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in a snowy season

Posted on January 06, 2017 at 7:32 pm
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72 days until the Vernal Equinox

The barred owls are still kicking. Literally. Tiffany compares them to furbies. It's been a few weeks and in my absence I've forgotten how to type on an iPod. I was planning to tell Leah that because they are her favorite kind of owl and I don't know what kind of friend I'd be if I left her in the dark on the owls but I got a better update myself: one of the owls is outside and we're going to live prey test him some night because testing him now is like waking one of us up at 4 AM. The other one will be placed outside if we test him and he gets vertical lift, which he might not get because his coracoid is fucked up. On the other hand, the screech owl didn't make it.

In more good news, we released a swan, who flew across the pond and swam side-by-side with another swan. We released a red-tailed hawk, which actually was mentioned on the facebook page. We have no seabirds aside from the gulls but we do have a lot of turtles. I got to help tape some tegoderm to a snapping turtle. On his plastron he has plastic corks to prevent him from getting ulcers from being drydocked. Jen was holding the head in a towel but it's still harrowing when the turtle moves. We think what happened is that the driver, instead of trying to swerve around the turtle, tries to go over the turtle, but the overhanging bits still nick them. I think we released a robin but we then got another one and we got a second fish crow with the same exact problem as the first one. Well, maybe not the same exact problem with the same exact bones fractured by the same exact type of bullet. They're doing fine; it will just take a while because the bone is obliterated and not just broken.

The whiteboard outside of med ward is ridiculously out of date.

I love how autocorrect is recognizing RTH because I use it so much.

Elephants, beavers, and humans modify their own ecosystem to live in. They're trying to reintroduce beavers, which were extirpated in the Middle Ages, to the UK.
The largest native terrestrial predator in Great Britain is a red fox. There were lynxes and wolves and cave lions once, but not anymore. The last wolf there was shot in 1707.

NyQuil just knocks you out so you don't know what's going on says Tiffany. Fun fact: Primrose says codeine has no effect on her.

Laura said that when Katie was young, she tried to hug a raccoon because she thought it was a kitty. She thought that Spyro was fake because he's so still. Earlier, Primrose caught Puff trying to escape.

Stella has a tattoo of Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

There was a shooting in Florida and Stella says that that every week, there's an accidental shooting involving a toddler.
Tiffany pointed out that one year where it averaged out to more than one mass shooting per day.

Stella says when she cries over things, at least her eyes don't dry out in the winter.
You'd think too much empathy would be a good thing but I guess it has disadvantages, like apparently you kind of just make things up, or maybe I blame myself for others' emotional state even when I have nothing to do with it, or I get passionate about things like Bashar al Assad is still alive and he really shouldn't be and I hope Donald Trump gets really coked out and crashes Air Force One into the Tishreen Palace while Putin is visiting and they all die. It's certainly better than having not enough empathy, though. Those kinds of people make good businessmen, dictators, and pimps.

Someone thought Primrose was African. Also, she has a bird that prefers darker-skinned men. Ok... I mixed up Asia and Africa when I was really young, and what that means is that Asia, not Africa, is the largest continent. But that's not the point. My point is even I can tell Primrose is Asian, and let it be said that I have no clue what Leah, Colleen, and Stella are. I figured out Emma was Jewish, but that's because a) her name is Emma, b) she was eating those chocolate coins, and c) she's visiting Israel. It hasn't been that confusing because it's been one Emma at a time, or at least their stories are so self-contained that I can treat it as one Emma at a time.

Another thing my absence made me realize is that it's really warm at the wildlife center and I'm not really used to it. It doesn't help when all I've had to eat that day is a bottle of vanilla coke, a tootsie roll that was lying around, and a tater tot because Primrose was eating dinosaur chicken nuggets and tater tots. Tiffany noticed it too and said it was a lot colder last year.

You have two, you selfish bitch, says Emma. She was looking for a rock for the new rodo to perch on. When he arrived, he got popcorn and croutons in his box. Fancy.

