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we burn our eyes to see the light

Posted on August 05, 2019 at 8:20 pm
Mood: Crataerina
Now Playing: Charles Villiers Stanford - Phaudrig Crohoore
One of the birds in boarding meows.

Michael said the book he’s talking about is called Can You Brexit Without Breaking Britain?

“Lime Time. They like the sour.”
Meanwhile, she’s “getting all the goods out” of a pregnant guinea pig.
Caitlin flooded the table. “Nothing happened here,” she says, to which Jacob says “I see a spill and a massacre.” and also “you could make a mask out of it.”

Abby has never had sushi. Or maybe she has as a small child but doesn’t remember it.
Emma was eating cookie dough in a coffee cup.

She wanted to capture some hippoboscid flies for research purposes. They’re obligate parasites, some of mammals and some of birds. They’re flat and they crab walk (we got a demonstration of this) and they’re not good flyers. Bat keds look like spiders.

Abby speaking Spanish is basically Kevin Kline's character from A Fish Called Wanda. Which he does do in the Italian dub.

Once Emma tried to dye her hair with koolaid powder and wouldn't drink the stuff afterwards because she thought it would turn her insides red for years.
Your insides are already red, Primrose says.

Dova bit someone's finger. The nail wasn't painted red, though, it was just shiny.

Walker’s roommate asked where his bible is and he said “uhh, I left it at home” and his roommate’s like “oh, not to worry, I have six!” It’s like KVN discovered religion.
Primrose says that if she steps inside a church, she's burn.

Riley told us about the time her grandmother was in hospice care and she really liked birds so one time she’s like “I’m sorry but I think it’s time for her to go” and her grandmother passes and at the same time a bird crashes into the bay window.
Emma will be in Cancun. She will probably come back but not this week. Most interns are either finishing up this week or finishing up next week.

I’m listening to Phaudrig Croohoore, an Irish Ballad for Chorus and Orchestra right now and much like The Rape of Lucretia, the recording is utter shit. The chance of rain Wednesday has hovered around 40% for the last week with a peak at 50% earlier this morning and a low of 30% on Saturday.

Burning question: Would you rather fight 30-50 AR15-sized feral hogs, or one feral hog-sized AR-15?

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