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remembrance of things future

Posted on October 18, 2016 at 7:59 pm
Mood: tetrax
Now Playing: The Curtain Society - Across The Universe
The merlin, which are falcons and not the smallest raptor in the area (that would be the kestrel) and only coincidentally share their name with the wizard Myrddin lasted five days and then died. This merlin had head trauma of some sort. They don't live in Massachusetts but they do migrate through Massachusetts. Some of them don't bother migrating anymore because they're so adapted to city life.

The squirrel had a broken and twisted spine, and we couldn't really do anything. I feel like most of the adult squirrels we see have spinal injuries. Death under sedation is better than being eaten and being eaten is better than dying from exposure or starving to death.

Muskrat didn't make it either. On the bright side, Priya took a slow-motion video of one of the screech owls shitting and then taking off into the woods without a sound, without even the feel of wind on her face.

So right now we have a few geese, a mallard, a couple of rodos, one of which escaped and was strutting about on the top of the goose cage, a red-tailed hawk, and an American robin.
We have a mouse infestation and we fed a few of them to Falco (actually a Buteo) and used a few of them to live prey test some raptors and let that be a lesson to the rest of you mice.

To cheer you up, here's a rescued domestic duck riding a spur-thighed tortoise.

They don't make gloves that fit Donald Trump's ego.
Back in the summer, a lot of the fledgeling birds had tufts of feathers like Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanderling. Just kidding, sanderlings don't breed in New England.

Tiffany says duck meat is very greasy.
which led to: priya once ate a turducken or at least has seen a turducken. I once read a book which had an even more decadent turducken: bustards stuffed with turkeys stuffed with pheasants stuffed with partridges stuffed with quails stuffed with chestnuts.
A quick search tells me it was No Present Like Time. I knew it was by Steph Swainston and it wasn't Dangerous Offspring and I knew there were quails when I brought it up.
which led to: priya knew a girl ten years ago who said she was vegetarian and then she was eating chicken.
which led to: Nicole knows people who are allergic to nuts but were just fine eating peanut butter ice cream and she was like "what the fuck" and then "they're legumes." But they're processed with tree nuts so they have to be careful anyway.
Nicole has mostly red-brown hair with streaks of vivid purple that I thought was a trick of the multicolored lights except there weren't any multicolored lights.
which led to: epi-pens are like 700 dollars now.
which led to: Martin Shkreli was at an art show where Donald Trump supporters do to art what the Mad Genius Club does to literature. You could pay at least 65 dollars for the privilege of seeing the half-red half-blue pill (along with a pile of scorched textbooks and apologia for the genocide of indigenous people and rape and slavery and Milo Yannipolis bathing in pigs' blood and a deck of cards with Tila Tequila and Alex Jones and oversized prints of unclothed men wearing Trump hats taken by probably the same assholes who made Xenoblade, no I am not over the Wii being optimized for a television that is widescreen but at a standard definition) or 20,000 dollars to buy it.
Tiffany knows what I'm talking about: they're appropriating their imagery from a movie by two trans women and you could interpret the red pill as a metaphor for transsexuality.
which led to: Nicole says that she thinks Trump supporters in New Hampshire are looking up younger independent voters who will most likely be away for college and voting in their name.
which led to: there's going to be much hardship no matter what.

Colleen doesn't know how to dress for mid-October because it's always cold in the morning but it was a very warm afternoon but all autumn warmth is fleeting, much like all spring warmth. I think she has a triceratops backpack. Some kind of dinosaur, anyway.

burning question: if you were sentenced to die, how would you choose to go out?


the medium is not the message

Posted on October 13, 2016 at 7:22 pm
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Now Playing: Dalt Wisney - Dingbat The Singing Cat
Kennedy was going to go salsa dancing but I think it was too late for that; I dunno, I made a beeline for Coro Victoria, while I don't know where Georgina and Abby ended up.
Coro Victoria played an excerpt from an Astor Piazolla opera, a lullaby for children killed in the Guatemalan Civil War followed by a response from the dead to the military regime, a popular Mexican song, a Peruvian waltz called Cinnamon Flower, Hallelujah, a Guatemalan song that commemorated a long-gone railroad that sounds about as advanced as the train to Johannesburg because it's the 30s, a song to a poet who committed suicide in La Plata, a song called Caribbean In New York that could be about any immigrant.

Revueltas is not Lithuanian like I thought it was but Spanish for "revolt" and he's from Mexico. Actually, his full name is Silvestre Reveultas Sánchez, so urk I-uhuhuhuh dunno, Morty, that sounds pretty urk Spanish to me. They played a work inspired by mariachi music.
Schulhoff was born in Austro-Hungarian Prague died at Wülzburg concentration camp of tuberculosis (it's entirely possible he died of typhus, or perhaps he was outright murdered), which is totally proof that the Holocaust didn't really happen and Erwin Schulhoff never actually existed. I jest, at their expense, but there are people out there who really believe this. The Boston Pops players played The Suite For Chamber Orchestra, which uses instruments that have never been used before, like slide whistles and car horns. He also wrote a satire of German militarism in 1919, a Sonata Erotica in which a soprano spends several minutes faking an orgasm, has a contrabassoon attempt birdcalls, set the Communist Manifesto to music, a surrealist retelling of Don Juan in which he is condemned to live forever, and that piece that was nothing but a complicated series of rests that I was talking about a few years back.
Appalachian Spring is played with 13 instruments, if you can believe that.

I don't have images for everything.
[Click For Art]
Catalogue aria from Don Giovanni with comedic Italian lessons about how to say you are a beautiful pussy (sei una bella figa) and penis (cazzo) where she says something about figs, to serious discussions about the state of the world's economy.
Note that there's a village in Slovakia called Figa and I bet Italians see it in the same way that those of us English-speakers see Fucking, Austria.
People who use hoo-haa for vagina should be hunted down and sent to gulags where they are forced to listen to techno versions of Dingbat The Singing Cat in a room full of cats where occasionally a laser pointer will shine on their nether regions, or eyes if they're Mad Geniuses or something.

An anthropomorphized poster with a moustache and a bowler hat. I know autocorrect hates moustache but it's a better word than mustache because it gets the old-fashionedness of it across.

"Get on the fucking block and fuck" is written on the tail in negative space. The other peacock is a mirror image of this one.

An animation set to a conversation with two Italian men.

Carbon copies of Henry Miller novels with enough blank pages for a third copy.


pull after "push"

push after "pull after push"

a woman and a peacock yet again

structure that f(its my opening)

conceited girls

see the burning question.

pretty ugly

welcome and unwelcome

an uncommon rear view

nothing but cock

Enough education to provide manpower but not so much that you prove an embarassment and become overeducated for our demands. There are questions at the end phrased like the SAT. Every source for this I can find is Chinese and I'm not sure if it's a parody or an actual test they give to people.

Chorus girls, dropping phrases from a satirical novel about a writer turned into a teenager by an evil professor and his quest to gain his adultivity back. they are covered in dizzying spiral patterns.

Cat videos.

Art is and will always be and has always been political in nature.
Chang balances a plate on her head, slices through the canteloupe placed underneath her undergarment and she starts eating it and putting the seeds in the plate. The plate is one of those commemorative plates with a photograph transferred but the ink is toxic so you can't eat from it.
a girl watching this couldn't bear to look.

I don't know the context of this one.

Goddess by Bowers with slogans like freedom means choice.

Mpumi Moeti: in apartheid south africa citizens were registered according to "race" which is basically just characteristics like hair color and texture and skin color and facial features and they were required to carry around photographs with documents. This is actually about being lesbian in Africa, what with Martin ϟϟempa ("desa eaten da poo poo" you know what he sounds like, he sounds like a fucking Nazi Jar-Jar Binks) and Scott Lively and Yoweri Mussovini and Vladimir Putin.

silueta series: her body merged with the earth.
I've seen other photographs in this series at the ICA last summer.

now speak: a podium with historical speeches by Szymborska, Horn, Cicero, and Baldwin.

trans liberation: CeCe McDonald, a biracial trans woman imprisoned in a men's facility for stabbing a drunken methed-up coked-up assaulter with a swastika tattoo in self-defense, with angel wings and a hammer hanging from a belt at her waist. This is based on the nearby A Garland For May Day.

truism footstool. On the front, it says "starvation is nature's way"

an American flag brooch and a gothic brooch.

the MacArthur Screens: depicting Tokyo during its postwar transformation from Japanese Fascism to constitutional monarchy done in the style of a feudal-era dividing screen. Reading stories about train conductor apologizing for the large presence of foreigners (Chinese and Koreans mostly) on the train makes me think Japan has a long way to go before it can cut free from the bonds of its past.

she takes a familiar object (maybe) like a cheese grater and turns it into something sinister, a dividing screen.

warhol's red disaster. adding pretty colors to a gruesome scene would change our perceptions. In this case, he used the electric chair used to kill the Rosenbergs and red, the color of communism, of blood, of rubies, of magic.

blanco y verde

espinoza: untitled

document: painted rawhide balancing complex geometry and negative space.

backward c: end paper for hair, bits of text, all things radiate outward.

prisms branco: in society human beings must be an organ or cell. freaks a woman out.

Politics written in sign language alphabet, as, in Cuba, one can not speak freely. Fanya Kaplan knows the answer to this problem.
I think it might say "politica" actually. I don't know. Sesame Street's sign language lessons did not stick with me after a quarter century.

the color scheme of the paintings and of the walls, the subject matter, the beaches and garden scenes and women in ethereal dresses, the not-quite-impressionist haziness.
it's art for green spring and green summer.

Japanese influence

Modern Magdalene is the MFA's.

Folio by Terry Winters


A self-portrait from HOMiE.

I don't know where in the museum this is.

The quote about unfolding all the wrinkles is addressed to a man named Henry so it's not Somewhere In Time, whatever it is. Before, there was someone listening to the aria "Tu che di gel sei cinta" from Turandot, a sex scene, a clip from Good Will Hunting and a clip from One Hour Photo and I'm pretty sure I saw a clip from Amelie.

People there had pastel green hair, sea blue hair with a white rose, orange to red, ordinary hair with muddy blue roots, pink streaks in blonde hair, pale rose hair and a shirt that said "let's make today amazing," indigo hair, blonde to blue and violet and a shirt with XIII on it.

"I'm warning you, it's not going to be pretty." Actually, it came out pretty good although like I said, I have done better. On the Green Line. While standing. Packd like sardines in a crushd tin box. She was a student of theater.

Kai says that if her choice was "die" or "vote for Donald Trump," she'd still choose death. Kai need not worry as the latest Trumpist plan is to repeal the 19th amendment so her opinion won't matter anyway. She's wondering why Zach has to say silly things all the time. Like, of course Braintree's their stop; there aren't any stops after that. You're a freaking genius, ya idiot!
Someone else asked how cold it gets in Texas. -23°F, in a place called Seminole, it's kinda out west just above where the nubby thing sticks out.

burning question: why should you not be able to assemble yourself and write?


from anxiety to impatience

Posted on October 06, 2016 at 10:58 pm
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I don't want to say we're in the clear but I think we're in the clear. I don't know what Nicole is doing but I don't think anyone knows. This week has been a real nailbiter. I've learned that it's really hard to predict the intensity of a hurricane and to ignore the intensity graph on Weather Underground. Also, I'm disappointed that there won't be a Tropical Storm Olivia this year because it's not like Ashley or something.
To Ashley, I described the color of a male kingfisher by showing her the portrait of Amy I did. I didn't see anyone with that shade of blue. Mostly pinks and reds. A woman with red hair had a dog with her and unfortunately she didn't get on the train car I did and I'm sad now but I did meet a dog walking to Symphony station. A woman with purple braids and a Woody pin on her bag sat near me on the red line.

