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delirium makes butterflies

a blasted pink

Posted on July 23, 2016 at 6:26 pm
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"That was the annoying irony with big establishments– they could be ruthlessly efficient when they chose to, and hopelessly incompetent the rest of the time, when you actually needed them to do something." is what I paraphrased regarding the Green Line extension and community bike path.

The woman at the desk had blue hair and tattoed on her shoulder, a music box heart with a spool upon it, a songbird perched on a platform staring at it.
Speaking of people who have blue hair, here is a story about skunks. Once, some time ago, during a rainy summer in an unspecified year, Jackie's dad tried to keep a den of skunks under their porch from drowning, and the babies tried to spray him but weren't actually producing any stink, they just wagged their butts at him in an attempt to be menacing but they actually came off as endearing instead.

Grenade Head is a plastic head with a grenade and butterflies perched upon it inside, wearing a flag and statue of liberty tie, with a dartboard behind it with "where have all the flowers gone, agent orange?" and "no blood for oil" pins and even a compass.

Some people, unfortunately, have zero presence on the internet.

Allegra Dziedzic - Untitled
She was a high school student in 2015 and I can't find the artist statement about roots both literal and metaphorical or how our eyes move when we view the image.

Nan Rumpf - Arctic Dream

Karen Cass - The Birdcage

Karen Cass - Blue Dragon

Deanne Noiseux - Mon frère écoute de la musique
Translation: My brother listens to music.
Let it be said that autocorrect makes things difficult with many names, and takes things to the next level when it comes to typing something in frigging French. I looked up the placement of the accents afterwards.
The box is lined with pages of books or something, the back is a map of western Massachusetts, and that moon looks like a bowling ball.

Nancy Connolly - July Heat

Stephanie Roberts-Camello - The Messenger
"For centuries the chattering of magpies was said to foreshadow the arrival of guests. Two or more magpies prophesied a happy occasion, one magpie meant sorrow."

Joan Appel - Giverny
Giverny is the location of Claude Monet's garden in Normandy. A monotype is where an artist paints ink on a plate and then transfers the ink to a paper by running it through a press.

Tina Watson - Untitled

Kathleen Dugan - Shelter From The Storm

Terry Coleman - Three Muses

Larry Guillemette - Kundalini

The site for Drew Gaffney's artwork is not searchable. Doesn't matter; Genes I is not on there anyway.
Marcia Ballou - Together: In Peace And Harmony on her site. It depicts two swans in a field of color. Maybe it will be on her site in the future. Maybe future readers will find things like Edinburgh Door and Janet C. Blagdon - Summer Joy and Michael Domina - Moonbeam and Marion Carlson - A Bird in the Hand.

I have a list of all the artworks there along with their price. Let me know if you're interested. I only wrote down the names of works that caught my eyes with the hopes that I would find them on the internet. Alas, it is not meant to be. You can do an advanced background check on Janet C. Blagdon, if you wanted to. I don't want to.
There were at least a hundred paintings, maybe even a hundred and fifty. I don't know.
Burning Question: Who am I, Melania Trump?


summer suite

Posted on July 21, 2016 at 5:43 pm
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Someone wrote "I am a shitty parker" in sidewalk chalk.

It was a nice day and it smelled like freshly mowed goose shit. At least people brought chickpea salads and chicken and spinach salads to negate that.

This is the first cat I've seen on the esplanade. I think I've seen one other cat at a concert. He was Siamese and in a carrier bag and I thought at first that he was a chihuahua or something.

A woman was very proud to tell me that the name for a group of pugs is a grumble.

Hair with a greenish patina.
Hair of pale green and dark black.
Hair of bold purple.

Stella Sung - Rockwell Reflections
The music was written for a traveling show by the Norman Rockwell Museum. The first movement is a homage to Copland. The second movement integrates a sea shanty played in a round. The third movement, a jaunty little circus tune for a painting of a sleeping dog and a clown and a ringmaster playing checkers, complete with noisemakers, and the fourth movement, which integrates spirituals played in a minor key, and depicts the murder of three civil rights activists by the KKK, really clash. I wonder if that was intentional, after all, Norman Rockwell is known for idyllic and nostalgic scenes and then you see something like Southern Justice.

I would visit the museum but it's way out of the way. I'm mixing up Stockbridge, where the museum is, out in the Berkshires, with Southbridge, where The Curtain Society is from, near Worcester.

Stella Sung is preparing a composition featuring voices of the sea, whatever that means.

Pictures At An Exhibition.
The piano composition was written by Modest Mussorgsky and orchestrated by Maurice Ravel.
The main theme is played on a solo trumpet. Bydlo sounds a bit like an oxcart, the Ballet of the Chicks in Their Shells is an awkward twittering dance, Tuileries depicts children shouting, Samuel Goldenberg and Schmuyle is a conversation between low strings and a muted trumpet, the Great Gate of Kiev depicts church bells and liturgical sining.
Some of the paintings set to music are lost and I have no idea what happened to them. For those, we got closeups of the orchestra. For the ones that are still out there, we got to see pictures.
Wikipedia's page uses Schmuÿle. I can find no indication that Yiddish or any other language that isn't Tlingit uses Ÿ; I don't know, maybe Yiddish is like Arabic or Thai and has no real standard Latinization, or maybe someone found out ÿ exists and wanted to use it somewhere.

Jacques Offenbach - The Tales of Hoffman
A barcarolle is a song sung by Venetian gondoliers. To this piece, we got Venetian scenes by John Singer Sargent.

Peggy Stuart Coolidge - Isabella
A world premiere of a 1979 manuscript. It's as much an ode to George Gershwin and Aaron Copland as it is an ode to Isabella Stewart Gardner.
The booklet implies that a narration was planned for it. We had the director of the museum narrating between pieces but it was probably written on the spot. It was meant to be performed by Arthur Fiedler's orchestra but he died. It ended up in a library and she was forgotten about.
She's a distant relative of Isabella via marriage.

Charles Martin Loeffler - Divertissement espagnole
For saxophone and orchestra.
A composer claiming to be from a city that was once in Germany but is now in France who was close friends with Gardner when he emigrated to Massachusetts. There's a painting of him in the museum and Isabella hosted a concert of his music and even gave him her Stradivarius violin.
His name is on the Hatch Shell along with Sɔhumann (1. this is in dire need of repair. 2. I'm glad an inverted ↄ exists. It was created by the emperor Claudius and was meant to replace the ps digraph.) and (Victor) Herbert.

Manuel de Falla - La vida breve
El jaleo, which means something like the ruckus for those of you who don't habla Español and is the probable source of everyone in Baten Kaitos Origins being unable to pronounce Cujam.

I forgot to point these things out last time: Vega is bright enough to be seen from the banks of the Charles. The footbridge is still under construction and I'm still not sure what exactly they're doing. The Canada geese are engaged in a hostile takeover and have already reached the first sidewalk.

Ruth works in charcoal but she wants to try pen because it's more permanent.
She had blue hair once. Right now, it's short, flaxen blonde, cropped very short on one side.
She has a pendant with a triangle and a gemstone, a spiral pendant.
She goes to school in Indiana where they emphatically do not have public transit.
She asked me which one of my drawings is my favorite, and since I didn't feel like flipping through my entire sketchbook, I showed her my portraits of Monica, Addie, and a man with a long coat, hat, and a lot of stuff, and who the most interesting person I've ever drawn is. I take back what I said about Emma being the coolest person I've met doing this; I actually met her before that.
Once she ran into a friend from high school. She forgot his name and I said that I do that but I never forget faces so maybe it's an artist thing and she says that her brother isn't artistic and is good with names and maybe she said he was bad with faces.

I thought that someone's earrings were pineapples rather than the abstract rosettes they were.
A woman had a tattoo of a fairy queen on her leg.

burning question: what do gold skulltulas eat?

mervyn pumpkinhead

the language of moths

Posted on July 20, 2016 at 12:12 am
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Baby baby skunks can't spray but these guys are teenage skunks and that makes them a lot worse. Well, adolescent skunks, really. In the skunk world, a teenage skunk would be a grumpy old skunk that sprays clouds.
Michael knows about the Skunk Ape because of a Mystery Science Theatre movie called Boggy Creek II, which is the third move in a series, much like Archer's Gator II. It's a Bigfoot that smells bad and doesn't need to get his shoes from the Big and Tall store. Or maybe, you know, it's just a bear that got sprayed by a skunk. There are grunches and melonheads, which he says might be an extremely localized urban legend or he might be mixing them up with something else that sounds like grinch.
Everything I can find says Boggy Creek is about the Fouke Monster but going by the descriptions, they're pretty much the same thing: a bigfoot that smells awful. The monster is played by a guy in an unconvincing Halloween costume. In the first movie, they keep him out of focus.

He called Twilight Princess's Wii port "Legend of Zelda: The Uncanny Valley" because of the way the textures were stretched out. He agrees: the slow intro hurts it. One of my gripes is that you have to go through the first dungeon of the game with only three hearts, and I know Ocarina of Time sent you right into the first dungeon with only three hearts but the Deku Tree is a lot easier and you don't have to deal with awkward at best and unresponsive at worst motion controls.
The Flatwoods Monster also shows up in Amagon, Wild Arms, and Ninja Baseball Batman, which is not as good as it sounds.

Gull bites are like little love taps. His veins are really fucked up and bird veins are always shallow. His blood isn't clotting in a reasonable time. He's been around since the end of April, or maybe it was the end of March or the beginning of April.

Leanne wondered what blood plasma tastes like.

Sarah says she's dyeing her hair bright pink but she has a weird idea of what is and isn't pink, so it's actually a fiery orange. Her friend dyed her black to gray.

Itsy Bitsy is now Taylor Swift according to Tiffany. Jiaoming is not part of this. All I know is that Kim il Kardashian is involved and she supports Assad and the Syrian Arab Army.
We're wondering what happens when the real Taylor comes back. Or maybe we have a chimney swift.

The Andean condor's digestive system can destroy anthrax and botulism.

Jack finally took a picture of the Gray Fox along with his story and for those of us who can't stomach the facebook techies' incompetence or even worse and even more likely, the techies' douchebaggery, his mother was killed by a car and a guy tried to raise him himself which is risky for everyone involved so they brought him to us instead. They're more solitary than red foxes so he just has a stuffed animal to keep him company.

Jack, on the other hand, can't be fucked to take a picture of the chimney swift we have. At least we get a picture of a fledgeling cedar waxwing.

This is the promo for Amy Kucharik's concert I was talking about.

burning question: if kokiri never age, does that mean they never die?


passage of earth

Posted on July 17, 2016 at 6:39 pm
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There's no reason to expect Emma to be there and there's no reason to dwell on it.
I pay attention to her events feed not to meet up with her but to keep in touch about cool events happening throughout Boston, Somerville, and Cambridge.

A man had a stormtrooper helmet, skull, and Edgar Allen Poe tattooed on his arms.

Lucahjin would be like "you just ate a whole watermelon in front of me" except she didn't eat a whole watermelon, it was just a tupperware container with watermelon chunks and she ate it with a fork. But it would be hilarious if she pulled a watermelon out of hammerspace.

Somebody did this to an old payphone.

The Steve Walther Orchestra is described as "exuberant and melancholic" and "a spiraling dervish of strings and horns."

Margaret Moody put on a puppet show of a badger meeting faeries and wanting to fly like birds and butterflies and faeries and Alison Plante composed music for it.

There are seven members of Shy Five. The booklet described them as similar to the Joy Division, but I thought they sounded like the Durutti Column with a saxophone.

Angry Toddlers covered Johnny B. Goode.

Last time I saw The By and By last summer, they had a trombonist, guitarist, and drummer. At Artbeat, they had a mandolinist and an upright bassist. On their new album, it's vocals, upright bass, and mandolin, just like in concert. They just released their album. Leah had one of those coconuts with a straw in it that matched her dress but she didn't want to hold it while playing because she has to clap and move her arms around.

Dan Blakeslee is a multi-instrumentalist. I didn't get to hear him play but the art on his CDs is nice. He did a Christmas song with Amy Kucharik.

I went back and forth between Amy Kucharik and friends (friend, mostly) singing a campaign song about the problems of gentrification in Somerville and a thinly veiled political song and the Sharq Arab Ensemble who sung mostly Arabic songs from Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Morocco singing songs from their homelands and songs of their homelands and songs about leaving their homelands but one song in English about a guy who moves back to Egypt to become a tuktuk driver, with ney and possibly mizmar, upright fiddle, something that is a rebaba according to a list of members, and various kinds of hand drum.

I finally have a copy of Cunning Folk that I've been wanting to get my hands on ever since before Atlas Lab played their first concert.
She sang about being a ukulele girl in love with Jake Shimabukuro, who is married alas, she sang a song from an upcoming album, she sang a campaign song about Somerville and the problems of gentrification, she sang a thinly veiled political song.

I love how Amy Kucharik's sticker depicts Amy as a mermaid playing the ukulele and Christie as an octopus playing the washboard and trombone at the same time because octopodes can totally do that thing.
Tyler the trumpeter didn't appear in my drawing because he disappeared. But fortunately Amy is great at making fake trumpet noises and she actually taught us how to do it. Christie plays washboard like on the sticker and also kazoo.
Her t-shirt depicts a squid-balloon holding a bathtub with a stripy cat in it, "because you all love octopi… octopodes… whatever."
She drew an Alfonse Mucha inspired picture of herself holding a ukulele and Daphne Lee Martin holding a guitar and scanned it in and colored it in in Photoshop.
Ukulele and ukelele are both correct spellings.

BBB (which stands for Boston Bhoepa Band) is a rock band with Tibetan members. They play guitars and bass guitars and what I described as some kind of Tibetan banjo, which is called a dramyin or dranyen, depending on who you ask. Sgra-snyan in the Wylie transliteration.

It's just too bad they didn't have one of those human femur flutes they have at the Museum of Fine Arts. If you asked Emma Mahler, Emma Weill, and Emma Kodaly, they'd say to make it out of Emmy Goering's femur.

I heard the tail end of Bad Superstar's performace, which is Haitian and danceable despite sweating like Roger Ebert and being tripped up by roots when you're in the shady parts of the park.

I have a demo by Funeral Advantage and I'm not sure what prompted me to download it. Way too early for Vanyaland and Boston Hassle and Allston Pudding and Emma.
Pants were a bad idea, says their lead singer. One of the songs they played was a cover of a Cure song they don't play very often.

This guy's contribution to those works of art he was carrying around is seeing that they were free and taking them. It really makes you think: are we human or are we robot or we could be both but maybe we're neither and we're all just holograms.
see that guy over there watching Amy Kucharik? He's neither human nor robot, he's a dagron.

A man with red in his hair and a woman with blue in her hair had a dino bubble gun.
At least it roars and lights up. He said something about it not being a proper triceratops and maybe that's why: it looks like a hybrid of a tyrannosaurus with its stubby little arms and a triceratops with its three horns and frill.

