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the eleventh hour

Posted on December 13, 2016 at 5:09 pm
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There are only two gulls and two geese (and a few other animals that aren't as messy. Worry not, that includes the owls) but no interns. Lovely. We're getting a few more next week. And Jacob showed up.
Tyler showed up but only to pick up Bebe the Duck. He's working on an emu farm or something. They're like dinosaurs, he says. Australia lost a war against emus.
Tyler asked about seabirds and I'm like "nope, but we have a few barred owls" and Tiffany said they can be seabirds if you toss them in the ocean and Tyler said they'll evolve into seabirds.
He still uses rodo in everyday parlance and people get confused.
His mother bought a lemon tree and it died after a month.
That? That's just the nolvasan bucket. We're wondering why there's a heating pad in it.
I typed that thought with gloves on so I wrote cuckry and sound like a damn alt-right.
Screech owls have Napoleon complexes and always look hung over. This guy has one good eye and one eye that needs to be removed.
The barred owl with one good eye had an American flag towel curtain and Jacob said he was patriotic. Also, he broke the freaking perch. Meanwhile, Irvin had the theme to Knight Rider stuck in his head.
Looks like one of the barred owls we can't say anything until he has his flight test, while the other owl is getting an eye removed, and after that, we can't say.
The red-tailed hawk has some old fibrin in his eye.

Tiffany was off helping animals in North Dakota at the protests and she even brought a coot blown off course by a blizzard to a rehabber in Minneapolis and had to bring a cat to have his necrotic leg amputated and if nobody was around, she'd be like "gimme an axe". I don't think this is over, not when Exxon McRussia is the nominee for Secretary of State. She says that 2017 is going to be a dystopia. She says it hurts to breathe when it's -22 F. I can hardly imagine below zero. It is, on some mornings right before dawn, says Gabriella.
She saw trumpeter swans and grouse. Grouse have beauty pageants where the males present themselves and the females watch and the winner gets to mate with all the females. If we evolved from birds, we'd hold Mr. America beauty contests.
Gabriella says that she thinks hind leg amputations for cats is easier on the cat. There are debates about the humanity of releasing a prey animal and on the needs of predators.

As I am posting this after spending the last 30 hours not at the wildlife center, I have no idea if this is past or future: eider duck needs some feathers on her ventrum plucked. It's like a brood patch only messier. Supposedly we're getting a raccoon and if he's fat and otherwise healthy, we're sending him back to Plymouth.

Fire ants are taking over Australia and it's going to cost over 300 million dollarydoos.


Kara has purplinkle tips on her hair. The train was noisy enough that I thought Taylor said her name was Tina.
There was a woman on the green line with rose-hued hair.
A woman at the MFA had hair of teal and purple and I told her it reminded me of a rodo's feathers. She told me she never thought of it that way.

All of the sculptures in this room are made using an assemblage of ordinary materials. There is a sound sculpture by Bertola, rods arranged in a square, with a maquette you can play, and some brooches and a necklace of eyes. The Klimt and Niger Delta oil spill inspired Black River is there. Andrea's Trust looks like one of those Chinese rock formations they have outside only illuminated from within, made from tinted glass rods fused together with a blowtorch. In Mandarin Chinese, prosperity is a homophone of clothing.

There's an exhibit of Japanese female beauty standards, starting with the late Meiji period and showing off a recent gift of woodblock frontispieces from the turn of the century, and ending in the fascist period. We kind of forget that fascism has been shit for women mostly because of all the other horrors of fascism, and maybe because we have a lot of our own misogyny to come to terms with.

I mistook an ambiguously Asian woman for Anne.

There are over 200 species of owl (one order and two families) and I'm really surprised by that.
For comparison, there are 252 species of turtles and tortoises. They're also in one order but they're one of four reptilian orders.


