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all farewells are sudden

Posted on January 17, 2017 at 4:45 pm
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61 days until the vernal equinox

As if it could end any other way. I don't work with Leah anymore and she's really sweet and she's lovely and she has a nice unique sense of style (colorful and girly and somewhat mismatched and yet somewhat elegant) and her voice is lovely (melodic) and I wish we could stay together. I really should be used to this by now, but it really never gets any easier. It's not her fault. I don't think she knew the last time I saw her. I don't think she's on social media. Maybe I know someone who can contact her for me. Holly said that she comes off as shy and introverted but she's opened up to me so maybe that means something and maybe that means she's opened up to other people. I'd say Holly nailed it but it's actually a bit more complicated than that. All I can do is hope everything works out for the best.
Ashley merely couldn't make it. Ashley was receptive to the idea when I had it even if my planning left a lot to be desired, so maybe that means something. Much like Leah, Ashley came off as introverted and maybe even a bit insecure at first but we've really opened up to each other. I'm afraid that Ashley is going to leave me too and we'll just repeat this again in a few weeks. The next free day at the MFA isn't far away and that leaves precious little time for planning.

I haven't been sleeping well lately. First I was sick, then I'm half-brokenhearted and half-nervous that maybe there's a small chance all our efforts won't come to naught and Leah will get my note and everything will be ok in the end.

It hurts the most when it's 4 AM and you can't sleep because you started thinking about Leah and you don't have anyone to talk to and you're just chasing after shadows on social media and listening to Stretch Princess and Radiohead and Loquat and other sad songs about friends leaving, love, memory, time, and cats, even if they don't really understand how pissed off and frightened you feel and say things like "plenty of fish in the sea" or "you're better off without her" or "do you want some of these potato chips?" I tried to stay up until midnight to fix my sleep cycle but only made it to 11.

Before I went to the museum, I dreamt of infiltrating the death star and being on a planet with crystal shards that were used to make lightsabers and I found a huge one.

Anna is Honduran. I thought she was from Panama because she knows what the capital is, but then again, the capital is just Panama, while on the other hand, she thought Budapest was in Russia and has no idea why she'd think that. I knew the capital of Honduras was either Tegucigalpa or Belmopan. Thanks, Sporcle. She gets seasick on the bus. Her t-shirt has a pug sniffing another dog's butt and it says Do I Know You? so I had to show her a picture of my pug. She has dark green streaks in her hair. I'm not up to date on Honduran politics. I think there was a coup there.

Elena is from Maryland, but she's closer to Washington D.C. which has a functional if too suburb-focused and really obsessed with cleanliness public transit along with an enormous train wreck, and not Baltimore, which is functional in the most pathetic sense of the word. Her hair has a violet-reddish tinge to it.

Iva is from a small town outside Zagreb and it takes 3 and a half hours to get there by train. She says that most people know about the coast: Split and Dubrovnik and Zadar and Rijeka, and also most people know about Croatia because Game of Thrones was filmed there. I know things about Croatia, though. In fact, I know enough about Croatia to actually be overqualified for the ambassador position. A long time ago, Croatia had a ghastly regime from which even the Nazis recoiled even though they were the ones who put the regime there in the first place, but now they seem to be one of the better countries in eastern Europe. She looks like Shannon, who is German and Irish. She says that Budapest looks amazing but the rest of the country not so much.

"Vašu putovnicu, molim!" I think that's "your passport please" and then "Imate li što za prijaviti?" and Will's response is "I have nothing to declare. Other than my not being Croatian, I mean." Which I use a lot.
There's stuff from Croatian mythology but the Croatian comes from one of those Babylonian winged-bull-thingies, which is what we were calling them.
It's lamassu. I was trying to think of the monster in Final Fantasy X. Actually, a Lamashtu is something entirely different. If you want to know, and I bet you do, it's a demon that causes stillborns and miscarriages. At the MFA, there are Pazuzu amulets to ward off Lamashtu. After all, Babylon wasn't part of a post cold war world where every inept and brutal government is obligated to support each other no matter how ideologically opposed they are. There's also a Kusarikku. Or kusariqqu according to Final Fantasy X. I'm pretty sure a mushussu has nothing to do with bull-men.

It occurred to Tyler (new Tyler, kupo) that he's only been to Braintree and the stations in Cambridge, Park and probably Downtown Crossing and probably South Station. Tyler was the only one in their group from Massachusetts.

Tyler told me that the MFA is amazing so at least I'll be able to make the most of an undesired outcome.

Susan is not part of any groups.

Gabi, short for Gabrielle, and Lexi, were also going to the art museum. Gabi says that Lexi is smart because I said owls aren't smart, and that she's like an owl because she has big eyes and I asked her if she's nocturnal and she says yes and that she eats mice. I told her that maybe Trump is telepathic or merely read my post and is really concerned that I might die from rat poisoning because that's the only explanation for how he can be that staggeringly incompetent. She says I should get my own favorite owl, which I never really thought about. She called it a blind date and I'm like "nope, more like a last-ditch desperate attempt to talk to her again." I know things about her. Important things like her favorite Shakespeare play and her favorite type of owl.
She said that you need an escape plan if it's not what it seems. I think my escape plan is yelling "smoke bomb!" and then running away.

I ran into them twice, once when the hour has not yet come and once around 2:15 when I just gave up on finding her. It's ok. I told Leah about it last time I saw her and she said she was pretty sure she wouldn't be able to make it.

Here's a collaborative work.

Here's a work by Boston school groups.

The Boston City Singers put on a performance with singing, dancing, and drumming but I can't say much because the acoustics didn't do them any favors and I was thinking about Leah anyway. One of the songs was in Spanish or Portuguese.

I asked a woman if she said John La Farge was her advisor and if so, just how old she is, if she's a time traveler and if she is, that's really cool. Nay, her advisor was just obsessed with La Farge. Tiffany stole all of la Farge's glass making w, she says.
I told her I want to learn glassmaking and she said it's actually really hard. She's a painter. I think Gabi is too. Or maybe it was the other way around.

I met a woman who looked like a taller version of Emma with a different kind of nose piercing and oh yeah, Emma has long hair now, and she had different glasses and she wore a silver scorpion pendant so maybe she was born under the sign of the Impure or maybe she just likes scorpions, I don't know. I told her she has nice hair, as it was purple and her friend said she liked my hair too. My hair isn't dyed but thanks anyway. I appreciate it. I've been having a rough week.

Another woman had hair of many colors, mostly yellow and pale green and pale blue with some pink and red in it. Another woman had purple hair. Another woman had purple hair.

There's a notebook where people can ask questions about the art or just post whatever they want to. Since people were writing whatever they wanted to, I wrote "I'm sorry, Leah. I will never forget you." Someone wrote 여보세요, 고맙습니다, 사랑해, which means "hello, thank you, and I love you" in Korean. Someone asks what happens when you die and the response was "you die" and someone wrote "does god exist?" and the answer is "no. he just has good PR." and someone asked why all the Roman statues had tiny weewees and the response is that Greco-Roman society considered big penises to be barbaric and that to have a big penis was to have low intelligence, and the Romans instead correlated testicle size with sexual prowess. Someone wrote Rick Wuz Here and someone else drew a worried Morty. I wrote "I'm Mr. Meeseeks, look at me." I need Mr. Meeseeks to get in touch with Leah, although he'd probably get frustrated and have another Mr. Meeseeks help him. Someone drew an awesome portrait.

Danielle had some cool jewelry, including a jeweled headband and earrings with white feathers at the ends and dangly silver bits and a barely-visible ornate interlocking-parts necklace.

She says we lost badly. I don't know why I'm saying we. I wasn't out there running around like it was the first time I'd ever used my legs. They need Coach McGuirk to help them. Maybe that guy who is a sports fanatic with no girlfriend could help them out.
Her name wasn't Brigitte but she didn't see the name and also she's wearing a hat. I spelled her name Corie but that might not be how she spells it.

burning question: How do we find hope when things seem so bleak?


cupid, draw back your bow

Posted on January 09, 2017 at 4:54 pm
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69 days until the vernal equinox
I think I got the norovirus from Tiffany. She's feeling better and I'm optimistic because having the norovirus sucks but at least it's mercifully short unlike some things and by that I mean the common cold, and I ate a donut and some cinnamon-coated almonds and managed to keep them down. I'm desperately hoping nothing goes wrong next week.

The towel Tiffany gave to the goose depicted robots and looked cool, so the goose will poop on it of course.

We have a partitioned cage along with a Batman bedsheet for the barred owl to keep handling to a minimum. I helped move him from one half to the other and he landed on the perch and then lunged at the bars and Jason's like "that's how you got a coracoid fracture, ding-dong." Tiffany pointed out that owls aren't very smart despite being seen as a symbol of wisdom, and I said that in India, they're seen as stupid because they're always staring into space, and Tiffany says that in Cherokee mythology, to see an owl by daylight is an ill omen, which explains her luck. Once she was almost sprayed by a lion. Amongst the Aztecs and Maya, they're harbingers of death and messengers of the underworld.

We took the other owl out to one of the outdoor enclosures to see how well he flies and we're going to do a live prey test once he's nice and fasted and the mouse can no longer bury itself in the snow because it's either melted away or a sheet of ice instead. I went out there in 15 degree weather with just a hoodie and jeans while Eli went out with just short-sleeved scrubs. We then took the red tailed hawk out to the flight cage and we're probably going to release him soon because he flew perfectly well and Jason trudged through the snow and Priya shut the door and all the snow on the lintel fell on her and the rest of us laughed.

Christina, on the other hand, doesn't wear coats, even when it's 0 degrees out. I'm the opposite, in that I'll typically wear a jacket if it's 50 and cloudy, although I've gone out to walk the dog with just shorts and a hoodie over a t-shirt when it's below 40 on an early October morning.

We have two flying squirrels. One needs to be reunited with his group, and the other has head tilt from some kind of trauma or ear infection.

We had a merganser, and despite what the facebook page says, this is definitely a female. Mergansers are very sexually dimorphic. I'm pretty sure she's a red-breasted merganser. We released her because she was perfectly healthy and we didn't have any food for her and the longer she stays, the more likely she'd die.
Tiffany said that once they called a modo a rodo on the Facebook page.

Someone found a black and white bird, possibly a very fancy murre, in the parking lot at the Dollar Tree or something. I'll find out at some point, most likely the next time I'm at the wildlife center. By then, Eli and Christina will be long-gone, but who knows, they might come back.

I totally missed a conversation about Star Wars but the gist of what Michael said is that the Jedi cared more about tax disputes than slavery so they really aren't good defenders of the peace. But speaking of Star Wars, someone dubbed over Revenge of the Sith with the subtitles from Star War The Third Gathers: The Backstroke of the West. Most of the actors nail it but Speaker D (Palpatine) sounds more like Buffalo Bill and Particularly Reach (Yoda) sounds like a stoned teenage girl, which I think adds to the charm.

The question I've been meaning to ask will sadly always be relevant.
I don't know the context of this conversation. I just know that it's an awesome
burning question: who needs strippers when you have owls and hawks and stuff?


in a snowy season

Posted on January 06, 2017 at 7:32 pm
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72 days until the Vernal Equinox

The barred owls are still kicking. Literally. Tiffany compares them to furbies. It's been a few weeks and in my absence I've forgotten how to type on an iPod. I was planning to tell Leah that because they are her favorite kind of owl and I don't know what kind of friend I'd be if I left her in the dark on the owls but I got a better update myself: one of the owls is outside and we're going to live prey test him some night because testing him now is like waking one of us up at 4 AM. The other one will be placed outside if we test him and he gets vertical lift, which he might not get because his coracoid is fucked up. On the other hand, the screech owl didn't make it.

In more good news, we released a swan, who flew across the pond and swam side-by-side with another swan. We released a red-tailed hawk, which actually was mentioned on the facebook page. We have no seabirds aside from the gulls but we do have a lot of turtles. I got to help tape some tegoderm to a snapping turtle. On his plastron he has plastic corks to prevent him from getting ulcers from being drydocked. Jen was holding the head in a towel but it's still harrowing when the turtle moves. We think what happened is that the driver, instead of trying to swerve around the turtle, tries to go over the turtle, but the overhanging bits still nick them. I think we released a robin but we then got another one and we got a second fish crow with the same exact problem as the first one. Well, maybe not the same exact problem with the same exact bones fractured by the same exact type of bullet. They're doing fine; it will just take a while because the bone is obliterated and not just broken.

