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aftermath and after

Posted on November 23, 2015 at 11:47 pm
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I feel like the left, or what little remains of them, will see Hollande as a traitor to their cause, while the right won't find him heavy-handed enough.

Here's a dream triptych: Homer and Bart hold competing film festivals which are just clips from ultraviolent shock films. It's animated with cels, so the Simpsons characters look normal but they're against photorealistic backgrounds, a lot like Archer. Morty got a date with Jessica so he dressed up as a purple monkey. They're all sitting outside. Everything is gray and brown, so either it's the dead of winter, or it's after a nuclear apocalypse. Clamps uses his clamps to open a truck. It's in the same post-apocalyptic MA suburb.

I can't find All Those Vanished Engines but maybe somewhere else will have it. I couldn't find The Summer Queen but I found out that Tor reprinted The Snow Queen. Instead, I got the next Burton and Swinburne novel and something called The Vorrh that looked interesting.
Now that I think about it, it doesn't really make sense to rerelease The Summer Queen without releasing The Snow Queen first. I'm hoping this means World's End and The Summer Queen are soon to follow.

Northern white rhinos are functionally extinct. Nola was 41 when she died and the others aren't much younger. So scientists are going to try to hybridize them with the southern white rhino, which is doing a lot better. Part of me thinks that the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and South Sudan are places even poachers don't want to visit while Zimbabwe is suffering a poacher infestation, so it would be the other way around, the other part of me thinks that those countries are so wracked and ruined by war that scamming peasants with promises of virility is their only source of a decent income. What I'm saying is that scarcity is going to bring the price of northern white rhino horn well beyond the reach of anyone ignorant and uneducated to believe in its magical powers, and that anybody looking for the thrill of the hunt isn't going to be hanging around the worst war zones on the planet.

On the other hand, a pygmy hippopotamus at some zoo gave birth and if you can think of a bad pun involving hippos, feel free to suggest a name.

We used medication meant for swine on the turtle with pneumonia.

One hawk has been at the wildlife center since January and I'm not sure what his story is, one is recent and was attacked by turkeys.

I thought that was the first time I've seen a live adult opossum, but there was that one time we released one and she ran off and left five of her babies behind.

Tyler says he's never seen a case of mercury poisoning. Maybe it's a problem in sea birds which we tend to get in winter, since it's a problem in fish, or maybe we aren't seeing many cases now that we've moved away from an industrial economy to a post-industrial economy. Lead's a problem because there's probably about a century's worth of lead bullets and lead sinkers. If humans were to disappear tomorrow, lead poisoning in waterfowl would be a problem for at least another century. On the other hand, cases of rodenticide poisoning in raptors would probably cease after a month or two.
I don't know, I was reading about people hollowing out the tips of bullets and filling them with mercury which is supposed to make the bullets explode or something but probably ends up simply causing mercury poisoning but these people were hunting Muslims, not raptors.

We have a squirrel who was raised by humans for four years and we're trying to get him integrated with other adult squirrels.

The rabbit's still with us but she's not doing very well; she has osteomyelitis and cellulitis and the joints in her leg are gone and it's just like one big fucked up bone. We can't use our standard antibiotic because that makes rabbits sick and I can hazard a guess as to why.

Jean really hates dentistry and really hates the fact that we're not getting the "guillotine" until she leaves. Don't worry, it's not a real guillotine, it's just a device that holds the animal's head in place and holds their mouth open so the vet doesn't need two people with sticks or q-tips or whatever, so it reduces our work to monitoring them and holding the knockout gas in place.

The cockatoos sounded a bit like Melt Banana or maybe a door with rusted hinges barking. One of them likes to grab the hats off of people's heads and then toss them.

burning question: Why do we drink cow milk?! Who's the first guy who thought, "I think I'll drink whatever comes out of these things when I squeeze 'em!"?


to this we've come

Posted on November 16, 2015 at 10:15 pm
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Some thoughts regarding the post-Paris fallout:
Come to think of it, the burning of refugee centers and the closure of borders and the proposals of nationalist militias like the European Volunteer Guard and FreeRepublic's freakout over a google doodle depicting minority veterans happened before the attacks, not after them, so maybe in a way this is fallout from the burning refugee centers and stabbings, because that makes a lot more sense than ISIS helping the Lebanon-Syria-Iraq-Iran axis and their Russian puppetmasters. The result is the same, of course, pain and sorrow, confusion and death.

A book about fourth generation warfare, which preaches no distinction between armed and unarmed, between uniformed and ununiformed, was a bestseller (in its category, which sometimes doesn't say much) before the attacks.

Muslims are condemning the attacks, and meanwhile, the far-right is still praising Breivik. So I think the idea that Paris was backlash isn't going to make any fascists and alt-rightists reconsider their position.

Republicans can call themselves moderate all they want, but they're still trying to appeal to the [name removed] of the world and their deep-seated fear of all things alien. This means you, Charlie Baker.
Of course, we all know the real reason they don't want refugees and that's because they won't vote Republican.

Overthrowing Saudi Arabia sounds like a good idea on paper but if Democratic Underground has their way, it's not going to be replaced with a democracy, it's going to be replaced with an Assad/Mubarak/Gadaffi style secular authoritarian quasi-republic in Russia's sphere of influence. You know, despite Russia being even more imperialistic than any Western country and making it a criminal offense to "promote homosexuality."
I said this about Hollande, that if I was French and I wanted antiziganism and a war to benefit the Lebanon-Syria-Iraq-Iran axis and the Russians pulling their strings, I'd vote for Le Pen or at least Sarkozy.
I'll say the same thing about some "liberal" asking why the right has to have all the anti-Islam fervor for itself: if I wanted xenophobia, I'd vote for Donald fucking Trump.

Janelle was listening to a guy talk about Burmese religious terrorism. It's funny because in Laos, the monasteries and monks are a force for good. I guess it's because Laos isn't a brutal military dictatorship.
The saddest thing about Burma is that the government's policy towards Rakhines isn't any nicer and they're is deliberately stoking tensions.

When I say that nobody can outdo Partisangirl for classless responses, that's not an invitation to say something worse. Breitbart, not being content with a mere anti-Islam fervor, asked themselves "hmm, how can we turn public opinion against black people?" found some photos on Facebook or Instagram, you know, something not easily traced back due to Facebook's absolute blockade on the wider internet, and tweeted #fuckparis in order to stir up shit. And it's not the first time they've pulled that shit either.

I don't think any opinions were actually changed and that pleases me.

Meanwhile, at the wildlife center:
I found the Human book on a windowsill and immediately went to the pages about the endocrine system. It had a diagram showing the glands, had a bit about insulin and a bit about adrenaline and a bit about melatonin and its possible role in seasonal affective disorder and fuck all about serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine.

Tyler thinks the bunny died, alas. Bethany wasn't around so I wasn't able to ask her. Tammy was new so I'm not sure she would know, and besides, I think she was carrying around a piece of the Black Wall of Jerusalem with her and promptly vanished into a land of harpies, of buddha-toads, of woman-whirlwinds, of centaur-angels.

Someone in England rescued a deer fetus from a dead doe.
This is part of why we don't take in orphaned deer: if they don't socialize with other deer, they become too accustomed to humans and end up in that no man's land between domesticated and wild.

We had a DeKay's brown snake, and Tyler jokingly said "we wait until Jean's gone to play with the snake." We had two painted turtles; one of them was a baby who may have had pneumonia, and when we took x-rays, there was only a bit of blurriness in his lungs, also, there's a soft spot but that's just where the umbilicus was; one of them was an adult who was hit with a car and part of his tail is missing. We had a rock dove that was covered in cooking oil, which gets cleaned off with dishwashing soap. Cooking oil isn't toxic like petroleum would be but it still fucks with the bird's waterproofing and if he was exposed to rain or snow, he'd probably die from hypothermia.

It was Pick On Tyler Day. Even fate shat on Tyler; the turtle was shedding, I guess, and some of the parts of the zip-ties keeping his shell together fell off while Tyler was taking x-rays. Cranial-caudal and lateral, by the way, involves taping the turtle to a box.

Tyler spoke of a manatee off the shores of Cape Cod and a beluga in the Taunton river and repairing the hinge on a giant clam.

Tyler found a woolly bear caterpillar and couldn't decide if it was dead or just rigid from being picked up and moved.

Allison had three rats: Jack Pine, Holly, and Juniper. They're all evergreens but holly (ilex) and sea holly (acanthus) and sea holly (eryngium) are angiosperms and juniper and jack pines are gymnosperms. Jack Pine is a tan adult male who's going to enjoy the last few days of his manhood. Holly is a dark gray female with a white patch on her underside. Juniper is a white female with a tan face. I got to hold Holly.

burning question: And will those feet in modern times walk upon England's mountains green? And will the Centaur-Angel be on England's pleasant pastures seen?


phantom and a rose

Posted on November 12, 2015 at 6:11 pm
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I told Francis "Nice life jacket. Afraid you're gonna drown?" He said "wrong color," because his vest was blue and not orange. Back to the Future is one of his favorite movies and he of course watched the second one on that day.
"Once in a lifetime" unless you have time travel, in which case, you can relive that moment whenever you want.

Rose looks a lot like Hannah. She doesn't quite look like Kate but enough like Kate that I mistook her for Kate at first. That means nothing to you, I know. Sara has purple in her hair. And I'm defaulting to Sarah even though I prefer the spelling Sara. Sara and Francis say they're unable to draw animate things on a moving train. Sara recently received a bachelor's degree in art but Francis hasn't and that's because he's a slacker. I would have told him that but I thought of it while walking up the stairs at Park Street after I made like a tree and got off the train.

We actually encountered the guy who sounds like a preaching frog. I tuned him out, mostly because the train was really loud and because his ideas have already occurred to other people and it's an oversimplification of things and makes a lot of assumptions and Barry doesn't like being made ass and I was already engaged in a conversation about Back to the Future and art. I'm pretty sure I rolled my eyes, and I think Rose giggled about it. He made like a tree at JFK, most likely to repeat Pascal's wager on another train car.

The conductor was really excited.

There was a guy at the MFA who looked like a guy I knew in college except he had a wave of electric blue hair.