Graffiti depicted a dragon and the words Not Safe For Wall.
Ronan (she was heading home from Japan Fest at the time I was heading home from Verdi's Requiem) has streaks of mallard green in black hair now. Changes it pretty much monthly according to Jenna. I've never met Nazir or Jenna before, as far as I know.
As we crossed the river, I saw a few egrets and a heron.

Someone looked like Sadness with a different color scheme and the lack of a perpetual mopey expression, but she had the hairdo and the high-necked sweater and the glasses.

I asked Cassia if she's ever read The Cult of Loving Kindness and she hasn't and she says she really likes when she sees her name. It's a really nice name, I think. At the MFA, she said "wait, shit, I'm supposed to be on the B line."

A woman was playing things like Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies and The Entertainer on the piano outside the MFA. She asked if I was a professional artist and I asked if she's a professional pianist and she said no but she is thankful for any opportunity to practice.

In The Clock, see the burning question. If I remember correctly, he was talking to a kid but it might have been an adult sitting down and it looked like it was set in the late 19th century.
It was from an older color film and I can't find the quote anywhere. There's an incomplete crowdsourced list of films that were spliced together to make this film and it may be Somewhere In Time but it may not be.

Other parts of the modern wing are devoted to the MFA's collection of political art, including some new things and to the artist and writer Frances Stark and to abstract images by Terry Winters and to Imogen Cunningham's photographs. I'm not going to describe them to you as I only had 45 minutes to spend at the museum. I'll talk about them when I have some time to spend at the museum, hopefully Monday.

Canh chua (by the way, there are no diacritics, even when written in Tiếng Việt, which, as you can see, is utterly smitten with diacritics) is less filling than the coconut soup but still quite filling. It's basically hot and sour soup with pineapple chunks and sliced tomatoes.

La Vida Breve means The Short Life and short it was, only a little over an hour long. I can't help but think it was picked to parallel with Carmen and Gabriella agrees with me on that one, as they are both set in Spain and have Romany characters and industrial settings. It's a lot less exuberant than Carmen and very raucous at times. It's scored for a more or less standard orchestra with two harps, some percussion, an acoustic guitar, and a choir, along with a dancer in the second act. Debussy helped de Falla refine it for its Nizza premiere and you can definitely hear his influence. The plot is this: it opens in a foundry with the pounding of anvils and the Romany woman Salud has found herself utterly smitten with the wealthy Paco and they sing about how in love they are but unbeknownst to her, Paco is engaged to Carmela, a woman from a wealthy family, and there's an interlude of choral oohs and aahs and laas, and Salud finds out and is pissed confronts him at his wedding despite the protests of her grandmother, called simply la abuela, and uncle El Tío Sarvaor, and Paco basically pretends she doesn't exist and Salud collapses and dies, either from heartbreak or because she planned this all along and ate some Amanita virosa mushrooms.

The woman in the Sublime t-shirt knew I was drawing her because she goes to MassArt. I didn't get to draw her traveling companion because they were getting off at Copley. The woman behind her's friend goes to the School of the MFA so she does this too.

The speakers on the red line worked but the train made up for it by making an earsplittingly loud shriek.

There was track work after 8:45 on a weeknight for some reason so we had to take the bus home. We were lucky, though, arriving at Park Street (except I'm so used to arriving via Government Center that I went in the wrong direction and I'd probably have missed the train had Gabriella not been with me). I didn't recognize Sam at first, partially because she was wearing a hat the last time I saw her as I was coming home from an entirely different exhibit about time at the Museum of Fine Arts, and she didn't recognize me at first until I showed her the drawing and she's like "oh yeah, I still have the one you did last time" and showed me the photo on her phone. She had symbols in black, including a heart, tattooed on her wrist.
No doubt the odds of this happening are non-zero, obviously, but low. Sam says that since she rides the T every day, she sees a lot of familiar faces.

Maybe you'll recognize the film.
burning question: after we unfold all the wrinkles, are we at the end or the beginning?


uneasy feelings

Posted on October 03, 2016 at 6:35 pm
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We do have a muskrat. Muskrats apparently like to eat eggs but we don't have those. Tiffany said that maybe if we had twenty muskrats, we'd get eggs but I can't think of any good reason to keep eggs around otherwise and I can think of many reasons to not keep eggs around. They also eat dog food, fish, and greens. The sign described him as feisty.
Before I left, I checked the facebook page and when there aren't any updates, it means one of two things: either there's a really cool animal, perhaps, a muskrat, and Jack couldn't be fucked to take any pictures of it, or we have a bunch of unremarkable animals, in our case, waterfowl, gulls, hawks, rodos, and squirrels. Maybe a common songbird like a robin or a starling or sparrow. And we had plenty of those; one of the geese looked wet when we had him in the bathtub, and they shouldn't be wet because they produce oils to repel the water and if they are wet, it's not a good sign, and one of the geese was waterproof but didn't want to swim and tried to escape through the window. Thing is, he has lead poisoning and he had fishing wire wrapped around his neck and the last thing he needs is head trauma. Also, let it be said that the squirrel room smells evil. Not quite as evil as the gull cage I cleaned and a different kind of evil. A very earthy evil.
One of the owls escaped. Hopefully he's doing well out in the wild. Tiffany said it outsmarted the intern while they were flight testing it and I'm like "wait, you mean an owl?" and she's like "yeah, I know. Owls are dumb and it still managed to outsmart an intern."
Priya is from Long Island, not Meghalaya or Ray Bradbury's Venus from All Summer In A Day (it was 1954, people just thought Venus was like that and I'm sure they were disappointed by Venera's findings. Oh well, Venus is still a cool planet. Okay, maybe not cool, really, lead meltingly hot, but you know what I mean) like I thought, and she used to have nightmares of the tide rising up to her bedroom.
Towards the end of the day, I didn't expect to see Colleen. Maybe she still volunteers but I had to leave before she arrived. Otherwise, I've got nothing.

burning question: Mateus sounds so much more threatening, doesn't it? Plus Mateus Palamecia had an airship capable of generating a cyclone.


hope of the future

Posted on September 26, 2016 at 8:12 pm
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Nicky the parrot tossed the blueberries out of his cage, which Julianne called rude. Hedgie is still going at it, phrasing, and I'm more surprised than Julianne is.

Here I am like "I'll help you clean this guy's cage." Big fucking mistake right there. Tiffany says that Teddy's anal gland problem still takes the cake for worst smell she's encountered. She says it's everything you'd expect from the words "anal gland" except there's a deadness to it, like someone took a dead creature and took a shit on it, not like a skunk at all, in fact, skunks are perfume compared to anal gland problems, while seagull chow reeks of the sea and death while seagull shit reeks of digested sea and death.
They're not using old smocks for any reason other than laziness, and the smocks can't absorb anything for shit, so all the water and the effluents in it drip everywhere, including the nearby floor. Ick.

Tiffany said that we probably had a stopper at one point but someone might have thrown it away. She doesn't like using gloves to plug the drain because we need gloves, even gloves with the sizes meant for Donald Trump hands, and who knows, maybe it will get loose and some dumb duck will eat it.

The kingfisher is dead, alas. She failed her flight test and so it wasn't long before the stresses of captivity got to her. May she feast on raw frog flesh in Azath-Ko.
It's just a bunch of seagulls and waterfowl, a few screech owls, a few rodos, and a blue jay that Abby says looks small. The goose looked like he was wearing a giant oversized mummified boot on his foot. Abby likes screech owls because they remind her of cats.
Elsewhere are squirrels including one melanistic one, a baby rodo, some very hyper raccoons that are going to winter with another rehabber.

A centipede drowned in Valley's water dish.

Julianne dropped her phone in the bathtub and then tried to fish it out and ended up wet. She said something about putting it in rice to dry it out and I wondered if she watched that episode of Bob's Burgers too. Abby, who is a student intern and therefore doesn't have time for anything except sleep and interning because things have been very chaos-filled, says she's heard of it and it's been around but she has no idea if it actually works.

Google Translate tells me "feist" is German for "plump." It's unrelated to the English feist. She didn't know feist was a real word, but lots of people don't, including spell check.

I left a blank page in my sketchbook, or rather, half of a blank page, just for today.
Julianne was super-impressed. She doesn't look grumpy in real life, though.

"She has a bomb on her backpack" or "is that a bomb?" to anyone who has never played a Final Fantasy just kind of sound terroristic. If I had to guess, it's a bomb from Final Fantasy VI or VII, but really, anything but Final Fantasy XIII and probably not X because it had fiery hair, not jagged rock spikes, and probably not XII because it didn't have a wick. She had a yellowish ball python.
The woman from Jabberwock Reptiles has dyed salmon-pink hair and a t-shirt with Vincent Valentine on it, which I didn't recognize at first, mostly because of his pose, and brought a red-tailed boa constrictor with her.

I'm surprised that Julianne, Julie, and Abby finished up so soon. To her, it felt like a long time. Primrose, she says, will be there until December. To quote Through The Heart, going ahead meant you were leaving things behind you, things you would never see again.
Though, as Emma says, the world is round.

Colleen is a newcomer.

burning question: are Millennials the Real Zika Virus?


silk and pearls

Posted on September 25, 2016 at 10:46 pm
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Some plans work too well, like when I hid my download card for Abbie Barrett's latest release just to make sure it didn't get accidentally thrown away but it was hidden so well I forgot where it actually was.
Some plans don't work as I meant for them to work but at least I could rewind, even if it's at 2x, which is annoyingly slow, and then watch Bob's Burgers.

A woman from Russia (or at least, I think she was from Russia, going by the conversation she had) said "we got it the first time" and Brian said that we need things explained to us six times. The door didn't get it, as it kept opening and closing. In the same weekend, I heard people speaking French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Cantonese, and Punjabi. At least, I think it was Punjabi. With a name like Singh, it probably was. I'm not good at identifying different Indian languages and I don't know the demographics of Boston's South Asian population, only that there are a surprising number of Nepalis and a lot of Indian places that serve halal food.

Adeline wanted me to draw her while she was sitting on Jane's lap. Sarah, Maddie, and Emma's friend, whose name I can not remember was sitting on the train floor and trying to push herself forward while making a rowing motion.

A piano had "this is not a concrete jungle, it is a human zoo." written on it.

a woman on the train and a woman on the street both had purple streaks in their hair.
Hell, even the mannequins have colorful hair.

The Simpsons saw Carmen, inexplicably in Russian.
Someone more knowledgable says the actual recording of the opera they used was in French, because I don't know where they'd find a recording of Carmen in Russian or why one would exist in the first place and this being one of the first Simpsons episodes ever, I don't know where they'd find the budget to orchestrate a Russian version of Carmen, even for just 90 seconds. Maybe they have them in Russia, I mean, I've heard The Excursions of Mr. Broucek in German.