The whiteboard outside of med ward is ridiculously out of date.

I love how autocorrect is recognizing RTH because I use it so much.

Elephants, beavers, and humans modify their own ecosystem to live in. They're trying to reintroduce beavers, which were extirpated in the Middle Ages, to the UK.
The largest native terrestrial predator in Great Britain is a red fox. There were lynxes and wolves and cave lions once, but not anymore. The last wolf there was shot in 1707.

NyQuil just knocks you out so you don't know what's going on says Tiffany. Fun fact: Primrose says codeine has no effect on her.

Laura said that when Katie was young, she tried to hug a raccoon because she thought it was a kitty. She thought that Spyro was fake because he's so still. Earlier, Primrose caught Puff trying to escape.

Stella has a tattoo of Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

There was a shooting in Florida and Stella says that that every week, there's an accidental shooting involving a toddler.
Tiffany pointed out that one year where it averaged out to more than one mass shooting per day.

Stella says when she cries over things, at least her eyes don't dry out in the winter.
You'd think too much empathy would be a good thing but I guess it has disadvantages, like apparently you kind of just make things up, or maybe I blame myself for others' emotional state even when I have nothing to do with it, or I get passionate about things like Bashar al Assad is still alive and he really shouldn't be and I hope Donald Trump gets really coked out and crashes Air Force One into the Tishreen Palace while Putin is visiting and they all die. It's certainly better than having not enough empathy, though. Those kinds of people make good businessmen, dictators, and pimps.

Someone thought Primrose was African. Also, she has a bird that prefers darker-skinned men. Ok... I mixed up Asia and Africa when I was really young, and what that means is that Asia, not Africa, is the largest continent. But that's not the point. My point is even I can tell Primrose is Asian, and let it be said that I have no clue what Leah, Colleen, and Stella are. I figured out Emma was Jewish, but that's because a) her name is Emma, b) she was eating those chocolate coins, and c) she's visiting Israel. It hasn't been that confusing because it's been one Emma at a time, or at least their stories are so self-contained that I can treat it as one Emma at a time.

Another thing my absence made me realize is that it's really warm at the wildlife center and I'm not really used to it. It doesn't help when all I've had to eat that day is a bottle of vanilla coke, a tootsie roll that was lying around, and a tater tot because Primrose was eating dinosaur chicken nuggets and tater tots. Tiffany noticed it too and said it was a lot colder last year.

You have two, you selfish bitch, says Emma. She was looking for a rock for the new rodo to perch on. When he arrived, he got popcorn and croutons in his box. Fancy.

The other rodo was attacked by a cooper's hawk, which ripped him open, penetrating the coelomic cavity and you can see parts of him that you shouldn't be able to see, including his synsacrum bone, which, by the way, means that his sacrum has vertebrae fused to it, and he has dyspnea so he may have punctured a lung. In other words, he's fucked, and he actually died under anesthesia. So I guess we've just deprived some poor Cooper's hawk of his breakfast. Cooper's hawks are one of two New England birds that hunt other birds. The other is the peregrine falcon and when they go after rodos, it usually kills them outright.
And this is why you should follow my livejournal instead of the Facebook page, because you can get all the gory gritty details and you get the War Against Silence style asides. I may get things wrong but at least I won't sanitize things or leave any loose ends.
Also, speaking of facebook and asides, this is why I no longer talk to Emma. It's not her fault. It's just that she uses the mobile version of Facebook and the messaging (I really am sleep deprived. The word is messenger, right, so, maybe I'll try to break down that word, messenging, messenge? No, that's not right at all) system on that is fucked up because that's web design 101: never ever ever give the mobile version all the features the desktop version has. But hey, at least links to crackpot Breitbart and Info Wars articles will make it through unfettered. Maybe you should try sending crackpot Breitbart and Info Wars articles through once the fake news fervor dies down. Maybe then they'll allow you to send messages to people you aren't friends with but want to be friends with and they'll also fix the messaging system. Most likely at the cost of alienating even more people from Facebook. But on the other hand, you're alienating people who want to send crackpot Breitbart and Info Wars articles.

Pixie frogs are South African. If you're wondering just why the fuck they're called pixie frogs when they're fucking huge, it's because of their taxonomic name Pyxicephalus, which means pyxis (that is to say, a cylindrical box used to hold cosmetics or jewelry, which in turn, gets its name from the boxwood tree, pyxos for those of you who miloún elliniká) head. They are not the largest amphibian, that would be the temnospondyl Prionosucuhus, nor the largest living amphibian, that would be the Chinese giant salamander, nor the largest frog, that would be the goliath frog.

Sig is short for Signe, a Norwegian name (I immediately thought of Sigillaria, which for the record, is a Carboniferous tree-like lycopsid-relative that grew up to 30 meters or 100 feet or half the height of a white pine or tulip tree but still impressive considering they're basically giant mosses, and look like giant forked bottle brushes, and then thought she meant Sigmar, which is a German male name and that she was Ashleyifiying it and maybe in a hundred years, all men will either be named John or have names that nobody wants anymore like Donald and Julian) and her snake is Oliver and her friend is Lucy. Lucy has a tattoo of a vampire bat, which you can see, and another tattoo of something I forgot that you can't see anyway because it's too cold for that. If Signe has any tattoos, none of them were visible. It is, after all, cold. I told them about the time I ran into a woman with a vampire squid tattoo and Lucy thinks deep sea creatures are amazing. Her favorite is the hagfish, although she thinks lampreys would make a better pet because they can live in salt water and in fresh water. Lampreys and hagfish are only superficially related. Lampreys have a proper vertebrate while hagfish have a spinal cord surrounded by cartilage but they have a partial skull made of bone. She says that people eat hagfish. This is true in Korea and possibly Japan. I guess that some fisherman had a really bad day where all he had were these slimy pink eel things, and then he mixed it with some red pepper sauce and garlic and thought, hey, these things are actually pretty good. I shouldn't make fun of them because I'm Italian and they eat fish semen in Italy.

I keep thinking that Google Translate has a new language but I'm not going to hold my breath for Occitan and Breton, not with French nationalism at a high.

I couldn't be fucked to make a resolution this year.

I was going to ask a question about our fucked up attitudes towards race, and why Democratic Underground is joining in with racist talking points (if the situation was reversed, this would be national news! and then attacking someone who pointed out that the situation was reversed and it got barely any attention, also we aren't hearing about how the victim was no angel and how The Chan isn't hacking into his social media like they did with Trayvon Martin), but...
burning question: STELLA! STELLA! Can't you hear me yella? You're putting me through hella. Stella? STELLA!


as if it would have a universal and memorable ending

Posted on December 31, 2016 at 11:59 pm
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78 days until the vernal equinox

That was an uneasy sleep. normally, I go from achy to stuffy/sore throat to runny and salivating but I was producing a lot of saliva during the night and then projectile vomited so maybe that's over. I thought it was something I ate disagreeing with me but Rachel says there's something going around. Rachel knows what a barred owl is which would technically make her the third person I've met who knows what they are, because her brother was once obsessed with birds and still loves animals so I'll keep that in mind if someone with that surname ends up at the wildlife center, although it's rather common in the Lusophone world (hint: look at the mood), she says that the groundhog better not see his shadow or was it the other way around, she can never remember, not that it matters anyway, because I'm pretty sure he didn't see his shadow the year of the Snowmageddon. I'm sure we'll get some actual statistics once we're closer to Groundhog Day. I told Rachel that before I took the caricature class, I couldn't draw faces at all and would often give the figures masks or just leave them faceless. I learned the proportions of the face and body and that it's ok to exaggerate them. I also learned about Radiohead in that class. Well, actually, I heard Radiohead on WAAF but the only thing they played is Creep, except in that one week where I thought an anomaly of some sorts happened but it was actually just the Rock for Change, in which they played all sorts of weird shit in multiple senses of the word for a donation. Some dumb idiot paid 10 dollars for them to play Hotel California. Someone paid to hear Sublime, which is even worse if you ask me. All I know is that if the Hill Man Morning Show was participating, I'd request the entire Disintegration Loops. It would be worth it, even if the money actually went to Donald Trump's 2020 presidential campaign. And I learned that art classes are where the coolest weirdos end up. And I learned that every school has a rat-boy, except for that one school Sully went to where there's a hamster-girl instead.
I apologized indirectly to Emma for giving her tiny Donald Trump hands.
I don't want to see Christmas-related advertising either. This means you, Kia.
It's an entirely different beast from the Christmas Episode of the Simpsons on my birthday incident. My baseless conspiracy theory is that they wanted people to buy the DVDs but now they're even worse with syndication and there aren't any DVDs past Season 17.
I'm reading Lifetime of Simpsons and I've realized that there are episodes I've forgotten about even in more recent seasons, like Last of the Red Hat Mamas (or Mommie Beerest), and then there are episodes that, five years earlier, I could probably quote from memory, like The Italian Bob and See Homer Run.

I had a plan. It's not the best plan, urk, in fact, it's not even a good plan, but it's what I have to work with, Morty. That's called being an adult. You don't make plans. You just hope for the best. Hopefully it doesn't blizzard and ruin my plans. I couldn't update Ashley on the owl because the only updates I'm getting are Facebook updates and spoiler alert, Jack does a half-assed job even when we're not talking seabirds. Oh, we have seagulls. We always have seagulls and I learned this fact the hard way: by making food for them and cleaning up after them.

I don't have any ginger but honey and lemon juice do a fine enough job of their own. I didn't have typical sick dreams, instead, I dreamt of summer and overgrown paths, of overturned train cars, of taking that train with Lauren, of a clearing in the woods with men in suits and women in white dresses and some kind of hermaphroditic six-legged yak-cattle hybrid.

I wanted to go to the ICA or to the wildlife center but then I got sick. So I'll just leave 2016 behind with a list of my favorite albums and favorite non-album songs. I thought about including favorite non-2016 discoveries but you'll hear about that in July. That's how I do things, kupo. Spoiler alert: Stretch Princess. Or maybe Durufle's Requiem.
I also lost power yet again so maybe you'll get a half-assed entry, which would mean my internet died again and I'm playing Legend of Zelda or something. But by now, all that means is that I forgot to put how many days until the vernal equinox.

In no order at all.
Quilt - Plaza
Lady Pills - Despite
Deftones - Gore
Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool
Guillermo Sexo - Eclipse
The By & By - Some Bright Morning
Caskets Filled With Flowers - Wire City
Arc Iris - Moon Saloon
Glass Mannequins - March of the Mannequins
Analog Heart - Sun Here I Come
Belle of the Fall - Earthbound
Rhode Iceland - One One One
Abbie Barrett - That Shame
Eyeless in Gaza - Sun Blues
Aüva - Aüva
And The Kids - Friends Share Lovers

Various live tracks, EP tracks, individual tracks, whatever.
Dump Him - Capability
Airiel - Cloudburst
Bong Wish - My Luv
Atlas Lab - Something Good.
Gonzalo Grau - Elements - A worthy sucessor to Clarice Assad's work and something we need more of in these tough times.
Huh, I expected more non-album tracks. Maybe it's because I can't be fucked to scour Bandcamp for EPs I don't have downloaded.

If 2017 has nothing else, at least we'll get, in order of likeliness, Airiel, Minidresses, Bulldog (near-definite), Bong Wish (probable), Atlas Lab (likely), Sophie Atlas (possible), July Skies (I'm just glad it's before August 5, 2026, because we all know what happens then), Lovesliescrushing (I'm not holding my breath for that, after all, they announced Fantomaera and Ximre and an untitled album and I'm starting to suspect that Scott Cortez is a Muslim and what he actually means is that he'll release Fantomaera and Ximre posthumously some 500 years from now). And there might be things I'm forgetting about.
I look back with a sort of fondness, I look forward with apprehension.

burning question: Like, assuming time crystals are water soluble like salt or sugar, what happens if you eat time crystals?


a dream shared by two

Posted on December 25, 2016 at 6:06 pm
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84 days until the vernal equinox
Official countdown because it's officially winter.
Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals.
I was going to ninja edit something about how two Republican electors voted for Ron Paul or something and how I thought that there'd be more faithless electors but not enough to turn things, but, pardon the pun, party loyalties trump principles. Then I lost power and then I lost the internet and that makes Homer something something and it turns out the world didn't stop being utter shit in my absence. Putin is giving us Hillary-voters lectures on democracy, which is like getting a lesson in not changing history from Mr. I'm-My-Own-Grandfather. They're celebrating Christmas in Aleppo so guess what, we're one year away from celebrating Christmas by Putin and his eight Syrian Arab Air Force pilots, led by Rudolf Hess, dropping cluster bombs down our chimneys. And that's the story of the first X-Mas.

