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a mirror seen in mist and pearl

There was a woman on the train with abyssopelagic black hair fading to mesopelagic blue, a wishbone necklace. She has a boxer-basenji mix but no rats. I specifically asked because she looks like Caiti. Her friend, who has hair in braids and two pugs, said “Mr. Cat?! That’s a good name for a cat.” I have no idea what the context was.
There was a train too closely in front of us so we had to stop for a few minutes.
“of course it’s in front of us. Where else would it be?” the woman with braids said.
A woman had a tattoo of a mountain scene in black and white and on her other arm, the phases of the moon. Her hair was thick and dark and tied in a wild ponytail with a black velvet ribbon.
A woman who draws occasionally has a tattoo of a flower on her leg.
A woman had luminously violet hair.
A woman at the concert had a pendant with Mary of Nazareth and a tattoo of a bee framed with leaves.

The original arrangement of Night on Bald Mountain by Modest Mussorgsky is much less refined and a lot weirder. It also doesn’t have that fanfare. Also, I just realized that the melody at the end is a melody from earlier.
The one in Fantasia is an entirely new arrangement based mostly on Rimsky-Korsakov

So, someone must have read about the BSO’s Mahler no. 3 and Ralph Vaughan Williams symphony no. 5, and decided, hey, if you guys can have pastoral symphonies in the dead of winter, we’ll have an Antarctica-themed symphony in late summer. The weather didn’t quite work out. In fact, I dare say it’s the most unpleasant weather at one of these concerts we’ve had in years. I say that because we've had unpleasant weather more recently but only the Mayfair people are crazy enough to hold an outdoor concert before June 1st.

To suffer woes which Hope thinks infinite
to forgive wrongs darker than death or night
To defy power which seems omnipotent
neither to change, nor falter, nor repeat
this is to be
good, great and joyous, beautiful and free
this is alone Life, Joy, Empire and Victory

–Percy Bysshe Shelley, Prometheus Unbound
The first movement goes from slow and brooding to shimmery and haunted, to windswept with a wordless soprano and women’s choir, that quite literally, through the use of a canvas stretched upon rotating wooden slats, to heroic if not triumphant, to exerted.

There go the ships
And there is that Leviathan
Whom thou hast made
To take his pastime therein

–Psalm 104

The scherzo depicts a ship amongst ice floes, a hornpipe in brass and a lonely string tune. And then an awkward and playful penguin dance.

Ye ice-falls! Ye that from the mountain’s brow
Adown enormous ravines slope amain–
Torrents, methinks, that heard a mighty voice
And stopped at once amidst their maddest plunge!
Motionless torrents! Silent cataracts!

–Samuel Taylor Coleridge - Hymn Before Sunrise

The Ross Ice Shelf is an expanse of floating ice larger still than all of France, eerily silent and monotonously white. Through this is the quickest path to the South Pole. The music depicts that with meandering horns and flutes droning calls, the plinking of a celeste and an organ suggesting the glaciers are like cathedrals of ice.

Love, all alike, no season knowes, nor clyme,
nor houres, dayes, moneths, which are the rags of time

–John Donne, The Sunne Rising

The third movement leads directly into the fourth. While Antarctica is as desolate and as bleak as the moon, the interior inhabited by nought but lichens and tiny midges and predatory nematodes and of course tardigrades, the ocean around it are teeming with life.
Long ago, there were dinosaurs, astrapotheres, litopterns, temnospondyls, trilobites. Marsupials, of course, as that’s how they got from South America to Australia.
There’s that pastoral Ralph Vaughan Williams we all know and love. In the film, this depicts scenes back in England. Captain Lawrence Oates is so badly frostbitten and gangrenous that he walks his tent to die of exposure in the -40º temperatures. I’m not saying which scale I just used. I’ll give you a hint: F = (9/5)C + 32. F to C looks more elegant than C to F.

I do not regret this journey. We took risks, we knew we took them things have come out against us, and therefore we have no cause for complaint.

-the last journals of Captain Scott.

Captain Robert Falcon Scott was not the first to reach the South Pole. That would be Roald Amundsen, who beat them by a few weeks.
The finale is ardous, energetic, and elegiacally heroic. It ends like the Planets, but here the voices are drowned out not by the emptiness of space, but by the unremitting wind.

In some recordings, these passages are spoken.

It felt not like Antarctica; that would be a dry cold. I assume that Titan is moist with liquid methane.

Barber’s Adagio For Strings wasn’t intended as a lament.
It was used a video with now and then pictures of glaciers and coral reefs off the coast of Caribbean islands and the Florida Keys.

Dvořák’s 7th symphony is dark and influenced by Brahms’ Third Symphony. The scherzo introduces a bouncy Czech folk dance. The second movement is a hymn tune. To the people next to me: nobody fucking cares about your dumb irrelevant middle aged white woman shit so shut up.

The train arrived reasonably quickly and I got home reasonably early. There's always a catch. This time the catch was a small child who got off by getting on his mother's nerves, and a man listening to way too loud reggae or some style of Caribbean music without headphones.

Alex plays guitar and piano but he mostly plays bass guitar.
I think I drew the same woman I drew earlier this summer. The one in the striped seafoam green and white jacket, that is. I asked her if I did and I'm not sure if she wasn't paying that much attention the other time or if she's like me and July 7th feels like way more than 39 days ago.

A woman had short hair in transverse and longitudinal waves of neon pink.

burning question: how did I end up with a bookmark from a store in Dayton, OH? Erenow, I have only been to one state that doesn't border an ocean.
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