Someone had a dog named Princess Leia, who is totally Frenchy despite her pug-like pattern and mask, or maybe not, as Pug Vader may be her father.

Someone called me the dog whisperer because their dog let me pet him and he never allows other people to do that.

A man who liked my shirt said that people can be divided into dog people and cat people. I said that you could say that about countries. There are dog countries, like China, Laos, the UK, Canada, Mexico, Malta, Hungary, possibly Japan, and there are cat countries, like Somalia, Egypt, Thailand, Ethiopia, Iran, Turkey, and Burma. So if the cat countries and dog countries went to war, it wouldn't be a battle between good and evil, it would be a muddled mess like World War I.
I haven't figured out France. I guess they're a dog country because of Frenchies. I definitely haven't figured out what Italy or Poland or Ukraine. Madagascar is a cat country mostly because the indigenous carnivores are closer to cats than dogs.

Emily Garfield paints street maps of imaginary cities. She's originally from New York and I said that I found Boston easier to navigate because the streets and subway stations being numbers instead of properly named but she says if you're used to it, it's easy to know where you are and how close you are to your destination.

SepiaLepus paints maps of various real locations.
I've never heard of a Loveland Frogman or a Tornit or a Grassman, but I've heard of the Dover Demon and the Jersey Devil, and I know about the ogopogo from Final Fantasy IV, which is a dragon thing you fight deep inside the moon, and she's utterly amazed by this.
I learned Chupacabra in Gothic. She was impressed by that but I couldn't tell her how to say it because I forgot how and you really don't get too many opportunities to converse with people in Gothic.
I think the Flatwoods Monster of West Virginia inspired the aliens in Majora's Mask. That's a jackalope in the compass rose and an oarfish up near British Columbia, but they aren't cryptids, and I don't know what that thing near Baja California is.

Tracy Lévesque Chromatic Acrylic Paintings. Sorry they're so tiny. They're acrylic and painted on odd materials.

Sydney's Pop Zoo sold paintings of dogs, cats, and parrots. Sydney… Hardin…wait a minute.
She wore a pendant of green scales with a blinking eye at the center and a vial with snake vertebrae that she got from a curiosity shop in Union Square. She doesn't have steampunk-style mechanical arms after she gave her real limbs to the gods, unfortunately. Or maybe fortunately because she needs real arms to make art.

Arlette Laan Fiber Creations
They're all made from socks. Sweeties are meant to be cuddled. The gallery doesn't work and neither does the store.

I like kitties but imgur doesn't.

I resized this one thinking maybe Imgur hated the first one because it's giganterous. Maybe it's because they're hosted on Blogspot? At least the capchas are actually working. This one time I tried to upload an entire sketchbook to imgur and it asked for a capcha and then gave me errors.

A woman was drawing full-color portraits to people who would tell her stories. I didn't do it because I had places to be and bands to hear. She puts the stories on her website and she may publish a book of them. No transcripts, just recordings.

A woman with green hair, a skirt depicting rainbow jellyfish, plastic sunglasses with spiraling bits, a silver torc, golden eye earrings with jeweled irises and hanging teardrops along with smaller eye stud earrings, looking at puppets depicting jellyfish, sea stars, monsters, spiders, and even custom made characters. They're by Crefftwr's Trees, Crefftwr being Welsh for crafter and trees because that's how the creations are placed.
I am a critter of fun
I'll ride on your hand
and we'll make people smile.

I can't remember the other poems. Something about sharing secrets. The larger puppets like Aldous the Jailbird and Lady Hilda the Red Hat Lady have stories to go with them but I expected to find them online and didn't want to type the whole thing.

A guy said he got stung by a jellyfish and how everyone says it feels like a bee sting but he doesn't know this because he's never been stung by a bee
Good thing he wasn't in Australia. People stung by the irukandji want to kill themselves or at least saw off their legs. Anything to stop the pain.

Someone wore a Dump Trump t-shirt.
A guy wore a Make Art, Not War t-shirt.
A woman at the Art Asylum table wore a t-shirt with backwards writing that was a common printmaker's error and was intentionally unreadable.
A woman walked around on stilts where a chalk drawing of roots and circles was drawn. A guy said she's tall because of all those growth hormones.
A woman had a tattoo of Heracles fighting the Hydra.
A woman had "here comes the sun" on her shoulder and a watercolor orchid with Chinese writing on her back.
A woman wore a marzipan fruit necklace. Not made out of actual marzipan but it looks more like marzipan fruits than real fruits.
I was talking to a guy at the Actors Shakespeare Project about how I'm looking forward to The Tempest and which of his plays I've seen and the context of Romeo and Juliet and I said about the ending that maybe their deaths will change things but probably not. I said once that I want to see all of Shakespeare's plays by August 9th, 2022 which is about 10 years after I saw Coriolanus on the Common, and it is a lofty goal but more realistic than New Years Eve of 2019.

There was a guy dressed as Elvis.

Someone named Aastha, which is Indic if pronounced with voiceless alveolar plosive but Slithzerikai if pronounced with the voiceless dental fricative, overheard this conversation about the quote "not all who wander are lost" set amongst clothesline poetry: "That's so deep! Is that a Bible verse?" "On my gosh yeah I think so!"

Ha, fuck you, Milo Yanni-polis. A woman's pin said "proud SJW" but when I saw that I'm thinking we need to diversify. We need social justice paladins, social justice wizards, social justice clerics, social justice rogues, social justice ninjas, social justice mimics, social justice dragoons, social justice bards who play out of tune ukuleles and kazoos and tambourines and maracas and rainsticks.

I'm pretty sure I'd be neutral good but leaning slightly towards chaotic, and any bit of chaotic makes me too chaotic to be a social justice paladin. Maybe I could be a social justice rogue. That sounds like fun. Maybe a social justice ranger or a social justice beastmaster. Or maybe we're looking at things the wrong way: social justice gelatinous cube. Social justice rust monster or better yet, social rustice monster. Social justice ogopogo. Because if I was a social justice monster, I'd want to be the hardest boss in Final Fantasy IV. But if we were sticking to Dungeons and Dragons monsters, I'd want to be a Social Justice Tarasque, which can regenerate health and can't be killed and can only be wished away and the only people who can wish it away are Social Justice Wizards.

Esmé wore an elephant pendant and a top with an elephant motif and a pendant of hanging discs and spiral earrings. Adam, who goes by Adamoo or so says Grace, has a mushroom pendant. Esmé and Grace were playing with hula hoops while Adam played with a hackeysack. They didn't stay for Funeral Advantage because they were seeing someone unfamiliar to them at Outside the Box and on my trip home, I was thinking "geez, I hope they could find another way there" but it's actually not that bad because the buses are always there and they don't have to go around Boston Common and then follow a convoluted path through Cambridge like they do when going from Park Street to Kendall.

One of the worst parts about the bus thing for everyone and not just people who have to go between points beyond Park Street and points beyond Kendall is that the displays that show how long you have to wait until the next train arrives is inactive for reasons unknown to everyone.
Waiting for the train was a woman with blue in her hair and floral tattoos on her arm.

She's a bookworm so that's why she just got that tattoo of a face with books on her head. books on its head? Hungarian or Finnish would make life a lot easier. Her dress depicted a white sun, the numbers one to twelve, and the zodiacal sigils with a graphic representation of their animal or inanimate object in the case of Exodus. Famfrit was on the bottom so it follows that Hashmal is on the top, though putting Belias on top would make sense because he's the first esper of the Zodiac and the first esper you obtain in Final Fantasy XII. Taylor would say it's because Hashmal is the best sign but I think Ultima and Zeromus are the best, even if I am a Hashmal in most alternate realities in which I was conceived at the same time and my digestive system wasn't fucked up. Also, Zosma is a star in Leo and that dredges up memories of Zosma Tower.

A woman with pale green hair and a colorful knit hat wore a t-shirt that depicted Link wearing a mask from Crash Bandicoot. I thought it was supposed to be Odolwa at first.

burning question: which is worse: ultra-expensive, gourmet food in portions too small to feed a field mouse, or places like Trump Tower that charge outrageous sums of money for Applebee's quality food? Someone described it as a 35 dollar burger that's arguably worse than Denny's or Chubby's.


an episode of stardust

Posted on July 16, 2016 at 12:48 am
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The Dixie Cookbook isn't an official part of ArtBeat, they were merely playing Dixieland jazz on tuba, ukulele, guitar, and clarinet.

There's an Artisan's Asylum outside CVS, which includes a watercolor of a turtle with a top hat upon its shell and a butterfly clinging to it, an old-timey photograph taped on a circuit board in a wooden frame, with kalimba keys and a lens attached, spinning discs, an iridescent disc, a black rose in a wooden box, a robot with gears for eyes, an orange translucent plastic bug bot, a Yoda figurine made from a black material, an evil C-3PO.
I met a man who does puppet shows in Harvard Square and a woman with cotton candy pink hair and face paint of fireworks and glitter on her eyes.
Speaking of glitter, I tried to draw someone with glints of light on her eyes under less than adequate lighting conditions.

The theme was roots. I'm sure that Sundog wanted to play last year when the theme was Loops because what he played involved a lot of looper pedals, guitar and ukulele and the occasional vocal sample and heliumified voice. He wore an orange jumpsuit with NASA patches and carried around a space helmet and space backpack, which is a cardboard box painted with the word NASA in tape. I thought Sundog sounded familiar but maybe not. Since his persona is a traveler from outer space, it's not like he has much in the way of roots.

Mick Mondo & Streaker is described as glam rock. They mean David Bowie-style glam, not 80s hair metal. His stage persona was that of a Londoner in the early 1970s.

Latin Logic is a salsa band with multiple members from Puerto Rico, a Costa Rican, a Dominican, a Venezuelan, and a United Statisan.
Roots also make dancing somewhat awkward. It was also very hot; I am totally serious about this, by the way, hotter than it's ever been in Addis Ababa. Maybe they're just used to dancing like this in hotter Latin American countries.

Psychedelic Cinema Orchestra is Dana Colley of Morphine on baritone sax, Jonathan la Master of Cul de Sac on electric violin, guitar, guitar-that-sounds-like-a-sitar, and some kind of noisemaker, and Ken Winokur of Alloy Orchestra on junk percussion and drums. They started way too late and I don't know why. From 1967 to 1969, Ken Brown shot films to project with the Road Show light show at The Boston Tea Party, and cobbled them together with weird collage animation. The Psychedelic Cinema Orchestra composed music for this and added samples of speeches and audio artifacts and music from the late 60s depicting psychedelics, the civil rights movement, and feminism and we are all reminded that we've still a long way to go and earlier I am reminded that we have our own civil rights movement when it comes to GBLT rights and black lives matter and you know, feminism, because I don't think we quite get it: if you think "if race doesn't exist than racism doesn't exist" you're doing it wrong. So maybe that sitar was sampled. I don't know. It sounds a bit like a mashup of Crescent and Morphine. "I stumbled upon a philosopher's stone" was used somewhere familiar, and I'm going to guess Future Sound of London, but right now, I really can't be fucked to sift through my music collection. If I spend time looking this shit up, I'm not going to have time to post this.

A woman with suns and moons on her dress dances with Amy Kucharik, so I had to show her my earlier portrait of her, which I had on my iPod. She suggested staying for half of Sharq Ensemble's set and half of Amy's, which I'm going to do.
Let it be said that it's wonderful to be able to charge it now that I've cleared most of the dust out of the port.
A woman has the inscription from the One Ring tattooed around one arm and the sigils for Zalera and Zeromus tattooed on her other arm along with other symbols.
A woman has a celestial map tattooed on her shoulder. A woman has peacock feathers and an elephant god tattooed on her back. A woman has blue hair and a cat t-shirt. A woman has teal hair and steampunk glasses. A guy had neon pink hair and a ponytail that went from purple to teal. Cerulean hair. Pale blue hair.

Someone rode a bicycle festooned with tiny colorful lights. He didn't go fast enough for the colors to blur together into white. Another guy rode a bicycle with firework lights.

Elvis Depressedly is a band. The guy wearing their shirt had no idea what the artwork represented.

There was a Grateful Dead concert in Fenway Park at the same time this was happening. So the train was packed by Park Street even though it was almost 11 PM.

A woman was wearing a really elaborate bib necklace she got from her friend. Sitting next to her was a guy who looked a bit like Robert Silverberg.

I met a woman with blue hair and Little Mermaid tattoos (Flounder, Sebastian, Ariel, Ursula) and a shark of some sorts, probably a basking shark, going after Ariel because being a basking shark, it probably wants to be her friend. Her friend has pink hair and looks a bit like Jackie. Her other friend has a tattoo of some kind of skull monster.

I met a man who does puppet shows in Harvard Square and a woman with cotton candy pink hair and face paint of fireworks and glitter on her eyes.
Speaking of glitter, I tried to draw someone with glints of light on her eyes under less than adequate lighting conditions.

burning question: Can someone explain to me why ultra-expensive, gourmet food always comes in portions too small to feed a field mouse?


songs of earth and sky

Posted on July 14, 2016 at 6:08 pm
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Ralph Vaughan Williams - The Wasps Overture
A metaphor for the Athenian legal system.

There's a recording called Broken Hearted Dragonflies that is nothing but insect recordings from Laos and Burma.

Tán Dùn - Passacaglia: Secret of Wind and Birds
A Cantus Arcticus for the 21st century instead of the 20th, for New England instead of northern Finland, with audience participation and birdsong on smartphones rather than tape recordings. So it sounds like it's all around us. It's broken up into four parts: Birds whose breeding status has remained stable: American robin, black-capped chickadee, house wren. Birds whose breeding status has increased: carolina wren, house finch, warbling vireo. Surprisingly no cowbirds. I've been seeing a lot of those lately. species whose breeding status has decreased: whippoorwill, white-throated sparrow, purple finch. species whose breeding status has seriously declined: eastern meadowlark, brown thrasher, golden-winged warbler. It begins and ends with the sound of wind. From outside, the human world encroaches; an ambulance siren, a helicopter, an airplane.

I think I mistook the chickadee's call for a phoebe's.

Reinhold Gliere - Russian Sailor's Dance
By now, the metaphor of the human world encroaching upon the natural world is meaningless and the helicopters are incredibly annoying.

Jackson 5 - I Want You Back
One of the violinists in the youth orchestra wanted to show off her singing talents, so they arranged a Jackson 5 tune for orchestra.

Aaron Copland - Music For Movies
New England Countryside and Sunday Traffic depict polar opposites. Sunday Traffic is oddly pleasant and doesn't sound at all like actual Sunday traffic, which involves a lot of "gas brake honk. gas brake honk. honk honk PUNCH. gas gas gas."
Our town is in a fictional New Hampshire town Grover's Corners with the coordinates 42°40' N, 70°37' W, which places it in the Atlantic Ocean just north of Rockport, MA.

