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October 15th, 2019


red land, black land

Posted on October 15, 2019 at 8:03 pm
Mood: Aclopini
Now Playing: Abdel Gadir Salim - Umri Ma Bansa
So now Instagram wants me to log in whenever I wan to look at someone's profile. Someone compared it to Pinterest except Pinterest stops pressuring you to make an account eventually.
I can still do tag searches. I'm not sure how long I'll be able to do that, or if the login thing is just a glitch that will be fixed by the next full moon.

Thankfully, some times I don't have to rely on Instagram at all.

The MFA was celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day and so they had some Native musicians and dancers, including a Hopi hoop dancer and an Ojibwe hoop dancer. I’m not sure if they were accompanied by singing in Hopi and Ojibwe or if he was just doing that wordless vowel thing that shows up a lot. A woman watching had nacreous hair.
A woman had a pendant with a metal butterfly and a chunk of orangey nacre.
Jennifer said that she noticed that the music of desert peoples sounds like deserts and the music of woodlands people has a lot of harmonies like the sounds of nature. She sang a deer song and a lulaby in Muskogee, and an improvized song, and an English song about boarding schools.
She may or may not sing in Skarò·rə̨ʼ which is an Iroquoian language. I definitely noticed consonants in there.

Sparrow Plainbull, a Haliwa-Saponi artist, showed off her beadwork. They're made of glass today but before glass, would be made from shell or stone.

The Kingfisher Troupe did a dance to welcome the robins in spring and say farewell to them in fall, a dance of silly walks, a wedding or communal dance about a crocodile that was brought to them long ago.

Maybe slightly NSFW?
[Click for art]



Shiela Hicks - Bamiyan

Polly Thayer - Cabbages

Soldevilla - Día y noche
I like this one but the rest of the interbutt doesn't so sorry.

I. Rice Pereira - Seven Red Squares

Grace Hartigan - Masquerade

Lee Krasner - Sunspots

Joan Mitchell

Loren MacIver - Morning Cart

A crown fashioned from silver and diamond.

Ruth Asawa and Kay Sekimachi

I didn't write too much down because I wanted to see all the performances and because I wasn't prepared for instagram to be so perfidious as to make Kobanê vomit with rage.

Haraszty is a hard name to say in a way that is both deceptive so and yet obvious. Ty is pronounced kind of like the t when Jimmy Jr. says "Tina." Sz is just "s."

You could write your thoughts. Someone wrote something in French, someone wrote greetings from Indonesia and the message "yangkray santuy brader." or "my silence is rebellion. calm waters before the storm." Someone drew a cat with a scarf saying "you go girl." Playdoh supports intersectional feminism. Say my name and I meow. Call me out and I yowl.
Playdoh respects women.

"I'll never look at another canteloupe the same way," someone said.

Both the Nubian collection and Women Take The Floor are of the MFA's collection.

Women Take The Floor is a response to the world changing and everyone realizing, hey, museum collections are overwhelmingly white males because there were so many barriers to entry until very recently.
Naming five woman artists is easy. Naming five woman artists who died before 1901, not so much.

Sudan is currently where I thought Syria would be now and Syria is where I thought Sudan would be now. I guess I didn't count on Assad having a cult of personality amongst the entire political spectrum and across the entire world, while Bashir is a pariah dictator whose brutality and ineptitude reached a breaking point when his army refused to fight for him and instead threw his carcass in jail.
Meanwhile, in Syria, Trump not only cut ties with the Kurds, he cut ties with the Kurds in such a way that we're never getting them back on our side. And then he gave Turkey a greenlight EXCEPT it wasn't really a greenlight at all and now the rest of the world wants to sanction Turkey. Because, I swear, either Trump is having his Kuja moment and wants to make a giant mess for his successor to clean up, or he's helping his pal Vlad the Poloniumer.

The bed there is a replica. For all their Egyptian influences, instead of mummifying their dead, the Nubians would place them on a bed of rawhide lacing with inlays of hippopotamus ivory hyenas and ibexes. I think I saw it a long time ago. I swear there was an exhibit on Egyptian furniture back in the early 90s or maybe I saw something like that when I was at the Smithsonian in 2000.

On the other hand, they really really really liked making shawabti.

They made ornate coffins but the dampness and insects rotted them away and all that remains is the eyes.


Later on, they switched from heiroglyphs to the Meroitic script. We know what the letters are but we have no idea what the words mean because we're not sure how they relate to other languages.

Emma is from Albany, where they steam a good ham, not that I’d know because I had Portuguese paella the last time I was in upstate New York. Emma likes to write fantasy stories and started out writing fanfiction and she also likes to take pictures.

Asia does not lend her name to the continent. The continent most likely got its name from a Hittite or Akkadian word.

Hannah has pink hair and Matthew has gauge earrings. Matthew said I really captured his essence.
There was a woman with a gearwork raven t-shirt.

burning question: why did the radscorpion cross the road?

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