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bonds of friendship

Posted on November 29, 2016 at 5:29 pm
Mood: Zanthoxylum
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I'm not the kind of person who laughs at their own jokes and remarks about geese pooping everywhere but the towel but I laughed because Ashley has the most infectious laugh. Her voice is willowy and breathy.
Her pendant is but a cheap trinket but but I like its pleochroism.

Ashley likes jazz and folk and indie poptimism and other eclectic things and wanted to go to jazz fest and is intrigued by the idea of a Celtic jazz band. She gets her music taste from listening to NPR. She played clarinet for four years when she was younger and, much like Zofia, sounded like a dying duck when doing so.
She's going to see a Celtic Christmas concert, which is cool. She says she's like two thirds Irish which isn't mathematically possible, although you could maybe approximate two thirds with 21/32 or 43/64, as if I couldn't tell by her paleness. You can't tell because there's no picture of her here so you'll just have to take my word for it. And the fact that they think Ashley is a girl's name, like they've never played Vagrant Story or Wild Arms 2 or Final Fantasy IX or seen Evil Dead, geez.
Last year I spent most of December listening to Carmina Burana out of spite.
My finger was bleeding.

I really thought Castro would die on April 1st and we wouldn't even realize he was dead for 30 years because everyone would think it's an April Fools joke. I said to her that the 20th century was fading away, and it's just too bad that the 21st century isn't any better, that the lessons of the 20th century are fading away too. If only I could remember that quote.

Her stepfather's brother's girlfriend, which I guess there's a word for in Chinese or Hungarian, has a cat named My Boobs, so they'd say to people "you want to see my boobs?" and they'd show them the cat. Something like that. Something risque. Maybe it was My Balls, which would mean he's dating Lucahjin.
She has a cat named Autumn because he's a big tabby the color of maple leaves in autumn or Autty for short because he's odd, which is funny because I'm pretty sure Jessica has a cat named Spring and because Caitlin has a cat named Leaf. She misheard that as "Beef" which she found hilarious and then I laughed. She likes the idea of a cat named Dog. Autumn has a meow that sounds a lot like a trumpet and he gets very offended if you don't respond to his mewling. Autumn has only two teeth left.
She has a shizu dog named Bandit because he's black and white and has black around his eyes and it hides his identity and makes him look like a professional waylayer. He's four years old and spends 23 hours of a day sleeping and the other hour eating and using the bathroom.
I'm also pretty sure I had this conversation with her but not in this much detail.
She once saw an opossum in her parking space and her stepdad had to move it with a hockey stick.
She loves my loon vocalization and wants to see the dovekie because she likes penguins and wants to see the golden pheasant. I checked and I have a photo probably from Wikipedia, but if there are any photos of the pheasant at the wildlife center a few years back, I ain't finding them.
She saw an ornament depicting a pug wearing a santa hat and a Christmas pug shirt and she wants a Shizu ornament.

Her stepdad was in Australia once. She says that kangaroos are considered a pest there.
I said to her that this whole fricking election had foreign manipulation up the wazoo so it's really no surprise someone from Australia is pushing Pizzagate on us and propagating made up hate crimes so they can eventually point out that they made up the stories in order to discredit actual victims.

She feels like she's living in a weird nightmare or absurdist dystopia or Burma.
"Ha ha, Donald Trump was president and then Lisa Simpson had to clean up, ho ho, on The Simpsons, that's really funny, ha ha ha, satanic pizza parlors, what a nut, that guy even believes in demonic possession. In a few years, we'll forget this ever happened. But in real life, it's just weird and scary." I said that maybe they'll realize that Trump's a loose cannon but then we'd have Pence in the white house and I have to hand it to him, that was really clever. Like how he's putting Nicki Haley in a meaningless UN Ambassador position to promote one of his supporters to governor of South Carolina.
He's not going to bring back any jobs. Coal mining isn't coming back. They just want to blame brown people for their problems.
Nobody cares what Trump said about women. It's all BENGHAZI and E-MAILS and PIZZAGATE. Airplanes that spray aerosolized flu vaccine. I wish airplanes sprayed out aerosolized flu vaccine.
I wasn't super optimistic, with Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, South Korea, and The Philippines reverting to authoritarianism. Yes, for a while, everything was joyous and exuberant and beautiful but I even commented on its fleeting nature when I said I partied like it's 1932. Which the alt-right stole for me, except they're partying like it's 1933, which completely changes the meaning. "Party like it's 1932" means "we're screwed, so let's just make the most of it."

The far right is ascendant and meanwhile the left is tearing at itself and she agrees with me that the democratic party should not abandon feminism or identity politics or social justice.

Yes, there was definitely a sea change towards a rural, white working class, agrarian Republican party and an urban, cosmpolitan democrat party.
I asked what she thinks would happen if we got rid of the electoral college and both parties concentrated on urban populations, if there would still be a two party system on a national level and if there was, if they'd represent new ideologies.
I don't know if you can predict something like that but it would be nice if the socially conservative somewhat white nationalist (or maybe it's the other way around) party was reduced to a mere regional party.