It's set in modern day or at least post-fascist Ceuta but the sets are so minimalistic that it doesn't really matter. Ceuta and Melilla are the very last remnants of the Spanish Empire. The companion booklet, which is mostly about the next opera, a retelling of the Oedipus story in Thatcherite London and its riots and its dismissal of culture and pushing traditional and reactionary values, brings up the Spanish Civil War, how Carmen would be a Republican, being Roma (under Franco, they were harassed or forced out to shanty towns in the periphery and their children forcibly integrated; anti-Roma laws were repealed by 1977), an independent woman, and a worker in a cigarette factory, while the military, of which Don José is part of, pushed family values conservatism. The creator had Spain's transformation from a repressive totalitarian state to a liberal democracy. Spain is actually one of the few European countries to not have a far-right and that is a refreshing thing indeed, when even Germany, which does a good job of repressing their hard right, is seeing AfD gains.
They actually got a Spanish phone booth, probably from Puerto Rico.
Anyways, the plot is this: the guys at the military base want to see the girls at the cigarette factory, and while they are doing this, a man runs laps around them dressed only in his skivvies. Carmen, one of the factory workers, sings a Habanera and gives a flower to Don José, which they pronounce zho-zay, while his fiancée Micaëla shows up with a message from his mother, there's a fight at the factory and Zuniga tries to interrogate her but instead Carmen just sings to herself, and José pretends to have his nuts kicked and keels over while Carmen escapes and Zuniga's like "nope" and throws José in prison.
Carmen sings and dances with her friends Frasquita and Mercédès and a bunch of drunken soldiers, who both had tattoos and I'm not sure if they were tattoos the singers had or if they were temporary tattoos that were part of the costume, and here comes the toreador Escamillo, and Carmen's not really interested in him, and they join some smugglers on a heist, Carmen invites José to come along or at least desert and go out to live in the mountains where he can be free, and then Zuniga shows up to seduce Carmen, but José gets jealous and the smugglers beat him to death behind his car.
Frasquita, Mercédès, and Carmen participate in a tarot card reading, in which they reveal death for her and José, while the smugglers smuggle things, possibly mattresses, or maybe they're smuggling things inside of the mattresses. Micaëla shows up looking for José but can't find him. Escamillo shows up and gets a bit flirtatious and José has none of that and they have to break up another fight. For some reason, the translation failed to display. In the distance, Escamillo sings his song.
A crowd awaits the arrival of Escamillo and José tries to get Carmen to come back to him but she's over his clinginess and jealousy and throws away the ring he gave her and he stabs her in the jugular just as Escamillo defeats the bull.
I said to Gabriella that I wish the program would include a short description of the characters.
The plot summary says who Micaëla is but doesn't say who Moralès or El Dancairo (For those of you who don't habla Español, el Dancairo is Spanish for the… Dancairo. Seriously, though, I have no idea. The only thing that comes up is the character in Carmen. It's probably just Bizet trying to sound Spanish) or El Remendado are. Remendado doesn't mean anything in Spanish but it means Patched in Portuguese. Zuniga is an actual Basque name. Frasquito means small phial.
She said she heard Carmen a long time ago. Most of it is totally new to me, aside from the standard snippets like the Toreador's song (hey, did you know toreador is a word invented by the librettist because the four syllable word actually flows better than the actual Spanish word for bullfighter, torero, from taurarius if you're wondering?)
Totally worth seeing, by the way. Also, the Boston Opera House is an incredibly beautiful building.

Jeila told me about seeing the Ouroborous Trilogy, or at least, one of them, Madame White Snake, which a snake that had its tail dragging behind it on wheels. It's a very modern-sounding opera, she says, which had a lot of Asian influences.
I said the most recent opera I've seen is The Consul from 1950 and that's not quite true. I saw the Knussen opera Where The Wild Things Are when I was very young but don't remember that, and I've heard Gormenghast from 2000, and The Tender Land, which I do remember, premiered in 1954, and I assumed it was earlier even though I have no reason to assume that as Copland died when I was 6.
She's a soprano. Mithridates would be proud. The real life Mithridates VI may have been a prince of Persia, but he was actually from Sinop.
There was a woman with short blue hair who is a singer and wore a dress with musical notation, of what I can not tell you, but if she were ever to perform in Isfahan, they couldn't touch her.
Another woman in the audience had a splotch of neon red in her hair and another had short blue-green hair and cherry blossom tattoos.

I got on the train right as it got there.

Gabriella told me about the time one of her cats was messing with the other cats instead of playing with toys and Lulu's allergies, about the spider exhibit at the Museum of Science and how she was like "nope" to that and told me about the time she was in Taiwan and there were huge spiders there and everyone was ok with them. They're probably huntsmen.

burning question: why would a fire-breathing monster be vulnerable to fire? I guess because he's wrapped in mummy bandages?


enantiodromic zones

Posted on September 24, 2016 at 10:47 pm
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I started my bus ride as one of three passengers and then it got super-crowded by Wollaston.
It's actually more convenient than the usual busing, because you're getting on the bus at Braintree, and that means you neither have to get on the train and then get on the bus and then wait for another train, nor do you have to get on that stretch of highway between North Quincy and JFK/UMass.
So it only took me 50 minutes to get to Downtown Crossing.

It's weird: the Berklee Stage closest to the Mass Ave station was on a slightly different schedule than the Beantown Stage at the other end and the main stage. They're reasonably far from each other
There was a Brazilian drumming circle and a guy on drums who I think is less part of this and more a permanent fixture, and a group on melodica and keyboard and vocals that probably wasn't aware of this whole thing and just showed up. They got plenty of donations, though. So I guess everything worked out nicely for them.

Yulia plays piano and sings, Sarah plays harmonica and wears cat earrings and kind of looks like Tina Belcher, and Jeff may or may not play an instrument but he says he's easy to draw because he looks cartoonish and he says he looks like Rémy the chef from Ratatouille, which I haven't seen. I loved Inside Out, though. He cried a lot during Inside Out but really, pretty much everyone does. And Toy Story 3 wasn't that sad. Those are happy tears. If you've seen it, you know what I'm talking about.
I never got the red-haired woman's name.

They moved their setup somewhere, sometime.

Kaovanny sounds Lao but I have no idea, honestly. In fact, I'm pretty sure she might be the only Kaovanny in existence. Sara Coelho was a guest vocalist for their first song.

Sarah, who has a dog named Chaplin, was happy when Kaovanny shouted out Sara Coelho. Actually, I don't know how these people spell their names. Sara is the Portuguese spelling but Sarah the harmonicist is from Brazil and she spells her name with an H at the end. In Morocco, it's always Sara with just an A. If you ask me, I prefer Sara but only one out of eight-ish are Sara. I asked you about this a long time ago so I'm not going to here. If you want to tell me your preferred spelling, go ahead.

Caroline and Carolyn, however, are different names. Caroline has a tattoo of a treble clef on her wrist but I never got to ask her what, if any, instruments she plays. Ashley had tattoos of some sorts too but they was obscured by the sleeves of her jacket.

A woman's tattoo is a swallow, not a swift. They're both birds and that's as related as they are. Swifts are related to hummingbirds except they're not restricted to the Americas, while swallows are passerines.
Another woman had a tiger tattoo.
A guy had a t-shirt with Louise Belcher saying that she does not appreciate your lack of sarcasm and a woman had a t-shirt that said Enjoy Slurm.

I met someone else who had to say hello to every dog she sees and she says that she sometimes feels awkward and wonders what the owners think but I say that if they don't want people saying hello to their dogs, they would't take them out in public or at least they'd get a fake service dog sign.

Someone was selling paintings of jazz musicians and there were Black Lives Matter t-shirts and I think it's so weird to come home to read about problems with race becoming more and more mainstream and they don't even have to hide behind an anti-Islam veneer anymore.

Mark Shilansky and Fugue Mill is a Celtic folk jazz band, and if that wasn't possible before they started it, it's possible now.
Jazz cred is a lot like prison cred. To get prison cred, you walk up tho the biggest guy and punch him in the face. To get jazz cred, you play Body and Soul. They played songs with mixed meter because the Venezuelan group that played before them did a lot of things in mixed meter and said that the music students could probably identify what those meters are. They sang a non-cliche Leonard Cohen song because their guest vocalist was an opera singer from Canada. Unless it's called something else, it doesn't have that amazing cover of She Moved Through The Fair. Actually, it's a medley of two Irish folk songs.

Eyeless In Gaza, Flying Saucer Attack, and The Durutti Column all did their own version of that song. The Durutti Column's version is called Maggie and someone described that album as the grey zone between personality/emotion and pure transcendence.

Self Portraits isn't really jazz. Jackie (this is a different Jackie who does not have hair the color of a belted kingfisher male) is every bit as bewildered as I was that a jazz festival invited a rock band to play but they're good.
I don't remember what Dreamcatchers is about. Time is about being in a relationship that isn't working out because the two of you want different things out of the relationship. Be Ok is about bullying. They're on Youtube.

Malcolm wanted to be in selfies with everyone. I didn't get a selfie with Malcolm but I did get a portrait of him, along with Emma and Julia, though they were rather quick ones. Not that Emma, alas.

Cassie has a bright red ponytail and black bangs under a hat. She says that people who donate 5 can get a bag and people give her 10 and tell her to keep the change.
There were many many women with green hair, the occasional man with green hair and occasional woman with pink or purple hair, a woman with a sunset prism hair in pink and purple and blue, a woman with a blue buzzcut and a guy with short blue hair.

Every time Sabrina travels somewhere, she gets a new ring. She got a heart ring from Paris, because she visits Paris regularly because she's French, and she got a sun in his splendour ring from Mexico. She had three other rings and I can't remember what those other places were. Phoebe knows about the birds.

I think someone in Pitch Slapped is named Rachel. Stephen is the vocal percussionist, as they put it. I was talking to Olivia before they played because they were dancing to Lenny Stallworth and Black Steel and I was surprised at how many people there were on stage. I had to wait to draw the rest of them: Kiana, Julia, C.J, Stephen, Brandon, Connor, Jordan, Alex, because they disappeared to do who knows what. They were already dressed for stage, so obviously not that.

All the guys at Bao Nation's tent were Indian and one of the guys had a Sikh emblem tattooed on his wrist. So, my guess is that gua bao originated in China obviously and ended up in India because there are Chinese people there. The one I ate was roasted eggplant with cilantro and peanuts on top.

Bokhara is a strange name for an Indian restaurant but they have good samosas. One of the condiments is spicy onion chutney, and that brown goopy oily-looking stuff is a tamarind sauce. Chutney, apparently, though I'm starting to suspect that the word chutney is just an Indian word for condiment.

Behind These Eyes (playing the music of Hal Crook) sang about feminism and sang a song in honor of one of their members who couldn't be there.

Katie is from Connecticut, and says that the T is better than New York's subway, mostly because it's easier to navigate, even though it isn't open late at night, but Katie doesn't care about that because she's usually in bed by 10. I'm not sure if all the stations in New York look the same but the ones I've seen looked pretty similar. She's been to Washington D.C, where every station looks alike. I've read that each station's vaulted ceiling has a subtly different pattern to it but either it's too subtle or they're wrong and they really do look the same.

I've heard something about a Night Bus, which is an awesome idea and shouldn't cost too much money or mess with maintenance too much.

Mollie is an art history student and is probably very happy Pepe the Frog has supplanted the elephant as the Republican mascot because she wears a silver elephant pendant hanging from a choker of green stones, which means that a left-wing party free of authoritarians and social conservatives (it's kind of a catch-22: either you alienate them and they vote for Trump or you integrate them and they take over the party) should use the heron or the the kingfisher as their mascot. There's a ruddy kingfisher in Southeast Asia. They're red and they eat frogs. Danny doesn't particularly care how anyone spells her name. Mae Rose told a story about someone stealing vodka like a snake and I said that snakes can't steal things because they don't even have arms. It was probably a raccoon.

A woman looked like Christina and even kind of dresses like Christina.

burning question: so, if Princess Elise from Sonic 06 cries, the Flames of Disaster will be released and it's the end of the world or whatever. What if she laughed so hard she cried or cried tears of joy or had something in her eye or had allergies? What then?


rainmaker cometh

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Jack was uncharacteristically punctual. I gave him 9 hours before I post an entry without a kingfisher picture, he had it up in 2. This is a female belted kingfisher; males are bluer. People still refer to her as he even when we know better. We feed them piscivore diet, which Tiffany got in her hair. She says all that fish oil is good for it. Normally, they eat lots and lots of smaller fish like minnows and they're a pain in the ass to keep. Someone found her in a parking lot, possibly hit by a car or possibly just from crash landing, mistaking the blacktop for water. We're going to flight test her Friday and hopefully she'll be releasable.

She bobs her head a lot so Jack took about 25 pictures in rapid succession and then took a video of the feeding/medicating process.
Who knows where that ends up. Probably on one of the tvs we have scattered about the wildlife center.

