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flies and spiders

Posted on July 30, 2019 at 7:12 pm
Mood: Aplectana
Now Playing: Henry Cowell - Symphony no. 7
I got cherry cheesecake treasure coins for 50 cents.
Michael said that Boris Johnson is a lower-level palette swap of Trump.
He told me about a gamebook that has you take charge of Brexit and the writer is quite observant.
Elly went to Greece and brought back chocolate covered almonds. Emma was like "I wish I went to Greece."
There’s a spider in Valley’s enclosure but she’s catching a bunch of flies so Emma will let her live. There's a new Emma.
Porcupines die from panacur, for whatever reason. One of our raccoons has ascarid worms in his poop. Raccoons get worms. But we still don't want outbreaks.
D&D has a campaign setting in an environmentally degraded fairyland. And there are two DOS games based on it. Think Mad Max or Fallout in a fantasy setting. Also there are two moons with "great green seas" and "mountain islands of dizzying heights" and "mantled in steaming mists beneath which lie scarlet jungles and marshy seas." Cool.
There's also Wild Arms.
I was dreaming of labyrinths, not of fairylands.
Songbirds have two syrinxes to sing and they have to learn their songs, and sometimes we’ll have to pair them up with a similar species.
Greg told us of a bird growing up near a crosswalk and imitating a police whistle. I saw a video of a starling talking and making R2-D2 noises.
He said that a raccoon made the name Kayla with his handprints. It's probably a coincidence and that's just the raccoon word for "let me out and I'll grant you three wishes."
That's really about it. I spent a good portion of the day giving a tour.

In Iran, there was once a prominent fascist movement. Very prominent, in fact, they were involved in the 1953 coup. They were anti-Muslim. Mostly because their views are similar to a lot of Democratic Underground members: Islam = Arab religion. Arabs = backwards goatherds = bad. Iranians = Civilized Aryans who quote Rumi = good.
One of the few benefits of the Iranian Revolution is that they’re gone now. I don’t know why I’m saying “benefits” because I’m sure they’d be purged from Iranian society under the Communists as well.
There's also Jon Tron.
burning question: so an alt-righter shoots up a garlic festival and Trump is calling antifa a terror group? This isn't about terror, this is about criminalizing left-wing politics.

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