She was up at one AM after a brief nap and when she was out shopping, the place was packed at the wee hours of the morning. I can't quite visualize what she said because I've only been there a few times. She went to bed upon getting home. I said that I'd probably stay up until 2 but I only made it to 11:54. I didn't sleep on Friday morning, after all.
I don't get Black Friday. I also don't get online shopping, or self-driving cars for that matter. I think we need that human interaction in our lives.

I tried to explain someone's post on probably Hipinion about a video game where you run a country and eventually 80% of the population are employed in a countrywide public transit system.
The Mad Geniuses want the opposite: depopulate cities by moving businesses to the suburbs and dismantle mass transit because it only serves to move people in and out of cities and not to move them around the periphery. One of them said minimum wage is designed to prop up cities and hobble rural areas.
And that's why I deliberately excluded writers when I said I'm drawn to, with profuse apologies for the pun, artists, actors, musicians, eccentrics, dreamers, and revolutionaries.

I don't bring gel pens with me because Tina is my spirit animal. A is for asthma but S H L E Y aren't for anything about taking breath away.

Some of the things I told her I told you about already.
I told her about Dr. O with the reminder to search for the youtube channel Pernicious Paradise as well, because otherwise, you get Dr. Oz and I didn't ask for Dr. Oz. Nobody asks for Dr. Oz. Okay, maybe Bebe the Duck asks for Dr. Oz.
I'm glad I talked to her even though she may not know exactly what I'm going through and I hope she never does. I'm very happy for her emotional support. As long as there are people like Ashley in the world, everything is going to be ok.


The wildlife center kitchen reeked of death and prison wine. Aury had some fruit salad out and they were starting to ferment.

Speaking of prison wine, the blue jay was still at it, this time with grapes and liquefaction. He's one fat blue jay. We're miracle workers, says Aury. Actually, we aren't, we just forgot to consider the towel.
The crow is a fish crow (Corvus ossifragus).

Someone moved the goose I told Ashley about, and Tiffany said his cage was well coordinated, as I placed a blue and white towel bordered by a rose print bedsheet.
Of course he'll shit all over it.
He's afraid of the dark. Normally, when we wrap them up, they calm down but he just tried to bite the sheet. He probably has parasites. Tiffany compares him to Igor from Fly Away Home.

The other goose is emaciated and autocorrect thought I wanted to write Emaciayed, which isn't a word, at least, not in English. We did a plop x-ray, which isn't great for finding anything broken, but at least we didn't find any bright white spots.

We have a feisty red-tailed hawk who grabbed the gauntlet from Aury.

The seagull is probably going to go back to Hull and eat french fries very soon. The guy who brought him in will be very happy.

"Oh cool, my breakfast was late, thanks. This is not what I want."

Despite what I told Leah and Ashley, the owl does have some kind of eye trauma in one eye, and his coracoid is displaced, and we're confident that he'll heal but we don't know if he'll be releasable when he does. We're contemplating keeping him as an educational animal but barred owls aren't great in captivity. Look, I'm not there every day and Jack... I have no idea where Jack is.

And despite what I told them, Bebe the duck didn't find a home yet. Tyler showed up to check out Bebe. Bebe's physical exam said "it's a duck." As far as we can tell, Bebe's a female muscovy duck, but it is a juvenile.

Zack says that screech owls are our most common owls, followed by barred, followed by great horned, followed by barn. I think he forgot saw-whet owls exist.
He said we once had an eagle but it died on arrival. Somebody called us up to tell us he saw an eagle. It was all right, he just wanted to let us know he saw one.
Bald eagles are a great demonstration of just how well environmentalism works, and a perfect metaphor to what will happen under a president who wants to dismantle the EPA.
I did a perfectly passable imitation of an Ashley Grant imitation and a really bad imitation of Dennis Franz imitating Homer Simpson. I sounded like Kratman, or at least, the way I imagine Kratman sounds like.

Sydney has hair streaks of green and blue and violet and gold.

Rob could have gave us really bad news but he didn't because it was monday. I wonder what that bad news could be. The good news is that the bacteria Bdellovibro, which devours other bacteria much like an Alien, can be used to fight drug-resistant infections.

I found this on the front desk. Check them out.

It's my dog's birthday today. It's also the birthday of the guy with the pet rats.

burning question: will Steven Crowder be the featured comedian at the WHCD?


asakiyume at 2016-12-06 21:50 (UTC) (Link)
A person could use lines of your blog as jumping-off points for poems or stories--lines like

The wildlife center kitchen reeked of death and prison wine.

I like how you describe Ashley's laugh. And is it **her** stepfather's brother' girlfriend who had the cat named My Boobs or My Balls?

the room is full of ghosts
yamamanama at 2016-12-06 23:28 (UTC) (Link)
Yeah, it is. I'm pretty sure it's My Boobs.
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