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the sun always shines on tv

Posted on April 14, 2014 at 9:42 pm
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I had Nadja in mind, not A-Ha, kupo.

Toffee donuts are a thing and they are amazing.
I don't mind missing the red velvet donut, honestly. Red velvet looks like it should taste like strawberries or cherries or something else that's red, but it doesn't. It's not okay.

Christina was talking about a rabbit who was a patient and hung around the wildlife center and even found its way inside a few times. We guess they like the food that much.

Erica has a cat name Terra. Because she's a terror. I was hoping she'd be named Desdemona or Katherine or Cressida, but whatever. I know she has dogs, including an Italian Greyhound Chihuahua mix, which bewildered me until I learned just how small an Italian Greyhound is. Nina says the female takes it lying down and she's seen weirder mixes.

So Nina doesn't like ham or mustard but combined I guess they neutralize each other. And all she had was ham and about 8 packets of mustards.

And she knows the proper way to eat an everything bagel (hint: eat the boring part first and save the best for last). That's why she ate the cheese afterwards.

Nina told a story about Finnish hare krishnas, role playing, and the cultural barrier. In Finland, role playing refers to re-enactments, nothing foreplay-related about it, but very awkward when you're at the beach.

We did the right thing to do and got a cart for Bling. Which he pissed in on the way back to his enclosure.

A guy with an X-Men shirt, a woman with purple and black hair, and their lion-faced bunny came. Since the bunny wasn't as fat as some of the other bunnies (Christina suggests removing the fat and selling it to soap companies, things went well for her.

Someone tried to bring a chicken. We had to turn her away because even if there were vets around and it wasn't a Monday, we don't take in chickens.

Nina described Yuck (that goop you put on squirrel genitals to keep them from suckling it, refer to the presence of your grace*) as "like yuck" and then as "it's super-bitter, not sour or spicy. It's like when you're walking in the woods and see a pretty flower and then you eat it and it's bitter." Don't know about you but i've never done that before. Christina (the one I painted, not the one who's cell phone sounds like a gorgonopsid and has no idea why it sounds like a gorgonopsid) ate some of the goop too and wanted to put some on the rim of Ian's coffee cup.

Nina said "it landed on its top."
Kaz said "it landed on its side and then spun around."
Jean said "I know who to blame when I get raccoon roundworm."
Nina said "Interns walked on this floor."

*I have no idea what's going on in the mobile version of the site, but non-mobile users, enjoy the index on the sidebar. It's there if one of us needs to find something specific. It's not done yet because I have a life. I'm going to skip Change for now and just go straight to Awakening.

Burning Question: When's the last time you ragequit a game?


the beginning of April or the end of March

Posted on April 07, 2014 at 8:47 pm
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Nice to see that Chris Muir is openly pimping Vox Day. Second panel is just quoting a post by Vox Day and a very obvious stock photograph of a car ran through about ten photoshop filters. It's good to see his art still sucks Donkey's kong.

I actually wrote some of this a while back. To put things in context, in their infinite wisdom, Google decided nobody actually neede blog searches and discussion searches. Supposedly the specialized searches are programmed to appear when they might be relevant, but after searching for "gank," "central african republic," "sara de chirolo," "nadja," "damien hirst," "only forward," "andre breton," and "making salt with sunshine," I could elicit neither blog searches nor discussion searches. In fact, the only thing that really happens is that shopping, videos, news, and maps switch around. Like, if I search for Nadja, I get "web, images, videos, books, news." and if I search for Central African Republic, I get "web, news, images, maps, videos." Books doesn't show up when I search for "only forward." I think that's what they need by relevancy. More detailed searches tend to result in captchas. It's not okay.

It's amazing how your perspectives change as time goes on. No, I still think he's a self-serving, arrogant, manipulative bastard with delusions of grandeur. No, I'm still not over several friendships getting ruined.

A few years back, Hyde sent me a message telling me to jump off a cliff and stop pissing people off, and that Grace talked to him and Miyomi about me.
I mean, maybe I was a little rude when I messaged him in the first place.
Okay, I was a little rude. If you're wondering, I asked him if he finally realized that too much drama is never a good thing and if he deleted his "shithouse of a post." On the other hand, I don't remember my interaction with Grace at all.
That's not the point of this story.

I not only wasn't friends with him at the time, but I'm pretty sure I was never friends with him. Can't do that today. I think what happened some techies realized they weren't getting paid to play foozball all day and thus the other folder was born.
I won't go into detail on how this happened. In fact, there was a quite lengthy period of time where I wasn't able to use Facebook at all, due to being on an older OS(1).

I think this is also when Facebook turned into a hangout for those people who like to propagate those pesky chain letters/Republican Party propaganda.

I'm trying to find something someone wrote about how Facebook turned social networking from meeting people with common interests to keeping in touch with people you already know, and I think I might delay this post by a day or two. Or more accurately, I'll just say "fuck it."

That's the price of an open internet, and as I've learned with Sara, a price I'd gladly pay. I'll take the threats. I'll take the spambots hawking pills that are just as likely to cause my hair to fall out as they are to fix erectile dysfunction.

(1): For this reason, I also have about twelve hundred unread e-mails and quite frankly, I can't be fucked to do anything about it.

You came here for animals, though.

Chickens can take a lot of abuse. Some skin was ripped off of a hen and she's just strutting around like "eh, whatever."
A bantam rooster was freaking out over a manicure. It smelled like burning hair afterwards. That makes sense, after all, their nails are keratin. Said bantam rooster was attacked by a turkey once, and half of his face is messed up. I think there was something fermenting in his throat, probably yeast.
I caught a glimpse of the first baby raccoons of the season.
A guinea pig got his teeth trimmed (his incisors were a bit overlong and one of his premolars was growing out in a strange way and blocked the tongue. Atropine slows the heart and stops the parasympathetic nervous system, which affects things like sex and eating, and stops the guinea pig from producing saliva when there's stuff in his mouth. It's one of the main ingredients of datura, and can cause vivid hallucinations. It doesn't affect people who have heart transplants, because the nerve is severed. Since these rarely, if ever, happen on guinea pigs and bunnies, we really don't concern ourselves with those things.

There's evidence that ebola is zoonotic, so I guess the moral of the story is don't eat apes. This isn't people feeding their families on what meat's out there, this is a multimillion dollar industry.

Christina said if you're having a really bad day, you probably don't want to be called "shim." I rephrased that into a statement rather than a question. If I wasn't asking something about thorns and if Christina made a matter-of-fact statement about insulting rabbits by not knowing what sex they are, I'd rephrase it as a question. The rabbit's urethra was covered in a tumor so large none of us could tell what sex it was, or from whence the tumor originated. It's just too bad we don't speak a language like Hungarian or Malagasy or spoken but not written Chinese.

burning question: Aries is represented by thorn-bearing trees. Is that why Hassaleh is covered in them? I know Hassaleh is in Auriga, not Aries, I guess they're fairly close, but Sheratan and Botein are.

It's funny. Nusakan sounds like a demonym.


oh, the wind and rain

Posted on March 31, 2014 at 10:58 pm
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It was snowing earlier today. Otherwise, it's raining and it's been raining since Saturday. Pfft. Lousy Smarch weather (also, there's a song with that title and not the kind of song you'd think it was... not that I know what a song called Lousy Smarch Weather should sound like).
In response, here's a horoscope.
Belias, the Gigas (March 21 - April 20): Failure is not an option. Either do better next time or please defer your duties of slaying the great gray beast Winter to Zalera, Zeromus, even Exodus.

the foxes were playing with one another when I first showed my tour group around (one was a baby who sounded a bit like a fox herself and I think she liked my impression of what the fox says, one of them was interested in wildlife and probably doesn't remember when March meant that spring was almost here, one of them was probably the 10th person I've met named Sara[h] since I started working at the wildlife center).

