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cupid, draw back your bow

Posted on January 09, 2017 at 4:54 pm
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69 days until the vernal equinox
I think I got the norovirus from Tiffany. She's feeling better and I'm optimistic because having the norovirus sucks but at least it's mercifully short unlike some things and by that I mean the common cold, and I ate a donut and some cinnamon-coated almonds and managed to keep them down. I'm desperately hoping nothing goes wrong next week.

The towel Tiffany gave to the goose depicted robots and looked cool, so the goose will poop on it of course.

We have a partitioned cage along with a Batman bedsheet for the barred owl to keep handling to a minimum. I helped move him from one half to the other and he landed on the perch and then lunged at the bars and Jason's like "that's how you got a coracoid fracture, ding-dong." Tiffany pointed out that owls aren't very smart despite being seen as a symbol of wisdom, and I said that in India, they're seen as stupid because they're always staring into space, and Tiffany says that in Cherokee mythology, to see an owl by daylight is an ill omen, which explains her luck. Once she was almost sprayed by a lion. Amongst the Aztecs and Maya, they're harbingers of death and messengers of the underworld.

We took the other owl out to one of the outdoor enclosures to see how well he flies and we're going to do a live prey test once he's nice and fasted and the mouse can no longer bury itself in the snow because it's either melted away or a sheet of ice instead. I went out there in 15 degree weather with just a hoodie and jeans while Eli went out with just short-sleeved scrubs. We then took the red tailed hawk out to the flight cage and we're probably going to release him soon because he flew perfectly well and Jason trudged through the snow and Priya shut the door and all the snow on the lintel fell on her and the rest of us laughed.

Christina, on the other hand, doesn't wear coats, even when it's 0 degrees out. I'm the opposite, in that I'll typically wear a jacket if it's 50 and cloudy, although I've gone out to walk the dog with just shorts and a hoodie over a t-shirt when it's below 40 on an early October morning.

We have two flying squirrels. One needs to be reunited with his group, and the other has head tilt from some kind of trauma or ear infection.

We had a merganser, and despite what the facebook page says, this is definitely a female. Mergansers are very sexually dimorphic. I'm pretty sure she's a red-breasted merganser. We released her because she was perfectly healthy and we didn't have any food for her and the longer she stays, the more likely she'd die.
Tiffany said that once they called a modo a rodo on the Facebook page.

Someone found a black and white bird, possibly a very fancy murre, in the parking lot at the Dollar Tree or something. I'll find out at some point, most likely the next time I'm at the wildlife center. By then, Eli and Christina will be long-gone, but who knows, they might come back.

I totally missed a conversation about Star Wars but the gist of what Michael said is that the Jedi cared more about tax disputes than slavery so they really aren't good defenders of the peace. But speaking of Star Wars, someone dubbed over Revenge of the Sith with the subtitles from Star War The Third Gathers: The Backstroke of the West. Most of the actors nail it but Speaker D (Palpatine) sounds more like Buffalo Bill and Particularly Reach (Yoda) sounds like a stoned teenage girl, which I think adds to the charm.

The question I've been meaning to ask will sadly always be relevant.
I don't know the context of this conversation. I just know that it's an awesome
burning question: who needs strippers when you have owls and hawks and stuff?


asakiyume at 2017-01-10 00:57 (UTC) (Link)
the Jedi cared more about tax disputes than slavery so they really aren't good defenders of the peace. Amen!

That's a sweet-looking merganser.

I agree with the burning question 100 percent.
the room is full of ghosts
yamamanama at 2017-01-10 01:30 (UTC) (Link)
I do too. There should be strip clubs in which they're all just puppies in trenchcoats.
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