Look at it this way: we probably have another 20 years before Putin croaks, barring some kind of retaliation. I wonder what would happen if Putin were Heydriched. Most dictators outside of North Korea don't really think about successors. If they did, Spain would still be fascist.
On the other hand, even if Trump dies in office, it's his cronies down the line of succession.
Sam wouldn't mind an assassination while I'd rather he get pneumonia. At least he wouldn't be a martyr if he died from pneumonia and his army of Deplorables and Jack Pine Radicals wouldn't have an excuse to go out and beat up (insert ethnic group they don't like).

I said to Sam that forcing people into a trade instead of getting a college education is just going to create a caste system.
I was expecting more impassioned political rants from Sam.

Alexa has a thing in which it tries to guess what fictional character or real person you're talking about. It has no idea who Apu is and has no idea how to tailor questions to your response, and it's so vague that I couldn't figure out who Matt was talking about. But it obviously wasn't Darth Vader because Matt has never seen Star Wars. It shut itself down after some fifteen minutes.

Emily knows what clarinets are because of Sponge Bob and he can't play the thing either and she knows that they're used in orchestras but they tend to be drowned out by everything else. She'd like to draw people on the train but finds herself asleep instead. She learned that pouring maraschino cherry juice into ginger ale does not necessarily make for a good drink.

Also I didn't actually eat dinner yesterday but that's my fault. I just thought it was all appetizers and Sam's vegan food.
Also Lauren was in Japan.


Ashley found The Fast Supper hilarious. Along with this image.

Oops. Let's pretend we didn't see that. She finds the dovekie and the tern adorable and loves the hairdo on the merganser.

Holly thinks Trump's Supreme Court nominee will be Mickey Mouse or Snooki from the Jersey Shore. She's sarcastically like "That isn't real! The polar bears aren't starving!" when I said the north pole was cold but not anymore. Speaking of Christmas music, I found out that Irving Berlin wrote a song about Hitler and speaking of The Shining, Al Bowlly performed it. It goes like this: "When that man is dead and gone We'll go dancing down the street Kissing everyone we meet"
Sadly, Al Bowlly was killed in the Blitz.

Also, I just learned that Irving Berlin's name is actually an anglicization of Baline.

burning question: who would win in a fight between the Predator and Kevin from Home Alone?


into the mouth of the lion

Posted on December 19, 2016 at 7:55 pm
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It's too cold to be in the Christmas spirit so I've been listening to music from The Shining. I had Midnight, The Stars, and You stuck in my head, and a few nights ago, I didn't get to sleep.
I know it's Christmas, not St. Ajora's Day. And I know Santa lives at the North Pole, and the North Pole was cold but now it isn't, that's, uh, that's called climate change, Morty.
Someone said that horror is best enjoyed in a group and I disagree because horror is in part about isolation. People go mad from the isolation. People go out alone and get killed by the monster.

Molly likes flamethrowers, especially when they're used to clear snow. It wouldn't help with the cold if someone were to put Saint Basil's Cathedral and the Kremlin or for that matter Mar A Lago to the flamethrower but it would make me immensely happy. She has a calico cat named Gwendolyn, which is aww. She saw a purse that looks like an owl and we think the feathers actually look like a big toothy grin. She says that after 11 PM is when we release the monsters. She's not an artist, and by that, I mean she can barely draw a stick figure, but she does like to read. Except 50 Shades of Grey. She has a friend from South Africa who has never seen snow.

I don't know who drew the intricate flowers or wrote something about made with elf tears but Leah drew dragonflies. She also likes to paint or draw landscapes and spent a week doing self-portraits. She was out shopping and all the stores she went to had the same playlist of Christmas songs. To be fair, there aren't that many Christmas songs out there.

It's quiet at the wildlife center. I overslept this morning.
The poopy goose is doing a lot better than he was. He's still making a mess
We have a huge swan who makes a wheezing hiss and he squeals like a pig too. I've never heard a swan make that noise before. This guy had a fishing hook removed from his neck. Tiffany says swans are like dogs: when they get comfortable, they'll just follow you to enrichment and back.
The screech owl escaped Tiffany's grasp and flew over to the notes. Then he escaped her grasp again and went behind the rodo cages. Earlier, possibly when he hit the car, if that is indeed what he did, he broke the tip of his beak off so he looks a bit silly.
The barred owl got himself loose when he went back in his cage.
Must've felt good for him, being able to stretch his wings out.
For some reason, there were two robins in the cage. If there were interns around, it might work out, but since it was just me and Tiffany, it made things a bit awkward.
The gulls get something with frozen clams and I don't know what else is in it, but it looks absolutely evil.
There were a lot of dogs, though. Simba, who looks like a miniature version of Waffle, and a beagle, and someone brought her two month old American mastiff with her, and also Waffle and Libelle and Tellie.
Padre is the African Grey with a rhodochrosite-colored tail who would say things to us in an unintelligible NES-vocalization way.
Pancho is the other parrot because his owner just likes Mexican names. Mancho means something in Armenian, I guess. People are starting to know about Armenia because of Kim Il Kardashian and that's sad, especially because there are far better Armenians in pop culture, like Principal Skinner or Aram Khachaturian.

We got a baby spotted turtle who was malnourished and dehydrated near some trash cans and he's just going to chill with us for the rest of winter. Or so says Jack. Jack, according to Tiffany, tends to embellish things and make things more palatable for their audience of facebookers. When I'm wrong, however, it's because I'm only there once a week.

The electoral college picked Trump, with the only faithless electors or wannabe faithless electors defecting from Clinton. We all knew this was going to happen so there's no point on dwelling on it. But I think we might be fucked.

I saved the URL, not the location, so I can't tell you about it. I actually found it in an image search but I can't get to the specific clock's page amongst hundreds of other cat clocks.

It's not quite this, though:

If I were to buy a cat clock, it would be this. For reasons known only to Google and probably not even to them, I can't find a single screen shot of the clock. I don't know. Maybe Google is staffed entirely by duplicates of Mark Zuckerberg. Maybe the clock doesn't show up in newer episodes. Maybe someone invoked the DMCA. I did learn that in the Futurama episode when they end up in Roswell, they travel past a cat clock when they go backwards and they're calling it a reference to The Simpsons, so I'm sure I'm not imagining it.

Burning question: why would you want a phone charger disguised as a tassel? Maybe so nobody tries to steal it, aside from kleptomaniacs and dogs. And kleptomaniac dogs, she added. I had one of those. It's not as fun as it sounds.


the eleventh hour

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There are only two gulls and two geese (and a few other animals that aren't as messy. Worry not, that includes the owls) but no interns. Lovely. We're getting a few more next week. And Jacob showed up.
Tyler showed up but only to pick up Bebe the Duck. He's working on an emu farm or something. They're like dinosaurs, he says. Australia lost a war against emus.
Tyler asked about seabirds and I'm like "nope, but we have a few barred owls" and Tiffany said they can be seabirds if you toss them in the ocean and Tyler said they'll evolve into seabirds.
He still uses rodo in everyday parlance and people get confused.
His mother bought a lemon tree and it died after a month.
That? That's just the nolvasan bucket. We're wondering why there's a heating pad in it.
I typed that thought with gloves on so I wrote cuckry and sound like a damn alt-right.
Screech owls have Napoleon complexes and always look hung over. This guy has one good eye and one eye that needs to be removed.
The barred owl with one good eye had an American flag towel curtain and Jacob said he was patriotic. Also, he broke the freaking perch. Meanwhile, Irvin had the theme to Knight Rider stuck in his head.
Looks like one of the barred owls we can't say anything until he has his flight test, while the other owl is getting an eye removed, and after that, we can't say.
The red-tailed hawk has some old fibrin in his eye.

Tiffany was off helping animals in North Dakota at the protests and she even brought a coot blown off course by a blizzard to a rehabber in Minneapolis and had to bring a cat to have his necrotic leg amputated and if nobody was around, she'd be like "gimme an axe". I don't think this is over, not when Exxon McRussia is the nominee for Secretary of State. She says that 2017 is going to be a dystopia. She says it hurts to breathe when it's -22 F. I can hardly imagine below zero. It is, on some mornings right before dawn, says Gabriella.
She saw trumpeter swans and grouse. Grouse have beauty pageants where the males present themselves and the females watch and the winner gets to mate with all the females. If we evolved from birds, we'd hold Mr. America beauty contests.
Gabriella says that she thinks hind leg amputations for cats is easier on the cat. There are debates about the humanity of releasing a prey animal and on the needs of predators.

As I am posting this after spending the last 30 hours not at the wildlife center, I have no idea if this is past or future: eider duck needs some feathers on her ventrum plucked. It's like a brood patch only messier. Supposedly we're getting a raccoon and if he's fat and otherwise healthy, we're sending him back to Plymouth.

Fire ants are taking over Australia and it's going to cost over 300 million dollarydoos.


Kara has purplinkle tips on her hair. The train was noisy enough that I thought Taylor said her name was Tina.
There was a woman on the green line with rose-hued hair.
A woman at the MFA had hair of teal and purple and I told her it reminded me of a rodo's feathers. She told me she never thought of it that way.

All of the sculptures in this room are made using an assemblage of ordinary materials. There is a sound sculpture by Bertola, rods arranged in a square, with a maquette you can play, and some brooches and a necklace of eyes. The Klimt and Niger Delta oil spill inspired Black River is there. Andrea's Trust looks like one of those Chinese rock formations they have outside only illuminated from within, made from tinted glass rods fused together with a blowtorch. In Mandarin Chinese, prosperity is a homophone of clothing.

There's an exhibit of Japanese female beauty standards, starting with the late Meiji period and showing off a recent gift of woodblock frontispieces from the turn of the century, and ending in the fascist period. We kind of forget that fascism has been shit for women mostly because of all the other horrors of fascism, and maybe because we have a lot of our own misogyny to come to terms with.

I mistook an ambiguously Asian woman for Anne.

There are over 200 species of owl (one order and two families) and I'm really surprised by that.
For comparison, there are 252 species of turtles and tortoises. They're also in one order but they're one of four reptilian orders.


Händel's Messiah was written for Easter and J.S. Bach's Christmas Cantata was written in six parts meant for six days starting with the 25th of December and ending on Twelfth Night and possibly cobbled together from earlier works. Part 5 was meant for the sunday after New Year's Day, while the 6th part was meant for January 6 and the 4th part would be played on New Year's, and I have no idea what happens if New Year's is on a Sunday itself, and the answer is, it doesn't matter because they were written for a specific year.
In modern times, Messiah is performed on Christmas even though I'm pretty sure only the first part relates to the holiday, and the Christmas Cantata is performed either as a whole or in two sessions of three parts each. In modern times, Christmas goes from Thanksgiving to Christmas Day, although some people leave their lights up until the new year, if not Twelfth Night.
G.F Handel and J.S. Bach were born in the same year but did not die in the same years despite what the booklet says.

He used a big chorus for the Christmas Cantata V because for a lot of these kids, it was their first time singing a Bach cantata.

I don't speak German but I know German when I hear it.
German has two types of second-person pronouns, the formal "sie", used for people of higher rank, and the informal "du", used for people close to you, and the text uses "du" to imply that maybe that role is played by Mary. English had formal and informal second person pronouns but not anymore. I wonder if people who speak two languages fluently have trouble thinking of words that don't exist in one of their languages.

Isaiah is a book of the old testament that is quoted very frequently in Messiah. I don't actually know for sure but I think it was written under Babylonian occupation.