Michael Gandolfi - The Garden of Cosmic Speculation
It started out with nine movements at its premiere and has grown to sixteen as the garden itself has grown. Stylistically over the place is an apt description, but despite this, never really strays from sounding like John Adams.

The Zeroroom opens with the songs of the common chaffinch and other Scottish birds and sounds very much like Adams. The entrance hall is decorated with tennis racquets that are depicted quantum tunneling through the wall and images of the universe and the garden's place in it. IUIUIUIUEYEWEYEWEYEWEYEW is inscribed under a mirror. On the mirror's frame is a carved pair of eyes, one can look through and see a yew tree.
Soliton Waves reminds me of Adams with more bombast, passing themes from instrument from
The Snail and the Poetics of Going Slow sounds like you'd expect.
Symmetry Break Terrace uses a lot of repetitive percussion and depicts two terraces at once.
The Willowtwist is a jazzy mobius-looped klein bottled manifolded dance fanfare for trumpet and trombone and ends with strings that remind me of the background music in the game Afterlife layered over organ chords and then finally with songs of the common chaffinch.
This is an actual garden in Scotland, by the way.

Ottorino Respighi - The Pines of Rome
I remember hearing this along with The Firebird and maybe some other things long before the Landmarks Orchestra was a thing. Sitting near me was a guy wearing a t-shirt that depicts Homer Simpson saying every time I learn something new, it pushes some old stuff out of my brain" and and someone said "I come bearing cake" and it was on July 6th that's all I remember.

The first movement depicts children playing soldier on the grounds of the Villa Borghese, and no bass instruments are used.
The second depicts catacombs and monastic rituals.
The third depicts night and daybreak with the recording of a nightingale, originally on phonograph and the first time recorded sound has ever been used in an orchestral work.
The fourth depicts Roman legions marching along the Appian Way. In our case, we had trumpeters and tromboners (tromboner, by the way, Mr. Largo, is not a word. The proper term is trombonist) in the audience.

It was a long concert so there was no encore.

I drew Henry the green-winged macaw. This is the first time I've ever drawn a macaw and he was a bit reluctant to pose. I think that like goats they have a spidey-sense for when people are trying to photograph them. Henry doesn't talk. He's a program bird and having him talk over people would be distracting and maybe an African Grey could do his own talk but a macaw probably couldn't.

Alligator teeth grow constantly but not in rows like a shark's.
Jaguars have the strongest jaws of all the great cats and they have a very prominent sagittal crest and they crush the skulls of their prey rather than the jugulars like lions do. Bears have the strongest bite of mammals and crocodiles have the strongest bite of living animals. Strongest bite ever probably belonged to the Tyrannosaurus rex.
Jaguars have rosettes with spots inside, leopards have rosettes without spots inside, and cheetahs have spots.

Elise really likes the name Asa. I brought up Grampa's war buddy Asa but Elise doesn't watch the Simpsons. In real life, it's Hebrew for healer. It shows up in other languages. Ryan, who has a handlebar mustache, said that it's not easy to carry clay but I could sculpt later. It's not so much the hassle of carrying shit around, it's the lack of facilities in which to sculpt. Also, I kinda gave my portrait of Tiana a few of Elise's features. Not intentionally but it sounds like a cool idea. Elise was a clarinetist and Tiana was a drummer.

Someone I met was visiting Switzerland.
Romansh, which I know about from Archer. I had to look up the context, though, and, yes, Archer focuses on Romansh. But everyone speaks English.
Switzerland is known for being a. a place for diplomacy, b. ardently neutral, so if Zapp Brannigan had one of Professor Farnsworth's doomsday weapons, he'd use it on Switzerland. Famously neutral during World War II but like Sweden, not all believe they had clean hands. I guess that's what they'd have to do, since Belgium and the Netherlands declared neutrality and Hitler invaded them, and the Netherlands doesn't have much in the way of resources going for it aside from tulips and windmills and wooden shoes. I suppose Ireland could get away with being neutral. c. extremely hostile to outsiders; there are people whose families have lived in Switzerland for generations and aren't citizens. d. has an extremely right-wing government. There's no real head of state but two of seven in the Federal Council are SVP and they're the largest party in the National Council. So, like the rest of Europe, they're run by a center-right government. c. they're not really a country at all, it's just a federation made from the leftover bits of Italy, France, and Germany, with a few isolated Romansh-speaking villages for good measure.

I finally saw Fruit Tree. A real apple rots away but a plastic one lives forever. It's 23 feet tall.
On my way between Fruit Tree and the Esplanade was a woman with bright russet hair, a woman with teal and blue hair, a woman with bright orange hair, a woman with bright red hair.

The woman with the choker and bead hanging from it and striped shirt really liked my Cats Against War shirt. She had to get off at Downtown Crossing or maybe South Station so I had to move on to woman with a choker with a bell on it, a pendant of a five pointed star in a sun, bronze colored, a stag's antler. Her hair was curled on one side, straight on the other.

I drew a man with dark orchid-pink hair.

Burning Question: remember when I took that home wine-making course and I forgot how to drive?


natural defenses

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I don't visit the main page on Facebook because it always causes my browser to throw a fit by reloading every open page and reloading every open page at once tends to cause my browser to throw further fits so Facebook is spamming my inbox with people updating their status. Not telling me what the status is, just informing me that they updated their status. Also, it reminds me every half-day that I have so and so status updates and even a few event invites and pokes. Take Sophie Atlas, for instance. Asking Al would require that I run into him. Asking Katie about them would require that it become socially acceptable to communicate with people outside of your social circle once again.
Facebook will continue turning friend circles into an archipelago without me.

There was a yellow (Colias sp.) hanging out in the doorway so I got a cup and a sticky note and caught it and sent it on its merry way. I feel like they're not as ubiquitous as whites (Pieris sp.) and they're yellower than whites.

Sarah and Emily both found alternate names for animals and drunk god inventing animals. Snakes are danger noodles, raccoons are trash pandas, bears are danger floofs, lop-eared bunnies are booplesnoots, otters are sea catsnakes, hippos are danger water cows, and cats are assholes. As for God making alcohol, God then made evil bags, said to raccoons if they wanted to be old timey burglars or trash diggers and then decided they should be both, tye dye chickens that scream actual words at you, put a needle on bees' butts and made their puke delicious, made a sock that's angry all the time, gave octopuses weird floppy arms with suction cup things because an angel told him he was out of bones.
And then God invented the dog and it was perfect.
But then forgot to make them immortal. Whoops.

They need to discover deep sea fish. Gulpers are pac men with tails that can unhinge their jaws. Sea cucumbers invert themselves. Male seahorses carry the eggs with them. Blobfish are blobfish. Vampire squids squirt a cloud of luminous goo instead of ink.

Probably Taylor but definitely not Stephanie or Anna or Luci or Sarah or Emily said that she wishes she could have so much money that she could just donate money to places that impress her. Me, if I had that much money, I'd either devote my entire life to animals and art or I'd just give money to places and they won't need to impress me. I also think that we should leave things unfinished for donors and apologize because things aren't quite as finished as we want them to be but maybe if we had a bit more resources and wink a few times.

I met a dachshund named Emily. You want to know what's weird? If I type daschhund, the suggested words include distend and not the actual spelling for dachshund I was looking for in the first place.

Sarah wants to live someplace diverse. Her mother grew up in a village on the Chinese side of the China-Russia border, where she would never see anyone who wasn't Chinese and tourists didn't visit.
She knows the name but I don't remember it. It's the Chinese equivalent of Leavittsburg or Gallipolis, which doesn't mean city of chickens but it would make more sense if it did. It's either in Heilongjiang or Inner Mongolia or possibly Jilin.

A baby skunk excreted out or vomited out something that may have been curdled formula. Tiffany asked if Sarah could draw a picture of it. She says that no one will leave here without smelling of skunk.

"Weird plasma goop" is how Matt describes heated baby food. You shouldn't feel the temperature when giving that shit to a snake. This is so much more elegant than forcing pinkie mice down their esophagus. The snake will hate you afterward. In the wild, they eat insects when they're that young.

You spay a fish by tying its tubes shut.

"Give them a life vest and little floaties so they don't drown" says Emily.

They got some perfume for the raccoons. The raccoons fine with bear scent because they're in a group but the gray fox will shit himself. Nay, he likes salmon oil, in his food and on Sarah's boots. Jack can still not be fucked to take a picture of it.
Lauren and Liz think that if they could be any animal at the wildlife center, they'd be raccoons because they get all that neat stuff to play with outside. Two of the raccoons were trying to get into one of the hammocks. Lauren has a maltipug dog named Lulu. Or whatever kind of pug mix dog named Lulu.
Lauren has a sun/crescent moon with four large spikes and four small spikes and and spirals between the spikes, drawn on her hand with henna.

Luci and Anna are two of three fraternal triplets.

Priti treats all snakes that aren't garter snakes like they were potentially dangerous.
Emily says that garter snake musk is the worst animal scent.
I can't believe the myth about daddy longlegs (order opiliones) having really powerful venom but fangs that can't penetrate the skin persists. Daddy longlegs don't have venom at all. This urban legend has been around since the 20th century.

burning question: why are people on Democratic Underground linking to Steven Crowder?


spike train

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Braintree has been getting all the fanky "new" red line trains lately.

Kelly looked a bit like someone I know but only from certain angles. She and the tall woman with an infinity symbol pendant and a dragonfly pendant think I am a talented artist.

Before I arrived, two artists from Jakarta had a set of events inspired by Megacities Asia and by life in Jakarta, for Boston.

EmoTree: track your emotions over the course of the day with flowers.
Mile-Pole: plot how far you traveled to get to the MFA.
Eat the Wish: compare your birthday wishes and eat cake. Keytar Bear was there.
I saw the results of Fused Census, which was a plastic torso with all sorts of things attached to it, including a doll for an arm and some army men just like in Green Landscape and a very excited plush pug from the movie The Secret Life Of Pets on its shoulderblade.
Or, at least, that's what the descriptions say. I'm not exactly sure what's going on in those pictures.
What Boston's art scene needs is: socially engaged art.
The most urgent issue in Boston right now is: cost of living and lack of housing is a symptom of social justice inequality.
my favorite sculptural forum is: kinetic. maybe a sound sculpture. masks.

The are some doodles in a book asking questions about restoring paintings.
A dino is saying "Look, I'm important!" and a brillo pad is saying "I'm Brillo" and someone wrote "真棒" and "酷哥" maybe, I'm not actually sure what he actually did write and there's no way I'm going to mess around with the settings so I can type things in Chinese and even if I did, I'm not used to it and it would take hours, but he helpfully provided translations: awesome and cool guy. Someone drew a happy dog.

There was a woman with bright red hair and a woman with black and very pale green hair wearing a bright green sequined skirt. A woman's shirt said something like "shine like the stars, like the sun, like the moon" or "live by the sun, feel by the moon, move by the stars" or even "live by the sun, love by the moon, dance with the stars" I don't know; I saw it for but a brief glimpse and thought the quote would be easier to find.

"I'm attracted to anything shiny" she said about the bust in the center of the Regency room.
I guess they phased out the Gardner Museum style sheet in favor of MFA-style labeling for the Regency room.

I love the contrast between the red and the blue in that painting. It looks more blue in real life.

The commentary for build me a nest so I can rest.

Lindsey has a tattoo of a scorpion with some rather stumpy claws and an eyeball for a stinger wrapped around her wrist, some words, a flower on her thigh, a death's head moth that isn't actually a reference to Silence of the Lambs. Julie is a designer of some sorts, probably of the art kind and not the ruin a website kind.
Nearby was a woman with many elaborate tattoos but alas she found it too cold and put on a jacket.

A woman I tried to draw who moved around and repositioned herself minored in art and really likes printmaking. She has Take Me To The Stars tattooed on her wrist along with a equilateral triangle with a line through it that might be the alchemical symbol for air. She apologized for sitting down but it's ok because I like to depict people as they act normally and I'm glad I didn't wait because the train became very bouncy upon reaching the Neponset River. She was listening to a very catchy song about pandas. We talked about the scale of my art.

A guy who was asking me about Matt Mingell's music because I picked up a CD, looked at it, and put it back because I already have it said he's never heard a train make noises or rattle about like that. To me, it sounded like the train cars were about to decouple.
He just hoped they make it to the next station before anything bad happens. Bad things failed to happen.

A woman's ponytail went from blackness to blue, blue to violet.

burning question: whatever happened to blimps?


paradise is a walled garden

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I only believe this statement in the most literal sense of walled garden, certainly not in the metaphorical sense of Facebook bringing us back to the walled gardens of the AOL era. I first saw the quote when I was worried that my friendships with Rebecca or Emma were every bit as ephemeral as Katherine or Scarlet.

There is an inexorable march towards progress but an increasingly vague sense of what said progress actually is.

This isn't just Facebook in a nutshell, this is the internet in a nutshell.
I just looked at my "Filtered Messages" menu and found a year worth of messages of people writing me for legitimate reasons that I never saw because Facebook assumed they were spam. Seems like they redesign everything on this website that I never use weekly but can't quite get anything I do use to work properly.
But hey, at least crackpot infowars and Breitbart articles can go viral unfettered.

Gemma, which is Italian and Latin for jewel, hence our word gem, and a star in Corona Borealis that's more often called Alphecca and the hometown of the Great Mizuti, is an artist who showed me one of her sketchbooks with a rather detailed drawing of a wasp, some mushrooms, a meth head, a car, a collage. She likes to work with pen and ink but she likes to make collages too. She likes to draw people but gets nervous about them noticing her. She's learning to play the ukulele but she's not yet ready for public. She has a sprig of pine tattooed on her leg. She pronounces her name with a soft G. I'm not sure how it's pronounced in Baten Kaitos but given their pronunciation of Cujam, take it with a grain of salt. I looked up a video of someone playing Baten Kaitos and they don't actually say the name of the village but the guy playing pronounces it with a hard G.

Another woman asked if I was an artist and she said she wanted to learn and I said to draw lots and lots of people.

A woman wore a golden crescent moon and jeweled key pendant and had a similar tattoo of a heart-key.

I got off at Longmeadow Medical Area instead of Museum of Fine Arts to see what's there foodwise, and the answer to my thought is "not much. Not much at all." It is technically closer to the Gardner Museum but not when you take the long way.
On concrete columns at one of the Mass Art buildings are "it's not your fault" "it's your fault" "it's your fault, james?" written in chalk. "it's your fault" is actually written in white but obviously with my scheme and the mobile scheme, that won't show up. The y in it's our fault is the same sky blue as "not" but if there's a way to do that in livejournal, I have no idea how to do it.

Whistler is the resident fife canary.