In Marilyn Arsem's 100 Ways to Consider Time, the artist sits in the gallery (on Day 3, she sat at a table with polished stones and an hourglass) for six hours and when she is not present, a recording of her voice is, and after 100 days, all that will be left is our memories and retellings of the event, and according to the website, you can send your own experiences and perceptions on time with the museum. Note that they encourage you to share this via Twitter or Instagram, not via Facebook, which is too isolated. Or you could try Tumblr or Livejournal.

The woman doing the performance would be there for a while but sometimes I can't rely on people to stay for as long as I want them to, even though they sometimes do stay long enough for a good portrait, like a man with the bushy mustache, a bald man, and a woman with glasses writing down her thoughts on spacetime, and sometimes don't stay long enough, like the guy making a contemplative look with his hand.
She did not deign to share her views on spacetime with the world and instead took the card with her, so instead I'll share these view on spacetime.
I used to point at
......elephants in the room
.................all rooms

time is growth.
time is decay.

time is now. Perhaps an everpresent series of nows. Time is a circle with no beginning and no end.

I asked what happened to the portraits and she said they were on loan and I'm hoping they didn't get painted over unless that was their intent, like how we're all realizing that the internet of five years ago is not the internet of today, and I don't think it's necessarily an improvement.

Elizabeth (perhaps, or perhaps not, because I've forgotten her name, even though it was on a name tag) was showing off the tools used to carve stone along with a model and a work in progress.
Something like soapstone could be placed in a tomb but shouldn't be left out and exposed to weather, while marble is pretty durable until the acid rains started falling.
This one guy, quite a bit older than I am, said he just started doing art four years ago. Good for him; it's never too late to start.
I was looking for something by Yves Tanguy and found that instead. I may have seen a Tanguy painting when I was in New York but it would have been great to see a Tanguy painting while I'm reading a book with Tanguy as one of the characters. The Dream Years by Lisa Goldstein, if you're wondering.

There's a gallery of Sòng Dynasty art opening soon.

One woman there looked like she stepped out of an alternate 2015, not quite Back to the Future's 2015 but something unlike our 2015 of muted colors. Her blonde hair was in pigtails, she wore glasses with clear plastic frames and a spring jacket of bright fuchsia and dark blue, a cream-colored shirt and camo-patterned pants and bright pink combat boots, and she had plenty of facial piercings.
Her companions weren't quite as outlandish: red shirt and overalls and short black hair, purple hoodie and see-through hello kitty themed bag and she had a yellow jacket slung over her shoulder and a pin that said that men can stop rape. If you ask me, they can start by not making excuses for rapists and not supporting a certain country with rape prisons in their war against ISIS, and maybe we can stop giving rapists a voice. Ah, blogspot, ah, wordpress, where even the spambots/scambots are racist.
I think they were talking about things being used as bongs. Nope, if you want to see a bong, go to the Worcester Art Museum.

Katherine's mint colored jacket is normally as bright as 2015's clothing gets. Andrea used the Italian pronunciation (something like Ahn-draay-ah) for her name, which is weird because Andrea's a male name in Italy. Well, not really weird, because all names are going to become female eventually. Incidentally, I can't remember if Andrea's coat was the color of rust or the color of a calla lily's spadix.

She wasn't Sara. And by that, I mean a different Sara, who will one day claim her rightful position as Queen of All Cats from someone named Rae. I saw Sara the other day so I'm pretty sure some deity isn't using her body for his own purposes. Sara has blue eyes and no noticeable accent, this woman had very dark brown eyes and an accent, and she wore a plaid coat and a scarf with a gray and black checkerboard pattern. Both of them have very black hair and a similar style of clothing.

I can't tell if one of the women I sketched was monologuing and recording it or having a conversation on a phone. There are changes, they're just really subtle. When I was in college, people wore multicolored and patterned rain boots and now people wear solid-colored boots instead.

I think some other people were talking about time travel.

burning question: if you ever found yourself in the year 20999, would you call it "two hundred and nine ninety-nine" or "twenty nine-hundred-and-nine?" or maybe something else?


unknown color

Posted on November 09, 2015 at 6:47 pm
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I couldn't find the human book anywhere. I don't know where it is nor who to blame for its disappearance. I did find in the bookstore a children's book about an orange tabby cat named Katy, and I guess that makes sense, because female orange tabbies are uncommon, not impossible. In a way, it's like colorblind human women, and by that, I mean, it's exactly like colorblind human women. Remember when I said the calicos have the gene O attached to part of the X chromosome that isn't included in the Y chromosome, and if they don't have that gene, they get black fur instead? Katy has that O gene on both of her sex chromosomes.

That book, of course, contains nothing on the endocrine system.

I also found a book on mammals. While awesome, it doesn't really delve deep in the various organ systems common to mammals.

Kyra wasn't around and the ceramic tiger had his witch hat replaced with a thanksgiving-themed bandana around his neck.

We had a goose with a rather high amount of lead in his blood, and we don't know if it's chronic, in which case, the damage has already been done and he's fucked, or if it's acute, in which case, we can deal with it.
Lead poisoning fucks up the animal's gastrointestinal tract as well as their brain and nervous system. Once we had a swan and we were feeding it over 20% of its body weight in food every day and it was still losing weight because everything was going in the mouth and out the cloaca. Normally, we have to feed the animal around 6% of its body weight to keep it's weight stable.
Dual wing droop is common in raptors with lead poisoning.

Someone left on our doorstep a female scoter. People are weird. We've found things in the mailbox, people at the front desk have had animals thrown at them.

Some pet tortoises were all wearing diapers. One of them, a leopard tortoise, needed his/her beak dremeled. He made this difficult by sticking his head as far back as possible and then folding his forelegs over his face.

The bunny I was talking about last week is still alive and Jean said she gained weight. One of her legs is kinda fucked up with some matted fur or missing bits of fur and torn skin, the other one is completely fucked up, the part of the bone that goes back is gone and there's a huge callus and the digits are wonky. Her tail is weird, and by that, I mean it's not a cotton tail, it's just a tail tail, but I don't know if that's because of the matting and all the literal and figurative shit in there or because of the breed.
I'll ask Bethany how it went next week.

Arthur says: Ben Carson is only beating Trump because he says way more outlandish things.

Burning Question: what's this about Atlas Lab and Mega Man? I don't know, someone tweeted about it. In my dream, they released their album and it was very muddled and very ethereal. In real life, they didn't, but they have a new member named Otto who plays upright bass or something and possibly drives their tour bus but should be playing guitar or lobster harmonica. I bet once he gets that Harvard diploma from the claw machine, they'll be impressed with him.


borrowed lives

Posted on November 02, 2015 at 5:46 pm
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One of the few good things about daylight savings time ending is that when I wake up in the morning, it's not so dark that I'm still producing melatonin upon waking up.

I'm probably going to have to tattoo this on my wrist because I forgot to do this yet again: look up the endocrine system in that Smithsonian book on humans.

The raccoons are all gone. They're too small to be released so they're going to be wintered with someone else where they get an indoor/outdoor enclosure while we clean up for next year's batch. The waxwing (the drunks of the bird world: they'll eat fermented berries) is gone too. We have a red squirrel and a flying squirrel and some injured birds.

I'm still hearing crickets in the woods and seeing grasshoppers on the driveway. I checked the pumpkin trail and I'm pretty sure somebody bought Batman, Bob melted, and Kira's pumpkin depicting the interns collapsed on itself and I'm sure she's very sad about that. A few of the trees are even mostly green.

Bethany says her favorite domesticated animals are rabbits and her favorite wild animals are wolves, and her favorite extinct animals are possibly the dire wolf or more likely, the smilodon or a relative. Pachycephalosaurus and parasaurolophus are Bethany's favorite dinosaurs. Parasaurophulus could most likely vocalize and even produce specialized vocalizations through its crest. I think charonosaurus has the better name, of course. Also, there's a Yamaceratops, which I find amazing, and a Sarahsaurus, which just kind of stuck out. There's a Gojirasaurus, according to Wikipedia.
Fulgurotherium is a dinosaur, not a mammal. Basilosaurus is a whale, not a reptile.

The ones that stick out to me that aren't dinosaurs are hallucigenia and gorgonopsids, the first one because they're so bizarre (Bethany is unsure if it was actually someone's spine, given zero context, obviously) and the second one because I'm replaying the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy.

She's amazed by how crocodilians and horseshoe crabs have remained relatively unchanged for hundreds of millions of years, and told me about an alligator who had musket balls from the civil war era stuck in it. What she actually meant was people were finding musket balls lodged in the shells of alligator snapping turtles.
The oldest captive alligator is only about 75 years old.

A bunny got spayed, another bunny needed his leg looked at because he was abandoned somewhere and his leg is really fucked up, and a frog got x-rayed and we did this by putting him in a bag and taping the bag to the x-ray plate, a turtle had the zip ties on his shell redone.

Nicole described the way cockatoos talk as a raspy screechy devil cockatoo voice, which I unfortunately did not get the opportunity to hear. She says you can maybe tell their sex by their eye color but she finds it way too difficult. Supposedly males have darker eyes, but Cleo and whatever the other one's name is had dark eyes to me.

Burning Question: can Amazon just get rid of helpful and non-helpful votes for reviews? This is how it works in a nutshell: if the review is positive, it's considered helpful and if the review is negative, it's considered unhelpful, unless the writer pisses off the Amazon community in some way, in which case, it's reversed. And for that matter, will Blogger ever have a crackdown on stalking and doxing?

mervyn pumpkinhead

ending is better than mending

Posted on October 28, 2015 at 6:28 pm
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I think there's one bird left in Noisy Baby, and Quiet Baby is completely empty. So things are slow right now and I'm sorry. I hope it picks up before the changing of the interns.
We have four smallish raccoons left and they were playing with some hollowed-out pumpkins we gave them and sleeping in their hammock.

A woman who either never told me her name or told me her name but I forgot it brought a dog she was dogsitting who named Jake, who was very excited to be there and very excited to see me and get petted.
The woman had a tattoo that was a reference to Blue October and so I had her listen to Sarah's version of Hate Me, a star, the words "a quiet mind."

So, the volunteer dressed up as a hippie shouting "I'm gonna be next! Help me!" in the cage in Unnecessary Surgery Land was not related to Tyler.

For those of us wondering what happens to the pumpkins after Night of a Thousand Faces is over, this year we're selling them. Some of them fall off their ledge or are too broken to use, and those we just let rot.

