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another man's treasure

Posted on February 01, 2016 at 6:26 pm
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47 days until the vernal equinox
This is surprising because it somehow reached 65° F in Boston and feels more like March.

Aside from the lack of babies at the wildlife center, I mean. We have a barred owl, we have a blue jay, we got a mourning dove and a broad-shouldered hawk who Tyler suspects is suffering from rodenticide poisoning, we have a toad in boarding and Tiffany doesn't know what's up with that, we looked at the rabbit with a fucked up leg and cleaned that out.

I've never seen a bobwhite before but I have heard of them. Jack says he looks like a pile of straw, while Jacob says he looks like a miniature hawk. This is the picture on their facebook, courtesy of Jack, despite appearances.

A woman once found a vintage cloth-bound copy of Audobon's Birds of America in the trash.
there was a woolly bear caterpillar hanging out outside and she told me what they call them in Ireland, which I promptly forgot. I think it was something like Fuzzy Sally.

Tiffany thought Daria's paintings were mine. I can see that; we both have similar styles and subject matter.

burning question: what kinds of things have you "rescued" from the trash?


making the most of it

Posted on January 31, 2016 at 5:47 pm
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48 days until the Vernal Equinox
I can't think of too many names that start with J. Probably Jessica, probably Jen or Jill, maybe Julianne or Julie or a variation, maybe Jade, probably not Jane or Josephine. Jenna, Joanna, I don't know.

Alexandria, an artist and artist's model, told me a story about how once an artist sold a portrait of someone and he called the person in the portrait to tell her that there's a painting of her in some guy's house.

There were a bunch of Peruvians at some model UN thing. I'm sure that's the reason for the delay when I was going home. Someone's like "go banana" and someone else is like "go, grapefruit! come on, grapefruit!" and the conductor gets grapefruit juice in his eyes and the train falls into the river and they wash up on the Harbor Islands. Messing up the track, of course.

There was a woman with sea blue hair.

A woman was drawing Achilles' Shield with highlighters. The colors were a bit off but it was still really cool.

I left around the time Marilyn arrived to look at time.
There was a woman with pale green wavy Terra Branford hair and a blue hat arriving at the moment I was leaving.
Here are some other ways of looking at time:
I remember being three years old. The vastness of the stairs. The forever-continuity and the unfathomability of this is a little space. It was a castle. It gave me nightmares. I couldn't get to my mother. It was Nov 1997.
I experience time through photographs. I'm lucky enough to be born in the age of technology. So every year I've aged has been documented. I can look back. Maybe I remember, maybe I don't, but it helps.

Mariah and Sam spent most of the train ride discussing hair colors. They're artists; I could tell Mariah was an artist because her bag depicted watercolors.
they were talking about hair color and how Sam can't dye her hair unnatural colors because they say it might scare the children but I think the children would like it, and how neither of them think they can pull off silver hair. It may be more common nowadays but there are people out there who don't realize how awesome colored hair is.
The funny thing is I saw a woman with pink and silver dyed hair on the Ashmont/Braintree platform at Park Street while I was heading to Davis.
I made a very Emma-esque drawing of a woman.

I made the giant mistake of not actually writing down or remembering where the place I was looking for relative to everything else.
Anyway, I checked the map again and if I turned around Citizen's Bank, I would have found the Shawarma Place (or maybe if I just, I don't know, looked on the other side of the street when I reached Out of the Blue). I'll have to check out The Painted Burro one of these days, even if it uncomfortably sounds like The Painted Bird. I'll also have to read that book one of these days.

Oh well, it was still good. I know Barry doesn't like being made an ass but I'm going to assume they were speaking Punjabi at Punjabi Grill. And luckily, January felt more like March, which will probably mean March will feel like January.

I didn't have love sickness, I had apprehension sickness.
I don't know what Emma thinks about whether or not I am an unsought guest or just what happened to Sophie Atlas or whether or not she interacts with the people she sketches; she wasn't there. I dunno, she probably forgot about it and none of her friends were there, at least, none that I recognized. There's the album release before Callabrion ascends to heaven and Emma and I walk our separate paths once again.

One woman had a lock of bright blue in naturally white hair. Another woman had orange in her braids and an orange hat to match. Rachel has blonde that turns into yellow and then bright red in front.
I said that the day I turn 70, I'm dying my hair bright pink.

Sean, who doesn't have a website, drew monsters. He's not from around here but if he was and it was September of 2001, he would have totally went to see Terrors and Wonders at the DeCordova museum. I told him about it but warned him that the internet of 2001 was a vastly different place and if he doesn't find it on the internet because he sure as hell won't find it on Google, he's out of luck. You won't learn anything about monsters in contemporary art, but you will learn that there are spambots out there who at least try to pass the Turing Test.
I proceeded to lament the loss of mp3.com and am astonished that somebody downloaded every song from IUMA, and he did it before anyone saw the writing on the wall because that writing was download speeds that were measured in bytes.

this was in the foyer.

Robin drew cats and someone else drew dogs.

Emma's drawings are 90 dollary-doos a pop, which I think is excessive. I couldn't be fucked to remember how much Daria Theodora's paintings were or how much that comic of the movie How You Will Die starring yourself cost but those were far more refined and I'm pretty sure they weren't that expensive.
I told Alexandria, by the way, that I don't charge for drawings but that means I draw who I want.

How You Will Die by this guy. The ones on display were drafts so maybe it isn't complete yet and that's why I couldn't find it. Or maybe it's on a squarespace website that recently expired, because the internet of 2016 is a different place than the internet of 2015.

Somebody asked me why I didn't submit anything from my sketchbook. Because I didn't know about it last year and I didn't think of it until Emma posted about how she got into this year's sketchbook show.

Chiara is basically the Italian equivalent of Claire. She has an indescribably earthy purply tone to her hair. What she submitted was less refined than the stuff on her website.

Daria painted these:

You can find more on her tumblr

Heather Balchunas (it should be Balčiūnas; it's Lithuanian. Actually technically, it should be Balčiūnienė if she's married and Balčiūnaitė if she's not married) painted a dragon, a love robot, and two koi.

These are by Liz, who worked on a sculpture in Latvia with Ben, who is apparently Emma's roommate and also couldn't be fucked to show up. The stuff on display by Ben is basically just drawings of that sculpture.

I met a woman who was carrying around a box of PrismaColors and a sketchbook but alas she just started a new sketchbook and the only thing she had was a test drawing. I'd be very surprised if she was drawing full color portraits of random people on her train ride home.

burning question: koona t'chuta Solo?
I was going to ask "die wanna wanga" but that sounds more like an order of some sorts than a question.



Posted on January 25, 2016 at 10:10 pm
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54 days until the vernal equinox

Tiffany's hair is now tipped with bright magenta. I asked her what she thought about how I'm seeing more people with colored hair or maybe just noticing them more and she said that it's certainly a trend now, and she had colored hair when she was back in high school and she's old enough to have been in high school at some span of time in which I was in high school, and lots of people had colored hair when I was in high school, mostly purple/pink or blue, the occasional green, and one girl with rainbow hair and a girl with red and green dreadlocks.

Tiffany said it's a swan rodeo and you're gonna chill. It's all good unless it comes out of his butt.
The black duck was like "ehh!" and half assedly bit Tyler.

So Greg told the story about the cockatiel: so the cockatiel , so a lady got a nestbox, thus enabling her, and she took the eggs after she laid the eggs so the cockatiel is like "somebody stole my eggs so I'm going to lay some more eggs" and they had an interpreter reading Greg's aura and translating it to the bird and we're sure the interpreter was making more than the vets. So we all need to be cockatiel whisperers.

We did an x-ray on a domestic bunny named Jess who had an abscess on her foot and Jacob was wondering what it would be like if Jess was around that day, and that had to be cleaned out and bandaged and there was this subtle and indescribable stink in the radiology room and Jacob is sure that the open infected wound is the cause of that and then we did another x-r ay on the black duck. While this was happening, Tiffany was talking about a teacher who said the femur is the proximal bone in the foreleg. Which it isn't, by the way. Either she was thinking of the humerus or thinking of the hind leg. Also, she brought up how they combined the terminology class, which is actually pretty intuitive, with the ethics and something-or-other class, which muddles things a lot.

A lot of her family members speak Swedish but she doesn't and she says it sounds like the Swedish Chef, basically.

There's only one bat picture on their Facebook page but I swear Jack took about twenty.

