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fate and freedom

Posted on August 31, 2015 at 6:47 pm
Mood: Dicyema
Now Playing: The Promise Is Hope - Quiet Hands
First, let it be said that key lime donuts are a thing and they are truly amazing. All I could think during rounds was "mmm, donuts... holy shitnacks!" There was something about white nose syndrome and only one hibernatorium of little brown bats left in Massachusetts but it was good news because it's Monday and Jean says no bad news on Mondays, but all I can think of is donuts. Maybe there's a commensal bacteria that helps the bats fight infection. Bacon donuts are a thing too but honestly that seems way too clashing to me.

The Promise Is Hope
I like this even if I did wish they had a different vocalist when I first heard it.
They played a concert with Atlas Lab once, I think it was when I got a nasty, brutish, and short spring cold from Emma. So I'm thinking "hey, maybe I'll never talk to Emma ever again and I'm reverting back to discovering music on my own instead of through her, but at least my life has been enriched in some way by meeting her. And she (along with Gabriella) was such a pivotal part of last summer. As for the summer, well, aside from getting sick halfway through, which sucked, I guess it was on par with the summers before I met Gabriella, maybe even better, and all the people I met were awesome, and I'm really sad that summer's almost over.
I don't want to admit defeat. Not yet. We'll see how things go once things quiet down.

Denby and the Alcotts
I stumbled upon this, I don't know how.
I was like: Wait, isn't that Matina?
And then I was like, "no, she's not from Massachusetts."
Then I was like "wait a minute, that's not even a banjo, that's a ukulele. There is a huge difference."

Fiddlers' Galaxy
Remember when I brought this up about two years ago? That piano is perfect for solitary late summer nights.

I wish Sophie Atlas and Bong Wish would update their bandcamps or anything really. As of July 1st, Bong Wish is working on their first album, so if I haven't completely forgotten by then, I'll see you in 2018.

I did some Google Fu and found out not only that the vocalist in Gretch is from Chile but she has some stuff on Soundcloud. If you're me, you may need to do some fiddling, and by that, I mean metaphorical fiddling, to get things to play. I shudder to think of what a technocracy would be like. Yeah, there'd be budget but they'd blow it all on huge changes that nobody wants and occasionally everything will break down or catch fire.

There's a bottle of habanero sauce in the refrigerator and we use that to anoint things that we don't want the animals to suckle. At least, Jacob hopes that's all we use it for.

Nothing much actually happened. I made some lunch for the blue jay, flicker, and robin, which are all the same thing, and Jacob cut up some huge rats with huge balls, and Daria finished up her internship, which I was really surprised by, and then we cleaned some cages out back.

This battered-looking screech owl came in. Hey, if anyone knows how to resize an image on Facebook with the URL, let me know.

burning question: are you still dreaming of moogles and moondust?


lay down yr weary tune

Posted on August 28, 2015 at 6:29 pm
Mood: Myersglanis
Now Playing: Azam Ali - Sackpipslät
I made a woman look really tall in the drawing, though she was actually pretty short in real life.

I saw a guy who's shirt said "keep the change, you filthy animal," and I know it's cruel to bring up Christmas in the week of the last summer concert, but really, Home Alone is like Die Hard in that it's not really about Christmas, it just happens to be set around that time.

"Lily is a grasshopper in a dog's body." Lucy was a lot calmer. I'm wondering if Lucy and Lily are a reference to Little, Big.
Someone else said that Lily is part King Charles cavalier and part something else and part lemur and I have no idea how lemurs actually act.

A woman was wearing a bracelet made out of some kind of blue material on one wrist, and on the other wrist, she had an intricate bracelet tattoo.

So even with the incidental music by Felix Mendelssohn, which mostly plays between the acts and before the play begins, there are also two songs sung by the faeries and music for Pyramus and Thisbe, A Midsummer Night's Dream is not a very long play. I wasn't surprised this time, but I was surprised last time.
Mendelssohn wasn't the only composer to write incidental music for plays, his is just the most famous, mostly because Victoria used the Wedding March for her own wedding and now everyone uses it.

Pyramus and Thisbe more than made up for the lack of inept costumes (Thisbe actually wore a dress, Pyramus had some armor and a knight's helmet, the lion had an actual mane and not just a cat-ear headband, the wall looked like a wall) with half-assed overacting. Or half-assed underacting in the case of a lion. As for Nick Bottom, he doesn't do anything half-assed, he's just an ass.
Also, we had an actual moon so nobody needed to wield a cane.
One of the players in Pyramus and Thisbe did a Hadouken when he decided he wanted to be a knight.
And Thisbe kept removing her wig like it was a hat.

I tried to draw a guy with hair like The Deceiver from Myth II but the train was super-bouncy this time.
Chelsea is an art history student who once took a watercolor class and spent her time painting tomatoes (not awesome, she says), and like Carolyn wants to see a series of Simpsons photographs and it made her think of Marcel Duchamp, and she thinks that the world has moved on to Bob's Burgers. I explained that one shot was too glitched out to tell what episode it was (I believe it was the one with the pigeon) and one is just so generic that I can't tell what episode it's from. There will always be ways to watch The Simpsons but if a mantis native to Madagascar goes extinct and all the photographs of them are copyrighted, then we're fucked.
She says I could make a mural out of the people I draw.
She'll keep that photograph forever and I'll keep my drawing of her forever.
Mostly she's an art appreciator and not an artist. I spent more time with musicians, actors, and revolutionaries than with visual artists this summer.

It's hard to keep a steady hand on the frigging wacky train. So Macy's shirt looks messed up.
Macy and Jake are actors. Macy recently played Margaret, the one who pretends to be Hero, in Much Ado About Nothing. Once Macy got a caricature done in New York City and it was February and frigging freezing. Otherwise, this is the first time either of them were drawn. She noticed the insults on my t-shirt and they were at the play too.
Macy was born in April 1999, so right after the Much Ado About Nothing in which someone I knew played Hero in ended. Also, it was in Gallipolis, which does not mean city of roosters and is not actually the Kathmandu equivalent of Kathmandu (that would be Timbuktu, of course), but is probably a byword for "ass end of nowhere" on a localized scale for everywhere in Ohio, except for Gallipolis, where the byword for ass end of nowhere is Leavittsburg.

Burning Question: if the world were somehow inverted, what would Sweden be like?


we are the dreamers of dreams

Posted on August 25, 2015 at 8:46 pm
Mood: agkistrodon
Now Playing: Lidakis - Άστρα μη με μαλώνετε
I don't have that much to actually say here. I'm still overwhelmed by emotion after this weekend and spent a bit of time introducing Katie and Zofia to Greek music, and I still need to process the fallout of the Hugo Awards. Let it be said that there is someone out there who is actually foregoing sleep in order to catalog negative posts about Teddy Beale and the Stalky Bunch.

Zofia asked how Emma was doing so I told her about the Emma I met on the Green Line because I haven't talked to the muralist since I ate at Brookline Lunch. She has this interview about dreams and getting into surrealism and wanting to cover every blank wall in the world in art and supposedly finishing up recording that damn EP.

I've been logging my dreams on and off for the better part of this century. A while ago, I had a dream where Norway was a Belarus-style dictatorship because the Nasjional Samling held out after the war, I guess liberating Norway wasn't really high priority. And yes, I know Belarus isn't fascist, it's run by a strongman who dissociated himself from the USSR. Dreams I have when I'm tend to be ten second loops of images and sounds. I remember when I had a bad flu and my dream was just this for like at least three hours. I dreamt of Fal'Cie but they weren't like either the Pulse Fal'Cie or the Cocoon Fal'Cie and the forest island in Riven. I dreamt I transformed into a caterpillar and rode around on a cat like it was Shadow of the Colossus and she didn't have any idea what I'm talking about, and then I carved bright streaks into the sky with a laser pen.

I apparently know way more Emmas than Zofia does. She only knows the Emma from Oregon and I think she met the other Emma from the Wildlife Center but that's it, and I'm really surprised actually.
I may or may not see Zofia next week but I'll probably see her in the winter or next summer. I said goodbye to Katie, who is going to work with a crazy wolf lady, and I may see her in the winter and I'll make sure she (and Emma and everyone else reading this Livejournal) gets scans from my sketchbooks sometime in mid-September.

"You know it's vegan friendly when you can't pronounce half the ingredients."

Zofia was talking about a trip to Six Flags and I told her about how I've never been on a roller coaster because when I last went to Canobie Lake, the lines for the roller coaster were too long and I really couldn't be fucked to wait.

Colostrum provides the antibodies in non-primates (primates get it from the placenta).
And this causes problems in clydesdales and captive dolphins.

Starlings are escape artists.

Nigel the iguana got some really tasty-sounding food with cilantro and kale and stuff. He's older than Zofia and Katie and it works for him.

So Bill's tattoos were actually from the opening scene from Watership Down. He thinks it might be based on Maori art or perhaps Australian art, and I can see that, especially when they're in color and not black and white.

burning question: what power had brought me to this alien shore?



Posted on August 24, 2015 at 12:01 am
Mood: Asymblepharus
Now Playing: San Lorenzo - Kintampo Road
An update on a distant glimmer: so her name is Emma and she knows Maggie. I think this brings the official Emma count to eight.

A woman on the train had short, very bright lime green hair, like Rydia and not like Terra. Another had blonde hair streaked with blue. Another had neon pink in blonde.

