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Historia Crux

Posted on May 28, 2003 at 12:01 am
Mood: Agnostus
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I'm indexing all my posts because I have no life.
Actually, that's not true, I've been wanting to do this for a while, if I really had no life, I'd have posted it before Saint Ajora's Day. It's basically here for those situations where any of us have to refer to older entries for any reason. Google isn't always reliable, you know.

Anyways, I am pleasantly surprised that Change could be posted.
And, yes, I technically posted it before Saint Ajora's Day, 2015, but I said that in midsummer of 2014, so, yeah. My point still stands.

There's no overwhelming need to read 03, 04, and all but the last dozen or so entries of 05. While I did do my best to only repost the stuff that was worth reposting, the truth is, things that seemed important in 2003 turned out to not be important and actually important things seemed irrelevant. There are threads that appear out of nowhere and/or go nowhere.

They tell us the internet is forever but this isn't true. There are three lost periods: the time I got my chocojournal hacked, the time in between the time I backed up my chocojournal on my hard drive and the Gamingforce Crash of 2006, and a few posts from the summer of 2007 I deleted for reasons unknown to 2016 me.

06 is kind of uneven.

If you're short on time and mostly care about animals, skip to 11.

Time and memory, frozen in crystal.
04: cause
05: unveiling
06: change
07: awakening
08: acceptance
09: return
16: the paper over the cracks
17: some lies
18: requiem

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