Flamingoes sound like someone playing the trumpet badly.
Elks sound like someone playing a living cat as a violin.
No, we didn't have flamingoes or elks at the wildlife center. The out of place wildlife I've seen since I started are an iguana living in someone's garden and a golden pheasant. I think there was a pelican early on.
The muskrat was released, back into his dumpster. I guess he's happy there, and he ate well. Replacing him is a gull with broken everything.
(I wrote groundhog. Forget you ever saw that. It's a muskrat. It's like saying Sodapop is a jackal owned by a guenon (like humans, they're indigenous to the Rift Valley, I checked). Also, I put something about a baby chameleon, but I'll try to integrate my facebook griping into a future entry)

a rat had spirochetes and flagellates in his poop.
pygmy hamsters are cute, especially baby pygmy hamsters. And they had a wheel to play around on.
baby chameleons are cute too. This one had a messed up foot from a bad shedding.
there was a parvovirus suspect in med ward but it succumbed to dehydration.

later, when we looked at the bunny spaying (or rather, the preparations for the bunny spaying), the foxes were asleep, tired out from playing, and we could see a glimpse of it.

Sara[h] watched her horse get intestinal surgery.
Horses are lucky if they live 40 years, despite our expectations for such large animals.

Emily wasn't able to take a decent picture of the pig and Waffle interacting. I'm sorry about that. Use your imagination or illustrate a labradoodle and a piglet sniffing each other's faces.

burning question: what better place to spend some quality time than the darkest, dankest, rankest ditch in town?


hearts in antarctica

Posted on March 25, 2014 at 12:13 am
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Woke up at 5 am, spent about 20 minutes on and off the toilet trying to shit, woke up late. Anticipating a snowstorm, dreading fierce winds. A far colder day than any day in late March has any right to be. Maybe it's not March at all, but Smarch. I'm only posting this after midnight because Shel Silverstein wrote a poem about today.

No one's hangin' stockin's up,
no one's bakin' pie.
no one's lookin' up to see
a new star in the sky.
No one's talkin' brotherhood
No one's givin' gifts
And no one loves a Christmas tree
on March the twenty-fifth.

Or if I think of anything new, which I just did: there's a port of M.C. Kids for the Amiga, in which the titular kids have been replaced by middle aged men in way too tight shorts.


I got to see the fox get his morning meds. So cuuuute. Everyone had to wear masks around them because at that age, they bond easily to people, and if they bond to humans, it's even harder to integrate them into the wild. Crows are like that too, for "some reason."
And they sound like laughing dogs or hyenas or dogs imitating bird calls.

I didn't take this picture. It was on their website.

The story is as follows: the mother was hit by a car, some babies were killed trying to venture out on their own, and animal control brought one of them to us. A few days later, they found one of his siblings still alive, and we have her too.

A woman with some rather cool tattoos brought her pet pig, that I thought was a cat at first because I saw him from behind and he was black-furred.
He seemed to suffer from an excess of norepinephrine (he screamed like a heavily processed child when we put him on the surgery table) and was suffering from an excess of testosterone. He's actually terrorizing the dogs, and they're no small dogs.

Pigs are intelligent and I bet he wanted everyone to feel like they're the worst people in the world.

Pigs have tough scrotal skin, apparently. I don't know, I wasn't the one administering the analgesics.

Waffle was sniffing the pig and the pig was wagging his tail too.


Ian and I were talking about cat names and he determined that Sodapop is borderline twee. Twee, but not excessively so, in other words. I know she has other cats but all I can remember is Sodapop. He knows someone who has a cat named Bean but it's not the Bean I know about. My mom had Clorox and Ajax. And some other soap/solid detergent/liquid detergent brand, I feel like it's one that's no longer in production. And then something like Lucky. He brought up punny names, I don't actually remember what it was, and then I mentioned Catalina. I don't remember my friend's other cat, but I do remember Catalina. I don't think she's alive; she's older than I am. Jean has a cat name Ali, because he has multiple thumbs and big hands.

But no, I've never met anyone who's cat has an excessively ornate and obnoxiously twee name, like Miranda Princess de Pink Nose or whatever, which is even worse than simply obnoxiously ornately twee, because the syntax is broken too.

I know of a ferret named Ferret Bueller and I think the Wildlife Center would call him Ferret Bueller Kendell. I'm convinced we've had at least one Ferret Bueller come in.

One of our past patients is a boa constrictor by the name of Cobrastrike II. You say it that way, it sounds like a movie. Preferably with a snake slithering through a model town, and unconvincing rubber snakes. Or maybe the Cobrastrike is a metaphor, and it's about an insurrection in Guatemala.

The doorknob to the reptile room has not been fixed, but at least there's some tape in there so nobody locks themselves in.

Christina was saying "don't lick the towels. I know fox poop has an exotic flavor to it, but don't." I'm paraphrasing here. Then she made fun of the anti-vaccers and their spurious study that vaccines cause autism, because the pig needed shots for tetanus and a pig-to-pig (aka interpig) disease that manifests as diamond-shaped lesions. Eryspielas is its name but not my current "mood," because it's caused by something else (a streptococcus, if you're wondering), it's not a genus of bacteria or any other parasite.

I'd ask a question about cat pajamas or Signor Beaverotti, but look where the sun is (also, winter-slaying duties should be stripped from the gigas Belias and given to Ultima or Zeromus instead). There's a theme.

burning question: Who throws barrels at people? What are you, some giant monkey who's made off with a pretty wench?



Posted on March 17, 2014 at 6:14 pm
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3 days until the vernal equinox
But it's as cold as it always was. I don't even see crocuses sprouting. I want to say the last few days were winter's last hurrah, but I doubt that's true at all.

This, friends, Romans, and countrymen, might be the singular greatest thing ever put to lined paper.

You know, back in 2006, I think omg zombies! would get an entry all to itself, instead of being shoehorned into a wildlife center or museum or concert entry. There'd be less profanity too.
The angry mayfly is saying something like "fuckin' lady bug."
I'd look for a better version but Google seems to have a lot of trouble searching Instagram. That and I rotated it.

I took an art class with Stephanie once and she said that giraffes use those knobs to communicate telepathically.

The snowy owl is finally gone, hurrah. I hope she takes a big shit on the Arctic for all of us in New England. It's sad to see her go, though.
Replacing her is a rather mangled red-shouldered hawk and a muskrat. Muskrats stink according to Ian. I didn't know we had muskrats here, I thought they were old world animals. The hawk responds to food but not to being clamped in the foot. Oh, he can pull his feet back but that's a reflex, and the impulses don't travel all the way to the spinal column. He'll be looked at tomorrow. So, reptiles and birds don't have an epiglottal flap to block the lungs when they're swallowing, it's just a glottis.
It was kind of hard because there was a large group of people being trained in animal husbandry.
We go through these cycles of "lots of releases" followed by what's left: a batch of animals that aren't doing so well.
Teddy (the dog) was standing up on things and trying to sneak into the reptile room. The lock was broken so Nina had to take the knob to a locksmith, so I had to fiddle with the thing the doorknob is designed to pull. That's easier done from the outside. I'm like "Waffle, go get help!" and in the distance "What's that, Waffle? Yama's trapped in the reptile room?" This came back to haunt me later when I spilled water on my leg and wanted to hang out with the reptiles and their heater and dry off.

