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mervyn pumpkinhead

the burden of other people's thoughts

Posted on August 03, 2019 at 9:31 pm
Mood: Ramphocelus
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The chance of rain for July 31 held steady around 40% for the previous ten days, dropped down to 20% on the day before for a glimpse of hope, and jumped up to 50% that evening. There is one advantage to being postponed: I can watch Archer. I don’t know why I’m saying advantage because that was the season finale.
It took well over 90 minutes to get from Braintree to Downtown Crossing so when Gabriella didn’t show up later, I should not have been surprised.
The automated voice said “no smoking, please” and a guy from the Netherlands, specifically Holland, said that the smoke is coming out of our ears.
Megan had a shirt with passion flowers and rose buds and peonies (at least, that's what I think they were. My knowledge of botany is pretty much "plants have cell walls and most can photosynthesize. Also, people believed that fungi were a type of plant well until the 1970s even though Haeckel considered them to be protist, which doesn't actually mean much") a tattoo of a pine tree on her ankle and a tattoo of a pineapple on her arm. I’m assuming she has a tattoo of a apple somewhere on her. I didn’t think to ask.

A woman had a tattoo of a muscular nude man with Ashley Riot’s hair firing an arrow while seated in a bed of flowers.
Hannah is fairly androgynous looking. On one arm, she has tattoos of a faceted mountain, of a pit leading to the void, a howling wolf and snowflakes and stormclouds, the words “she’s mad but she’s magic. there’s no lie in her fire” from a Bukowski poem. On her other arm, abstract curves and swirls, a sun with its cardinal spokes the points of a compass and the two between them curved, various sigils and glyphs, a quote in Spanish and the Latin words Amor Fati, a bear's paw with a spiral on it, a sailing ship amidst a raging sea. On her leg, a stag, the words “we stand steady as the stars in the woods,” a lyric by Ben Howard, and the scales of Themis, personification of order, law, and fairness, with a lachrymose eye at the base. The number XXIII is on her other leg.

The theme is hope. There is one tough stretch, a little over a year, before the elections. It's hard because there was a mass shooting today.
There was a sticker on a traffic light that says kick racism out of racists.
William Grant Still wrote Festive Overture winning a $1000 war bond in 1942, and based it on midcentury American themes: a sonata done in Hollywood style with jazz harmonies. It opens with a pentatonic fanfare.
George Walker’s Lyric for Strings is redolent of Adagio For Strings in mood, but the structure is different. Whereas the Adagio is a canon, and the Lyric is three arches of intertwining voices rising and falling, accumulating and receding.
There were four spirituals, or rather, three spirituals about God delivering Daniel from the lion’s mouth and Jonah from the whale, about Joshua knocking down the walls of Jericho, about Lazarus’s hardship in life and heaven awaiting him, while a rich man, unnamed in the Book of Luke and named simply Dives, or “rich man,” went to hell.
The thing about spirituals is that they’re about slavery. They use religious imagery. It’s usually pretty obvious too, especially in Go Down Moses. Some spirituals even had coded messages. The thing is slave owners tried to make slaves accept their lot in life.
So it’s really quite obvious that He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands isn’t really a spiritual. There aren’t any references to slaves or to slavery. It was transcribed and recorded by Frank and Anne Warner.
Michael Tippett wrote A Child Of Our Time, an oratorio of spirituals about Kristallnacht, written from 1939 to 1941 and premiered in 1944, when things went from bad to worse.
Jubilee refers to a song that spoke of a bright happy and free future.
The Chariot Jubilee is in parts a homage to the New World Symphony. You know who did that. I say this because I can’t hold the r key and get ř or ŕ or even ꞧ (used in older Latvian writings) or ȑ (whatever that’s used for, no doubt some obscure Russian language that normally uses Cyrillic or someone’s proposal for an Abkhaz Latinization that is compatible with Unicode).
David Frazier wrote I Need You To Survive after the attack on the World Trade Center, which is sung completely in unison.
Fred Onovwerosuoke wrote A Triptych of American Voices: A Cantata of the People, setting poems to music as a response to race and gender relations. The theme of the last movement is that we are more than just the ideas and stereotypes others have of us. The poem was written after the Ferguson incidents. It starts percussion-heavy and ends percussion-heavy. It is a duet between countertenor and tenor with choral backing.
Simone the dog would bark every time the audience claps. Simone is part corgi.
Show Boat is a Broadway musical about a wandering gambler who falls in love with the boat captain, and about race relations.

One man on the train ride home had a tattoo of a samurai in blue and one man had a tattoo of a feather with its barbs breaking off and becoming a murder of crows. A guy who looked like the Dravidian version of Kylo Ren was talking about how we need water for life but not fire (depends on if you consider the sun to be made from fire) but really, the ranking of Belias above Famfrit is completly arbitrary and logic has no place in zodiac rankings and how his favorite lab experiment in chemistry is when you hold strips of various metals in a bunsen burner and the flame changes color.
The thing that sticks out in my mind was The Scary Pumpkin Shack, in which the teacher brought some pumpkins: one covered with lacerations that turned indigo when sprayed with something, one that spewed a carmine foam from every orifice, and one that self-carved. I also remember an implement called a rubber policeman which a) should really be called a rubber pope even thought that might sound suggestive and b) would make a good band name.
Everything went smoothly and I thought there’d be a catch. There wasn't a catch.

burning question: do you think there’s a way Kim Newman and Kim Stanley Robinson can take advantage of Trump?

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