The booklet said something about Durufle's Requiem, which I called a perfect elegy for summer and which Gabriella also loves. I looked it up and it's being performed but not in the same bat location or by the same bat ensemble, in March. I want to go but I have no idea what the weather will be like.

Most of what I told Gabriella I have already told Ashley, and by proxy, you. One thing I told Ashley about that I didn't bring up with Gabriella is the rodentophagy, mostly because Trump is doing exactly what I thought he would do.
I didn't bring up the safety pins with Ashley or with you so I'll bring up what I said to Gabriella: I'm sad that we have to doubt ourselves because of hot-take think pieces. For what it's worth, Priya (I would guess ગુજરાતી but I'm not sure), Tiffany (ᎠᏂᏴᏫᏯ), and Aury (Boricua) are all supportive of the movement.
I'm wondering if safety pins are still a thing. If they aren't, it's because of those think pieces.

Germany recovered from Hitler but 80 million people died in the war and in the camps and artistic movements were extinguished and the world is still fucked up and everything that's fucked up about the world can be traced in some way to Hitler. We shouldn't have to recover from fascism, we should be preventing it instead.

The Summer Isles is set in a fascist Britain where Britain lost World War I but meanwhile, Kaiser Wilhelm is still around and has Hitler in jail. Wake Up And Dream is set in the US where there's a lot of anxiety about FDR drawing the USA into World War II and there's a new far-right party fronted by an open anti-semite with its own paramilitary and people are expressing dissatisfaction via protest vote. That sounds familiar, doesn't it?
I haven't told Ashley about Wake Up And Dream yet but I will. I did tell her about The Summer Isles.
PS: do your fucking job, Google. I shouldn't have trouble finding a site I was looking at earlier in the day using more specific search strings.

I'm glad it was Monday and not, say, Saturday. Yeah, it snowed, but it was mostly gone, and it was above freezing. The wind is the worst part.
It's supposed to get progressively colder this week. Shit, it's not even winter yet.

Gabriella once got on the Alewife train when she meant to get on the Braintree train. And by once, I mean recently. I said that at least it's not the Green Line. She says that the drunk guys who missed their stop were concentrating too hard on walking properly.
She's been to DC but has never been on the metro, where most of the underground stations look exactly the same. There are a few that look different, either because they're an intersection of lines or because they were built later with less budget.
I've never missed a train stop. Except for that one time I deliberately stayed on when the train stopped at the MFA just to see what's there.
Gabriella knows the answer: not much.

She's been to Taiwan from May to mid-July and it gets hot there. She's also been to Egypt, starting in Cairo and heading upriver to Aswan.
She says that the depths of the ocean are unexplored. Mostly because it's freaky down there. I saw this post on Tumblr once about how the scariest thing about the ocean isn't sharks or giant squids, it's the emptiness.
Although our garbage ends up there.

burning question: Who peed on this owl? Maybe it was a ferret. They have that same musky odor.


dreaming of atonement

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Two friends of friends were victims of the Oakland fire. Kiyomi is friends with Tim and I don't think we've met, or if she's even from Massachusetts. Amanda and I have multiple friends in common and we went to college together but she's older than I am and graduated the year I started college so I'm not sure if we've actually met. Her full name sounds very familiar but it's an extremely common name. Erin, one of the first upperclasspeople I met at college, said that Amanda played a pivotal role in encouraging her to come out of her shell and meeting as many people as possible, or, in other words, even if I've never actually met her, our lives are still linked together.
Most of my first year of college was spent bouncing around friend groups until I found my niche and occasionally having emotional connections with people I never see again. Some things change, some things stay the same.

I dreamt of water but it was not an erotic dream. I woke up with a song by Stretch Princess stuck in my head.

A few days ago I dreamt of a last meeting with Colleen but alas it was not meant to be so in real life. It was quiet there, with Tiffany out protesting the pipeline.

I said won't Leah be excited to know that there are two barred owls. There were three but the third became one with life's circle again. One of the owls is blind in one eye, the eye is softer and filled with blood, and possibly in the other eye. He's totally chill about having his cage cleaned because of that. Interestingly, we don't enucleate the eye in owls because of the way their facial disc and its feathers focus sound waves into their ears, and that pulling out the entire eye structure causes asymmetry, instead, we just kind of remove the soft gunk like the humors and the lens and the iris and leave the sclera to fill up with granulated tissue. The other owl has a fractured coracoid that has already started to heal. We're still doing physio on his wing, and when we put him back in his cage, he likes to lie down like he's dead. His coloration makes Priya think he's in his first year. One of the owls is smaller but a lot heavier than the other. In other words, neither owl is looking great so maybe "excited" isn't the right word. I'm still going to keep her updated unless she doesn't want to know. Irvin suggested taking out the owl's eyes and putting the in the blind owl.
Eye transplants have never been done but maybe we should be the first to do one.

The goose projectile pooped.

Aury said that Melania staying in New York will cost the city millions.

Jack played clarinet in 4th grade

There was a possible murder-suicide with the only witness a parrot. And a snake ate a doorknob because Priya guesses she thought it was an egg. Some guy tried to keep three snapping turtles as pets or something. A guy with a gun showed up at a pizza parlor because of pizzagate and I told Zack that it won't be long until someone is killed.

burning question: Why does SFGate still have a comment section? I'm glad they took efforts to isolate it and hide it from public view.
burning question 2: Which comment section is worse, The Daily Mail's or the San Francisco Chronicle's?


as autumn passes away

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Christine has owl earrings. I'm pretty sure Ashley said she had a dog and Kayla has a bunch of cats. Sydney was with Kaitlin, not with Ashley.

Jessica was reading The Golem and the Jinn, which I later thought about buying, it's about a golem and a jinn, obviously, in the 19th century, and they're friends. Jessica is also an artist who does sketches and ink drawings, but not watercolors.
I thought a guy was reading the same book I was but alas it was not so.
I didn't have enough money to buy three trade paperbacks and the book's been around since 2013 and it's not out of print yet, and there's a sequel coming in 2018 and it dawned on me that 2018 isn't actually far away, and it was nominated for some awards including the Nebula and the World Fantasy Award but I guess that doesn't actually mean anything as far as "staying on the store shelves" is concerned, especially if it's nominated for a Hugo, Sad Puppies Bite Back was nominated for a Hugo and I wager Set To Kill also by Declan Finn will be nominated for a Hugo and Set To Kill might be the worst thing I've ever attempted to read. On the other hand, I figure I only have 16 months to buy Radiance and Gold Fame Citrus. I did look for Goldstein (specifically A Mask For The General) and Watson (specifically Lucky's Harvest and The Fallen Moon) but not Lupoff (specifically Through The Aether) or Engh (specifically Wheel of the Winds) or Swann (specifically Moondust) or whomever wrote Michael and the Magic Man (specifically Michael and the Magic Man) and any other things too obscure to be found outside of really dodgy pirate books sites.
When I posted this, I wrote that The Golem and the Jinni was published in 2003. I'm not going to just ninja that mistake away because I have a thought about it: yeah right. Unless it's a major major major major bestseller or critical darling, I can't imagine it on the shelves for 15 years.

I was so excited upon finding Views From The Oldest House that I couldn't control myself and the book flew out of my hands.
It's good to get excited over books, she says.

I did a really quick drawing because I misjudged the distance between C Line stops.

I had some Vietnamese food for dinner, with shrimp, onions, pineapple, cilantro, and shallots in a garlic sauce.

Miranda, Ariel, Francisco, Caliban, Stephano, Trinculo, Sycorax, Prospero, Setebos, and Ferdinand are all moons of Uranus. However, there are no Confluence characters named for Tempest characters.

The church basement where they put on The Tempest was built just two years after Shakespeare's death. No, that's a lie.

Like Othello, a lot of the male parts were played by women. Like Othello, the pronouns and other gendered terms were switched to reflect this. Unlike Othello, they did not switch to the female equivalents of Prospero. This was deliberate, according to an article I read, it's about duality.
Ariel, also played by a woman, sung some of her lines.

Like Cymbeline, The Tempest is sometimes called a romance. A long, long time ago, the words "romance" and "adventure story" were synonymous, until romance became synonymous with love stories.
The plot of The Tempest is as follows: there is a storm and it destroys a ship, and it turns out that the sorcerer Prospero called the tempest using the air-sprite Ariel's powers (the witch Sycorax trapped Ariel inside a tree and when Prospero released Ariel, Ariel was bound to her, while Caliban is the deformed son of Sycorax and some kind of dark power). Turns out Prospero was once the duchess of Milan until her brother Antonio and stole the title with the consent of Queen Alonso. Prince Ferdinand falls in love with Prospero's daughter Miranda and Miranda is equally smitten and so Prospero has him collect wood. Meanwhile, Caliban discovers booze with the butler Stephano and the jester Trinculo and get the brilliant idea to take over the island in their heads and speak in terrible French accents. Meanwhile, Prospero torments the Queen with illusions and entertains Ferdinand and Miranda with a magickal pageant, and Ariel deals with Trinculo and Stephano's drunken antics. Miranda realizes that humans are actually pretty great as a whole. Prospero forgives her enemies, sets Ariel free, and loses her powers.
It's oft interpreted as Shakespeare putting down his pen and bidding farewell to the theater. Sibelius wrote incidental music to the Tempest, also among his last works.

I'm not the biggest history of fashion buff but I'd guess they were dressed in late 18th century fashions. Prospero had lace cuffs on her coat and knee-high boots. Miranda wore tattered undergarments and later a white dress. Ariel wore a silver bodysuit with tatters of cloth over it and silver face paint and Princess Leia hair buns and in one scene, a mask, and in another, a garland of lights and leaves. Trinculo wore a hat with an ostrich plume. Stephano wore a black suit and top hat. Caliban is dressed in rags. Ferdinand has dreadlocks tied back.

I would guess that the guy who played Ferdinand is baSotho, and I would guess the alt-right would probably have a freakout right now, if they weren't busy attacking Kellogs and mall Santas.

Soon after the colonization of the Americas, people were writing parodies of Shakespeare like Julius Sneezer.

Crystal says if she didn't have the sea-teal hair, I wouldn't have noticed her. And that's not entirely true. She speaks Spanish as well as English and likes to take pictures of moving cars and other ephemeral things.
I was surprised how not completely filled up the red line train was on the way home.

Burning Question: who is more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him? The fool said that if it's not free speech to burn witches, it's not free speech to burn flags. The fool who follows him accused a woman of being an abettor of pedophilia because she tweeted "what I would give for Barron to fall in love with an immigrant, Muslim boy at his little prep school."


bonds of friendship

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I'm not the kind of person who laughs at their own jokes and remarks about geese pooping everywhere but the towel but I laughed because Ashley has the most infectious laugh. Her voice is willowy and breathy.
Her pendant is but a cheap trinket but but I like its pleochroism.

Ashley likes jazz and folk and indie poptimism and other eclectic things and wanted to go to jazz fest and is intrigued by the idea of a Celtic jazz band. She gets her music taste from listening to NPR. She played clarinet for four years when she was younger and, much like Zofia, sounded like a dying duck when doing so.
She's going to see a Celtic Christmas concert, which is cool. She says she's like two thirds Irish which isn't mathematically possible, although you could maybe approximate two thirds with 21/32 or 43/64, as if I couldn't tell by her paleness. You can't tell because there's no picture of her here so you'll just have to take my word for it. And the fact that they think Ashley is a girl's name, like they've never played Vagrant Story or Wild Arms 2 or Final Fantasy IX or seen Evil Dead, geez.
Last year I spent most of December listening to Carmina Burana out of spite.
My finger was bleeding.

I really thought Castro would die on April 1st and we wouldn't even realize he was dead for 30 years because everyone would think it's an April Fools joke. I said to her that the 20th century was fading away, and it's just too bad that the 21st century isn't any better, that the lessons of the 20th century are fading away too. If only I could remember that quote.

