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a cartographic analysis of the dream state

Posted on November 22, 2016 at 12:51 am
Mood: neodiprion
Now Playing: Green Day - Ashley
Leah and I started talking about art because recently in a fit of boredom she had drawn a flower on her hand in blue pen. Her favorite kind of owl is the barred owl. I had to make sure she didn't think I said barn owl, and she's only seen those at zoos and finds them kind of creepy, because I know only three people outside the wildlife center including Leah (the other two are Katie who I kept calling Kate, partially because that's what I thought she went by and partially to distinguish her from a Katie at the wildlife center, and a woman who was once kept up by a territorial dispute between barred owls) who knew what a barred owl was. I didn't show her the picture I found on their facebook page because I forgot I had it but I'll show it to her the moment I see her again.
She said to me "you haven't applied to art school?" and she said that she wanted to take a sketchbook with her on public transit too. I wonder if her wave goodbye was flirtatious or if I'm just looking into things too hard.

I had an uneasy sleep that night. First a normal dream, or at least, a normal dream by my standards, and one that I don't remember, and then a teeth dream, which Zack once talked about in a psychology class, and then a dream where Gamingforce came back up and had a fuckton of posts. So uneasy, in fact, that I didn't go back to sleep despite it being only 7:30.

We had a resident barred owl at the wildlife center before we got Falco, says Zack, and we apparently had a barn owl as well.

Zack wonders just who has dreams about things like Bush and Cheney assassinating historical figures while dressed as cowboys riding in a flux capacitor equipped stagecoach whilst evading the Joker who was trying to kill them for stealing his idea.
He has dreams about doing paperwork.
Someone once posed the thought of a dream city within all of us.

I think the only good thing to come out of these nominations is that I won't be eating that rat.
He heard something about Fiorina as press secretary. I can't find anything so it might just be a rumor.
Ben Carson is the only medical doctor he's ever heard of who rejects the theory of evolution. Thankfully, he rejected a cabinet position because the only reason he ran for president at all is to promote his book.
Sarah Palin is being considered for Secretary of the Interior.

Now I'm hearing Gabbard, who has never met an authoritarian she doesn't like, is under consideration for Secretary of State or Defense. Somewhere where her only redeeming quality won't actually matter. The Jackpine Radicals, AKA Democratic Underground's nuttier, Bernier cousin is praising this move. At least she won't run for president after this. Well, she could, I guess, but I hope the Bernie Bros will dismiss her as nothing more than a traitor to their cause. The ones that weren't just a fifth column for Trump.

Matt says I need to make a bet with someone else and that I need to define "good presidency" if the economy does get better but he puts a bunch of people the alt-right disapproves of in concentration camps. He's the one who ate a cockroach. He says the most disgusting thing he's ever eaten is a silkworm cocoon, which has the texture of a marshmallow and the taste of infected pus-filled sore. Or at least, what he imagines an infected pus-filled sore to taste like.

Building the equivalent of the Himalayas on the Mexico-US border is a major ecological concern.

I was going to ask a burning question because I was going to look up the name Santoso (It's Javanese, by the way, so if I registered Ashby Santoso on the Muslim List, it would make sense) about why the plant store had it's own wifi network, and the answer is twofold: for cash register security and because the wildlife center's wifi sucks.
Perfectly reasonable explanations, the second one more so.

We have a crow who was shot. I'll update you regularly, Asakiyume.
The barred owl has a coracoid fracture but we're optimistic that the stuff we're seeing in the eye is just inflammation. He knocked off his curtain so he was clacking at people. Leah will be pleased to hear this.
The swan that was headbobbing went to the Great Bathtub in the Sky according to me or Heaven or wherever it is swans go according to Aury. He was replaced with this swan Rob and Tiffany chased through the woods, and Tiffany ended up carrying it and found herself drenched in swan blood. Either he drunk all his water or he just sat in it and soaked it all up. He did a good job getting fluids and meds so he got a cool curtain (an Australia-themed towel) as a reward.
A goose that shit all over everything in the cage except for the towels.
A dark-eyed junco.
A blue jay who was apparently trying to make his own prison wine out of blueberries.
Another goose.
A squirrel that probably has fleas or mites.
A spotted turtle only a bit larger than a quarter.
Animal Control brought us a goose they found in the wastewater treatment plant. Our plan is to put him in the bathtub in Enrichment and hose all the shit off of him.
On the snapping turtle, the red is being replaced with white fibrous tissue. We smear raw unpasteurized honey on the wound to sterilize it and promote healing.
Back in the day, people used hydrogen peroxide enemas. I had to make sure I heard that correctly.

Samantha has a green amazon parrot named Oscar who is normally talkative but not in these situations.

I'm really digging the lighting in the elevator. It goes from O to B to A to F.

Priya wore a safety pin with an owl bead.

Music has always been political and will always be political.
burning question: are people still shocked and surprised that Green Day have strong political stances?


asakiyume at 2016-11-22 13:27 (UTC) (Link)
That's amazing that you use honey to sterilize the wound. I know honey is sterile but--wow, it's just cool. Like people using maggots to clean wounds.

I went on a hike with some friends, and we somehow got to talking about how some desert creatures' urine is the consistency of honey, and then I had to go and say, "I wonder if you could cook with it." Ewwww. Looking like honey isn't the same as being like honey.

A blue jay who was apparently trying to make his own prison wine out of blueberries. Sounds like a story! What are the details?

Tiffany ended up carrying it and found herself drenched in swan blood. This, too, sounds like something in a story, specifically a fairy tale. The reality I'm sure was fairly awful.
the room is full of ghosts
yamamanama at 2016-11-22 16:17 (UTC) (Link)
We were actually talking about maggots and leeches in medicine.

The blueberries smelt like they were starting to ferment.
gneu at 2016-11-22 17:52 (UTC) (Link)
I did google the images of both those owls.

I'm shocked that Green Day still look like the kids they were 20 years ago.
fansee at 2016-11-23 01:54 (UTC) (Link)
are people still shocked and surprised that Green Day have strong political stances?

I'd be shocked if Green Day didn't have strong political stances.

I need to define "good presidency" if the economy does get better but he puts a bunch of people the alt-right disapproves of in concentration camps.

O.K., full employment, low inflation, and a strong dollar vs. people locked up without benefit of trial because of their ethnicity or political views? Yeah, that's a toughie. FanSee
the room is full of ghosts
yamamanama at 2016-11-23 02:37 (UTC) (Link)
I think the bad things would outweigh any accomplishments so there would be no rat-eating.
fansee at 2016-11-23 03:26 (UTC) (Link)

No transient economic bump can off-set wholesale damage done to people's lives. FanSee
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