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teeth dreams

Posted on January 23, 2017 at 9:35 pm
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55 days until the vernal equinox

Tiffany was there and didn't see anyone she knew because it was so large. Priya and Primrose were not there.
Ashley wasn't there and it turns out the woman who got her picture taken with Elizabeth Warren merely looks like her. So I guess that means I marched for Ashley, along with probably Leah and Holly and any of my friends who weren't able to go.
Emma marched in DC.

There was some corn mixed in with the waterfowl diet. Tiffany thought "eh, what the hell, this thing can blend bone so why not?" and just threw it in the blender. Turns out that wasn't true and Priya got a waterfowl smoothie shower.

We have a great horned owl though he doesn't look good. He has head trauma, possible rodenticide poisoning, and possible spinal fracturing around the notarium and prosacrum and possible internal bleeding or some kind of free fluid. He's not standing up but he does clack at us.
Great horned owl talons are no joke. There's a story of someone being murdered in North Carolina and some people think it may have been an owl attack.
The barred owls, however, are doing well. The coracoid guy is getting live prey tested and we're going to see if he makes any noise when he flies, and if he does, we're going to look at what's causing that. Might be damaged feathers, might be the actual wing. One-Eye flew silently but he didn't eat a live mouse, so we might need to fast him. I think he'll be out of here soon. Tiffany says that animals she thinks aren't going to make it do while healthy-looking animals have a tendency to drop dead. One-Eye is not a name, it's a designation.

The geese aren't looking great either. One of them still has neurological symptoms of lead poisoning even though his lead level's down, so it's probably permanent damage.
One of them kept his poop on the towel, at least. The other one, I had to drain the poopy water out. When I showed Leah the owl picture after Jack posted it, she said she was jealous and Tiffany says she gets that too and she's like "until they have to clean their cages or euthanize an animal."

A squirrel is having seizures, probably from head trauma or poisoning.

One of the box turtles has a chunk of dead bone we need to remove but he can still close his plastron.

We have a white-throated sparrow who has possible air sac trauma from hitting a window or from someone's dog munching on him. We don't see them very often.
Unless they're totally destroyed, they tend to heal on their own.

The ring-billed gull was like "oh shit," so he flew instead of just running like they usually do, so we're just fattening him up and we're going to release him.

In fact, we actually started out with four back when we first got them back in November. One died but we released one.

In Nijinsky's Diaries it sounds like she's chanting லியா and who knows, maybe she is. I don't know; I don't speak Tamil.

Burning question: so, when will I be getting my check from George Soros and how much will it be for?

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