Händel's Messiah was written for Easter and J.S. Bach's Christmas Cantata was written in six parts meant for six days starting with the 25th of December and ending on Twelfth Night and possibly cobbled together from earlier works. Part 5 was meant for the sunday after New Year's Day, while the 6th part was meant for January 6 and the 4th part would be played on New Year's, and I have no idea what happens if New Year's is on a Sunday itself, and the answer is, it doesn't matter because they were written for a specific year.
In modern times, Messiah is performed on Christmas even though I'm pretty sure only the first part relates to the holiday, and the Christmas Cantata is performed either as a whole or in two sessions of three parts each. In modern times, Christmas goes from Thanksgiving to Christmas Day, although some people leave their lights up until the new year, if not Twelfth Night.
G.F Handel and J.S. Bach were born in the same year but did not die in the same years despite what the booklet says.

He used a big chorus for the Christmas Cantata V because for a lot of these kids, it was their first time singing a Bach cantata.

I don't speak German but I know German when I hear it.
German has two types of second-person pronouns, the formal "sie", used for people of higher rank, and the informal "du", used for people close to you, and the text uses "du" to imply that maybe that role is played by Mary. English had formal and informal second person pronouns but not anymore. I wonder if people who speak two languages fluently have trouble thinking of words that don't exist in one of their languages.

Isaiah is a book of the old testament that is quoted very frequently in Messiah. I don't actually know for sure but I think it was written under Babylonian occupation.

The booklet said something about Durufle's Requiem, which I called a perfect elegy for summer and which Gabriella also loves. I looked it up and it's being performed but not in the same bat location or by the same bat ensemble, in March. I want to go but I have no idea what the weather will be like.

Most of what I told Gabriella I have already told Ashley, and by proxy, you. One thing I told Ashley about that I didn't bring up with Gabriella is the rodentophagy, mostly because Trump is doing exactly what I thought he would do.
I didn't bring up the safety pins with Ashley or with you so I'll bring up what I said to Gabriella: I'm sad that we have to doubt ourselves because of hot-take think pieces. For what it's worth, Priya (I would guess ગુજરાતી but I'm not sure), Tiffany (ᎠᏂᏴᏫᏯ), and Aury (Boricua) are all supportive of the movement.
I'm wondering if safety pins are still a thing. If they aren't, it's because of those think pieces.

Germany recovered from Hitler but 80 million people died in the war and in the camps and artistic movements were extinguished and the world is still fucked up and everything that's fucked up about the world can be traced in some way to Hitler. We shouldn't have to recover from fascism, we should be preventing it instead.

The Summer Isles is set in a fascist Britain where Britain lost World War I but meanwhile, Kaiser Wilhelm is still around and has Hitler in jail. Wake Up And Dream is set in the US where there's a lot of anxiety about FDR drawing the USA into World War II and there's a new far-right party fronted by an open anti-semite with its own paramilitary and people are expressing dissatisfaction via protest vote. That sounds familiar, doesn't it?
I haven't told Ashley about Wake Up And Dream yet but I will. I did tell her about The Summer Isles.
PS: do your fucking job, Google. I shouldn't have trouble finding a site I was looking at earlier in the day using more specific search strings.

I'm glad it was Monday and not, say, Saturday. Yeah, it snowed, but it was mostly gone, and it was above freezing. The wind is the worst part.
It's supposed to get progressively colder this week. Shit, it's not even winter yet.

Gabriella once got on the Alewife train when she meant to get on the Braintree train. And by once, I mean recently. I said that at least it's not the Green Line. She says that the drunk guys who missed their stop were concentrating too hard on walking properly.
She's been to DC but has never been on the metro, where most of the underground stations look exactly the same. There are a few that look different, either because they're an intersection of lines or because they were built later with less budget.
I've never missed a train stop. Except for that one time I deliberately stayed on when the train stopped at the MFA just to see what's there.
Gabriella knows the answer: not much.

She's been to Taiwan from May to mid-July and it gets hot there. She's also been to Egypt, starting in Cairo and heading upriver to Aswan.
She says that the depths of the ocean are unexplored. Mostly because it's freaky down there. I saw this post on Tumblr once about how the scariest thing about the ocean isn't sharks or giant squids, it's the emptiness.
Although our garbage ends up there.

burning question: Who peed on this owl? Maybe it was a ferret. They have that same musky odor.

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