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feast of lights

Posted on July 28, 2019 at 11:36 pm
Mood: Enypniastes
Now Playing: Dust Witch - Mirage
The Cheat is grounded. We had that light switch installed for you so you could turn the lights on and off. Not so you could throw light switch raves.

I arrived a bit late because of busing so I didn't go food truckin'
There's a pig sculpture on the Greenway that I kept mistaking for a dog, and a sculpture of logs.

It was a bit small this year, only taking up two plots of the Greenway. That building was painted with two blue birds. The artist is Dutch, so no doubt they are old world birds. One is peeking his head out of a broken glass container, one is perched on a flower.
The Vivaria were cool and lit up for night but you were supposed to take a mystery box and do the thing it tells you to do with a group of people but I have no idea how you could carry on a conversation so close to the DJ. Or occasional band. Like Abraham, who wrote an end of the world romantic song and played a few covers. They don't have much stuff online yet.
I have no idea what the thank you box is. It looked like just an empty tent. It says it’s a presence-responsive beacon in the dark; an evocative moment of unexpected gratitute, felt or recceived. Maybe that was the art. Maybe the art is inside us. Maybe the art is the friendships we make at Figment.
Mal, short for Maximina Alice Lee, is a dagron with some lights and two bicycles attached and when you pedal, her jaw opens and close and her tail sways back and forth. Nearby is a lantern filled with led lampyrines of cool purple and green and blue.
She’s A Rainbow is coiled blueprints all in different colors and you can walk through. Some of them were knocked off by the wind.
Tell Your Story, Change Your Story has a bunch of cubes with stuff written on them. I remember "a border I have crossed" and "a border I wish to cross."
There was a collaborative art tent but tha was a Greenway thing. A woman participating had a fish pendant.
Stuck is two rotating circles with a hexagonal pattern of circles on them that form hypnotic mandalas, lit up in a coruscating rainbow of leds.
Happy Earth is a sphere of cups lit from inside that shifts based on our motions and a nearby plexiglas cube that also lights up.
The Dome had a garden of flowers lit up deep sea bioluminescence and in candy rainbows.
Red Tape was back and someone was failing at it utterly.
The luminous fishes were back too.
There was a mixtape vending machine. Though I have a functioning tape player, I have not yet listened to it. One of the songs is by Strangers By Accident and one of them is by Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys. The mix is called My Friends Are Awesome.
Prismcompass: There are colors on the wall and colored tubes of lights.
Someone said it looks like Dr. Who designed the control panel. He also said the tubes do important things, much like his tubes, space phrasing. It was a hexagon and had two buttons, purpose unknown, and three dials, one which changed the beats and the intensity of the light, one which had circles that went from small to large with an unknown purpose, and one that very obviously changed the color. Spin it really fast and you can have a Hyper Sonic Rave Party.
You can make your own Sporky, except with spoons instead. Jen had a bunch of new tattoos.

Andrew always forgets my name and has no idea why.

Sarah was wearing a ballgown and had a holstered tea set and a set of markers you could use to color in the lines on the dress. Kristen said we’ll keep the tea party tea partying in Sarah’s absence. We had a leaky thing of iced tea and blackberry lemonade which is quite delicious and a thing of sour cherry juice with Russian writing because Kristen asks where else are you going to find sour cherry juice and I said Iranians and some various berries and kiwis and crackers and cheese and tea cakes made with real green tea and blueberry muffins.
"Happy birthday!" Kristen paraphrased Sarah. "You're running the tea party. Horray!"
Next year, most likely Figment will fall on Kristen's birthday.
Mika has a Fallout watch that glows in the dark. As much as he appreciates 1950s nostalgia, he’ll pass on radium.

A woman had a bird skull pendant made from metal and not bone. I think her name was Zenn but maybe I’m thinking of someone else.
Lux has a fan with a dagron on it, an abstract pendant, a blue shirt and white vest.
That’s why Neesi has the socks on a hot summer’s day. The pangolin tail bashes against her legs. She had matching horns of a deep metallic blue. Her shirt depicted various nocturnal animals like raccoons and owls looking at the moon projected upon the sky and it was a similar shade of blue. Her belt was brown and depicted birds the color of dried blood.
Someone had a tattoo of a chickadee standing on a twig near a fly agaric.

