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where ripples become waves

I had a dream I was climbing a tower. Then everything became cartoon-like and there was a woman with nineteenth century Bohemian clothing and a garland of irises. Maybe I should illustrate it.

Chapter 13
Yeah, this section's short, I know. I actually had to read the chapter about five times to make sure I wasn't just getting lazy with the recap, and I'm not; nothing happens here.

Our "heroes" debate how to obtain an airship.

There's somewhere called af-Fridhav, which makes as much sense as having a town in Japan called Tarralladell and putting it next to a sea called Milmillamel and another one called Tallallamel. Simmons take note if you ever make a sequel to Flashback set in Japan.

They make cyanide after a couple of paragraphs detailing where they get the materials to make it.

They contemplate going to Hitzlerland, I mean, Switzerland. It's sort of a promised land for them, after all, everyone's a Christian and everyone's rich and the mafiocracy in place would support them.

There's a section without quotation marks and it has nothing to do with Ling communicating telepathically because it's Richter and Bernie making cyanide.

This is the first post-Arab Spring interlude. It's also utterly pointless.

chapter 14
Hamilton is so confused about the new dating system that he thinks it's Christmas. Well, I guess that's what happens when they don't allow access to timekeeping devices and they're probably locked up in climate-controlled rooms to keep them from knowing what season it is.

Surprisingly, there's no gun control in the Caliphate. Maybe sending everyone to the Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy for a few years is better than gun control.

al-Andalus remains al-Andalus. Wow. I'm surprised it isn't something like Al-Xavyatheioua(click).

If they have to kill a couple of hundred innocents to bring the Caliphate down, by gum they'll do it.

Will, huh? That reminds me of a better book. Oh, and apparently, someone thought Meara wasn't enough of a jerkass for wanting to avenge Canada and destroy the American Empire, Kratman had to make him sexually aroused by children.

Sands thinks the same thing the hero does. And with Harper in firm control of Canada, I'm amused by the presence of evil Canadians.

For some reason we need to know that the cars in the Caliphate are methane-powered.

Oh, wait, Hamilton has the hots for a seventeen year old. Since he's not a Muslim or a Canadian separatist, this is acceptable.

It's september 11, 2015 (March 88 of the 5th phase of spring) and my Smarch proposal didn't get through. Osama bin Laden is alive. And the US has finally got around to withdrawing from Iraq and letting Israel fend for itself if Netanyahoo wants to be such a dicksplash about things.

Any terrorist worth his ass wouldn't dare plan an attack for September 11.

This is just a rehash of what happened earlier; either the Baen history book is redundant or this is. I'd say that, even if it does detail pretty much everything that happened except for this: Mahmoud is annihilated in the blast. And the sauerkraut eating surrender monkeys in Berlin hold an anti-American rally. This is so stereotypical it takes any emotion from the scene there was.

The current president is a woman, probably Hillary Clinton with maybe a clever name change.

Chapter 15
And now back to modern times (December 35 of the 10th phase of summer)
Kratman has no idea how Chinese names work. Zhong Xiao Lee Gen? Huh? So, by now, I've gotten a bit sloppy because there were a few tornadoes early today and I wanted to get this written and posted in case I lost power or something. No, your prayers are unnecessary; I have the Odolwa mask and the Twinmold mask, those should be sufficient to ward off something like this.

Ling just talked the way either a stereotypical black person did or the way someone from a millennium from now would talk if they were sent back to the late 20th century after learning everything they could from a collection of blaxploitation flicks.

I don't know where Slo is, nor am I convinced it sounds Arabic. Wikipedia says it's a common abbreviation for Slovenia. An-Nurber might be Nuremberg in a language that sounds about as Arabic as it sound Avane'e, but all I'm getting are some attempts to scan the word number using exceptionally bad text scanning software.

Ling says "My Ass!" Not "____, my ass" (best said when _____ makes it dirty) or "ow, my ass!" or "my shiny metal ass." Just "My ass!" Oh my, she's that lady from Phantasmagoria 2. If someone were to crucify and break her legs, that would be fine with me. Just don't make the same mistake they did with the priest and shut her up first.

Very little happens here too. I'm actually wondering right now why Ling didn't just get implants. It's not like prostitutes or strippers in the real world are expected to be genuinely attractive.

Hamilton and friends talk about Spartacus for some reason. No, I really don't care.

Airships are described as great white whales. That's a very, uh, useless description. And the Caliphate did not catch the whale.

September fucking 11 again. I swear I'll get this fixed soon enough. And all our calendars will have Smarch and the mistake on The Simpsons will be Smarch having 28 days.

They're celebrating something, either the execution of the last Arab autarch or the deaths of 4 million people, and this being a Kratman novel, I suspect the latter. I wouldn't be celebrating, I'd see a conspiracy. Then I'd roll Buchanan up in a carpet and throw him off a bridge. Or at the very least, spray him with a hose, leaving me relatively dry. There's bound to be some splashback. Actually, I'd be in hiding with the garden hose, leaving them open for a hose soaking when they come to take me to Dearborn concentration camp.

Buchanan carries every state all to get base revenge.

By 2019, on fucking September fucking 11 FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK war was beginning. And nobody in America cares enough about their civil liberty because they get to kill Muslims. Bah, this is little more than a rehash. I don't know why he had to put that excursus in there, I really don't. Maybe someone thought the average reader would be too stupid to deduce how things came to be going on from the Gabrielle plotline alone. Maybe he wanted to describe this from the perspective of someone who was less of a cheese-eating surrender monkey.

Burning Question: Who would the bad guy be in a Super Koch Bros. rom hack?

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