Kaz says that muskrats must be cute if they have a song named after them. I hope this means she thinks cicadas are cute and not that she finds it utterly inconceivable that there'd be a song named after a cicada.
She described them as looking like a cross between a rat and a beaver.

After looking at the hawk, I was doing the dishes and I saw the microwave's clock and was like "shit, it's 2:06? Wait a minute, that doesn't seem right."

The woman with the scorpion tattoo came back with her chinchilla. They're very soft and this one felt rather skinny.

Emily was around. I don't think I mentioned her before. She helped me construct a rock wall in the raccoon room a long time ago, and she shows up occasionally, and I think I saw her at the Night of a Thousand Faces. Perhaps I should paint her.

a woman here for a tour said she saw a really amazing blue butterfly in Aruba because I was talking about the difference between poisonous and venomous. I've never seen one that's blue before, but I was saying that monarchs are warning predators that they' taste disgusting and will cause them to be sick and viceroys pretend to be monarchs, and her kid/the kid with her is like "what about blue butterflies?" I think Sara Longwings might be poisonous.
This happened at 2:06, when I realized the clock was stopped.

Two baby foxes were scheduled to arrive at 2:06, but unfortunately I left at 2:06 so I wasn't able to see this. As of 2:06, there's nothing about it on their twitter feed.

There's a saying that if you give a man enough rope, he'll hang himself. Too bad Blogger isn't providing the scaffold.

I think that if Aries' burning questions theme will be "Baten Kaitos," Taurus and Gemini will have the theme of "asking things two months after they cease to be relevant."

burning question: Who dropped a leshach halcyon in the weather machine?



Posted on March 11, 2014 at 6:21 pm
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9 days until the Vernal Equinox

See, I don't draw only women.

That's the woman with the cameo necklace and the woman on the green line who was twirling twirling twirling towards freedom.

The one on the top right writes stories about people. The one on the bottom left is Casey.

In real life, the woman on the bottom left with the shaved head had a lock of purple hair. For various reasons, I'm not bringing an entire bag of pens with me on these excursions.

The woman on the bottom right had fluorescent hair.

The one on the top middle is Colombian, the one on the bottom left is Mexican, the one on the bottom left is German. The other two weren't part of the group.

And here's Sarah. She made me put her name there. So I don't have to make up a name for her. She loved the collage and the woman with the mantis head reminded her of her friend's "fucked up" art. Her words, not mine.

I woke up Monday and it was snowing.

Sarah was around. The Sarah who likes to travel, not the Sarah who plays guitar, obviously.

I showed things to Nicole and to Megan. Nicole once tried to carve a 250 pound pumpkin and her bunny helped out with that. Megan likes to watch birds, in fact, she was there looking for owls in the trees, wondering if the snowy owl had someone to keep her company. I imitated owls and loons and failed to imitate blackbirds and she's like "yes! I'm not the only person who's completely crazy!" And she says she's almost gotten into accidents because people put plastic owls on their roofs.

We were testing a bunny for e. cuniculi, or rather, testing for the presence of antibodies because the bunny was asymptomatic and there's no way to test for the actual genetic material from the parasite, basically because if she didn't have the parasite, she'd be kept away from the bunny with the parasite and no symptoms and if she had the parasite, she'd be kept with the other bunny but away from people with compromised or deficient immune systems.

Male guinea pigs are actually really susceptible to mammary tumors, though they're rarely metastatic, much like female rats. Benign tumors aren't entirely benign, they just don't spread and are usually easily removed. Metastatic tumors spread through the lymphatic system or through the circulatory system or sometimes by breaking off and embedding themselves somewhere else or sometimes simply by growing.

A song was playing and it sounded familiar and I wanted to know what it was. If only Sarah was around. The Sarah who's motto is "never squander your talent", not the one who's motto is "to the ends of the Earth." She said she can always remember how a song goes.

Nina asked if anyone's ever gotten pissy about being drawn and I suggested people who do probably don't notice they're being drawn and just assume they're being stared at and I blamed people like the regulars on Vox Popoli and Alpha Game Plan for basically trying to sexually harass their way into de facto sex segregation. I should have explained the context better, in which Vox Day has been stalking and harassing people who write unfavorable reviews of his novels.

burning question: when's the worst time to have the flu?


this instant eternal

Posted on March 09, 2014 at 9:15 pm
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10 days until the Vernal Equinox

I was at the MFA, again, it was a bit disappointing because it's that time where all the special exhibits from earlier are closed and the new ones (one of contemporary art from Latin America, avant-garde photography from Europe) aren't yet opened. Most of them. There was one with contemporary Japanese sculpture (there was this wall that looked like a longitudinal wave), and someone from New York momentarily forgot whether he was in the Museum of Fine Arts or the Museum of Modern Art, and this thing with a lot of tiny squares.

someone asked me if the stuff on the sarcophagus looked blue to me. The lighting's dim, see. I thought she was doing a scavenger hunt.

someone was giving a talk on this work of art made with flattened bottlecaps and other things, there's a black river and given that the guy lives in Nigeria, it has something to do with oil spills.
it reminds someone of Klimt and since I thought the same exact thing, I'm thinking "cough if you can hear me. cough if you can hear me." She didn't cough, alas.

there's a guitar made from scrapped guns seized from northern Mexican drug gangs.

And, no, Boston Loves Impressionism is only some relocated favorites, because the actual room where impressionist works are hosted is under renovation. Also, Degas is not a musician like someone thought he was. Must be thinking of Dukas or Debussy.

a woman had unfinished sleeve tattoos, including a mermaid with a green fish half and bright red hair. That was yesterday, though, and not where I'd have my sketchbook with me. Today, I drew three exchange students, one from Mexico, one from Germany, and one from Colombia. On the same page is a woman with curly hair and big sunglasses and a woman with a septum ring and skunk stripe hair, her chin was sharp and the way I drew it, it looked like she had a beard.
There's a bunch of quick ones. Two people were separated from me by the trench. One woman like her portrait even though the train was rattling about and that fucked her up. People with trombones are hard to draw because there's so much motion involved (there was a guy playing the trombone at Park Street; how odd, usually it's a guy with an erhu.).
A sleeping man with a hat and scarf, a woman with curly hair and a wavey scarf, a blonde woman, and Sarah.
A blonde woman in a leather jacket. I really want to paint someone wearing a leather/faux leather jacket, so I could depict texture and shine and folds. It's hard to get that with just a pen. She's like "oh, that's cool. I thought you were drawing me." Another woman with poofy hair sang a song. I'd have drawn her (or maybe I already did, maybe she's that woman from conditions of weightlessness, the one I want to paint again because I found a picture of her on a Boston street fashion blog). I know that I said many times that I'll never forget faces, but sometimes I won't remember how I know someone or associate someone's face and name.
Sarah is a special case.
Sarah is wearing a floppy hat, large glasses with pink frames, a plaid scarf, a black coat, blue mitten-glove things with stripes.
Sarah was utterly amazed at just how quickly I drew the woman across from us. Her friend does the same thing I do, but he's not as quick. He uses markers and pens and colored pencils, and he draws some pretty crazy things. He wasn't around, in fact, if he's who I think he was, he exists slightly ahead in space-time. The future, the place without the langoliers. She says she can always hear a song and know how it goes. When she noticed me, she hoped I found her interesting enough to draw.
She said her mittens look like her "hands are in a cast," or she "just got over fucking poison ivy and" her "hands are wrapped in bandages." She knows that hands are the hardest part of the body to draw.
She likes art, she says she can't draw for shit (her words) but she plays guitar and sings. Since I said I like music, she said that usually people who do some form of art usually appreciate other forms.
I've met at least eight other Sarahs and one Sara since I started at the wildlife center. She said she doesn't encounter too many people named Sarah.
She took a picture of my portrait of her. I'd be lying if I said I could easily find this.
She watches the Simpsons and Bob's Burgers religiously. I told her I was singing Gene's snake song because two people I work with aren't enthusiastic about snakes.
She thought I was 21. We both look younger than we actually are, and that's a good thing according to her.
She told me that at least I don't have to make up a name for her when I told her about the other times I did this.
She has a cat.
So I'll probably draw her playing guitar and singing and paint it with ink and watercolor pencils.
someone described punk as three chords and the truth, while shoegaze is one chord and three fuzzboxes.
This is Hate Me by Sarah K (originally by Blue October). She said she needs better recording equipment.
… Sarah knows who Casey Desmond is… it's funny because I took a sculpture class with her, back when I was in high school, back before I was livejournaling.
This is Hate Me by Swirling Light. As you can see, two different songs.