They started out with the Creek River String Band, which sang a bluegrass tune about the Donner party and how heaven doesn't compare to you.
Al-Jawary Al-Hessan is a belly dance troupe that uses things like canes and swords as props.

I spent most of the day in the side stage, partially because I can't say no to bands with female vocalists and partially because it started raining and didn't stop until I was back at JFK/UMass.

I missed Ria play on the main stage because San Lorenzo was playing. I thought I missed her play in favor of Revma but since there wasn't a schedule, I didn't find out when Ria played on the main stage until I got home. But I did hear Ria play at the side stage.
I told her she reminds me of Kay Hanley, partially because one of her songs was a cover of Kiss Me by Sixpence None The Richer.
I thought Letters to Cleo covered that song but when I look it up, I get something that either mistagged or misattributed. See, they're both on the Ten Things I Hate About You soundtrack. Also, she was the singing voice for Josie and the Pussycats in the movie. I know about Letters to Cleo from Daria, though, and I know about Leigh Nash through Delerium.

Grace Morrison raised money to record an album by gathering up cans and bottles and recycling them and wrote a song about it. She tried to make the accordion cool and failed. She wrote a song after realizing a quarter-life crisis is a real thing. She tried internet dating and realized it was scraping the bottom of the barrel. She became obsessed with the year 1536 but wrote a song about her uncle who was in Vietnam and her grandfather who was in World War II, when people were cheering some dancers down in Fanueil Hall, her mind went right to unicycle, she wrote a duet song between Henry VIII and Catherine Howard, who was beheaded. I sketched her towards the end because she was just so awesomely quirky. Also, she has sea turtle earrings but so does Emma (Hungary, not Sweden or Oregon) I believe.
The problem is the paper has a vellum surface so if it gets moist, it makes it harder to draw. But she loved it and signed it with "This is awesome! ♡ Grace" and even gave me a 4 song CD for free.
If you're wondering about the rest of his wives, Catherine of Aragon was divorced and died under house arrest, Anne Boleyn was divorced and executed, Jane Seymour, mother of Edward VI died in childbirth, Anne of Cleaves was divorced and outlived Henry, and Henry died married to Catherine Parr.

San Lorenzo reminded me of As The Sparrow except less bouncy, and there isn't a mandolin or banjo or ukelele, just guitars and bass and drums and saxophone and trumpets and trombone and keyboards. I totally misjudged how much space I needed for the seven of them. So Lindsey, one of the singers/trumpeters/guitarists wearing a shirt about loving life no matter what kind and a rainbow headband, was a lot bigger than Ryan and Evan, while Dave and Matt are in the background, being drummers and keyboarders.
Emily says she knows the guys in As The Sparrow.
She says she's not used to playing where there's a drum mike and the sound guy is sober.
She says you've never seen a band with this many horns.
Emily's been to Ghana. I told her about Lauren's trip to Ghana. I called her my friend despite the fact that we haven't talked in a long time, but I suppose that once a friend, always a friend, unless something goes horribly wrong.
Oh, looky, they have a website. They're releasing an EP in "August" which is band for "December."

Nope, I missed Tiz Kompa play to hear Revma but since I heard him play last year, I don't mind that much. It's Boston. There was something going on yesterday.

Revma's clarinetist tried to play a Greek version of bhangra music while some people were working out to some bhangra music. Now I want that: a bhangra album with Greek lyrics, performed on oud, accordion, bouzouki, acoustic guitar, clarinet, tympano, and toubeleki,

Greek music sounds more Middle Eastern than European. The Thracian songs about things like having second thoughts about marraige and kissing someone's eyebrow and having ink pour everywhere, use accordion, the Cretan song about stars don't scold me (astra mi me malonete) uses oud.
Except for some of the slower pentatonic stuff, which sounds like fiddle-less klezmer. Shit, I just realize there's no fiddle on Esoteric Space Klezmer.
here's some stuff by Sandy, the woman vocalist in Revma.

Melodeego is an environmentally aware soul rock band that sang about stopping the pipeline and standing up for what's right.

Someone had the same idea Michael Marshall Smith had in Only Forward: that journeys seem quicker coming back and he wonders if the train/bus/train journey in took temporally longer than the train/bus/train journey out or if it was psychological and just anticipation.

Also, the Sad Puppies were thoroughly trounced in the Hugo Awards. I don't think this is the last we're going to see of them. I do think that Kate Paulk is going to drop all pretenses of populism and go for a slate of the Mad Genius Club clique.

burning question: so what was the point of getting divorced anyway?


a distant glimmer

Posted on August 23, 2015 at 12:30 am
Mood: Indotestudo
Now Playing: Kate Diaz - Turn Out
I saw a woman with blonde and blue hair and a tattoo of a vine wrapped around her leg.

As for drawn people on the way in, one woman had tattoos of a purple lily, some kind of many-petaled flower, an incandescent light bulb hot air balloon, and an old-fashioned fighter plane, one woman was wearing a crescent sun pendant her boyfriend made, or maybe it was a sun with an annular eclipse going on. Either way, the pendant is awesome.

They were not only on schedule, though, they actually got through everything in a timely manner. I don't know how things went earlier, I arrived in the afternoon.
I think some things changed. For instance, the Nigerian gospel choir wasn't listed on the schedule. I don't know what replaced them, I was completely enamoured with Kate Diaz's music, and I did write down the setlist: Turnout, The Question Mark, Glare, Locks (which is about a bridge with locks on it), Cameo, On My Own (which is about moving to boston and covering walls with concert ticket stubs), Front Seat, and Remember.
She has a reverbnation.
Kate loved her portrait. She was selling flash drives with her music on it but she misplaced them so I just had to look her up online.

Last Call played the side tent later. Also, the guy with the triceratops tattoos is a musician by the name of Penn Johnson. I didn't get to hear him play, alas.

A woman had a chestpiece tattoo of a stained glass rose.

Dominique was dressed as a punkish casual Death Note character, and by that I mean, she had a mohawk and a tattoo of a dragonfly on her scapula, and her friends were dressed as a Death Note character and a character from an anime I don't recognize.
Some people who worked at Canobie Lake were showing off card tricks. And speaking of magic, a woman just started The Prestige and I told her that book is awesome but nothing else.
"Black magic is making a seven appear on your arm."
She was at Anime Boston dressed as Tifa with a giant freaking buster sword and she knew people would recognize her because everybody who's even touched a copy of Final Fantasy VII knows that Tifa punches monsters.

Brother D did two spoken word works with PANA! a Latin American rock band from Connecticut.

A woman with streaks of teal and blue and violet in her hair had her miniature pinscher with her and she danced with him. I let him sniff my face expecting a sloppy kiss but he barked instead.

I swear I've heard Grupo Fantasia before. Oh right, they were there last year. They played a cha-cha-cha by Carlos Santana that makes me think of William Shatner's version of The Real Slim Shady.
Sarcasmo described themselves as Latin rock. Since I could the word "corazon" in and one of the members was Venezuelan and one of the members was part Dominican, part Peruvian, and part chupacabra, I'm pretty sure this wasn't the Brazilian death metal group. If it was Brazilian, they'd probably use coraçao and if they're death metal, it wouldn't be a coherent coraçao.
Latin American music in general is amazing but Brazilian music is heavenly.

Alexander Faria is Venezuelan but he lives in Boston now and not Brazilian. It felt like one long song. For the last song, a saxophonist joined them.

One woman is now hopefully following me on deviantart and not not following me because she can't read my writing.
One woman reminded me of Shannon and that's why I had to draw her. She was watching rats or mice scamper amongst the train tracks and her friend pointed out that they had somewhere to hide when the train came.
One woman told me that my drawing of her made her night, but she had to get off at South Station.
One guy told me "make me look good. Oh, shit, everyone on the train heard that." and then requested that I draw his friend, who had green hair. He said that natural for him was moving around a lot.
One guy's hair was tied back in such a way to remind me of an octopus.

I had a conversation on the bus about the New York subway and how it wasn't super-crowded when I took it, and by that, I mean, there were plenty of empty seats and I didn't get on at a terminus, and and how the taxis are even scarier and how they went 60 mph on city streets and she thinks that taxis don't go from point A to point B, they go (a line, a loop, a tangle of threads, I said) so they can make more money, and how most of the mansions in Newport have been converted to condominiums or they're owned by historical societies, and how summer colds are the worst, and how she would love to spend time amongst interesting people, and how she head that somehow next winter is going to be even worse than last year's and that she wants summer to last just a little while longer.

Burning Question: why shouldn't we be concerned when terrible people gain power anywhere?


unguarded future

Posted on August 22, 2015 at 3:20 pm
Mood: anodonta
Now Playing: Gretch - Silent Tears
The problem is I'm so overwhelmed with emotion right now.

I think her name was Claire, because her friend who may have been named René but probably isn't said "shut up, Claire" but he might be referencing something, and it might be something more common but I hope her name is Claire because the series of titles makes even more sense.
Her friend, who could be named Renée but I very much doubt that, asked if she'd go blind from looking at a lunar eclipse and I asked her if she went blind.
Imagine if that's the last thing you see, she said.
Her hair was so black it looked green. She was born under the sign of the Corrupt, her friend with the hat who wanted to make seaglass with a bottle even though it takes a hundred years according to her was of the sign of the Whisperer, and her friend who told her to shut up was of the sign of the Condemner.
birdsrightsactivist offers these horoscopes for each of them.
Prancer: you will meet a beutiful stranger. it a bird. give him bread.
Saggletartisus: How many breadcrumb you drop on the ground will be a sign of how many childrens you will have. raise those childrens to put breadcrumbs on the ground.
Pieses: bread give it to me the pleanets compel you.