He broke a phalanx or carpal or something or whatever (I don't know, the official facebook page just says finger) and we're going to treat him and then transfer him to winter somewhere else. He's not going to hibernate because he's malnourished and underweight and it's hard enough to re-hibernate an otherwise healthy bat.

A woman brought her cherry headed conure to get examined and have his nails and beak trimmed and his feathers clipped. They're indigenous to Peru and Ecuador and if she saw them in Barcelona, they're either invasive or she saw something else and mistook them for cherry headed conures.

burning question: can a lightsaber cut through adamantium?



Posted on January 19, 2016 at 4:44 pm
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60 days until the vernal equinox

Aside from the cold, the main problem with the Martin Luther King Day open house is that it's in that period of transition between special exhibits. Objects In Flux is in the process of being dismantled. It was also the last day of Class Distinctions, which meant anyone who still hasn't seen it would have to brave the crowds. There are new things, yes, some photographs including one of a fish wearing a necklace and one of an adult saw-whet owl playing with a jeweled frog, and some fashion illustrations done in black marker, watercolors, and ink mostly.
And there were tributes to Martin Luther King done by students at various Boston schools.

She said she wanted to pee on a canvas so she'd be a millionaire and I told her that she can't do that; this guy was the first to pee on a canvas and that's why he's famous for doing it. She has to do something new.

Some people determined that one painting in the American gallery depicts Frodo and Sam. Sam is hunched over and that's why he appears shorter than Frodo. The painting showing the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden in fact depicts Mount Doom and there are subtropical paradises in Mordor, they just never showed them in the films.

On this day of looking at time (I couldn't be fucked to check what day it was), Marilyn was reading from A Brief History of the Philosophy of Time, and I drew moments frozen in time. The day before, I think she was assembling a clock. I don't know; I just saw a picture of her. A few days ago, she spent six hours drawing circles.

A woman named Emily, who has ash-blonde hair tipped with pale violet, was also drawing Marilyn. I'm pretty sure the official Emily count is 18, but I can't be entirely sure. I also met Badger, which is probably definitely not her real name, and Julian, which is unexpected but checks out. Badgers are grassland animals. I'm not sure if they're extirpated from New England or if New England is just too heavily wooded for badgers.

There was a woman with blue hair, a man with green hair, a woman with bright red hair, another woman with bright red hair which was much shorter. I don't know if dyed hair has become more predominant or I'm just noticing it more or if I'm just in Boston/Cambridge/Somerville more. There are also "problem glasses." The term was not-coincidentally coined at the very moment #gamergate became a parody of itself.

I met a woman with a pendant that was a raven's talon and the bone of a reindeer. She said it's very morbid and she got it from a hunter in Iceland.

Holly drew something amazing and she wanted to know what kind of pen I was using and said my train portraits were amazing. I realized that I have to think about how long I was making art seriously for. And yes, I did make art before I started taking art classes (it was either Holly or Michelle who asked this). Mostly Sonic levels.

I ran into that woman who was painting a Dutch painting again. She's almost done, it seems, and it's looking a lot like the actual thing. I suggested one day reproducing a painting in someone else's style. Like, she could take that Dutch guy and VanGoghify it.

Florentine is from Paris.
TWO people were eating pizza on the train. Neither of them were Florentine. Although I just want to point out that French pizza actually looks really tasty.

I saw a woman who reminded me of Gabriella if she was from what may or may not be the Tribal Territories of H'fai.

A woman said "thanks for inspiring me." She's been making art for a while but she's never drawn any before. She inspired me too.
Then I discussed Dutch art and how I thought we already passed Symphony with a guy going to the MFA.

"Otherwise, you fall down."
Otherwise, people get off the train.

I tried to draw two women looking at Japanese stuff because their outfits were so intriguing (a teddy bear-ear hoodie, a floral kimono; a scarf wrapped like a shawl and a patterned shirt).

A guy compared Nishida's ceramic sculptures and Translated Vase made from the leftover bits and broken fragments of other projects to the movie Akira.

A woman who looked like Shannon was teaching a dog how to be a service dog.

There was a huge puddle and the guy in front of me was thinking "yeah, nope."
She probably walked right through it. She's oh-so-special in her waterproof boots. Also, I think we've made a shift back to colorfully patterned boots for traipsing about in the rain and slush.

One woman told me she had to get off at Downtown Crossing but she wishes she could have stayed on the train for longer. Her portrait is actually pretty ok for something I did between two stations.

Sam and Michelle both do makeup, which is a kind of artistry according to us. Michelle told me about the time a guy drew her at Faneuil Hall and offered it to her for five dollars.

There are multiple ways to spell Chantelle, apparently.
I was like "I have a friend named Chantel."

It said Emma got the message I sent her about the MFA at the very moment I sent it which is suspect but now it isn't saying anything. Damn it, Zuckerberg.
burning question: why do I bother? I mean, I'm sure Cheryl from Archer could tell me why.


anyone can make a mistake

Posted on January 12, 2016 at 7:39 pm
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67 days until the vernal equinox.

To update you regarding the rabbit, there was soot inside his organs and apparently, when he went into the fire, all the gas in his intestines exploded and that's why they were inundated in poop.

We have a bat who likes chicken baby food more than he likes the beef variety.

We got our second dovekie in a week period, not the second dovekie this week as Nicole pointed out. This dovekie was thrown out of a car window in a Wal-Mart parking lot. The last one died, I don't know, probably because it's a bird that never comes to land except to mate and when they do end up on land it's because they're very fucked up. Dovekies eat tiny fish, in turn, everything eats dovekies. Seagulls, foxes, even larger fish, even people. The dish kiviaq, involves dovekies left to ferment inside a seal carcass and can aptly be described as a turducken from hell. The logic is this: dovekies only hang out in Greenland during the summer. In winter, food is scarce, it's dark, it's cold as hell, all the dovekies are down in New England or Newfoundland. If you're ever going to try this, say, if you lost a bet or have strange great sins to atone for, use dovekies and not eiders.
While we were trying in vain, pun not intended, to draw up blood from the dovekie, the ring-billed gull in the cage behind us started splashing around. Tyler's like "sir, do you mind?" because we're trying to be quiet. Anyway, Nicole drew up a tiny bit of blood and Jacob drew up a slightly larger amount of blood, and he bled for about seven minutes afterwards. If this was a raptor, I'd guess that rodenticide was involved.

Tyler said he was probably light-headed after bleeding out some and needed cookies and coke or something, I don't know; he was whispering.
He said he'd draw up some of his blood and say it was the dovekie's.
Everyone has to be force-fed piscivore diet at least once during their internship. new rule. It's salmon oil, which stinks apparently, mixed with piscivore diet powder.

"I don't know, I'm not a dovekie."
He called it a cute little flying penguin and told it to think of polar bears while it's here.

This is the dovekie. By the time I got home, the image was on Facebook.

Posting the right link helps, kupo.

String cheese makes a weird sound according to Devin.

The swan got a Hannah Montana towel and Nicole thought it depicted Lizzie McGuire. Not only are they not the same person, but they're in different periods. Uh, I think.

We have another squirrel someone tried to keep as a pet. Putting two adult squirrels in the same cage is tantamount to gladiatorial combat but at least we can socialize them by putting them in separate cages where they each have their own food and water and territory.

Earlier, we had to euthanize a skunk with neurological issues that could be from anything from rabies or distemper to a brain infection to an inner ear infection.

Elsewhere, there was a mountain lion with teeth coming out of his forehead, which is either a teratoma (in scientific terms, it's a possibly congenital tumor derived from embryonic germ cells and formed from a heterogenous mixture of tissues that tend to contain things like hair, teeth, bones) or the remnants of a conjoined twin. Tyler says his evil ghost twin made him attack the dog.
Mountain lions do not eat dovekies, mostly because they don't live in the same habitat.
There's a bit of blood in the picture.

Matt said he was born in a volcano because one of Eden's friends is somewhere in Chile exploring volcanoes. Sunny side up scares him because it might be undercooked and then he'll get salmonella and die.

Nicole's finishing up her stint at the wildlife center and she wonders how people will remember her after she's gone. Tyler says he'll always think of her as the girl who killed a hawk and a dovekie.
I'm unsure of the circumstances of the hawk. The dovekie didn't die, and if it does die, it will probably have very little to do with Nicole and everything to do with the fact that it's a dovekie.

Emily, Eden, and Matt were looking at a chicken who might have had a disease that gave him cancer.

burning question: How did a dovekie get in someone's car in the first place?