I think I knew three Sarahs and one Sara back then. You have to understand, when I started writing about my life (think of it as a proto-livejournal, except not online), I didn't start out changing everyone's identity, there were just times where there were no real formal introductions. I just assigned people names to keep track on them, usually from the book I was reading at the time. It's especially confusing when you've just wedged yourself into a new circle of friends, and I'll end up using names interchangeably for the first week or so.

And I do promise to scan these eventually. I just can't do it right now. Maybe next update. And I will paint Sarah. And probably Sara.

Sarah says you should never squander your talents.

I was going to ask a question from Bob's Burgers but then I found out Chris asked someone this one:
burning question: How would one go about making an electric trombone?


the heart

Posted on March 03, 2014 at 7:55 pm
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17 days until the Vernal Equinox

I blame the situation in the Crimea. Not DDOS necessarily, but livejournaling for political reasons is normal, not like wordpressing and blogspotting for personal reasons, which can cause you to be exiled to an alternate reality.

but in this one and many other similar realities, Kaz was dealing with the frozen blocks of nasty nasty nasty nasty fish. Not the worst thing I ever smelt; that would be the superworms*, and not the worst thing I've ever seen; that would be the box of putrefied oranges**.

*see A Toothy Grin
**see Goodbye Bright Summer and think about just how distant that goodbye feels.
It was 25 fucking degrees fahrenheit today, and gray and generally shitty. March, as they say, comes in like a Leshach Entite and goes out like a Leshach Entite.

and a bunny needed her eye removed. She was blind in that eye and it had already been infected and was developing glaucoma, which has something to do with pressure, which basically meant that he would snip snip all the muscles attached to the eye and then pull it out and later we'd slice it up and look inside, and then he'd pack that bloody hole with gauze and sew it shut again and I am un chien Andalusia. Tugging at the optic nerve isn't good; the bunny will get bradycardia from that. You'd think it would get tachycardia, but whatever. It's bad. Don't do it. My guess is "bradycardia" means a heart rate of about 200, 225, even 250.

and they had nictitating membranes, and Kaz is wondering just why in the holy fuck we humans don't have them. We both decided we'd do more research on this, and what I learned is that there's a thing called a plica semilunaris, and nictitating membranes are found in lorises and lemurs, or according to another source, only the potto has a nictitating membrane. In other words, it was probably lost early on in a small population pool, and I guess since it isn't actually necessary to have one, the species carried on just fine without it.
and also most spell checks get pissy on "nictitating."
she had Asian candies because it's her birthday but I had to leave so I hope something she eats reminds her of eyeballs.

This thing with the eye reminded Jean of The Fault in Our Stars, which Kaz said can not be called uplifting in any way but I'd imagine it sticks with you, much like This Moment of the Storm or The Keys to December. And I've been meaning to read An Abundance of Katherines, probably when I'm done with Doorways in the Sand and In The Land of Winter.

the cedar waxwings don't seem to care that it feels more like the middle of January than the beginning of March. I can't imagine it being good for them.

I'm completely unfazed by the surgery itself but the way the rabbits eyeball bulges out of its face is freaky.

In Australia, a snake ate a crocodile. It's probably a very desperate snake. Constrictors wrap themselves around their prey, and when the prey breathes in, they squeeze harder and harder until they can no longer breathe. There's evidence that snakes can detect heartbeats, so they don't waste energy crushing an already-dead animal.

There's a meadow vole and it's rather cute, actually.
Someone brought us a dead mouse and wanted to know why it died, and our guess was exposure to the cold.

and there was a pamphlet advocating hazing coyotes. If you see a coyote, scare it off, as long as you don't have it backed into a corner. If they're apprehensive, haze harder. If they do anything but run away, haze harder. Haze all senses. Lights, noise, motion, everything.

I saw this thing on Thought Catalog about the vaguely cancrine arrangement of stars variety of Cancer. I agree that I have a way with words, but I don't always know what to say. Take Celes, for instance. I'm sure both of us would be happier if I didn't convince her to stay on Gamingforce, that the whole drama thing would blow over. Maybe Spatula is right when he says running away won't solve anything. Maybe my reasons are selfish, I don't know.
Miyomi's a bad example. I don't think there was a right thing to say. I think not responding when she decided she'd close down her journal (on GFF, not here) after I had more views than her would have helped, though. After glancing at the situation and noticing that the last time she made a comment in my journal was October of 2006.

Ugh, I edited this and I think I closed the window accidentally so my edit was lost.

burning question: remember when March meant that spring was almost here?



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24 days until the Vernal Equinox
The Polar Vortex is back with a vengeance. If there were this many days left in summer, I'd be feeling it by now. 24 days until the Autumnal Equinox are the kind of days that make you feel that autumn is nigh. I guess that winter has phases but they're all psychological and after the bitterly cold november and december, even the earlier phases make you feel like you're in the last phase where you're (metaphorically rather than literally, which usually happens in the second phase) sick and fucking tired of winter. Spring last year sucked moogle antenna. Summer barely happened. I liken spring to a disastrous relationship. Spring is more beautiful in the winter, and then comes a dreary week at the end of May and you're like "fuck this."

And two days later, no signs of change for at least another week.
The guy who wrote the crapfest known as Seda's Story AKA "that creep with an elf fetish" tried to criticize something I wrote. I'm so very sorry and I'll try to keep things to a third grade level next time. I'm not entirely sure what he said about ghouls but I'm pretty sure he wanted them to fit in with the "generic fantasyland" version in which ghouls are ferocious and deadly and not just scavengers. I'm also pretty sure he's never interacted with an actual woman because I've seen people (or at least people in Boston and surrounding environs) contrast expensive jewelry with plastic trinkets or seashells.
Also, he doesn't recognize Ganesha, which is hilarious. In fact, he thought Ganesha is a character from Soul Calibur.

Stuff happened, though it was quieter than I'd have liked, despite the fact that we have another red-breasted merganser at the wildlife center. A bunny had mammary cysts or something. Sarcoma, I don't know what. Something goopy and yellowish and there's a science-y word to describe it but I don't remember it. Something precancerous that can be solved with a spaying. They don't need a uterus anyway. My first bunny had a visible mammary tumor but she was eight years old when that happened, not 3½ . Some other people brought their bunnies to be looked at, including a woman with bright neon pink-orangey-yellow hair. Bunnies occasionally have a pigment in their urine caused by their diets (like when we eat beets and our pee is pink) and females are more prone to urinary tract infections.

The bunny's owner is freaked out by snakes so I asked about sharks and ghosts and cancer. I told her about raccoons and then I came home to find a video of a raccoon popping bubble wrap. The only cancer I'm willing to tolerate is Cancer bellianus. Cancer pagurus. Cancer irroratus. Cancer borealis.

