes sense, they use a Reverbnation. Lexi has tattoos of a scene in the woods, a face made from disassociated curves, an abstract stained glass in pastel violet and cyan and yellow and red. Cara has a long braid and tree earrings and twin tattoos on each arm. Marika has a black and white striped hat. Patricia, pronounced like Pat-rish-yi-a, I drew earlier that day. They sang a song written by the 54th Regiment winning the right to fight for their freedom, a Haitian song, an arrangement of a spiritual that doesn’t even try to hide the fact that it’s about slavery with the lyrics “no more auction block for me” and “no more whip lash for me,” and a song about the last time, unless we do something to change things.

Emily and Jake also included Adrian on fiddle. Their first song was the corniest song that they wrote and maybe you think you’re going to vomit. Emily sung a song about breaking up with the same person twice. True story. They put the words “la de da” in there as a placeholder for when they come up with better lyrics. Guess what: they didn’t. They sang about shooting a man in Reno just to watch him die, and they sang a song called Effervescent Zephyr. Emily has a honeycomb necklace and earrings that Jake’s sister made.

Pat Braxton covered a song by the late… somebody… I forget. They played a song by former president James Taylor, and yes, I am aware that the president was in fact John Tyler. Cadence and Caroline didn’t know that he was dead either.

Laura Suarez is a Colombian singer-songwriter.
Jenny Leigh Miller sings folk music.
Mamadou sang about Crazy Don.
Karishma Javier is a singer from New York who came from Puerto Rico, who apparently sings in 10 languages but mostly Spanish here. She played what she described as a mixture of Spanish and Latin American music, Romany music, middle eastern music, and Indian music. She has earrings with beads and feathers and a pendant with a blue stone.
Ju has a frenchie with floppy ears so he kind of looks like a pug. She has a black shirt and a trefoil pendant. She was the only one in the group from Boston. I think. At least, I know Ben and Eric weren’t. I’m pretty sure Anderson and Riley weren’t either. Dalia has a tattoo of Venus’s sigil with a fist inside, a flower in the fist and a vine in the cross, a butterfly and vines to the side, a portrait of a woman crying black tears, a bouquet of flowers, and on her other arm, “we’re all mad here” from Alice in Wonderland, and face earrings. Annie has a circular tattoo on her wrist and wondered if she should pose for portraits. I told her to just be natural.

Jackie and Zachary did a skit while Devri were setting up. He used the name Jeffrey instead. I forgot what name Jackie used. I think it was Ida. It doesn’t matter.
Devri is an Irish band. They played Irish folk music and some Beatles songs and hornpipes on rock instrumentation plus mandolin. They decided to finish with the Proclaimers’ I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) and decided one more can’t hurt so they played a very happy song about being in a prison in Dublin. And the auld triangle went jingle jangle. Mostly a capella. One of the musicians is from Kerry.

There was a man on the blue line train with a dog and a tattoo of a death’s head moth, Acherontia lachesis or Acherontia styx or Acherontia atropos (for whatever reason, Acherontia clotho doesn’t exist), with its skull marking exaggerated.

Allison has a crab pendant on her choker. It’s for Zeromus, you see. She was born on July 6th. She was talking about the fanky new Orange Line trains and said it was the first time in her life she was excited to ride the Orange Line.
It would be my birthday today but I’m super premature.

There were people exiting dressed as Deadpool (or was it Iron Man?), Wolverine, Captain America, and someone who looks like Neo with a hook hand.
Captain America says he dresses like this every Friday but he punches Nazis every day.

burning question: why would Trump want to buy Greenland from Denmark? Doesn't he know that Greenland is a barren land that bares no green? Probably not because he only listens to Kid Rock, Kanye West, and Ted Nugent.


manue7a at 2019-08-17 17:24 (UTC) (Link)
I guess you have answered the burning question already :D
the room is full of ghosts
yamamanama at 2019-08-18 02:13 (UTC) (Link)
That is true.
There are conservatives who unironically buy Greenland, mostly so they can use it as the world's largest open air prison.
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