Posted on January 06, 2016 at 10:41 pm
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73 days until the vernal equinox

Eden is back, with hair that goes from its natural black to green to blue. There's a picture of Eden holding the Angry Swan and it's frigging as big as she is. The swan was toe-touching because the joint could be permanently messed up. He was doing better under painkillers, but we can't feasibly give him painkillers post-release.

Matt's response to the Refrigerator Gang cleaning up the refrigerator and taking anything they want out temporarily was "we'll get tattoos."

Cassie, who has no idea who Tina Belcher is, said "it's a chinchilla rabbit. Part chinchilla, part rabbit. Just kidding, it's just a rabbit." without pausing.
Cassie told me about something called Trump Your Cat.

I participated in my first necropsy. I had to leave before we took the organs apart, not because I couldn't handle it but because Matt and Eden were so hungry they could eat a somewhat singed and desiccated dead rabbit and Rob was in a meeting or something and it was snowing and I had to leave.

Meanwhile, Jacob was pulling feathers out of a hawk.

The legs were in a weird position because when the rabbit was burned, the water evaporated and the legs contracted. There's no evidence of hanging or being tied down (matted fur) but there was the remnant of a box in the fire. The hair was singed atop but not completely burned. It didn't smell dead, that is, like the breakdown of lysine into cadaverine and the breakdown of glutamine into putrescine; it smelled like overcooked meat, which is, really, what that is. Until you cut it open, anyway.
Matt compared it to a roasted marshmallow.
Eden says the great thing about necropsies is that we don't have to worry about putting the animal back together.
Also, some of the bone was visible on the hind legs. Some of the membranes looked iridescent.

"like frogs, rabbits use their eyeballs to push food down the esophagus."

There was a fly and Eden wondered if it came out of the bag with the dead rabbit. It probably snuck in from the laundry room. I wished Katie was still around, because she's always more than happy to sweep and mop the laundry room.

Matt tried to look up rabbit anatomy but the diagram was in Spanish. It could be worse, like when I tried to look up the endocrine system and the best picture was in Arabic.

The heart and lungs were a nice red color and Matt said we would be able to revive him afterwards, but the abdomen was completely drowned in shit. Which means I got to use the phrase "both literal and figurative shit"
Eden said that fermented putrefacted shit and interstitial fluid is a delicacy somewhere.
In rabbits, between the small intestine and large intestine, there's an organ called the caecum (British spelling; the American spelling is cecum), which absorbs bits of digestible fiber where bacteria ferment it and break it down into something more easily digestible. Humans have this thing too but it's really just part of the colon along with the appendix.
There were a few fecal droppings in the colon.

burning question: does wherewhitepeoplemeet have the same strict standards that the American Nazi Party has?


cloudsilvered drag

Posted on January 01, 2016 at 7:19 pm
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78 days until the vernal equinox
That's a good resolution Sully made: to draw cartoons and watch cartoons. My resolution is to fulfill a hypothetical lofty promise I make, which I probably won't fulfill. If we're talking about past promises, maybe I'll do that ode to Gustav Klimt I was talking about, not necessarily with the subject I was talking about.

I've got nothing. We're off to a great start here. I just remembered a story Rachel told about her cat getting her fur singed by a candle.
Here's a drawing of a deer. Unfortunately, this drawing is only a fragment of a larger drawing. I found it a few weeks ago and have been saving the links for a day like this.

I'm not sure if this was done from a kit or if she made it from scratch. Either way, cool, even if it does lack my favorite relationships of the animal word: anglerfish.

Gogolshoks, which are handmade friendly monsters.
I like what Anne said about wanting to frame the palette she used because it's fun to see all the colors that go into a painting broken down.
Someone once tried to explain to her the plot to the movie Alien (or was it Aliens?) using only emojis.

More deer and stuff.
If there's more recent stuff out there, I have no idea where to find it. Anyways, I just realized I don't know shit about Vermont. Turns out Burlington is in the north. Atlas Lab played there once and they also played in Winooski, which is nearby.

Winooski, by the way, is the most ethnically diverse city in Vermont, which means it's still about 85% white. Someone had a plan to build a dome over it.

I also don't know shit about resettlement. You'd think they'd pick somewhere other than an economically depressed former mill town, but I guess there are plenty of old disused mills to repurpose.
I don't think the refugees get to pick where they live.

burning question: so there's a billboard for a white person dating site in Utah. Is finding white people really that hard there?


till the stars fall from the sky

Posted on December 29, 2015 at 9:04 pm
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81 days until the vernal equinox
Another quiet day at the wildlife center. Tyler said that boarding was turning into hoarding.
Tyler's official diagnosis of the crow is "he was all sorts of fucked up."

It's quiet because there haven't been any major storms yet, at which point we'll end up with a whole bunch of seabirds, most of which will end up dying.
Jacob says that rock doves are easy to care for because they're used to humans but their cousins mourning doves drop dead as soon as they see us. Gulls are easy to take care of. Waterfowl with lead poisoning and raptors with rodenticide poisoning are easy to take care of if we get them immediately after but it's very hard to treat an animal in which the toxicity has already left some permanent damage.

One of the turtles boarding bonks into the tank walls all day long.

We thought a sugar glider ate something indigestible like newspaper or string, but it turns out he had appendicitis.

The goose wasn't eating but he was gaining weight somehow.

I had to give Bling a change in water which meant I had to either scale the unsurmountable wall or sneak past the fire breathing dragon. I chose the unsurmountable wall.

Tyler said he was at the wildlife center for Gordon. He thought about getting a bacon cheeseburger or something but decided to get a turkey sandwich instead what with Gordon the pig around. Also, his sisters got a plush hotdog for him to cuddle with. Maybe it's a tofu dog or a kosher hot dog.

The box lied to Nicole. It's not actually stuff from White's bakery, it's just some Reeces Peanut Butter Trees and brownies.

Once Nicole met a guy with a missing leg who told her not to go to Adams, and he didn't get on the train with her so we thought he was just sitting at the station and warning people about Adams.

They've encountered Keytar Bear but I haven't; I suggested that when the Wildlife Center starts their own band, Jacob plays keytar, because Jacob says he's good at instruments that don't have strings, like guitar or keyboard, while Nicole plays guitar, ukulele, and she got a mandolin. Jacob thought she said violin and that's totally different.
Nicole also knows about the one man band and the guy with the erhu although she sees him at South Station while I see him at Downtown Crossing or occasionally Park Street, but they don't know about the violinist with the disco ball and I neglected to mention the woman who plays the flute with reverb petals, whom I have never seen but she was mentioned in a blog I don't remember the link to. Either Jacob or Tyler mentioned the didgeridoo and someone else mentioned an all-didgeridoo band and Emily thought that would sound terrible. I told them about Kazoontheit, which was alas formed in the late 1970s.

Chinchillas grab their alfalfa (or raisins, which Chinchy or whatever her name is loves) with one hand, while squirrels grab the peanuts with both hands and arararararar. Also, the squirrel bit Courtney the other day. I think the swan pimp-slapped her too. It pimp-slapped someone.
The Portuguese word for alfalfa is alfafa, they lost the l somewhen. The Portuguese word for pumice is pomes which is pronounced more or less the same way. Chinchillas like to whet their teeth on that stuff, that's why I'm bringing it up.

Emily, a different Emily who is probably not Gujarati, kept her rats in the hood of her jacket, and since they have really good depth perception, they're totally fine. She has a bracelet of pastel turtles and she thinks the other bracelet depicted monkeys but the beads are so faded she can't tell.
One of her rats was Louise, who was not specifically named after Louse Belcher but still reminded Emily of her.
One of her rats was Penelope, who was nice, unlike our Penelope. Earlier, I told a different Emily my theory as to why: because right before I started out, Penelope was paired with a llama and we got Gallop after the llama died, and Penelope was bigger than Gallop for a while but now that Gallop's bigger than Penelope, Penelope takes out her frustration on people.

She says that she can't paint for shit but loves watercolors. I don't know how we got into that. I mean, I know I brought up people with blue and pink hair because tattoos and dyed hair and nose rings are socially acceptable to anyone who isn't stuck in some indefinable and idealized past but I have no idea how we got into that. She has a nose ring but I only brought up hair dye and tattoos. I don't know if she had any tattoos. If she did, none of them were visible because it was the coldest it's been since April. Her hair was brown.

Nicole was wondering if she should leave the oxygen on for future surgeries and checked the appointment list for a paralyzed animal. The burning question is Jacob's response.
burning question: if it's paralyzed, why does it need to be knocked out?



