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to see the invisible man

Posted on February 11, 2017 at 8:43 pm
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36 days until the vernal equinox
It's deceptive, though, as it's currently cold enough to freeze time itself.
I thought I set this to post yesterday but nope.

I picked this title because there's a guide on how to draw people on the New York subway and that when you draw people, you are breaching this invisibility.

It's funny. The first half of winter (white winter) is monotonously gray brown yellow and the second half of winter (gray winter) is monotonously white. I guess that I am wrong and Emma is right. Hmm, I wonder what Ashley thinks is the worst month, if it's January or February or perhaps Smarch.

After I told Ashley I wasn't sleeping enough and she says she was sleeping too much, I've been getting sleep, except I've still been waking up at 4 AM.

The next book is on imgur, waiting for me to sort and post the images.

[life is elsewhere]
[objects in flux]

[words unspoken]

[phantom and a rose]

[conspiracy theories]


[making the most of it]

[tumbling dice]

[healing the rifts]

[the mercy of sound]

Everything I needed to say I said in the previous picture entry. I don't know. Maybe I should tell some more stories about microwaves. Once Ethan put popcorn in the microwave and mistakenly put in for 20 minutes. He said it turned black and stuck together. I microwaved a fork. Nothing happened because I was like "oh shit!" and turned it off. I also destroyed a plate once and I have no idea why that happened.

burning question: why do people spend their indignation on people with words like 'fuck' on their protest signs and not, I don't know, the racist, sexist, and grossly unconstitutional things we're protesting against?


asakiyume at 2017-02-12 21:46 (UTC) (Link)
Your sketches make me feel good about people. I mean, I generally feel pretty good about people, but your sketches reinforce that. I like that there's a dog in this set. Also, I'm noticing how many people where puffy coats.
the room is full of ghosts
yamamanama at 2017-02-12 22:51 (UTC) (Link)
Also big stompy boots.

Dogs are hard to draw but I got some more practice last night.
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