Here is a picture of the squirrel. I wouldn't normally post squirrel pictures unless I take them myself but these are BLACK SQUIRRELS. I don't think Facebook altered the urls themselves so much as they kind of went through the site with metaphorical pruning shears and now a bunch of things don't work properly.

There was a paper in med ward that had pictures of various animals and facts about those animals, including the gray fox from this year and a bunch of animal pictures, including some kind of tree frog, and how skunks are good for your garden because they forage for grubs, that didn't end up on the Wildlife Center's facebook page for some reason.

I asked Jack about the oystercatcher and he said he took a bunch of pictures of him but he wasn't satisfied with any of them.

One of the painted turtles died and he was in rigor mortis so we didn't actually need to doppler him to confirm his death, as we do with turtles. Another painted turtle died a few days after a really intense fishing hook removal surgery. Tiffany says it might have been pneumonia, which we didn't notice piled up everything else wrong with the turtle. Yet another painted turtle is tilting in water and may or may not need his eye removed but is otherwise very vivacious. A feist (backformed from feisty), as Abby would put it. Wiktionary tells me it's a real word that isn't really used anymore, used to describe silent but deadly farts and belligerent yip dogs.

This is all pharmacology talk so imagine my hand going over my head like "whoosh."
Yes, turtles and other animals can get addicted to morphine because addiction isn't just an emotional state, it can be physical as well, not just for opiates but for alcohol and tobacco and anti-depressants.
Abby got us sidetracked into a discussion about workaholics and I don't know how.

The goose has a cast on his leg which makes taking him out pretty awkward.

Owl eyes remind Abby of cat eyes.

I think we need some kind of stopper for the bathtub drain because we have to block it by stuffing a glove in there and holding it down with a couple of concrete blocks.

One of the gulls may have pneumonia but he probably got it from poking his face in his water dish.
They're not the brighest bulb on the tree, says Abby, our resident lampbreaker.

Abby says it's a good dreary day to spend at the wildlife center and then to spend in bed reading or watching movies or playing video games. They want to have a movie night because the interns' room upstairs has a bunch of old VHS tapes, so they can watch Fly Away Home or something. Abby says the first movie she saw in theaters was The Lion King. Abby doesn't remember seeing the live action Grinch but was apparently terrified by it. I think the first movie I saw in theaters is Honey, I Shrunk The Kids, which Tiffany was obsessed with.
That's why I love the War Against Silence. He spent part of the review of Stretch Princess' Fun With Humans talking about how he wants one month a year which he can devote to reading and how he hasn't had that time since before high school and Tiffany said that it would be nice to be able to afford that and Tiffany says that the wildlife center is understaffed but most people are there because they want to help animals. I know I am and Abby says nobody takes vacations any more because nobody wants to come back from a vacation just to find their position occupied by someone else. Like me, Abby used to read a lot.
I'm the other way around, though. The summers that I consider my best are ones where I'm going to concerts and museums or taking art classes and not just laying about doing nothing.
Stretch Princess are surprisingly unknown; they were on She's All That and Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

It was cool in the hospital corridor but warm in med ward and even warmer and more humid outside so I'm all kinds of achy.

Tiffany got wistful because every time she gets to know the interns and their personal habits and quirks and personalities, they're gone.

Abby says that pineapple at just the right level of ripeness tastes just like coconut. Her boyfriend is allergic to coconut and seafood so if he ever found himself washed up on some island in the south pacific, he's fucked, or maybe he could just try to get off and worst case scenario, he ends up in Fiji or Australia.
If you think about it, if Chuck was in the Indian Ocean instead, he could end up in Burma or Iran and things would go from bad to worse.

It started to pour just as Julianne finished with the outdoor raccoons.

Julianne learned that raccoons do not like celery.

They once practiced suturing on banana peels. We use towels. Some people apparently use mice.

burning question: But what is it about white culture that it only thrives in the continued absence of any other?


coda late summer

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fragments before
fragment alpha
My biggest regret this summer is not having a chance to see Emma. The first time she played a solo show, I didn't want to deal with thunderstorms and late busing and she played the night of Cymbeline and I'm probably right that I may not get another chance to see Cymbeline, not for a long time, but I'll definitely get a chance to see Emma someday & somewhere.
Hey, I wonder if it was Emma who recommended Fela Kuti to me. I mean, I can't think of any person who would recommend him to me, at least, not recently. Maybe Lauren or Nina. Jill (different Jill: for one, I've never called her Julia) did, apparently.
Oh yeah, that Gentleman song that Federator played was a Fela Kuti song, but I had an inkling of who Fela Kuti was before I met Charlie.

fragment beta
Okay, so maybe I didn't bring this up during the summer but the robots.txt is no longer on Barbelith and I have learned that the forums didn't exist when Columbine happened. Toolshed does not play nice with the internet archive.

fragment gamma
I said that ultraconservatives were born between 1960 and 1980 but I was a bit hasty and it's more like 1955 to 1980, and there's a sharp drop-off after 1975 or so. That would make them young enough to have missed the hippie movement but old enough to remember the good old days of separate water fountains.

fragment delta
I love the name Woofles. Just saying.

fragment epsilon
I dunno, Hyde's been saying that the novelty of internet forums has been wearing thin ever since he finished high school and he says that he thinks about leaving Gamingforce behind him all the time. The internet archive has provided this clue for me: he was 19 when he said that so he was therefore in his first or second year of college, around the time Gamingforce peaked and therefore finished high school in 2004 or maybe 2005. He was one of the 50 or so to make it to the very end of Gamingforce, 10 years later.
I dunno, Hyde's full of shit sometimes. I'm not one for armchair diagnosis but I think he might have borderline personality disorder. On the other hand, I'm still astonished how he turned a post about his high school prom date's suicide into a post about himself. I'm not capable of that kind of introspection.
I had a thought related to this.

fragment eta
I was suddenly reminded of a conversation from 4th grade in which a kid was talking about how he hated r-rated movies bceause the blood and gore always looked fake.
I remind you that this is Jurassic Park era.
I'm proud of him, I mean, it takes some people years to come to that conclusion.

fragment zeta
I had a thought but I found a way to work it into an earlier entry. If you want to know, it's a thought about elephants and time travelers.

fragments after
I'm pretty sure I volunteered with Julianne on a rainy day back in 2012. If she is the same Julianne, she's a lot shorter and less blonde than I remember, but these things happen. She's not an artist but she says that when she took an art class once, she panicked.
She's a senior in college now and I'm like "wow, it really has been a long time." She told me that she used to volunteer when she was in high school.

I'm sure I haven't met Julie and Abby before. Abby likes strawberries but agrees with me that strawberries go bad way too quickly. She says raspberries are worse, they wilt when you look at them. She hates the texture of mangoes, while I hate the way mango shreds get stuck between my teeth.

As far as animals go, there was nothing that made me wish I had my camera with me.

Michael thinks that Puff might be eggbound again or perhaps she might be slightly heavier than she should be because she just ate.

Some hoarder had a pet raccoon and probably realized why raccoons don't make good pets. They'll tear things apart and bite you just to be funny because hey, raccoons can bite each other when playing because they have thick skin.
On the other hand, they're surprisingly easy to reintegrate into the wild because they only act friendly to their owners, not to anyone else. We're going to spray him and shake a coffee can or soda can with coins in it. It's for his own good, raccoons that walk up to people and act friendly with them tend to get shot.

Someone found a rock dove in the ocean. He sounded a bit like a crying dog.

We have some black squirrels. One of them may have hydrocephaly, in which cerebrospinal fluid gets into the skull and causes necrosis and all sorts of developmental issues. In humans, we'd shunt the skull and drain the fluid into the abdominal cavity or something but that isn't practical with squirrels.

A duck was trapped under a turtle pool somehow and got something called capture myopathy, in which the muscles atrophy from underuse and it releases myoglobin and lactic acid, so he's using his wings to walk, but he's smart enough to psyche Tiffany out.
In humans, this tends to be in times of trauma, like in car accidents or earthquakes.

We don't know shit about painkilling in reptiles. All we know is that morphine works and miloxicam probably works. Otherwise, actually sensing pain in reptiles is hard to test, though we do know they feel pain.
Pain is usually the last thing to go with spinal trauma. If you give their hind leg a good pinch, and they yelp or try to run away or bite you, some kind of conscious response to a pain stimulus, they're not doing great but at least they aren't completely fucked up, but if they just twitch, their spinal cord is probably severed.

The mealworm beetles love to eat potatoes. They're too starchy to give to any other animals, so at least we're getting some use out of them instead of throwing out to rot away in some landfill somewhere. Tiffany puts stuff in old gloves but doesn't think they actually like eating vinyl (if you've been reading this since the very beginning, you'll know that not even Cookie Monster will eat galoshes), they just chew it to get at the paper inside.
Tiffany likes to chop up vegetables because it makes her feel like a chef.

I told Priya and Jill about how someone divides the seasons into colors; there's white winter, gray winter, brown spring, green spring, green summer, yellow summer, colorful fall, brown fall.
Priya likes colorful fall but not ugly fall. My favorite season is summer, of course. And I do like September, aside from the fact that everything grinds to a halt and I get depressed because of that.

Julianne's shih tzu is named Scooby but he's the opposite of Scooby. I had a rabbit named Bugs but a. it turned out Bugs was a doe (I had her name picked out before I got her or knew what she looked like) and b. she steadfastly refused to eat carrots.
I told Julianne about my dream in which I had a machine that could transmogrify any object into a carrot and she says that she'd rather have a machine that could transmogrify any object into ice cream or pizza.

I feel like a carrot machine would be more reliable than an ice cream machine or a pizza machine. If you put junk into a carrot machine, you'd get a carrot and going by the Little Golden book with the premise, it might be an oddly shaped and oddly colored carrot but at least it would taste like a carrot, although how it knew what qualities to extract from the objects Bugs and Elmer threw into it I cannot say. But if you threw a chicken and a telephone into an ice cream machine, you might get chicken and telephone ice cream, or it might always produce vanilla ice cream or carrot ice cream or a random ice cream or try to extract qualities of objects and come up with a somewhat traditional flavor based on that, e.g. if you were to toss some pebbles in there, you might get blueberry ice cream.

burning question: if you had a machine that could transmogrify any object into food, what kind of food would you want it to make?


partings and promises

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"The trains are really starting to show their age." Good thing we're getting new ones in a few years. I decided I'd take the Green Line to Haymarket instead. One passenger said to just let the federal government handle everything, but I don't know, that probably won't work.

You know how hair can be so black it looks blue. A woman's hair looked like that, only it actually was blue.

A woman had blue hair and a tattoo of a lotus and vines she says on her back and of a dead twisted tree with the vague outline of a dying sun and daffodils and foxgloves and three-petaled flowers that I thought were rafflesia but probably aren't. Rafflesia, after all, have five petals.

A woman had a blue flower tattoo on her shoulder.

I remembered her name: Luna like the moon, Val like Summer King, Winter Fool, except not, because it's probably short for Valerie and not for Valemar. I got the portrait of her I wanted to do and she says that the best way to hear her music is to hear her live; one of the bands she's in has a horribly inappropriate name which she did not repeat to me and one of them is called Crust. Her coworker says she's pretentious like that.
And hopefully not Valzeras either, Valzeras sucks. Fuck the alt-right. Fuck Trump, fuck Brexit, fuck 4chan, fuck 8chan, fuck Gamergate, fuck Alex Jones, fuck Milo, fuck Teddy Beale, fuck Infowars, fuck Wikileaks, fuck the Religious Right for biting their tongues and voting Trump, fuck the moderate right and fuck the democratic party for welcoming the moderate right into their fold, and fuck anyone who stands for this.

A woman who looks vaguely like Emma and vaguely like Hannah (the Hannah who told a story about seagulls; I met a different Hannah as well as a Mae) as well says she's not nearly as good as I am; she likes to draw things in the moment.
She was drawing a keyhole while I was drawing her.