Posted on December 25, 2015 at 5:14 pm
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85 days until the vernal equinox
So it reached 69°F in Boston on Christmas eve, which is kinda bewildering and that makes it really weird to hear things like Let It Snow and Winter Wonderland. Not quite as warm as mid-September, which comes from the hypothesis that the Star of the Magi was a planetary conjunction. There's another hypothesis that says that the Star was Halley's Comet which was tracked in the fall of 12 BC, which is very very doubtful because comets were a bad omen.

As for why Jesus was between the ages of 6 months and three years before Herod's death in 4 BC, the Anno Domini system wasn't in wide use until the 9th century, and it began because people believed that the end of the world would happen 500 years after the birth of Jesus so a monk decided to dispel those rumors and his guess was "okay, so, this Gospel says Jesus was thirty-ish on the 15 year of the reign of Tiberius Caesar."

Of course, I'm blanking on things.

Emily thought Lauren looks like Ellie from The Last of Us, where the Green Line doesn't exist in Park Street Station.

Better health care not only includes Sweden but places like Cuba and even Paraguay.

Emily thinks Alex looks contemplative, rather than drunk according to me or mean according to the Katie who is the sign of the Impure and looks like my friend Laura from college and not the Condemner who looks like my friend Christina from the wildlife center and knows what a barred owl is even though she has probably never set foot inside the New England Wildlife Center. I've met one other person who could boast that.
I told her that neon doesn't react with anything. Helium can have an electron knocked off with a laser, and xenon readily bonds to fluorine because the layers of other electrons form a buffer between the outermost electrons and the nucleus.

She recognized the sigil for the Death Seraph on the woman who had Edward Scissorhands tattooed on her shoulder (but she wondered if that was someone else's face that I integrated into her tattoos) and recognized Britta's costume as the one for Scorpius. All the characters in Homestuck are zodiacal signs, and their Scorpius is a bit more flattering than FFXII's Scorpius, who is a bloated and rotting corpse. She hasn't played Final Fantasy XII so she doesn't know about the espers.
She's only played Final Fantasy VII, which is the one that everyone's played. I wouldn't call it overrated but I think it's definitely less than the sum of its themes and its ambitions. I feel like I said this but maybe I just thought it and neglected to actually post it.
Emily is also the sign of the Impure and recognized Britta's costume as the one for Scorpius. All the things in Homestuck are zodiacal signs, and their Scorpius is a bit more flattering than FFXII's Scorpius, who is a bloated and rotting corpse.
I totally agree with this dream jobs of the zodiacal signs, by the way: Cancer- cat

She likes to draw people who are looking at their phones because she knows they won't notice. I like that too, because I know they don't move around.
She likes the way I sometimes only hint at the outline of the face.

Emily doesn't like spicy foods, while Rachel (or Lauren) likes things so spicy they make her cry and I like things so spicy that I can see through time when I eat them.

Emily has never watched Rick and Morty and I'm very surprised by that fact.

Samantha says she's a ENsomethingsomething and Emily doesn't know what any of that stuff means. I don't know if I'm introverted or extroverted because I prefer group conversations to one on one conversations.

Emily brought up how Trump moved the Republican Party so far right that the moderate republicans are jumping ship and throwing their lot in with the Democratic party, and, according to me, taking over Democratic Underground. If you ask me, the right is moving right everywhere.
Andreas mentioned something about Stockholm's metro becoming privatized and therefore more expensive.

Rachel was talking about Japanese industrial metal and she told me about a band I've never heard of because they just released their first EP in October. There really aren't any good Asian music blogs that aren't totally focused on pop. I like Best Music From Worst Korea.
She played electronica and talked about how her tastes have changed over time.

Speaking of Korea, there's a band called Trampauline. They should have called themselves Tramampoline and they should have titled their album Trambopoline.

Speaking of Korea, Rachel went through a phase where she was obsessed with North Korea and was convinced they'd start World War III.

Emily once painted a bear-turtle-something-other thing and a really creepy doll with a cracked face.

Sam played Fur Elise well on a piano that was in dire need of tuning.

I asked Rachel how Japanese people perceive us after she told me about Miyazaki-themed lip gloss.
She brought up Princess Mononoke and I thought she was talking about environmentalism because Emily was reading some articles in a National Geographic about Deepwater Horizon and extinct Australian marsupial tapirs and ten foot tall birds but nope.
Anyway, younger Japanese love us, the older generations hate us, which is kind of a common theme, really. Europe's kind of weird, with its bloc identitares and young people who vote for the National Front.

Emily once painted a bear-turtle-alligator-something-other thing and a really creepy doll with a cracked face. I don't even know. It definitely had a turtle's shell and long legs.

Sam played Fur Elise well on a piano that was in dire need of tuning.

I asked Rachel how Japanese people perceive us after she told me about Miyazaki-themed lip gloss.
She brought up Princess Mononoke and I thought she was talking about environmentalism but nope.
Anyway, younger Japanese love us, the older generations hate us, which is kind of a common theme, really. Europe's kind of weird, with its bloc identitares and young people who vote for the National Front.

Emily said the man in a fuzzy vest and belted pants and paisley shirt I was telling her about stepped right out of the 80s and I told her about the women in the Islamic gallery at the MFA comparing something to a bong.
She said if that woman was wearing camo pants and combat boots, then the alternate 2015's military sent her here, possibly to reject our 21st century and substitute their own.

Here's my plan: we rig the next Miss Universe contest so that Miss Planet of the Giant Praying Mantises wins, Miss Planet of the Giant Praying Mantises gets "rewarded" by becoming a part of Donald Trump's harem, and they have sex. Spoiler alert: mantis sex involves decapitation.

burning question: It's December. Shouldn't you be decorating for the fourth of July?


the great escape

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89 days until the vernal equinox
I spent the days before the hibernal solstice wishing it would be winter already so that winter would be over sooner.

When I said it would be quiet, I meant it. It's just me, Tyler, Jacob, and a new intern named Nicole.

We could fix the rabbit's eye more thoroughly and cause GI stasis and have to fix that too and possibly risk killing it. We decided to release it instead.
In theory, we could take some of Falco's blood but we don't have the equipment to do a blood transfusion and it takes a lot of transfusion and it's easier to just give them vitamin K and fluids. None of this matters because the bird escaped the flight cage some time after rounds. Tyler said it got past him and flew about 40 feet up to a tree branch so we'll consider it a self release" and then he laughed about it.
Nicole asked about blood types and the answer to that question is "maybe birds have blood types do but nobody's done any research on it" and it's probably less about difficulty and more about nobody can really be fucked to find out. We know mammals have blood types.

The goose fights like crazy which means he's getting energy from somewhere. Tyler says he's solar powered. It's probably because lead poisoning fucked up his gastrointestinal tract and everything he eats just comes back out the other end as shit. Nicole offered her stomach.

Jacob says that his phone battery seems to drain twice as fast as it should be.

Tyler says that we can't go one week without getting a swan. The swan was quite pissy and Tyler said he's more like a dragon than a swan. Speaking of dragons, I found Spyro chilling in the laundry room. I also learned from some guy who cut a dragonfruit with his sword that dragonfruit taste like kiwis and not boots. I have no idea just where he got the dragonfruit, although my impression of dried dragonfruit left me with little desire to seek out the things.
Just don't eat them dried. They're not rambutans, nor are they mangosteens, which you have to obtain fresh from secret cabals of fruit smugglers, but dried they're pretty damned awesome and I'm still angry at Trader Joe's for getting rid of them.

We also got a very dirty bedsheet as "compensation" in Jacob's words, or "one free towel with every swan" in Tyler's words.

This one was male, he says, as he has a black knob of flesh above his beak. His name was Lucy according to the ARL-Boston person who brought him in but now he's Lucas, or perhaps Lukács or Luca.

The seagull, which Tyler says are also a very common patient, had red wrap around his wings. I said "Christmas colors" and Jacob said there wasn't any green, but there was green; Tyler failed at it. He needed a longer strip. Nothing specific. I told him about the instructions on Amy's Tom Kha Phak, which are "Heat and serve. Please do not overcook." I made it the same way I made Thai Kitchen's tom kha or tom yum, which sadly I can no longer find or they no longer exist, which involved bringing it to a boil, and that worked well enough.

I think that hawks are common but he doesn't.

We were supposed to look at a growth in a chicken's mouth that might be a tumor or an infection but stuff kept coming up so I had to leave long before that. At least my question of whether or not we'd still get only good news on Monday's rounds with Jean on St. Kitts has been answered, although since some admits came, I don't know what said good news is, but I hope it's about ocelots.