I did learn that eye color really doesn't matter when it comes to determining a skink's sex.
Bethany summed up what happened in the seagull's wing surgery. We had to remove parts of the radius and found we had a big gap in part of it, so it had to be pinned.

Stephanie has blue hair, an octopus pendant, another pendant, and a moth tattoo.

So when I said Allison was more tech savvy then the people who program for Facebook, I wasn't flattering her, I was being totally sincere.
Arthur is showing off what happens when you carve pumpkins too early. Someone described them as "bert and ernie, after moving to Brockton and trying meth."

Rick and Morty, by Arthur.

Steve dragon-punches a unicorn. I think Nate did this.

Atlas Lab posted this on their twitter a few days ago: got the masters for our first EP in our inbox this week... can't wait to show y'all soon
The y'all is a bit suspect. Anyways, they're trying to lure me (well, not me in particular) to a concert on Friday with the promise of new songs and freaky things, but let's see, they say they're going on at 11:30, which means they'll actually play at 12:15, and it's a 1.2 mile walk to Porter and I don't know where I put the bus schedule but I'm pretty sure the last bus in that area goes through at 12 and even though it's not snowing and not the dead of winter, I will not have adrenaline, oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin on my side on the long walk back to Porter, and I'd have to get up before 8 AM anyway, just to see someone who probably doesn't want to see me.
In the words of birdsrightsactivist, "thanks no thank."

Burning question: who's worse, Trump or Carson?

mervyn pumpkinhead


Posted on October 25, 2015 at 8:15 pm
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Night Of A Thousand Faces is one of my most anticipated events, and it's pretty much the last big event of the year before it's too cold to do anything outside for the next six months, I'm not really sure how to describe it, and I'm really sad that it's over. Especially because we really outdid ourselves this year.

Megan had Minnie Mouse ears with a light-up bow.

Désirée did the regular pumpkin trail because she's too scary for the spooky trail. She got her face painted a bit like the Joker later on. I wonder what kind of horrible things she has nightmares about. Probably being in school with no pants on and she can't think of a bad pun when chasing people through a pumpkin patch. She really misses helping set everything up.

Ryan went on a field trip to see Othello partially because her teacher's husband played Michael Cassio. I find it amazing how interconnected everything is.
Someone, probably Harry, said he likes the pumpkin trail even more when it's still light out, and he likes walking the trail a week later when everything's starting to decay and fertilize the woods.

So I think that new enclosure is for large-ish carnivores, like foxes and coyotes, because Désirée said that we once tried to use the big raptor enclosure to hold carnivores and a coyote scaled the wall, fell back down and broke his leg, and had to be put down.

Désirée smelled something that could have been a dead animal and then she smelled smoke.

Désirée says she'd not only keep drawing someone who gave her a death glare, she'd draw the guy's death glare too.

To Désirée, I described Rick and Morty as the result of someone figuring out a way to see into my dreams and then making a cartoon out of it.

Kim was back but she didn't bring Chronos, she brought Mikhail and Roxanne. Roxanne is normally bright Crayola red but since she was in shed, she was a dull pink. Mikhail looks like Chronos except for the scar on his back, which he got from a chain link fence.
There was a tegu named Zeus but I don't think he has anything to do with Chronos and I definitely don't think Chronos tried to eat him. Besides, that's Cronus, not Chronos. I do believe that they were mixed together by the Romans and they both inspired the god Saturn.
I may or may not know Christine.

Tiffany brought her friend Mercedes, who had a wig that looked a bit like green dreadlocks and also a spoooooky skull-print scarf. I wonder if I met Tiffany before this Night of a Thousand Faces because she said she used to come in on Mondays and other days.
Here are some bands she recommended because she's really into surf rock, distortion, and female vocals: La Luz, Scully, Shannon and the Clams.
None of them are from the Boston area.
I asked if she knew who Sophie Atlas was and I wonder if they disbanded or if they're recording something. Emma would know but she ain't talking.

A woman had a mirror pendant and her friend stuck a star on the back.

Let me tell you about the Spooky Trail.
There were zombies, and people hiding in the dirt, and unnecessary surgery. Tyler's sister was a hippie. A crazed rabid hippie locked in a cage. Maybe it wasn't Tyler's sister. I have no idea. On Saturday, she became a gorilla with a Jason mask.
There was a sink that shot forth fake blood. The best part of the spooky trail. On Friday, there was a glove filled with water on the seat and Zofia wanted to pop it.
Jean was a zombie bridesmaid, which is pretty much the same thing as a zombie prom queen.
Emily was a zombie bride. The Ryan who probably didn't see Othello was a zombie in a top hat. I think it was a top hat. I think he was also wearing casual clothes on the first night. Darkness is to blame for that if I'm wrong. Darkness and memory.
I think we should find someone who looks like Tina Belcher. Not a zombie Tina Belcher, just have Tina Belcher marrying a zombie. Or maybe Tina Belcher could be in the grass doing the Tina moan and lamenting her zombie crush getting married to another woman.
The Ryan who saw Othello was was in a gillie suit, much like last year.

I fear that the attack in Sweden won't be the last of its kind. It's hard to do anything when even sites like Democratic Underground spout that right-wing nonsense about refugees and migrants, and people like Orban and Sarkozy get in power because they're up against the hard right and so leftists bite the bullet and vote for them and then they spend their time pandering to the far right and making statements about how democracy is not a basic right of all people on Earth.
burning question: could maybe Blogspot actually do something about the people brazenly inciting violence against refugees and migrants on their service? Or is it cool when someone who's buddies with high-level mucky-mucks praises murderers like Breivik and Lundin-Pettersson and advocates poisoning refugees with tainted food and says that the mere act of being on Swedish soil is reason enough to kill someone?

mervyn pumpkinhead


Posted on October 23, 2015 at 10:15 pm
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The Uzbekistan tourism board must hate me right now. I was explaining where Russian tortoises are from (spoiler alert: if you said they were from Russia, you'd be right… if it was still the 19th century) and brought up the Aral Sea's disappearance and said not to visit because even though wrecked ships in the middle of the desert far far away from any water are cool, you risk cancer and being spirited away to join the dreaded cotton harvest.

There were around 820 pumpkins this year, or around twice as many as we had last year. We had 500 last year and lost about a hundred to rot. And it looked amazing. I'll explain the spooky trail later except for one important detail, but I must say we really outdid ourselves this year.
This detail will not be happening tomorrow: Nobody made the spaghetti for David (?) to throw around whilst getting unnecessary surgery as performed by Jacob and Zofia.
Like Christina, it's hard to imagine Zofia being spooky or scary. Maybe if there was fake blood, like fruit punch or better yet, ketchup, even though ketchup would stink.
1. Tomorrow there will be spaghetti.
2. Zofia will be at her friend's performance (classical piano) somewhere in New Hampshire and she therefore won't be around to perform unnecessary surgery on anyone.

I don't know if anyone's making an official Jessica count but I'm not. If you are, add one to it. The red in her hair faded so she's going to bleach it and turn it blue instead.

Kira did not carve Jacob or Zofia into a pumpkin depicting the interns. Megan was in her troll pose, and Kasey was holding an opossum because that's her favorite animal and Kira was eating a lime because she likes to do that and so does Lisa and I put lime on things like tacos and chili. She made one of Lisa dancing and holding an opossum by the tail and one of Rob wearing his trademark hat.

I've never met Kasey with a K before, but she has hair streaked and tipped with violet, and tattoos of Nosferatu and a cat and a hook and a dog wearing a hat and fangs and a red-skinned geisha and flowers and the words "ne compliquez pas votre existence" or "don't complicate your existence." Don't ask me how to say that. She reminded me of the sisters in American Echoes whom I promise I will one day paint.
She tried to carve a tooth with a worm coming out of it but instead it looked like a tooth with an arm.
Speaking of things that fall off, I found out the paperclips didn't hold and the jawbone on my chimpanzee skull broke.

Kasey was later dressed as a black fox red fox mosaic or chimera. Black foxes aren't really a separate species or breed of foxes, it's just that some foxes have a melanistic form.

One of the interns, most likely Megan, though I'm probably wrong, had a serotonin molecule pendant. Like dopamine, serotonin is involved with happiness. And it has little to do with dreaming, what I was thinking of is melatonin. Or maybe what you're thinking of is the metabolism of tryptophan into serotonin. I know a bit more about hormones than the layperson (to them, hormones are synonymous with testosterone and estrogen, and sometimes they try to be all fancy and British-like by writing æstrogen, when it's actually œstrogen), but I'm still pretty clueless.

Lisa was dressed as a dryad. Not the weird demonic dryads hanging around the Jagd Woods but a normal humanoid dryad with a leaf mask and face paint.

Tiffany was at the Boston Fuzztival to see Littlefoot perform, because she's into surf music and presumably surfgaze. I made that term up but I'm sure somebody else has used it. I actually wasn't able to go to that but I checked out some of their stuff on Bandcamp. Her hair was tipped with thistle-pink.
And her shirt depicted a three-eyed cat.

Andrea was dressed as a raccoon but she reminded me of Pris from Blade Runner, except with a raccoon tail taped to her butt.

Kim was around, along with her tegu Chronos, or maybe it was Kronus, who is large but not exceptionally large for a male tegu. You obviously have no idea who Kim is because I didn't have a Livejournal or journal on Gamingforce or Appleworks document journal or paper journal or any sort of journal back when we knew each other.
She rescues tegus and other lizards and used to rescue snakes but can't do that anymore due to a sea change in her life.
She was telling people about how she went into marine biology but then the field dried up, no terrible pun intended, and didn't want to waste two years by starting over again so she just went through with it despite never being able to find a job in the field. She told us about the teacher she had in 4th grade who had class lizards and snakes and frogs and how he sent her down the herpetology path.
Okay, so it's been at least 12 years since we talked, but somehow I remember her being into marine biology. I know we both had art in the local library back when we were in high school, so maybe she wrote about it in her artist statement but I don't know why I'd remember something like that. Maybe it didn't happen and I just think it did. Memory is weird sometimes. I know what a tortoise is and I know the difference between a tortoise and a turtle so I don't think I'm a replicant. Also I've been Livejournaling for almost ten years now and unless someone else wrote the entries and then programmed the password into my memory, well, shit.
burning question: if I can't rely on my own memory, whose memory can I rely on?

mervyn pumpkinhead

everyday life in future times

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Great Scott! It is at this moment, 7:28 Pacific Time, that Back to the Future II is set entirely within the past. Unless they abolished time zones in the hypothetical future and just use Greenwich Meridian Time for everything, which doesn't make any sense, because I'm pretty sure 7:39 GMT is daylight in California.