Charmaine Wheatley, an artist-in-residence from Canada, had some of her works featured, including a love letter to her 19th century boyfriend, Matthew Stewart Prichard. There's a Matheson novel with a premise like that. There's a painting of a nude man and I'm not sure if it's Prichard or her 21st century boyfriend. She says things like photography is an arrest of reality and be generous, generosity is a symptom of courage. if you fear; you are selfish.
A woman with violet hair was looking at these too.

I wasn't going to write all this stuff down.

They say they've made zero progress on the theft but sometimes people use stolen paintings as a get out of jail free card and sometimes they turn up at yard sales, they're making progress with info cards for the rooms that don't have them.

A guy said he wanted to be a professional crumhornist. If you've never heard a crumhorn, they sound a bit like you replaced the mouthpiece on an oboe or bass clarinet with a kazoo.
A problem all early music groups have.

I found two watercolor doodles on the sidewalk; one a bust of a bearded man with a bowl haircut, in the background, it is raining; one a garden of green flowers and yellow sands. I'll post them later.

A woman with pink streaks in her hair was asking people to join the SPLC or donate to help bullied GBLT teens. I know that a few Democratic Undergrounders aren't particularly fond of the SPLC but I have no idea why.

Her friend wrote "RAGRETS" on her arm. For a while, I couldn't remember what the word was, only that it was deliberately spelled wrong and Morning after, I'm walking the dog and "oh yeah, RAGRETS" it's a reference to a movie called We're The Millers and a character's tattoo. She didn't get it either.

Ended my day with two separate sessions of really horrid and painful hiccups. I think I heard a fisher cat call in the wee hours of the morning.

I don't actually know where I found this and I'm pretty sure it's about Amazon and not Facebook and I added a remark about beezos from Super Mario Bros. 2 but it still makes sense to ask it here.
burning question: our data, our new data, confirms that four hours of sleep is sufficient. is it revolutionary to sleep more than this? is it bold to sleep more than this? is it bold to sleep more than this? or is it selfish?


We played some open chords and rejoiced, for the Earth had circled the sun yet another year

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Don't listen to Rebecca's lies!
I've seen people say that Marc Chagall was born on July 7 but they're wrong. You guys get Gustav Mahler, Giancarlo Menotti, and Jeff Vandermeer, so let us have Chagall. I guess we have Frida Kahlo too.

Welp, I'm no longer in the prime of life, that was incredibly bad and I'm sorry.
For those of you who need a deeper explanation, 25=32. It's the number of levels in the original Super Mario Brothers but it can be factored.
But this isn't a reflection on my life, merely a reflection on music I've been listening to.

Kitchens of Distinction - Elephantine. For reasons unknown to me, this is evocative of the summer of 2001.
Blind Mr. Jones - Hey
Einojuhani Rautavaara - Cantus Arcticus - I always have to look up the spelling.
Rose Polenzani - Seven Swans - While I never actually got to hear her play, I nonetheless fell in love with the art on her album and with her music.
Bong Wish - My Luv - I didn't get to hear them and their album has been coming soon since the end of February, but there are some good live videos and their Facebook page is regularly updated which is more than I can say about Sophie Atlas. I said that if I haven't forgotten by then, I'll see you in 2018.
Soft Pyramids - Waning Moon - I did get to hear these guys but I don't know if this one was on the setlist.
Federator no 1 - I'm not going to name a specific song because they don't have a proper recording yet and I honestly have no idea what their setlist is.
Giacomo Puccini - Tosca
Henry Cowell - Hymn and Fuguing Tune no. 10 - perfect for summer mornings
Sergei Prokofiev - Summer Night - and perfect for summer nights
Thela - Untitled - but which one did I hear that August night?
San Lorenzo - Kintampo Road
Grace Morrison - Taking Johnny Home
Gretch - Demons - that was their very first concert.
Elisabeth Lopez - Monsters
Amy and the Engine - Patience - This wasn't the song that stood out when I heard them but it's the one that stood out when they started posting music videos on Youtube.
Kate Diaz - On My Own
Revma - Astra Mi Me Malonete
Creek River String Band - Donner Party
The Promise Is Hope - Quiet Hands - I found this stuff at the end of last summer, when Emma wasn't showing up at the free summer concerts or events I was at, and I wrote about how I was grateful for Emma's friendship even if it only lasted a brief time. I think there's a more important lesson to be learned from this experience.
Zili Misik - Praia
Giacomo Puccini - La Boheme - life is elsewhere
Letters To Cleo - Cruel To Be Kind - I think it would be awesome if they did an album that was all songs from Kiss Me Kate.
Belly - Slow Dog - as heard on Rick and Morty. Not that specific song, I mean.
My Dead Girlfriend - 彼女が冷たく笑ったら (prologue to the nine stages of change at the deceased remains)
John Adams - Phrygian Gates
The Western Den - Eden
Rose Polenzani - Molly's Lily
Frau - Salahku Sahabatku
The Voice of the Turtle - Por la tu puerta
The Boston Camerata - Carmina Burana - nothing like the Orff cantata.
As The Sparrow - The Otherside
Gyorgi Ligeti - Six Bagatelles
Rose Polenzani - Omen
Só Sol - Singer - This is the band that opened for Atlas Lab and made my decision firm. After the concert, Emma and I hugged, I told her that it's okay if we can't do a mural at the wildlife center but maybe we'll find somewhere we can make a mural together. The lesson is this: don't blame your friends for their social network of choice's deficiencies.
Kati Agocs - Debrecen Passion - she also did Vessel, which is an English poem, a Latin poem, and a Hebrew poem all at once.
Bedroom Eyes - Wild Sins
Guillermo Sexo - Meow Metal
Quilt - Tie Up The Tides
Littlefoot - Black Hole
shadsy - Snow's Theme 8bit - she was at the Beantown Jazz Festival, apparently.
Speedy Ortiz - My Dead Girl
Matt Minigell - Lucy
Stephanie Meyers - Double Edge Sword
Radiohead - Daydreaming
Dinosaur Jr. - Not The Same
Abbie Barrett - Here To Stay
Mr. Airplane Man
Morphine - Yes
The Five Blobs - Beware The Blob!
Mei Ohara - Thieves of Color
Elizabeth Colour Wheel - Out Of
Lady Pills - Irrelevant
Christine Southworth - Super Collider - I've learned two other important things this year: Boston has multiple gamelan ensembles and a robot orchestra, and said robot orchestra and one of the gamelan ensembles collaborated. The composer also did a concert featuring that giant Van Der Graaf generator, Lyricon, robotic xylophone, guitar, cello, voices, percussion, piano.
Zdravets - And they have a friendly neighborhood Balkans band. Actually, the Boston area has ten of them.
Soulsha - A Million Miles From Home

burning question: even leaving aside the Libertarian Futurist Society's lack of concern for things like literary quality, how did Kay Nolte Smith even get nominated for a Prometheus Award?


and on with a new journey

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Sticky notes say "love rewards the brave" and "you're going to go off course. That's part of the journey. Just come back to it. ♡"

I couldn't tell by their mannerisms if they were a couple or just friends. One of them had a necklace that looked like a lopsided Pulsian infinity sign if that existed, something like an analemma with the larger loop a cardioid instead of an ellipse, one of them had a shirt with Red Sox Team written in Kanji.

Ming, the artist, and Peter Podobry were in Harvard Square, of course. One of Ming's portraits really caught my eye. While it did, a woman was posing for Ming. Also, I've been getting this guy's name wrong this whole time and nobody ever told me. I have an excuse; I wrote his name down to see if I could find his music anywhere when I was in a hurry. What I know now is that he decided that his true calling in life is to be a street musician.

I got ahold of One Million Centuries by Richard Lupoff, which I didn't mention out of neglect and not out of "ha, you may have Through The Heart but I will beat you yet, mwa ha ha." and found out that the Coop has a SFF section and realized I'm very out of touch. There are some books that look interesting, like Memory of Water, Gold Fame Citrus, and Too Like The Lightning, and I want to obtain the last of the Burton and Swinburne novels but the former are probably all hardcovers and for the latter I still have enough time.

The concert was held in an alleyway and I thought that water droplets from an air conditioner were falling on me at times.

I thought the woman testing the microphones was a performer, but nope. She had a tattoo of J.R.R. Tolkien's monogram, which doesn't have a unicode but looks a lot like the Chinese word for bundle, 束.

The first band was one half of The Ivy Leaf, Armand on fiddle and Daniel on accordion and concertina (he sang a Celtified bluegrass tune and danced for one song), who are Filipino and Italian respectively. There actually are a lot of Celtic influences in northern Italy. I don't think southern Italy was ever Celtic. The earliest maps I can find have Greeks in Sicily and the southern coast, Oscans and Latins and possible Illyrians. They played traditional marches, a waltz, a troika of polkas, a Swedish march originally on nykelharpa,. Armand called that one a Celticopia pu pu platter. I have their CD now which has flute, whistle, bouzouki, and guitar as well but I don't recognize the names from today's concert. Don't rely on me, I have a photographic memory. And Dan has chicken scratch handwriting.

A woman had the geographical coordinates for something tattooed on her arm. She wasn't around long enough for me to ask about it.

Soulsha has a keyboardist/mandolinist, a trumpeter, a saxophonist, a drummer, a djembe-player from Senegal, a bassist from England, a fiddler, the lead vocalist/bagpiper, and played a hybrid of Celtic melodies, African rhythm, and funk. They sang of passing on cultures to the next generations and dancing in the streets and shaking hands with no judgement and listening to each other called Carry It On, a song about moving from the Hebrides to the big city, a song of Scottish Independence with a quote from Scotland the Brave in there in the hopes that something good can come out of the utter xenophobia catastrofuck that is Brexit (he introduced the bassist by saying he was out of the EU before Britain was... too soon), a song about being a million miles from home by a Nigerian-Londoner musician, an air for a hero who was outed as gay and took his own life, a glorification of the sun as a New Orleans street party entitled A'Ghrian, a revoltutionary song called Banks Of Marble, and another song from New Orleans. They didn't have any albums for sale but they do have a free EP on their bandcamp. Three guesses as to which song is about being a million miles from home.

A dreadlocked woman had a tattoo with Ruadh gu Brath along with a woman in landscape, which translates Redheads Forever (or literally "Red Until Judgement") in Scottish Gaelic, not Irish Gaelic. We both speak neither. I can't argue with that sentiment, whether it's about red hair or leftism or both. Real leftism, not these profaning pale imitations. I find it funny that the slur "regressive left" is more apt for the authoritarian left and third way (an attempt to reconcile left-wing social positions like gay rights and social safety nets and secularism über alles and watered-down feminism that isn't so much feminist as it is a way to make xenophobia palatable with right-wing social positions like xenophobia and more limits on immigration regarding their countries of origin and anti social justice and supporting the death penalty and assuming hate crimes must be fake and denying that white privilege exists because there are poor whites) who sling around the slur. I can't call them alternative left, because there is a movement with that name, which is pretty much the authoritarian left wedded to the social conservatism of the third way amped up to eleven. Or, you know, Pol Pot, except with technophilia and maybe the other kind of pot. Gulags, but you're mining bitcoin.
There are maybe a literal ton of alt-lefters in existence. My guess is it's too racist for people with actual left wing politics and too left-wing for the racists. It's the instability strip of politics. I don't know; there's a manifesto out there but it reaches John C. Wright levels of pretentiousness
But I digress.
She has a work by Bansky on her leg depicting Mickey Mouse, Ronald McDonald, and Phan Thị Kim Phúc hand in hand.

A man had on his shoulder four tattoos, most likely representing the four classical elements, all with a spiral motif.
Another man had green hair. A woman had bright pink hair.

burning question: why are spambots discussing urinal etiquette?
Although there is a logical explanation for that one: the spambots are merely repeating what others have said and appending links to their website. They're probably selling fake Louis Vutton bags and Rolexes and Omicron Spymasters that don't even have knockout gas or a garotte or even a laser.
Damn, and I thought they finally programmed a spambot that could pass the Turing Test. Maybe there are better applications of robots that can pass the turing test than spam.
People would be irrational enough to discuss urinal etiquette on a discussion about sex differences and the names of the colors. I told myself that I would start using things like "unsure-whether-boy-or-girl baby room color," "what i'm sure was once nice wallpaper before you stained it with your nicotine," "shark invested (sic) water blue" "velociraptor cloaca" which is a dark slightly purplish blue, "blue with a hint of your mother," "white if it had a wine spill on itself and let it dry for a few days and then tried to wash it but it just left that awful color that foreverr (sic) remains a reminder that grandma needs to be cut off after the third glass," "it's pink but not toally pink, but it's purple, but not totally purple" which to me looks pretty pink but if a color actually fit that description, I'd call it purplinkle, and "maybe a half hour before the first stars start showing up in the night sky" to describe the color of things.


going through changes

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We have a gray fox. Miranda says he's not looking so hot but he is cute. The gray fox is circling. It may be neurological or it may be a response to stress so we're just going to watch him and see what happens. The red fox has mange most likely. Gray foxes are Urocyon cinereoargenteus which means something like taildog ashysilver. They were the most common fox in the eastern US until deforestation allowed the red fox, Vulpes vulpes, Latin for Fox fox, to take over. It's amazing how mapped out mammalian evolution is, but it's hard to tell if these guys get lumped in with the true foxes or the basal canids. For the record, the other basal canids are the bat-eared fox of Africa and the tanuki of east Asia. Anyone who's touched a copy of Mario 3 knows what a tanuki is, or at least, they know that a tanuki is some kind of animal that is either a raccoon of some sorts or some kind of animal that superficially resembles a raccoon. But canids originated in North America so it would make a whole lot of sense if there were basal canids in North America.

Jack couldn't be fucked to post any pictures of the gray fox he may have on the wildlife center's facebook page and I can't be fucked to find out who else might have it and nobody can be fucked to use the #newenglandwildlifecenter tag on Instagram or Twitter. He's like "whatever, have a picture of an opossum instead." I know, opossums are cute, but gray foxes aren't omnipresent in spring and summer.

But here's the woodchuck.

And here are some skunks we had a while ago.

We're going to get a fisher cat soon. Matt describes them as "bear-badgers" or "cat-rodents" except they're actually related to weasels and martens. Matt describes their call as like screaming babies.

At the place Sarah worked before coming to Massachusetts, they had a lynx. The FBI was trying to catch a felon in Canada and they just found a lynx chanined up in the hotel room he was hiding in. I always mix up Sarah and Lianne. They're both from New Jersey, after all. But I can tell them apart physically; Sarah's hair is longer and has raspberry-colored dye in it. I also mix up Taylor and Anja and sometimes Emily for good measure. Emily will be around for a while, while Taylor is finishing her intership. Miranda says that maybe she'll be back but if she's anything like Emma or Katie, probably not.

"We're trying not to damage hawks."