A few days ago, I saw a truck with the Umbrella Corporation's logo and the motto Our Business Is Life Itself on it. I also encountered a woman with blue hair and a woman with a neck tattoo depicting some sort of vine. It totally reminded me of the British cover of Shrine of Stars (or Yama di Confluence, which is the Italian translation).
I wasn't in a situation where I'd be carrying around a sketchbook.

Also, there's some manufactured outrage regarding some complaints about a cut-rate banh mi at Oberlin. That sounds like something Christina would do. Our high school cafeteria served lo mein that she thought was spaghetti with gravy and vegetables, and she called it an insult to her culture. Note that she's Vietnamese, not Chinese and I remember this because one time someone called her the wrong racial slur and she corrected him. Then again, it was an insult to my heritage and I'm pretty sure my last ancestor from Asia died some 1300 years ago. She took a vow of silence in protest of the 2003 Iraq war and continued to do so in Vietnam time except when she talked in her sleep.

burning question: do people just not understand that school funding and education benefits everyone, not just people with kids?


finding beauty

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Nobody complained or even said anything about the images being tinted yellow by the sun or the size of the images so I'm just going to keep everything the way it was. Just so you know, every picture was taken in one session one fine October afternoon and you can see how the color changes as the sun sets. Two of them came out way too blurry.
Part of the problem is I have literally zero active followers on Deviantart, even with Emma. I wonder if Ålÿssé or Mandy still have it bookmarked.

I haven't posted the index for 2015 yet so to read about the people in the sketchbook, look it up in the calendar. I know what I'm about to say only makes sense to people who's played Final Fantasy XII: Google won't help; they're more corrupt than my friend circle in college. Going through and making sure I grouped everything together made me realize how many unfulfilled promises I've made.

[indomitable will]

[it was heaven sent]

[wise blood]

[succor midst sorrow]

[after all the aching silence]

[emotional signals are chemically encoded in tears]

[echoes of the past]

[a little madness in the spring]

[as above so below]

[spring strains]

[the anathemata a plague journal]

[sweetly the waves call to me]

[down to the river]



[boston melancholy]

[an ending up of friends]

[children of the revolution]

[bid them dance and bid them sing]

[go starless in the night]

[hop skip and jump]

[my endless sky]

[all at once]

[future strife may be prevented now]
[fly thought on golden wings]

fly, thought, on golden wings will continue in the next sketchbook, which I will probably upload in a few months. Winter light just isn't good enough.

Autumn began in resignation and ended in heartbreak.
It makes sense, after all, autumn is basically spring in reverse.

burning question: what would happen if Donald Trump and Ann Coulter had a kid? Would the kid be the next Hitler or would two negatives make a positive?


black and white

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I told not-Emma that I thought Mobile Book Fair was stuck in the past, which is both a good thing and a bad thing. On one hand, I can't find All Those Vanished Engines, though there is a copy of The Hidden World. On the other hand, they have a couple of copies of The Light Ages, which I read two thirds of and then lost about a year before I got a livejournal and have been meaning to replace. There are probably some books that were on the shelves before Emma (Hungarian) was born. It's not at a particular point in the past, it's a general past. Their signs are up to date (5776/2015) but I can't find the Goblin Emperor (thankfully, I already have it) and they only recently got a paperback of Station Eleven.

At the wildlife center, someone drew a guinea pig surrounded by an aura of hearts, a mouse being lifted by balloons, someone named Emma, someone else referred to in first person so I have no idea what her name is, and her mom.

There was a guinea pig with omphalitis, which is a real word despite having the red underline.

Tyler said he'd teach Buddy, an otter cub found in Scotland, to swim.

A cat had an aural hematoma. Draining it and leaving it be doesn't help because it just fills up again when the cat shakes its head and ruptures some capillaries. Nope, all that syrupy blood has to be bled out, cleaned out of all clots, and then sutured up and taped to the cat's head so it can heal. So the cat's going to look like a boxer for a while.

Normally we don't treat cats but I'm pretty sure this is the same cat who once let out an angry mrkgnao because someone sprayed disinfectant on her, or in other words, the cat belongs to someone who's friends with the owner or someone who's related to one of the administrators, and that someone did us a favor in the past and we're returning that. And now I have to look that up. And that's why I have an index of entries: because Google is not helping and the only thing I know is that it's in between tomorrow is a million years and Christina Lost. The index tells me that the cat spraying happened in in the sway of desire
She's a black cat with a white patch on her throat, and she's very big.

Some people were picking up their guinea pigs Maven, Minnie, and two other names I've forgotten. All of them began with the letter M.

Benji likes his circles nonovular.

Most of the interns (Benji, Kira, I believe Geena, possibly Alianna although I've only met Alianna once. Alianna has a bunny) along with Jean will be leaving us, but I believe Eden and Emma (the Emma who isn't an artist) will be back for winter break.

On the other hand, the Curse of the Twelve Days of Wonky Roms has struck and I'm not going to be in the emotional state to play The Wizard of Oz for the SNES or Bronkie the Bronchiosaurus. I've been putting it off anyway, but I'll try to play them and post screenshots and commentary next year.

This is from Bernstein's Mass, by the way.
burning question: What are you staring at, haven't you ever seen an accident before?


war damage

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something about a sphere of liquid ether. It did weird things to our physique, like metal scars us, but we can fly but I think thesphere weighs us down. maybe the world was inverted. I don't know. It's apt to describe it as "I had a weird dream that I'm not going to tell you about because I can't even describe it accurately. There was this battle in the mountains too with giants and short men armed with explosive cannons and javelineirs and I was hoping they could kill the giant before it reached our flag.
and then a second battle where these monsters poured out of caves being led by a white-furred giant.

Upon waking up, my first thought was "oh, shit, it's 8:30."

The problem is that people on Democratic Underground see Trump and think to themselves "hey, this guy is successful because of his xenophobia and bigotry, not despite it. I wonder if there is any way we can siphon some of that off for our own party."

I had a dream in which I had two rings, one made of six intertwined threads of neodymium that was supposedly extremely heavy but I could pick it up with no problem, and one that emitted a drone etude. if the rings got too close to each other, they'd interact in weird ways.
This all happened in a room with blue wallpaper. there was a table. there was a broken clay gargoyle.
I went into an etched glass building with stairs leading underground.

Somebody pointed out that the right wing is codependent on terrorism. I don't necessarily agree with that; the right wing is certainly dependent on terrorism but terrorism isn't dependent on the right wing and if ISIS was intelligent enough to think about who they target and what the result of picking those targets would be, they'd be perfectly happy if Le Pen, Trump, and Putin were gone.
What I do believe is that the mainstream right and extremist right are codependent on each other. This happened with les Republicans or whatever they called themselves before they changed thier name before and it's happening now. And it happened in Hungary too, where leftists voted for Orban instead of allowing Jobbik to form a coalition with Fidesz. The left drops out because they erroneously assume the mainstream right will be a lot better than the far right. And then the mainstream right integrates far right policies and talking points into their own. As I said, the French language has no word for gratitude. But at least Hebrew has no concept of "better the devil you know" because Jews are burning bridges with the National Front.

I had a dream in which I was as far on the world map as I could get from home. It was a wetland overlooking the ocean and summer haze. There was a temple there, with tessellated ceilings and walls, all made of curved glass. They gave me a black embroidered cloak so I could go into a sacred place. I woke up in the middle of the wee hours to take a shit and then had a dream in which I stabbed either Mike Maier or the guy from Shredded Moose and tore up some stalker-ish notes he was carrying.
Upon waking up, my first thought was "oh, shit, it's 8:30."

During brumation (that's hibernation for reptiles, if you've forgotten by now), the GI tract shuts down and the food that's in there ferments and rots and that's no good. In the wild, appetite would diminish as the temperature drops.

Blue whales eat about one and a half million calories in a day and everyone's mind was blown by that fact. Also, I'm going to have Kyra listen to some Durutti Column next week.

There were some necropsies this weekend, which I didn't get to see. A woodcock had myopathy and toxins and myoglobinuria, a ruptured esophagus, and food in the air sacs. A rock dove had corn in its esophagus and seizures, and in some places, they'll kill rock doves by soaking corn in poison, and it's probably illegal because spoiler alert, other animals are going to eat that corn.
There was really nothing to photograph, unless you're interested in what testicles look like on the inside, which I'm sure you're not.