Wait a minute, Trump is running for president and there aren't hoverboards everywhere and the Ny Mets are up 6 to 1 in Game 4 of the National League championships and it isn't even the World Series yet. We're actually in the bad alternate 2015. And while Canada may be turning away the right wing, it doesn't mean the rest of the west will join them. It seems scarily possible that Le Pen will be the next president of France, or worse, Le Pen won't get the presidency and the far right will blame the refugees.

There were people walking home from school, and some of them were wearing ties but nobody was wearing two ties at once.

Clothing palettes in general are more subdued than in Back to the Future. I actually think that's a good thing. Check out my sketchbooks to see what people are actually wearing in 2015.

It wasn't an ordinary day, it was actually a bit more exciting for that.

Courtney fed the raccoons pumpkin goop. They love the seeds, apparently. Yeah, we still have about 4 raccoons left.
A woman who carved pumpkins once spent an entire summer camping out in the backyard in a tent and mentioned raccoon sounds.
A kid said he'd love to be a raccoon: getting fed pumpkin goop and presumably playing with garbage.

I tried to copy a skull template but it was too large for the pumpkin so it looked like a chimpanzee skull and it ended up looking like it needed jaw surgery because Andrea left behind paperclips when she tried to use an owl template and part of it fell off and I suggested pinning it there with a nail and I had to reattach part of it somehow. I also carved Bob. Bob looked good. He had no pupils but jack-o-lanterns aren't supposed to have pupils, damn it. If jack-o-lanterns were meant to have pupils, pumpkins would be ferromagnetic.

Courtney tried to make scales on a skinned pumpkin so the light would shine through but she couldn't tell how thick the pumpkin was.

Kira tried to make a Minion, but it ended up looking like that guy from Monsters Inc. instead.

Jacob made a first aid cross, or perhaps it was a gravestone.

Jack made a sailboat. Then he vanished. Then he got poop on his shoe walking the spooky trail and decided the best way to get it off was to bang it against the ground repeatedly and not with a paper towel. Then he came back to carve a guy wearing a crown.

Some students at Amelia's school carved a giant pumpkin eating other pumpkins.
Amelia says most of them fail at carving pumpkins.

Waffle dug up a rock from the spooky trail and took it with him.

It's funny, I thought Megan looked familiar (she wasn't) but I didn't recognize Amelia (Tyler's sister) or Sarah at all, although Amelia remembered that I showed her pictures of all the wildlife center's animals but thought I had hedgehogs and ferrets.
Kira tricked Megan into coming to the wildlife center to clean and wash dishes with the promise of Movie Night.

Tyler said they were going to release a bat soon.

Amelia was talking about a macaw who's owner has him watch things like Sesame Street so he'll learn things like that instead of swearing at people.
He's still a jerk, of course.

Burning question: Where's Jaws 19?


voices in an empty room

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It wasn't the most exciting day. Actually, I think it was the least exciting day this year, as only Courtney and Michael were around until the very end, in which Kira and Tyler showed up but I had to leave. We did rebandage a dwarf rabbit with a recently amputated toe and there was rabbit dentistry and pretty soon the wildlife center will be able to advance beyond us holding the animal's mouth open with popsicle sticks.

Instead of getting updated at rounds, Courtney gave the update during bandage removal. Somebody brought a mouse with no eyes, but obviously we could do nothing for it. Maybe the person who brought it thought it could live in captivity, the way an owl could?

Zack got a new dog: a black standard poodle named Ziggy.

A woman named Shannon who did not have any visible rose tattoo had a rat named Milo with her, and she wore her hoodie backwards so that Milo had a place to snuggle and so she could keep an eye on him, not because 2015 fashion in real life involves backwards hoodies and multiple ties worn at the same time. I can't say I've ever seen someone wear a swimming cap and spandex outfit and the only time I've ever seen a holographic baseball cap was in 2014.
Milo got some ointment for lice and Shannon or anyone else couldn't pet him for two hours, so his eye twitched in anger.

There was some kind of stink in med ward.

Tyler brought with him a gourd of some sort that was long and green and could be wielded like a baseball bat and was hollow on the inside and smelled of cucumbers.

The ceramic tiger in the elevator was wearing a witch's hat.

We got to see a balantidium (a protist) swim around in poop like a fish.

burning question: if Two-Face was in the Matrix, would he choose the red pill or the blue pill?


words unspoken

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Contrary to all expectations, I did not have to take a shuttle bus from Quincy Center to JFK/UMass. Sophia, not to be confused with Zofia, says that they only ran the buses for a few weeks. I don't know, for some reason, I thought the track preparation would take longer. It also seemed like every week they had to winterize the track was a week it would be really inconvenient for me (Jazz Fest, Greenfest, AND Summer Arts Weekend) and it wasn't like I needed to be somewhere as quickly as possible.
But I'm glad I did arrive at Downtown Crossing when I did; I ran into Rebecca at the entrance. I was so astonished and she had to go anyway so I didn't mention anything relating to Rick and Morty. A few minutes later, I thought "damn it, what I should have said was 'wubba lubba dub dub'" And many other things, had I more time.

And I forgot what the band the girl in the halloween themed sweater and socks was listening to and then recommended. Whoops. It's pop-punk so that totally narrows it down. And this totally brings me to a point I made later about how pop culture has fragmented.
I overheard a conversation about what I think was William Shakespeare's A New Hope and thought one of the guys was Al (short for Alex), but I think he said his name was Matt or something. His friend looked a bit like Lando Calrissian with a ponytail of dreadlocks.

I found out Marc Chagall illustrated the 1001 Nights.

There was some really cool art on the wall at the Boston Common Coffee Co. I can't find anything about Yuliya. Her paintings of a crying dog and some kind of horse goat thing are in between more abstract neon pastel works which don't have a signature on them.

The theatre had been left to rot after the Great Depression and there are relics of it throughout the entrance; the theatre room itself is painted with a mural inspired by the original theatre and it reminds me of the spider house in Majora's Mask.

Montano became Montana and Brabantio became Brabantia. I don't know if this was an intentional parallel of Othello and Desdemona but Bianca, Cassio's Cypriot lover, was played by a black woman. I can't help but think of my friend's black cat, because she pointed out that Bianca means "white."
Montana was played by the same woman who played Bianca.

To me, Iago's motivation wasn't just to get back at Othello but to hurt everyone close to him as well.

Angela (I misheard it as "Daniela," which I can understand because I know more Danielles than I know Angelas and the train was moving and it wasn't one of those fanky new-ish red line trains with the LED displays, but what I don't understand is I'm not the first person to think she said Daniela and I don't think I'll be the last), Scarlet, and "Oreo" (it's not his real name but everyone calls him that) are all trying to figure out where their creativity lies. I told her about a woman who likes to cook as her creative output and Angela says she likes food but doesn't know how to cook. I said I'm good at the conceptual but can't figure out the basics. So I can make awesome sandwiches, and if I had a cooked patty I can make awesome burgers.
Scarlet took a picture of her dog named Ben who's an asshole (her words) and drew a bong in front of him. I can't remember what her other dog is named but it doesn't matter because she always calls him Poopsie. Also, I think he was shooting rainbows out of his mouth in the other picture.

They wanted pizza and she said she wanted to order it while they were still on the train. In fact, I remember one guy eating an entire pizza on the Green Line. On the other hand, I went to Washington D.C. when I was in 10th grade, where they'll scan you for crumbs and if you eat a french fry, they'll have you thrown in jail.
Also, since her friend's sister made a thing and she turned it into a pendant, I recounted the time we were cleaning out the art room because it was the last day of classes and got to keep the random trinkets and bits of junk we found. One of which trinkets was a ceramic face that looked a bit like Darth Maul. It had a hole in its forehead so I got some yarn and made a pendant out of it. I also found a seashell, a plastic spruce cluster, a marble, two beads, some drawings of Blocko Man, A man of greatness, who was crying and saying "meh!"; Tomato-Head Man, and Adolf Hitler with a constipated-with-rage expression on his face. I think I gave the drawings to someone.

I suggested a pizza delivery service for the T. Scarlet wanted to see delivery people on rollerskates but I said they need hoverboards or something because I can't imagine rollerskating on a train. Afterwards, she stood in between Oreo and Angela and said "I'm just going to see which way I go." And then we got to Braintree and they had pizza and everyone lived happily ever after. I overheard someone say "I don't have enough body fat for this" about the cold.

burning question: why is it never the ghost of someone who died last week? Wait, wasn't that an Are You Afraid of the Dark episode?


objects in flux

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On Friday, I woke from a dream within a dream. Having nothing to read on an empty train and series of boats from western Europe to the Solomon Islands* with nothing to read but Sparrowind and a textbook written by the crazy math teacher from Rick and Morty is the true nightmare.
*I say that, but geography was quite a bit different. Most noteworthy thing about it: Papua New Guinea was directly south of Indochina, in between Indochina and Australia. The islands off to the west were the Dominion of something or other.

And I did my best to memorize that fact from Mr. Goldenfold's textbook: Papua New Guinea tribes used base 20 but that changed but they still use the original numbers on their dice. Which doesn't make sense in the real world.

One woman's tattoo depicted something from the Siamese Dream album. It looked familiar but I didn't recognize it at first, mostly because I ripped the CD once I got a computer capable of it, and that was some time back in 2005.
Fun fact: when you image search Siamese Dream, you get 14 pages of the cover before anything else. The people were green in her tattoo.

Her friend, or relative, or something, had a bit of pink in her ponytail.
I'm not sure what they were doing in Boston but they went in the opposite direction. Probably the Museum of Science.

All right, no errors.

This is a bracelet made from bits of plastic and empty cups and gloves and syringes and other assorted junk, and it drags behind the wearer.

The Transit of Venus. Notice the figures in the negative space.

Behind it were lenticular images. If you've seen the cover of Tool's Ænima, while we're on the subject of music from my past and will soon be on the subject of extended Latin alphabets, you know what I'm talking about.