There was a different person named Christina who was originally from New Jersey. We ended up in a conversation about memories, how I remember wanting a dog but don't remember life without one, how my earliest memories are of finding a snake in the garden, which may or may not be before finding out I had a new sister, about how I don't remember being born and how people who say they remember being born are imagining things, how I was on international news but it isn't that big a deal because I don't think South Africa had television then, I'm not sure.

and then I was going to say something else (dogs? Madagascar? Timor-Leste? Ghana? how fascism is fashionable in former soviet bloc countries and parts of sub-saharan Africa… maybe I should think of it as christianized Africa, Kenya, the Ustasha, South Sudan, Central African Republic… Greece… France… but not the middle east or the Americas and probably not Asia) but lost it.

I thought she looked familiar but apparently, she interned before I started. Also, I have no problem distinguishing between individual Asians, I just have a problem determining what variety of Asian they are, and that's not including Malaysians and Filipinos. I can barely tell a Filipino from a Zapotec or Ukrainian or Mapuche. I just need to point that out. "An Ukrainian" doesn't sound right.

Monsieur Quaker Parrot is back. His owner said "wait until tomorrow, he won't have all those feathers." It's stress. Ian said some things in French but he didn't actually know what they mean. He thinks it was "thank you." I don't know, I'm still baffled by the gran/grand/grande distinction. I think it's totally arbitrary. If somebody knows, please explain that to me.

burning question: where are their arms and legs? It's not okay!



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27 days until the vernal equinox

So I went to the Gardner Museuem, where the garden remains in perpetual summer (there are booklets that list the kind of plants they have in the courtyard and why flowering plants don't thrive there), away from the polar vortices, or rather, the brief respite from the dreaded polar vortices. There is a special exhibition on photographs of where the stolen paintings were and people's thoughts on what they saw. Some of them are separated into black on white and white on black, and the black on white section is the approximate size and shape of the stolen work being commented on. Someone asks (go to burning question) and someone said if we found the napoleonic eagle, then we'd know who stole the paintings, because he doubts anyone really cares about that thing.
The woman at the coat check had a sketchbook of her art, mostly done in pen, more refined than my quick sketches.
This guy was saying that since his hair was gray and fairly curled, he'd grow it out like the guy in the painting, but velvet doesn't suit him. Maybe velour would.
There was a canary there too. Or not. But it was some kind of bird. Too-witta-wee.

There was a woman with all her hair shaven except for a lock of yellow and pink, and a woman with bright laser lemon hair with fine black streaks in it and oversized headphones and glasses. I wasn't able to interact with the former because I had to run to the E train and I wasn't able to interact with the latter because I doubt she could hear me. I think I saw a glimpse of a woman with purple hair as well.

There was a guy playing guitar (including Field of Gold, which I actually associate more with Jake Shimabukuro and ukuleles) at Park Street. Thankfully, no alarm like last time, because I did have to wait about ten minutes.

and on the red line home, I sketched some people (it's pretty cool because sometimes they're in motion and you end up capturing that motion inadvertently) and discussed art with them, and this guy who does voice acting said "yeah, the train's always empty by Braintree."
I asked him "Did we just pass by Quincy Adams?" because I needed to get off there.
And he said "I don't think we're all crazy."
I told the woman I drew to maybe take some art classes or make some art. Her friends back in high school did what I did, and by that, I mean, they were in art programs. I told her the thing I miss most about high school is the nearly limitless (to me, anyway) supplies for sculpting and painting. It's sincere. It certainly as hell wasn't the Yama Whumping Association or being subject to Shannon's Law.

This kid in the glass elevator said "the wall is made of window" and that is why he couldn't touch the bricks behind them.

burning question: What is Rembrandt doing in the Sea of Galilee?

mervyn pumpkinhead

the means of reproduction

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30 days until the Vernal Equinox

The more I see, the more I think the blogosphere has gotten gradually worse. Listen, Vox wrote a post defending (not quite advocating, I don't think the blogosphere has sunk that low yet) sex trafficking. And one of the Popoli said some things but they're more full of shit than Gene Belcher on Super Bowel Sunday. For one, Serena isn't about me, it's about some guy named Paul Trowe. The other thing she said was just an indecipherable, incoherent mess. Get over yourself, you're not that important.

Anyways, despite my expectations, the wildlife center was open and events included
a. The rather messy spaying of a bunny. There's something that sets rabbit uteri from. I'm not as intimately familiar with the intricacies of the female reproductive system.
And yes, it does look like a ram's head. With blobs of fat on both sides. And apparently, if I thought this was bad, I should see a goat cadaver. Buckets upon buckets of fat.

b. The Grand Reptile Tour, with two groups of people, one of which was a group of two and was led by a tattoo artist who had a scorpion and other things obscured by the sleeves of her coat and was born under the sign of the Impure. The snowy owl was still around and I noticed too late that there's a nice place I can stand and see the owl and not get my shoes covered in snow.
It's funny, Scorpius remains a scorpion in Mayan astronomy, while Aries is the world's least impressive quetzal and Cancer is a dog and Virgo is a peccary and Taurus is an owl. I mean, they didn't have bulls or sheep or goats in 8th century Guatemala, but they did have peccaries and bats and spiders.
It's funny, astrology is the most arbitrary thing ever. Scorpius is Louise Belcher while Aries is Bob Belcher*, or maybe it's the other way around. Anyway, I found this advice for Aries about not thinking of the bad things that happen to you as a consequence of your actions and keeping a positive attitude towards life and not letting fate kick you around while looking for other things and it's good advice, be you Gigas or Condemner or Impure.
Anyway, all this Aries talk is making me want to play Baten Kaitos Origins, but I have about a dozen other games I want to play first. I wrote down a burning question but I'm not going to post it until it's relevant (read: at the end of March or the beginning of April)

Somebody added a flying squirl (sic) to the whiteboard. It looked less like a squirrel and more like a sea slug or a deformed crow or Zodiark, the Keeper of Precepts, and it was saying "weed!"

Someone wanted there to be a way to scan a brain for rabies without actually cutting it one.

*I once asked a burning question about hearing someone talk for so long you start reading things in their voice. Well, I watched so much Bob's Burgers during the last week** that I read somebody's journal entries from 2008 alternating between Gene and Louise and all my thoughts were in Bob's voice.
**it's hard to do much else when you're dealing with weather only Dan Simmons likes.

burning question: If I had l33t haxx0r sk1lz, would Vox Popoli exist?
(I posed this question to Chris years ago in a slightly different form and he said "yes, but only in disco form." Look up Disco Mario on i-Mockery.)


on silent wings

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38 days until the vernal equinox
Though it really doesn't feel like it. I was looking forward to something above fifty on Saturday but I don't think that's happening anymore.

I squeegeed the floor in Enrichment while Vikki tried in vain to dump the grebe's nasty greenish pool water in the drain and the grebe sat in the bucket, wrapped in a towel.
When she took it out, he made a noise that could aptly be described as "the Penguin getting kicked in the crotch."

Grebes remind me of loons but apparently, grebes are grebes, not loons or gulls or waterfowl. They have funny looking feet: each toe has lobes.

The snowy owl is still around, since I guess it was underweight. She'll be released soon (next week I'm going to
I got to see Kaz (I'm like "what's that short for?" and she says "Karen," and I'm like "Oh not Kazimiera.") prepare a dead guinea pig (I think in life he was used for research purposes or something and we ended up with a bunch of dead ones for some reason) with blood on its face for the owl by slicing its belly open.
She said "I hope you're not squeamish," and I'm like "I've seen the insides of various animals before, and also an eviscerated mouse" I said Ms. Owl should consider this an honor; as very few snowy owls get to eat guinea pig.