Whilst searching for the elusive schedule, I met a woman at the volunteer tent who was an artist who drew in an anime-manga style and had one train portrait because it's pretty awkward when you're just starting out. The portrait was of someone wearing a backpack drawn from behind.

Gretch is a band with a keyboardist/vocalist/acoustic guitarist, a cellist named Julian who just joined the band and is the worst person to ask about finding their stuff online, a tablaist, an electric guitarist, a bassist, a drummer.
It was their first concert outside their school.
And they were awesome. They did one song with a guest vocalist, one song called Demons, one song about breaking up called Silent Tears, which is on youtube and the place to start if you want to learn more about the band. It's the only song they have online as far as I can tell, but when they release more stuff, you will probably be able to find it in those same places, or maybe they'll get a bandcamp or something. It's nothing like the rest of the stuff they played and I don't know if all that distortion was deliberate or due to the setting.
Oh, here's the one song they have online.
That's why I didn't post at 11 PM last night. I was trying to find their stuff. Well, that and I'm overwhelmed with emotion.
I missed the title of the other songs they played because I was talking to a woman with an owl tattoo.

Foreign Hues - I think this was the mostly Hispano-Caribbean but occasionally Peruvian dance troupe.

Elisabeth Lopez, and when she said "it's with an S," I thought that meant she was from a Lusophone country and her name was Elizabeth Lopes, but that's wrong, had a surprisingly deep voice for a 17 year old. A few of her songs were originals, most of them are covers. The original songs were called Monsters and The Dark Side.
She actually played last year.

A kid was trying to guide a robot through a moonscape and have it pick up a flag and someone said "robots are hard: NASA can barely do it and we're teenagers" and someone else had the suggestion to have anyone who takes the flag to a certain spot get a cheap toy like a beanie baby or something and he's like "beanie babies aren't cheap."
One of the guys at the Lego table liked my shirt even if it did dredge up painful memories of E&M.

vundabar - these guys sound familiar, and oh yeah, they have a bandcamp, they describe themselves as sludgy jangly pop. Someone told them to play Freebird and one of the members said that joke killed 20 penguins and those jokes are really destroying the planet.
Holly and/or Lindsey had short hair and a tattoo of leaves on her arm, and was here at Greenfest and here in Boston on a business trip, that is, promoting an app that tells you when you're near local businesses. Also, a woman had three matryoshka dolls tattooed on her arm, one with a sun, one with three stars, one with a crescent moon, all with red tulips.

Grey Season - they're kind of like As The Sparrow, except I like As The Sparrow more, and it's just guitars, drums, and a mandolin.

Jill Stein spoke during a downpour. Other than that, the weather was more nice than shitty.

Harmonius Wall - They're a folk band from Wisconsin and they did not vote for Scott Walker and they sing about food.

Sing For Nepal - So I was talking to Astha, who is herself Nepali, and I thought it was spelled Asta and she did too briefly because Nepali doesn't use Latin. The other members were Tina and Adrian. Astha just ran out of space on her camera so I'll have to send the drawing to her once the sun comes out.

In the audience was a man with a triceratops and lion tattoo.

Smoov Impact was an acoustic blue collar rap group from Baltimore that rapped about living check to check. They have a song called We Do It Better, and that's not bragging, it's just confidence.

Mamadou - these guys sound familiar. Whatever they were, they're bluesy and they sing in English (about being yourself), Spanish, and something that I thought was Zulu but realized they don't have enough clicks to be isiZulu. Wikipedia tells me Mamadou is from Senegal.

Johara - I remember this. They're a bellydance ensemble.

Anyways, I know the sky was really threatening but it was a rather pretty purple-gray.

I'm not actually sure which group was Wordsmith, or if they even played, because the schedule got somewhat screwed up. For what it's worth, Amy and the Engine played on time, which was good, but the concert didn't get started until 1 PM.

phunk phenomenon - The guy leading several dance ensembles was a human beatbox.

Amy and the Engine - they're really good folk-pop-rock and their last song (I think it was called Living In My Head) was quite excellent. For the record, Amy wasn't the keyboardist like I thought, she was the lead vocalist, tambourinist, and occasional acoustic guitarist.

I didn't stay for hipshot. I wanted to get home before 11 PM.

Of course, I got to the red line platform just as the Braintree train was leaving so I had to wait 15 minutes.
Some guy laughed like he was planning world domination or something.

burning question: Well? If you look at the moon, do you go blind? If so, are you some kind of reverse werewolf?


to answer and resound

Posted on August 20, 2015 at 8:09 pm
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Now Playing: Sergei Rachmaninov - The Bells
Kim had splotches of paint on her hands and feet but said she sadly wasn't an artist.

A woman's hair was streaked with purple and she was of the sign of the Death Seraph and I tried to get the sigil in my drawing even though it was on the side of her neck opposite to her arm with the rose, the nautilus shell, Frankenstein's monster and Edward Scissorhands. As a Death Seraph, birdsrightsactivists offers her this horoscope: too much bread in your refrigleator will unbalance your humors. give it to some bird.
I thought Edward Scissorhands looked like Robert Smith and therefore Dream of the Endless. She said they're both awesome. And I was like "oh, yeah, now I see it, with the snowflakes."

There was a guy who looked somehow otherworldly and I don't think I got his otherworldliness across in drawing.


Everything played here was written after World War II started.

Armenians are the opposite of Portuguese people. See, the far-right is eager to point out that Armenians (I think this might apply to Georgians as well) aren't white when they go against far-right politics, like Anita Sarkeesian or Hovhannes Bagramyan, but white when they are themselves far-right, for instance, I don't see anyone calling Rushdoony a non-white.

On the other hand, hard right wing Portuguese like Sarah Hoyt or Larry Correia apparently count as non-whites when the Sad Puppies talk about how totally diverse they are. While those same Sad Puppies and their supporters would say a leftist Portuguese like Christina was white. Of course, they're from places like Utah and Colorado where there really aren't any Portuguese people.
So, anyways, Sabre Dance is the most famous movement from Gayaneh and evokes things like sword dancing and Bart hanging from a ceiling fan with Grampa's teeth in his mouth.

Donald Krishnaswami, the principal violist composed The Swordfishers, and I swear I've heard one of his compositions before. When I saw the name, I thought it would be about fishing with swords and I have no idea why I'd think that before I think of swordfish.
The Swordfishers sounded like the music from Akira and Riven (see, I have been playing video games longer than most Gurpgork members have been alive) overlaid upon The Rite of Spring, with a few references to Jaws thrown in, although swordfish aren't cartilaginous fish like sharks, they're ray-finned fish.
And when the booklet says "the croaking of some Archaic pond creature," they mean "frogs," even though it evokes amphibians more amorphous and less evolved than frogs.

It was played on lithophones, made from rejected leftovers from countertops rather than the petrified baguette looking things they found in Red Paint People burial sites, which evoke Akira, and log drums, which evoke Riven, even though it's ancient Native American, not Papuan.
Afterwards, we got to play around with some lithophones.

Glass wrote a three moment drum concerto, and they played two movements. One is a march, one is a polyrhythmic drumming duel with combinations of two and three note patterns.

Rachmaninov's Symphonic Dances was his valedictory elegy, quoting from previous works. The first movement, Noon, uses an alto saxophone, and references his first symphony and a choral work called The Bells. The second movement, Twilight, is a Ravelesque waltz.
The last movement introduces the Dies Irae about midway through, quotes the 9th movement of the All Night Vigil, and the Resurrection and the Alleluyah triumphs over death.
Things don't work that way in real life; he died 2 years later.

Apparently, he had giant Lana hands too.

I was talking to a woman because she brought up The Lathe of Heaven, which, if you remember me asking if there's something like the Goosebumps book Don't Go To Sleep except, you know, good, is the closest thing to that. She told me to read it, and I think I will, even if I do have a giganterous to read list, and I think I need to read The Word For World Is Forest too.
She's not from Norway, but she spent enough time there to pick up a Norwegian accent.

Burning Question: how do you pronounce coyote?


the swan troika

Posted on August 18, 2015 at 5:56 pm
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Now Playing: Alexander Glazunov - Symphony no. 3
I had to squeegee water into the drain after someone let the bathtub overflow. The kiddy pool was impossible to move and it's the water, not the rock at the bottom. I got most of the water off the floor, though. Just some stuff that's in the gaps between the animal's (by this, I mean a snapping turtle, a duck, and a baby turkey) cages (by this, I mean a bin with a grate and a towel over it) and in other places too awkward to move.

Jess (by this, I mean a Jess I haven't mentioned before. Hey, I wonder what name appears the most in this livejournal. My guess is Emma.) almost sprayed me with what looked like guacamole but was actually greens in water.
Instead she sprayed the sheet for the toad, which Zofia named Trevor but someone else named Stumpy. Because what else would she name a toad? Todd the Toad, maybe. I'd name him Frogface, personally.
Meanwhile, the swan oinked like a pig. And I kept turning around when it made those sounds, since I was expecting something else, like, I don't know, a pig.
Katie worked somewhere where there was a swan that they'd let out to swim in his pond and he'd oink when he wants to be let back into his pen to be fed.
This one was wobbling about when he walked.

Vaccinating skunks for rabies sounds like a lot of fun. Marco got the worst of it when it happened.

