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from the painter's hand

Posted on August 04, 2019 at 7:59 pm
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I hope this is like Vietnam, where they lose one for every twenty they lose, yet we still win. They know that demographics aren’t on their side. I just thought they’d wait until they start dying off.
For the purposes of voting, the killer was a casualty. Trump won’t pardon him because he still has to pretend to be a decent person.
The SAVAK guy matters less because there’s no fucking way a Californian can massacre their way to the California of Reagan and Nixon.

A man had tattoos of a nude woman and the sun in a window bordered by sunflowers, with the words "beware of the phog" on a streamer, of a Babylon-bearded man wearing the head of a bear as a hood.
A woman with octpus earrings was discussing a trip to Seoul. She’s also been to Scotland. I assume her friend who had a face so expressive it was caricaturesque is Korean.
Sarah has long rust red hair and a tattoo of a flower on her arm.
A woman had bathypelagic hair and a colorful phoenix tattoo.
Some kids in a writing camp were imagining sorbets with various vegetables.

Hyman Bloom - Seascape II
This was hung in the same room as The Slave Ship.

Audrey or Harry pointed out that the shark looked rather unrealistic and this is because a) Copley has never visited Havana and b) has most likely never seen a shark, or if he did, it would be stuffed and mounted or maybe it would be washed up on the beach, not in the process of biting off some guy’s foot (his entire leg had to be amputated).
Harry’s been to Peru. Mostly Lima but also Cuzco and Machu Picchu and a llama farm.

I think I posted this before but it’s an amazing painting. Thing that sticks out in Brinley's mind is the Mondrian square in the upper left corner and the tongue or missile coming out of the horse's mouth that she doens't think was in the original Guernica.
She has seen the actual Guernica when she spent a summer in Europe. Her favorite was Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss.
It’s not about the pipeline. I think it’s a reference to “well, seems we found oil on your territory so now we have to kick you out.”

The new gallery of Islamic art is open. I remarked that it felt as cold as Arabia during the Cryogenian.

There's an exhibit on Kay Neilsen's fairy tale illustrations. His art reminds me of Yoshitaka Amano. I'm not sure if Nielsen was an influence on Amano but Persian miniatures and Japanese woodblock prints were an influence on Nielsen.
He worked on some sequences in Fantasia and he worked on, surprise surprise, The Little Mermaid but didn't live to see the finished results. -sen is usually Danish or Norwegian, -son is Swedish.

It's paired up with a collection of fairy tale photographs.

This one is based on an Iranian folk tale the artist told to her daughter during the Arab Spring. A spider catched a beautiful butterfly in his web and offers to let her go if she captuers another insect in her stead. The butterfly is unwilling to sacrifice the firefly, the honeybee, the grasshopper, or the beetle after hearing their reasons to not be eaten, so she returns to the spider. The spider tells her that she is good because she did not sacrifice any insects, so he lets her go.

Someone wrote
in second grade, I launched a protest against our grade school dress code which required girls to wear skirts in all weither. It made walking to school uncomfortable and snowball fights impossible. We girls retaliated by wearing pants under our skirts, an effect so unladylike that the principal gave up."
I have a voice and a presence. I can whisper, sing, or scream. And what I put on my body is one more way I can express myself. Thank you for opening my eyes."

A woman had Famfrit’s sigil on her wrist and the underside of a horseshoe crab surrounded by geometric and linear designs. She pulled out a blue mesh pouch and took some earrings from it, so I had to add those to her portrait.
A woman in a black dress had geometric designs tattooed in rings around her arm.

burning question: A caramel candy drops in a pool of grundle handwicks which wick the hand from which the wicking has handed. Did the caramel grow in hand wicking? Or, did it get stolen by the three blind grundle snackers?

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