The woman who was involved with costuming, whose name may or may not be Brooke, has a tattoo of a dagger through a rose.

The Boys From Syracuse is the first musical adaptation of Shakespeare's work and it was apparently edited, rewritten, and overmarked so many times that the original score was unreadable, so someone spent a lot of time pouring over it to give us the second performance of the original score ever.
It's A Comedy Of Errors, which is pretty much the Shakespearian equivalent of The Three Stooges, updated for the 1930s, with a score of swing done in woodwinds and strings. Antipholus of Syracuse (Sicily, not New York) visits Ephesus (in modern-day Turkey, part of the Ottoman Empire and completely abandoned in Shakespeare's day) and everyone mistakes him and his bondsman Dromeo for locals, including Dromeo of Ephesus' girlfriend and Adriana, Antipholus of Ephesus' wife, and Antipholus of Syracuse falls in love with Adriana's sister Luciana, and one of them gets arrested, and nobody has any idea what's going on until they meet at the temple. The goldsmith is Angelo and the merchant is Balthazar. There's a Fatima named in the script of the musical.
Turns out they're twins. Dromio and Dromio are also twins. They must've been named by the same parents who named Merry in Avernum 3.
There wasn't a plot summary in the booklet and I haven't actually seen A Comedy Of Errors except when the drama club at my high school put on a scene for us during my senior year, one of the Dromios wore a trash can lid on his head, and Antipholus beat Dromio with a rubber chicken, and we had an intro in which one of the main female characters tried to summarize the play but only ended up confusing herself.
In this case, it's a double meaning: a reference to the Shubert Brothers from Syracuse, NY. The Shubert theater is named after those guys. I thought it was named in honor of Franz Schubert, though I have no idea why that would be the case.

It started to rain just as they finished the play. As I said to Gabriella, now I know what I'll have stuck in my head for the next week.

The two people I sketched in a group of about ten really liked my portraits of them, at least. The rest of them got off at Downtown Crossing.

A woman had a tattoo of a feather dissolving into beads at the tip.

A man had sunglasses on the back of his head so that tigers will not sneak up on him.

I may not update again until Saint Ajora's Day. That is normal.
I'd say something about exuberance and interwar music and the exuberance of this summer but by the time this premiered, war was inevitable in Europe with the Anschluss and the Munich Agreement, and in Asia, the war was going on full force.
Even with a Trump loss, there will be hardship. The Republican party is becoming an alt-right party, the Democrat party is welcoming into their fold people with right-wing social positions.
As I said four years ago, I think I'd better concentrate on the present and forget about what's to come. This is going to be a long autumn.

burning question: you mean to tell me there are people out there who believe that happiness has nothing to do with outside forces and that anybody who's convinced that it is is being manipulated by the government?


learning to live with it

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Shae is just Shae. Or maybe her name is spelled Shay or even Shai. I know someone who pronounced her name like Shai but it was spelled Shea; unless she leapt approximately ten years through time, this is not the same person. Anyway, she likes making art from melted crayons and watercoloring abstract backgrounds with quotes she likes, though she says she can't draw faces if her life depended on it, only stick figures. The artworks she did are stuck in Facebook's walled garden.
One of the raccoons was rolling around in a tube and the other one was playing with a stick. The eight outside raccoons are leaving us Saturday, which seems early to me. There are three smaller raccoons in isolation.

She had a dog named Boo (she was 5 at the time) because he had a white splotch on his forehead that looked like a ghost.

She says the kids she babysits are mistaken for related. I can kind of see it. She doesn't notice eye color which is why I brought up art in the first place. Her mouth is a lot bigger than theirs, though.
We heard cicadas as I was introducing them to the goats. I quoted someone's tumblr wondering how long it took before they realized that cicadas were making those noises and it wasn't just the trees singing because they do that every summer.
Then I wondered if there are cicadas in the old world. Of course there are, every single piece of Japanese media set during the summertime has cicada song in it.
We saw a red dragonfly and a bunch of dragonflies overhead. I have no idea how many dragonflies in a literal ton but I do know what 50 pounds of quarters is and we have no idea why anyone would take any of the other prizes. Maybe the 50 video games. But definitely not any of the other prizes.

We have thirty tadpoles living in the vernal pool upstairs. Some of them have their hind legs, a few of them even have forelegs.

We got a new washing machine and no matter what Breitbart says, we are definitely happier now that we have it. Seriously, I am in more disbelief about Breitbart's recent article about uninventing things like washing machines and dishwashers to make women happier than I am about the old washing machine still working after all this time. Jacob is in disbelief that it's the newer washing machine that breaks down.

Kaitlyn has three ferrets: Tank because he's huge, Francois because he's always sticking his head up, and Josie because Josie.

It's not just me; Tiffany normally wears medium gloves. I find even these large ones tight. They need Lana Kane-sized gloves.

Tiffany was giving the raccoons large chunks of rat and rat testicles to eat because they'll have to learn to pick apart large things once they're in the wild next week. She removed the balls in two seconds and jokingly wondered why it takes so long to do a castration. Spoiler alert: it's so they don't bleed to death out of the hole where their balls used to be.

Burning Question: I mean, is Donald Trump's clothing line producing medical gloves now?


dust to dust

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So, it looks like Gamingforce has finally gone to the great server farm in the sky. I am not surprised by this but I am surprised it took this long. I mean, it's just one of those websites that limped on seven years after it has ceased to be relevant in the public consciousness. I'm also a lot less surprised by the fact that someone else has coined "great server farm in the sky" than the fact that someone else brought up "thirteenth day adventists."

I've made my peace with Adara and I saved every worthwhile post a long time ago. I'm not sad it's gone; there was naught but ghosts there. I contemplated posting using their journal system with no context, as if everything I posted was there already, but (a) I couldn't strike up a balance between "look at how crazy-awesome my life is" and "too uninteresting," and (b) I didn't want to blow my chance to talk to Adara again.

Some members like Hyde liked to say that forums themselves were on the way out but nay, I think what killed Gamingforce was its toxic community, its descent into a morass of unfunny in-jokes like "a sometimes mountain" and moderators that encouraged said toxic community and morass of unfunny in-jokes. Yeah, I've met cool people there but they were mostly driven off.

Hopefully Vanguard News Network is next.


As a fuck you to Christopher Chupik, Larry Correia, James May, Richard McEnroe, Shadowdancer Duskstar, Weird Bard, Rawley Nyazi, Patrick Chester and everyone else on Monster Hunter Nation, I am going to buy Laurie Penny's new novella Everything Belongs To The Future upon release, even if I have to go completely out of my way to buy it, and I would suggest you do the same and recommend it to all your friends and followers and have them recommend it to all their friends. Remember, I have zero presence on the internet. That's why I'm so awesome with art.


Brie, like the cheese as she says, has hair in braids which I captured in my drawing while they were tied back and two hang loosely, while Nina has pink hair and back tattoos.

Kali Stoddard-Imari was playing a set in Copley Square but I didn't have the time to listen. But he has a bandcamp so go check it out.

Sofia threw a piece of beet from her salad for the Boston Public Library's resident house sparrows but I guess they didn't want it. She said "eat it, it's good for you."

A woman had a sea turtle tattoo on her ankle. A woman had a tattoo of an hourglass with wings on her arm and a calligraphic great horned owl on her leg and something on her back.

All the operas were set in Seville, a city less humid than Boston, because the BLO is doing both The Marriage of Figaro and Carmen this year. They performed accompanied by a piano and sung Carmen in French, Fidelio in German, la Forza del Destino and Figaro's aria from the Barber of Seville in Italian, and the two Mozart operas and the duet from The Barber of Seville in English. Carmen and José wandered about and interacted with the audience members when performing and acted out the final scene from Carmen.

"Bird flu is real" a woman said.

It started raining when I got out of Chili Duck. I saw the Hynes Convention Center (A long time ago, the ICA was in this area) and went to that station instead of scouring for the Prudential Station.
It stopped by the time I got there. I had to double back to Arlington to get to the MFA. There wasn't really anything new there but I had time to kill.
At least I met Alex. I'm assuming her name is spelt Alex and not Alix or Alyx or Ãlÿx. Alex said my portrait of her was beautiful and brought up the epi-pen scandal and her friend sighed and said that people can be so selfish and how the world would be a better place if people would just help each other even if they get nothing in return for it.
There was a woman with green hair.

Aniya (I dunno, I'm totally guessing on this one) drew Rick and Mortified (yes, that was deliberate) Simpsons family and paints over photographs of pipes with neon paint. She says she really likes photomanipulation, but there were only the pipes, some bicycles, and the background to the drawn Simpsons family members. She said "you have talent" to me.
Olivia, it seems, has become a really common name.

I overheard a conversation about how the only reason to travel to downtown Denver is to go holiday shopping once a year and how the Macy's Day Parade has floats that fold up.

She says to her girlfriend "this is our stop." and I'm likc "sorry" and showed her a half-complete portrait depicting just her nose and ears and hair and she's like "at least you tried."
Julia, Maddie, and Sammie stayed put for the whole trip, as did Marian. Julia can't draw anything more advanced than stick figures, she says.

There was a guy doing push-ups on a crowded train. Marian says he's been doing that for the entire trip. Marion writes stories, not poetry. She has a pendant with glass lensing some green matter.

There was a woman with pale purple hair getting on the train.

burning question: why, if these operas are set in Seville, does no one sing in Spanish? Or whatever they speak in Seville. Which is Spanish. Arabic or Latin or Phoenician or Tartessian, which may or may not be Celtic or it may or may not be a language isolate, if these operas are set in the far past.


a lingering incandescence

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Sometimes it feels like summer's winding down, what with the birds we've been seeing at the wildlife center and the many farewells, but it's still consistently in the high 80s.

There was a woman with forest green hair coiled in front and tattoos of an octopus on her neck and of a bird and of a beholder from what she believes is the third edition monster manual on her arm.
She's impressed that I knew what it is. Most people get as far as noticing that it's some kind of monster. Her boyfriend has a bunch of D&D monster tattoos. I'm hoping that means "rust monster" and "owlbear" and other beasties from the cheapo bag of dinosaurs.

There was a store with lots of hats and a woman with very short very purple hair that used to be a candy store. A woman had dark blue hair and herb tattoos.

The woman with green hair at the Charles River Bistro was named Val (short for Valerie, probably) by her parents and her stage name is Luna. She plays a whole bunch of instruments, she says.

Overheard: a Canada goose stole someone's water bottle.
We've beaten back the Goose Army for now, but I guess they had the last laugh, or honk, or whatever.

The theme is discovery. There aren't any program notes. They played the New World Symphony partly because of the theme of discovery and partially because they aren't really a professional orchestra and they don't have a large repertoire. The Magic Flute Overture relates to discovery in a very oblique way, as does the Thunder and Lightning Polka by Strauss. The Wizard of Menlo Park, written to commemorate Thomas Edison's 150th birthday evoked Copland. It was written by Kevin Kaska, who arranged Ravel's Bolero for an eclectic set of instruments, the specifics of which I can find nowhere. There's the contemporary classical we know and love. The narrator had a great voice, but it's still a pity they couldn't get Mark Proksch.

I met a woman who said something about pickup lines; some people from Turkey, one of whom spent a year in Cyprus; Maeve, who comes from a family of artists (and her mother made the bag she was using); Maeve's friend Maria who has a tattoo of the word Aoteroa on her wrist and agrees with me that Maori is a lovely-sounding language; a woman who was not named Lauren who told me she was getting off at the next stop, which we were really close to. After they left, I was alone in the train and the train car I could see into was totally empty.

Burning Question: Okay, tell me the truth. Am I stuck in a laser-dog bark-fart rut?


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I was tasked to bake cookies and, well, Amanda ate at least four of them plus some raspberry-glazed cake made by the crazy bird lady.