This is the news we get when Jean is away: sea lions were struck by lightning while on a beach in Australia and a beaked whale was beached in Plymouth. Beached whales, especially beached deep-water whales, are really hard to salvage and hard to euthanize because a, they need a lot of euthanasia solution and b. once you give them the euthanasia solution, gulls and coyotes and foxes and other scavengers can't eat the carcass anymore, and then they have to find a way to dispose of it. Unfortunately, without euthanasia, they slowly suffocate. They're trying carbon dioxide.

I've never seen a dragonfly get so close to me. I stared at it for a few minutes and then told it "shoo, shoo, you do us a great service and all but I really need to put this towel down."

I told a woman with a dog pendant and a pet beardie with a necklace of snail shells (and Katie, who said that some of the things there were really awesome and some of them are really weird, and talked me out of showing her Dirty Dominoes) about the Fuller Craft museum.

A different Katie (by this, I mean I went to college with her) had this very important thought:
Started thinking of something for a theatrical performance where the audience represents the land of the dead, and whenever a character dies they walk down off the stage and join the audience.
Of course, that wouldn't be the end of their interaction with the production, as they'd continue to comment and yell things to the living characters. (Most of whom wouldn't be able to hear them, unless they were starting to go insane.)
It would be one part Shakespeare, with his fondness for killing off characters and drama/tragedy, and one part Mystery Science Theatre, with the snide commentary of the dead.

The best parts would be the audience interaction. The dead characters could totally turn to the people near them and vent about some aspect of the play. And all the ushers would be dressed as grim reapers, with one "audience member" who's really an act...

Carla thinks this is awesome too.

burning question: hath not a dude eyes? If you prick us, do we not get bummed? If we eat bad guacamole, do we not blow chunks?


little dreams in glass and metal

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I don't have any real insights. Just see for yourself. For some reason, the Fuller Craft Museum's website didn't have any pictures of the three exhibitions and now that everyone posts on Facebook instead of Flickr or Twitter, it's really hard to find things.
Good thing the Enamel Arts Foundation has a whole bunch of stuff.

There was a brooch depicting a scarlet macaw, pendants made from seagrass, trays splitting in two via mitosis, signal boxes, a scent bottle, stools made from recycled aluminum signs, and a necklace made from a hundred handgun triggers, which is quite possibly the best use for handgun triggers I can think of.

asakiyume (and anyone else reading this for that matter), you are free, nay, encouraged, to share these on Tumblr.

echoes of a million unheard screams

New Mexico Sunset. Big. Very big.

Sunkoo Yuh - False Start

Mitosis, made from found platters. Big.

Plates. Big.

Red Constellation Necklace. Big.

Turtle Stump. Big. The smaller figures remind me of Lisa Clague in a way.

There was a drumming ensemble called Crocodile River with a man from Connecticut, a man from Mali, and a woman from Burundi. The man from Mali did a call and response duet on his drum with a kid in the audience.

Autocorrect changed "al viento" which, for those of you who don't habla Español, is Spanish for "to the wind" or something, to Vientiane, which may or may not be Pali for City of the Moon or Lao for sandalwood, even though there weren't any spiders in the exhibition.

The great thing is that all the enamel works are all the perfect size for my Livejournal. The themes were religion, nature, cityscapes, and abstracts.
These are the ones that caught my eye. There are more on the Enamel Arts Foundation's website.

Angel in Adoration


Moon Flags


But there's a lot of them so I'm putting them behind a cut anyway.
And I mean a lot.Collapse )

There's more stuff on their website. And, wow, I've never seen imgur use a captcha and ask me if I was sure I was human before.

I've got nothing else. Uh, someone had a shirt that said I ♥♥♥ Hyrule. And an artist was there with his sculpture race (see down to the river), which was a thresher of waves along with some mermaids riding the chain and Japanese writing.

burning question: why isn't there a Principal Skinner's best moments on Youtube?


fantasies, fables, and faraway places

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None of the people I met on the way in were the best of conversationalists. It didn't help that I was furiously scratching my legs and then when I got dinner, I noticed there were rivulets of blood on my shins.

Thought I saw Shannon on the orange line (not the Shannon with a rose tattoo but the Shannon who doesn't care that a pterodactyl is not a dinosaur) but her face was different and she had longer hair, and it wasn't platinum blonde, it was darkish-blonde streaked with dark brown.
I swear my listening to Mistle Thrush was a coincidence. Besides, I was listening to Drunk With You and Silt.

A woman had short blue hair with black on the sides and a prominent tattoo of a black crescent moon on one of her arms and a few other tattoos that weren't as prominent.

It felt like there were fewer people than usual at the concert, and I'm going to blame both the shootings that happened and a rather stinky dead fish.

I think I've heard Batuque before but never with a drumming ensemble in front of the stage.

The Mother Goose suite (Ma mère l'Oye) was written as a piano duet and then orchestrated in 1911.

There's no indication that Mother Goose was ever a real person. Yes, there's a woman named Elizabeth Goose buried in the Granary Cemetery but she's neither Mother Goose nor the Unholy Mother of Terror.
It's pretty hard to follow without either an actual ballet going on or without something to tell you when the movement changes.

So the faeries cast a spell that will put Sleeping Beauty to sleep, and Prince Charming is hunting in the woods to the sound of horns and birdsong, and an old woman sits at a spinning wheel, and Princess Florine comes in cartwheeling and jumping rope, but she stumbles, and pricks herself with the spindle, and it turns out the old woman is the good fairy Bénigne, and Sleeping Beauty dreams about a dialogue between la belle (as a clarinet) et la bete (a contrabassoon, until his transformation into a prince, where he becomes a violin, and then Petit poucet scatters bread everywhere so he can find his way through the forest, but alas! it is I, magnificient bird, who stole tom thunbgs bread sorry not sorry, and Laideronnette, impératrice des pagodes, has a bath where her subjects pay tiny instruments on a five-note scale influenced by Chinese music and the same gamelan Claude Debussy heard, and Prince Charming enters le jardin féerique, dawn breaks and he awakens Sleeping Beauty.
Ravel liked toys and mechanical things.

Clarice Assad's commissioned work depicted the physical and emotional growth of an imaginary person from childhood to adolescence. Originally, she was going to play an already-written piece but instead she decided to work with some youth organizations in Boston to write a new piece.
A ciranda is a type of dance in the northeast of Brazil.
No relation to Bashar, I hope. I guess there are people with the last name Frank out there, which is my go-to example of "fairly common surnames belonging to truly horrible people." Hell, I heard a guy with the last name Fonseca play last year.
Cirandadas was a comissioned work by Clarice Assad, for Clarice Assad and another main singer, rapper, two mixed youth choruses, one of which included a member with sea blue hair, singing in a mix of Portuguese and English.
It's broken up into the introduction, Samba lelê, Peixe-vivo, Nigue nigue ninhas, Escavros de Jó, Ciranda cirandinha, Sianinha, Peixinhos do mar.
The introduction was mostly drumming and other percussion.
Lelê doesn't seem to be translatable and I can't tell if it's because it's a Portuguese word that doesn't have an English equivalent, like Saudade, or if if it's a proper noun, or if it's glossolalia. I found something called a Dança-do-lelê, but the Wiki page for it is Portuguese only.
Peixe-vivo means live fish, unlike the peixe-morto Georgia discovered.
Ninhas means nest-box, but Google won't help for nigue.
Escravos de Jó means slaves of Jó, Portuguese for the Biblical Job.
Ciranda means sieve.
I have no clue what Sianinha means. I'm assuming it's a diminutive of something.
Peixinhos do mar means "fishies of the sea"

So, yeah, really unique and really interesting, and it's great that it's a world premiere and I'm one of the first people to hear this thing, but it has its disadvantages, in which I can't listen to it repeatedly and describe it to you in more detail.
It's hard to tell where one movement ends and one movement begins. Sianinha is the rap. In one movement, the leader of the drum ensemble acted like the drum equivalent of Cab Calloway. One drumbeat, one clap, two drumbeats, two claps, three drumbeats, three claps, four drumbeats, four claps, a really complex pattern of drumbeats. There's some call and response between Clarice and the other singer and their respective choruses.
Now, since this is a world premiere, that means there's no recording anywhere, so go look for it in 2017.

I met a woman who was half-Portuguese and taught biology to high schoolers where 9 in 10 kids has a Portuguese surname, and she likes snakes and other reptiles and had a turtle pendant, but didn't think to ask her. Probably because I thought I could just look it up.

In Scheherezade, the Sultan is pissed off at women in general and several of his wives in particular, but Scheherezade (the oud she plays is replaced with a harp) tells him stories about Sinbad the Sailor and Tinbad the Tailor and Jinbad the Jailer and Whinbad the Whaler and Ninbad the Nailer and Finbad the Failer and Binbad the Bailer and Pinbad the Pailer and Minbad the Mailer and Hinbad the Hailer and Rinbad the Railer and Dinbad the Kailer and Vinbad the Quailer and Linbad the Yailer and Xinbad the Phthailer to keep her head attached to her neck. The Kalendar Prince, a beggar, travels from town to town and people bow to him and call him his Majesty, and a young man waits for the procession of the princess and her cortege, the snare drum marks time and the other percussion instruments depict her jewelry tinkling, and two lovers find themselves at a festival in Baghdad (Alas), Sinbad's ship is dashed to pieces so he builds a raft and sails to the bejeweled city of Serendib.