Courtney's never heard The Beatles or Jimi Hendrix.

The Moluccan cockatoos' names are Tilly and Cleo and I'm surprised they're still boarding. I can't tell them apart but one constantly needs attention so she makes a noise and opens her wings, which are kind of yellowish, and raises her head crest. I guess it's because they only have each other, a radio that plays a station with an all-Christmas format, and the occasional intern or volunteer to keep them company.

There was a painting of a rat doing yoga and it was either by or dedicated to someone or something, possibly a rat, named Peaches.

I waited until now because Atlas Lab promised a new video. Spoiler alert, it's Steadfast Mind. The song is good. The video is unmemorable and you can just stick it in the background. In thirty years, it's not going to be mentioned in someone's holovid of the of best music videos of the New Tens. I don't know, I was hoping it would be animated or something, not just John and Emma after running a whole bunch of filters on them. As The Sparrow had all the members dress up as Clue characters. Now that's a music video.

burning question: why does google delist my livejournal but still allow obvious junk results?


for your own safety

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There's a conspiracy theory that the shooter is trans and of course Drow ran with it because it can't possibly be some kind of clerical error. I'm sure what happened between the last time I updated and now is Drow had an internal debate about whether to ignore the incidents in Colorado Springs because he was no doubt radicalized by rumors and conspiracies of baby part harvesting and that would make the people who radicalized people like him look bad or milking the trans rumors.

Oomingmaks are being exposed to new parasites due to climate change.
Michael described various countries' officials as Captain Planet villains, which is probably why the climate conference in Paris had protestors. Well, not really protestors due to a state of emergency that has no doubt overstayed its welcome, just their shoes.

Barred owls are really stocky and chunky-looking owls. Normally, they live in wetlands and you don't see them very often. They have dark eyes and not your typical yellow eyes.
We also have some waterfowl and a woodpecker who has his head upsidedown because some sort of trauma is messing with his equilibrioception.

Someone told a story about a cockatoo who would yell "help! help! call the police!" when left alone and the police would show up so they had to take him with them.
So here's another story about psittacines: on Saturday, Nichole told me about how once an escaped bird landed on her father's shoulder and stayed there so he's like "cool, we have a new pet."

Courtney says "I'm immune to wavicide."
Wavicide is a trademark, the technical name is glutaraldehyde.

What Bethany thought Courtney did was switch the contacts around, so Jean would be like "hey, honey," and Rob would be like "huh? This is Rob," and Jean would be like "oh, I thought you were my boyfriend."
What she actually did is write things like "I'm jean, blah blah blah" and "Courtney is awesome" on her facebook.

Also, it's funny that Sunday night is the one day of the week I wasn't ready for bed at 10:30 PM.

Someone either doesn't know shit about Cyprus or thinks that the Greek annexation was legitimate.

Burning Question: how is firing guns at a crowd 2nd degree assault and not attempted murder? And it's apparently not a hate crime either?


conspiracy theories

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It was probably one of the last nice days of the year.

A woman I drew on the way in had a silver waxing crescent pendant.
Two people said their portrait was incredible and then went back to their conversation in what I think is Spanish, but between train noise and Rose Polenzani and my inability to tell what ethnicity someone is, it may have been Arabic. I was going to say it wasn't Judeo-Spanish but apparently Judaeo-Spanish is still spoken and it's a recognized minority language in Bosnia, which isn't quite the last place I'd think but is up there but further research tells me that Bosnia was an Ottoman province at the time, France, which I'm even more surprised about because France can't stand the fact that Basque and Breton exist, Turkey, which makes sense because a lot of Spanish Jews ended up there after the Reconquista, and Israel because duh. It's not recognized in Spain, of all places, or anywhere in the New World, where the Jews who converted to Catholicism ended up. So, in other words, maybe they were speaking Judaeo-Spanish. They were fairly young, but Wikipedia says most speakers are elderly, not all speakers are elderly.

There was an exhibit with three chunks of red resin with bits of wood embedded in it. A woman described them as geodes of shit. I didn't get to see them last time I was there because there were a fuckton of people in there all sketching one of the museum's resident artist models.

Someone was really excited about some drawers that looked like a two-pronged heart and had to point it out to her friend Sarah. If they're on the website, I can't find it. If you're familiar with the MFA, it's in the room on the second floor overlooking the Zen Garden and linking the Impressionism room with the contemporary section.
Elsewhere in the room was a woman with blonde and green hair.

Marilyn measured out stuff with a tape measure and later sat in the corner. On day ten she watched a sphere of ice melt for six hours.

Someone's way of looking at spacetime was too long to transcribe, someone's view on time was not only too long to transcribe but in Chinese, which would mean I'd either have to copy it by hand or try to write in Chinese on my iPod, one's view was that every year is shorter than the previous one which sometimes isn't true for me.

A woman with short hair who looked very familiar got a permit to set up an easel and oil paints in an effort to recreate a Dutch portrait. She said she spent around 13 hours so far.

A man said to his friend that he thinks they should play a video of typewritten paper being dipped into chemicals that separate the ink from the paper and dissolve it away into black.
His friend said he was missing the point: it's a detypewriter.

The problem with the journey home is that everyone I wanted to draw in detail had to get off the train before I could draw them in detail. Also, the preaching frog guy was back and I was listening to Rose Polenzani sing about how she was beaten up psychologically and imagining herself lying on a playground blacktop being beaten up until she could feel the pain in her jaw. I'm sure anything he had to say wasn't terribly important.
She (not Rose Polenzani, kupo) thanked me for her portrait so I'm sure she liked it despite the fact I had to rely on her reflection in the window.

Meanwhile, in Colorado Springs, the Vatican of Evangelicals, there was a shooting at a Planned Parenthood, and that's what happens when Breitbart's media empire vilifies a legitimate organization and erroneously and/or deliberately accuses them of selling baby parts.
Not one word for the usual suspects, of course. Sometimes I give people too much credit.

At least, there wasn't one word from the usual suspects upon going to bed last night. Upon writing this, one of the usual suspects remained silent and one of the usual suspects made a thinly veiled attack on Planned Parenthood. I just know we'd never hear the end of it if the shooter was from Zuleekistan or something.

I met a woman with very short pale blue hair.

Burning Question: When do you think it's acceptable to start playing holiday-themed music?


the human agent

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I don't know about you but the idea of a thanksgiving style pizza with gravy as the sauce sounds absolutely disgusting.

Japan has a really big problem with tattoos because it's connected with the Yakuza and Ainu, and it's nigh impossible for tattooed get a job in Japan, and Japan is really conservative outside of Tokyo. Rachel compares it to the difference between New York City and Buttfuck, Alabama. Tattoos were officially banned by the emperor Meiji because they wanted to be more like westerners.

Russian pop music is stuck in 2003. There's a girl group that sings about how they want a boyfriend who's like Putin and they hired a guy who looks exactly like Putin in their video.
I can't remember what the song is called but if you know what I'm talking about and go look it up, there's some English versions that fuck up the rhyme and meter, so don't bother with those.

Rachel said that once she saw a bunch of similar blond white guys get out of an elevator and asked herself if they were clones.

Rachel told me about pugs performing Hamlet with voice actors hidden behind doors, although one of the characters was played by a dog who was very obviously not a pug. One of the characters was supposed to go offstage, but the dog fell asleep.

Someone with a really expensive vacation condo in Miami has a singing toilet, well, it actually plays classical music when you sit on it and sprays lavender scent on you if you've been sitting on it too long, and it also has a heated bidet.

Reverse werewolves would be wolves that turn into humans (according to me) on the new moon (according to Lauren). I never really thought about it that way.

Rachel told a story about an artist who sold sealed cans of his own shit and once a collector lent it to a museum, which may or may not have stored it at an improper temperature and so the can leaked and so he sued the museum for damages.
For some reason, we thought it was Damien Hirst, who did make a platinum cast of a skull encrusted with diamonds.

Rachel learned about Belly, Rick and Morty, and Rebecca in the opposite order I did, without an ounce of interconnection.