The name Phoebe/Phoebus means "bright and shining." Which is weird because Charon means something like "The Bright" or perhaps "fierce brightness." While Karen means pure (it's a corruption of Katherine, after all), and it's also an ethnic group in Burma. I think the latter is pronounced ka-ren, though. I will let her know that. Some people say that Katherine doesn't actually mean pure, the Romans botched a translation.

Phoebe is the name of her cat, which reminded me of Bianca. Phoebe is white, while Bianca is black.

Kaz thinks The Fast Supper is awesome. She is really excited about hoverboards.
There are still only four Jaws movies and no holographic sharks and the Cubs still haven't won the world series. Kaz says that won't happen.

Apparently, we've had eagles before, but not while I've been there.

burning question: is it just my imagination or has the blogosphere gotten worse?


in the abode of the snows

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45 days until the vernal equinox
By tomorrow, the snowy owl will be wild once more.

Ian didn't even know it was going to snow today. Just a fall of snowdust and then we get this.

This lady, I thought her name was Jessie but that's just her jacket brand (I'm not going to call her Bruce because Batman does not wear a Batman t-shirt when he's in his Bruce Wayne persona), so keeping in line with Back to the Future, I'm going to call her Jessie despite the fact that her name is probably something like Martine, brought a guinea pig and a ferret. The ferret was all right, despite escaping, the guinea pig had a cast. Yes, ferrets do smell musky, but you can make them smell like maple syrup if you want. I doubt they care, most likely their greatest threat is raptors. "Jessie" likes science and she also likes to write. She said the best way to create bad art is to think of two things you want to draw that are complete opposites and then try to mash them together. She thinks nobody should be supporting pogroms and especially not Asian people where Asians aren't exactly popular, and that religious antienvironmentalism is profoundly stupid. She thinks pygmy owls are cute. She thought of calling the guinea pig sunshine or skittles, and we all thought of different movies when I said Sunshine is a good movie. I thought of Sunshine, they thought of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Little Miss Sunshine.
I was thinking it's funny that some people in nursing get pissy when the patient doesn't speak English but we can work with patients who can't answer our questions and tend to hide their own weaknesses lest they get eaten.

Anti-inflammatory drugs in cows are causing vultures to die in Asia.

"Uh, it's a boy."
On a bunny (named Foo Foo - this prompted a singalong amongst the techs and interns) that we were planning to spay. He got an orchidectomy instead. This is why you don't always listen to the owners.

If you didn't notice, and if you did, you didn't ask about it, yes, there were three entries called "mercury" and that was intentional.

burning question: but who the fuck actually searches for something like cismale gendernormative fascism?



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46 days until the vernal equinox
Or in other words, seven weeks. If I think in terms of "winter's halfway over, fuck yeah, we even get a brief respite from the polar vortices," it's great, but when I think of winter in terms of "there are seven weeks to go," those seven weeks feel like a long fucking time.

I'm not going to update until later on the 2nd because fuck this. Or rather, "fuck gthis." Or rather "for rather." And that's why. Or rather "that's hwy." Because when I'm overstimulated, that means I can't type for beans.
See, I brought my sketchbook with me on the T. Some of them came out really good (this guy in a hoody and the guy with long hair, a receding hairline, a long beard, and a spiderman t-shirt), some of them not so good because the train was going THUNK THUNK and jolting my pen around (I'll get to this), and some people, and I mean you, both the dark-skinned young lady in about three layers of shirts and coats on the Red Line, and to the freckled young lady with really short hair in a white hat and a pearl earring and dark purple coat on the Green Line. I'm not posting them right now because I need batteries and it's very overcast.

I think they were laughing at a private joke or shared hallucination. I looked at her like she's absolutely bonkers, and she's waving HEYYYYYY! back to me. How odd.

This guy at Pita did the same thing once I did last time I was there: forgetting something in a restaurant and having to run back a mile to get it. I mean, I didn't have to run back a mile. But I left things behind. Twice. On the same day. And I've also lost things and then forgot about them until much later.

Let me tell you about Maurice Ravel and temporal diffraction.
The first one, Alborada del Gracioso, like all first ones, I don't really remember. Like Debussy, except louder. Somebody describes as being more controlled than Debussy. I'm not sure, but he's definitely louder than Debussy here.
Shéhérazade makes me think of some of the operatic vocal stuff in the Seduction of Claude Debussy, it made think of Rimsky-Korsakov because of the title, it makes me feel like it was summer.
Since I had Rimsky Korsakov on the brain here, I described Daphnis et Chloé to myself as "… holy fuck," "I think I lost all perception of spacetime," and "this sounds like Claude Debussy trying to imitate Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, or possibly the other way around." Daphnis et Chloé is a ballet about the love between Daphnis the goatherd and Chloé the shepherd, and the pirate Bryaxis' efforts to capture Chloé, and the great god Pan shows up.


By this time, I'm thinking, yeah, when I get home, I'll just post my thoughts on Ravel and his music, leave that note to both people who are interesting but spent too much time looking at their phone, being blocked by other people, or simply twirling twirling twirling towards freedom.

Let me tell you about my trip home.

The fire alarm was blaring at Park Street and I'm very happy the Braintree train arrived within three minutes of my arrival.
And then this happened.
I was drawing some people, and I told her that I can do better, when I'm not on a moving train.
Casey's picture came out rather good. She likes it, she likes how I put her gauge earrings there. I'm pretty sure her name is Casey because her friend was explaining the directions to her house by tracing her finger on her other friend's leg. There was Taylor, but I didn't draw Taylor. I'm pretty sure at least one person in the group was named Sara, or Ssara, or Ssra.
I said that I'd leave the typos but my will to leave them like that is overpowered by my will to immediately correct my spelling upon fucking up.

Another ended up with Jay Leno's chin. I told her about how I wanted to draw people on the T and how I finally got a small sketchbook for that purpose, and she told me (or Casey told me) that she (I mean the unnamed woman, kupo) did the same thing, except she didn't draw people, she wrote stories about random people, and I asked her if she ever feels disheartened when they don't live up to her dreams and phantasies about them, and she's like "nah."
She's right, people are more interesting than others give them credit for. Try it some day.

The third person had a rather cool cameo necklace with a sun motif around it. She was trying really hard to not giggle at the situation, and I kept apologizing for what was the train's problem. She asked if I did this professionally (I don't) and after showing her more complete and refined works, if I went to art school (I didn't).

It is as I said, art and baby raccoons are the best way to initiate a conversation.

So I was happy, despite la grande conspiration de la machine, and I have no idea how to say that, (and I hit the space bar after typing out the English "grand") not letting me get a drink from the fugging machine, and also not letting me put paper money in the first two Charlie Card machines I tried.


So, (I heard this afterwards, by the way, not live), Erwin Schulhoff, was drafted into the Austrian-Hungarian Army in world war I. He was a composer. Before the war, he wrote romantic stuff, after the war, he went completely out there, composing a work of music that was nothing but an insanely complex series of rests. Eat your heart out, John Cage.

Alas, the Nazis killed him during World War II.


Burning question: where does Link disappear to when he plays the song of double time?
Come to think of it, I wonder if Link continues to age during his excursions through the same three days. I wonder if there was a rumor out there that you could play as Adult Link in Majora's Mask by playing to the third day without skipping ahead and then resetting time 2500 times.


minotaur blues

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50 days until the vernal equinox

This was inspired by boredom, this topic on I Love Everything about everything one of the posters remembers from elementary school (which for me includes only The Angry Moon and becoming violently ill from their egg salad), and brutal cold. Told you it wouldn't last.
Lamp's story about the banana peels is awesome, by the way.