Neither Baghdad nor Serendib are nice places to visit in real life.

No encore because this concert ran pretty late. Also, for some reason, my butt was wet.

I thought she was Gabriella, except her face is wrong and she has a nose ring and was wearing jeans. Otherwise, her outfit (a hat with picked wildflowers in the band, a grayscale paisley shirt over a white top. Very similar to the Shannon simulacrum, actually. Her hand was covering her face when I drew her. I had to rush when drawing her because I was expecting her to get off at Park Street or South Station.
Matina is a Hebrew name, not a Latinate one. Or it could be a Latinate variation on a Hebrew name, like Gabriella.
She's not from around here. She travels wherever her banjo takes her.
She asked me where I've traveled. Nowhere strange and wonderful like Madagascar or the Galapagos or Bhutan. Okay, I enjoyed my trips to Washington D.C. and New York.
She missed her stop talking to me but I'm not blaming either of ourselves. I think she just forgot where South Station was relative to everything.

The sleeping woman had a lot of cool pendants and earrings and two snake rings, and a googly eye on the back of her hat, probably so tigers don't try to sneak up on her while she's sleeping. And her pendants keep tigers away, so the googly eye is redundant, and I know that because I didn't see any tigers on the train. It got delayed but they're anti-tiger pendants, not anti-shooting pendants or anti-train-delay pendants.

Some guy was thinking the same thought I had once, and it's as follows: how many people would you need to ask before you meet two people with the same name?

burning question: what would you do if you had the same last name as a mass murderer? Change it, try to take it back via the arts, ignore it and go on with your life?


tiny bright spark

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I don't know if you people read The Illustrated Guide To Law but there's some cool stuff about memory and specifically how we remember faces. Ever since I started sketching random people, I've been looking at the shape of their facial features and of their face itself. Jewelry and tattoos are great if you want to remember someone.

It's weird, I can never remember eye color. Or birthdays, for that matter. Unless they're something significant. Halloween is a good birthday but the worst is around Christmas.

Also, I learned that H.G. Wells outlived Adolf Hitler and therefore was alive at the same time Christopher Priest was.

Katie says I'm sounding better, and I think I know why: because it's all on my fucking skin now. The good news is that I don't have strep or pneumonia, the bad news is that I have a viral infection of some sorts and that means I have to wait it out.
She named her adopted pet rat Radagast, because she couldn't resist the pun, even though the rat Radagast is white, not brown. I don't remember Radagast at all except for when Saruman mocked him, calling himself Saruman Ring-Maker, Saruman of Many Colors. And I only know about him because I have this book of paintings from Tolkien's lore with passages from the books.
Radagast is the one who told Gandalf about the Nazgul riding again. He's a really obscure character in the books but he appears a lot more in the Hobbit movies, which I haven't seen.
I haven't read the Lord of the Rings since the 20th century. In fact, I don't think Emma (Hungarian, not Swedish) was alive when I read the Hobbit. Actually, Lord of the Rings is what got me into fantasy. I'd say adult fantasy, but I don't want to know about anyone's interpretation of that phrase. Anyways, from there, I moved on to things like Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn and The Black Company.

Chelsea says that dogs should have the lifespan of a parrot.
She told me about some Senegal parrots speaking in glossolalia. It's her lifelong dream to own a parrot, and, yes, they live a long time. Some of the larger ones can live up to a century.

Justin said a University Physics textbook the wildlife center had lying around looked intimidating, like it was the Necronomicon or bound in human skin.
Katie brought up this professor who looked scary and knew he looked scary so in the first few days, he would rave in half English half German and then he turned out to be really nice.
Justin wonders why anyone would teach if they're clearly bitter about their lives.

Steroids have a lot of nasty side effects, like dampening the immune system, and if it turns out the inflammation was caused by an infection, steroids make things worse, and that's why we try to avoid steroids whenever possible.

Someone brought in a woodchuck.

burning question: there were eight dogs locked in her car and none of them helped her?


Fly, thought, on golden wings

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I achieved my goal for today, which was to make it through intact.
I had loftier goals, once, but that was a long time ago, when I wasn't feeling like complete shit. Perhaps, in a week, maybe the world won't be a better place than it is today, but maybe, just maybe, I can finally achieve my lofty goals.

Her face looks mashed in and I apologized for it but she actually really liked her portrait.
She used to know what her pendant signified but she doesn't anymore.
I spent a lot of work on the guy with the Clockwork Orange shirt and you can tell.

One of the people at the snack bar had a folio with a butterfly as the open page, and also bright red hair.

I want to say that they were a. speaking Portuguese or Spanish or possibly even Romanian but I doubt that, and b. what they said translated to "hello, hookworms, get in my feet." Because some kind of worms will go in their feet. I drew them.
It was hard to find somewhere to sit that wasn't covered in goose poop. And, yes, I know I've done their laundry, but still. I don't go to concerts to deal with goose poop.

Pagliacci is about a troupe of comedians. Someone jokingly suggests Tonio is in love with Nedda, Canio's wife. He finds out that she really is unfaithful, with a villager named Silvio (who is most emphatically not a corporal in an alternate universe Roumania), and heartbroken, he plays a clown in a play in which Columbine cheats on Pagliacci to be with Arlecchino, and the play hits a bit too close for him. Canio stabs Nedda and Silvio. La commedia e finito.

Cavalleria Rusticana's Regina coeli, is an Easter hymn and a villager Santuzza lamenting her boyfriend cheating on her and that she'll be excommunicated from the church because of her affair with her. See, contrast.

Otello is obviously an opera based on the Shakespeare play Othello. Instead of making a literal transcription, he went with the emotions of the play. Boito wrote an evil credo called Credo in un Dio crudel for Iago, and this is followed by Dove guardi, in which children sing and offer flowers to Desdemona in praise of her beauty.
It would be a great name for a black and white cat, if you ask me.

The finale to act 1 of Tosca goes from wonderfully giddy to wonderfully chilling, all set against the backdrop of a Catholic mass. And, yes, there are cannons (or at least, recordings of cannons) when Scarpia gives his grand finale.

La Strada is a suite from the score to the 1954 Fellini film of the same name, and mashes up jazz, cabaret, Italian folk music, Italian art music, Stravinsky, and Dvorak.

Va, pensiero, sull'ali dorate (Fly, Thought, On Golden Wings) is from the chorus of slaves in Nabucco, and like the narrative of Exodus for African-American slaves, was used as a rallying call for the unification and independence of the Italian peninsula.

Aïda's Triumphal March was performed not only by the orchestra but by the HONK! DisOrchestra Magnifico, which includes things like sousaphones, accordions, saxophones, drums, xylophones, and a melodica, which I think Teddy said sounds like an accordion but worse. Nobody used a keyboard to make fart sounds, though. All of their instruments were wrapped in Christmas lights or glo-stik, and they were all wearing outrageous clothing, and then they came onstage for Rock Around The Clock; When The Saints Go Over There; Funiculì, Funiculà; and something klezmer-ish, all in reverse order, which makes sense because there were Jews in Italy for a long time. Alexander (yes, that Alexander*) even rescued them from Ferdinand and Isabella and allowed them to live in Rome.
The first line is Glory to Egypt and Isis, so of course I have to make a bunch of Archer references. The burning question has fuck all to do with Archer, though. I picked that for today for entirely different reasons.

In conclusion, Italy is a land of contrasts, just like Libya.

*No, not that that Alexander, you idiot. He isn't even from Italy. He's from Russia, a place as white as the moon and colder than a thousand graves. I wish I could say I wrote that line. It's from The Etched City.
Anyway, see the next burning question I ask in like a week or so.

Her face was a palimpsest and I didn't get to do much work on it because she was getting off at the next station but she likes it anyway.

He was totally right because I had the Triumphal March stuck in my head when writing this.

burning question: how Mongo get air?


a culture of viruses

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My sore throat isn't so bad today. My cough was productive in the morning but is now mostly saliva and there's a lot of that saliva. I don't know what that means. I don't feel completely exhausted by 8 PM, which I think is good, and I actually can swallow food. I only felt mildly shitty upon waking up instead of totally shitty, and I don't know if that means I'm getting better or I was drinking expired generic brand Nyquil.
My sore throat isn't as bad, there's no focal point of pain, and it might be because I'm still coughing a lot, but I had coughing fits for weeks after Emma got me sick last time.
As part of "too much information, although it's as much for my benefit as it is for yours," my pee is dark and smells a bit mediciney.
I think I'm doing better than I was yesterday.

I'm messing up everybody's name here. Everything I attribute to Katie and Justin was said by them. If I attribute it to Zofia, Zofia probably said it, but don't bet your life on it. Everything else, well.

Katie's solution for colds is tea and lots of tea, and rest. Which is why I spent most of today watching videos on Youtube.
I tried to rest on a couch but it was too warm and too bright.

Katie's phone is evil, in that it never works and sometimes it displays a sad rain cloud when it can't get a connection. I'm blaming the wildlife center's spooty wi-fi for that.

A friend of Katie's named Alex got an electrical fly swatter, which is like an electrified tennis racket, and tried to swat a fly and smacked his leg instead. Once, right after 8th grade ended, my friend's friend sprayed a bug zapper with a super soaker during a game of Capture the Flag, and it sparked for a while. Also, Craig mooned the opposing team. We stayed up all night watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off and playing Goldeneye and Brave Fencer Musashi.
Justin used "Going at it" as the term for "dating." Uh, phrasing. Boom, nailed it.
Sounds like a plan, James Mason.