...It was like that. I'm not retyping it.

it's not actually worn there, it's just in a display case.
There's other jewelry too and some algorithmic parquetry designs each made on a day in September of 2011 based on the current search trends somehow and I'm going to scour Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr for them.

Ikat II actually changes colors.

again, just a ladle. Nobody's carrying it, not even a mannequin.


You can look through the holes and see its reflection on the window.

obviously, you have to go to other websites to find everything, not just the MFA's.

but Livejournal resizes things automatically now, which is really nice. If it doesn't resize images for you, you have my permission to yell at me.

here goes the hair
and there goes the hair

There was a work of performance art in which a woman got her hair done in the style of a mask from Sierra Leone. It was probably connected to this, in which there's one wall with photographs of the backs of women's heads and their hairstyles replicated on the other wall.
The hairdresser, Kathy, had a headband falling hair like one of the masks streaked with magenta but maybe that was a coincidence.
Their interactions with the audience actually seemed like an integral part of the performance.
The conceptual artist, who was getting her hair done, said that they could have just set a physical or metaphorical barrier and not interacted with anyone, but she didn't want to do that.

disassembled piano.

The thing I hate about Twitter is that I have to go to the tweet in order to get the image url. I can't just get it from the image search.

But at least it actually has an image search. The one site that doesn't have a useful or useable image search just happens to be the one site that everyone is on and everyone posts images to.

Combining "compendium" with "pendant."

This artist is from Azerbaijan.

You can smell the indigo and there's recorded noises that gave a woman the creeps. To me, it sounded like rats in the walls. She has a big dog and thinks the wildlife center is close enough to visit in the spring when she can see the babies, or perhaps she'll be at Night of a Thousand Faces.

She's not an artist but she wanted to see my sketchbook. I'd have sketched her had we been on the train instead.

this picture was taken before the parquet layers below it were put on display.

someone said regarding Roman statues "imagine moving this thing."

I drew two women and a man in the courtyard.
I ran into the women in a room in the Art of the Americas wing with paintings of hummingbirds and I told her about the baby hummingbirds and showed her owls since I had no pictures of the hummingbirds.

this temporary exhibit depicts the social classes in the Dutch Republic. I think a shiba inu mans their twitter, as the description is "much anticipation. delicate sensibility. Very moving."
The exhibit went from the upper class consisting of the nobility who lived off of income from the land they owned and stadholders, the regents and the wealthier merchants, a middle class of professionals, stopkeepers and artisans and a prostitute, the lower class of unmoneyed laborers and mercenaries, the places where they all met. There were three dinner tables set up, where you could see the differences with the quality of the craftsmanship and the materials used.

There was another exhibit about the cultural exchanges between Europe and Asia and the New World.

Sam and her friends were eating pink cake because it's Sam's birthday today. So let's wish Sam a late happy birthday because I know you're not going to read this until long after I post it, and wish Sam luck with her music.
She's a singer-songwriter who plays guitar, she sings in rock and jazz style with others. If I come across Sam's music or see her band in concert or hear her busking at Park Street or whatever, I'll let you know.
I met the six of them at a free concert by Zili I stumbled upon on my way to Pita. Sam ended up the most intricate because she has a sun pendant and a turtle pendant and Celtic knot tattoo on her ankle.
A dragonfly landed on Sam and between that and the dragonfly I saw when walking the dog, I was super-amazed to see dragonflies this late.
Zili is from Boston but they're influenced by the music of Haiti, Brazil, and West Africa.
While I was there, I met a fawn pug puppy and a black pug adult.

Allison, however, isn't an artist or writer or anything, just barely a musician, she works in the medical field at a children's hospital and hopefully it's borne by ideals. She asked me if I've done portraits of myself, and I have, but none of them just pen and ink. She thinks her portrait came out really good.
Jess (not the Jess we're all familiar with, but a Jess who looks a bit like Sara and has a triad of flowers tattooed behind her ear) and Jen asked for their portraits. Jess had a balloon octopus but one of its eyes popped and one of its arms popped and startled Allison. Jen's shirt said PINK on it but that wouldn't even convince a dog. Her shirt was clearly gray.

I feel like Allison is just as tech savvy as most of the people who program for Facebook. I don't think I can tell if someone read my messages any more. In fact, I wonder if Emma isn't even getting my messages. I don't know how I got into this discussion but we both use desktop computers instead of tablets, partially because there are things I want to do that can't be done with a touchscreen. I brought up the time I contemplated Sonic the Hedgehog on my iPod somehow. I still read books, and I make art with ink and watercolors and not a tablet or 3D printer.

We discussed how I've started to notice face shape more and other things less and how I've known people for years and still can't recall their eye color, unless they're exceptionally vivid (the woman with the black hat comes to mind here) or maybe just really dark or maybe unexpected like blondes with brown eyes.

I told Allison about Katie's play idea. We were talking about different spellings of Allison (Alison, Allyson, Ålÿssón), and then she mentioned that there are people who spell their name Cathleen.
I accidentally wrote Allïson in my sketchbook. Actually, it's Allison with a double acute accent over the i but those don't seem to exist.

On the other hand, getting Pita to go is probably something I'll never do again. Eating it there would be so much less awkward but I was in a bit of a rush.

In front of me on the escalator stood a woman with the most vivid blue in her hair I've ever seen. Not any particular shade of blue, just a pure blue. The color of television, tuned to a dead channel. Or at least, the color of television a decade and a half ago, tuned to a dead channel.

Burning Question: Do you ever get haunted by pilot ghosts if a haunted plane flies over you?


slightly less sunshine

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Someone I work with once brought to the wildlife center an ornate box turtle that she thought was someone's pet, because the nails were long and it was somewhat weak. I wonder if it was George, the turtle with the tape on it, since I took that photo some time in 2013. I'm not sure what George's story was nor am I sure what his fate is.

A seagull needed some necrotic bone removed so its wing could heal. This, unfortunately, meant that the seagull was laying on its side with its wing held up by some tape hanging from the lamp. Sometimes we have to make up things as we go along.

The raccoons were ostracizing one of the little raccoons we transferred into their pen.

Tyler once saw two cooper's hawks attacking a bald eagle.

Courtney would be pleased to know that I rescued the spider that was hanging out in the surgery room. In retrospect, I should have taken him to the laundry room, where he'd build a web and eat all the flies.
Bethany says she's seen more disgusting things; she used to work at Wal-Mart. I'm not sure if she's referring to the necrotic wing or the spider.
There was a cockroach scuttling around in Puff's tank so I had Skinky eat it.

I've got nothing else to talk about. Sorry.
There's a band called Imelda Marcos and the fact that they aren't shoegaze confuses and infuriates me. As for what they actually sound like, I really don't care unless there's a lot of willowy vocals and pedal-distorted guitar.

burning question: if ghosts aren't subject to gravity, wouldn't they be left behind when the Earth moves away from them?


life is elsewhere

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I had a conversation with an artist (graphic designer) and pianist (I mean two different people, kupo. They're sisters) who was learning Clair de lune by Claude Debussy and whose favorite composer is Frederic Chopin, who, like Debussy, can do no wrong, and they had a cat named Peanut and a milk snake (or was it corn snake) with an unspecified name. It went from summer to winter in a week, says she.
We then met a man who drew Mario getting high on a mushroom on a whiteboard.
I tried to draw someone with black hair and a black jacket and gray hoodie who got on on South Station and she tried to take a picture of it and I hope it was successful.
And I'm sorry we couldn't talk about art or anything. I'm sorry I couldn't get to know you.

A woman told her dog Sully "I will give you cheese if you come with me" but he refused so she carried him instead.

I mentioned Bartok while waiting for the doors to open and a girl talked about how she played one of his pieces but can't remember the name for it because it was in Hungarian, and she tried to learn Russian and is now taking Mandarin Chinese and loves how simple the grammar is and its lack of tense and gender.

I met a Bianca at Panera Gurpgork, which is unofficially Turkmen for bread.

Someone was talking about a movie that was like Indiana Jones, if it was really crazy and Indiana Jones was a woman and there's a pterodactyl.
I don't have any clue what she's talking about.

Princess is a pug-chihuahua hybrid and her owner was playing with her and saying "well, she had a squashed face but we stretched out and then we tried to push it back in but it never works."
Princess played back by nibbling on his hand. The woman next to him was somewhat allergic to dogs.
I tried to draw her, but she kept moving around. It's not the first time I tried to draw a dog.

And I lucked out because Bob's Burgers wasn't on tonight anyway.

La boheme was originally set in the 1840s, same context as Les miserables. Leoncavallo wrote his own opera based on the play and Puccini called him Leonasino (lion-ass instead of lion-horse… not sure why… Italian surnames can be really out there. I have a friend who's surname translates to Make It Beautiful), in which the younger people of Paris were disillusioned by the Napoleonic Wars and the nationalism of the bourgeoisie, and artists could no longer rely on patronages, and Paris was experiencing an influx of people from the French countryside, who were living in close quarters.
Rodolfo, a poet (and filmmaker in the BLO's version), Marcello (a painter), Colline (a philosopher), and Schaunard (a musician) are living in a garret, they get their landlord Benoit, balls, drunk and swindle him out of his payment, which they use for an evening out, Rodolfo stays behind and Mimi's candle blows out so she needs Rodolfo to light it, but then she loses her key and the candle goes out too, and they fall in love, they gather at a revolutionary hangout and run into Marcello's ex Musetta. Musetta wants Marcello back so she swindles the government minister Alcindoro out of some money to pay for their food when nobody else has anytthing out, they join a protest, Mimi reveals that she has tuberculosis (probably, it's never specified, it was updated to AIDS in the musical Rent. It might be a bit hard to sing with the most common form tuberculosis because the bacteria are eating away the lungs, but tuberculosis can happen in other parts of the body too. Also, tuberculosis is a big problem where AIDS is), and they can't be together because Rodolfo has no money and can't do anything for her, Musetta finds Mimi wandering the streets desperately ill and brings her to the garret, they pawn their stuff to get Mimi some mittens to keep her hands warm and try to call a doctor but she dies before that.
The set for the first act had a painting of Che Guevara, a poster of the film Masculin Feminin, mattresses and chairs and other junk salvaged from curbsides and flea markets, graffiti that said "it is forbidden to forbid" and "we are here" and
.….. ot
.….. ard
The moon was projected against the words "time is an invention"
During the protest, they were carrying signs that said Revolution Now! and "capitalist pig" being held by the captive Alcindoro with an apple in his mouth and "beauty is in the streets." Originally the protest was a military band. The BLO depicted the barricade as a mountain of garbage.
In the third act, the graffiti became "we are still here" and
.….. ot
.….. ard

Colline sings a tearful goodbye to his coat.