I thought of dividing things into Continuity, Context, the Happening World, and Tracking With Closeups, but twitter and facebook feeds and microblogging and those other things John Brunner predicted and even livejournaling didn't exist when I was in middle school. Nay, it was Geocities and chat rooms. And I didn't even have the internet consistently until 1998 or so. I'm pretty sure we had AOL briefly, because I got Exile: Escape from the Pit, and then I got Exile II from MacAddict and tried asking a friend to give me Exile III via floppy disk, which couldn't be done.

So here's everything I remember about middle school. Except for my listening habits, I already brought those up one fine day several years ago, where I sat around listening to the stuff I taped off the radio and writing down some very brief thoughts on those songs and then trying to piece together everything else from Wikipedia entries and posts on ILX. Reception was unreliable at best, you see.

Pt. 1: Minotaur Blues
I tried to draw a map but realized I have no clue how it all went together, even if I more or less remember what every room looked like. The school was divided into the jr and sr high halves, and the cafeteria was part of the sr. high half, but most of the time, the two halves coexisted in a city and the city style separate lives. Originally I wrote that the building was two rectangular corridors, but that's not true; I think the middle school half was just two lines, one atop another, a stairway in the middle of those lines, with the corridor leading to the senior high halfway up and halfway down those stairs.
The cafeteria had a DJ booth but it didn't double as an auditorium. On nice days, we'd get back to class by going outside and walking around the building, even though we weren't supposed to. And even on not so nice days.
There was a hill leading down to one of the athletic fields just beyond the jr. high's parking lot. We spent many a winter day riding down that hill in an inner tube.

There were two computer labs, one had Windows 3.1, and I really don't know the hierarchy of mid 90s Windows machines, one had LC III computers (in 1997, mind you), at the time I had a 132 MHz Power Mac, and to say the school district wasn't poor is a massive understatement. Oh, right, it's a public school. I didn't take art classes in middle school for some reason.
Also, there were two gyms.

I guess they were measuring rooms and measuring the light level and temperature with all this scientific equipment, and then we'd be compiling it into charts. My partner was Amy and somebody thought I had a crush on her because we worker on a project together.
It was a grade-wide project but since I was ahead in math, I missed half of it.
Here are the names of everyone I remember: Arianna, Jari, Steve, Alex, Bob, Ladd, Antoine, Scott, Scott, Nick, Zoë, Amy.
And there was a third girl, I can remember what she looks like but not her name. I think it may have been Aimee or Ilyree or Esselarea but it was probably none of those.
And there was one guy, Scott called him Grease because he used way too much gel in his hair, and I don't know his name.
And later on, there were Jason, Adam, Michael, Justin, Tim.
Good luck abusing that information.

For various reasons I went to a different high school.

Steve had hair like a vulcan, or a mushroom, or that guy from Dumb and Dumber.
Ladd had a habit of saying things like "Shit on a stick!" and stuff. He hid behind the doorway and lunged out at Bob and roared. According to him, Bob jumped five feet in the air. According to me, he jumped about six inches, not high enough to embed his face in the ceiling. Bob's name was actually Robert and he didn't like being called Bob. Later, Ladd drew James Bob as part of a presentation on the three branches of government or something. I know why Ladd was kicked out but I don't feel like I should go into that. Scott was kicked out and I don't know why. Nick moved.
Christian used these weird dadaistic insults like "you chicken nugget!" or "you puppy doggy" and "baloney." and they're all best imagined in a thick Romanian accent. I'm not sure if that's a Romanian thing or just his thing.
and because of that I thought when Homer was singing about his baloney's first name being H O M E R, I thought that baloney was a euphemism. You know.
Zoe I only know because Nick was saying that the kids have weird names.
Nick wanted to put anchovies in the teacher's coffee for april fools, but there was a blizzard that day (I lost power and wasn't able to print out a project for math). He still did it, of course. And once he made up a song about John and Lorraina Bobbitt. It went like this: In the bedroom, the mighty bedroom, John Bobbitt sleeps tonight.
We dissected chicken wings in life science and nick asked if I dissected the Purdue Guy. And then we dissected frogs and I think Steve did the wubbawubbawubbawubba wb song with one of them. And someone else found out a frog's last meal was a crayfish. And they smelled of formaldehyde.
One of the classes I had was in the ass end, in a cramped room that Scott called The Romper Room. It wasn't quite as awesome as having classes in the detention hall in high school.
There was a class trip to Mt. Monanock, and Antoine told me about all the local fauna, which included rock monsters, legged snakes (actually salamanders), and rabid monkeys that escaped from the zoo (actually chipmunks) according to him.
Due to the really crude graphics in Exile II version 1.1 or whatever, Nick thought the game involved a platypus eating a knight guy. He also mistook "arcology" for "college for darth vader." That didn't actually happen in the school, mind you. It's just something I felt like pointing out.

I blocked most of 7th grade out of my head.
Around this time, Princess Diana, Mother Theresa, and Mobitu Sese Seko died. I got punched in the face for pointing this out.
His surname and Mobutu sounded similar, you see.

Pt 2: Sarajevo Melancholy
Here's some context: The Yugoslav Wars were a three way catastrofuck.

By this time, Yugoslavia, not Guatemala, was the flashpoint. Justin saw a photograph in USA Today or something and was wondering just what the green thing was, and said "you've heard of fast food, well, here's flying food" because the photographer captured a loaf of bread at the top of its parabola.
I actually knew someone from Bosnia. That wasn't until later, though. She was class president or something. If you'd pardon the digression, I never really talked to her even if she was friends with someone I had a crush on (please see Lo Rez Moon Lit for the reasons I'm glad that one never amounted to anything, despite everybody and their mothers knowing), I only knew she was from Bosnia because she, four others, and I had our artwork on display at the public library. I don't remember what it was I had on display there. I don't think it was my mixed media homage to Pearl Jam, which was probably my second favorite thing I did in Studio Workshop.

And one guy brought a furby. Jason bounced one of the cafeteria sausages. Jason would refer to himself as The Cheese.

I know I asked this in the Question Club but probably not here. And I'm pretty sure I asked things like "what would you do?"
Burning question: If you found an ocarina on the ground, played it, and your life was suddenly reset to your twelfth birthday, what amenities of the 2010s would you miss the most?

I just thought of my next burning question! Stay tuned!



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52 days until the vernal equinox
See, I told you I wasn't going anywhere.

I didn't get to sleep until 2:30 AM on Sunday morning.
those dreams on Sunday morning didn't help. First one was one of those half dreams, where I was trying in vain to talk to Sara but the AI Ceres had fully absorbed the internet and was demanding various setbacks and stipulations in exchange for fulfilling my desires, and the second one, it was summer again but I was fighting for my life through half the dream, so I didn't get to enjoy it. I don't know, I guess I was trying to force my way through some international borders, armed with an iron. The cold in real life doesn't help either.

Today was respite from the bitter cold, at a balmy 48 degrees F. I tried sending Maggie her portrait via Facebook but each day that passes I become more and more convinced my message ended up in the land of wind and ghosts with all the messages about erectile dysfuntion and flirtatious messages from Vlad in Sarajevo. I know what I said. I don't think spambots are able to differentiate between the sexes, though Zach said they know more about him than he's comfortable with. If I don't get a response in a week, I'll try sending a message via friend request.

Zach found an old trapper keeper and thought the paper would disintegrate in his hands, and used the phrase "if you find yourself in a hole, put down the shovel" to describe Asians who live in Australia, where they aren't considered the model minority they are here, supporting any sort of effort to drive out or annihilate the Arabs/Muslims.