The conure loves sunflower seeds and Katie's fingers but not corn. Meanwhile, Hedgie the Hedgehog was running on his wheel for the entire length of time Katie was playing with the conure and then some more afterwards.

I said the raccoon laundry needed to be changed and Courtney thought I said the raccoons escaped, possibly into the washing machines.

She didn't want to drink her juice after the fly landed in it it but Zofia pointed out to her that she ate a mealworm and ate off the floor, and she said that she didn't eat the mealworm, she put it in her mouth to try to eat it but was weirded out when it was moving. Flies and colds: you can't win with them.
I have really no excuse for forgetting her name but I did.

Zofia got Puff the Magic Dragon and Pete's Dragon mixed up. Also, Katie gets Emma and Gabriella mixed up, and she says this happens because she's never met them.
I could see the vapors emanating from the nectarine Jacob was eating. I'm pretty sure I'm getting both the fruit and the person who was eating it wrong.

Burning Question: What kind of psychotic pig eats sausages?


future strife may be prevented now

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On Friday, I was happy because my cough was productive, or at least, productive until I gagged on all that mucus and for a while it was mostly saliva again.
I had a dream where I was at an Atlas Lab concert and instead of their usual set, they played a whole new set, and it was just Alex, Sam, and Emma playing. I don't know why I forget John, maybe it's because he's not in my sketchbook.
I don't think I'd recognize the songs if I actually heard them in real life.
And in real life, I'm actually really happy Emma didn't meet me at the ICA.

"Zero percent chance of rain, so it's not really raining," says a woman who prefers pencil to pen when she draws. She got off and a woman dressed as Furiosa from Mad Max Fury Road got on and I thought to myself at first and then to her that I couldn't not draw her, even if our positions weren't optimal, uh, phrasing, I think.
It got better by Park Street, at least.

The By and By sounded a bit like Lamb, with a trombonist, guitarist, drummer, and vocalist. They usually have a mandolinist but he wasn't around.
Hmm, I wonder if Emma likes Lamb.

On a side stage, they performed an abridged, comedic version of King Lear, for some meaning of comedy in which everyone dies, with Edmund explaining the play to an audience member, who commented with things like "an awful lot of words to describe your sex life."
Regan was a guy with a black wig and Goneril was a guy with a towel bouffant and they had a swordfight with coat hangers and the Duke of Gloucester was a guy with a paper beard, and he was reading a letter that said "Edgar rules!?" and tried to read more but Regan gouged out his eyes.

"I am slain!"
"nobody wants to see a play about a guy who sits around eating ice cream and watching Keeping Up With The Lears."
"there are like five dead people on stage. This is not ok."

A woman's dress depicted London under an invasion of giant space opiliones or something.

A woman had a a skull with lotus eyes on her arm.
A woman had an autumn scene on her arm with the outline of a bird on the shoulder.
A woman had lotus flowers on her arm.
I think her friend had a moon tattooed on her midriff but she said needed to show it off more somehow.
Once in a blue moon means every three or four years. Try some modular arithmetic. Fun fact: when there are two blue moons in one year, February doesn't have a full moon. 2018 will have a blue moon in January and in March. It seems to me that they're pretty much guaranteed after 4 years.
A powerful enough volcanic eruption and it will literally be a blue moon and a green sun and a lavender sun.

"once in a blue moon in February" should be a saying.

The play opened with a banner showing Lear's face with the motto "Future Strife May Be Prevented Now."
After a few of the sheets were torn down, it looked like "Future Prevented."
I think they actually poured water on the stage during the storm in that scene where Lear went into exile.
Since all the sheets were torn down and you could see the scaffolding and the fans and stairs, it made me think of Blade Runner.

Guy wanted me to draw his beer gut and I asked why I'd want to do that and he asked the rhetorical question why not?
My answer to that question is: I'm on the last page of my sketchbook. Everyone I wanted to draw had to get off.
So I spent the ride home popping cough drops like they were candy and reading The Goblin Emperor.
A woman gathered up discarded liquor bottles and piled them on her friend. I said that if he was underaged, that might not be a good idea. If the train was being taken out of service instead of heading back to Alewife, that might be an even worse idea. Unless they're enemies, that is. Since they were friends, she woke him up when they had to get off.

I took some generic nyquil to get to sleep upon getting home, and upon waking up, it went from bad to worse, although I feel that if I can get all that phlegm out or break it all down, I'll feel better.
It was super productive but I had a hard time swallowing too.

It's cool, eating hot salsa balances out the swallowing pains by breaking down the mucus or something. Not cool is spilling it and it takes about an hour for the keyboard to realize "oh yeah, shit got spilled" and the keys stop working at random. Because that is seriously the only explanation for why it worked fine and then when I went to look something up, the T key didn't function.
Yay for spare wireless non-extended keyboards even if I hate typing on them, I hate scrolling through windows, I especially hate typing numbers without a numeric keypad, and I have no idea how to change the batteries so I guess I'm just going to type with this thing until I get a replacement or until the batteries die, whichever comes first.

burning question: Regan, Gonoril, and Cordelia? What is this, Merrie Olde England or Petticoat Junction?


all at once

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She has a dimetrodon pendant, which I think is awesome. Dimetrodons are lumped in with dinosaurs and packaged with dinosaur toys but they're not only not dinosaurs, they're not from the same geological period and they're more related to mammals than they are to birds or dinosaurs.
The mood would only be Dimetrodon had this been a backdated entry from my senior year of high school.
As an allegory of memory, it's great. As events get earlier and earlier, they become more and more indistinct and unclear and a mishmash of sounds and images and dreams. If we get far back enough, I have to rely on the memories of other people to know about events back then, much like using the lunar timescale to divide the Hadean aeon and to know the history of the Earth back then.
But uh yeah.
The guy wanted the bus to pick up everyone going to the airport first and then everyone else (one woman covered in blue body paint and one woman covered in red) gets on.
his exasperated "what the fuck?!" as the bus kept going made my day.

Emma didn't even reply to my message this time. This comes at no surprise.

A woman had a triforce tattoo on her back and thistle-colored hair
One of the docents had sea-teal hair tipped with magenta.
A visitor at the ICA had Terra Branford-ish seagreen hair in a ponytail.
A woman had a half-blonde half light pink afro, and it was awesome.

The bathroom door on the fourth floor of the ICA sounds like the haradrim army approaching. Maybe I mentioned that before, or at least though it.

Meleko Mokgosi - Democratic Intuition: Paintings of people and dogs and a lioness eating what some girl thinks is a type of yak in post-colonial Botswana.

One room was all about the drug cartels and was strewn with rocks and the projector was displaying vividly black and white repetitive films that reproduced brainwashing techniques, a record player played either a heartbeat or a heartbeat buried under a drone that gives that desolate wasteland feeling. The title of this exhibit was Obscuris Fidem and auto-correct has no idea that I was typing in Latin so it changed it to Obscures Fidel.

Tacita Dean's Russian Ending showed various scenes from unspecified catastrophes with writing in white.

Dick Cheney in aviator sunglasses and a track jacket holding a net with a lemon inside, the back of his head is that of a store mannequin wearing glasses.

A chain of fabrics.
Forty gold rings melted down and then strung together to form a tangle of thread.

The Way Things Go is a 30 minute video of what appears to be a Rube Goldberg machine designed by Al Qaeda, Beavis and Butthead, and possibly Wile E. Coyote, but I don't think Wile E. Coyote would have the patience for a trap that takes 30 minutes to finish.

oh, look, it's on Daily Motion. Which means I didn't have to take notes, which is a good thing. Also, I have no idea how "ifiekmwqruhgs" got in my notes.

It's a pain to gather images on Twitter but Flickr doesn't seem to have any and Facebook doesn't have a functioning search engine.


This room was inspired by her visit to Indonesia.
The walls are covered in maps and diagrams on something called abacá paper inspired by blue and white pottery.

Stupa forms.

Klein bells.

No Noise

A kid wandered around making bird noises.

9 foot tall tower of children's fort building blocks.

bas reliefs.

Ceramic breath. Air moving and air frozen in time and space. Some of them look like towers of melted breaths. Others look like alien sea creatures.

Glad to see someone got some illicit pictures of this room. There are other interesting things in there, like a ceramic goat and buddhas with creepy smiles and a whole bunch of ceramic collages.

Commentary of three people on some videos depicting people and a dog standing still like porcelain figures, and actual still porcelain figures that you would expect to get up. There are two videos, one is in inverted colors:
"camo dog."
"he tries so hard not to move. he deserves all the pets."

Let's just see how this looks, okay.

That balloon exploded yesterday and took its non-Platonic geodesic enclosure with it.

There was a trefoil booth set up with headphones and records that you could flip through. when I listened, they played an instrumental electronic song that I will probably never be able to identify and a song with lyrics about building a stairway to paradise one step at a time, which was written by George Gershwin.
You should check them out. Or don't. I don't know, I'm not your supervisor. But as I said to Katie and as I thought I said to Emma, sometimes we want to hear things that aren't tailored to our tastes.

Harmonic Choir - Hearing Solar Winds
Tim Glazer - Space Songs
Guardian Alien
Iancu Dumitrescu
Sun Ra
I gave all of them a little listen but I'm not going to tell you what they're like. It's for the best that you're experiencing them the way I did: with nothing to expect but the fact they're supposed to evoke outer space and B science fiction movies in some way. Also, I really hope there were no Polish people allowed in the Hyperion Ensemble.

