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sea change, with monsters

Posted on January 22, 2017 at 8:36 pm
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56 days until the vernal equinox
It's been so mild that I've been forgetting about this.

For me, Obama's presidency began and ended with saudade. It began with reunions and ended with loss.

Leah didn't get Holly's note and Holly hasn't seen Ashley either. However, I am confident that things will work out for the best. Ryan is talking to her cousin or something and Hannah is going to meet with Leah, and by that, I mean she was going to meet Leah anyway. I don't know why I'm saying she's going to, because this will already have happened by the time you read this. I may not get another update for a while. But that's fine. I expect progress to be measured in weeks, not hours. Hannah likes the merganser's afro.

I said that 3 Doors Down hasn't been relevant since I was in high school. Actually, I looked them up on Wikipedia and apparently they released a bunch of albums after that. They even released a platinum-certified single in 2007. I dunno, I kinda stopped listening to rock radio after high school. Also, I think that when Toby Keith sings about putting a boot in your ass courtesy of the red, white, and blue, I think he's actually singing about Russia. Definitely not Laos; that would be Slint.

I did see Laurie for a few minutes but then she had to go somewhere and I lost her and talked with a woman with a pink streak of hair who said she watched the video of Richard Spencer being sucker punched a hundred times. Another woman had hair that ran through all the pelagic colors. I was asking Laurie about Sully and then I realized that there's no reason she and Sully know each other.
I was hoping to see Sully or Andi or Dan or maybe Tiffany or Ashley or Gabriella but then again, I was only expecting a crowd of a few thousand amongst mud and long-dead hopes and discarded dreams, not at least hundred and fifty thousand, maybe even a hundred and seventy five thousand. Even the statues on the Brewer Fountain were on it. The Make Way For Ducklings statues were wearing pussy hats in solidarity. My cousin was there but there were so many people I couldn't find her. Keytar Bear was there. I wish that someone had made a sign about rather having Keytar Bear in school than DeVos.
I told people that you know what would be cool, kupo, if there were more people here than at the inauguration. Maybe these marches won't change anything. They aren't going to listen to our demands and they'll continue to defund Planned Parenthood and dissolve the EPA. Trump and Pence won't resign and even if they do, it's Republicans and godawful ones all the way down the line of succession. But at least we have each other.

I heard speeches by Elizabeth Warren, Ed Markey, and I think Maura Healey, along with some people I didn't recognize. There were people sitting in trees to watch them.

Here are some signs I liked, some I saw in person and some only in photographs:
The Force is Female ♀ (She kind of looks like Ashley. I think she's Ashley, kupo)
A woman's place is in the House and the Senate. (I'd have said "a woman's place is in the house" myself, with the word "house" written in white paint)
(or alternatively)
A woman's place is in the Rebellion (typically with Leia or the Rebel Alliance crest)
The Future is Female (a kid said it's the name of a song. Madame Gandhi, he says. Maybe she'll back up her threats with NUCLEAR WEAPONS)
ceci nes pas un président (it depicted Trump as a blobfish with a toupee)
we shall overcomb
you can't comb over misogyny
you can't comb over racism
you can't comb over fascism
hell hath no fury like 157 million women scorned
fuck these fucking fascist fucks (in a glittery rainbow of colors. The woman with the sign said she didn't wash the brushes while painting it)
goodnight moon, goodnight legally unrestricted womb
I speak for the trees
Trump as Tweedle-Dee (Tweedle-Deeplorable? Tweedle-Dumbass?)
This pussy kills fascists
if I wanted a TV president, I'd vote for Leslie Knopf.
Save hate for mosquitos and bad pizza (and other things which I've forgotten)
The Elephant in the Womb
A uterus flipping Trump off.
Never Again (with a coat hanger attached to it)
Her Body, Her Choice
Science is Real
I would be sleeping but you made made protest
Teacher not afraid of bears in the classroom (I can't believe she actually said that. Also, I think if bears were ever organized enough to attack classrooms en masse, guns wouldn't be enough to stop them)
Respect existence or expect resistance
I'm with her (with arrows radiating from it)
There will be hell toupee if he grabs my pussy
my gay agenda: wake up, breakfast, go to work, break up a heterosexual marraige, help kids with homework, dinner, watch Rachel Maddow, go to bed.
Super callous fascist racist extra-braggdocious
Rebellions are built on hope.
Fuck Trump! (obviously)
I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer.
This is fucked up.
Keep Your Tiny Hands Off My Rights.
So Bad Even Introverts Are Here
If only men were as disgusted by rape as they are by periods.
Diversity is Beautiful Girls Just Want To Have Fun-damental Rights
Hate has a face and it is the same color as this sign.

There is one I really liked but I can't remember the exact wording, but the sentiments are that women aren't just your daughters or your wives or your sisters or your mothers. There were signs in Arabic and Spanish and Korean.

Somebody had a sign about how we are all artists and someone else said she appreciates the sentiments but it's not really what we're here for and I said "I guess you could call Trump a bullshit artist."

And the best sign ever:

my sign was this picture with the caption "Trump's First 100 Days"
I told someone that his toupee blew away in the wind and he's like "well, it's a nice hat, he looks like he's going to start tapdancing" and a woman sang the monorail song with me. But Main Street's still all cracked and broken! Sorry, Mom, the mob has spoken! Monorail! Monorail! Monorail!!!! Mono… d'oh.
I'm wondering if Trump even knows what it is a president does.

I met an Irish woman who said that when she first came to Boston, one of the things she really liked was how multicultural it was.

A woman with a floral crown held up a sign that said "they tried to bury us but they did not know that we are seeds" and some beautiful floral designs.

I've seen people say that Asians with blue hair don't exist. Let it be said that they are lying. Blue hair is common, so is purple, one woman had half electric lime green half black hair.

As far as I could tell, there wasn't any sort of counterprotest.

There was a rally in Belgrade. It was tiny but good for them.

The cabinet is over 80% white and 80% men and it's the first cabinet without a Hispanic since Reagan.

I wrote this in three phases. One throughout last week, one on Friday afternoon, one after the protests.

Burning Question: If you wanted a TV president, who would you choose? Me, I'd find a way to bring Mr. Rogers back to life.


siglinde99 at 2017-01-23 03:22 (UTC) (Link)
I had to go find the Make Way for Ducklings statues with the pussy hats. That had not made into my feed - thank you.

The sign you are thinking of might be the one that says She is Someone's Daughter, Sister, Mother, etc etc, but the 's and all the words are lightly crossed out so the sign says She is Someone. It was popular here, too.
the room is full of ghosts
yamamanama at 2017-01-23 03:27 (UTC) (Link)
Yeah, that's exactly it.
asakiyume at 2017-01-23 20:01 (UTC) (Link)
I feel like we miiiight need someone a little more hard-nosed than Mr. Rogers was, for president, but I certainly like his overall outlook!

I think we should organize the bears to be on our side. And rehabilitated wildlife, too. Our side gets the animals.
the room is full of ghosts
yamamanama at 2017-01-23 21:43 (UTC) (Link)
Maybe Indiana Jones?

I think we should.
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