A woman passing through had blue and black hair and her friend had an abstract feathery spiky design tattooed on her back.

Bi+ Mic is when people read poems.
Sterling’s writing feels way emotionally charged for a nice summer's afternoon. One of them was about saving your work even if you aren't happy with it. Sterling has a mohawk of mesopelagic blue.
Kate, who has pink hair and a t-shirt with bi-ceratops on it, told stories about Ohio and going to the Hoover Dam and that three foot wall that separates you from the abyss and a horrendous death.
Nick read a poem about capybaras. Sandra Beasley’s Unit of Measure, which I think is the only poem out there about capybaras. Nick's shirt depicts a seven-pointed star and arms and fish skeletons.
Laurie talked about transitioning and becoming a better you.
Gabi, who has curly purple hair and a t-shirt with bi in blue and pink and other smaller words in white that form a heart, read a poem about dating as a queer woman imagined as a board game with a seven-sided die which can’t exist in real life which I can prove but one where you eventually make your own rules and the game becomes more social over time. We’re the first people in the world to hear it. She read a poem about people forcing identies on her.
Most of Merlin’s poems are about Sappho. Merlin wrote a poem when Ursula Le Guin died, although you’d never know because it’s about the ocean. Merlin's hair is blonde, short on one half and long and wild on the other. Merlin has two pendants, one ornate. Merlin's shirt said "gay pride."
Kit told me that her mother likes to draw people as well but people are generally shittier in Florida and get mad. I asked her how she draws people there because there isn't any public transit and people on the street move way too quickly, and she says that usually it's at the beach but sometimes it's at restaurants.
The bisexual resource center is not hip enough for Pinterest.

Andrew tried to grab a bird from the sky.
Trish, or was it Daphne, says we leave birds alone.
Birds do not recognize human boundaries.
Andrew showed us a photo of a fledgling bird and dismissed the myth about birds knowing your scent and abandoning their babies. Most birds have a very poor sense of smell, aside from the albatross and the turkey vulture.
Jess talked about how she knows a lot of other people named Jess and they can’t even call her Purple Jess because she’s not the only Jess with purple hair who shows up to these things. She talked about port and starboard and how she's seen the coast of Finland.
Andrew, I think, said they’re all clones. Andrew has blue hair now. Dahlia has a moon tattoo, tattoos for her mother. Garrett has tattoos of a space soldier with a raygun on one arm, an uncolored Gigeresque design of an alien with a robe and big head with tubes stuck in it.
Andrew says that Big Mac Heart Attack needs to be the name of a punk band. He has a fuck trump sticker and a hail hydrate one and a few others on his water bottle.
Trish does professional stage design which is a lot more planned than random sketches.
Zoë has light blue hair and a floral shirt and was sketching her view from inside the dome.
A woman had a dress of yellow and orange and black and earrings of squares and hexagons, and a tattoo of a floral mandala.
Hope had blue glitter on her face and was dressed as a sort of mermaid, with floral sneakers and a blue and green sarong held with a clasp bejeweled in green.
Scrams has green and orange dreadlocks and hair knobs. She's the one with the Un Chien Andalou tattoo.

Fiona has NC tattooed on her wrist, which is a reference to a dystopian comic in which women who do not confirm to the patriarchy’s demands or traditional gender roles or essentialism are labeled non-compliant. Fiona's shirt had a daisy in which the androecium was shaped like a heart.
Daisy had earrings of laser-cut bright pink plastic.

David said that plant would be great if it really was a giant dandelion the size of his head.
Later on, a woman was using one of those giant dandelion things as her standard.

Simone has a tattoo that said Forgive All By Understanding All in Greek, which Google Translate tells me is Συγχωρήστε όλους με την κατανόηση όλων, because she’s half Greek and a floral mandala on the other arm, and a brown dress with floral patterns and a black vest with gold trim, silver rings and a jade pendant, and very thick curly black hair.