Finnegan's owner asks who couldn't like guinea pigs because they're like furry little potatoes that talk to you. She got him a companion but he's in a frenzy about it so snip snip, little guy. She used to have a guinea pig ring that she wore on her middle finger but it broke, and she has a ring of interlocking elephants, and I said that I'm seeing a lot of people with elephant motifs on their clothing and jewelry, and that I remember Claire wearing clothing with elephant motifs as early as 2002, so maybe she's ahead of the game or maybe she's a time traveler.
I heard a whinnying noise last night. I think it sounded like an eohippus, but unless it's suddenly 60 million years ago, it's most likely not.

Courtney is at the school of skunk collecting.

Vikki was once at a rehabber that soaked bread for their waterfowl.

I'm trying to interpret my notes here because damn you autocorrect: The hawk caught a mouse in midair.
The skunks chased a runner and Irvin upon release.

Some medium gloves are smaller than others. If that's medium, then I doubt the small ones could fit Donald Trump's hands.

I named our goose Bert and he was still going after that. He was shot out of the sky and had bone sticking out and multiple fractures. In other words, he was irreparably fucked up but somehow clinging to life despite our efforts to euthanize him. He somehow wasn't breathing but his heart was still beating. I wrote "beating" and autocorrect interpreted it as Bert so that's how he got his true name. And yet when we don't want them to die, like the cuckoo and the oystercatcher and the blackbird, they do.
Bitty's doing good but that's because Kristina thinks that whoever named him pronounced it like Bitey because he's always biting people. In which case, the name Bitty is not his true name and won't have any power over him.
Meanwhile, they pinned a hawk's wing so the bone will heal.

Skyla showed up with a currently orange and pale green chameleon, a crested gecko who was so young he weighed less than a gram, and a ball python with an infected belly button and a very soft underside. I didn't even know snakes had belly buttons, but they do, or at least a really close reptilian equivalent.
A woman with a tattoo of a cicada and a tattoo of a nautilus and blue spiral earrings and other facial piercings cross section brought in a bird of ambiguous specie. I thought she was the woman with the hedgehog, Hillary or Hannah or something, but maybe not. It looked like she had pink-dyed hair but it was just the lamps Matt uses for the garden store. They make everyone with hair the color of anything but a new moon look pink. Or whatever, I think a new moon would be sky blue. A different woman with a ladybug foot tattoo brought baby flying squirrels.
Jess has a new gray with gray eyes Italian mastiff puppy, Luna. Jess as in Jess who is Magaggie's sister and does not have a cat as far as I know, but does have a tattoo that says Live And Learn in Italian. Jess barely slept because of Luna and her weird sleep cycle, while I barely slept because of the rain and a skunk. And speaking of rain, Priya was back. Coincidence? I think not.

Burning Question: I'm reading The Vorrh right now in paperback form. As far as I know, I got it from a bookstore and not as a gift from Claire. Why, then, does Amazon list the release date as September 6, 2016?


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This one's shorter. I think the schedule is kind of off because it never mentioned the Peruvian dances.
I overslept, exhausted from dancing, but that didn't really matter, and I arrived slightly late because there was police activity at State Street so I said "fuck it" and got back on the red line and then took the Green Line to Government Center and I said to myself that any more delays and I'd just walk to City Hall from Park Street.

I met a woman with a starfish and lily tattoo in process and a hat and gauged ears and a boyish look and my drawing isn't great and I didn't get her girlfriend because I had to get off at the next stop, although had I known, I wouldn't have. I drew a woman in an orange sari and midriff-baring blouse with a bindi and nose ring and her child or grandchild in a t-shirt and shorts and sunglasses. He's actually up to her shoulder when they're sitting but when they were walking, he's up to where he should be in the portrait so just pretend they're standing.

Kara says that I wouldn't like it if she drew me. Because she's a really sucky artist. Maybe she's Drow in disguise… nah, Drow isn't nearly self-depreciating enough. Kara was super-impressed with her jewelry. Ashley was impressed with her sunglasses. She wore only an elephant pendant and a dress obviously.
Ashley said it rained in Worcester when she was there and said I was lucky because I didn't get rained on last night.

Jeff writes and says that English was always his favorite subject in school but he's lazy he says.

Taylor had pale green hair and modeled a dress made from recycled leftover fabrics.

Phil Berman plays guitar, Sue plays fiddle, Horace plays upright bass. They sang about how ruthless people make it to the top but life is not a competition and about giving tours at Bunker Hill and songs about making dimes and giving the boy a dollar hint hint.

The Sacred Tai Kwan Leap Fighting Martial Art Organization or whatever put on a display of martial arts that didn't actually include the practicing jumping twenty feet up backwards into a tree kung-fu, but that requires a lot of specialized training and focus. One guy had nunchucks or maybe the Korean equivalent of nunchucks. Actually, it looked more like a sānjiégùn. And there were swords and mighty swooshing noises.
There was a woman with purple hair and tattoos of peaches and roses in laurels and a key on her arms and a rosette on her foot who was associated with Tai Kwan Leap and their Feisty Slap Of Pain, or at least, with the Youth Brigade of the Heaven and Earth Association… I can't wait for the Avernum 3: Ruined World reremake, although it will probably arrive at the very end of 2017 at the earliest and more likely, early 2018. Ah, well, maybe I should play Avernum 3. I wonder if he'll remake Avernum 4, and I wonder what Exile style subtitle it would have.

I thought the two horses were part of the Inca or maybe Aymara troupe. The film festival inside City Hall was playing a film about the Andes so a troupe from Peru did some dances and a woman passed around roast corn to eat. Nope, it turns out they were doing pony rides. One of the horses had braids in his/her mane (I didn't look).

A woman had Rydia green hair transitioning to blue and then to purple. A woman had Rydia-green hair transitioning to natural brown. A man had bright yellow-green hair and I'm sure I've seen him around. A woman has Indiana Jones tattooed on her art, a man has a cartoon dog, a woman has Trust Your Struggle on her arm.

Faith plays mandolin, ukulele, acoustic bass, which you don't see very often, and Appalachian dulcimer, which isn't hammered like a cimbalom or a yangqin or santur, it's played sort of like a guitar where you press down on the frets and pluck the strings where there's a dip in the wood. Dan plays guitar. Together, they're called Dan & Faith, although they were positioned from left to right Faith and Dan. They write down song ideas and put them in a cup and then share them amongst themselves.

Belle of the Fall is Julia on acoustic guitar and Tracy on upright bass, mostly plucked but he used a bow in his last song or second to last song. They covered The Sound of Silence, which Tracy said "that song was written at Quincy Market one night when it was quiet, no, I made that up."
Sometimes Tracy gives out false information when he's in cities.
Julia has some words on her arm about thoughts and a yin-yang crossed with the symbol of Chaos, which is eight arrows pointing in the cardinal and ordinal directions.
Chaos might be her zodiacal sign or it might not be; I have no idea. But his sigil is different.

I thought I saw a third guy wearing a Belle of the Fall t-shirt. If he was a groupie, he wasn't watching their show so Julia should do her own version of Lady Pills' Despite and dedicate it to him. Or maybe it was just my imagination, or just any schmo in a black and white t-shirt. Their logo is really cool: a heart-mask, like that docent at the ICA's tattoo, like Majora's Mask.

The robotics people had a Lego robot that has a gyroscope inside and can balance itself if they ever figure out how to activate it. They made a robot that can toss a dodge ball and possibly spook the horses. There was a black box with a switch and when you turn it on, a curved piece of plastic sticks out, and turns it off. It does nothing else, except drives people mad thinking it's going to do something else. It's not going to transform if you turn it on a hundred times but it should.

There was a map of the world that people could color on. Someone made the polar bear purple with pink spots and kids put flowers in the ocean and had the kangaroo say "that's loud" to the guy playing the didgeridoo and gave the emperor penguins purple bellies and someone traced his son's handprint.

The Breakfast Project and Colorway are both indie rock bands. Come Back July kind of fits the mood. They ended with Telephone, though.
I didn't see everything, of course. I kinda wish they would do it like they did at Summer Arts Weekend, where the side stage people play while the main stage people are setting up. Zumba alone is not enough.

Livi was dancing, not funk dancing or funk dancing for self-defense or Indian dancing nor dancing meant for romances in mechanical dancehalls, but a twirly dance. Maddie, not Mattie, says that everyone gets her name wrong. Kelsey is just there. I guess they're the kinds of people who use the blue line. This guy was ultra-impressed but a train was approaching and because it was so packed, I wasn't able to get on it and so I drew the tall woman because I love the expression she had.

The women in white, and possibly the tall woman whom I lost amongst the passengers packt like sardines in a crushd tin box, were going to see the Zack Something Band at Fenway. I thought they were at Greenfest because she was carrying a bottle of Honest Tea. I don't remember what it was. Maybe it was Honest Kids very berry lemonade. A guy took a sample of that and I'm like "Hey, you're not a kid. Well, I'm not a kid either. Fuck you, labeling!" Well, I kind of just wrote that last part down.
I could't draw them as we were crammed into the steps and, as I was more than happy to metaphorically rub in their faces, I was getting off at Park Street.

burning question: so, which do you will be released first, Avernum 3: Ruined World, or July Skies' A Day In The Country?


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I went in with a plan this time. I also brought a hoodie because it got kind of cool last night. Maybe it was the adrenaline and the dancing warming me, maybe it was warmer than last night. The side stage had a setlist, which ended up changing somewhat and Albino Mbie was delayed.

Tierra has a cat that is black with orange spots and I'm thinking "aww, like a reverse jaguar." and a gray cat with black spots. She thinks that when she's in a tall building, it would topple over or she's fall out. She has a tattoo that says ☪☮e✡i☯† on one arm and a map of the continents on the other arm. Skye has a niece or something named Tiara or something.
Amd I'm happy to say that it's almost possible to write that in unicode. The e should be merged with the ⚥ symbol and the i should be dotted with a pentacle.
A guy was playing the reverberated acoustic guitar at Downtown Crossing, like a Rastafarian Vini Reilly.
Two people had bright sea-blue hair, one close to the surface and one deep but not so deep light can't reach.
A guy had a Star Wars Abbey Road t-shirt.
A woman has tattoos of lilies, of an apple with a snake inside surrounded by two birds, she has pale blue and pale pink and pale yellow hair.

Analog Heart is friends with Mei Ohara and she says that they're really good and they are. I bought their album and got an EP for drawing them. Liz has a pendant of the Ring Nebula (I thought it was the cat's eye nebula, her friend thought it depicted the earth in the galaxy), which is gas being expelled from a red giant star turning into a white dwarf.
Mei Ohara sang too. The last song she sang was the David Bowie song How Lucky You Are and she's glad that Phil knew it and I thought it sounded familiar but I didn't know it by name. I told Mei that I want to paint her portrait in ink and watercolor pencils one of these days. She had pale green hair with a black braid in front and a purple braid in back.

SkyBridge has four vocalists, Haiini from India, Utako from Japan, Njoki from Kenya, and Tash from Boston. They have four instrumentalists, Yuma from Japan, Taruki from Japan, Calvin from Indonesia, and Minjae from South Korea. Tash says I got her eyes perfectly. They're big and blue and she kind of looks like Emma. The Emma of Atlas Lab, not the human Emma I met today and definitely not Emma the dog.
She sang in Tamil. She sang an ode to hardship in Japanese with an English chorus about how without rain, there can be no rainbow. They all sang about things that don't make sense.

Jodi Dodge is a folk singer from the west coast of Canada and this is her first time on the Atlantic coast.
If I had access to Youtube, I'd interrupt with a clip of Sam The Eagle saying "CANADIAN? What, turn this off immediately!"

A woman with a tattoo of Navi walked by. I should have yelled "Look! Listen! Wake up!" at her.