One of the gauntlets was missing so I checked admissions because why not, laundry because someone might have thrown it in with the laundry by mistake though I didn't do a thorough search of the buckets, surgery because maybe we did surgery on a hawk, didn't find it, and Tiffany told me it might be in radiology, which makes sense because maybe we did x-rays on a hawk, and lo and behold, it was on the side table in there.
Things were a mess. In other words, don't be like Taylor.

A few days before, a raccoon snuck up on Primrose and Falco escaped and chicken sprinted away and Christina, who isn't quite new but doesn't normally come on Mondays and wears a pendant that looks a lot like a raccoon leaf, was like "your feet don't flatten the right way! Stop!"

Tiffany says that if we put gull food in a yogurt cup, the gull is going to eat that yogurt cup and then we'll have a dead gull.
The rabbit drowned or maybe got hypothermia.
A blood clot may have paralyzed a chipmunk.

Hunter is now Tucker.
Tucker's scarf matches his eyes.

Two people brought an orphaned baby turkey with them. The guy's shirt said that tacocat spelled backwards is tacocat. And Otto spelled backwards is ottO. But Shemp spelled backwards is not hemp, no matter what Otto tells us.

Evelyn is a volunteer who was actually merely around to pick up her pet tree frog, which is nice because we had no crickets. I can't remember her friend's name but it was neither Francine nor Rose. I didn't get her other friend's name but it may have been Francine or Rose.

Tiffany described it as "get creative with fish strips for raccoon pals." Mice are reserved for raptors and snakes, the rest of the meat-eaters get extra fish.
We had no chicks but we had lamb patties, which I guess the animals will eat raw. We had two big rats thawing in the sink and she says that cutting them up is easier with knives than scissors, especially since the knives were just sharpened a few days ago. Gloop, go the innards.
Kendall asked me if the lamb I got looked like that. Nope, it was chunks in vindaloo. And then she asked about good Indian restaurants and I wanted to describe what I had at Mumbai Spice to her but couldn't because the internet wasn't working there as is typical and it turns out she doesn't know about Kendall Square. Also, she says Lime Leaf is good and that means something because she's picky. She doesn't know what Jamaican food tastes like because she doesn't eat meat.
No wonder she likes Ethiopian and Indian food so much. And Thai, especially when they accommodate. Normally papaya salad has fish sauce in it. She loves the presentation of Ethiopian food and can see where I'm coming from when I compare it to Indian. She wonders what Senegalese food is like; there's a place near the Mass Ave T station. Once she was in Puerto Rico and she had a curry that was in some edible bowl.

She, and by she, I mean Anya or the Christina who doesn't wear a leaf pendant or I don't know, someone who isn't Miranda or Kendall or Sarah or Primrose, gets bored eating mangoes because they're so big. She hates the texture of bananas but she likes the taste and I feel that way about apples. She mistook cat food for Fruity Pebbles. They were brighter and less wet then and she was hungry.
Primrose has blue hair and tattoos of triangles on her wrist and cherry blossoms on her forearms and a mandala on her elbow.

Once Taylor ate a scorpion and she says it tastes like a potato chip. Harry's eaten scorpions; once in a lollipop and once at the bottom of a bottle. Miranda ate a grasshopper in Spanish class once for extra credit. I say Miranda but it might have been Sarah. It wasn't Kendall, I can tell you that. Miranda doesn't want Italian cookies because she never knows what flavor she's going to get but she ate a grasshopper.

Sara has a baby beardie.

Tiffany told me to just yell "Stephanie!" and see who responds.

For some reason, I thought he was a cotemporary of Dvorak and Smetana. And in some ways he was; he coexisted with Dvorak for 14 years. In other ways, he wasn't; he fled the Nazis after their invasion of France.

burning question: We all know Tommy Wiseau would make a better president than Trump but is he eligible to be president?


nothing has changed but everything

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Kendall is from Minnesota and goes to school in western mass. She'll be utterly amazed to know that there's a red line station with her name, if she isn't amazed already.

Yaritza got a border collie named Hunter. She called him Ziggy a few times, because Ziggy and Hunter are both black. He's very adorable but very skittish, much like pretty much every border collie ever.

The raccoons were moved to an outdoor enclosure where they have multiple hammocks, an elephant slide, a rust fort by canine castle that is old enough to not show up when I search for it, or maybe Canine Castle is just too generic a name for a doghouse, a kiddy pool, and a water slide.

I got a book called Decopunk. I guess somebody donated them to us forgetting Matt's hostile takeover of the store and transformation of said store into a garden supply store and I gave my pocket change to the wildlife center in exchange for it. For a book from 2015, the cover is quite nice. Actually, by any standards, it's a nice cover. The color scheme is good and it fits the motifs of the collection. I once wracked my brain trying to think of cover art I like from this decade.

Jackie, whom I do not recognize and apparently doesn't know who Chelsea is, who was apparently an intern at the wildlife center last summer and does not have copper-colored skin nor abyssal black and bathypelagic blue hair, brought a baby duck that someone brought inside PetCo wondering why they couldn't take it.

Oddly enough, the blue and black combo makes Jackie looks darker than she did with the gold and rose hair yet Ryan's somewhat luminously tropical ocean blue hair makes her look pale.

I swear that I've entered an alternate reality, had it not been for Tiffany telling me that Mercedes was asking about me.
Tiffany's hair is the same it's always been: brown and a pink faded from incandescence to cotton candy, separated by lemon white. She saw the band Leftover Crack on Saturday.

Sarah was drinking peanut water. Well, peanut noodle soup without the noodles, which is the soup equivalent of a mustard sandwich. She was talking about how there's a place near her school where you can get sushi burritos. I'm imagining sashimi and veggies and wasabi wrapped up in a burrito roll, while I think she described the actual thing is an exceptionally long and thick roll of sushi
When you write "soop" and "needles" instead of "noodles," and "pail" instead of "pale" it's time for bed.
There's only one guy in the continent skilled enough to fix a coracoid fracture on larger birds and he ain't at the wildlife center. Problem is you have to cut all the flight muscles. Usually when we get them, we hope it solves itself.
Well, you as in not you because you're not a licensed vet. Or maybe you are, I don't know.

If you leave the windows open, the air conditioner freaks out and tries to cool all of Massachusetts. Also, a few years ago, a coyote escaped (or "self-released") through an open window and there is probably still a coyote out in the woods somewhere with a cast on his leg.

In Zimbabwe, an elephant got shot in the head and survived long enough to make it to a rehabber and they just left the bullet in because they couldn't take it out, but had it hit only slightly lower, it would have killed him.

Matt said he saw some spider crabs on the beach in Duxbury.

Someone told us they'd give us a dump truck with 800 onions. I have no idea what 800 onions looks like but I'd imagine that they could fill up the wigwam. I'm imagining red onions, not the smaller yellow or green ones. Or maybe it was 800 pounds of onions, which is, I'd guess around 1600-2000 onions. Either way...
burning question: just what would you do with 800 onions? You can't feed them to the animals because they're probably poisonous. Jill suggested growing them. Maybe you could bake a wedding cake for Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog.


this is your wake-up call

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Part of me was looking forward to making Alex, because I can't think of anyone else who might read this and have easy access to Harvard Books, eat a big bowl of spiderwebs but most of me is very glad to have Through The Heart. I also got Sandworld by Richard Lupoff. I thought about buying a Michaela Roessner novel about the Dreamtime, which is an Australian myth that Richard Lupoff wrote about once and I thought about some books that I know nothing about. Orion's Dagger and The Crystal Keep. They're both part of a series. Plot descriptions on Amazon are non-existent, as is Amazon's wont.
The Coop is not Harvard Books. It's great for new general fiction and SFF that is ingratiated into Literature like High Rise and Slaughterhouse-Five, and it's great for non-fiction, but they don't have Attanasio novels. The most important thing they have going for them over Harvard Books is a public bathroom, even if it is a mere one person bathroom.
J.P. Licks has a wall covered in paintings. Also, the cow mascot has almond eyes.

I sneezed and had to swallow all the post-nasal gunk. I don't think I sneezed because of a cold, I think I sneezed because the sky is full of pollen.

I mistook someone for Brigitte.

There were 10 stages at Cambridge's Make Music Festival and around 125 artists. Since nobody was handing out maps of the event, I only noticed these ones: the one in front of Harvard Books, the one in front of the Coop, the one behind the main entrance to Harvard T Station, the one in Brattle Square, the one near the other other entrance to Harvard Station. The one I mean is "if you're at the front of the train on an Alewife-bound train, take the first stairs." There was also Charlie's Kitchen, Grafton Street Restaurant, Follow the Honey where Scubaphone was playing, and Palmer Street where Elisabeth Lopez was playing. I don't know where those places are.

Here's a full schedule. Out of the stuff that I didn't get to hear either because I didn't get there until 3:20 or so or because I didn't know they were playing or I didn't know where they were playing or I was busy listening to something else and will probably check out over the next few weeks, the stuff that sticks out to me is Savasha, Citizen Hobo, The Imaginators, Los Border Coyotes, Cloud 4, Ticklejuice, Natalie Quevedo, Gillian Grogan, Violet Kairos, Kathleen Hailey, Still Willow, and Jack & Katie.

A lot of these bands are just starting out and don't have proper material released.

Florie Namir was actually born in Tel Aviv but lives in Boston now. Mithridates would be proud, had he not been trapped in the basement of the toppled over ruin of the Burj Dubai. She sang a song about keeping in touch with faraway friends.

Seth Wonkka and Friends is a folk band with a guest saxophonist. Wonkka has two Ks, not like Willy Wonka. Sasha, guest vocalist, wore a ring that many people including me thought depicted a praying mantis but she's not actually sure and it's open to interpretation.

Lily Black is a pop-punk band. The singer is named Lily, just not Lily Black. They played some originals and a few covers including When I Come Around originally by Green Day, London Calling originally by The Clash, and as a grand finale, Killing in the Name Of, originally by Rage Against The Machine. When Lily saw her portrait, she said she wishes she could be artistic but two of us said that music is a kind of artistry.
Here's your cock, her bandmate said to her. She had a rubber chicken handbag.

Newfane: Indie rock.

Grace and Katie and friends are exactly like me: they see a dog and have to pet it. I bet they burn inside with violent anger when they see a service dog and can't pet it.
A Boston terrier was jumping up and trying to lick the nose of a black lab.

One of them had a foxglove tattoo on her arm. I'm not sure if that was Grace but it definitely wasn't Katie.

I ran into Kerry, a friend from high school, and her beagle getting pizza or something. The beagle wasn't super into music. I couldn't quite remember if her name was Kerry or Kelly. I got it right but I'm not sure if her name is Kerry or Kerri, but that doesn't matter if I'm speaking. Keri? No, not unless this is actually Irth. I wracked my mind to think of some specific memories but came up with nothing. She was really nice, though. Probably one of the nicest people I've met.

I write things down so I don't have to remember them.

I believe I've heard of Mei Ohara through Vanyaland. Her music is like if you took some Hamauzu violin and amped up all the electric distortion, and then set it to the beat of a Project Skyward song. She doesn't sing, she just plays the violin and writes the beats. Her violin is decorated with various feathers. She reminds me of Vivian Luo, except she doesn't have a disco ball. On her Tumblr, she calls herself Neptunian. Her hair was blue, the color of sapphires, deep water, skies, loyalty, and melancholy. It segued into brown on one side and into purple, the color of amethysts, pageantry, royalty, and death, on the other side.

Sultans of Sax sounds like jazz klezmer.

Hemway: As far as they know, they're the only Hemway in existence, not including a British manufacturer. They just got the number one spot on Google when searching for Hemway.

Had I known Scubaphone was playing, I'd probably have looked for them but I'm glad I stumbled upon Hemway.

I, Pistol - a kid asked why he wasn't wearing shoes and I think it's to show off his foot tattoos. At times, they reminded me of Pearl Jam. One guy was really into it.

There was a woman with green hair, the color of hope, youth, joy, spring, and victory. Not quite the color of emeralds, more like pale peridot.
Another woman had pale violet hair.

A woman with hair dyed red, the color of rubies, wine, revelry, furnaces, courage, and magic, said "when you make an assumption, you make an ass out of you and and mption." I think he got it from Samuel L. Jackson.
Barry doesn't like that either.

The Opera Guy - he sang Ave Maria to a piano recording. It would probably be better if he had actual accompaniment, but what are you going to do?

Joe Froeber and the Drunk Monkeys - their first song, Sundays, reminded me of a dreamier Morphine, with lead guitar and an alto saxophone rather than a baritone saxophone. The next song was not intended to be a metaphor. So it goes. Hannah Wilson (I know it started with a W, at least) joined them later. They were giving away half-melted orange creamsicles, and as any Dopaz-drone will tell you, orange is like, the colour, of, like, orange is, you know, orange, orange is, like, orange. He tossed one, which was probably a bad idea but the woman sitting next to me caught it. There was a guy watching who looked like Dr. Vink with a Va Va Va, and a kid with a toy lightsaber.

There's a sign for a public bathroom at Harvard Station. The door was of course locked and I'm pretty sure it's related to either budget cuts or someone flushing a hand grenade down the toilet.

This guy made paintings of Doug Funnie as the Vitruvian Man, the Ninja Turtles in Edward Hopper's Nighthawks. The only Star Wars ones he has are American Gothic with a red lightsaber and C-3PO standing in a lake. He had a Monet parody depicting Yoda getting married in the woods but he said it's not as good as it sounds (of course, nothing can be as good as that sounds): it's just Yoda's head slapped on a human body. I can't find out who the artist is but I now know he's been doing this for a while and I found someone's set of remarks on the people of Boston and I found Drawception's take on American Gothic, Star Wars Style.
Speaking of Ninja Turtles, I have learned that house sparrows like pizza so much they don't freak out and fly away when someone gets within a meter of their presence.

Another guy, I believe his name was Ming, was drawing portraits in flesh-colored chalk pastels and charcoal using photographic references.

Peter Pobodry wasn't officially part of the make music festival but he played all day anyway.

The conductor sounded excited. More agitated, actually. There was a schedule to keep and there was a train right behind us so don't block the doors. The model UN, either Mozambique or Azawad, were back in town so maybe things were running behind schedule due to grapefruits and bananas on the tracks.

Erin, Haley, Lily, Olivia, possibly Julie but she wasn't really dressed for it or who knows, maybe she was dressed for it, were in the North End getting dinner.
Erin was amazed at two guys' ability to walk so well while drunk but they made up for it by missing their station. Lucky for them it wasn't at Kendall or Central, or worse, anything past Symphony. I don't know what his name is but I hope it's Jim.
Erin asked for a full portrait and Haley wanted to be in it too, though I think that Erin and Lily would have contrasted better; Erin was in white, Lily in black.
Erin remarked that she uses the exact same sketchbook I do in her art class.

burning question: What was the name of the fantasy creature with the neck of an owl and the body of a Bratz doll?


a small rush into exile

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First, a public service announcement: If you're putting anything other than mustard on your mustard sandwiches, they aren't mustard sandwiches. They're sandwiches with mustard on them.

