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otherworldly resonances

Posted on January 30, 2017 at 9:35 pm
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48 days until the vernal equinox

Miranda's back. Some people are good with names, like Miranda and Rachel, while some people are horrible with names, like me. I knew she was either Miranda or Emily and I went with my first instinct. She does the same exact thing I do with regards to facebook: check Facebook once a day with feelings of regret because it's less of a hassle than having her e-mail inbox flooded.
I also learned that Facebook does not send out an e-mail notification when you get a private message.

Miranda is more optimistic regarding the owls than the rest of us are. One-eye still isn't eating live prey but Priya suggested that it might just be the stress of captivity and we're considering releasing him. She's going to New Zealand and said that in Australia, there are kangaroo petting zoos similar to our deer petting zoos, which I've never seen before, but she says that maybe I'll see her in the summer.

I said that the owl might be long dead, not from his injuries but from old age, next time I talk to Leah but I hope not. Thing is Christine forgot to tell her about the owl so maybe she didn't realize she was talking about me, and Ryan may know her cousin but her cousin doesn't have any way of contacting Leah at the moment and Hannah kind of knows her but not really. Things could be better right now but things could also be a lot worse. Turns out Hannah was mistaken about Ashley. I'm not angry with her or anything. In fact, I was more relieved than anything. Gotta have some hope in my life before I hit the next pulsating mountain of strange and unpleasant grief. I even did my "defeated the final boss in Lightning Returns" pose. After a few days of uncertainty and insomnia.

I had a good time at the protest and I'm glad that Ashley and I are bonding and I'm glad that the people of Boston are finding solidarity.
But I'd rather Leah was still around, that Ethan was still alive, that Hillary Clinton was in the white house.

We released two rodos. I don't know why I'm saying we. The ring-billed gull was released on Friday; Tiffany was like "I'll get a great video!" and then WHOOSH! The moral of the story is never lose hope.
On the other hand, I was there for the white throated sparrow release. He passed his flight test but he started losing weight. Since nothing is ever perfect, we aim for good enough. They like mixed forests. They're ground nesters and foragers but will build their nests in pine trees if their first nest is robbed by predators. Or "best in lines" according to my notes. They have two color morphs and almost always mate with opposite color morphs. Occasionally, they'll mate with juncos. They're both of family Emberizidae but of different genera, so my guess is the offspring are sterile.

On Saturday, I told Ashley that I would be very surprised if the great horned owl was still alive. We had to euthanize him, which I'm actually surprised about, because I was sure he'd die on his own, but not as surprised as I'd be if he was still around. I didn't think to ask what day that happened on.

So this swan got the shit kicked out of him (I mean that in the figurative sense as all the literal shit was on his sheets. Which I was ecstatic about, by the way. Also, I mean "him" as in more like the Hungarian "ő") in a territorial dispute. The other swan kept going after him even after he fled.
The moral of the story is swans are assholes.

One of the fish crows should be getting released soon while the other might have fused bones and also the stuff he eats is absolutely disgusting. Miranda made a mixture of fish, dog food, and watermelon bits for him.

The mallard can fly, and she flew out of the tub when we tried to take her out and put the swan in, landing in a turtle's tub and traumatizing it, but she still has a weird walk.

Greg was going to amputate a lizard's leg that was broken and buried under some infection but either it gnawed its own leg off or it broke off. All there was was a nub and some blood.

Zack wants a bright red singlet and I told him that he should get some swords too and he's saying that he will buy groceries with them. The moral of the story is that women are a lot like grapes.

Michael said that ten years ago, he thought that Austria would be the epicenter of the fascist takeover. Austria really dodged a bullet. He said that if we're comparing him to dystopias, he's Koopa from the Super Mario Bros. movie: a reptile with bad hair. On the other hand, Trump started out just like Biff: a professional asshole.
Tiffany realized why everyone at a party she went to was drunk: because they were all immigrants.

