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October 1st, 2019



Posted on October 01, 2019 at 8:34 pm
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Gray is an art student who had an assignment to combine two animals into one and make a sculpture of it and picked the honey possum and the pangolin, which is essentially an armored honey possum. Gray once saw a sea otter and was amazed at how much bigger it was compared to a river otter. Gray once heard that human milk tastes like the milk in your bowl of corn flakes. I read a similar description in a book once.
The idea of giant sloths terrify Gray, although they were most likely herbivores or opportunistic scavengers who probably could flip a glyptodont (think a mammalian tortoise the size of a VW beetle) and eat it but probably wouldn’t. Gray’s friend works with cancer and limb regeneration research and is always showing Gray photographs of axolotls with six legs.
Gray thinks that the coolest shark is the goblin shark or the cookie cutter shark and Michael agrees.
Jared has a tattoo of the Shiekah symbol among other things. Jared has a collection of spiders, snakes, lizards, and centipedes. Jared has a pin with a cuttlefish on it. Jared works at the aquarium and I learned that Anna eats mostly rats and rabbits with the occasional guinea pig, and they usually eat peccaries, tapirs, capybaras, and even caimans in the wild. They had a bearded dragon named Dova with them so I had to introduce them to our Dova.

I think that if we saw hallucigenia, opabina, and anomalocaris in our daily lives, we’d think goats were weird. I said this because I noticed Ellie.
Ellie is a unicorn. I say this because I'm pretty sure the actual unicorn legend originates from oryxes (oryges?) and gazelles with missing horns.

A woman brought in what we think is a young red squirrel. She (not the squirrel, kupo) has tattoos of flowers and a sun with spokes and a face and a crescent moon with a face.

Once Christabel served on a jury involving a love triangle, two guys who each had children with a woman, and one stabbing the other's guts out.

Oh yeah, since Dan Simmons said something stupid about Greta Thunberg on Facebook although he’s had shit views this entire century and somehow Hyperion is selling a lot of copies. I guess it's because they trend older and have more income to throw away on that second and third copy.
I read Hyperion in freshman year of high school, that is to say, winter of 2000, and reread it in sophomore year, that is to say, the spring of 2001.
Hyperion’s framing story was bleh but I thought the Priest’s tale was really good, the Soldier’s Tale and the Poet’s tale were pretty good, the Scholar’s tale was rather dull, the Detective’s tale was ok, and I didn't like the Consul's tale.
Fall of Hyperion was a mess with the occasional good part. Also, a lot of things that happen are completly retconned in the Endymion duology.
Endymion had a great presence, that is to say, a road trip through various worlds after the farcaster network that linked them fell apart, all while being chased by space Catholics who, spoiler alert, were really just pawns of evil artificial intelligences. Rise of Endymion took that and ground to a complete fucking halt so Aenea could spout philosophy. All the mysteries from Hyperion, about the Shrike, the Labyrinths, the Cruciforms, are all explained, but it does so in a really unsatisfactory way.

Larry Correia is the only person in the known universe who liked Olympos, I think. My opinion towards Ilium can be summed up with: I lost the book when I was halfway through and couldn’t be fucked to replace it.
They really did take their sweet time with a paperback release.
The premise of “Trojan War on Mars” would’ve been done better by either Glen Cook or Paul McAuley, depending on what you want out of it.

Still, you'd think that Simmons was everything they hate about science fiction. It's almost as if it's about politics before anything else.

John C. Wright is saying that Trump needs to remove the 2 term limit. I wonder why he doesn't just ask him to extend the presidential term by a couple of years or hold an election where he wins 95% of the vote by running unopposed.
It won't happen. While the Democrats are quite skilled at shooting themselves in the foot, this is a bit too dramatic.

burning question: when's the last time you saw a super mutant... get a cat out of tree? Never! Know why? Uhhh... because super mutants don't rescue cats... They kill mercilessly!

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