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October 8th, 2019


dust and ashes

Posted on October 08, 2019 at 6:45 pm
Mood: Chitoniscus
Now Playing: The Geraldo Gaucho Tango Orchestra - The Moon Was Yellow
I realized that Lady Bird came out in 2017 and I was thinking it came out in the distant past. Trump is having his Kuja moment, which makes sense, because they're both sociopathic narcissists.

Gray, who has a tattoo of some black gems, of a feather, of a newt trapped in amber being pierced by a dagger, the skull of a Jackson’s chameleon, was back with the beardie.
Tyler has tattoos of a grackle perched on a skull and spiderwebs on one arm, on her other arm, more skulls and Lego Catwoman. She has a corn snake named Fred.
Someone had a hedgehog but I didn’t see it.

Rebecca is new. For lunch, she had tortellini and pesto. Christabel had what looks like minestrone. Christabel fried some apple slices with what I think is cinnamon and sugar.

We were talking about her ideal temperatures. I like mid-70s to low-90s and hate when a) it’s sunny but cold, especially in april or may when the sun is really bright but the air is still stupidly cold or b) when it’s cool and humid.
Michael told of a professor he had who said that visiting Vietnam was like visiting another planet because of how different the climate was there. Rebecca was in the Amazon rain forest and said it was so hot and humid there.

I found out about an rpg called deadEarth and it’s a bog standard post-apocalyptic setting with a few cool ideas like a mutagenic lake surrounded by weird trees, that is made amazing in an Ed Wood way by rolling for mutations. One of them is "You are a mad whack voodoo ninja." One of them allows you to challenge Moloch, the Keeper of Death, when he emerges from the Netherworld to harvest the souls of the recently dead. Some are mundane things like "apparently everyone you meets thinks you'll make a great butler". Many of them cause the character to die during character creation. One makes you die the moment you encounter water. There was a jungle guide that never came to be, which is too bad, because that's actually an interesting premise.
The creator of this game made a post saying he didn't know what he was doing and he was 19 at the time and that he takes solace knowing that people enjoyed it.
(Someone theorized that this was in fact written by a group of four or five people who each write something without knowing what anyone else has written)
What’s so bad it’s horrible is finding these things online. It was released for free once upon a time, but the site has vanished into the aether. What you find instead of fans circulating this is junk sites.

Pam Uphoff just released the 46th book of Wine of the Gods. Jeez, Goosebumps had 62, once a month, and there’s a reason not all of them are The Ghost Next Door, and Goosebumps books are constrained only by their own internal logic and not a series-wide logic. Unless they’re sequels. And those are usually the worst ones. Unless we’re talking about Night of the Living Dummy II.
Michael thinks that Monster Blood IV was never actually released.
Gor has 38 books. There was a huge gap between 25 and 26 because DAW stopped publishing them. John Norman blames feminism and I blame Wharfinger’s Law of Diminishing Sci Fi Sequels.

In my headcanon, Dolph is of age to legally buy alcohol but he uses a fake ID because he doesn't want Apu to know he's still in elementary school at 21.

burning question: Radscorpions: What's so rad about them? Who are these people that think mutated scorpions are so rad?

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