Jiaming is going to get "green swan stuff" on his bright blue scrubs.

The ducks are jumping from the edge of the pool to the ground but not flapping their wings. Jacob compared them to lemmings.

The squirrel cages were labeled Marco's Villa, Venturoli's Fine Italian Dining, The Venetian, Mario's Squirrel Palace.

A chameleon was having surgery done because at first we thought there was something wrong with his testicle but when we look at him, his gall bladder is swollen and his bile duct is so enlarged that we could see it.
Sarah says "look at me. I'm fire. Don't touch me." because normally he has more green.

Ross was talking about something involving a baby born with its amniotic sac or something like that and someone elsewhere called it beautiful. "Beautiful? It's like an egg with blood around it."
Their teacher says that nobody eats the placenta for nutrients because there are better places to get nutrients, animals eat the placenta so predators aren't aware of the babies.

Ross wants to make a movie called Canine Death Squad, or maybe K-9 Death Squad. I mentioned Scientology and its goons and I called them death squads. Maybe can convince them that ISIS burnt a bunch of copies of Dianetics and Battlefield Earth.
"In a world where animal control officers are out of control" and that got Emily's attention. Emily, who may or may not be the Emily I mentioned a few entries ago, thought he was referencing something in particular but I'm sure he's just referencing the fact that every movie trailer ever opens with IN A WORLD to the point where it's become a parody. The woman with the snake pendant wants him to finish it for her birthday in October. She says she's the reptile equivalent of the Crazy Cat Lady except she actually takes care of her animals and they aren't being hoarded or eating each other. I asked about her snakes and Ross is like "let me pull out a list" but she didn't need one because seven of her snakes are ball pythons. Meanwhile, Jacob stole my seat and I ended up having to move across the room to where Lianne was. Lianne was eating something potent enough to be smelt from across the room, but potent in a delicious way.

We still have #10, along with three other hawks. Maybe #10 will be with us when Brock Turner, rapist, leaves jail. One was banging around in his cage, and Emily sneezed so she says she might be allergic to birds. We'll probably put two of them outside, preferably two females of the same size.
Don't try this with a bald eagle and a hawk unless you want bits of hawk scattered about the pen. There, I just told you who would win in a fight between an eagle and a hawk, so you don't have to try it.

The owl with one eye self-released. I don't know how this happened. I don't know why it would happen. Tiffany is bewildered by this event. She was wearing swan earrings instead of owl earrings so Miranda thought she did that because of the escape.

As far as I can tell, yellow-naped Amazons don't show any sexual dimorphism. Greg felt something in its abdomen and thought that he might actually be a she and might be eggbound but that turned out to not be the case. Whatever it was, it wasn't showing up in the x-ray. Good thing he had a gender-neutral name. He talks but when we were looking at him, he made noises like a demented duck.

People in Iceland believe in elves. Also, there are probably more sheep than people. Also, it's less grassy and more mossy and licheny according to Matt. I made up that last word. Archer made up sand duney, so I think I have the right to do that. Doony, however, is a word. At least in Armenian, it is.

Tiffany took a picture of what looks like a sun bear sitting on a beanbag but is actually a really fat bear who had too much maple syrup and too much hunny according to her or a bear with a badger on its lap according to Greg. She has a video of the bear moving around backing up what she said.
They do things different in Canada.
Also, she doesn't know if there was a badger because she was at a zoo in Montreal and so the signs were in French. I said the French word for "badger" was "le badger" but actually it's "blaireau" according to Wikipedia, and according to wiktionary, replaced the Latin-derived taisson, and is either from the Gaulish word for gray (blaros) or the Frankish word for white blaze (blari) or maybe neither of those possibilities.

burning question: Bugs Meany is wiping his ass on our towels!?


the heart of a mouse

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We're convinced she's wearing a shrew's jaw, because she misheard shrew or I misheard shrew.
"it's fun to picture a squirrel with canines" says Tiffany. They don't need the canines because adult squirrels actually have a pretty nasty bite.

I wouldn't recommend making ceviche or sashimi with the new fish bucket but it certainly smelled better than the previous one. It made up for the lack of smell by being so frozen I needed an icepick or a pickaxe to break off chunks of fish for the seagulls' lunch. I can't take out an individual fish and thaw that one because they're stuck together with ice. There was a head with pinkish meat, possibly a salmon's, and some remnants of the white fish in the other bucket that was really too bony, too smelly, and too deep in the bucket to be of any use. Yum yum yum. Heads have skulls inside of them and I'd need something sharp, like a lightsaber or something, to cut it into eatable chunks so fuck that. Maybe we could toss it to one of the raccoons and see what they do with it.

The seagull made some noises and Tiffany's like "it's crying. They're like kittens." and Jacob is like "kittens with wings and" something about McDonalds. "It's gonna bite you."
"Which hawk?" "Roll some dice."

A chipmunk escaped from Yaritza's grasp. Then it hid behind the hawk's cage and I told it "if you get eaten, it's your own fault."

Later, a squirrel escaped and the interns had to run around med ward with nets trying to catch him*. Meanwhile, I was outside holding two seagull lunches. I'm not sure how this happened but during rounds, Tiffany said it was one of the aggies' comeuppance for being so lax with him. It was a learning experience: he can climb vertical surfaces and leap. They can turn their ankle joints 270° and climb down face first, which is very useful if you're a squirrel.

*I say him, even though we can actually check what sex a squirrel is.

"We're feeding him whenever he chirps at us." because we have no idea how old he is. I'm not sure what species he is and we're saying him because we can't tell what sex he is by looking at him.

Sarah told about how some of the interns made peanut butter pastries with mouse heads in the middle for the raccoons to eat, and a kid saw it and he was half-shocked and half-amazed. I think the blue-haired woman is Primrose. Priti is back because nobody ever leaves the wildlife center behind.

#10 is finally leaving us. Just to put things in perspective, I've written somewhere around 125 entries since we got #10, Atlas Lab wasn't a band when we had #10. Brock Turner, unrepentant rapist, will be in and out of jail in less time than we had #10.

"if they're wondering why it's in a Meow Mix cup, it's because we're out of yogurt cups."

There was a "towel bomb" in one of the dryers. Basically, a bunch of still-wet towels in a sheet that took about 15 minutes to untie.

Burning Question: what food do you think a seagull would find disgusting, bordering on the inedible?


spring festival: happiness, anger, love, sorrow, joy

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I assumed, and therefore, make you ass, that the River Arts Festival would be held in the same bat place as well as more or less the same bat time, and therefore missed the sculpture race. There was probably a quicker way to get there than taking the Red Line back to Park Street and then taking the Green Line to Lechmere but oh well. For something called the River Arts Festival, holding it along the Lechmere Canal and Charles River makes a hell of a lot more sense. My only gripe with it is that it's totally linear so getting from the folk stage to the alternative stage takes some time. The burro libro or whatever his name was was around, the giant baby carriage was still around, there was a giant music box that plays a song when you push it and a mosaic chimera, a guy was wearing parts of platonic and non-platonic solids, and a woman was giving away pro-happily kazoos and cards saying that ye who bear this card are an official member of the the World Kazoo Orchestra & Marching Band.

The weather was much nicer than last year, although it was cloudy when I left home. The music was great. I went in with lower expectations because it's just so hard to beat last year's lineup.
What I saw was this:

12:15 or so: Abbie Barrett and the Last Dance
The stage was a re-appropriated dock in the Lechmere Canal.

I don't think I missed much of their set. Most of the songs they played are from the second album or from their upcoming album. The booklet calls them pop-rock with an irreverent edge and says that her voice can go from a quiet, sweet lullaby to a snarky yell. I really like the songs Lake House Moon, Here To Stay, and Bide My Time.
I said they should play one more song. And then two more after that.
"They throw us in the water after that," she says.
They gave away download tickets for when their new album comes out.

1: Mr. Airplane Man.
Don't be fooled by their name, this band is in fact two women: Margaret on guitar and Tara on drums, tambourine, and farfisa. They're back from a ten year hiatus. It's like if you some 60s soul, dreamy pop, blues, and rock, and added a bunch of lo-fi and noise.

They recorded an EP with Mark Sandman.

Margaret said "I think a shark hit out platform."

The only thing they had for sale was The Lost Tapes. The case is weird, folded paper with a rubber nub holding the CD in place, but it's still not the worst CD case I've ever encountered. Tool, I am referring to you. There's some more stuff for sale on their Bandcamp.

2: An excerpt from Hamlet.

3: Damn Tall Buildings:
They're a bluegrass band but not totally bound to the genre, and they use upright bass, fiddle, banjo, and acoustic guitar.
The members are from all over the country.

4:15: Dwight & Nicole
I caught the tail end of this. Mix some soul, R&B, jazz, and rock guitar.

5: Vapors of Morphine
I was torn between Twisted Pine and Vapors of Morphine.
Vapors of Morphine is basically Morphine minus Mark Sandman, with a new guy on 2 string slide bass. Those of you who have played Civilization II will recognize I Had My Chance from the Manhattan Project wonder.

Vapors of Morphine is not a nautical band so Dana had no idea what the proper nautical term for doing a u-turn in a boat is. They played a few songs I recognize from Yes, including the title track, and probably a few songs written after Mark Sandman's death. The booklet mentions west African tunes and obscure covers. I'm not really familiar enough to know which is which.

What I didn't get to hear was Dietrich Strauss, The Novel Ideas, The DuPont Brothers, Dennis Brennan, Twisted Pine, The Once In A Blue Moon Band (featuring Shelly Neill), A tribute to Nina Simone, The Revolutionary Snake Ensemble, Guy Mendillo Ensemble, Dub Apocalypse, Tim Gearan Band, The Silks.


On the trip in, there was some kind of small carnival in Quincy and Joe and Riley wanted to stop there. Joe said that it didn't matter if he was late because he wasn't running. Riley used a snapchat feature to exchange her face with the face of an advertisement poster, and said that at the MFA, people were trying this on Van Gogh's postman painting and it wasn't working. A woman is a makeup artist so she has tattoos of scissors and lipstick and stuff. A woman with plum blossom tattoos got on the train as I got off.

I missed the sculpture race last year as well, so I didn't know where it began.
Outside of The Middle East are painted panels inspired by the elements, along with a bigger mural depicting a diurnal lizard and a nocturnal lizard and I'm pretty sure they're of the same genus. If that's online, I can't find it.
Don't eat pizza made with cadmium. Also, there's a certain irony of using the public parks of Cambridge to represent uranium.
Oriana Gerez had some art at the Out of the Blue Too art gallery but nothing online.

A woman I drew on the journey from Central to Lechmere had a camera amongst flower tattoo.

A man had a Blinky the Three Eyed Fish tattoo done in a Japanese style. In the background was a pufferfish or perhaps a thorny fruit, and a shark.

A woman had a hand of Fatima tattooed on one arm, a cartoony explosion with the word BANG! and the word "ΙΧΘΥΣ" for her father who did speak Greek. It turns out it isn't the same thing the choir sings in the opening of King Roger, which is "hagios kyrios theos sabaoth."
Let me tell you: Unicode has a weird quirk of sticking the diacritic to the side of capital letters. Both the Upsilon and the Iota should be accented. Also, on her tattoo, the theta looked more lowercase.
She was impressed by my ability to read it. I just can't understand it.

I asked a guy if his tattoo was a basket star and he said it's a gorgon's head starfish, and he only knows it by that name. It turns out they're a type of basket star. The story goes that when Perseus beheaded Medusa and threw her head on the beach, her gaze turned the seaweed to stone and created coral. Although these guys are found in the Antarctic and Arctic and depths of the ocean and not the Aegean sea.

Dana pronounces her name like Danna. Dana likens my art to Humans of New York and thinks I should include little vignettes about the people I draw, which is kinda what I do here. Dana went through my sketchbook and noticed someone who looked a bit like her. I said that maybe it was. So I don't know when she had the surgery or whatever on her knee but now that I think about it, I don't think it was her.
She was wearing a flower pendant made by her friend Emily. Emily, however, was wearing a bead necklace. Dana used to make art in high school but now she's just an actor. She does a thing called Shitfaced Shakespeare in which one of the actors gets as drunk as Barney and the rest improvise and try to bring him back to Shakespeare.
Dana compared my art to Roald Dahl's, or rather, Quentin Blake's art. I've heard people, specifically Rebecca, say the same exact thing to me. She said that Monica looks like Monica of Shitfaced Shakespeare, and who knows, maybe she is. She says my watercolor and ink paintings are beautiful. She wondered how old Roald Dahl was and I knew he was no longer alive, but not that he died in 1990 or that he'd be turning 100 in September.
Dana likes drawing squiggly lines herself with marker.

Sam Malcolm says that everyone can benefit from street art. "if you're liberal, I'm an artist. If you're a conservative, I'm a small business. If you're Donald Trump, I'm not Muslim. If you're Muslim, I'm not voting for Donald Trump."
"Welcome to my country." He grew up on a Shoshone-Paiute reservation outside of Reno, NV. Speaking of NV, some people from Canada were having a conversation with some people from Las Vegas, and they were talking about the time a couple was having sex on the ferris wheel and "no, what happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas because 240 days later, ploop."
His grand finale was to have four people pull on ropes to support a ladder made from a recycled wheelchair which put up a fight, and juggled swords handed to him by "the woman in the doppler effect dress."
He's like "you'll remember this for the rest of your life. maybe you'll grow up to be a doctor, or lawyer, or Japanese" and the kid is like "I am Japanese!" and later he said he had no idea.

Alexandra recognized me. She told me the map was at their gallery and it might be on their instagram. If Emma was there, I didn't see her, although I did mistake a few people for her. If Emily (not Dana's friend Emily but Emily from children of the revolution. They might be the same person.) was selling jewelry, I didn't see her. Riri's Pottery Haus wasn't there. They weren't listed in the booklet but neither was Bon Me nor was Gallery 253. I briefly mistook someone for Jackie.
Gallery 253 was making a quilt with our self-portraits. She said bringing a mirror was a great idea and then told me we don't need mirrors because it's how we see ourselves, and then told me I didn't need a mirror anyway. Someone drew a crocodile or maybe it was an alligator.
Julia got beads from the Czech Republic or maybe it was still Czechoslovakia.

A guy had a t-shirt depicting some kind of butterfly phoenix which I can not find by google image searching that (sometimes I swear its telepathic. Not in this case.) and a tattoo of a curling branch.

