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all farewells are sudden

Posted on January 17, 2017 at 4:45 pm
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61 days until the vernal equinox

As if it could end any other way. I don't work with Leah anymore and she's really sweet and she's lovely and she has a nice unique sense of style (colorful and girly and somewhat mismatched and yet somewhat elegant) and her voice is lovely (melodic) and I wish we could stay together. I really should be used to this by now, but it really never gets any easier. It's not her fault. I don't think she knew the last time I saw her. I don't think she's on social media. Maybe I know someone who can contact her for me. Holly said that she comes off as shy and introverted but she's opened up to me so maybe that means something and maybe that means she's opened up to other people. I'd say Holly nailed it but it's actually a bit more complicated than that. All I can do is hope everything works out for the best.
Ashley merely couldn't make it. Ashley was receptive to the idea when I had it even if my planning left a lot to be desired, so maybe that means something. Much like Leah, Ashley came off as introverted and maybe even a bit insecure at first but we've really opened up to each other. I'm afraid that Ashley is going to leave me too and we'll just repeat this again in a few weeks. The next free day at the MFA isn't far away and that leaves precious little time for planning.

I haven't been sleeping well lately. First I was sick, then I'm half-brokenhearted and half-nervous that maybe there's a small chance all our efforts won't come to naught and Leah will get my note and everything will be ok in the end.

It hurts the most when it's 4 AM and you can't sleep because you started thinking about Leah and you don't have anyone to talk to and you're just chasing after shadows on social media and listening to Stretch Princess and Radiohead and Loquat and other sad songs about friends leaving, love, memory, time, and cats, even if they don't really understand how pissed off and frightened you feel and say things like "plenty of fish in the sea" or "you're better off without her" or "do you want some of these potato chips?" I tried to stay up until midnight to fix my sleep cycle but only made it to 11.

Before I went to the museum, I dreamt of infiltrating the death star and being on a planet with crystal shards that were used to make lightsabers and I found a huge one.

Anna is Honduran. I thought she was from Panama because she knows what the capital is, but then again, the capital is just Panama, while on the other hand, she thought Budapest was in Russia and has no idea why she'd think that. I knew the capital of Honduras was either Tegucigalpa or Belmopan. Thanks, Sporcle. She gets seasick on the bus. Her t-shirt has a pug sniffing another dog's butt and it says Do I Know You? so I had to show her a picture of my pug. She has dark green streaks in her hair. I'm not up to date on Honduran politics. I think there was a coup there.

Elena is from Maryland, but she's closer to Washington D.C. which has a functional if too suburb-focused and really obsessed with cleanliness public transit along with an enormous train wreck, and not Baltimore, which is functional in the most pathetic sense of the word. Her hair has a violet-reddish tinge to it.

Iva is from a small town outside Zagreb and it takes 3 and a half hours to get there by train. She says that most people know about the coast: Split and Dubrovnik and Zadar and Rijeka, and also most people know about Croatia because Game of Thrones was filmed there. I know things about Croatia, though. In fact, I know enough about Croatia to actually be overqualified for the ambassador position. A long time ago, Croatia had a ghastly regime from which even the Nazis recoiled even though they were the ones who put the regime there in the first place, but now they seem to be one of the better countries in eastern Europe. She looks like Shannon, who is German and Irish. She says that Budapest looks amazing but the rest of the country not so much.

"Vašu putovnicu, molim!" I think that's "your passport please" and then "Imate li što za prijaviti?" and Will's response is "I have nothing to declare. Other than my not being Croatian, I mean." Which I use a lot.
There's stuff from Croatian mythology but the Croatian comes from one of those Babylonian winged-bull-thingies, which is what we were calling them.
It's lamassu. I was trying to think of the monster in Final Fantasy X. Actually, a Lamashtu is something entirely different. If you want to know, and I bet you do, it's a demon that causes stillborns and miscarriages. At the MFA, there are Pazuzu amulets to ward off Lamashtu. After all, Babylon wasn't part of a post cold war world where every inept and brutal government is obligated to support each other no matter how ideologically opposed they are. There's also a Kusarikku. Or kusariqqu according to Final Fantasy X. I'm pretty sure a mushussu has nothing to do with bull-men.

It occurred to Tyler (new Tyler, kupo) that he's only been to Braintree and the stations in Cambridge, Park and probably Downtown Crossing and probably South Station. Tyler was the only one in their group from Massachusetts.

