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So, to sum up The Lathe of Heaven: it's basically the Goosebumps book Don't Go To Sleep except good. Also, the effects are wider reaching (although they could be in that too; we see our protagonist studying Anna Karenina in literature class, not studying current events or history) and the path to the ideal isn't necessarily a good one.

Someone else said that the Simpsons see Carmen in Russian because it’s the only recording Fox Television had the rights to. I actually watched the scene and yeah, it sounds Russian.

There's a new anthology in Kratman's fictional setting, which is basically the Earth but upsidedown and there's no Australia, and somehow, it's even more heavy handed than the real thing. There's a preview on Amazon with characters named Besma and Rashid, and I think they were in Caliphate but I read that around a decade ago and there is no fucking way I'm reading it again.

Salvini is attempting a coup against the populist party.

The most apt description of Fear Inoculum is that you had an AI spend 1000 hours listening to Lateralus and bits of Ænima and then had it write a Tool song. And then appended a title from one of those fake tracklists floating around. The people who know what Maynard had for breakfast on August 12, 1999 like it. I'd probably be a lot more interested in this if I was still a teenager.
The vocals don't seem to me as worn out as Eat The Elephant's so maybe they were just sitting on that song for a decade.
The cover art looks like a self-published novel on Amazon and I guarantee when and if they have an album in 2038, when Tritoch is still chatting with the occasional spambot and Denicalis held his one hundred millionth unattended Twitch stream, the cover art will be this one except red.

She made a drawing of what I assume is herself riding a rat. There's Ada and Caitlin and Alex, and she is none of those.

Jennifer brought her African gray parrot and Senegalese parrot. The gray said something to me but then wouldn’t speak after that. He’s also afraid of store-bought toys. The Senegal shrieks, mumbles out random human phonemes, can apparently say his name which is why she didn’t change it when she got it, cackles, imitates other birds, and makes what appear to be fart sounds. Jennifer has a raven tattoo. She wanted newspapers and I suggested the Herald and the New York Post and brought up British newspapers and her first response was "The Sun." If the British came up with a newspaper worse than the Daily Mail, that would be their greatest accomplishment.

I've got nothing. Here's a barred owl.

burning question: Michael asked why Anakin needs to be from Tatooine at all and why he couldn’t be from Naboo. Because he hates sand! But does he really have to hate sand at all? Is that so important to his character? Did he choke a contractor on the Death Star because their rec room included a sandbox?
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