Her stepfather's brother's girlfriend, which I guess there's a word for in Chinese or Hungarian, has a cat named My Boobs, so they'd say to people "you want to see my boobs?" and they'd show them the cat. Something like that. Something risque. Maybe it was My Balls, which would mean he's dating Lucahjin.
She has a cat named Autumn because he's a big tabby the color of maple leaves in autumn or Autty for short because he's odd, which is funny because I'm pretty sure Jessica has a cat named Spring and because Caitlin has a cat named Leaf. She misheard that as "Beef" which she found hilarious and then I laughed. She likes the idea of a cat named Dog. Autumn has a meow that sounds a lot like a trumpet and he gets very offended if you don't respond to his mewling. Autumn has only two teeth left.
She has a shizu dog named Bandit because he's black and white and has black around his eyes and it hides his identity and makes him look like a professional waylayer. He's four years old and spends 23 hours of a day sleeping and the other hour eating and using the bathroom.
I'm also pretty sure I had this conversation with her but not in this much detail.
She once saw an opossum in her parking space and her stepdad had to move it with a hockey stick.
She loves my loon vocalization and wants to see the dovekie because she likes penguins and wants to see the golden pheasant. I checked and I have a photo probably from Wikipedia, but if there are any photos of the pheasant at the wildlife center a few years back, I ain't finding them.
She saw an ornament depicting a pug wearing a santa hat and a Christmas pug shirt and she wants a Shizu ornament.

Her stepdad was in Australia once. She says that kangaroos are considered a pest there.
I said to her that this whole fricking election had foreign manipulation up the wazoo so it's really no surprise someone from Australia is pushing Pizzagate on us and propagating made up hate crimes so they can eventually point out that they made up the stories in order to discredit actual victims.

She feels like she's living in a weird nightmare or absurdist dystopia or Burma.
"Ha ha, Donald Trump was president and then Lisa Simpson had to clean up, ho ho, on The Simpsons, that's really funny, ha ha ha, satanic pizza parlors, what a nut, that guy even believes in demonic possession. In a few years, we'll forget this ever happened. But in real life, it's just weird and scary." I said that maybe they'll realize that Trump's a loose cannon but then we'd have Pence in the white house and I have to hand it to him, that was really clever. Like how he's putting Nicki Haley in a meaningless UN Ambassador position to promote one of his supporters to governor of South Carolina.
He's not going to bring back any jobs. Coal mining isn't coming back. They just want to blame brown people for their problems.
Nobody cares what Trump said about women. It's all BENGHAZI and E-MAILS and PIZZAGATE. Airplanes that spray aerosolized flu vaccine. I wish airplanes sprayed out aerosolized flu vaccine.
I wasn't super optimistic, with Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, South Korea, and The Philippines reverting to authoritarianism. Yes, for a while, everything was joyous and exuberant and beautiful but I even commented on its fleeting nature when I said I partied like it's 1932. Which the alt-right stole for me, except they're partying like it's 1933, which completely changes the meaning. "Party like it's 1932" means "we're screwed, so let's just make the most of it."

The far right is ascendant and meanwhile the left is tearing at itself and she agrees with me that the democratic party should not abandon feminism or identity politics or social justice.

Yes, there was definitely a sea change towards a rural, white working class, agrarian Republican party and an urban, cosmpolitan democrat party.
I asked what she thinks would happen if we got rid of the electoral college and both parties concentrated on urban populations, if there would still be a two party system on a national level and if there was, if they'd represent new ideologies.
I don't know if you can predict something like that but it would be nice if the socially conservative somewhat white nationalist (or maybe it's the other way around) party was reduced to a mere regional party.

She was up at one AM after a brief nap and when she was out shopping, the place was packed at the wee hours of the morning. I can't quite visualize what she said because I've only been there a few times. She went to bed upon getting home. I said that I'd probably stay up until 2 but I only made it to 11:54. I didn't sleep on Friday morning, after all.
I don't get Black Friday. I also don't get online shopping, or self-driving cars for that matter. I think we need that human interaction in our lives.

I tried to explain someone's post on probably Hipinion about a video game where you run a country and eventually 80% of the population are employed in a countrywide public transit system.
The Mad Geniuses want the opposite: depopulate cities by moving businesses to the suburbs and dismantle mass transit because it only serves to move people in and out of cities and not to move them around the periphery. One of them said minimum wage is designed to prop up cities and hobble rural areas.
And that's why I deliberately excluded writers when I said I'm drawn to, with profuse apologies for the pun, artists, actors, musicians, eccentrics, dreamers, and revolutionaries.

I don't bring gel pens with me because Tina is my spirit animal. A is for asthma but S H L E Y aren't for anything about taking breath away.

Some of the things I told her I told you about already.
I told her about Dr. O with the reminder to search for the youtube channel Pernicious Paradise as well, because otherwise, you get Dr. Oz and I didn't ask for Dr. Oz. Nobody asks for Dr. Oz. Okay, maybe Bebe the Duck asks for Dr. Oz.
I'm glad I talked to her even though she may not know exactly what I'm going through and I hope she never does. I'm very happy for her emotional support. As long as there are people like Ashley in the world, everything is going to be ok.


The wildlife center kitchen reeked of death and prison wine. Aury had some fruit salad out and they were starting to ferment.

Speaking of prison wine, the blue jay was still at it, this time with grapes and liquefaction. He's one fat blue jay. We're miracle workers, says Aury. Actually, we aren't, we just forgot to consider the towel.
The crow is a fish crow (Corvus ossifragus).

Someone moved the goose I told Ashley about, and Tiffany said his cage was well coordinated, as I placed a blue and white towel bordered by a rose print bedsheet.
Of course he'll shit all over it.
He's afraid of the dark. Normally, when we wrap them up, they calm down but he just tried to bite the sheet. He probably has parasites. Tiffany compares him to Igor from Fly Away Home.

The other goose is emaciated and autocorrect thought I wanted to write Emaciayed, which isn't a word, at least, not in English. We did a plop x-ray, which isn't great for finding anything broken, but at least we didn't find any bright white spots.

We have a feisty red-tailed hawk who grabbed the gauntlet from Aury.

The seagull is probably going to go back to Hull and eat french fries very soon. The guy who brought him in will be very happy.

"Oh cool, my breakfast was late, thanks. This is not what I want."

Despite what I told Leah and Ashley, the owl does have some kind of eye trauma in one eye, and his coracoid is displaced, and we're confident that he'll heal but we don't know if he'll be releasable when he does. We're contemplating keeping him as an educational animal but barred owls aren't great in captivity. Look, I'm not there every day and Jack... I have no idea where Jack is.

And despite what I told them, Bebe the duck didn't find a home yet. Tyler showed up to check out Bebe. Bebe's physical exam said "it's a duck." As far as we can tell, Bebe's a female muscovy duck, but it is a juvenile.

Zack says that screech owls are our most common owls, followed by barred, followed by great horned, followed by barn. I think he forgot saw-whet owls exist.
He said we once had an eagle but it died on arrival. Somebody called us up to tell us he saw an eagle. It was all right, he just wanted to let us know he saw one.
Bald eagles are a great demonstration of just how well environmentalism works, and a perfect metaphor to what will happen under a president who wants to dismantle the EPA.
I did a perfectly passable imitation of an Ashley Grant imitation and a really bad imitation of Dennis Franz imitating Homer Simpson. I sounded like Kratman, or at least, the way I imagine Kratman sounds like.

Sydney has hair streaks of green and blue and violet and gold.

Rob could have gave us really bad news but he didn't because it was monday. I wonder what that bad news could be. The good news is that the bacteria Bdellovibro, which devours other bacteria much like an Alien, can be used to fight drug-resistant infections.

I found this on the front desk. Check them out.

It's my dog's birthday today. It's also the birthday of the guy with the pet rats.

burning question: will Steven Crowder be the featured comedian at the WHCD?


brief lives indeed

Posted on November 25, 2016 at 9:13 pm
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So, I just found out my friend since elementary school was killed in an accident back in July. Part of me is wondering just how the fuck I didn't find out until now but when I think rationally about it, it happened in July so meanwhile I was spending my time in Boston unable to check Facebook but even if I could, I probably wouldn't be checking Facebook all the time, and also he moved to California a few years ago.
We do have mutual friends I met through him, and this is a point I was getting at when I wrote that stuff about Emma and I walking our separate paths, that people will always a part of your life even when they're not in it anymore.

Someone described this picture as a perfect eulogy in a single image.

Aaron said Ethan has the best stories out of anyone he knew.

"I mean, despair may be the thing that comes after hope, but there's still hope, right? When there's no hope you might as well be dead."
Leah's favorite Shakespeare play is A Midsummer Night's Dream and she once played Kate in Kiss Me, Kate. She agrees with my sentiments about Christmas music being way too repetitive. "Lovely" seems to be her favorite word, as she said my train drawings were lovely (these ones are from the second book and I told her how Désireé says in the first few sessions, she can see how I become more confident and develop a distinctive style and how even more recently, I've gotten even better at capturing the personalities of the people I draw) and she told me to have a lovely rest of my day, but alas I didn't but I hope she did.

This is all I wrote when I got home from Thanksgiving and I do feel weird about writing it.
Rachel's in Japan right now and Lauren missed her bus because a seven minute walk to Penn Station was rerouted and for once it wasn't Donald Trump's fault, it was merely because of the parade, so she didn't show up. I think she met some Hamilton actors or something. I think I was wrong about Emily and Sam showing up. My uncle suggested ordering a pizza instead, and by Scathiel's left toe, I hope this pizzagate thing turns out to be a trolling "hahaha lord what fools these alt-right be" that got way out of hand because the alternative is "pizza has to be some kind of code word" or "shit, guys, we don't have anything incriminating, so, I dunno, make some shit up." Also, he's Canadian.
They got a new chihuahua-corgi puppy named Oscar and amazingly Sophie gets along with him, although Oscar feels weird when eating because he probably thinks Sophie is going to come running out of nowhere. Sophie likes to chew on ice cubes and while Oscar won't take ice cubes from the bowl, he will eat the ones Sophie drops. Oscar is mostly black with a white patch on his throat and they have a bow tie for him to wear.

Because I have to.
Burning Question: That rug really tied the room together, did it not?


a cartographic analysis of the dream state

Posted on November 22, 2016 at 12:51 am
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Leah and I started talking about art because recently in a fit of boredom she had drawn a flower on her hand in blue pen. Her favorite kind of owl is the barred owl. I had to make sure she didn't think I said barn owl, and she's only seen those at zoos and finds them kind of creepy, because I know only three people outside the wildlife center including Leah (the other two are Katie who I kept calling Kate, partially because that's what I thought she went by and partially to distinguish her from a Katie at the wildlife center, and a woman who was once kept up by a territorial dispute between barred owls) who knew what a barred owl was. I didn't show her the picture I found on their facebook page because I forgot I had it but I'll show it to her the moment I see her again.
She said to me "you haven't applied to art school?" and she said that she wanted to take a sketchbook with her on public transit too. I wonder if her wave goodbye was flirtatious or if I'm just looking into things too hard.

I had an uneasy sleep that night. First a normal dream, or at least, a normal dream by my standards, and one that I don't remember, and then a teeth dream, which Zack once talked about in a psychology class, and then a dream where Gamingforce came back up and had a fuckton of posts. So uneasy, in fact, that I didn't go back to sleep despite it being only 7:30.

We had a resident barred owl at the wildlife center before we got Falco, says Zack, and we apparently had a barn owl as well.

Zack wonders just who has dreams about things like Bush and Cheney assassinating historical figures while dressed as cowboys riding in a flux capacitor equipped stagecoach whilst evading the Joker who was trying to kill them for stealing his idea.
He has dreams about doing paperwork.
Someone once posed the thought of a dream city within all of us.

I think the only good thing to come out of these nominations is that I won't be eating that rat.
He heard something about Fiorina as press secretary. I can't find anything so it might just be a rumor.
Ben Carson is the only medical doctor he's ever heard of who rejects the theory of evolution. Thankfully, he rejected a cabinet position because the only reason he ran for president at all is to promote his book.
Sarah Palin is being considered for Secretary of the Interior.

Now I'm hearing Gabbard, who has never met an authoritarian she doesn't like, is under consideration for Secretary of State or Defense. Somewhere where her only redeeming quality won't actually matter. The Jackpine Radicals, AKA Democratic Underground's nuttier, Bernier cousin is praising this move. At least she won't run for president after this. Well, she could, I guess, but I hope the Bernie Bros will dismiss her as nothing more than a traitor to their cause. The ones that weren't just a fifth column for Trump.