The Treehouse Charlatans play raw bluegrass folk with a didgeridoo, and he even beatboxes into it. They had a fiddler/banjoist who's off in Colorado or something. Maybe he's at a wedding, who knows. I'm pretty sure he isn't. They made the most of it.
Lucretia's an artist and in my drawing of her, held a herring gull's feather. Britney has a cicada ring and a snake ring and wants to keep in touch with me in case she has any need for cartoons and caricatures in the future.
also ugh, I've obviously been busy for the last few days and not being active on facebook as a result of being busy and so Facebook is flooding my inbox. I loaded the main page and then closed it before bad things happened. Hopefully that stops the spam.

Bird Mancini has an accordionist/melodica-ist as well as the standard guitars and drums. They had four CDs available, I picked Funny Day.

Albino Mbie is a blend of Mozambican and Portuguese traditional music and jazz. Drum kit, keyboard, machete (the Portugueuse instrument, not the knife), guitar, African drums. Ukuleles are actually based on the Portuguese machete. Zili Misik played one of those things too, along with an African harp.
Two of the members are from Brazil, one is from Senegal, one is from the US.
He was singing in Cicopi, which is a really nice-sounding language.

Theresa Sophia raps and recites poems about fuckboys and being a fuckgirl because she let herself be manipulated by fuckboys and mental health and the burdens thrust upon people with dark skin. The schedule listed The Treehouse Charlatans twice.
She's Haitian and Phil is half-Haitian. He says that nobody ever thinks Haitian. I was thinking Middle Eastern or North African, or maybe Latin American. He says that he spoke Kreyol before he spoke English.
Her name is Kat and she has a dog.
I liked the way Jasmine's braid looked so I had to draw her.

Emma had hair in two knobs and there are streaks of red in it. I was extremely unsatisfied with my first drawing of her because she noticed me and was really looking forward to it so I told her to pretend it didn't exist.

At least it's not like the two people who had to move, which means she had to drastically change her position in the middle of being drawn) because some assbutt needed to smoke. I'm just going to say I don't care about your rights. I don't make seagull chow in your smoking area, although maybe we should find a gathering of smokers in places where they'll blow their smoke in the faces of people around them and soak dog food and chop up dead fish that wash up on shore.

I met the most happy-hyper dog ever and her name was Emma too. She crawled under Sabrina the not-teenage-for-many-more-years bitch.

I danced myself exhausted to Zili Misik and Federator. I've heard both of them last year but it's nice to hear a full set by both of them.
I thought that Charlie was in one of the bands because she was carrying around some band stuff but actually one of her friends is the trombonist in Federator. I thought she was referring to Zili. I'm not super-satisfied with my drawing of her due to her position and the lighting conditions becoming less than adequate but she loves it anyway.

Zili sang about love before she sang about how black lives do matter.

Lila of Federator sang a song she wrote called Wake Up and it was their best song, they sung a Nigerian song about something gentleman or something, they sang a Fela Kuti song as performed by James Brown.

burning question: what does everyone in Kakariko Village do for a living, anyway?


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As it was last year, there were no schedules printed out today.

I missed Pastel play because I was listening to Bulldog instead. That's totally OK with me. Bulldog is jazzy indie rock with keyboards and alto saxophone. Also, I really loved Nora's voice even from afar. Different Nora, a guitarist with normal-colored hair.

I thought they were part of greenfest because there were three people, one with short blue hair, one named Kelly who looked familiar for reasons unknown who had dark hair dyed bright yellow blonde, giving away pieces of taffy and some tents with free lemonade and stuff, but nope, it was part of a series of Friday afternoon concerts put on by the city of Boston.
One of their songs had an environmental theme.

I went over to see what was going on while Bulldog took a break and Rhode Iceland was opening up.
Their motto is "reverberate everything" and Eva says she's not very good with keyboards. They're from Lowell. I'm satisfied with the way I rendered the sparkles on her dress in pen. When I decide to paint these people, I need to figure out good ways to render sparkles.

When Rhode Iceland finished their set, Bulldog was still playing. I asked if they were planning a new album because they just played two hours worth of material plus a David Bowie song and they say they're planning to release it in the fall. I asked how long it takes to make an album and he said it took three days to record all the songs but that doesn't include the time spent getting everyone together, and mixing is several weeks and mastering is several weeks.

A woman had a tattoo of a three-eyed gazelle, a woman had a tattoo of two dryads embracing. Humanoid dryads that are becoming one tree with each other, one set of roots, not those weird demonic dryads that hang around the Jagd Woods. A woman had bright electrically agitated helium lavender-colored hair.

Xover is a protocol. Xover is a Mega Man mobile game. Xover in our case is a band composed of Chinese-Americans that uses standard rock instruments as well as piano, saxophone, and erhu, and they sing in English and Mandarin Chinese. Stephanie, the singer, has an owl pendant.
There is an xover page on Bandcamp which is an electronic project of a Sardinian and a Bostonian. That's not this one. If you want to, check it out. I haven't; it's late.

Monika Cefis wasn't listed on the website.
She's from Montreal and is studying at Berklee, she plays the ukulele and keyboard and sings in both French and in English, her bandmates play cello and guitar and drums.

The Only Humans were great. They started early and played for a really long time. They sang a love song for when someone doesn't love you back but maybe they'll come to their senses but it really doesn't matter because the world is ending, they sang about how no one likes nice guys™ who complain girls don't like them because they're actually liars, they sang about stringing up christmas lights and then getting so drunk everything's a blur because you can't afford a trip to Iceland to see the northern lights. They sang about Judy telling her new boyfriend "oh, he's just a guy, we didn't do anything" but you know what, we did. They sang about waking up at five to watch saturday morning cartoons and feeling like you got hit with an anvil and using your teeth as piano keys and birds circling your heads. They sang about Stephanie moving to California the night you were going to tell her you were in love with her. They performed a bluegrass cover of No Surprises by Radiohead and a song by The National, I do believe. They have two fiddlers, Renee and Neil, and Tim, the guitarist and lead vocalist.
The drummer was away for a bachelor party. And the drummer for Zac Mac Band was at a wedding in Maine or something. I think they're the same drummer, or maybe two drummers got married. Upon checking their bandcamps, probably the latter.

Naty Hernandez is a Colombian guitarist studying at Berklee and her bandmate Matteo is Brazilian. I was surprised when she told me she was playing guitar, it's just a jazz guitar. I was thinking that it was a part of the guitar family, whatever the next largest member was.

Zac Mac Band is indie rock. They gave away free cds.

Wonder City is indie rock.

Bajucol is a Colombian folk dance. There was also the usual belly dancing and funk dancing and between the later sets, they did zumba.

Elisa Smith and the Tiny Little Lies is country/bluegrass/folk. When I met Elisa and Sara, I told them I'd draw the band but I had to cram them together to get them all on the same page and they had to move around. Elisa is from an obscure little town in Illinois, not in the ironic sense of "Chicago" or "Peoria" and sang about that and being happy with her husband despite the lack of heat and lack of resources.

Olivia was reading a book called Shantram, which she says is a little bit under a thousand pages but goes by quickly and it's about a guy who escapes prison in Australia and joins the mob in India.

Rhett Price plays electric violin with a DJ. He started out playing in the Boston Common when he came up here to study music and then his Texan brain forgot about the cold and he was scrounging up barely enough to eat playing in the subway (he said that the first few hours he played, he made six dollars) and was crashing on his friend's couch. He's from Midland, TX, which has the lowest unemployment rate and his parents said that they'd buy him a one way ticket back there and he could have an office job for a petroleum company but his music video became a runaway hit so the moral of the long story made short is "follow your dreams"

Oh, okay, I missed Hipshot. Again. I dunno I thought The Cranks were the last band of the night because they finished at 9:30. I didn't try to draw the members of The Cranks because neither the lighting nor the noise level were optimal, but I did draw two British women. The Cranks said they were missing four violinists, and joking aside, it would be pretty cool if they did, or if they had a string quartet like the one that worked with Quilt. The Cranks are rock with female vocals.
I was still planning to leave around 9:30 but then I liked The Cranks so I stuck around.

I'm actually sated, though I had were two Korean dumplings, a veggie one and a beef one, a chili shrimp skewer, a few pieces of taffy, and a few cups of Sahale nuts including Thai style cashews and balsamic pecans.

Like Brigid, Greta smiled at me and so I had to draw her and then her friend Kaitlyn. Too bad Park Street was the next stop. Maybe I'd have more time to draw Kaitlyn, Greta, and their unnamed friends had I got on at Haymarket instead of Government Center but I'd probably have gotten on a different train if I did, and I probably would have ended up on another train at Park Street, which means I wouldn't have met Marisa and Molly.

I wanted to depict the brightly-colored lilies and birds (magpies? swallows? swifts?) on Molly's dress but she held her bag in front of her. Marisa had a pendant with a curved white claw, a bracelet with love Roma and a bracelet with a hand of Fatima, while Molly wears only a simple disk on a silver chain around her neck.
Marisa had all her pictures in one folder so she couldn't show me any of her art but Molly showed me a face she drew in pencil with the city reflected in the eye.
Marisa swears her cat is part dog because he can do tricks.
Marisa is half-Armenian, half-Italian, while Molly is not at all Irish like I'd expect with her hair color and a name like Molly, but Polish and Lithuanian and maybe some British and maybe a bit of Russian.
But then again, I've lost the ability to think about what color eyes someone has and what ethnicity someone is, I once thought Mexicans were Filipino, but they guess that makes sense because Native Americans did cross the land bridge into the Americas. She knows people who look like they could be anything. She knows someone who's part Chinese-Barbadian and part very dark Irish. I know people who are ambiguous, like Eve from Rhode Iceland, like the Sara I know with rose tattoos, like Sam of Atlas Lab.
Marisa is pronounced like Madisa if you have an Armenian accent, because Armenians pronounce their Rs as Ds.
And I'm wondering if Armenian has the letter R, and I guess it does. Not because of Armenia, their name for the country is Hayastan, but in names like Armin Tamzarian or Hovhannes Bagramyan or Aram Khachaturian, the three greatest Armenians.
Her grandparents came over from Eurasia. She said that her family fled the Armenian genocide and I'm like "what?" because that was a century ago, but no, they went back to Armenia and then emigrated from the Armenian SSR. People guess that she is Greek and the people who know she's Italian notice and once someone thought she looked Persian, which I guess makes sense. When she was in Miami, she says that people tried to converse with her in Spanish.
She says that Armenian sounds a bit like Yiddish only without the guttural sounds. She says that Dutch sounds like Happy German while Molly and I think Dutch sounds the way English would to someone who doesn't speak English.
I don't know what they speak in Tanzania and what that sounds like but I never brought it up.
I'm glad I got off at Braintree instead of Quincy Center or whatever because I'm like "holy shitsnacks" when we got off at Braintree.
One of her friends that they got separated from worked with tagging and tracking sea turtles in the British Virgin Islands while one of her friends wears a pendant that depicts a map to her family's summer home.

burning question: why would you holler for Midland, Texas? If you've been there, you wouldn't.


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I had to draw Brigid because she smiled at me while I was doing this. I drew Keryn and Steve because they were with Brigid. Keryn wore a shirt depicting two moons and a sun in chiaroscuro and in their splendour and I tried to get as much of that done as possible but she had her arms crossed. Brigid had a Captain America t-shirt and must be happy Puerto Rico won their first gold medal ever. Keryn is an artist and she also likes photography. She was super-impressed with the pictures I showed her from the Wildlife Center but a lot of those ones aren't mine and the one that I took of the woodpeckers is a lot less glamourous and there's more poop.

Now we play the matching game.

The ICA was broken up into parts: Nalini Malani, Liz Deschenes, and a decade of the ICA's collecting; a collection of art by women, art of fibers and fabrics, art by women depicting the home.
In one of the rooms a video about feminism played.

One of the docents had a tattoo of a crying heart-mask.