Tyler told me that the MFA is amazing so at least I'll be able to make the most of an undesired outcome.

Susan is not part of any groups.

Gabi, short for Gabrielle, and Lexi, were also going to the art museum. Gabi says that Lexi is smart because I said owls aren't smart, and that she's like an owl because she has big eyes and I asked her if she's nocturnal and she says yes and that she eats mice. I told her that maybe Trump is telepathic or merely read my post and is really concerned that I might die from rat poisoning because that's the only explanation for how he can be that staggeringly incompetent. She says I should get my own favorite owl, which I never really thought about. She called it a blind date and I'm like "nope, more like a last-ditch desperate attempt to talk to her again." I know things about her. Important things like her favorite Shakespeare play and her favorite type of owl.
She said that you need an escape plan if it's not what it seems. I think my escape plan is yelling "smoke bomb!" and then running away.

I ran into them twice, once when the hour has not yet come and once around 2:15 when I just gave up on finding her. It's ok. I told Leah about it last time I saw her and she said she was pretty sure she wouldn't be able to make it.

Here's a collaborative work.

Here's a work by Boston school groups.

The Boston City Singers put on a performance with singing, dancing, and drumming but I can't say much because the acoustics didn't do them any favors and I was thinking about Leah anyway. One of the songs was in Spanish or Portuguese.

I asked a woman if she said John La Farge was her advisor and if so, just how old she is, if she's a time traveler and if she is, that's really cool. Nay, her advisor was just obsessed with La Farge. Tiffany stole all of la Farge's glass making w, she says.
I told her I want to learn glassmaking and she said it's actually really hard. She's a painter. I think Gabi is too. Or maybe it was the other way around.

I met a woman who looked like a taller version of Emma with a different kind of nose piercing and oh yeah, Emma has long hair now, and she had different glasses and she wore a silver scorpion pendant so maybe she was born under the sign of the Impure or maybe she just likes scorpions, I don't know. I told her she has nice hair, as it was purple and her friend said she liked my hair too. My hair isn't dyed but thanks anyway. I appreciate it. I've been having a rough week.

Another woman had hair of many colors, mostly yellow and pale green and pale blue with some pink and red in it. Another woman had purple hair. Another woman had purple hair.

There's a notebook where people can ask questions about the art or just post whatever they want to. Since people were writing whatever they wanted to, I wrote "I'm sorry, Leah. I will never forget you." Someone wrote 여보세요, 고맙습니다, 사랑해, which means "hello, thank you, and I love you" in Korean. Someone asks what happens when you die and the response was "you die" and someone wrote "does god exist?" and the answer is "no. he just has good PR." and someone asked why all the Roman statues had tiny weewees and the response is that Greco-Roman society considered big penises to be barbaric and that to have a big penis was to have low intelligence, and the Romans instead correlated testicle size with sexual prowess. Someone wrote Rick Wuz Here and someone else drew a worried Morty. I wrote "I'm Mr. Meeseeks, look at me." I need Mr. Meeseeks to get in touch with Leah, although he'd probably get frustrated and have another Mr. Meeseeks help him. Someone drew an awesome portrait.

Danielle had some cool jewelry, including a jeweled headband and earrings with white feathers at the ends and dangly silver bits and a barely-visible ornate interlocking-parts necklace.

She says we lost badly. I don't know why I'm saying we. I wasn't out there running around like it was the first time I'd ever used my legs. They need Coach McGuirk to help them. Maybe that guy who is a sports fanatic with no girlfriend could help them out.
Her name wasn't Brigitte but she didn't see the name and also she's wearing a hat. I spelled her name Corie but that might not be how she spells it.

burning question: How do we find hope when things seem so bleak?


Bad Wolf
nucleosides at 2017-01-19 13:37 (UTC) (Link)

*hugs* :(

the room is full of ghosts
yamamanama at 2017-01-19 14:31 (UTC) (Link)

Still hoping everything will work out.
asakiyume at 2017-01-20 04:53 (UTC) (Link)
I'm sorry things got difficult/went bad :( I see from your response to a comment above that all's not lost--I hope things come clear somehow.

The Boston school groups work is nice.
the room is full of ghosts
yamamanama at 2017-01-20 12:58 (UTC) (Link)
I'm not sure what's going on right now. I'll know soon, though.
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