It wasn't an impressive day. Nor a bad one. Just a day.

Meanwhile, the owl is quietly flying around the flight cage. She'll probably get released soon, I'm not sure how, but I'm sure I'll find out.

burning question: What's all this "likes" crap? What's wrong with simply having a list of bands and musicians and composers, books, and movies and tv shows you like?


journey's end

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54 days until the vernal equinox

So I finally talked to Adara (you'll have to go back as far as "brains, a heart, a ride in a balloon" in October of 2008; there was a whole series of entries about it but that never really went anywhere, maybe because I was asking all the wrong people, and that's what the title refers to, I'm not going anywhere*). It was a briefer and more pleasant conversation than I ever expected. I asked her to comment here, the decision is hers to make, and I haven't gotten a response to that yet.

I do check anonymous comments and I will approve them if you're human, or at least a Martian or trained dolphin, but you might get your comment deleted if the spambots are aggressive. If you don't actually have a livejournal, you might want to try openid or twitter or, as a last resort, facebook. Just saying.

I left Gamingforce seven years ago.

I had this thought lingering for a while, but I didn't want to say anything for fear that it would come back to bite me in the ass: I asked Xpander to try contacting Miyomi, and then I was wondering if Miyomi was on to me, or perhaps he didn't ask and was going to shrug his shoulders and say "she's not in contact with her" some time in 2016, and I figure if you're going to lie about something like that, you should wait a week tops.

*There's someone I want to paint, but I suspect Facebook's "other folder" for people you aren't connected with is a euphemism for "there's a printer in Zuckerberg's back yard, and a goat eats the printouts."
I even painted this a few weeks ago, but I went to the beach to look for snowy owls and then I misplaced the camera.

In other news, I'm half motivated by lovesickness, while the other half doesn't want to get out of bed because it's so fucking cold and I can't even see any above freezing days in the forecast. And, really, aside from the painting and the burning question (a quote from Only Forward, if you're wondering), this really feels like an entry that should have been posted towards the end of 2008, not in early 2014.

burning question: You know those thoughts you get sometimes, the ones where you know something's not right, that there's something you ought to be thinking about; that you can't quite put your finger on? And what happens is you forget about it, and then a bit later on it comes back to haunt you in a very big way?



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59 days until the vernal equinox
It wasn't the most exciting day at the Museum of Fine Arts. Once again, I arrived at the tail end of an event, this time, a speech about privilege.
and it was the kind of day where She Who Tells A Story was dismantled and the next exhibit there hasn't been put up. The only new thing I noticed was contemporary Afro-Brazilian art, and some people were discussing the differences between Spanish and Portuguese. I heard Cape Verdean creole a lot in college too. And I took Chinese, which has a mindbogglingly vast array of logographs to keep track of but no tense and no gender to worry about, and only know a few phrases in Spanish. Phrases like "¡Ay ay ay! Es Homer Simpson. Me ha molestada" and "el yo-yo es grande*" and "ay, un gato malodoro" and "ay, naranjas en la cabaza," while I don't quite understand what he said about the corn cob. Hungarian I've heard is difficult, and then there's Marshallese, where you can look up the orthography on Wikipedia and determine in ten seconds or less that the orthography was conceived by native English speakers. Oh, and there was a wispy attenuated figure in the contemporary wing that I didn't notice the last few times I was there.

*Chihuahua is not Spanish at all, but possibly Nahuatl for confluence**.
**I don't think Shrine of Stars was actually translated into Spanish***
***but it's called Yama di Confluence**** in Italy.
****the only reason I know it's Shrine of Stars is because I recognize the cover.

People, including a woman with a henna-brown short mohawk and the rest of her head shaved, did like the snowy owl picture I took. And I did explain great auks, which went extinct due to hunting, carolina parakeets, which ate seeds toxic to cats, and passenger pigeons, which outnumbered humans, and how most modern-day extinctions happened on islands, where the animals are less numerous and less able to deal with invasive species like cats and rats. And the ones that aren't, in the last century at least, tend to be due to habitat loss and habitat destruction, not overfishing or overhunting.
Ivory-billed woodpeckers are thought to be extinct. I don't know why they are still considered critically endangered when one hasn't been seen since World War II, but if they're still around, it won't be the first time it happened.
Somebody brought up a people in Africa where they actually do honor women, and I told her about the beauty pageants they have there. I said they were from Chad or Niger or possibly Mali, it doesn't really matter because the countries are even more arbitrary in Africa than they are anywhere else.
Look up an ethnic map of Africa.

The unreleased Drop Nineteens songs sound like they were recorded in 2010 Bandung and not 1990 Boston.

burning question: is knowing Clay Aiken lyrics worse than the fact that he is still getting air time?
I love how I phrased that like an empathy test.



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66 days until the vernal equinox
Two bunnies got orchidectomies, which is a scientific term for castration, which is itself a fancy term for neutering, which is itself a fancier term for chopping the balls off. I missed Finn, who weighed over 3 kg, because Lucky (soon to be Boppy, alternately Inky II, because his carrier still had Inky), and there was/is/will be depending partially on when I post this a stone removal from a guinea pig, and that can't be a good thing, and they were possibly going to clean glue and other gunk off the flying squirrel with acetate or something, which Caitlin/Danielle interpreted as dunking him in a bucket of the stuff, which would probably kill him. You know about orchidectomies by now, but what you probably didn't know is that Lucky is capable of reproducing for another month or so, as there are still viable spermatozoa hanging out in what's left of his vas deferens.

The owl has high uric acid content, and we're hoping she's suffering from acute renal issues caused by toxins or microorganisms or stress from flying this far south and not suffering from chronic renal issues.
(since we watched True Facts About The Owl during rounds, I just want to say that the first time Jean saw an owl's x-ray, she thought it was severely fucked up, but that's just the way the owl's skull is shaped)

As far as good news goes, we finally realized that environmentalism is good for the economy as well.

Meanwhile, Shi'ite militias were launching mortars from Iraq into Saudi Arabia, a bit like trying to intimidate Martians by setting off fireworks in your backyard.
I wonder if that situation could be exploited somehow, preferably in a way that will draw Hezbollah and ISIS out of Syria.

I said Colorado is basically a rectangle and I know nothing about it and never plan to go there. Except to egg Dan Simmons' house.

Burning Question: Is religious anti-environmentalism a new thing?


the snow pageant

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72 days until the vernal equinox

The answer to your question about cormorants, Asakiyume, is "I have no idea."

At first, I was disappointed because I got a brief look at the snowy owl while she was being fed a mouse and I missed her get her morning medications, but then I got an excellent look at her.
And then I was just hoping something interesting would happen, and then Nina and Maggie showed up. Nina was trying to get George(a box turtle) to stick out his foreleg and she told me to cover my ears when she was doing this, and I said I don't know what she can say that could possibly offend me, said something about him ending up with a Marmalade (one of the 90 year old turtles we have) body, and quoting Kindergarden Cop. Maggie wants me to paint her portrait, and didn't recognize Nina, and said I wouldn't have recognized her at Night of a Thousand Faces because she was wearing face paint. Also, she is right and Oronoda is wrong. Just like Sara.

When we got her, she almost died under anesthesia. And her talons can penetrate one of those heavy-duty gloves we have. They don't perch very well, some other rehabber has a male with a messed up wing who needs his eye removed, because he probably flew into a branch.

Unfortunately, it was kind of dark in there.

He spent the whole day like this.

It was warm. Not warm enough for any of the reptiles to go outside but a far cry better than anything we've had in the last week.

burning question: what the hell does Kiss From A Rose have to do with Batman anyway?

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