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September 10th, 2019



Posted on September 10, 2019 at 10:27 pm
Mood: Cladiella
Now Playing: Crista Galli - Yama-Ho
We have one intern right now, Nicole. Nicole has a pet minpin and was eating mozzarella and basil flavored crackers. Christabel was eating vegetable delight from a Thai place and Jacob was eating an apple. He says that everything tastes better when it's free.
We got eight admissions Monday. Several baby squirrels who seem to be doing well, a skunk who is DOA and needs to be tested for rabies, a modo with neurological issues and a gull with spine damage of some sort, both who were euthanized, a chipmunk with neurological issues.

I've got nothing else and I'm hoping things will pick up again. I'm amazed at how short the original Fallout is. I did not, however, forget that in the early parts of Fallout 2, there isn't much combat at all, but the fights you do have to go through are really bad, and that corrupted save file did not let me forget that. Fuck golden geckos always and forever. But this time I'm good. I've not only saved in multiple slots, I've copied the files outside of the Windows virtual drive where you can't touch them. Mwa ha ha. I'm playing both games as a female character this time, mostly for the dialogue changes, as Fallout 2 doesn't have a perk that allows you to deal extra damage to opposite sex opponents in a game where a large majority of your human enemies are men.

I dreamt that I was in a post-apocalyptic world and one of the locales was a university town before the war, with stately buildings and great green trees and blue skies, unlike the rest of the world. There was an airship that would take animal keepers or travelers to other settlements, and an underground base.

As always, it looks like it's going to rain.

burning question: in what fucking reality are these terfs living in where Sharon, not Katelyn, is a typical name for a 35 year old woman?

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