Alex and Trent, a more different Raven and Brianna, were painting a repurposed school bus that they were taking to Burning Man. Trent has Hey written above his nipple.
Tierra was there, with a new tattoo of a scarab beetle in lapis blue and gold that she got because she spent a few months traveling through Africa, starting in Egypt and going through Sudan and Ethiopia via the Blue Nile and maybe Kenya and Tanzania, I didn’t hear, although if she was following the Blue Nile, she’d end up at a lake in the middle of Ethiopia, not Uganda or Kenya. She enjoyed the food in Ethiopia and really liked Sudan’s people and said that they are by far the most hospitable people of any place she's ever traveled to and I’m optimistic because Sudan has really nothing going for it aside from oil refineries they can’t use because South Sudan destroyed itself in an inability to hold things together without a common enemy, and if someone wants to control the Nile, they want Egypt because that gives them the Suez Canal as well, and what that means for Sudan is that the rest of the world won't be as invested in keeping their pet dictator in power. I recognized her because of her name and also because of the other tattoos she had: coexist which I can almost write in unicode and a map of the world. She had another new tattoo, themed of burning man. Her earrings suggest that she's trying to reclaim the ok hand sign. Or it's possibly about a lack of information flow.
It was three years ago, in August, I drew Tierra.

Felix reminds me of Rebecca. Her shirt was a patchwork of various patterns. One of her earrings was a crescent moon against the night sky, one an elephant.

Madalyn has tattoos of Gacy’s clown painting and a rose on her shoulder, cats with four eyes and Danny DeVito and flowers and fish-birds on her legs, a flying saucer abducting someone with its tractor beam and flying saucers illuminating a woman’s face in sickly greens and yellows and the tarot card Death (XIII) in red and black and a goat with a fierce expression and eyes like peridots and an eyeball flower and a fly on her other arm, a sort of Venus sigil tattooed above her navel, sigils and glyphs on her fingerse. Later, she was drawing a woman with horns and painting abstract designs on her legs in fluorescent paint of chartreuse and bright orange. She had blue and yellow and red circles painted on her cheeks. She says she wants a Pennywise tattoo. She has a pendant of a rainbow tree that Noodle gave her, and metal earrings that made her ears pointy.
Noodle’s hair is half blonde and half black. She has no visible tattoos but markings in paint. Her eyes are the color of obsidian.

Deki was back, with his electroswing.
I was like "holy shit, Cowboy Bebop!" I still need to watch that.

Raven's, the Raven with long, amplified hadeopelagic green and violet and deepest darkest black hair and not the Raven who is new to Figment and has shorter hair and was painting the school bus, friend had Thai chili-lime cashews, which I've never had before because they're so damned expensive and which may be a bit dusty but still good, and which I am not really surprised to see still at Trader Joe's.

I think a drop of rain fell on me.
Lily of Lily Black and Angeni, who wore a black gown and ribbon and fingerless gloves, and Cal, who has a collection of pendants and half-red half-green short hair, and someone I can’t remember the name of, and Zoë who has some silver necklaces and rings and a tattoo of a chickadee stumbled upon Figment.

Dirt Witch is not to be confused with either the Dust Witch from Something Wicked This Way Comes, a name which I’d imagine many bands have picked for their own name, including at least one from Massachusetts, or Crap Witch, a band that sings about bad family vacations, which is not to be confused with ChoExperiment, which formed while eating mustard sandwiches and sing about pineapples, ninjas, hamburgers, and sex. Dirt Witch, on the other hand, sings of XII - The Hanged Man and the Moon and exploding suns and magicks. Tom says that they'll be back next year with a unicorn theme. Maybe Tom. I don't know. One of the guys from OFTHESUN had eyeball tattoos, including two Tool references, an eye with two irises and two pupils, an eye engulfed in flames. I'm not sure if there are any fake tracklists of The Best Of Tool, to be released at the end of August.
They formed on the northern aestival solstice, 2018.

