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I can feel it more and more, in ten years, we'll have a war

Chapter 19
Someone said there's a self-insert of Tom Kratman in A Desert Called Peace.
I didn't notice one here. The descriptions are lacking, I wasn't entirely sure what Tom Kratman even looked like when I read this, and I was too busy imagining Petra as a tragedienne wearing a potato sack and Bongo as a pair of disembodied hands.

Petra does little of interest. So, I'm playing Chrono Cross, and one of the Tragediennes in the Tower of Geddon is named Petra, and she's a Scorpius or something. I don't know. It's in a place called An-Nessang, which sounds more Burmese than Arabic. And speaking of being more Burmese, or maybe North Korean, than Arabic, none of the towns in Germany have street lamps anymore. Do they not go outside at night? Did the nuke mutate them all into reverse vampires or just give them the ability to see perfectly by starlight? Answer me, Tom Kratman!

They cut down the janissaries like wheat, except wheat doesn't bleed or scream. Well, gee. No, that's not my terrible analogy, it's his.

Lifting gas? Ok, so they are giant blimps. Even a stormtrooper or a janissary can hit a blimp.

Matheson dies. This is maybe the third guy the Caliphate has killed all book. Gas and oxygen race, um, gas and oxygen? Oxygen's a gas, damn it!

The castle explodes. Many paragraphs are spent describing exactly how this happened.

The people responsible for giving Amal a Glasgow smile are released on bail and then escape because of judicial activism.

And despite becoming a good little fascist, Gabi is unwelcome in America, as Europeans personally encouraged unassimilable and therefore inherently hostile foreigners, so they're not going to risk letting her in, no matter how many times she says Arabs should be gassed. They're not willing to risk it, she could just be lying about her fascism. They stopped the Volga Tatars, but they might not be able to stop this.

The consular explains that they have enough immigrants from Latin America and such, although they said they stopped allowing Latin Americans into the country earlier. And not only that, they kicked all of them out. And what's this about Japanese people immigrating to the US? That never happens.

Chapter 20
And they escape to Switzerland. In an airship. Against jet fighters. That look like flying sharks. I bet the commander of the Janissaries throws his hat against the ground and shouts something like "curses, foiled again!" except in faux-Arabic. I don't even think they were trying here. This isn't the Leviathan, it's a fucking blimp. Just shoot a lot of bullets and eventually it would get torn to shreds.

Meara's inner thoughts read like one of Yael Dragwyla's stereotypes. Then he dies by shoelace. Unfortunately, it's just strangulation and nothing awesome like an extreme miscalculation while flossing

Hamilton didn't wear a life vest because he was already a good swimmer and it would interfere. Um, no. I remember this from Stations of the Tide being the reason why humans couldn't quickly adapt to live in the ocean: your body loses heat in water faster than it does in air, and then you go into shock and drown, while a life vest will keep your head above water after your brain shuts down. That's the reason sea mammals have the layer of fat.

It's early November. I know nothing about Switzerland but I'd imagine the water is pretty fucking cold.

Switzerland is synonymous with freedom at the end. It also has patrol boats. Since when is Switzerland not landlocked? Well, I guess there are lakes.

They steal a joke from Stop the Planet of the Apes, I Want to Get Off and plan to invade the caliphate; one of the viruses was a diversion, the other will never amount to anything and the Canadians involved are hung; Hamilton and Petra marry (how old was he, anyway?), and there's still the question about our friend Besma. I'm surprised about that one. She just disappeared into that limbo for unbaptized children, people who died in the Paleolithic, and characters with plot threads unconnected to the rest of the narrative. I forgot about Besma too, heh.

Good to know Swiss banks will always take your money.

The end. Expect a sequel. Probably. Maybe. I don't know.

Yeah, sure, they convert Hans to Islam and use him as a soldier, but the Americans were doing the same thing to children in Mindanao. Yeah, they emigrate en masse to Europe but their homeland was blasted to glass and they had nowhere else to go. Yeah, they treat the Europeans the way the Soviets treated the Germans after World War II. But they don't engage in large-scale massacres or ethnic cleansing in the occupied territories the way the Americans and Independent State of Boer did. The Europeans just weren't breeding, apparently.

And I'm finding it hard not to sympathize with them, despite them being a bunch of stereotypes.

Maybe I'm getting the point of this wrong, I don't know. Maybe I'm also getting the point of Sword of Truth wrong, that it actually tells of the making of a Complete Monster.

But any thoughts I had on that have vanished after reading the afterword.

There's a glossary at the end which was kind of pointless, as I can determine what all these words mean either via context or via an already provided definition.

I'm not going to ask what mistakes Kratman thinks ex-fascists made. Probably "invading Russia"

Burning Question: Are the villains in this actually reverse vampires?

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