The woman with short amplified pastel green hair apologized for having a weird face but it's cool. I did get her jewelry, which consisted of: in order of most likely to least likely, rotated astrological symbols for Venus/biological symbol for female/alchemical symbol for copper, alchemical symbol for iron/biological symbol for male/astrological symbol for Mars, or astrological symbol for Uranus and symbol for platinum and not uranium as one might expect; a rather ornate septum ring; what she says is a squirrel's mandible hanging from a chain attached to her ear, it had a canine so I'm going to ask about that tomorrow, she might be mistaken or the person she got it from might be mistaken; a long cord with a vial of powder and dried flower hanging around her neck; a stick-on bead near her eye.
Her tattoos depicted chakrams and a sketch of a seated woman and a crescent moon as viewed on the Equator. Her shirt was sunset purple and spattered with black. She held a green apple.
She understands the dilemma of whether to sacrifice artistic vision or inadvertently piss someone off off.

I saw a woman wearing a kimono but I don't know if it was for something or just something she felt like wearing and we didn't really get the chance to talk.
A woman had a tattoo of a kimonoed woman along with many flowers. A man had a tattoo of a samurai.

There were two giants amongst dogkind, a papillon, and a puli, which I said looks like Cousin It with dreadlocks.

One of the interstitial songs at one of the stages was an instrumental of Beware The Blob!

Cate Great did her finale, juggling and a handstand on a tower stack with swords sticking out for added dangerousness, to Also Sprach Zarathustra and her penultimate trick, spinning around on a stack of pipes and boards, was done to the Mission:Impossible theme.

She says people ask her "who are you? What are you? Where are you from? Where are you really from? Where are you really really really from?" and she's really from New Jersey and fuck if I can remember her name. I think it started with the letter L. She's not listed in the booklet.
She escapes from a straightjacket and makes coins move around. She holds a jar in one hand and three (tres/trois/san/három/kinsa) half-dollar coins in the other and I can't tell if she's just really good at flipping coins in the air or if there's more to it. She was wearing a short-sleeved t-shirt. She says she got the straightjacket from her parents. She has a rubber hand just so she can make the bad joke.
I was the only one who took the bait when she had us count the coins in English, Spanish, French, and then her first language. Or maybe I was the only one who could count to three in an Asian language who took the bait. Hey, Other Barry, let's count to three Barry's way: BARRY. DOESN'T. LIKE. being made an ass.

There were some gongs made from sheets of metal. Today, we are all percussionists.

Someone was selling glass hummingbirds, octopuses, mermaids, sea stars, dogs, rays, and crabs.
Someone from Romania was selling paintings and souvenir trinkets.
Someone was selling bead frogs made by people from South Africa.

The woman with the tiger's eye pendant is a huge fan of Morphine. I think the guy with the skeleton hand pendant is too.
Her friend had double bat earrings so I had to show her the bat pictures from the wildlife center. She really likes bats. Her vest is covered with Batman-related pins.

A woman at Park Street had some sort of l'Cie brand tattooed on her shoulder.

burning question: is there a non-WASP demographic Trump won't offend by the end of his campaign?


the fairy queen

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I'm still getting used to sleeping with the windows open, so I've been waking up early and going back to bed. Whoever said that you can't remember more than three of your dreams is lying, because I remembered four in one night, or morning, as the case may be. One of them was unremarkable and kind of normal. In one of them, I took my chances in this puzzle room because I had thirty minutes to kill; the first puzzle involved finding an out of place object on some shelves, the second involved converting titles to numbers, if that makes sense to you, which it obviously doesn't because of dream logic, and the third I didn't see because I woke up. One of them I was discussing the taxonomy of dude rock vs cock rock in an elevator that could move from side to side as well as up and down. The fourth, I was in some park, watching a deconstructed version of King Roger without the orchestra or percussion and it transformed into a deconstructed version of Turandot with the music played on an old-fashioned sound system.

My friend couldn't make it to the MFA yesterday and I declined to invite Emma in her stead because there was no way she could get my message in time to work out scheduling.

The first thing the automated announcements said as systems went online is "Davis Square" and Addie's like "That is not where we are." and then went back to her conversation with Monica about someone's furry art. I knew a Monica but unless she never aged, she's probably not the same person. Also, she'd be poking through their safety equipment and admonishing the lack of a tourniquet because a light could fall down on someone or a door could suddenly explode. Monica's a common name, unlike Amaris. It's funny, I know someone who's Asian and named Amaris who not only does not live in Massachusetts but I'm pretty sure she's never been to Massachusetts. Also, if you ever meet someone named Monica, don't bring up Mambo #5.

There were four artists, either disabled or homeless (or both, because sometimes it's interconnected) showcasing their work for an organization called ArtLifting. All of the works are inspired by Megacities Asia and all depict Boston. None of them imagined that their works would be at the MFA.

I'm sorry I can't find any decent pictures so I'm just going to have to describe them to you.

Elizabeth Belstraz made a collage of a map of Boston and its satellites clouded and broken and rearranged, vapor trails and cellphone signals in the sky. It's about how we're brought together but kept apart by the same thing. And I can't bring up how we're isolated by something meant to bring us together and how hard it is to find photographs from yesterday without bringing up Facebook. Yay, crackpot Infowars can go viral unfettered. Except I don't need or want links to crackpot Infowars and Breitbart articles going viral unfettered, I want a proper search feature again. Also, I need to find an alternative to Iconosquare.

She was away for a few minutes so the woman who explained the work to me had this Emerson quote on a pendant: “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." She had a ring engraved with something but I'm not sure what that something was.

The upper class is in intact cell phone cases, the lower class is in battered cell phone cases, inside each cell phone case are cardboard faces with googly eyes and sharpied black holes for mouths, connected by bits of packing styrofoam and discarded lottery tickets, the homeless are a morass of faces and googly eyes.
In other words, downward mobility is painfully easy, upward mobility is an illusion.
The artist, Lorianne Fay, has a form of corneal dystrophy, and says she can see better with her camera than with any pair of glasses.

Allen Chamberland has COPD, despite not smoking.

From afar, they look like photographs with the contrast at maximum, but up close, you can tell they're black paper cut with the sword of exact zero. They depict places where the homeless sleep.

So what I've learned about COPD from Wikipedia is that women in Europe and the US smoke more than women in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, while men in Europe and the US smoke less than men in Asia and Africa. There are some interesting exceptions: Albanian women don't smoke. Lebanese women smoke like chimneys possibly because Lebanon is by far the most westernized country in the Middle East outside of Israel, while nobody in Ethiopia smokes. I'm not sure why; maybe because they were never colonized.
This is a long time ago and the site I was quoting is no longer around but I remember hearing that tobacco persuaded the Czech government to allow smoking in public places because "it lowers the amount of money spent on health care." A search tells me Philip Morris commissioned a report saying that smokers dying earlier and tax revenue outweighed the cost of treating smoking-related illnesses to allay the Czech health ministry.
But the Czech Republic doesn't have a particularly high smoking rate.

Kitty Zen contrasts the vivid metallics/acrylic colors in her paintings with the outside, which is gray with hints of green. She says she wants to make her world more upbeat and beautiful. She says she uses just the right amount of chaos.

Lessons From The Rock Dove, acrylic paint and metallic pigments applied with a sponge and a bristle brush. White rodos were prized, while other rodos adapted to fit in amongst the reds of brick and the gray and blue of concrete.

The painting of the Brewer Fountain is called Chaotic Muses. It's reversed and I think she said that she painted the background first because that's what she notices first when she goes to the Boston Common. The water is paint mixed with glitter.
I can't tell you anything about the flower painting.

This work, inspired by photos from the Hubble Space Telescope, was on her bag.

She didn't get a chance to see Bright Matter.
She had a crown of crystals and steel spikes and beads and pearls that she made, twin nose rings, a metal pendant, a dress of sunset-on-snow colored sequins, hair of pale silver and blue and pink, a tattooed gorget of five-pointed stars bound by chains.

David and his traveling companion/friend, who has a crescent and star ring, have the raven as their spirit animal according to some test somewhere. They're happy about being the most intelligent birds out there but kinda mixed on the idea of scavenging their food.

A guy wore a "bikes not bombs" shirt designed in homage to Shepard Fairey and old posters.

A clarinetist wishes she could hear a nyckelharpa in action and I said that you apparently could hear one in action here if you can time travel; I found a picture on Flickr and really wish I knew who these people were so I could hear them in action. At least you get plenty of erhu on the MBTA.
Her friend called one of the African instruments a magickal bottlecap clicker clicker.
Her other friend has blue hair.
All of us want to hear these instruments, or at least accurate replicas, in action.

A guy had tentacle wrist tattoos and a lumberjack t-shirt.

Like this one. I looked up lumberjack vs tree and bada climp, bada clamp, there it was.

I noticed that one of the ceramic birds is a mallard and I think there's some kind of gull there too.
A man described Chaosmos Mandala as like being inside Liberace's house.

One of the geese that hangs around outside the MFA had a baby with her.

I ran into Kathleen in the museum so she could take a picture of her portrait.

I didn't think it would be so warm when I left and I thought it would start raining again.

Someone had a chihuahua-something else mix dog named Sputnik, which is either a Russian satellite or the Russian equivalent of Info Wars, on the train and there was an empty seat in front of her so I just sat there and petted him. Someone nearby remarked about how much Government Center changed. It's very bright. More subtly, there are colorful lights just below the glass structure. It's surrounded by a mess of debris and construction.

I saw a woman with cotton candy colored braids.

There was a guy who looked like Sam of Atlas Lab sitting next to me except not balding, and a bunch of people who went to the Museum of Science and saw the tamarins sitting across from me. One had blonde and dark purple hair and a tiny wishbone pendant. One had a crescent and star pendant that I thought was a dolphin from a distance.
The actual coracoid bone is fragile and I swear every other passerine bird we get has a broken coracoid, but her wishbone pendant isn't fragile at all.

burning question: why does the anti-SJW crowd have such a consuming hatred for colored hair? Don't most of their waifus have pink/green/blue hair?


flicker and die

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These are some new thoughts I had regarding radio. I didn't share them with Phyllis' owner nor the woman in the blue windbreaker, so I'm not going to do any more ninja edits over there. I looked up WAAF's playlists to see if they played any Days of the New, and if they did, if it was Touch, Peel, and Stand, and they didn't, but they did play two Evanescence songs in a row and I'm weirded out by this because I don't think they played Evanescence back when they were a new thing and I didn't think there'd be more than one Evanescence song on their rotation, and I thought bands with female vocals were anathema. Stereogum says it was because of the Telecommunications Act of 1996.

I think I can count the bands with female vocalists I heard on WAAF on my fingers.

I also checked to see if they played Limp Bizkit recently and they didn't but they seem to play Kid Rock a lot. They haven't played any new Deftones or any Deftones songs at all but that makes sense. Instead of going back to My Own Summer after going through the White Pony singles a la Days of the New, they stopped playing Deftones until Minerva. This has nothing to do with perceived quality because they played We're Not Gonna Take It and Cum On Feel The Noize in one hour. I think they go out of their way to play the worst 80s music they can find.

Bay State Rock is still a thing but the stuff played doesn't show up on Tunegenie.


Seagull food is haunting my dreams. Not the dream I had before going to the wildlife center, that was the sort of dream you don't ever want to wake up from.
And the strange thing is I have no idea who I was with in that dream. Someone I just recently met or someone only in the deepest recesses of my memory or a composite of various relations or...
A few days before that, I dreamt I was at the wildlife center, mixing together seeds and fish.

Thankfully Miranda and Anya (or perhaps Annia) made the food for the animals in med ward. Except for the bobwhite's food but that's just greens, mealworms, and game bird feed.

Somebody brought us really limp carrots.

Ziggy got a haircut and a bandana. Zack said he acted embarrassed at first and wouldn't go inside and was checking himself out in the mirror and either he thought he looked good with short fur or concluded that there are other dogs out there that went through the same thing.

A few weeks ago, I saw this cart with a chainsaw attached to it that was used for irrigation, which would be great in a zombie apocalypse. Michael says that zombies are the least threatening apocalypse because they're basically just humans without any advantages. Now, if Skynet was using the zombies as a diversion, that would be another thing.

She mentioned her name but I promptly forgot it. Lindy or Lindsey or something. Recently, she saw saw a ruby-throated hummingbird dancing and the female was sitting up in a tree, like "eh." She told of a phoebe and a cowbird that tried to take over her nest. Actually, we think a snake ate the phoebe's eggs because they're the only thing that would eat an egg whole. Maybe an oviraptor but they're quite extinct and they're from Mongolia and maybe they didn't eat protoceratops eggs but were actually tending to their own eggs.
A raccoon peeked his head out of a box while some interns were weighing him or keeping him in the box while they cleaned his cage out or I don't know.
The cygnet vomited in terror and the gosling ate the vomit.
Some of the larger ducklings are bullying the smaller ducklings and not letting them eat. I feel like I'm in opposite world, where ducks are assholes and swans are beautiful birds with lovely personalities. Or who knows, maybe in Opposite World, swans grow up to be really nice birds that look like exceptionally ugly turkey vultures.

The ducks keep swimming even when they're up against the edge of the pool.

Sarah is from New Jersey and grew up in Singapore, which I think qualifies as a megacity in Asia but wasn't exhibited in Megacities Asia. I think Lianne is from New Jersey too. Sarah talked about someone stalling in a four way intersection. I can't think of any worse places to stall, except for railroad tracks, and in that case, you abandon the car.

There was a woman with blue hair and cherry blossom tattoos and two triangles, one on each wrist, one solid black and one an outline but I don't know her name or even why she was there because she vanished after rounds. Maybe she was buying us greens. Maybe she was visiting. Maybe she had a pet that needed to be tended to.

Lauren has tattoos of black flowers on her hands and arms. It looks really cool, like fingerless gloves. She's a vegetarian and has been a vegetarian since she was twelve but doesn't mind cutting up mice and chicks for the fox and raccoons to eat.

Cristina is from Ecuador. Ecuadorian food has a lot of rice. Rice with beans, rice with chicken, rice with fish, rice with potatoes. They do have ceviche but it's different from Peruvian style ceviche and they eat it with rice on the side, of course. Also, they like plantains with rice and possibly olives and pigeon peas, which reminds me of Puerto Rican food. Wikipedia's picture of Ecuadorian ceviche depicts it as being made with tomato sauce. Somebody said she should make us an Ecuadorian dish, as long as she doesn't use the fish bucket to make ceviche. That would be a crime against humanity.

One person had a bat earring, one had a snake pendant and knows people with octopus pendants. I've seen someone wearing a Lego octopus as a pendant. Or rather, I've seen a photograph of someone wearing a Lego octopus as a pendant.
Anya is right: we should wear name tags. She was at the MFA recently but not to see Megacities Asia.
She doesn't want to intern at a zoo because that's all cleaning poop. Or maybe that was Miranda or Taylor or Sarah. Or maybe that was everyone's stance. Anya, or was it Taylor, has four cats and a horse and wants a dog.
Sarah took care of raccoons at a place in New Jersey or something and everything's in the same room and the raccoons chitter and screech at them while they're making food.