The table held a bowl where you write things or emotions you want to let go of, a pig's skull, antlers, stiff dried roses, a gold wire wrapped wood rod with a crystal tip, a pale twig, bright stones, a stick bedight in copper bells.
Mandalina has a tattoo of a scarlet crescent moon between her breasts, below a face with hollow eyes, on her leg, the Skull Kid wearing Majora’s Mask. She was wearing an outfit of iridescent cloth and black feathers and black lace. I met her two years ago. Usually, I can remember the season but not the year. Tierra I met in summer and Mandalina I met in October. And I remember what line they were on.
I asked if I drew her before because Mandalina is an uncommon name.
Summer has a flame tattooed above her navel, a mandala of circles tattooed on her shoulder. Her hair was curly and held with a jeweled headband, she had a crystal necklace. Tina Marie had spider hair decorations and a neon carrot colored braid and spiral earrings.
For one of their songs, Mandalina had an amplified Tibetan singing bowl and Summer had a tin plate and I think Tina Marie was using a blue silly straw to blow bubbles into an amplified chalice. Sable has short pink hair in spinities and does the effects for Dirt Witch.
A woman had a pendant of Majora’s Mask.
A woman had a tattoo of an octopus mermaid with teal legs and earrings with the sigils of the 12 zodiac constellations.
Leah has pink hair and a floral shirt over a pink shirt and a septum piercing.
I told Jackie that I like patterns and I like ornate tattoos, although sometimes I’ll just abstractify the pattern. Jackie’s outfit was black linear designs against gold, with gray and black swirls inside the hood. Her hair was a sunset prism in bright neon magenta and yellow, with thin braids.

I tried to put on doom doom doom doom doodle-um-doom doodle-um-doom, doodle-um-doom, DOO-DA-DOO-DA-DIDDLE DOO-DA-DOO-DA-DIDDLE DOO-DA-DOO-DA-DIDDLE The System Is Down The System Is Down The System is Down for the tea party but couldn’t hear it over traffic.
there’s no way I’d be able to put on Pennywise Laughing In The Forest Temple or Ocarina of Rhyme or any of that for Mandalina or the woman with the pendant or for Madalyn. Even if I did have it on my iPod.

Patrick was wondering what the plural of abyss is and I said that I’m not sure but it depends on what gender the word is and what letter the word ends in and also that it’s been Latinized.
The difference between the Void and the Abyss is that the abyss is just bottomless but the Void is all around.

OFTHESUN is ritual music on guitar, bongo drum, and human didgeridoo. During their set, I thought "oh, SHIT, it's 7:10," ran to Kala Thai because I've been wanting to eat Thai food at Figment, noticed that Kala Thai closes at 10 and not 8 like I thought for reasons not related to Piperi, which closes at 3 which is really too bad because I like their food, got some papaya salad with green papaya, green beans, chili peppers, lime juice, carrots, and peanuts. Surprisingly, the mango salad with cashews is slightly cheaper.
Then I got to hear the rest of OFTHESUN's set.

A woman was dressed as a rainbow monarch butterfly with red fiber optic lighting along the veins of her wings.
There was a woman with a third eye attached to her forehead and faery wings.
He can’t find himself when he googles floppy disk armor and he said that’s because it’s a good suit and not a bad one that people make fun of. Most of it was floppy disks, but he had a mouse on his chest and gauntlets with CD-Rs and circuit board shoulderpads.
I'm bad with names. Not quite as bad as Andrew.

By that time, I couldn't see Tierra's tattoos under her windbreaker. She asked me how long it takes to fill out a sketchbook and I realized that I don't think in terms of time but in sessions.
Meg, who is of the sign of the High Seraph, asked incredulously if Meg was an uncommon name. They were eating Gushers and Sour Patch Kids in the luminous garden.

Vicky’s bear backpack was named Mishka, a common Russian colloquialism for bear (which is медведь). She is Russian but from Belgium and studies art. Her hair is short and cherry red. David and Vicky and I danced with the bear.
Sometimes it's more fun to watch things so you can see all the pretty colors.
Jackie had a whip of rainbow fiberoptic lights. Amanda had a luminous hoop. She has white puffs in her dark hair. A guy had two whips of red blue green. There wsa a guy who looked like Blond Robert Smith and he says he gets that a lot. When I left, Brianna had changed her clothes again.

Shannon and Deb were at an event at the Charles River in which people put messages or drawings on lanterns and send them down the river where I assume they are collected.
There was a woman with short candy-pink hair, a necklace with tiny silver crescent moons and stars and a heart, and rose tattoos and a tattoo of something being pierced with a bunch of arrows on the train ride home who surprisingly wasn’t at Figment. I left at 10 because of the busing and didn't want to get home after midnight.

burning question: So, do you think Tool's new album will be a Greatest Hits? Just to troll us. So I know burning questions aren't supposed to have wrong answers.

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