Matt says I need to make a bet with someone else and that I need to define "good presidency" if the economy does get better but he puts a bunch of people the alt-right disapproves of in concentration camps. He's the one who ate a cockroach. He says the most disgusting thing he's ever eaten is a silkworm cocoon, which has the texture of a marshmallow and the taste of infected pus-filled sore. Or at least, what he imagines an infected pus-filled sore to taste like.

Building the equivalent of the Himalayas on the Mexico-US border is a major ecological concern.

I was going to ask a burning question because I was going to look up the name Santoso (It's Javanese, by the way, so if I registered Ashby Santoso on the Muslim List, it would make sense) about why the plant store had it's own wifi network, and the answer is twofold: for cash register security and because the wildlife center's wifi sucks.
Perfectly reasonable explanations, the second one more so.

We have a crow who was shot. I'll update you regularly, Asakiyume.
The barred owl has a coracoid fracture but we're optimistic that the stuff we're seeing in the eye is just inflammation. He knocked off his curtain so he was clacking at people. Leah will be pleased to hear this.
The swan that was headbobbing went to the Great Bathtub in the Sky according to me or Heaven or wherever it is swans go according to Aury. He was replaced with this swan Rob and Tiffany chased through the woods, and Tiffany ended up carrying it and found herself drenched in swan blood. Either he drunk all his water or he just sat in it and soaked it all up. He did a good job getting fluids and meds so he got a cool curtain (an Australia-themed towel) as a reward.
A goose that shit all over everything in the cage except for the towels.
A dark-eyed junco.
A blue jay who was apparently trying to make his own prison wine out of blueberries.
Another goose.
A squirrel that probably has fleas or mites.
A spotted turtle only a bit larger than a quarter.
Animal Control brought us a goose they found in the wastewater treatment plant. Our plan is to put him in the bathtub in Enrichment and hose all the shit off of him.
On the snapping turtle, the red is being replaced with white fibrous tissue. We smear raw unpasteurized honey on the wound to sterilize it and promote healing.
Back in the day, people used hydrogen peroxide enemas. I had to make sure I heard that correctly.

Samantha has a green amazon parrot named Oscar who is normally talkative but not in these situations.

I'm really digging the lighting in the elevator. It goes from O to B to A to F.

Priya wore a safety pin with an owl bead.

Music has always been political and will always be political.
burning question: are people still shocked and surprised that Green Day have strong political stances?


the things I want to tell you

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I sure could have used a free hug and art therapy Wednesday night. I'm not sure I'd have been able to go but that's not the point. Thanks to Facebook's utterly incomprehensible method of sorting posts, I didn't even know about it until the day after, specifically because I wanted Emma's thoughts on the election fiasco.

I said this to Tiffany: Hey, maybe Trump won't be such a bad president. He could actually rein in and distance himself from all the crazies who brought him to power, and actually improve race relations in this country.
If he does, I'll eat a rat.
You all heard that. I'm putting it on the Internet Archive so I can't just flake out and quietly delete this promise in 2019.
I almost promised to eat seagull cuisine but even though I know my butt can cash the check it's writing because in between the time I thought about eating a rat and the time I posted this, he gave the position of chief strategist and senior counselor to Steve Bannon, AKA Breit Bart Jr, and he's thinking of putting Ben Carson in his cabinet where he will cut funding to colleges with left-wing faculty, administrations, or students, on the increasingly infinitesimally low chance that Trump is actually a good president; that stuff would probably literally kill me.

Aury's Puerto Rican and so was confused when her apparent best friend voted Trump and then telling people to give him a chance, as if we could continue on as fucking normal.
I'm sorry-not-sorry but if your opinion is that women are inferior and like being groped or that climate change isn't happening, your opinion is wrong. If you vote for a guy who promised to jail political opponents, whose followers are talking about extrajudicially killing left-wing artists because boycotting them doesn't go far enough, then you voted for the wrong guy. We don't need to pander to people swayed by such obvious falsehoods.

Priya wanted to wear a safety pin. She's disgusted by the Trump supporters who were spitting on Wellesley College students.
I said that it allows us to identify each other, which made my day Saturday, but at the same time, it allows them to identify us and they can easily co-opt it.

I thought Dan was Ian and Tiffany thought the same exact thing. And their names sound similar enough that he must have just misheard me. The funny thing is I don't think I've even met Dan before.

One of the rodos looked okay, I got to hold him while Tiffany was setting up the x-ray machine and looking at the results, we just plopped him down on the table, it's awkward and it's not the best way to take x-rays but it does work, one of the rodos had a fractured keel complete with exposed bone along with two broken legs and so we couldn't do anything for him except for donate his body to science.

The new cooper's hawk hobbled around the flight cage like a Final Fantasy XII cockatrice. I'd say we still have the drama queen cooper's hawk but they're all drama queens.

At least I could take solace in the fact that the herring gull was being put under anesthesia and that means we don't feed them for a certain length of time before.

The barred owl had retinal tearing in at least one eye, which you can't just see, so we check every raptor we get. You can release a one-eyed barred owl because they rely more on hearing than sight.

Sydney has streaks of many shades of blue in her hair, from standard blue pen to kingfisher to blue jay to mesopelagic to bathypelagic to abyssopelagic.

Both of Tiffany's arms have been goosed up and she can't wait until the chelation (I actually wrote keelation and then found out it's wrong. This is the opposite of the problem I usually have, where I pronounce words that I only see written wrong) is done.
"Are you going to bite me again? Yes."

"I do not like you guys at eye level."
I prefer them at eye level. Makes it so I don't have to kneel down when cleaning their cages, especially when there is a lot of shit both literal and figurative on the floor.
The gull that was attacked by a dog smelled of curly fries when they brought him in.

I can't actually tell if Colleen is partially not white and it would probably be awkward to ask. I didn't have my sketchbook with me but I don't think I'd have enough time. She's reading Treasure Island. Prepare to be dazzled: it's about these pirates. Pirates with patches over their eyes and shiny gold teeth and green birds on their shoulders. It was written by a guy named Robert Louis Stevenson and published by the good people at McGraw-Hill and on a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give it a 9.
I wish I could get to know you more. I wish you were staying here. I wish we had more time.
Would that I could still the passage of time.

burning question: can't we take it back, can't we make it alive again? can't we start over? can't we-


lamenting to the moon

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Gabriela, who is Dominican and is always bewildered when it's written with ll because in Spanish, it's pronounced like the Hungarian ly, who is an actor, and loves to write scripts, poems, and short stories, and whenever she gets going, she won't stop. She asked me about The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet, which apparently Mo Sing Ing hated so much she threw it in the trash so nobody else would ever pick it up, which is a damn fucking shame if you ask me. My decision to read it had little to do with that and more to do with wanting some escape from our current reality. Which, I suppose, is what Boston is. I might read Jack Faust at some point, and maybe The Summer Isles.
She wanted to be an astrophysicist but then algebra happened.
She says that the Dominicans and the Puerto Ricans each act like the other copied their culture.
There are no penguins in Madagascar, she says.
John is good at math and science.

I was expecting Sydney's name to be Ashley. I was about to say something about Ashley being more appropriate for Sam but then I remembered that Samantha is a character in Vagrant Story. Samantha is a name of uncertain origin. Also there's a John Hardin in Vagrant Story.
Sam and Sydney might be sisters but I doubt it.

Brenna's become a really common name, apparently. Brenna was saying something about cats to Emily. I didn't even ask Baylie to spell her name for me; she probably gets a lot of people asking so she spells it out preemptively. She has a jade pendant.

There was a woman with half abyssopelagic black and half crimson hair, and her face reminded me of Shannon's.
The woman with the black hat, hoop earrings, a bright orange trench coat, a scarf, a colorful skirt asked me if I was taking notes or drawing her. A woman passed by, exiting the train, and told me they were beautiful.
Whatever their names are, I didn't get them. Ashley or Callo or Neesa or Tia, no doubt.

I think it was a coincidence but in the corridor at the back entrance that nobody actually uses unless they came from the Gardner museum of want to see the giant baby head had works by two African-American artists. Some people were sketching the subjects of his portraits.
Black lives matter more than ever now that we have Trump in power.
HomiE has been up since July, but that's important too. And I want more stuff like Clarice Assad and Gonzalo Grau in the future.

I forgot to write this down last time I was there: the mural currently in Political Intent with the black and white silhouettes is a commentary on sexual and racial violence in the antebellum south, and in those days, houses were decorated with framed silhouettes.

Sarah and Katie are twins. I can't tell if they're identical or fraternal because they do try to distinguish themselves. Katie had pink-dyed hair and I started drawing her from one position but a woman had to get by me and so I finished drawing her from a different position, and she wore a light brown fleece hoodie and a gray shirt with silver sequin designs. Sarah's hair is undyed and she kept relatively still. She wore a black jacket and black shirt underneath. Otherwise, they look alike.
They are singers in the Handel and Haydn Society's youth chorus, but at their school, they have only an a cappella group. They were performing works by Claude Debussy, I think she said Nuits d'etoiles or maybe Nuits blanches, but I can't remember, and by Felix Mendelssohn, which I didn't ask about. I've been listening to Debussy's music since before they were born. Arabesque #1, La cathédrale engloutie, and Reverie are all used in the obscure Macintosh RPG Odyssey: The Legend of Nemesis. They are intrigued by the Guatemalan chorus.
They both had safety pins pinned to their shirts. In other words, they're no fans of Trump. In fact, they were at a protest against Trump on Friday night. I said that my only real hope is that Trump burnt too many bridges with the Republican establishment and they'll try to get rid of him but that just means we end up with Mike "Conversion Therapy" Pence, and that the Democrats abuse the shit out of the filibuster whenever they can, which is a frail hope. Frailer still, if the Democrats can pull their heads out of their asses in the midterm elections, and maybe those rural voters will realize what a buffoon he is. Maybe his staggering ineptitude will mean that the military will refuse to fight for him. And I don't think they have they can approve of an amendment yet.
Thing is, even if Trump isn't himself a white supremacists, it was the white supremacists who brought him to power. Katie says this enables them and legitimizes their beliefs. I know I called Satan a faerie tale during the spirit cooking fiasco but in every story where someone makes a deal with the devil, they always end up with a lot more than they bargained for. Unless you're Rick Sanchez.
They were old enough to vote, which is good. Katie says you really can't complain if you don't vote but I think people who can't vote because they were too young or people who aren't citizens or people who couldn't reach the polling place because they need the cardinal rule of "if Dora the Explorer couldn't find her polling place, it's too hard to find. And Dora couldn't find her arse with both hands and a treasure map" can all complain if they want to. And the election was suborned by Putin, Dugin, Assange, Teddy Beale, et cedera.
And I can't blame the Johnson voters because they were never going to vote for Hillary and there weren't enough Jill Stein voters to make an impact. I can and I will blame the moderates for not voting. And those people who voted for Hillary but straight Republican for everything else, all to satiate their deep-seated fear of all things Islamic. Hello? You had one job and boy, did you screw it up big time. We're one state away from having enough Republican state legislators to amend the constitution. She felt the same way I did: maybe Michigan and Wisconsin will change sides because Virginia did. I guess Detroit and Flint have hemorrhaged a lot of population (most of the cities in the Midwest are hemorrhaging population and any statewide population gains are rural or suburban) and I don't know what expectations I had for the state that re-elected Scott Walker.
Katie blames the electoral college as well. It swings things too far in the other direction: it marginalizes 1) anyone living in a city and b) anyone not living in Ohio or Florida.
I can imagine him becoming overwhelmed or bored, leaving the actual statecraft to Pence and the cabinet, and spending most of his time aggressively redecorating the white house and turning the entirety of Washington D.C. into the Palace of Yzorderrex.
She said Brexit was divided between urban and rural as well as England and Scotland. Or maybe she said that Brexit was because moderates are idiots.

The conductor sounded like Arnold Schwarzenegger. I can't think of a bad one-liner involving trains. Good thing whatever he said had to do with the Ashmont train and buses to Ashmont so it didn't matter to me.