The demo of Wake Up Slow is no longer available on Youtube and I'm really pissed because I wanted to compare the two versions for Rachel and Lauren. I told Lauren to maybe throw her shoe or maybe some kind of fembots or powdered mnar stones that give them powerful but short-lived numinous visions at one of the members and say "this is because your video is private," or maybe Rachel could find a way to enter their dreams and incept the idea to make the video public again, or maybe go deeply into the dreams of the dreams of the people they dream about and then Scary Terry could do that for them, bitch. Scary Terry sure says "bitch" a lot.
I'm also annoyed because they're not releasing the EP until the end of January when it's clearly finished and someone even talked about the new version of Castellana in a review. In other words, he got an advance review copy and that means the EP is finished so there's no point in twiddling your thumbs for two months.

burning question: do people ever think that maybe Russia is kinda not always a hundred percent of the time doing the right thing?


aftermath, and after

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I feel like the left, or what little remains of them, will see Hollande as a traitor to their cause, while the right won't find him heavy-handed enough.

Here's a dream triptych: Homer and Bart hold competing film festivals which are just clips from ultraviolent shock films. It's animated with cels, so the Simpsons characters look normal but they're against photorealistic backgrounds, a lot like Archer. Morty got a date with Jessica so he dressed up as a purple monkey. They're all sitting outside. Everything is gray and brown, so either it's the dead of winter, or it's after a nuclear apocalypse. Clamps uses his clamps to open a truck. It's in the same post-apocalyptic MA suburb.

I can't find All Those Vanished Engines but maybe somewhere else will have it. I couldn't find The Summer Queen but I found out that Tor reprinted The Snow Queen. Instead, I got the next Burton and Swinburne novel and something called The Vorrh that looked interesting.
Now that I think about it, it doesn't really make sense to rerelease The Summer Queen without releasing The Snow Queen first. I'm hoping this means World's End and The Summer Queen are soon to follow.

Northern white rhinos are functionally extinct. Nola was 41 when she died and the others aren't much younger. So scientists are going to try to hybridize them with the southern white rhino, which is doing a lot better. Part of me thinks that the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and South Sudan are places even poachers don't want to visit while Zimbabwe is suffering a poacher infestation, so it would be the other way around, the other part of me thinks that those countries are so wracked and ruined by war that scamming peasants with promises of virility is their only source of a decent income. What I'm saying is that scarcity is going to bring the price of northern white rhino horn well beyond the reach of anyone ignorant and uneducated to believe in its magical powers, and that anybody looking for the thrill of the hunt isn't going to be hanging around the worst war zones on the planet.

On the other hand, a pygmy hippopotamus at some zoo gave birth and if you can think of a bad pun involving hippos, feel free to suggest a name.

We used medication meant for swine on the turtle with pneumonia.

One hawk has been at the wildlife center since January and I'm not sure what his story is, one is recent and was attacked by turkeys.

I thought that was the first time I've seen a live adult opossum, but there was that one time we released one and she ran off and left five of her babies behind.

Tyler says he's never seen a case of mercury poisoning. Maybe it's a problem in sea birds which we tend to get in winter, since it's a problem in fish, or maybe we aren't seeing many cases now that we've moved away from an industrial economy to a post-industrial economy. Lead's a problem because there's probably about a century's worth of lead bullets and lead sinkers. If humans were to disappear tomorrow, lead poisoning in waterfowl would be a problem for at least another century. On the other hand, cases of rodenticide poisoning in raptors would probably cease after a month or two.
I don't know, I was reading about people hollowing out the tips of bullets and filling them with mercury which is supposed to make the bullets explode or something but probably ends up simply causing mercury poisoning but these people were hunting Muslims, not raptors.

We have a squirrel who was raised by humans for four years and we're trying to get him integrated with other adult squirrels.

The rabbit's still with us but she's not doing very well; she has osteomyelitis and cellulitis and the joints in her leg are gone and it's just like one big fucked up bone. We can't use our standard antibiotic because that makes rabbits sick and I can hazard a guess as to why.

Jean really hates dentistry and really hates the fact that we're not getting the "guillotine" until she leaves. Don't worry, it's not a real guillotine, it's just a device that holds the animal's head in place and holds their mouth open so the vet doesn't need two people with sticks or q-tips or whatever, so it reduces our work to monitoring them and holding the knockout gas in place.

The cockatoos sounded a bit like Melt Banana or maybe a door with rusted hinges barking. One of them likes to grab the hats off of people's heads and then toss them.

burning question: Why do we drink cow milk?! Who's the first guy who thought, "I think I'll drink whatever comes out of these things when I squeeze 'em!"?


to this we've come

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Some thoughts regarding the post-Paris fallout:
Come to think of it, the burning of refugee centers and the closure of borders and the proposals of nationalist militias like the European Volunteer Guard and FreeRepublic's freakout over a google doodle depicting minority veterans happened before the attacks, not after them, so maybe in a way this is fallout from the burning refugee centers and stabbings, because that makes a lot more sense than ISIS helping the Lebanon-Syria-Iraq-Iran axis and their Russian puppetmasters. The result is the same, of course, pain and sorrow, confusion and death.

A book about fourth generation warfare, which preaches no distinction between armed and unarmed, between uniformed and ununiformed, was a bestseller (in its category, which sometimes doesn't say much) before the attacks.

Muslims are condemning the attacks, and meanwhile, the far-right is still praising Breivik. So I think the idea that Paris was backlash isn't going to make any fascists and alt-rightists reconsider their position.

Republicans can call themselves moderate all they want, but they're still trying to appeal to the [name removed] of the world and their deep-seated fear of all things alien. This means you, Charlie Baker.
Of course, we all know the real reason they don't want refugees and that's because they won't vote Republican.

Overthrowing Saudi Arabia sounds like a good idea on paper but if Democratic Underground has their way, it's not going to be replaced with a democracy, it's going to be replaced with an Assad/Mubarak/Gadaffi style secular authoritarian quasi-republic in Russia's sphere of influence. You know, despite Russia being even more imperialistic than any Western country and making it a criminal offense to "promote homosexuality."
I said this about Hollande, that if I was French and I wanted antiziganism and a war to benefit the Lebanon-Syria-Iraq-Iran axis and the Russians pulling their strings, I'd vote for Le Pen or at least Sarkozy.
I'll say the same thing about some "liberal" asking why the right has to have all the anti-Islam fervor for itself: if I wanted xenophobia, I'd vote for Donald fucking Trump.

Janelle was listening to a guy talk about Burmese religious terrorism. It's funny because in Laos, the monasteries and monks are a force for good. I guess it's because Laos isn't a brutal military dictatorship.
The saddest thing about Burma is that the government's policy towards Rakhines isn't any nicer and they're is deliberately stoking tensions.

When I say that nobody can outdo Partisangirl for classless responses, that's not an invitation to say something worse. Breitbart, not being content with a mere anti-Islam fervor, asked themselves "hmm, how can we turn public opinion against black people?" found some photos on Facebook or Instagram, you know, something not easily traced back due to Facebook's absolute blockade on the wider internet, and tweeted #fuckparis in order to stir up shit. And it's not the first time they've pulled that shit either.

I don't think any opinions were actually changed and that pleases me.

Meanwhile, at the wildlife center:
I found the Human book on a windowsill and immediately went to the pages about the endocrine system. It had a diagram showing the glands, had a bit about insulin and a bit about adrenaline and a bit about melatonin and its possible role in seasonal affective disorder and fuck all about serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine.

Tyler thinks the bunny died, alas. Bethany wasn't around so I wasn't able to ask her. Tammy was new so I'm not sure she would know, and besides, I think she was carrying around a piece of the Black Wall of Jerusalem with her and promptly vanished into a land of harpies, of buddha-toads, of woman-whirlwinds, of centaur-angels.

Someone in England rescued a deer fetus from a dead doe.
This is part of why we don't take in orphaned deer: if they don't socialize with other deer, they become too accustomed to humans and end up in that no man's land between domesticated and wild.

We had a DeKay's brown snake, and Tyler jokingly said "we wait until Jean's gone to play with the snake." We had two painted turtles; one of them was a baby who may have had pneumonia, and when we took x-rays, there was only a bit of blurriness in his lungs, also, there's a soft spot but that's just where the umbilicus was; one of them was an adult who was hit with a car and part of his tail is missing. We had a rock dove that was covered in cooking oil, which gets cleaned off with dishwashing soap. Cooking oil isn't toxic like petroleum would be but it still fucks with the bird's waterproofing and if he was exposed to rain or snow, he'd probably die from hypothermia.

It was Pick On Tyler Day. Even fate shat on Tyler; the turtle was shedding, I guess, and some of the parts of the zip-ties keeping his shell together fell off while Tyler was taking x-rays. Cranial-caudal and lateral, by the way, involves taping the turtle to a box.

Tyler spoke of a manatee off the shores of Cape Cod and a beluga in the Taunton river and repairing the hinge on a giant clam.