Caiti and Courtney are kind of the same name, or at least more so than Leah and Ashley are, although Caiti was ultimately derived from the Greek Katherine while Courtney is a surname and has multiple origins that were just sort of mashed together. Courtney had rats or maybe she has rats now and they kind of look similar but I don't remember if Courtney has a septum piercing. She has two rats with her, Juniper and Fox. One of them was dominant but now the other one is bigger and thus is dominant and steals the other one's food, but they still cuddle together.
She says she used to have a white rat. She was also buying plants a few weeks ago.

Before I left, I learned that snakes and birds have nuclei in their red blood cells.

I heard rumors that Assad died and I wanted to see what Democratic Underground and the Jack Pine Radicals had to say about that and they didn't say anything but of course people like Oberliner fell for some fake news that the mosque shooter was Moroccan. Because of course they would. They have a bunch of people who gloat whenever it turns out a shooting wasn't done by some kind of deplorable or other white nationalist because I have no idea but I swear to Radiant and Shining Lindzei and Great and Mighty Pulse that they're a fifth column.

And speaking of Oberlin, turns out Hydelloon from Gamingforce is getting married. Also, Gamingforce is back up, which I found out because I had something bookmarked and accidentally clicked on that instead, which meant that someone sat down and thought "hey, you know what our lives are missing right now? A website that hasn't been relevant since 2009 with the same dated and never funny in-jokes!"

The reason Ashley didn't attend the women's march is because she didn't know about until it was too late, but she wanted to go.

Part of this thought was spurred by the fact that Ashley and I keep writing the year as 2016, while part of it was spurred by Holly saying that she'd like to go back to the start of the Obama administration. Starting over from Obama's inauguration isn't that great because I've screwed myself in some ways but in other ways, have an uncertain future ahead of me.
Glenn McDonald once said "timelines are far easier to wreck than to improve" and I'm thinking about how many things I've experienced and people I've met were all due to random chance.
I think if I had to start over again from some point in my life, it would either be the first day of high school or the first day of college. The first point would be a blank slate and the second point would mean that any screw-ups I made in the months prior would be easily salvageable. Simply telling Lauren that she's chasing shadows and that it's putting an unnecessary strain on our friendship.

I told Ashley about the lack of seabirds and other winter animals and she pointed out that it only snowed twice so far. It's like all the seasons are off, even by Massachusetts standards, and I said that I think that spacetime fractured, and that explains things like why people don't remember me.
Ashley has been sleeping too much and not too little and wondered if her pets spending all their time sleeping reflects upon her family, while I slept too little for much of January but actually overslept today and that's because lately, I've been waking up at 4 AM no matter when I go to bed, and then when I get back to sleep, I wake up at 7 and today my body decided that was too early so I woke up at 8:45 instead.

I asked Jack about seabirds today (and Miranda, who helpfully said that we have a swan) and he said that we had a merganser and I already knew about her. Otherwise, no seabirds.

Yes, I've tried lying on my bed and having my eyes closed and relaxing.
burning question: That's genius! Melissa, let me write this down. So you're saying is what I have to do to fall asleep is go to sleep? Right? Is that what you're saying, Melissa? Good, 'cause it's brilliant! You should write a book, you should give seminars, you'll make millions of dollars. Attention all insomniacs: All you have to do to fall asleep is lie in your bed!!!


Bad Wolf
nucleosides at 2017-01-31 13:35 (UTC) (Link)

Swans are cute assholes, even if they... well, are assholes.

the room is full of ghosts
yamamanama at 2017-01-31 13:59 (UTC) (Link)
As someone put it, swans are lovely, elegant birds with very ugly tempers.
asakiyume at 2017-02-01 22:03 (UTC) (Link)
That's cool about the two color morphs of white-throated sparrows tending to mate with someone of the opposite morph, and also cool about them mating sometimes with juncos. And good-enough is a lot better than dead--you guys rock.

And whoa, birds and reptiles have nuclei in their red blood cells?! It makes me wonder why mammals don't...

Here's something cool: two little kids raising money for blue-footed boobies.
the room is full of ghosts
yamamanama at 2017-02-02 00:02 (UTC) (Link)
I think one of us misheard and apparently mammals lack red blood cell nuclei and other cell structures in order to provide more room for hemoglobin.
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