The other rodo was attacked by a cooper's hawk, which ripped him open, penetrating the coelomic cavity and you can see parts of him that you shouldn't be able to see, including his synsacrum bone, which, by the way, means that his sacrum has vertebrae fused to it, and he has dyspnea so he may have punctured a lung. In other words, he's fucked, and he actually died under anesthesia. So I guess we've just deprived some poor Cooper's hawk of his breakfast. Cooper's hawks are one of two New England birds that hunt other birds. The other is the peregrine falcon and when they go after rodos, it usually kills them outright.
And this is why you should follow my livejournal instead of the Facebook page, because you can get all the gory gritty details and you get the War Against Silence style asides. I may get things wrong but at least I won't sanitize things or leave any loose ends.
Also, speaking of facebook and asides, this is why I no longer talk to Emma. It's not her fault. It's just that she uses the mobile version of Facebook and the messaging (I really am sleep deprived. The word is messenger, right, so, maybe I'll try to break down that word, messenging, messenge? No, that's not right at all) system on that is fucked up because that's web design 101: never ever ever give the mobile version all the features the desktop version has. But hey, at least links to crackpot Breitbart and Info Wars articles will make it through unfettered. Maybe you should try sending crackpot Breitbart and Info Wars articles through once the fake news fervor dies down. Maybe then they'll allow you to send messages to people you aren't friends with but want to be friends with and they'll also fix the messaging system. Most likely at the cost of alienating even more people from Facebook. But on the other hand, you're alienating people who want to send crackpot Breitbart and Info Wars articles.

Pixie frogs are South African. If you're wondering just why the fuck they're called pixie frogs when they're fucking huge, it's because of their taxonomic name Pyxicephalus, which means pyxis (that is to say, a cylindrical box used to hold cosmetics or jewelry, which in turn, gets its name from the boxwood tree, pyxos for those of you who miloún elliniká) head. They are not the largest amphibian, that would be the temnospondyl Prionosucuhus, nor the largest living amphibian, that would be the Chinese giant salamander, nor the largest frog, that would be the goliath frog.

Sig is short for Signe, a Norwegian name (I immediately thought of Sigillaria, which for the record, is a Carboniferous tree-like lycopsid-relative that grew up to 30 meters or 100 feet or half the height of a white pine or tulip tree but still impressive considering they're basically giant mosses, and look like giant forked bottle brushes, and then thought she meant Sigmar, which is a German male name and that she was Ashleyifiying it and maybe in a hundred years, all men will either be named John or have names that nobody wants anymore like Donald and Julian) and her snake is Oliver and her friend is Lucy. Lucy has a tattoo of a vampire bat, which you can see, and another tattoo of something I forgot that you can't see anyway because it's too cold for that. If Signe has any tattoos, none of them were visible. It is, after all, cold. I told them about the time I ran into a woman with a vampire squid tattoo and Lucy thinks deep sea creatures are amazing. Her favorite is the hagfish, although she thinks lampreys would make a better pet because they can live in salt water and in fresh water. Lampreys and hagfish are only superficially related. Lampreys have a proper vertebrate while hagfish have a spinal cord surrounded by cartilage but they have a partial skull made of bone. She says that people eat hagfish. This is true in Korea and possibly Japan. I guess that some fisherman had a really bad day where all he had were these slimy pink eel things, and then he mixed it with some red pepper sauce and garlic and thought, hey, these things are actually pretty good. I shouldn't make fun of them because I'm Italian and they eat fish semen in Italy.

I keep thinking that Google Translate has a new language but I'm not going to hold my breath for Occitan and Breton, not with French nationalism at a high.

I couldn't be fucked to make a resolution this year.

I was going to ask a question about our fucked up attitudes towards race, and why Democratic Underground is joining in with racist talking points (if the situation was reversed, this would be national news! and then attacking someone who pointed out that the situation was reversed and it got barely any attention, also we aren't hearing about how the victim was no angel and how The Chan isn't hacking into his social media like they did with Trayvon Martin), but...
burning question: STELLA! STELLA! Can't you hear me yella? You're putting me through hella. Stella? STELLA!


asakiyume at 2017-01-07 03:38 (UTC) (Link)
That's great about the swan--what a beautiful image, meeting up with that other swan.

Beavers are established in Kent (UK) at least!

My solution to your pixie frog question was going to be that maybe it was because the frogs were magical, like pixies, but your reason makes eminently more sense.
the room is full of ghosts
yamamanama at 2017-01-07 03:42 (UTC) (Link)
Magickal frogs are a treacherous sort. But I may just be saying that because it was people with Pepe the Frog avatars who brought the cheeto-faced ferret-wearing shitgibbon to power.
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