Tyler found a woolly bear caterpillar and couldn't decide if it was dead or just rigid from being picked up and moved.

Allison had three rats: Jack Pine, Holly, and Juniper. They're all evergreens but holly (ilex) and sea holly (acanthus) and sea holly (eryngium) are angiosperms and juniper and jack pines are gymnosperms. Jack Pine is a tan adult male who's going to enjoy the last few days of his manhood. Holly is a dark gray female with a white patch on her underside. Juniper is a white female with a tan face. I got to hold Holly.

burning question: And will those feet in modern times walk upon England's mountains green? And will the Centaur-Angel be on England's pleasant pastures seen?


phantom and a rose

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I told Francis "Nice life jacket. Afraid you're gonna drown?" He said "wrong color," because his vest was blue and not orange. Back to the Future is one of his favorite movies and he of course watched the second one on that day.
"Once in a lifetime" unless you have time travel, in which case, you can relive that moment whenever you want.

Rose looks a lot like Hannah. She doesn't quite look like Kate but enough like Kate that I mistook her for Kate at first. That means nothing to you, I know. Sara has purple in her hair. And I'm defaulting to Sarah even though I prefer the spelling Sara. Sara and Francis say they're unable to draw animate things on a moving train. Sara recently received a bachelor's degree in art but Francis hasn't and that's because he's a slacker. I would have told him that but I thought of it while walking up the stairs at Park Street after I made like a tree and got off the train.

We actually encountered the guy who sounds like a preaching frog. I tuned him out, mostly because the train was really loud and because his ideas have already occurred to other people and it's an oversimplification of things and makes a lot of assumptions and Barry doesn't like being made ass and I was already engaged in a conversation about Back to the Future and art. I'm pretty sure I rolled my eyes, and I think Rose giggled about it. He made like a tree at JFK, most likely to repeat Pascal's wager on another train car.

The conductor was really excited.

There was a guy at the MFA who looked like a guy I knew in college except he had a wave of electric blue hair.

In Marilyn Arsem's 100 Ways to Consider Time, the artist sits in the gallery (on Day 3, she sat at a table with polished stones and an hourglass) for six hours and when she is not present, a recording of her voice is, and after 100 days, all that will be left is our memories and retellings of the event, and according to the website, you can send your own experiences and perceptions on time with the museum. Note that they encourage you to share this via Twitter or Instagram, not via Facebook, which is too isolated. Or you could try Tumblr or Livejournal.

The woman doing the performance would be there for a while but sometimes I can't rely on people to stay for as long as I want them to, even though they sometimes do stay long enough for a good portrait, like a man with the bushy mustache, a bald man, and a woman with glasses writing down her thoughts on spacetime, and sometimes don't stay long enough, like the guy making a contemplative look with his hand.
She did not deign to share her views on spacetime with the world and instead took the card with her, so instead I'll share these view on spacetime.
I used to point at
......elephants in the room
.................all rooms

time is growth.
time is decay.

time is now. Perhaps an everpresent series of nows. Time is a circle with no beginning and no end.

I asked what happened to the portraits and she said they were on loan and I'm hoping they didn't get painted over unless that was their intent, like how we're all realizing that the internet of five years ago is not the internet of today, and I don't think it's necessarily an improvement.

Elizabeth (perhaps, or perhaps not, because I've forgotten her name, even though it was on a name tag) was showing off the tools used to carve stone along with a model and a work in progress.
Something like soapstone could be placed in a tomb but shouldn't be left out and exposed to weather, while marble is pretty durable until the acid rains started falling.
This one guy, quite a bit older than I am, said he just started doing art four years ago. Good for him; it's never too late to start.
I was looking for something by Yves Tanguy and found that instead. I may have seen a Tanguy painting when I was in New York but it would have been great to see a Tanguy painting while I'm reading a book with Tanguy as one of the characters. The Dream Years by Lisa Goldstein, if you're wondering.

There's a gallery of Sòng Dynasty art opening soon.

One woman there looked like she stepped out of an alternate 2015, not quite Back to the Future's 2015 but something unlike our 2015 of muted colors. Her blonde hair was in pigtails, she wore glasses with clear plastic frames and a spring jacket of bright fuchsia and dark blue, a cream-colored shirt and camo-patterned pants and bright pink combat boots, and she had plenty of facial piercings.
Her companions weren't quite as outlandish: red shirt and overalls and short black hair, purple hoodie and see-through hello kitty themed bag and she had a yellow jacket slung over her shoulder and a pin that said that men can stop rape. If you ask me, they can start by not making excuses for rapists and not supporting a certain country with rape prisons in their war against ISIS, and maybe we can stop giving rapists a voice. Ah, blogspot, ah, wordpress, where even the spambots/scambots are racist.
I think they were talking about things being used as bongs. Nope, if you want to see a bong, go to the Worcester Art Museum.

Katherine's mint colored jacket is normally as bright as 2015's clothing gets. Andrea used the Italian pronunciation (something like Ahn-draay-ah) for her name, which is weird because Andrea's a male name in Italy. Well, not really weird, because all names are going to become female eventually. Incidentally, I can't remember if Andrea's coat was the color of rust or the color of a calla lily's spadix.

She wasn't Sara. And by that, I mean a different Sara, who will one day claim her rightful position as Queen of All Cats from someone named Rae. I saw Sara the other day so I'm pretty sure some deity isn't using her body for his own purposes. Sara has blue eyes and no noticeable accent, this woman had very dark brown eyes and an accent, and she wore a plaid coat and a scarf with a gray and black checkerboard pattern. Both of them have very black hair and a similar style of clothing.

I can't tell if one of the women I sketched was monologuing and recording it or having a conversation on a phone. There are changes, they're just really subtle. When I was in college, people wore multicolored and patterned rain boots and now people wear solid-colored boots instead.

I think some other people were talking about time travel.

burning question: if you ever found yourself in the year 20999, would you call it "two hundred and nine ninety-nine" or "twenty nine-hundred-and-nine?" or maybe something else?


unknown color

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I couldn't find the human book anywhere. I don't know where it is nor who to blame for its disappearance. I did find in the bookstore a children's book about an orange tabby cat named Katy, and I guess that makes sense, because female orange tabbies are uncommon, not impossible. In a way, it's like colorblind human women, and by that, I mean, it's exactly like colorblind human women. Remember when I said the calicos have the gene O attached to part of the X chromosome that isn't included in the Y chromosome, and if they don't have that gene, they get black fur instead? Katy has that O gene on both of her sex chromosomes.

That book, of course, contains nothing on the endocrine system.

I also found a book on mammals. While awesome, it doesn't really delve deep in the various organ systems common to mammals.

Kyra wasn't around and the ceramic tiger had his witch hat replaced with a thanksgiving-themed bandana around his neck.

We had a goose with a rather high amount of lead in his blood, and we don't know if it's chronic, in which case, the damage has already been done and he's fucked, or if it's acute, in which case, we can deal with it.
Lead poisoning fucks up the animal's gastrointestinal tract as well as their brain and nervous system. Once we had a swan and we were feeding it over 20% of its body weight in food every day and it was still losing weight because everything was going in the mouth and out the cloaca. Normally, we have to feed the animal around 6% of its body weight to keep it's weight stable.
Dual wing droop is common in raptors with lead poisoning.

Someone left on our doorstep a female scoter. People are weird. We've found things in the mailbox, people at the front desk have had animals thrown at them.

Some pet tortoises were all wearing diapers. One of them, a leopard tortoise, needed his/her beak dremeled. He made this difficult by sticking his head as far back as possible and then folding his forelegs over his face.

The bunny I was talking about last week is still alive and Jean said she gained weight. One of her legs is kinda fucked up with some matted fur or missing bits of fur and torn skin, the other one is completely fucked up, the part of the bone that goes back is gone and there's a huge callus and the digits are wonky. Her tail is weird, and by that, I mean it's not a cotton tail, it's just a tail tail, but I don't know if that's because of the matting and all the literal and figurative shit in there or because of the breed.
I'll ask Bethany how it went next week.

Arthur says: Ben Carson is only beating Trump because he says way more outlandish things.

Burning Question: what's this about Atlas Lab and Mega Man? I don't know, someone tweeted about it. In my dream, they released their album and it was very muddled and very ethereal. In real life, they didn't, but they have a new member named Otto who plays upright bass or something and possibly drives their tour bus but should be playing guitar or lobster harmonica. I bet once he gets that Harvard diploma from the claw machine, they'll be impressed with him.

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