Shannon asked this. No, Shannon, you aren't the only person who's "wired other-centric." I get that some mine worker in West Virginia who is at risk of losing his job due to the obsolescence of coal power and whose son is overdosing on heroin isn't going to think of the plight of Muslims or black people and won't be convinced that white privilege is a thing. But come on, I imagine everyone has friends or family who are GBLT and yet they voted in a vice president who supports electroshock aversion therapy.
burning question: When did it become okay to only think about oneself and to turn a blind eye on blatant hate-filled speech?


nothing but grief

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I did what I could. I'm sorry. You deserve a better world.

I said I never want to hear anything about Wikileaks but there's a conspiracy theory involving pizza being a SEKRET PEDOPHILE CODE WORD. I'm not sure if Libertarian--Princess is a real right-winger or if it's a satirical page by a left-winger. But Shadowdancer Duskstar is eating that up.
Leave that demon stuff to faerie tales.
Fuck me with a chainsaw, I can't believe that actually worked.

Alright, now I'm done with Wikileaks.

I said that I would bring up the worst case scenario for a Clinton victory and I will, only because it's the default setting for a Trump victory. The Democrats give up on social justice and identity politics because they figure they still need that somewhat xenophobic white working class who were swayed to Trump because they recognize him on TV and he promised to get rid of brown people and playing into their fears of a society no longer dominated by white evangelicals and all those old-style liberals and moderates who throw around slurs like regressive left and SJW. Mark my words, once the initial shell shock is over, they'll crawl back up the European far right's ass. I don't know, Democratic Underground is down right now but a few days ago, they were already attacking the SPLC for having a profile on Ayaan Hirsi Ali and were talking about how they know a bunch of people who voted for Clinton but straight Republican for everything else because the hard left isn't pandering to their deep-seated fear of all things Muslim. People who think that white privilege doesn't exist because there are poor whites. People who think that it's the Black Lives Matter protests that are setting back race relations.

And then just sprinkle on legitimizing of alt-right and other fringe right politics. Kirk of According To Hoyt and The Mad Genius Club saying that boycotting isn't enough and advocating the extrajudicial killing of left-wing journalists and artists, and yes, I know that Kirk was specifically saying Soros György should get a bullet between the eyes but in context, someone else, CeliaHayes, I think but can't be fucked to check, was saying not to watch films by left-wingers and not go to their concerts and not read their books and Kirk was addressing that. Sentiments like "A female has nothing to offer beyond her physical appeal, so there is no benefit to society in the short or long term if she is fat." At least with even the most marginal of Hillary victories, the alt-right and redpillers would crawl back into their man-caves.

Ashley looked despondent, but then again, she always has a despondent, fey look. Her eyes are the color of emeralds, hope, youth, joy, victory. She fell asleep somewhen during the election and woke up disappointed. She'd make a better president than Trump, but then again, so would the dead weasel glued to Trump's head.
I told her the story of the finch.
Christine, or was it Christina, was up all night. She wonders if Hillary will run again and I say no.
I woke up at four in the hopes that maybe Michigan and Wisconsin would turn and instead got a Trump victory and Republican control of Congress and much profanity. I tried to get back to sleep after that, hoping that maybe there's still votes yet to be counted, ended up awake at 5:30, when it's still dark but there's really no point in trying to get back to sleep, listened to some Lady Pills and Radiohead and Quilt, the former because they're feminist, the latter two because they're melancholic and fey, a far cry from Arthur Bliss' Colour Symphony and Sister Suffragette from Mary Poppins.
Say what you will about 2016, it's a good year for music.

Someone's reviewing every episode of The Simpsons in order and his take away from one of the episodes is "It's hard for an intelligent and qualified woman to beat a loud and stupid man."

I wrote this before I tried to get to sleep. I'm not even angry right now. I just feel a mix of fear, disgust, and sadness, an emptiness in my heart. My friends feel the same way and I learned that holy shitsnacks, there are a lot of ads on Facebook and they are all very intrusive.
burning question: what did I fucking tell you guys about moving to swing states in order to turn them blue? What did you accomplish but giving the Republicans more electoral votes? You're doing it all wrong. Fellow left-wingers, we need to accept that North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Texas, et al, are all lost causes, and so you need to live in more reliably democratic states so we can have the electoral votes we need and deserve.


tension in the air

Posted on November 07, 2016 at 4:54 pm
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I think my biggest fear right now is either we end up in a repeat of 2000's election because Trump refuses to concede or that the election is somehow tied and Congress appoints Trump, because, no pun intended, party loyalties trump personal dislikes.

I'd say 40% of Trump's voters are, if not alt-right, then some form of racist, nationalist, know-nothing, Confederate irredentist, authoritarian, et al, and, yes, I know there is a lot more to the alternative right than just racism but let's just keep things simple, 30% will vote for anyone with an (r) (by the way, if I type that in TextEdit, I get the registered trademark ASCII character) next to their names, you know, the Cubans and the evangelicals and the Cuban evangelicals, 20% have reasons other than racism and fears of immigration (I had a thought about Mark Zuckerberg's so called other reasons to vote for Trump but I can't think of what they could possibly be. Maybe guns. Maybe the right to pay people $3.50/hour.) to vote for Trump, and maybe 10% at most are old-style liberals and Democratic Undergrounders who think that a Trump presidency is maybe the best way to move the party in the direction they want and feel isolated from any fallout from a Trump presidency, who cares who gets hurt, right?

Best case scenario, landslide victory for Hillary and the democrats will figure they no longer need the somewhat racist white working class demographic and the xenophobe faux-feminist demographic. I don't think there is a best case scenario with a Trump victory. An age of political satire, maybe? Maybe Obama will order our entire nuclear arsenal destroyed and have the military team up with Nerf and/or whatever company makes those dinosaur bubble guns. Worst case scenarios, I'll bring up when it happens.

All I know is that I never want to hear the name Julian Assange without "arrested" or "dead" in the same sentence and I never want to hear the name Paul Joseph Watson or Wikileaks ever again after the election. I don't want to hear anything about demons that aren't in a fictional setting or metaphor. I don't want to hear about Donald Trump outside of political satires and nightmarish alternate realities. I don't want to hear anything but tears from the alt-right.


Meanwhile, at the wildlife center:
I forgot to check the Facebook page in case Jack decided to post cool pictures for once, but there isn't really much of interest. I did learn that Jack calls Puff "Jellybean."

I learned that there are sweet spots to stand in Med Ward where I don't have to smell last night's seagull meals.

Nicole sometimes feels like she's scrubbing the cages with her hair but since her hair turns into an Irish-Fro whenever she has it short, she can't just get a pixie cut.

Matt's dove escaped and he was just chilling where nobody could reach him.

We had a juvenile swan with pretty nasty but surprisingly low lead poisoning, who was like a drunkard, and Tiffany told him "no, we don't smash our face." I'm not a vet but I suspect long-term poisoning, plus he's still young. Also, he could have hit his head, since he was in the harbor.
Matt once ate a roach for a buck. They're a good source of protein, says Tiffany. I'm not sure if she meant Matt the plant store guy (we were talking about converting said store into a bat habitat because we got a bat and are going to transfer him to a bat sanctuary as soon as his wing heals) or Matt the currently non-present tech but since Matt the plant store guy once said he'd eat 50 worms, it's probably him.
She mentioned someone named Toby volunteering on the weekend who almost hurled while making food for the seagulls or something. I'll show my portrait to Tiffany and see if she recognizes it.

We got an opossum but he had pretty nasty head trauma and skull fracturing, which I guess we could let heal, but he was blind in both eyes on top of that and so we couldn't do anything. Well, we could learn about mammalian anatomy and give Donald Trump a new wig.
We got a seagull who was attacked by a dog. I hope he'll be okay but at the same time, I gagged cleaning up last night's dinner and had to wash out the taste with mouthwash the moment I got home, so I was like "o frabjous day, callooh callay" in the most sarcastic manner ever.

There were a few blank pages in the sketchbook I brought, mostly because I didn't want to bring a sketchbook with two pages anywhere. Colleen did eventually show up but alas, I didn't have any time to draw her.

burning question: is the dog in the Coppertone ad sexually harassing that girl, or is that a grey zone? I think the only grey zone is "pulling off a gummi Venus de Milo that's stuck to her pants" and that whole situation could be avoided if Homer just said "excuse me, this is going to sound really weird, but there's a rare candy stuck to your pants" and he wouldn't have to move under the sea, but I am a feminist.


astral violet

Posted on October 31, 2016 at 7:07 pm
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Remember that finch we had who escaped into the ceiling? He got loose again and we were running around the room with a net trying to catch it, and I said we should just open the window and he'll fly out and we'll call it a self-release. Don't you dare go into the ceiling again, Nicole said to him. He flew behind the laundry cart and Nicole didn't want to crush him, so Tiffany grabbed him with one hand, put him back in his cage, and then we took him out to be released into the wild. "And now you don't fly." Eventually he flew off into a tree and we had to go the long way around because we closed the door, although I'm pretty sure if I left the door open, he'd just fly back in.
We gave his food to the robin because he's cute.

I told the green and orange and white parrot that it's a good thing he's cute because he sounded like a door in dire need of oiling. Who knows, maybe he's trying to imitate the doors.
Nicole knew a parrot who would scream "fuck you!" The parrot at her high school would often imitate the fire alarm.

Tiffany went to the Beetlejuice Town in Vermont for like 30 minutes and then got cold and bored, because, you know, it's Vermont. It's where they filmed Beetlejuice and that's really all it has going for it. It's so unimportant that I'm not even going to call it by its name.

Some people were pissed off because the trail wasn't stroller accessible, because it is, you know, a trail through the woods. Maybe he wants to pay to have it paved.
Some guy tried to steal a dreamcatcher, out of all the things at the wildlife center (medication, ducks, centrifuges) to steal.

Tiffany says that people have been doing self portraits since paints were invented, they're just quicker now, and you can put dog noses on yourself.

Jaquelyn, who is Lithuanian, not French and Puerto Rican, and actually looks a bit like Molly, has a bearded dragon named Khali, formerly Khal as in Khal Drogo, not as in Calvin Coolidge or whatever. Khali is vivid orange but not quite as vivid as her leash, which means that males aren't necessarily brighter or bigger than females.
I'm really bewildered how much smaller the baby is.

Primrose dressed her dog as the Mystery Machine from Scooby-Doo.

Colleen says that working as a personal assistant kind of sucks because it's just you and the other person, being a dog washer is kinda tough.
She'll only be around for the class, alas.

I was going to ask a question about why we were already talking about Christmas when it's only Halloween. I've seen Christmas stuff up on Saint Ajora's Day.
burning question: What happens if a werewolf bites a frankenstein that then bites a dracula?

mervyn pumpkinhead

out of the darkness

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Kathryn was talking about someone in her school dressing as a Victoria's Secret Angel and I thought she said Victoria's Secret Agent, which would be hilarious, like Sterling Archer with lacy underwear, a bow tie, and an Omicron Spymaster. Maybe night vision goggles too.

Jacob says that the finch found his way back and stranger things have happened.

Azhane and Treasure are cool names. Azhane reminds me of Azha, an orange giant in Eridanus, while Treasure obviously reminds me of the Cocteau Twins album. Amelia was around too. I recognized her yesterday but forgot just how I knew her, but she was wearing more or less the same thing she wore yesterday. Amelia reminds me of the song on Treasure. There was also Olivia.

We get excited over ordinary animals like a slug on the pumpkin. I thought that they'd start dying out because it's too cold for them but I guess not.
One of the guys was having dinner with a skeleton and one was saying that the dummy with the pumpkin head with a syringe stuck in it was pretending to be dead to get girls. One of them declared himself Lord of the Candles when we were lighting the pumpkins.

It was Taylor I met at the Gardner Museum with Zack and she's of the sign of the Condemner but was not born on July 6 and may or may not be obsessed with felids. She agrees with me that Ziggy looked better before his haircut and that Ziggy looks really small under all that fur.

Without Julianne and Primrose around, I was doing most of the talking.