I should have wrote down more of them, but oh well. There were soundtracks to movies like Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Forbidden Planet, which you've probably heard of, and Jupiter Menace, which I've never heard of and is apparently totally batshit insane apocalyptic junk science. I was actually hoping for a movie like Event Horizon.
If there was an LP of Holst's The Planets in there, I didn't see it.

All of the back notes on Hearing Solar Winds were French aside from the tracklist and something about mailing the record company for more information.

I'm really sorry if I forget some important details; I haven't been feeling good and I'm blaming a combination of anxiety, lovesickness, and the temperature gradient between indoors and outdoors completely fucking with me.

This thing is floating above the Greenway just across from the bridge that leads to the Seaport, which has changed a lot since I first visited the ICA back in 2010 or so.
It's even more ethereal and awe-inspiring in real life.

I know I'm quoting somebody, probably a random person on Tumblr, but I don't know what. Whatever, that totally happened to me at around 6:30 AM Thursday morning.
Burning Question: do you ever just know you had a nightmare from the sudden chills and heavy heart as your body remembers the dream you can’t recall?


my endless sky

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Someone had a tattoo depicting the two hares from the story Guess How Much I Love You, which she used to read to her son, among other things.

The Latin writing in Anna's bathroom is gone but Steve Lurkel is still there. Apparently, Big Boss has a hexagram and crossed tridents as his sigil. Someone else wrote "smile, I love you." Thanks, random stranger. I feel so appreciated. Like the time someone's Mr. Rogers t-shirt reminded me that I am very special. Horray for Zoidberg!

I met a woman named Alison who is a dancer and who's brother is an artist, and she told me to never stop sketching and I told her to never stop dancing.
I listened to a lot of Slowdive on the way there and on the way back as a result.

They switched a whole bunch of things around. Instead of The Firebird and Gaîté Parisienne, we got a whole new program for A Night At The Ballet (the T is silent, unless you're German, apparently. I learned that from the episode of the Simpsons where Homer thinks ballet is a bear in a little car.) Coppélia and Sylvia? Okay, sounds interesting. No idea what happened to The Firebird, alas.
Other people were aware of the change so it's not a spacetime anomaly or anything.

If I still thought Emma was interested in me as more than a friend, I feel like I'd see a lot more of Gabriella, and now that Emma and I aren't really talking any more, I can't find hide nor hair of Gabriella.

Albert Schweitzer Portrait isn't from a ballet, but since the Longwood Symphony Orchestra is an orchestra of medical professionals, it makes total sense.

Sylvia (not to be confused with Corporal Sylva from The Hidden World, who is probably Roumanian, or typical warblers), is a ballet in which Aminta falls in love with Sylvia but Sylvia is kidnapped by the evil hunter Orion. This is vaguely inspired by Greek myths but it mixes it all up: Sylvia is a Latin name and the only Sylvia in mythology is the mother of Romulus and Remus, and she's not a nymph, there's Diana and Bacchus but Eros.
I swear I've heard the Pizzicati before, probably when a cartoon bird is tiptoeing around a sleeping cat. That's what pizzicato is meant for.

Coppélia is about a man who falls in love with an incredibly lifelike automaton named Coppélia, which is Greek for "young woman." This reminds me of both The Tales of Hoffmann, and in fact, they're related, and Dradin, In Love.
Coppélia is also an enemy in Resonance of Fate that you fight in the arena.

Dance of the Hours is a ballet performed in an opera. It's famous for the dancing hippos and Camp Granada.

Yep, Rodeo is a ballet, and it's about a cowherd who falls in love with a champion roper and wants to win his attention, and Leonard Bernstein was involved with it. The Hoe-Down is based on an old folk tune, which you may not know but you shouldn't be surprised, considering the most famous part of Appalachian Spring was adapted from Simple Gifts.

Tchaikovsky's music is the first time the score to a ballet was taken seriously. Sylvia was written first, though, and Tchaikovsky said that without Sylvia, he would have never written Swan Lake. Coppélia was written even earlier.
Most of excerpts to Swan Lake are familiar except for the csárdás, a Hungarian dance.
it's pronounced like "char-dash"

The Can-Can (properly known as the Infernal Galop) is a dance, yes, but it's from an operetta.

Here's the thing, though. These aren't requests. They're drawings of people who catch my eye or otherwise elicit my attention.

He said "you coming?" to a woman with blue hair. For what it's worth, she looked familiar. She wasn't Désireé but I feel like I've met her before.
I'm like "dude, phrasing." But knowing them, it was probably intentional.

Tchaikovsky's music is the first time the score to a ballet was taken seriously. Sylvia was written first, though, and Tchaikovsky said that without Sylvia, he would have never written Swan Lake. Coppélia was written even earlier.

I had a few more thoughts upon waking up from a rather melancholy dream, but I'll share them in a later entry. I'm just going to say that I have no idea what the shit this Project Saber thing is. Why, yes, I did try to get information about Project Saber, and from what I can tell, it's about giving access satellite broadband in remote regions of Europe and one guy's thoughts about anime and anime figures and video games, and a reference to the game Run Saber.

burning question: is Lisa at Camp Granada?


5:59 am

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The only thing more frustrating than failing to achieve an objective is failing, and having a rival succeed.
A quote from This Alien Shore, quoted long after it's ceased to be relevant.

Julia paints in oils mostly and the more abstract ones reminded me of Gustav Klimt's flowery or tesselated patterns with Kandinsky's colors. A large portrait, A man sitting in a chair, all in bold unrealistic colors. I was showing her my train people sketchbook and she says Emma sounds like an awesome person and I really should find some time to talk to her or go to one of her future concerts or gallery showings. Like everyone else, she really wonders what it's like to have synesthesia. She really likes Emma's voice. We couldn't figure out if she's an alto or a mezzo-soprano or what. I wonder if anyone here knows.
As I said to Paige, I don't think I'm going to attempt something like Emma's first concert ever again, where I ran half a mile after it kept switching between rain and snow and the only reason I didn't keep running is because I caught a bus. In the immortal words of birdsrightsactivist, thank no thanks. Walking over a mile from the venue to the train station October is acceptable, even November, even April, but not January. And as I said to Katie, I have a tendency of relying on fate to bring us together again.
I would have shown her my Goya book but it's big and heavy and unwieldy.
She realized her drawing was starting to look like a goose head and neck so she continued in that vein for a while. I won't be around to see the finished result for a while.

She doesn't remember many people named Jennifer when she was in school; they were all Emily and Sarah.

Harry wanted to play a game of Magic against Julia. I ended up playing in her stead and got my ass figuratively handed to me. It's been over a decade since I've played that. I remember when Chris found some cards in the couches at college.

Julia described our aunt (that means she's both my aunt and her aunt) as the crazy cat lady, except with dogs.
Their dogs are cute but they are in desperate need of a bath.

burning question: Someone in my friend's neighborhood was listening to loud pan pipe music. Any chance that her neighborhood is the set of Legends of the Hidden Temple?



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Here's the thing about sleep: I didn't get any because a thunderstorm kept me awake from around 2:20 AM to 5:30 AM and by 5:30 AM, it was getting lighter out and harder to start sleeping.

Ferrets are super inbred because there's a breeding pool of about two dozen, so they're somehow prone to both hypertrophied cardiomyopathy, which is when the heart is too thick to pump blood properly, and dilated cardiomyopathy, in which the heart is too saggy to pump blood properly.
Iberian lynxes are making a comeback. They were reduced to 90 due to a combination of habitat loss and disease amongst the rabbit population of Portugal and Spain, and now there are around 327 with 140 wild. Yes, inbreeding will be a problem, and they'll probably have to hybridize them with Eurasian lynxes.
Florida panthers are mostly hybrids.

So I know Mustela putorius furo means something like "stinking weasel thief" and that's pretty awesome but my favorite binomial name will always be Sagittarius serpentarius.

There are mushrooms growing on some of the towels in the laundry room, and that's why it smells like the river spirit in Spirited Away, because everyone washes the stuff on the top first and when new laundry arrives, it goes on the top, so Katie is trying to pull some of the super-gross towels out from the bottom.

She says that Alex looks mean in my drawing of him, but I think he just looks drunk and high and ready to order the London Philharmonic for Atlas Lab's next concert.

Katie would choose Athena's gift. I stand by my decision. Although if I ended up in control of Asia, I'd shut down the refineries and possibly blow them up as well, just so when Ayatollah Assahola and Bashar al Assad take back their countries, they're just as screwed as I am.
She says that Africa is too big physically for one person to rule, and yeah, she's right that redrawing the borders and dividing it into ethnolingustic provinces wouldn't help as much as I thought it would, but I have some good ideas like disarming militias, encouraging art, science, and medicine, and banning arms imports.

She says she wouldn't make a popular president because the first thing she'd do is state that climate change is a real problem, which it is, but everyone would hate her for it.

Lindzey can't burp so she hiccups instead. I've never been kept awake by hiccups, even though I have hiccuped for six hours straight, but she has. She's done the same thing I have, where instead of rejoicing, she spends the rest of the day expecting more hiccups. She can hiccup once or twice and then stop, I can't.

