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Once again, it dropped to 20% to get our hopes up. The nicest thing I can say about the weather is that they were miraculously able to get a rain location instead of canceling a once in a lifetime chance to hear something. Also, it wasn't as packed as the last time. In fact, many seats were empty, and not because people were blocking them.

I spent a bit of time at the MFA where I saw various illustrated editions of Moby Dick including one with just pictures of whales that leaves the appearances of Ishmael, Starbuck, Queequeg, Ahab, et al, to our imagination, one by Jack and Holman Wang: Ten Words. Ten constructions of felt. The whole tale.
Autocorrect wants nothing to do with Moby Dick.
I met a woman with hair of varying shades of chromista green and oceanic blue and candy violet and in two knobs. I met a woman with a tattoo of a flower with "not broken, just bent" and a snail in black and white.

A man has a tattoo of a chameleon with no legs and bird wings.

There was a haiku contest. There's a misconception about haikus. Really, they're just short poems about nature and the seasons.
the crack
in a tiny blue egg

polar vortex
our footprints not
where we left them

caught without an umbrella

costumed tour guide
colonial dress
almost covering her tattoos

Phaudrig Croohore is an archaic form of Patrick Connor. I've always seen it as Pádraig. The woman in front of me had some gripes with the hero of the story: he crashes a wedding and kidnaps the bride. In his defence, it was an arranged marriage. She also brought up something in the program notes in which choristers found a line about "for he was the devil" obscene and Charles Villiers Stanford refused to change it.
I don't know if it's part of a larger song cycle. Recordings are scarce.
I was the one person who didn't raise my hand when the director asked who has never heard this before. This is because I looked it up on Youtube a few days before, expecting a cancellation.

Amy Beach learned to compose by pouring over sheet music.
It wasn't the first symphony composed by a woman but it was close.
The first movement is a sonata with two themes from her previous work, one a tempest and one a lyrical jig based on an Irish folk song.
The second movement is a scherzo based on an Irish lullaby. The third movement is a lento also based on Irish lullabies, first one, then the other, than an integration of both.
The fourth movement reintroduces a theme from the first movement and introduces a new theme. It plays out like other Romantic symphonies.
She was about as Irish as many Irish elk.

I got this kurkure green chutney style snack mix, made with dal (lentils), corn, and rice. The back of it says “roz milte hain life le, par silent hain why? kurkure khul jaaye toh family bann jaaye.” I think it’s either Hindi or Marathi. They also have a Naughty Tomato flavor. Green Chutney is apparently green chili, onion, garlic, tamarind, dry mango, fennel, and parsley.

Emma studies flute and her favorite palant is lavender and she missed the summer rains in Boston but she was in Baltimore at the time, where it rained a lot there too, where the public transit is nonexistent or barely existent and not existent but broken like in Boston or existent and efficient but very confusing and monotonous like in Washington DC or existent but has an offputting smell to it like in New York City. I feel like this year, it's rained a normal amount of days but rained a lot more than it normally does on those days. Also, warmest July ever, apparently. That's climate change for you, says Emma.
Emma has a pouch with a moon-mask attached and some beads on it. The nose of the mask is the trunk of a tree. It reminds me of a disk with a Darth Maul face on it I found while we were cleaning out the art room on the last day of school.
Bees like fennel, aster, rosemary, sunflower, coneflower, sage, geranium, thyme, poppy, lavender, buttercup, aster, fennel, and verbena, according to Emma's t-shirt, which says "plant these: save the bees" on it. I looked this up. Most of her shirt was obscured by a blue and white scarf. Ants like peonies and flies apparently like rhododendrons.

Katrina has a very prominent widow's peak.
I saw a guy dressed as an MRA/incel stereotypes, that is to say, a fedora and cargo shorts and a t-shir with Ronald Reagan and a tattoo that I think depicts a stahlhelm and really bad facial hair.

burning question: is it a crime against humanity to deport people to a place they've never been?
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