I didn't recognize Mercedes at all when I saw her and that's because she had the wig. I didn't even know she was blonde until today, and she has Cyril Figgis glasses. She wasn't in costume but she was wearing a colorful halloween scarf and a lime green NEWC t-shirt that made her look more professional.
We could suture a raccoon mask on Mercedes' face. Or duct tape it.
I told a bad joke about duct tape and the Force and Tiffany says we should do bad standup comedy in the Catbird Cafe and the stoner brigade will love it.
Someone said he supposes that if you do enough ketamine, anything is funny. I wouldn't know because a. I've never been on ketamine and b. I've heard ketamine tends to make you forget things, which makes it popular with both cat veterinarians and date rapists. Also great if you have a collapsed lung.

Maggie has a best friend also named Maggie and was always confused when her mother yelled at her.

Thomas is the guy dressed as the Superbowl Shark. He was at the trail's exit shouting things like "high fin" and "I am death incarnate!" and "You do not know the meaning of disappointment. You're kids!" in a warbly falsetto and Maggie and I were laughing so hard we couldn't breathe.

I ran into Christina from college. The one who is Polish and dreamt about killer ewoks dressed in ghost costumes, not the one who is Portuguese and photographed an erotic poem written in magnetic words.

A kid inspired Tiffany to look at glitter under one of our microscopes and it looks like rocks. She has her ways of getting glitter. "I swabbed it off the girl's eyes."

I met a woman from Poland. She was no doubt impressed by the Polish on the whiteboard.

Tiffany wanted to put on some dancy music for the kids to dance to and it would tire them out and they'd go straight to bed when they got home but instead we were just weirding them out with noises, which I think was just dancy music with the bass turned all the way up. I think they're on to something; at the FIGMENT dance party, I was so hyped up on adrenaline and serotonin and dopamine that I didn't get any sleep, even after dancing for hours and walking about three miles to get dinner.
That's probably a microgenre, and if it isn't, we should make it one, after all, there are genres of music that consist of dissecting and manipulating musak and commercials, or recording quiet sounds and amplifying it, of music made with mallets. The description of abstracto is "it's like complextro, but more abstract than rhythmic" and I wish there was a description of complextro "it's like abstracto, but more rhythmic than abstract"

Kim pointed out that tegus have taste buds unlike most reptiles. I don't remember what the tegu's name was but he should be named Zell because he was raised on hot dogs. They normally eat the stuff humans eat only they eat it raw and they can eat it even once it's started to go bad. He can have all the hot dogs he wants when he's old and slowing down. Tegus feel like beads, it's really cool.

I ganked this from a post on Neogaf.
burning question: Trump is such a joke that he perfectly mimics a rubber suit sitcom dinosaur villain. He is living parody. It's astonishingly embarrassing that he exists on the global stage. Comedy writers must be baffled. I mean how do you write caricatures after someone like Trump exists?

mervyn pumpkinhead

in the forest evil

Posted on October 29, 2016 at 2:35 am
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It appears that Glass Mannequins is releasing an album in December, I'm hearing rumors of future Sophie Atlas shows, not that I'm actually planning to go to them, I dunno, something about the parallel realities becoming too similar and causing an interdimensional collapse.

Tiffany finds the baby on Dinosaurs creepy, and, yes, it is uncanny how much B.P. Richfield resembles Donald Trump. Oh, yeah, and he's not a triceratops, he's a styracosaurus.

They gave the hyper squirrel a jack-o-lantern, not lit, of course, and apparently he stuffed himself inside it, and later Tiffany gave him the cutout of a squirrel so Sarah could take a picture of a squirrel eating a squirrel. I suppose other people could take pictures too. Not Jack, though, he wasn't around.

On the whiteboard was written Tłojeść Polska. Cześć dobranoc. Dzień dobry. Nazywam się Tłojeść. Which means "the mobile version of Google translate is way too clunky." No, no, it actually means "loosestrife Poland. Hello goodnight. Good morning. My name is Tojeść.
Tłojeść isn't a real word, at least, not in Polish. It might be a word in Belarusian. I don't know, I can't think of any other language that uses ł aside from Diné bizaad and that does not sound Diné bizaad.
Tojeść is a flower in the primrose family according to an actual search and a loosestrife according to Google translate. But Primrose doesn't speak Polish.
здравствуйте was also written on the whiteboard, along with the English "PUMKIN CARVING" and "ugly pumpkin."

There is a VHS cassette from Blockbuster in the intern lounge and I'm like "wow, here's a relic of the past." and when I wrote this I'm like "wow, what is wrong with me today?" I think I'm just stressed out and sleep-deprived and lovesick.

Some of the interns needed stakes, which made Tiffany hungry. I didn't get any sleep last night so I wrote "hungary" instead. She doesn't think the kids would be that interested in what Cameron Diaz is up to.

Matt says that seeing a big girl cry would be scary. I'm imagining the fifty foot woman crying and flooding the city. He wanted to change the music to something more halloweeny but then La Bamba came on.

There was a haunted house pumpkin with an inverted ghost, hands holding a heart, a couple of Jack Skellingtons, a flaming skull, a Bob-Omb, a few bats.

A different Sarah who was dressed as a unicorn or something hates it when people call for someone and they're also named Sarah, although I'd imagine everyone else hates it. I know I do. Maybe Primrose doesn't know what that's like.

Someone was calling for Marco and people were yelling "Polo"

Julianne was wearing a bejeweled cowboy hat and it was kind of dark so I didn't recognize her. She went to say hi to Gallop but emphatically not Penelope. Gallop made a noise that she thought sounded like an elephant and she's like "I'll pull your ears" and "he just looks at me."
One thing Julianne didn't miss is the smells.
Nicole wore a mask with a peacock feather over one of the eyes and a peacock feather in her hair, and I didn't recognize her. Lisa was dressed as Malificient. Caitlin, who claimed the name Sexual Chocolate, was dressed as a minion, not a banana and not a twinkie, or whatever it was. Tiffany had cat ears. Priya had a raccoon tail and has traveled to places like Tanzania, Namibia, South Africa, Italy, France (Paris is dirty, she says), Zimbabwe. Primrose wore the wolf coat, or perhaps it was a bear with a fiber-optic cloaking suit, half-off, with Jasmine keeping herself warm in the sleeves. One of the former interns was dressed as the Super Bowl Shark wearing a faux-fur cape and wielding a naginata or some kind of polearm. A boy was dressed as Boba Fett and there was a girl dressed as Darth Vader.

Kim and her steampunk friend had three tegus with them. "It's only two hours. It's not an expo. And you gotta work for your supper." She is sad that the lizards native to Massachusetts are most likely extirpated but she thinks that salamanders are close enough and I think that's not true but snakes are close enough.

Someone turned on the fountain lights after everyone was already gone.

Frogs metamorphose when the time is right, not after a specific time in their lives.
I guess since they're in a simulated vernal pond and not in a real one, there's no risk of the pond drying up and therefore no urgency so they can stay tadpoles as long as they want. A few of them have turned into really tiny frogs. The axolotl will actually keep its gills into adulthood, or, in other terms, it gains reproductive capabilities while it's still in the larval stage, and can be induced to metamorphose into a salamander, although a few million years of being forced to spend their entire lives in water means they're not very good at being an adult salamander and live only short lives, if they even survive the process. So, really, I think the lesson you should be learning is that raising frogs in perpetual simulacra of vernal pools over millions and millions of years will get you the ranine equivalent of an axolotl.

Tiffany says that Batman Fights Dracula would be hard to mess up. The only problem is that it's lost. On the bright side, the one that survived has Batman and James Bond team up to fight The Penguin and The Joker and Fu Manchu and Fu Manchu can shoot lightning and this was before Emperor Palpatine.

burning question: isn't he supposed to hiss when Primrose shines lights in his face?


I hide in the sky

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A finch escaped into the ceiling because one of the tiles was missing, and unfortunately, it's one of those ceilings that runs the whole length of the hospital area.
Jacob told Sarah that she should go get it because she's small.
Caitlin and I looked up there with a phone flashlight and saw nothing, though we've heard him. We left some millet and some seeds out for him in case he comes back but if he doesn't, we might just close it back up to prevent other birds from flying up there and getting stuck. Strange things have happened, and no, that piscivore diet stuck to the ceiling is not a strange occurrence.

Billie's probably wondering why there's a ladder there. Or whatever her name is. All I know is it's a. one of those names that used to be masculine and b. it's not Ashley. I know that's probably the first name you think of when you think of formerly masculine names that are now feminine but it's not Ashley.

So, what happened with the other ceiling tile, the dirty one, is that someone was tube feeding an animal and it got kinked or something and the stuff just built up until it burst like a flower blossom, says Jacob. A corpse flower, of course.

Meanwhile, purple was going nuts.

We were doing physio on a rodo and Primrose told us about when it was dark in the woods and and Shorty freaked out and had his tail between his legs because Daisy and Teddy were like The Hounds of the Baskervilles.

Zack has two oscar fish: The Grouch and De La Hoya.

The squirrel stuffed himself inside a glove box. Someone else never noticed how thin their actual tails were until now.

Caitlin (?) doesn't speak that language and doesn't know Starbucks sizes. I'm bewildered that, of grande, venti, and trenta, grande is the smallest of the three.
Venti is Italian for twenty and Latin for wind, while trenta is Italian for thirty. So I guess they make sense.

I've been to a few educational rounds on lead poisoning but none on rodenticide. We watched a video on marijuana farmers who want to keep mice from getting high and as Nicole put it, you're growing illegal plants, you don't care about the legality of the rodenticides you're using. When we treat them, we typically give them vitamin K for two weeks and if it's first generation poison, they'll probably be better by then. If not, it's the more powerful and longer lasting second generation, and we've had a hawk being treated for two months.
Caitlin was just smackin' plants.
Hunters have no doubt poisoned themselves with lead shrapnel.

Primrose tore apart a mouse with her bare hands, well, gloved hands. Skinned the fucker and ripped him into thirteen pieces for the drama queen cooper's hawk to eat. That's how they do things in Mongolia according to Jacob, not that Primrose would know, as I am pretty sure she's Thai. She is emphatically not Mongolian. Her hair is not the color of primroses but the color of a late afternoon sky in early April, with dark roots like bare tree limbs against the sky. She can't be your friend if you don't like Archer and I don't feel sorry for you at all. She wants to dress as a tyrannosaur but will probably settle for wearing a wolf cloak.

Cardinals like to bite the bits of loose flesh between your fingers and not let go.

IV fluid injection is the worst feeling ever says Primrose.

Batman is Pringles Man's sidekick says some kid carving his visage into a pumpkin. Pringles Man is the best Man ever though I disagree and think it's Mega Man and Mega Man can just take any of Pringles Man's powers but Pringles Man has no powers but the powers of deliciousness.

Also, he looks a lot like Gene Wolfe. Pringles Man, I mean, not the kid, nay, he lacks a mustache and has a McDonalds hairline, you know, like the Golden Arches, and the girl he was talking to had no idea that was a thing. The girl he was talking to, who has a straight hairline, once brought in a baby opossum she found in her swimming pool. There's actually a fake passage from The Book of the New Sun about pringles on Hipinion. My spell check on my iPod recognizes the word Pringles but TextEdit does not.

Bob came out amazing, better than last year's Bob. I'm not sure how the holes I poked in Teddy's face for his stubble will translate to illuminated from within form. Tina was hard because if I do the glasses, I can't just use holes for eyes, no, I have to carve out the glasses and then put pupil holes and the bangs got messed up. And Gene has kind of an nondescript face so I tried his Banjo scowl. The pumpkin was a bit small. I didn't bother with Louise or Linda because I feel like their appearances are defined by the bunny hat and the hairdo and those are very hard to translate to pumpkin form.

Primrose carved a gecko and Sam carved a cat face.

I had a dream last night in which I was in an alternate world where the world wars never happened but there was an exhibition with relics from those wars and regimes. Everything was white, like the inside of the Ark from Lightning Returns. There was a brief interlude in a much harder Super Mario World in which you could take Yoshi the stupid freaking horse into Bowser's castle and Yoshi could flutter like in Yoshi's Island, which was a sea of lava with rotating monolithic platforms and then a gate with stompy things, and then the people of the alternate world were trying to assassinate me (or someone I was watching) and that person tried to teleport to the Crab Nebula but that didn't exist in their world either.
It's no coincidence that I just finished In Other Worlds by A.A. Attanasio.

burning question: why the hell is Syria still putting out ads for tourism?

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