I don't know if they're aware of what they did when they called in search of vanished blood seminal. Both blood and semen are bodily fluids and both of them have been used in art.

In Search Of Vanished Blood itself is an 11 minute video projected on each wall through rotating mylar cylinders painted with creatures mundane and fantastic. From a distance, in the other exhibit, it sounded like Celer. Inside it, it sounded like an Indian Larry Carlson.

Malani ended up in India after the partition, she abandoned painting in response to the rise of hindutva and turned to ephemerality: theater and performances and shadow plays and wall drawings never meant to last.

It's on Vimeo, for those of you who can't see it now or who have seen it and want to relive those memories It really isn't quite the same as viewing it.

Penelope, however, does not exist on the internet. Monsters form and dissipate.

Originally bluescreens were used but later we moved to greenscreens and these actually worked better with darker skin tones.

sheets of photosensitive paper exposed to moonlight. Obviously this makes sense because there's silver in photography chemicals and silver is the moon's element, although the actual moon is oxygen, silicon, magnesium, iron, calcium, aluminum, chromium, titanium, and manganese. I think someone would stand in this setup.

the colors in this are the colors used in topographic maps.

it fits in with the water and reflects us looking at it

black monochrome: usually exposing paper to sunlight is a mistake but she did it deliberately.

This shade of blue is used to detect the lightfastness of pigments. They reflect one another and distort and defocus people looking at them.

moire: photographed perforated sheets of paper and layered the negatives on one another. Added cyan to the mix to create an even more disorienting afterimage.
I think they were a couple but it was hard to tell.

at first glance, the objects in the vitrine look like glass pomegranates or ornaments. upon closer inspection, those are hand grenades.

innerspace bullshit

motherfucking rock.
She hypersexualizes women but also distorts them in unappealing and unsexual ways, much like the way women are actually treated.

No, I think that was an accident or ineptitude.

female bomb
Some things you can only learn on the ICA's website. This, for instance, is the personification of Vietnam-era weaponry.

from heart to hand
somebody thought this looked like a chinese death pepper.

Silueta Works In Mexico. For one, she lays naked in a Zapotec tomb with white flowers strewn over her body. For others, she covers her body in substances and takes a photograph of herself or the imprint left behind.

Soundsuit with ceramic birds.

Wishlist. There were actually four lists. My favorite of the four for its simplicity is not in this photograph.

Atrabilarios, from the Latin atra bilis, shoes from disappeared women, victims of Colombia's counterinsurgency, behind cow bladders crudely sewn to the walls with surgical thread. It's actually harder to see in person.

an armoire filled with cement and part of a chair to signify the belongings of a person who is no longer there.

siamese twin teacups

Hanging Fire, made from charred residue of suspected arson. Once these embers glowed red and orange and yellow, now they are cold and black.


I think there's a painting by Alice Neel at the MFA. I say "I think" but really, I could go to the MFA website and actually look it up. And I did. There are multiple Neel paintings. She was featured in the contemporary wing the last time I was in there.

that cone emitted wind and a very audible hum and made it hard to carry on a conversation with Gabriella, who was off looking at art instead of watching me take notes on an ipod.

A blue-haired woman was asking about this and I said it's a homage to Marcel Duchamp's Fountain.

i think these are ceramic wings.

Ennead means a group of nine, and there are strings extending from nine points.

from above, it looks like velvet or fur, from below, you can see that it's in fact 120,000 pins. It took a week to make this.

You can't see it that well in the picture but it depicts racist caricatures used in advertising.

spiral woman

the messengers

moonrise. east. april.

twelve sculptures (every few years, there is a thirteenth full moon, as every thirteenth day adventist (I'm not actually the first person in the world to mention thirteenth day adventism; one source is a Spectator article from 1994 and it has fuck-all to do with anything the actual Thirteenth Day Adventism and something to dow with Mandists and Haitian voodoo dancers, but since all the context around that article vanished into the aether. Some things change, some things stay the same. The other source is spam) you meet will enthusiastically tell you) for every full moon of the year.
made from cast aluminum coated in brown enamel and put on a wooden plinth.

I always take the Orange Line to Haymarket and take the Green Line back to the Red Line.

Mikaela is an artist who says she needs to sketch more. She likes to work in oils and in charcoal. I'm not sure if Kayla's an artist. She never said she was, but then again, she never said she wasn't either. But then again, I didn't ask.
Ryan wonders what my art must look like when I have a lot of time to work on it.
At Braintree Station, I ran into Brigid, Keryn, and Steve again. My response to this was "Holy shitsnacks!"

burning question: just what is the word progscogineti trying to be?


the end of the dance, the beginning

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With me on the train was a woman who spoke some Mi'kmaq and remembered the old names of the stations and had with her a service dog named Scruffy and three tourists who were trying to figure out where they wanted to go and where they needed to go to get there.

A violinist had a tattoo of a mandala design on her shoulder and on her other arm, a tree, a loop of vines that looked like writing that terminated in a downward spiral. Her pants had circular patterns and elephants.

Some of the dancers sat behind me. Juan and Erik were part of the program, the woman with a pocket watch pendant and the woman with an indigo pendant and indigo earrings were dancers but only went onstage for an encore.

A woman has half green and half magenta hair with purple in front.

Richard Rodgers: Slaughter on Tenth Avenue from On Your Toes: the first musical to incorporate classical dance and one of the first to incorporate jazz.
Nikos Skalkottas: Ellenike Chori: Kritikos, Kleftikos, Epirotikos. Three Greek dances out of the thirtysix that he wrote. Dedicated to our retiring Esplanade caretaker. Opa!
Clint Needham: Urban Sprawl: the dance for this is based on Jackson Pollock's art and their costumes look like Pollock used Mondrian's palette. I think he mashed some existing works in there.
Ryan Edwards and Patrick Greene: Mabinte: A world premiere, for orchestra, percussion, and dancers, dedicated to a friend of the composer from Guinea. There's a quiet interlude, and a trumpet solo.

Gabriella showed up midway through. Nabucco isn't quite integrated with the other cats yet but she's doing better with them.
Here is a story about cats: Alex heard a shrieking meow and thought "what are you getting into now?" and her cat Lilah was chasing her cat Alice, and she said that Alice probably started it. Alice is the skittish one, Lilah is the nice one. Both of them are orange tabbies. Maybe her name isn't Lilah. I'm sure it started with L, or maybe it started with T.

Gonzalo Grau: Hermana Frontera: the second of two world premieres this year, depicting the borderland between Colombia and Venezuela and the cultures shared by the two countries. It opens with plains music, the tonada, the pasaje, the joropo, and then a garabato and chandé blended with a tamborera.
Kareem Roustom: Armenian Dances: this attempts to recreate the sounds of the dumbek, duduk, and zurna with standard orchestral instruments. Kareem suggested putting a cardboard mute with a kazoo jammed in it, but Dana decided upon a buzz-wow mute instead. I don't think it sounds like a muted trumpet with a kazoo jammed in the mute, it sounds like a clarinet with a kazoo replacing the mouthpiece. It's not quite a crumhorn. It's a lot higher pitched than a crumhorn and it's a lot less resonant and buzzy. Armenian dances look like Balkans dances but sound Caucasian, as one would expect. At least two thirds of them had Armenian given names and they all looked relatively young so I'm not sure if mass immigration from Armenia is still happening or if Armenians are like Irish when it comes to not assimilating with names. In July, there was a hostage crisis but the information flow from Armenia is like Africa's and I can find absolutely nothing about what the opposition represents. I guess there were some controversies involving the ruling party and they seem to be Putinist National Conservatives. or, in other words, not the kind of people we want to see ruling. On the other hand, an opposition figure thought that they were making too many concessions to Azerbaijan. It's probably mostly the former, then.
Fancy Free: the ballet by Leonard Bernstein with original choreography involving a hat they discover, the abilities that the hat gives them, and the hat mysteriously disappearing but all the abilities came from within. It starts with a recording of a song Bernstein wrote to be sung by Billie Holliday, as if played on a juke box. The movie On The Town is based on the original ballet. Sterling Archer mixes it up with The Manchurian Candidate.

burning question: Oh, my God. How the hell does this have anything to do with a movie about three sailors, Gabey, Chip and Ozzie, who fall in love with three crazy gals, Ivy, Hildy and Claire, during a 24-hour shore leave in New York? Oh, and it's a musical?


disappearing acts

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The oystercatcher was missing an elbow joint. Sorry to disappoint you but it's obvious this is Jack's fault and if he just took a picture of the oystercatcher while it was still alive instead of wasting his time asking for towels, we'd all be looking at oystercatcher pictures. The solution is obvious: we start rumors about Jack so he'll never get into another relationship ever again and then he'll be taken to a creepy hotel where they'll tell him to find a girlfriend in 45 days or else he'd be transformed into an animal. Then we infiltrate the hotel and on his documents, erase sea otter and replace it with oystercatcher, so unless he fucks up horribly and becomes the animal no one wants to become, bam, oystercatcher.
Tiffany has some pictures of the dead oystercatcher, but much like Sad Puppies, dead oystercatchers aren't much fun.

Snapping turtle blood is ruining the rabies submissions that Jacob spent 30 minutes working on. Just once he wishes they'd refrigerate them instead of leaving them in the back of a truck during a heat wave. Or almost heat wave, as the case may be.

The gull and mallard are friends. The mallard found its way past the barrier to the greater black-blacked gull's partition.
It was all part of the mallard's plan: to fly out while we were getting the gull out. Too bad the window was there.

Amanda says that the towels someone donated to us are better than the ones she uses in college. And the animals get better food too.
"The towel lost weight" says Rebecca. Rebecca was here last year but I never actually met her. I'm not sure if Emily's new or just filling in the void left by Taylor's unexpected departure. Courtney returned. I was surprised to see Lianne still around, as she's been there since the presidential primaries.
One of the bunnies in boarding loved papaya. In one of the pictures Jacob took, it's like he's saying WHERE'S MY PAPAYA?

Our blood sugar level reader can also detect ketones (which are created by the breakdown of muscle cells and are used by the body as an alternate source of fuel and they show up in diabetics' blood), especially when we don't want it to.

One of the hawks was so fed up with being being pushed around he just screamed at her.
We're going to release a cooper's hawk where we released a bunch of cottontails earlier, but this one's too small to eat them.

We have a cuckoo. Not sure if it's black-billed or yellow-billed. Sometimes yellow-billed cuckoos lay their eggs in other birds' nests but they don't do it as much as old world cuckoos.

Instead of a cuckoo picture, please enjoy this screech owl. He's like every screech owl ever at the wildlife center in that he got hit by a car while he was out hunting insects and his eye is swollen but it will probably get better and oh yeah, he is most definitely not a cuckoo.
Or she. I don't know. Vikki says that animals have pheremones so they can tell which sex other animals are.

There are baby squirrels too, some who don't have fur yet and some with fuzzy white tails.

Here's a story about Paul: one day he comes to Greg with a sterile cup and asks about the clarity of urine and shakes the jar up, then he asks about the smell and sniffs it, then he asks about sweet tastes and drinks from the jar, but it turns out it was just apple juice in a sterile cup. He's a bit of a jokester, says Greg.

A greenland shark was determined to be 392 years old ± 120 years, which is a pretty big range. Even the minimum lifespan is longer than any other vertebrate.
They reach sexual maturity when a human would be long-dead.
Quahogs live at least 507 years but to determine Ming's age, they accidentally killed it.
Deep-sea glass sponges can live at least 11000 years. This might mean there are glass sponges that have lived through every year of the Holocene.
Certain jellyfish are effectively immortal but usually get eaten as medusas.

burning question: who would want to be a sponge? As cool as it would be to live through the entire Holocene, you'd spend almost every year of that anchored to the ocean floor. Maybe the glass sponge is the Animal No One Wants To Become.

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