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South Sudan wants to supplant Arabic and replace it with Swahili. That's like Nicaragua adopting Nahuatl.

And Vox Day was nominated for a Hugo Award. I'm not going to ask a burning question like "what the fuck is up with that?" because I know what the fuck is up with that: Larry Correia exhorted his blog readers to nominate a bunch of things, including a short story by Vox Day.

Michal of Ferretbrain sees this the same way I do: Vox's fiction is put out by a small Christian publisher and gets cant attention outside of the sycophants on his blog. This might be the first time his fiction will be read and criticized outside of his fanbase.
Spoiler: It stinks.

Easter can't decide whether it wants to be Ostara or Beltane. I checked, and it's not the only holiday that's moveable, but Ascension Day and Shrovetide and such are all based on Easter.

My derp moment for the entire month was when I was wondering whether protestants celebrate Easter. That would make sense, I guess.

I could totally picture Emily wearing a bunny hat. And she's a fan of Bob's Burgers, just like I thought. Actually, we all are. All of us in the room, anyway. Samantha did a Gayle voice. Rachel explained Japan and its history and the Meiji Restoration and how anime is actually not well-regarded there and it's not cool to be a geek there, and Shintaro Ishihara running for Parliament with a platform of banning anime, and I said he's completely whackadoodle, and Japan is xenophobic but I guess they like white people who are from England. I mentioned the black vans. Samantha is bewildered by police not treating that Vanguard News Network guy's shooting as a hate crime. If he was black instead of garnd dagron, half of Democratic Underground would be calling it a hate crime. Emily does not care about some show about a prostitute mother.

Samantha talks like Linda sometimes. She's actually met friends that way.

Emily says she has a little bit of Louise in her (I think she said she was Gene too), Lauren is totally Gene.
I think I might be most like Tina. Emily says there's a bit of Tina Belcher in everyone. All of us sang "t is for the way you take my breath away. I is for the way I like it when you take my breath away. N is for no one else takes my breath away, and A is for asthma, which is a disease that takes people's breath away!"

the guy who sang the national anthem was both off and kind of creepy looking according to Emily. He made me think of Gaff from Blade Runner, actually. Says me three hours after the thing.

burning question: why are they waddling when they could just float?

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