Miranda says Paris is on her bucket list. Just see it before it's part of the brave new world of National Front run France. I'm not sure what their stance on art is but I can't imagine it being anything less than hostile.

There's a finch in boarding. his partner died recently, he prolapsed or herniated his organs through his cloaca and we (not including me) had to put them back in. I wondered if he was one of those birds that just gives up on life when their mate dies.

Shannon, I thank, has finches. They're not talkative, just pretty.

A raccoon came to us with second degree burns because he was stuck in a fireplace or he was living in a fireplace and people tried to smoke him out or something like that.
If you're going to eat raccoon poop, make sure it's fresh poop.

This is the cutest fox picture ever.

burning question: if a giant brogmoid were holding up the world, where would he stand?


sparks in everything

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Someone wrote "dream, but don't sleep" on an empty payphone cradle.

One woman had a Shakespeare and Company bag and I'm not sure if it was the bookstore in Paris or the Lenox theatre troupe but she liked my insult t-shirt anyway.
Anna asked another passenger "does it look like me?" while I was drawing her. I couldn't not draw her because she noticed me and was smiling.
She said "you're cool" to me and I lament that there's no way to express tone because there are many different ways to interpret that. She meant it in a good way. A very good way, I mean.
She's not an artist, she's a nursing student. In response, I showed her the baby pictures, and she says that waps really nice of me. She asked me if I ever draw the animals.
Across from me, a mosquito was bothering someone who wasn't me. She thought it was a wasp.

Here are some stuff that caught my eye at the Harvard art museums. The modern, contemporary, impressionist, post-impressionist art is on the first floor, and as you go up, the art is older and the architecture is newer, so like at the Worcester Art Museum, I went backwards through time. Well, almost; I started with Beckmann, went backwards to Impresssionism, and then forwards to modern and then to contemporary, and then went upstairs for Pre-Raphaelite and Symbolism. Unless you're talking Chinese art, where the neolithic, predynastic, Shang, Spring and Autumn, Warring States, Han art is on the first floor, while Song and Ming are on the second floor.
On the fourth floor, there is a reception room with sheet aluminum folded into convex and concave forms and spray-painted with a standardized shade of yellow. The visitor's guide depicts what looks like a violin between two video screens. That wasn't there, so I just assumed it was taken down. The wayback machine has nothing so maybe it's not a work from the past but from the future. Even further up is the lightbox gallery.
I'm going to stop ninja-editing now. Okay, just this one last ninja edit.

Joan Miro - Mural
there is an episode of the Simpsons in which Homer pronounces his name wrong and a student corrects him, also pronouncing his name wrong.

I knew this was a Beckmann when I saw it.

Pear Tree by Gustav Klimt

Gustave Moreau - The Infant Moses
in real life, it's as tall as I am.

There are multiple paintings of this subject, with variations.

Jacob and the Angel

Hey, this guy has a vagina bone. Seriously, that's what someone in #gazorpazorp thought the iliac crest is.

As I said to Jackie, this is what I love about Boston: access to arts and culture.

It's impressionistic still but at the same time, the subject matter is entirely unlike most of the Monet paintings we know.

The Power of Death

Aubrey Beardsley

A necklace made of really delicate beads of woven hair.

What they point out is that the work references the indigenous Tasmanian custom of long shell necklaces and how the use of coal draws attention to the coal mining on Tasmania that led to the genocide of the native Tasmanians.
What they didn't point out is that those antlers come from an invasive species.

To The Convalescent Woman

Flying Books Under Black Rain Painting. Its position and size make it hard to get decent photographs of the entire thing.
the rain is ink, the books are The Book of Disquiet, Amerika, and Ulysses.
On the other side is 258 Fake. Fake sounds like fuck in a Beijing accent. 7677 photographs mostly taken with smartphones arranged by theme.

These two were meant to be viewed by anyone entering the building, without having to enter the galleries.

There is a mobile of giant metal triangles in the courtyard.

There were Medals of Dishonor, responses to fascist aggression in Spain, on loan. There's a full text of a German book that includes the wonderfully and grotesquely evocative descriptions in only mildly butchered English. Check it out!

There's a bookstore near Harvard Square so I picked up books two and three of the Radix Tetrad by Alfred Angelo Attanasio, The Martian Inca by Ian Watson, and The Probability Pad by T.A. Waters. I'll have to pick up Through The Heart by Richard Grant next time I'm there assuming nobody else has the idea to pick it up. And one day I'll find Saraband of Lost Time and Rumours of Spring.
Thankfully even with the Rabid Puppies doing their best to make the Hugo Awards as valuable as a Prometheus or Dragon Award (no offense, but this was ruined before it even began), I can feed of stores from harvests past.
I'll have to pick up Through The Heart by Richard Grant next time I'm there. And one day I'll find Saraband of Lost Time and Rumours of Spring.
I don't know what to think of Raven Books. They didn't have anything by Ian Watson. They seem more focused on academic works, so if you're into niche academic stuff, check it out. Somebody drew The Kiss in chalk on Church Street, so I'm glad I took that detour.
And I probably wouldn't have met the same passengers I met had I not went down Brattle street to find naught but a table of books including one in Finnish.
Screw TV from alternate realities, I want sketchbooks from alternate realities.

The people behind me at CVS thought that they were in the longest line they've seen. The people in front of me wanted to make rose corsages so they'd be immune to silence and can pick fights with those damned sylphi entites that have conquered Boston.

She said that sadly her name isn't Lauren, which made me think that it is something like Rory but I hope not.

I don't normally go to the Museum of Fine Arts while on a Braintreebound train.

Lindsey studied fashion design in school. She had trouble thinking of what year she graduated. I'm thinking 2018 seems like a long way away, but not really, because oh shiiiit, it's 2016.
I thought Tanna's name sounded Finnish but it's Italian according to her. Wikipedia tells me nothing, except that it's an island in Vanuatu and a genus of cicadas. Maybe it's Italian for Tanya. Her sister is an artist and she's going to suggest drawing people on trains to her.

Somebody drew angry eyebrows on the baby changing table's depiction of a baby.

I remarked that it looks like armor in the photograph but from up close, it looks a lot flimsier.
The pin shirt was turned on because it's Wednesday but there's too much ambient noise for the connection between your voice and the vibration to be noticeable.

#1 take off your shoes and wash your hands

I'll tell you what Harvard isn't producing. Competent web designers. Although I should have known that whenever I use Facebook's search feature. Actually, I don't know how much control Zuckerberg has over the workings of the search feature, or where and if the people with control over the search feature went to school.

He arranged kitchen items to evoke both urban neighborhoods and the sustenance a city requires.

#2 Untitled

Topography of discarded plastic bags.

#3 8' x 12'

Installation is the dimensions of a typical family dwelling in Dharavi, Mumbai's largest slum, or more acccurately, informal settlement consisting of about a million people living on some 500 acres of land. The cityscape within uses the same materials people use to build their homes, mostly bits of aluminum and car parts. Somebody noticed wire supports. It's not a map of the city nor is it meant to be.

A woman had a pikachu hat and a t-shirt depicting the Happy Mask Salesman in mask form advertising a three day sale at the Clock Town festival, featuring the keaton mask, the Fierce Deity's mask, the Goron mask, the Zora mask, the Deku mask, and the Mask of Truth.
On the hierarchy of t-shirts I've seen people wear, it's up there with Crime Sucks and Dear Diary, Today A Monster Stole My Muffin.

#4 temperature

There are bits of old fragments of cloth embedded in these bricks, which were taken from razed apartment buildings in Beijing.

#5 venu

Venu is the Hindi word for bamboo forest. It's a lightweight, flexible, and strong material but people would rather live in houses made from brick or concrete because it's more modern. Inside, you have hanging cotton rope and vibration sensors and motors.

#6 build me a nest so I can rest

This work was commissioned specifically for the Museum of Fine Arts, and is made from clay birds sold as trinkets and children's playthings altered and repainted to look like Mumbai's native migratory birds, which reflects her own life and how people are moving from rural areas to cities and her family having to move during the partition of India.
The 300 birds all hold quotes from various works of literature.

Alas, she was murdered recently.

#7 doors away from home - doors back home

Hu made this from doors salvaged from Ming and Qing homes that were being dismantled.
From above, they form the character for wood, 木 (mù) and the walls enclosing it transform it into 困 (kùn), which means to become trapped or surrounded.

I love the logographs made from gaudy bits of jewelry and trinkets and keys and cartoon characters and knockoff Legos.

A few weeks ago, I found some of those sticky beads and I picked them up for art purposes.

Some of the doors are really ornate. There's one door I particularly like but nobody else feels the same way and I can't find any pictures of it.
It resonates with Boston's razing of the West End, and how nobody cared about historic architecture back in the 50s.
His art made Shanghai introduce historical preservation.

A man told me to visit Seoul and it's changed a lot since the 60s.

#8 super-natural

Molly wanted to build something similar out of blue objects. Her friend said that blue has been scientifically determined to be the most soothing color. The artist picked green because the objects are greener than the substances used to make them.

To them, the frog umbrella stood out. To the woman in the Majora's Mask shirt, the dinosaur stood out. I can't find the dinosaur in any pictures.

All of the objects from Boston will be donated or recycled. All the objects from Seoul will be used in other exhibitions, possibly with local green objects from other places.

#9 drifting producers / escapement

in Seoul, a park displaced machinists. They go on and off and make noise. One of them I didn't get to see in action.

Molly, so says a nametag she was wearing, has a pendant depicting the Venus of Willendorf and a patch saying "stop rape culture," and I find it weird that Return of Kings denies rape culture when they are rape culture. You can't do that.
She knows it isn't in the country. I guessed Germany, or maybe France. It's located in Bécs/Vienna. If I see her, I'll let her know. Or if I see anyone else with a Venus of Willendorf pendant, I'll let them know.

They were letting people go in Living With Pigeons; inside, there is a pigeon nest among stacks of shelves. Getting up is the easy part, getting down is the hard part. Crab-walking down the stairs helps.
One of the docents had an owl tattoo.

Lois Russell made a basket out of USB cables and bits of gearwork.

I looked at the caste paintings. There was nothing about the term Hispanic/Latino but the caste system is a mess and is inconsistent and it's flexible and people could move up a level if they paid some officials and people who were 1/8th native were considered Spaniards but people who were 1/32 black had a caste of their own. Zambo wasn't on the MFA's list but it's on the Wikipedia's list. Hispanics have long since abandoned Mestizo but white people who are totally into scientific racism have adopted the term for "anyone from Latin America"

The woman with lavender hair and the woman with pink hair and the man with uncolored hair wanted to see if the breathing lotus had motion sensors because they noticed it was kind of deflated so we all grouped together and got distracted by a squirrel was climbing on the walls of the museum, and we all started singing "spidersquirrel, spidersquirrel, does whatever a spidersquirrel does, can he swing from a web? no he can't, he's a squirrel. Look out, he is a spidersquirrel!"
The man was talking about a hedgehog named Elvis and saying that without context, people are imagining a guy with a bouffant.
Elsewhere was a woman with purple hair and a woman with green (Terra, not Rydia) hair.

The sign said that the artificial lotus will live longer than the real plants.

The woman with the two children said that the woman I was drawing's makeup made her look like Jasmine from Aladdin. My drawing, however, just makes her look grumpy. Don't quote me on this because I can't tell the difference between Mexican and Filipino. Mexican Mexican, not "anybody south of the Rio Grande and that includes Brazil even though they don't speak Spanish and Guyana and Suriname even though they don't even speak a Romance language) and I can't tell the difference between Hispanic and Nepali either but I think she's Indian, while Jasmine is Uyghur.
I think maybe the people at Chutneys are Nepali.

I met a cairn terrier named Phyllis. Her owner used to work for PetCo so she knows about the Wildlife Center. I tried to draw Phyllis but she gets it: dog anatomy is different and there's a lot more fur, and they don't pose like Anna or talk to their friends or look at their phones like pretty much everyone else. Phyllis doesn't like baths. I told them about how once I spent a summer weekend at my grandparents' and my aunt's cat was there and when I got back home, I wasn't used to dog smell. That's the last ninja-edit, I swear.
The woman in a blue windbreaker (she needs to join the woman with the rose corsage in her fight against the sylphi entites) has a tattoo of the northern lights right below her clavicle, a colorful band around her wrist and some lyrics I've forgotten from a band I've forgotten that she was into in high school, and some music notes. She said the band is obscure and I said that I listen to some really obscure stuff too but pop culture has fragmented and when I was in high school, it wasn't as fragmented.
I mentioned the tapes I made and the time I spent listening to them and then posting my thoughts on them and wondering what I was thinking some of those songs and maybe I recorded them thinking it was something else which I've done plenty of times or maybe I recorded them thinking they'd be some sort of flash in the pan. You know how it is, a band release a hit song, for example, Days of the New's Touch, Peel, and Stand, which I guess isn't terrible but it's a bit repetitive and too long for its own good and it gives me no reason to buy the album, and then they release some better songs like The Down Town and Shelf in the Room, and then they play those for a month or so and then go back to the hit single and then they release a new album so they'll play some stuff from that, and then go back to Touch, Peel, and Stand.
Linkin Park and Korn were kinda innovative but wore out their welcome after about 200 or so listens.

The radio station I used to listen to hasn't changed their playlist (hey, there's a new Radiohead album out. Let's play Creep!) since I stopped listening. Actually, that's not true, there's more 80s schlock rock and glam metal. I speculated that the key demographic changed from 18-35 males to 18-49 males, if not 18-65 males and they're losing the 18-35 part of that so they have to appeal to the older crowd. Also, they haven't played music on the typical weekday morning in around five years even though I'm pretty sure the only reason anybody listened to the Hill Man Morning Show instead of Howard Stern is because they actually occasionally played music during the morning commute.

She tracks buses but not trains because the red line is reliable-ish, while buses come when and if they feel like coming. I told her about Atlas Lab's first concert and my plan to time travel my way around the lack of a train station in Union Square.

She says there's a stretch of highway in Somerville where one can reach 88 miles per hour if you do it at 4 in the morning.

There are two rules of time travel: you can't actually interact with yourself without either fainting or destroying the universe and you can't kill Hitler or you've removed your impetus to go back in time, but maybe you could go back in time to visit a relative and because you're there, kill Hitler. Except I don't have any relatives in Germany at that time. Maybe I could go see some of the so-called degenerate art before they destroy it.

She says you have to be careful when time traveling and creating new realities because you might stop existing.

I thought she was going to mention Rick and Morty and the time they sat around watching TV from alternate realities but she mentioned Fringe instead and how it was filmed around Boston.

burning question: what's your favorite mask to wear in Majora's Mask?

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