In the last act, before Musetta informed the men that Mimi had fallen seriously ill, I think one of the guys was holding a de Gaulle caricature in front of his face and the other guy had a Marx painting and they were fightning over Marilyn Monroe.

There's a lost third act where Musetta holds a party and her landlord auctions off her furniture and Musetta dances with a viscouit and Rodolfo is jealous.

Liberté, Égalité, Sexualité.
In 1968, students protested against the conservative middle class values in France, its violent colonial legacy, its disregard for the needs of students and youth, the brave new world of capitalism and its growing inequality. Protests began at the University of Paris campus in Nanterre, where men and women were not permitted to visit each other, and they shuttered the university for the second time (the first was in 1940 and you can guess why) in its 700 year history. 600 students were arrested.
Eventually artists, workers, and intellectuals joined them and a nationwide strike brought French society to a halt. "Life Is Elsewhere," a surrealist slogan, became a rallying cry for revolutionaries. Other slogans included "it is forbidden to forbid," "enjoy without hindrance," and "elections, a trap for idiots."
De Gaulle left the country, retuned the next day accusing the Communists of stoking the unrest and plotting the downfall of the French nation and state, and held elections, which gave even more power to the right wing.
France For The French was a popular anti-revolutionary slogan, even though if it wasn't for the very very many non-French in the French Resistance, they'd all be speaking German in the largest province of the German empire French has no word for gratitude, I guess.

Time is an invention of those incapable of love is a phrase connected with the left-communist magazine Invariance, for those of you wondering.
Of course, in 2015, it's more aptly "time is an invention of those without deLoreans."

the happening world
Some things change, some things stay the same. Meanwhile, the Syrian Arab Republic is currently brutally putting down protests that escalated into a civil war instead of fizzling out at the first sign of violence with the help of their Russian and Iranian puppetmasters because Bashar al Assad and his wife would rather leave Syria in ruins than leave power. Refugees are pouring out of Syria, and right-wing movements are gaining ground, and even Democratic Underground has joined in in the xenophobic fervor.
A few years ago, Occupy and Black Lives Matter fizzled out and accomplished very little politically. I'm not going to blame them if the right wing gains power. It's not their fault. It's the democratic establishment's fault for fielding lackluster candidates in response to the Republican's outright terrible ones.
And then you have the commodification of art and people giving advice that is basically saying the only reason to write fiction is to make money and you have people saying that you should write at least four novels a year and don't give a shit about quality. And you have techies pricing everyone out of homes.

Lisa Goldstein wrote a novel called The Dream Years, in which André Breton and his friend Robert St. Onge, who was not a real person which explained why the first thing I found when Googling him is arrest records, though I am fairly confident that I can find arrest records for André Breton, uses surrealism to peacefully fight in 1968 protests and a revolution further in the future.
I'll have to see if I can get my hands on this.

I don't like commenting using Facebook but I want to say the Arch of Triumph in Palmyra was blown up as if to say "hey, Bashar, remember those tourists who came to visit these ruins? Well, they're not going to come to your new Transcaspian-style despotate!"
So I'll say it here.

tracking with closeups
Most of these are from earlier times where I thought of collecting random snippets of conversations, forum posts, facebook statuses, and tweets.

Orange moon
la luna sangre
how beautiful are you.

somebody sarcastically proposed this and I actually sincerely agree that all militaries should send their soldiers to battle carrying kittens, and nobody would ever want to shoot each other.

I've posted about this before, but I think the hitman franchise needs a game where agent 47 travels through time and assassinates historical figures

datura simulator.

But now for the real worst part. Right after the bride and groom kissed, and they turned to face the audience, the groom's face turned to stone

I choose to take that literally. People shouldn't be marrying basilisks. Fucking seriously.

I feel like this should be put into an old-school Looney Toons episode. It would be a silent episode that would involve nothing but Daffy Duck attempting to walk through a mile of swamp.

Carla said this.
Today was the temp to perm training. The instructor uses this as an ice breaker, "if you were a cookie, what cookie would you be?"
There were like 25 of us and the most common responses were, " sugar cookie, chocolate chip, girl scout, Oreo etc."
My response? " browser cookie."

Immelman said this.
I want to congratulate the following.
-Those who found love.
-Those who lost love then found love again.
-Those who lost their car keys then found love.
-And those who lost their car keys then found their car keys.

A response:
Everyone finds their keys. That's a fact.
My response: and if they don't find their keys, others find them and use them to make jewelry or something.

Sully said this. this is a true statement, because I was in a hot car with my coat on in traffic and I had no way to take my coat off and I was motion sick and it felt like forever.
Sully's theory of MBTA Relativity: the louder, more overcrowded, or generally more uncomfortable the vessel in which you occupy, the slower time goes.

List of things you need to shoot 12 times in self defense:
1. Werewolves
2. That's literally it.

Ethan said this.
Every time Facebook puts out a notice that they are "updating" their privacy policies, I assume that means they are removing them.

Shannon said this.
That awkward moment when you think your beard's finally coming in and it just so happens theres a spider on your chin instead.

‪Sully:‬ Oh she invented Google?

‪Gwenhwyfar: Former famous pro tennis player, then famous for being stepdad of the Kardashians, and now for being the most famous trans* person in America.
Sully: All that and she invented Google? I'm impressed.
Sully: Yeah fuck the Kardashians. Props to Jenner: it takes balls to be a woman and let the world know. A public announcemt like this raises the conversation and (gasp) might even help some people accept trans folks if not understand them. I just wish it had been somebody I gave a fuck about like Al Jean or The Hamburglar.

Super Spooky Burning Question time, because it's October. They were mostly ganked from NeoGAF.

burning question: at what altitude or depth does haunted land stop being haunted? Apparently, there's a movie where the Bermuda Triangle extends to the moon.


as if all time had stopped

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It's like Where's Waldo. Can you find yourself? Check out all these zany characters.

There are two drawings in there that I need to photograph again, but I can't do that until it's sunny again. Also, I had to upload the images one at a time because I got an error when batch uploading and I have no idea why and I have no idea if it's on my end or imgur's, though when I searched Twitter, I found nothing about errors, and I have no idea if the errors are still there. Right now, I'm not interested in finding out if they are.

So if you want to read about the people I've drawn, you can go to this neat-o index I have on the sidebar and then look up the entries there. For mobile users who don't have the sidebar or neat-o Secret of Mana theme, go here for the index of indices.



[this instant eternal]

[a great & terrible beauty]

[where light and shade repose]

[none of them are you]

[the edge of death]

[the dance of the inheritors]


[afternoon, dont end]

[lofty swells]

[tango time]

[summer morning, summer night]

[sibyls in stone]

[un musique sans commencement ni fin]

[prayers of a rain god]


[rapt in the evening air]

[trouble in tirana]

[the moon ascending]

[in the season of the rains]

[give more than you take]
[a line, a loop, a tangle of threads]

[summer idyll]

[the interrupted measure]

[sunset prism]

[in time of plague]

[bright matter]

[authority ordained it]

[at the maelstroms edge]

Also, if you're wondering why I wrote "dont," the spoiler tags don't seem to like apostrophes.

Also, not much else is going on. I thought I had yet another cold but maybe not and I thought Joaquin was going to hit us because none of the projected paths for Joaquin had it hitting us, and at first it was probably going to hit North Carolina but now it's probably going to go out to sea, so I guess it's okay. And someone called What Price, Wonderland? a bad band name, but it's a reference to Weaveworld and therefore it's a good band name.

Burning question: There isn't anything wrong with the paper, it just looks yellow because of the sun. Is that okay with you? Is the image size good?


hereafter, and after

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I think that even if asakiyume will be scarce for the next two weeks, I'm going to start posting scans from my sketchbooks shortly.

In my dream, the world was separated into a southern desert, a northern desert which was somehow worse, and a band of plains along the equator. I was fixing up an old mansion room by room and living in it and it felt like a really long time.

In real life, things weren't terribly exciting, even with Jacob around briefly. Well, actually, there was a great raccoon escape. One of them unlocked their cage from the inside and one of them was scurrying on the tops of the cages when Kira was trying to find the other one. On the whiteboard, there's a guy who says "I am koalafied" and a monkey man wants to know the most dangerous animal in the world.

Kira said that seal's eyes look like black holes because they're so big but squirrel eyes have a weird glint to them. Those aren't quite her exact words.

Once we had an owl fledgeling who had lead poisoning and rodenticide poisoning, we raised him and released him and he just stood there as if to say "yeah, okay, I want more mice now." If you're wondering how an owl can get lead poisoning when we usually see it in swans who dredge up bits of shot, well, sometimes when someone shoots a rodent, it survives but bits of shot get stuck in there and passes it on to the owl that eats it.

I'm trying to imagine someone trying to shoot a vole.

We have a common tern. Also, I think we have a northern water snake but when I noticed it, I couldn't find Kira or anyone else afterwards.

When I left for the wildlife center, Out of the Blue Too had $2000 to go and I was really despondent that they probably wouldn't get the funding they need to become a non-profit or something and stay open, but lo and behold, when I got home, it only needed 300 and by the time I went to bed last night, they made it.

burning question: what would happen if you told Mr. Meeseeks to draw a four-sided triangle or create a sine of alpha greater than one or to live for a century?


full moon, empty heart

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Emma said that she'd "maybe" go to the Beantown Jazz Festival and, well, just "maybe" I just found my new Jimmy Jr. Actually, no I didn't. Or at least, I did and then I lost her. I said to myself that I'd be on the lookout for things like people walking cats (I didn't see any because I think cats are awesome and if I saw someone walking a cat, the first thing I'd do is pet it) or people putting a bun between two hotdogs or a pop-tart coming out of a toaster house and driving a smaller toaster with wheels.

Because I SWEAR TO FUCK that I had a conversation about Back to the Future with Paige.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't meet interesting people like last year's jazz fest, because I did, I just didn't learn their names. Except for Molly and Megan and it might be Meghan or Meaghan or Meaghean.