There's a new trend called "cuckservative" which is people like Cernovich and V Motherfucking D, Roosh Doony, Matt Forney, Paul Kersey, et al saying mainstream republicans aren't racist enough, and in Cernovich's case, that the best way to ensure Republicans will remain in power until the sun turns red is to allow only white men to vote. I see where they're coming from: why should Republicans waste their time trying to appeal to blacks and Hispanics when there are certainly more racist whites out there? I'm not talking Stormfront or Vanguard Naz Network, I'm talking about City-Data, which is filled with members who think that black people should be taken away from their families and re-educated and pushed out to the suburbs where they'd be forced to rely on expensive cars. And holy fuck, I seriously did not think it was possible to mix fascism and hyperconservatism (neighborhoods would be separated by ethnicity, federal dress code, no abortion, no homosexuality, no sex outside of marriage, severely restricting the arts, not allowing anyone but government officials to travel outside the country) with a few utopian ideas like abolishing currency. Not sure if serious.
Chris Coon is blaming lesbian Hilary supporters for it, which is totally ridiculous.

burning question: How can Emma be in Cambridge and in Plymouth at the same time? Is she actually a Gigas from Xenosaga?


hop skip and jump

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there was a guy with a serpentine dragon and cherry blossoms on one leg and Anubis, jackal-headed god of death and mummification, and an Egyptian emblem on the other, along with something obscured on his arm.
Kinda disappointed he didn't have this somewhere amongst the dragon and cherry blossoms.

I sat next to two people who were in the Handel and Hayden Society's youth chorus, and one of them described Christina Hoff Sommers as literally the worst and I don't know about that, and that she calls herself a feminist but she says there's no patriarchy but if there was women should support it, and rape isn't a problem and there's no such thing as rape culture, and I don't know her reasons for not being a feminist, but I'm sure they're just as vacuous as a post I read, and for some bizarre reason Oberlin invited her to speak. She's less a feminist than a hedgehog is a porcupine or a Pomeranian is a cat.
See the burning question.

Some kids sang Jubilate Deo by Michael Praetorius. I'm actually familiar with him due to his dances.

Beethoven's 9th (hey, wonder if that's a movie yet… Wikipedia tells me there's eight, so they're almost there. They've gone through at least five dogs but they'll make it. I think there has to be 9 Beethoven movies even if the dog is long dead… hey, I wonder if each Beethoven movie is set in contemporary times or if they're all set in the early 90s… also, the youngest daughter from Beethoven is my age.) sounds like it's at an Atlas Lab concert and the orchestra seemed smaller but it was awesome nonetheless. Apparently, Beethoven himself didn't realize that the symphony was over until someone turned him around and everyone was waving their arms around and twirling scarves and stuff.

At the fountain stage, there was a duet with harp and soprano sax that was supposed to be played last but they wanted to get the harp stuff finished before any rain happened, which was a Mozart duet for flute and harp which was transposed to saxophone.
She played the Moldau by Smetana.
He played Cuckoo by Barry Cochran, which went from what sounded like the Forest Temple from Ocarina of Time as played on soprano sax to a weird Movietone-ish electronic-ish warbling.

It didn't rain at all. Well, it sprinkled a little. It occasionally threatened to rain but then cleared up.

Someone was walking his cat and a woman who's name was possibly Brianna had her hedgehog Eugene with her to raise awareness for making better hedgehog diets. And I know what you're all thinking and the answer to the question everyone is asking about hedgehogs is: they can run up to four miles per hour, which is comparable to 4th of July weekend Cape traffic and not The Flash or a peregrine falcon. That's reasonable considering their body size.

Pomeranians make me think of cat dogs because they're small and fluffy and black and have the pointy ears of a cat, but they have dog faces. Someone said they remind him of raccoons but in the immortal words of Birdsrightsactivist, nope but nop.
This pomeranian chased rock doves and thought that the song sounded like a bird and silently barked at it.

she looked like Shannon (poet Shannon who doesn't care that a pterodactyl isn't actually a dinosaur, not rose tattoo Shannon who painted a picture of an astronaut) and had a nose ring like Shannon but I don't remember Shannon ever wearing rings. Shannon might be taller, I don't know, they were sitting down. She wasn't Shannon; she's not even from the same area as Shannon.

Cape Breton fiddling was brought over from Scotland, and then this band Alba's Edge mixed it with Latin jazz. They just released their first album. I didn't have enough money to buy it but check it out if you can.
There was a woman in the audience wearing a t-shirt with some kind of cyclops cat.

Definitely hit with some ending fatigue there. And more likely "I had a canker sore fatigue." And just fatigue.
Aaron Neville is soul. The song that stood out was Fever, which Edna Krabappel performed covered in balloons, which she popped, and Drift Away, which was made famous by Dobie Gray, who is not one of the Doobie Brothers and not to be confused with the Doobie Brothers, and the Doobie Brothers are not to be confused with people who share the same parents, and desecrated by Uncle Kracker.

On the way home, I met an artist who told me my portrait of her was beautiful and I had a good eye and I was really good with colors. She really loves the line work on the forest scene I did with Emma, the one where even I can barely tell where my art ends and her art begins. I showed her my one attempt at making something in Gimp and told her that it was actually pretty tedious and I like to work on art as a whole and not hammering out one tiny part at a time, and she said she doesn't like making digital art either. She hates working with oil paints because they take too long to dry. I didn't get to see her art but boribory ny tany.

There's an interview with Gabriela Lena Frank in the booklet but I'm kinda exhausted from two days of reveling and I have light years to go before I sleep, and I'll summarize it later.

burning question: who's worse: Christina Hoff Sommers or Michelle Malkin?


go starless in the night

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Anyways, my day in an hour and a half or less. I'll keep this short.
I feel like it wasn't as interesting as the last two, but it was still amazing. It was very cool but at least it didn't rain and I'm placing all the blame on that and also, they were preparing the tracks for future snowpocalypses and snowmageddons so that meant we got bussed from North Quincy to JFK and back.

Krissy asked the same thing Keegan did: what the odds of encountering two people you've already met once are. I figure there's about 60 people to a train car and there's about 15 million people in New England but then you factor in tourists and sometimes people leave and sometimes people move in. Also, factor in people who wouldn't be caught dead on public transit or people who wouldn't be caught dead in Boston.
Krissy hasn't met her doppleganger yet. I feel like everyone has a doppleganger out there somewhere.

I overhead a family speaking what I want to say is Tamil, although I did hear something that resembled "no" though "nem" is "no" in Hungarian and Hungarian is nothing like the other European languages, although it's vaguely like Finnish and Estonian in the way that English is like Albanian. It could be a coincidence, like the Japanese word "no." In fact, it's probably a coincidence, because none of the Indian words for no sound like the English no.

I noticed I didn't have my pen when I got on the train.
You'd think that discarded pens would be more common. It's too convenient, says a man with green hair and pierced septum.
Another woman had purple hair and a bandana.
Another man had a woman kneeling tattooed on his shoulder, with the death star and star destroyers in the sky,

The pen's thicker than the ones I'm used to. Oh well. They came out pretty good.

Federator no 1 is a local Afrobeat band. I arrived at the tail end of their set and what I heard sounds a bit like Ethiopian jazz except with more percussion. Hey, look, they have a bandcamp and it's Name Your Price. Go check it out. their singer also has stuff worth checking out
The Harney Academy of Irish Dance consisted of people who were too short to actually see.
Dirty Dozen Brass Band was more like the Dirty Half Dozen, because there were only six people (drum, guitar, trumpet, trumpet, baritone saxophone, tenor saxophone), while Federator no 1 had a dozen. One of the guys played two trumpets at once.

Merrimack Valley Chorus is an all woman 57 member barbershop ensemble.

Boston Bhangra was fun. Bhangra started out as a dance to celebrate the harvest in the Punjab. There's no butt shaking in bhangra so I doubt Tina would appreciate that form of dance. I'm blaming them if this entry is a typo-filled poorly written incoherent mess because I can probably kick someone in the face and they said "lift your feet up high and also wave your arms in the air. And then mimic wheat, and then make the ok symbol and sway your legs but no butt wiggling, we don't do that in bhangra."

Bettye LaVette is a soul singer.

I met some people coming from Figment Boston, and one was dressed in a velvet cape.

I started hiccuping when Bettye LaVette finished her set at approximately 9:30 and stopped hiccuping at 10:19, which kinda made Emmylou Harris's set hard to enjoy. I also had to leave early because they were preparing the tracks for future snowmageddons.
And I spent the rest of the night in fear of hiccuping again. None of the normal solutions (holding my breath, hitting my chest) worked; I just had to wait it out.
I swear, next time I start hiccuping, just wave your fist in my face while making threats. That's the only method that works but it's hard to get that going. I don't think it will work if I'm prepared for it and setting out to scare the hiccups out of myself.

For some reason, the bus had to stop somewhere between JFK and North Quincy.
Some guy's advice: this isn't the Ritz Carlton and we're all uncomfortable here.

On the way home, I met three women who each did paintings of the sun setting over the Charles river, all with great colors and neat brushwork in the sky and water. I think one of their names was Sarah, because they were talking about the Last of Us and Sarah in that, which brings the official Sarah count to eleven (or possibly twelve) Sarahs and two Saras. Emma (I think it's at seven) has a long way to go.

burning question: seriously, though, how was Alex not a finalist in the drum-off? I'm happy for the winner, but I'm pretty sure if you're judging by creativity and not just prowess, he'd have that going for him.
I promised that I wouldn't do anything revengey and stupid if I saw him on stage. But it would have been a great opportunity to use the technical difficulties picture from Cooking With Archer.
I wonder if he'd listen to Maurice Ravel.

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