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nothing but grief

Posted on November 09, 2016 at 5:35 pm
Mood: fraxinus
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I did what I could. I'm sorry. You deserve a better world.

I said I never want to hear anything about Wikileaks but there's a conspiracy theory involving pizza being a SEKRET PEDOPHILE CODE WORD. I'm not sure if Libertarian--Princess is a real right-winger or if it's a satirical page by a left-winger. But Shadowdancer Duskstar is eating that up.
Leave that demon stuff to faerie tales.
Fuck me with a chainsaw, I can't believe that actually worked.

Alright, now I'm done with Wikileaks.

I said that I would bring up the worst case scenario for a Clinton victory and I will, only because it's the default setting for a Trump victory. The Democrats give up on social justice and identity politics because they figure they still need that somewhat xenophobic white working class who were swayed to Trump because they recognize him on TV and he promised to get rid of brown people and playing into their fears of a society no longer dominated by white evangelicals and all those old-style liberals and moderates who throw around slurs like regressive left and SJW. Mark my words, once the initial shell shock is over, they'll crawl back up the European far right's ass. I don't know, Democratic Underground is down right now but a few days ago, they were already attacking the SPLC for having a profile on Ayaan Hirsi Ali and were talking about how they know a bunch of people who voted for Clinton but straight Republican for everything else because the hard left isn't pandering to their deep-seated fear of all things Muslim. People who think that white privilege doesn't exist because there are poor whites. People who think that it's the Black Lives Matter protests that are setting back race relations.

And then just sprinkle on legitimizing of alt-right and other fringe right politics. Kirk of According To Hoyt and The Mad Genius Club saying that boycotting isn't enough and advocating the extrajudicial killing of left-wing journalists and artists, and yes, I know that Kirk was specifically saying Soros György should get a bullet between the eyes but in context, someone else, CeliaHayes, I think but can't be fucked to check, was saying not to watch films by left-wingers and not go to their concerts and not read their books and Kirk was addressing that. Sentiments like "A female has nothing to offer beyond her physical appeal, so there is no benefit to society in the short or long term if she is fat." At least with even the most marginal of Hillary victories, the alt-right and redpillers would crawl back into their man-caves.

Ashley looked despondent, but then again, she always has a despondent, fey look. Her eyes are the color of emeralds, hope, youth, joy, victory. She fell asleep somewhen during the election and woke up disappointed. She'd make a better president than Trump, but then again, so would the dead weasel glued to Trump's head.
I told her the story of the finch.
Christine, or was it Christina, was up all night. She wonders if Hillary will run again and I say no.
I woke up at four in the hopes that maybe Michigan and Wisconsin would turn and instead got a Trump victory and Republican control of Congress and much profanity. I tried to get back to sleep after that, hoping that maybe there's still votes yet to be counted, ended up awake at 5:30, when it's still dark but there's really no point in trying to get back to sleep, listened to some Lady Pills and Radiohead and Quilt, the former because they're feminist, the latter two because they're melancholic and fey, a far cry from Arthur Bliss' Colour Symphony and Sister Suffragette from Mary Poppins.
Say what you will about 2016, it's a good year for music.

Someone's reviewing every episode of The Simpsons in order and his take away from one of the episodes is "It's hard for an intelligent and qualified woman to beat a loud and stupid man."

I wrote this before I tried to get to sleep. I'm not even angry right now. I just feel a mix of fear, disgust, and sadness, an emptiness in my heart. My friends feel the same way and I learned that holy shitsnacks, there are a lot of ads on Facebook and they are all very intrusive.
burning question: what did I fucking tell you guys about moving to swing states in order to turn them blue? What did you accomplish but giving the Republicans more electoral votes? You're doing it all wrong. Fellow left-wingers, we need to accept that North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Texas, et al, are all lost causes, and so you need to live in more reliably democratic states so we can have the electoral votes we need and deserve.

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