Hemp Fest was happening (Amy and the Engine was playing), which I think explains someone with a weed tattoo and a guy with a shirt that said marijuana is safer than alcohol, but doesn't actually explain the people with colorful hair and I think there was an event at City Hall.
There would be people with colorful hair no matter what. In fact, I saw people with colorful hair at Jazz Fest. A woman had hair of turquoise and sea green and pale violet. Another woman had half neon red half buzzcut in black. A guy had bright crimson hair.

I have no idea who "she" is but "she" was there. Check her stuff out if you're into chiptunes.
The 8-bit rendition of Snow's theme starts out sounding like it belongs in Battletoads.
And there's sixteen bit Slowdive.

Molly described my drawings of her (and Rebecca and Chelsea and so on) and paintings of Amy and Christina as beautiful.

Some people, including Molly, Megan, the woman with green hair, and a couple consisting of a guy in a purplish hat and hoodie and a woman with a leopard print scarf, a pink shirt, glasses, and a hand of fatima necklace took pictures of their portraits.
Not that colors matter. Although sometimes I wish that I could take all my watercolor pencils and gel pens and colored ink.
Also, I wish I had chronostasis and could therefore freeze time whenever I wanted something done really quickly or wanted to get somewhere quickly, and it really doesn't fucking matter that I'd be moving faster than everyone else because spacetime is broken and nobody ages.
Although if I had power over spacetime in a world where people age normally and people using chronostasis age faster than anyone else, I'd use something like the song of double time instead. Uh, don't try that on a moving vehicle. Actually, see the burning question.
You can wait for them to propagate on twitter, try in vain to find whatever hashtags they used on instagram, or you can wait for me to post them, probably by the end of October.
But I digress. By green hair, I mean, she had dark hair which transitioned to green, much like Kate from Children of the Revolution (not to be confused with Kate from we are the dreamers of dreams, who actually looks a lot like Christina). She had what looked like a ukulele or a violin tucked under her bag. Her friend had streaks of pink in her hair and gauge earrings and a necklace with charms and an eyeball pendant, so tigers will not eat her if she sleeps on the train. I don't know what would happen if those tigers had the munchies, though.

A guy named David was singing a song at Downtown Crossing and a girl was singing along with him. She says a lot of people think she looks familiar.

So what I got to hear was The Mosaic Project featuring Terri Lyne Carrington and Jaguar Wright, and the George Garzone Quartet the Teros String Quartet doing a tribute to John Coltrane and Stan Getz. The only bad thing about it was how you could sit in certain spots and hear the music on multiple stages on the same time, which isn't as cool as it sounds.
I swear two of the people listening to the Mosaic Project, one is blonde and one is ambiguously Asian with an emphasis on ambiguous and her friends who showed up later were mostly ambiguously Asian with an emphasis on Asian aside from one blonde woman with dreadlocks. were people I drew last year at Jazz Fest. I'd be wrong, though, unless it's possible for her to stuff all that hair in a bun.
I got a glimpse of David Gilmore: Energies of Change, but I was more interested in the Mosaic Project.
Keep that in mind, though. If you want to go people watching or sketching or you just want to smell like marijuana, it's the third Saturday in September.

I'm not sure what Ledisi is. Wikipedia tells me she's a R&B/soul/jazz singer and her name means something like Come Forth in Yoruba.

They were giving away tambourines this time.

I think that guy standing somewhere in between two stages at Jazz Fest was drumming to some recordings of flute jazz all day.

I met a 9 week old goldendoodle named Juno who liked to chew on my hand and a 7 year old black pug named Darth Vader.

I just noticed the kinetic sculptures that look like Anima's manipulators that hung above the outbound tracks.

When trains approach or depart, they spin.

There was a guy human beatboxing on the opposite side of Downtown Crossing.

The woman in a long sweater and the woman with a leopard print scarf were impressed by my art and hopefully doubly impressed that I could draw them while standing on a bus.

I had to draw a woman with short purple hair and a nose ring and a wool poncho really quickly. I didn't get to draw her friends, unfortunately.

burning question: so, if that was true if you had a portable chrono-displacer and if you leapt through time on a moving airplane and found yourself 10 kilometers above the ground without a parachute, wouldn't you be stranded in outer space whenever you leapt through time anyway?


after many a summer dies the swan

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I had a Rick and Morty marathon to restore emotional equilibrium the other day (these things are beyond my control. I think she might be sick. For now, I feel like I've lost contact with someone who might have a crush on me). At first, I thought Rebecca was talking about one of the creatures in Mrs. Pancakes' dream but as the marathon went on, I saw the episode where Rick makes the love potion so that Jessica will fall in love with Morty but it fuses with the flu virus so he needs to use an even more powerful flu virus with mantis DNA in it to cure them but instead it turns everyone into mantis people. I'm positive that's what Rebecca was thinking of.
Also, I got into the band Belly because the song Seal My Fate was on the episode where Rick makes their cable pick up TV shows from every reality, I got into Rick and Morty because Rebecca told me, and I talked to Rebecca because she looked like Emma.
It's funny how things work out.

Instead of dreaming about Rick and Morty or Kate, I dreamt I was in a huge beaux arts city and a museum like a cross between the tactical warship Merkaba and the museum of natural history.

Yeah… Shadowdancer Duskstar is pretty much quoting and supporting someone who says "diversity = white genocide." Or multiple people, anyway.

ISIS released a kill list of US cities and for some reason, there are only two major cities on there, and there's Colorado Springs, which is the Vatican for the evangelical movement and I'm sure there are many people who have, at one time or another, thought about using a doomsday device on Colorado Springs, and a bunch of places I seriously doubt anyone outside of those places have heard of. I mean, seriously. Cheney, Washington has slightly less people than Pepperell. Colton, Washington has 418 people, and it's not near anything, and there's nothing there. This isn't even "throw darts at a map" territory.
Or maybe it's some kind of agitprop and/or hoax.

I then dreamt in which I was at an Atlas Lab concert but I got scammed out of ten dollars but they let me see them anyway but I woke up before they actually played their set. I'm not sure what the other band played but it was probably Belly or Helicopter Helicopter or Letters to Cleo.

I'm actually not sure if any swans died. One of the cedar waxwings did, and a few others did. We got a raccoon that was really messed up (its femur or something was sticking out) so we had no choice but to put it down.
A harrier grabbed a sanderling and when the sanderling struggled, he looked around for fellow raptors and not seeing any, he pinned the sanderling's head underwater and drowned it.
On the other hand, we've (not we as in the wildlife center but we as in humans) trained sea otters to use inhalers when smoke is aggravating their asthma. That was our especially good news because Jean's coffee spilt.

So I must have stepped into an alternate reality because apparently cat mysteries are a big thing.
Seriously, we need a real life murder mystery at the wildlife center: all the flies are dead. Spoiler alert: a cat did it and he is sentenced to be petted.
Even more seriously, there are a dozen cat mystery novels by at least four different people in the wildlife center's bookstore.

Jumpy the Chinchilla got more dentistry. She's around 12 years old so her teeth are messed up.

Summer always feels squandered, no matter what you do, and even if I didn't get sick, I was literally unable to go to every concert and art event I wanted to go to.

burning question: What the hell? Why would Mr. Goldenfold's dream version of Mrs. Pancakes' dream version of a centaur be dreaming about a scary place like this, Rick?


lights eternal

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If you can, support Out Of The Blue Too art gallery. You know you want that power drill.

Someone was talking about train dreams. Something about being nine feet tall.

They held the concert at Sandurz Theatre and I'm really surprised about that. That's cool, I guess. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised because this concert was planned for Fay Chandler's birthday, September 15th a long time ago and I'm sure nobody could guarantee it was going to be blue skied and clear and warm. Still, that's typical for September. I mean, I had to check out the art at City Hall made in honor of Fay Chandler. I thought I would eat at the Boston Public Market but apparently it's closed on Tuesdays so I had to wait.

Emma made Painting To Heal My Hands, and that's why I went there in the first place instead of going straight to Harvard Station.

here's the full sized image, should you desire it.

A list of what's there doesn't seem to exist in this reality. Just check out these sites. They're all pretty great.
Krystel Brown
Wilton Tejeda
Chie Yasuda

Watercolor Universe.

Jim Kociuba
Jordan Piantedosi
Lauren Hayes
Hthaiwon Layne
I think she might be the only Hthaiwon in existence.

Chelsea Revelle
Elisa Hamilton
Katharina Rentumis, which is Greek and not Lithuanian.
One of these images from May 2015 is Circle Meditation.

I still think my favorite work was Grid System by Jeremy Hetherington.

I don't believe the mosaics have anything to do with her, nor does the tall sculpture made from bottle caps, but that thing that looks like the offspring of Guillo from Baten Kaitos Origins and Majora's Wrath does.

Basil Kincaid did that, if you're wondering.
here's a good picture of it.

On the way to Harvard Square, I met (and very quickly sketched) a woman who's bag was covered in pins, and I agree with the sentiments raised about how war just creates more terror and silence being the voice of complicity, except that technically, neither cordoning off people and occasionally bombing the shit out of them to the point where the land will become unusable nor is killing or driving off the inhabitants and replacing them with settlers can really be considered occupation. Ethnic cleansing, I suppose.
I'd go into more detail but I'm really not in the mood for a flame war.
So actually what happened is that she caught my eye while we were waiting at Park Street and then I drew three other people before finally getting to her. And while she may look somewhat grumpy in the portrait, she wasn't in real life.

There was a woman with insect tattoos and purple hair in Brattle Square. And in Harvard Square, a man named Peter Pobodry played the guitar.

I got Vietnamese, of course, specifically, meatball phở, and then lo and behold, the Bon Me truck is just past Harvard Yard.
If anyone can tell me what that spicy relish stuff from Vietnam is called, I thank you. It's not sriracha, though there was a tin of that too, and I think the dark stuff is hǎixiān (hoisin) or maybe some kind of fish sauce.
I noticed that there's a comic shop called The Million Year Picnic, which is not only awesomely twee, it's a reference to the Martian Chronicles.

Lo and behold, The Walk Off was playing there, so I didn't have to sit around for two hours. For some reason, the vocalist's microphone was muted.

I overheard part of a conversation about the last snickers and a moral obligation to something.

One of the people in line collected opera masks.

