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quiet of the night

Posted on February 12, 2017 at 9:10 pm
Mood: micromesistius
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35 days until the vernal equinox
Although why I'm counting down to March 20 and not, say, Ascension Day, when the weather actually becomes warm, I can not say.

Ashley left the list of recommendations (it was a short list last time, with only Duruflé, Atlas Lab, and Jaggery. I gave her a new list that also included Henry Cowell, Lady Pills, Airiel, and Karol Szymanowski. I probably should have included Glass Mannequins and Arc Iris and Quilt and Dump Him) behind and I hope that someone is enjoying it. She gave me a list of things to listen to (and said John Coltrane aloud) but had trouble thinking of what she wanted to recommend so it's a short list: Birdy (a British artist), Novo Amor (obscure, she says), Miles Davis (This is my problem with jazz: a lot of artists have giganterous discographies and it's easy to get overwhelmed) and Dave Brubeck, and Vampire Weekend. She crossed out something and it looks like the last word is horses or maybe heads or fetus and the first letter of the first word is H. She was going to look things up but I had to go. Goodness me, the clock has struck. Alackday and fuck my luck.
She knows who Neil Cicierega is. I met him at Flim Fest.
She's never heard of Stereolab, which surprises me, nor has she heard of Erwin Schulhoff, which doesn't surprise me as much but she does love the idea of the Communist Manifesto set to music and a soprano faking an orgasm.
I didn't recommend Big Monster Fish Hook to her because she'd probably have a hard time finding it and if she finds it, I have some other tasks for her.

I didn't ask what her least favorite month is but it's obviously February. In fact, it's so obviously February that I didn't even bother to ask. I think it's more like January is longer and darker but February is colder and snowier.

Caroline says she always looks serious. She says the same things about my art others have (she really likes the way I capture emotion) and asked the same thing (if I ever worked in color) and she's not an artist but she goes to many museums. She's been to the Reina Sofia in Madrid and wants to travel somewhere warm for this time of year, like the Yucatan peninsula or Africa. The train was quiet for a Saturday evening so I spent the ride showing her some of the animals we had at the wildlife center. She certainly didn't have a serious, grumpy expression on her face when I showed her those.

A human beatbox was at the to Forest Hills (and Chinatown, my destination) platform at Downtown Crossing.

I had Malaysian food because when I was at the women's march, on the way back to South Station, I passed by this place and said "I need to try this place one day" As someone who's eaten both Cambodian and Thai (and Vietnamese but not Laotian. I had larb once, at a Thai restaurant, so that kind of counts. I knew a Laotian in college. One day I thought about asking her if she knew about the giant spiders but last time I checked, she was exiled to an alternate reality for using Blogspot to write about her personal life. Since I don't think she ever ran a restaurant, it really makes no difference right now), I would describe it as the missing link, except it smells very very potent, and also, remove the French influence. I had Nasi Lemak, which is clove-flavored coconut rice, with chili, dried anchovies, onion, cucumbers, curried chicken, yellow things that I think are , and a hard-boiled egg. Wikipedia tells me that it's usually a breakfast food. Everything2 tells me it's the food equivalent of a Flaming Moe; it's typically made with whatever leftovers are available.
So, yes, I know nasi means rice and goreng means fried but: you're going down, alt-right. Down to Chinatown. I hope they cook and eat you.

Above the urinal was written "don't cry" and "ooh la la."

Cinderella's real name is Lucette in Jules Massenet's opera Cendrillon. Cendrillon is a portmanteau of the word for ashes (not the tree, that would be frêne) and the word for scullion. They live inside of a clock tower, I guess. IIX is not a real roman numeral, but when you reverse it, it is. The sky in the background looks like marble, and there is a shimmering reflection in the clock.
Pandolfe, Cendrillon's father, is still alive, but her evil stepmother Madame de la Haltière and her evil stepsisters Dorothée and Noémi forced her into servitude and won't let her go the ball, but her faery godmother shows up with her fellow faeries, and weave a gown of stars and moonlight and magicked glass slippers that hide her identity from her evil stepfamily, but the magicks will wear off at the stroke of midnight. Meanwhile, Le Prince Charmant, which is French for Prince Charming, mopes around and his courtiers fail to rouse him, and the King is annoyed with the fact that he hasn't found a wife yet, so he has a ball. Instead of getting there via pumpkin carriage, she instead uses a door from Bluebeard's castle, and the Prince falls in love with her, but she refuses to tell him her name. She tells her that if he can learn her name before dawn, he can take her life, and so he orders everyone in the kingdom to find out what it is. Oops, wrong opera. The clock strikes twelve, and she runs off. Pandolfe promises Cendrillon that they will move back to the country together but she doesn't want to be a burden to him and instead runs off into an an enchanted forest of oversized dandelion puffs, where she finds the Prince, who pledges his heart to a sacred oak if only she could see her. Back in the real world, Prince Charming has every woman try on the glass slipper, and he recognizes Cendrillon. The evil stepsisters still act jealous but Madame de la Haltière tries to get into her good graces. I, for one, doubt her sincerity.
Prince Charming's role is played by a soprano woman. I can't really find a decent explanation for this. Maybe because Act II's music is a pastiche of 18th century music.
I don't remember Cinderella and Prince Charming getting lost in an enchanted forest in the Disney animation but then again, it's been a long time since I've seen Cinderella. Wikipedia tells me it doesn't happen. Otherwise, the plot is pretty much the same exact thing as the Disney movie, especially compared to Rossini's La Cenerentola or the Irish version of the story. The names are different, of course.
The role for the King's herald is spoken and in this case played by the orchestra conductor. I don't know if that was Massenet's intent.

Alfredo V of Alfredo V and Son Del Sol played Andean music on guitar at Park Street, so I really didn't care that I had to wait fifteen minutes for a train. A woman in a panda hat was so impressed she actually found her way to the middle platform to give the guy money.

Beth isn't an artist but she worked as a backstage manager in a theatre for half a year or so and really enjoyed it. When I was drawing her, I couldn't tell if she was unaware I was drawing her or deliberately hiding her face but it turns out it was the former.
The train delayed near the end of my journey and it would have be nice if Beth were still on but oh well.

The book promised me I'd be home by midnight (but first, a little magic) and they delivered.

I ganked this from Otherland.
burning question: What does a fairy godmother do when she is not blessing babies or magicking up a coach and dress for Cinderella? Does she perhaps sit outside the ring of the campfire, watching over the others as they sleep, talking quietly to herself?


asakiyume at 2017-02-19 14:26 (UTC) (Link)
I love Andean music. In bluegrass they often talk about a "high lonesome sound." Andean music (which is nothing like bluegrass) definitely has a high lonesome sound.

Nasi Lemak sounds fabulous. I'm going to try making it.

I think when not blessing babies and magicking up ball-time items, a fairy godmother probably studies HVAC or similar at community college, probably doing occasional stints on college radio. It's good to have a variety of skills.
the room is full of ghosts
yamamanama at 2017-02-19 14:45 (UTC) (Link)
So much on that menu sounds fabulous. Fantabulous, even.

I could see that.
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