They're both tall, they both have the same hairstyle, they both dress in a similar style, they both have big eyes, in fact, I actually approached her with much apprehension because I thought at first glance, she was Emma. She lacked a nose ring and a bumblebee tattoo.
I wouldn't have even noticed her at all had she not looked like Emma.
Hell, I don't think I'd be recommending Rose Polenzani had Emma not made me aware of the concert. And I just want to say, even though I think my days of having every action monitored, every emotion scanned, every bit of information processed, disseminated, and made known to those miserable bastards that are the DREADILK are over, that I went to ArtBeat Loops to hear music and dance and see art, not to see Emma. In fact, I didn't even expect to find her. I don't know, maybe it's for the best that I met Emma.

She's never been to their concerts and didn't know about them until now but she heard "hey, free concert" and showed up. Hopefully, we see each other next year.

When she told me her name, I was sure she was going to say Emma. Nope, it's Rebecca. The first person that came to her mind when I said "Emma" is Emma Watson.
There's a song called For Emma and I don't want to listen to it because I know it's not about pastrami, kraut, and bagels.

I'm not sure what languages Emma speaks (I want to say French) but Rebecca tried to learn German and Arabic, and learned a few words in Turkish. She's nowhere near fluent enough to have any idea what I wrote on that triptych portrait. She says that the most difficult thing about Arabic grammar is how different it is and how things are different depending on if you're speaking to a man or a woman. Then we talked about Japanese and it's levels of formality and how there are words that change depending on if they're spoken by a man or a woman. She says that Polish and Russian have a lot of consonant clusters like English.
She said that Arabic is the most beautiful written language and it's hard to disagree with her.
Although I actually say Javanese or Balinese. Latin's kinda meh, because it was inscribed into stone while Chinese was written with a brush and Thai was written on dried palm leaves so you get a lot of squiggles, but there are ways to write beautiful things with the Latin script.
She was walking around Cambridge one day and came upon a mosque, and she was totally awestruck by the design.
It's a really nice building. It kinda looks like a typical house that's covered in mosaics.
We (meaning the class) talked about Islamic art during a geometry class once.

Unlike Emma, Rebecca hasn't really traveled the world, only to Firenze, Italy, but she's never been to the Middle East or anything. She says the background in one of my drawings looks like Italy. It was one of those transitory drawings I made during college, in between the small figures on a large landscape or cityscape or whatever I did throughout high school and the portraits I did post-college. She evolved in the opposite direction, from portraiture to more abstract drawings and boxes and teeth and faces made from abstract designs.
She said my painting of a woman with a mantis head reminded her of Rick and Morty. I've never seen that but it sounds interesting and I might need to marathon it. I'll probably end up marathoning it anyway but if I have an emotional need to marathon it the way I marathoned Archer back in March, I'll explain why then.
She made a doll like one of her drawings except the face was different and it didn't have visible viscera.

Recently, she's been listening to a lot of Joy Division and Fiona Apple, along with a bit of the White Stripes and a band called Black Merda, which is not "shit" but slang for murder because a lot of black people were getting killed during the 70s (she trailed off and I said "some things change, some things stay the same.")
She says it's the best psychedelic band she's ever heard, but admits she hasn't heard much. She does know who Acid Mothers Temple is.
She doesn't know who Flying Saucer Attack is because she told me about how her roommate was making flying saucer noises to the dog and trying to teach him how to identify flying saucers.
I recommended Rose Polenzani, Atlas Lab, Popol Vuh, Flying Saucer Attack, and probably something else.

She says a lot of people have that vaguely motion sick expression when riding the train.

She told me my art reminded me of someone she knew, or perhaps someone famous, and when I drew her portrait from the side, in which she doesn't look that much like Emma probably because she didn't have her mouth slightly ajar when I was drawing her, she said it reminded her of Quentin Blake's illustrations in Roald Dahl books.
One thing I did she compared to Giger.

She showed me the results from a time she let a kid doodle in her sketchbook and I'm like "are you sure you aren't my friend? Like maybe you got exiled to an alternate dimension for transgressing social norms or you lost your identity."

Here's her art, by the way. All of it is worth seeing. I said that she should scan the things she writes in her sketchbook, and that we should all keep journals and write down our thoughts and maybe share the thoughts with the world that aren't too personal or aren't yet relevant.

Unlike Emma, she actually let me read the things she wrote. Some of the words are German or Arabic.

Fanfare For A Common Man is "ava," not "kuimba'e." It would make a great national anthem, if you ask me.
Fantasia on Greensleeves makes a lot of Americans think of a traditional Christmas carol but makes me think of one scene in Xenosaga with Cecilia, Catherine, and Febronia.
Remembering Fay is their 9th world premiere of the season.
The River is a mix of swing and traditional classical music. I do not hear the stages in life in this but some people do.

During the intermission, I asked Rebecca if she had synesthesia but she doesn't. Lots of people ask that, apparently. Nope, sometimes she just needs to draw. I know how that is. My notes from school had random abstract designs in them.

Fanfare for the Uncommon Women by Joan Tower sounds a bit like Fanfare For A Common Man as composed by John Adams.

Girl Crazy overture actually reminds me of Springtime for Hitler.

Stan Strickland joined us onstage for a calypso medley of man (kuimba'e) smart, woman smarter, which always makes me think of Homer and Marge (my google fu tells me that it's from an early Treehouse of Horror and that if men were truly smart, they wouldn't get hit in the groin by a football), the banana boat song which is about loading bananas on ships overnight and they're waiting for the bananas to be counted so they can go home. Jamaica Farewell is about the beauty of the islands and leaving behind a lover.
And then he played a click song on the flute.

Moonlight Serenade was used on the Simpsons. It's Jacqueline Bouvier's favorite song. They didn't follow it up with Sing! Sing! Sing! and I'm kinda disappointed. They followed it with the music from Lonesome Dove, which he described as elegiac.

The encore was a medley of Beatles songs as performed by a swing orchestra.

This thought came from another one but I'm not sure what. Partisangirl's proposal to have Lebanon and Syria dump Arabic and start speaking Aramaic is doomed to failure. It's one thing to change a secondary lingua franca (like Arabic to Swahili in South Sudan, well, as much sense as South Sudan makes, also, Swahili is spoken natively by Muslims and I don't know if they realize that. If you have no idea what's going on in South Sudan, I'm not surprised. I just don't think they want to admit that the country was doomed to failure and civil war even without the big bad Muslims) over time. It's a completely different thing to change the primary language.
I think I was thinking about Turkmenistan and it's orthographic reforms, which involved $ and £ and ¢ and ¥ but they changed their minds when Unicode became a thing and adopted more dignified letters like ç and ş and ý. I didn't tell Rebecca about that, but she doesn't have a "sh" or "ch" sound in her name so it doesn't matter.
I did tell her about the ice palace in Ashgabat, which is in a desert, and closing all the hospitals outside the capital in a country the size of California. Yeah, I think Turkmenistan might actually outcrazy North Korea.
Because even switching from Cyrillic to Latin was a disaster in Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan.

Burning Question: if we can screen potential jurors who can't be trusted to be impartial, why can we not screen potential police officers for personal traits or ideologies that might prevent them from upholding the law fairly and serving and protecting all people equally?
Note that this does not apply to any capital cases. I think that weeding out anyone who doesn't support the death penalty means more jurors who believe that the mere act of being accused of a crime is tantamount to guilt.
I mean, just look at Gurpgork's latest witch hunt. I should also say that privatized law enforcement is a monumentally giant mistake.


The Doomherald

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It's really quiet now, now that it's just Courtney, Kira, Geena, and Tyler.

Jean was watching a seal necropsy but we got good news anyway.
This isn't so much good news from Madagascar, as Madagascar discovering environmentalism would probably herald the end of the world, in which, I don't know, aye-ayes will grow to the size of giraffes and sprout wings, as it is good news involving something indigenous to Madagascar.
An aye-aye went on a romantic getaway from Japan to Jersey so they can keep the gene pool diverse.

Supposedly, they have a spooky as fuck call, but I am alas unable to find a recording of one. What's more well known is their middle finger that is extra-long and can rotate 360 degrees so they can eat insect larvae that live inside the wood. Their incisors continually grow. I learned about them in physical anthropology, which was mostly about primate evolution.

There's one out there named Smeagol, which is an apt name for one. There are only 51 aye-ayes in zoos, which means we have an inbreeding problem.
Also, I think Mauritius or maybe the Planet of the Apes should annex Madagascar.

The locals have the habit of killing them on sight. The locals hate every ape they see, from chimpan-a to chimpanzee, but they hate aye-ayes in particular. Yeah, I know aye-ayes aren't even apes, they're prosimians. Shut up.

They're also the world's largest nocturnal primate, which I find odd. I'd think there'd be some kind of nocturnal monkey, or galagos would be larger. It probably didn't help that most of the pictures I've seen are babies.

Either Kira or Geena, I can't tell, and I x-rayed a painted turtle; we got the cranial-caudal and ventral views by taping him to a box.
He swam a bit lopsided, that might be because his lungs are filled with crapola and it might just be because he's being weighed down on one side by the zipties, or it might be a combination of both.
His shell is healing but he has months to go before release. Besides, there's no food in the winter and their immune system goes to shit so it's hard to brumate (that's the reptile equivalent of hibernate) upon release, so he'll probably winter with us instead. Besides, it takes four to six months for a reptile's bones to heal completely, and that's only once the infection is removed.

One of the squirrels is losing fur. The waxwing needs to learn to eat on his own because we won't be following him around the woods with tweezers. Other than that, the releases are doing great. It's almost time for Raccoon Roundup, in which the interns run around with nets trying to catch raccoons and vaccinate them before they get taken to a state park and released.

Courtney took a video of a raccoon grabbing a toy and taking it in with him in the swing but he's too fat and he drops it and then falls out.

I dreamt of Angkor Wat and jewelry made out of the photonegatives from old trips to Cambodia, and burnt out abandoned mansions, where the floor plan seemed like my high school.
I met a different Courtney, who has a Day of the Dead skull tattoo, so I, of course, had to tell her about the altar at the Peabody Museum. I also met a man with a tattoo of a sorceress amongst flowers, a parrot, and skulls.

Meredith asked this. She's never seen Back to the Future but should because Biff is totally based on Donald Trump.
Burning Question: What's with middle class white men and nukes?

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