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where soft rains fell

Posted on May 22, 2017 at 5:45 pm
Mood: Bothrochilus
Now Playing: Ralph Vaughan Williams - Benedicite
It's goodbye to Ashley but it's only goodbye for a few months, as she'll be in France or Germany (or Spain, I don't know, I'm not her supervisor) by the next moonrise. In retrospect, I just demonstrated my complete ignorance of air travel. I'm pretty sure she's not using a space-time vorpal or arbiter recall to get there, she's getting there via airplane. Rachel's back. She's not quite friends with Leah, more like an acquaintance, which in my worldview translates to a relationship status of receptive.
She did take the book. I even told her that if she didn't want it, she should just give it back to me right there instead of sparing my feelings and yes I know that she's shy and doesn't necessarily say what she means, so if she does leave it behind, I'm going to assume it's just Ashley being Ashley and she just genuinely forgot to take it. I told her not to bring it with her to Europe, air travel being what it is. I told her about Jasmine, both the woman with the big orange cat and shih tzu, and the snake, though I had to show her Kaa, and I showed her a picture of the great horned owl but not the screech owl. I told her that I was wrong to doubt her. I told her that I hope the world will be a better place when I see her again.
I wonder if it's possible to surgically implant a camera in Jack's face and operate it remotely.

Here it is.

I have a fascination with places unsuited for human habitation like 97% of Egypt or if you ask Archer, all of Egypt because the Nile is infested with Crocodylus niloticus, which has the strongest bite force of any living animal and stomach acids that can dissolve hoof and bone.
The story of the Aouzou Strip is as follows: France took over what is now Niger and Chad for what I only guess is that they were offended by the idea of there being land out there that wasn't under the control of white people and they offered some land to Italy in the 1930s as an concession to keep Mussolini from building their relationship with Nazi Germany, and obviously that didn't happen, so I guess the transfer never officially occurred but then decolonization happened and Libya decided it was rightfully theirs and Chad and Libya fought nine years over that strip of land with the area of Virginia and the population of one of those dinky towns in rural Virginia, and the US, Egypt, Zaïre and Sudan all got involved, and Chad won, only to find that the only thing there was sand and more sand and even more sand.

Danielle helped rescue an otter with a broken leg or maybe it was a fisher.

We had come in an African grey parrot who would have conversations with his partner but when he died, he stopped speaking, only whistled, a ball python named Asia, daughter of Oceanus and Tethys, wife of Iapetus, and mother of Atlas, or that continent where ball pythons aren't native to, owned by a woman named Lauren whose hair was half blonde and half black, a ball python named Helios owned by a woman with green hair and a tattoo of a five pointed star surrounded by designs who told me about parrots who would swear at each other and told each other to shut the fuck up, a snake named Bob who was not a boa constrictor even though the name would be far more appropriate for a snake with a mustache.

It was worth going in on Sunday instead just to hear Jacob sing I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight regarding a dead squirrel. Matt said it was too soon. Christabel wanted to feed it to the dermestid beetles but got too ahead of herself and gave them some rotted guinea pig. Christabel is the one who looks a bit like Rachel, though she wears glasses.

One of the interns doesn't mind chopping up mice and guinea pigs, even somewhat decayed guinea pigs, but does hate handling mealworms. Me, I'm the opposite. Mealworms, earthworms, even cockroaches and crickets, pains in the asses that they are, are fine. Dead mice are ick. Dead things you have to cut into pieces for the raptors are even more ick.

Someone was listening to a 90s alt rock station and I'm thinking "no, this can't be AAF, they're playing Deftones" and there is too much 90s alt rock and not enough 80s shlock and not enough post-grunge. I say 90s but Change (In The House of Flies) was released in 2000.

The goose had one of his legs pinned and then held with some bits of rubber tubing and gauze. Talia was holding him in a towel sling trying to get him to put pressure on his feet and walk around. Jacob told him "put one flapper in front of the other," and "don't bite me, this is your fault." We think he's eating, he just isn't moving to his food. The goose honked and Jacob says "he's saying thank you."
The word "fowl" is even part of their name, he said to Christabel. I spared her the cleaning of the gull cage.

A baby goose had its leg in a cast.

Talia said she doesn't even know what a gull is. "Oh, a seagull." Probably thought of lilies and sea lilies or fowl and waterfowl.

There's not much in the owl's mouth except for a giant tube for swallowing. "It's nice and slippery," Talia says of the mouse bits. We had to deworm him and Talia's biggest fear is worms. He looked sleepy, which makes sense because it's the equivalent of a 2 AM snack for him. They're like hobbits. First breakfast, second breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, supper, midnight snack.

The clock in med ward stopped. It kept ticking but the second hand didn't move. Raphael says that he's in France a lot and their 24 hour clocks are just 12 hour clocks with 13-24 written above 1-12 and so they're also right twice a day. I swear I've seen a 24 hour clock with all the numbers crammed on there.

The other screech owl got oxygen therapy because it really helps save brain cells after blunt force trauma. Christabel says that in casinos, they have no windows or clocks so people don't notice the passage of time (this is true) and they pump oxygen inside (this is not true, as well as impractical; they would need thousands of oxygen cylinders daily and also people smoke in casinos and if someone went in there with a staticy sweater, BOOM, oh the humanity!).
Neither Talia nor I have ever set foot inside a casino but we can both believe that. After all, I have the luck of Relian Kru.
Principle 4: The Maze Layout Beats Long, Wide, Straight Passageways and Aisles

The opossum turns her poop into diarrhea and weaponizes against people who use the wrong pronoun. Yesterday, Jacob called her by the correct pronoun and she didn't poop all over the place.
Talia once got raccoon formula on herself.

Talia was eating a salad of greens, grilled pineapple, pepperoni, feta, blueberries, carrots, avocados, green peppers, with balsamic dressing. I'm sharing this with you because it sounds really amazing and if you want to try it, you should. Christabel says the Wildlife Center needs a vending machine, preferably one of those fancy vending machines that dispenses coffee.

Burning Question: do you seek knowledge of time travel?



Posted on May 19, 2017 at 9:43 pm
Mood: Aspidites
Now Playing: Henry Cowell - Hymn and Fuguing Tune
A woman with purple hair had tattoos of stars on her feet and the word "65 roses" written on her wrist.

A woman listening to a guy playing fiddle had a tattoo of Famfrit's sigil surrounded by a great torrent threatening to consume all. The map of Harvard Square looks like someone threw a rock at a glass panel.

The guy who painted Doug as the Vitruvian Man has a new painting of The Scream with Kevin McCallister. A woman laughed really hard at Homer Simpson in The Scream. By the way, I found a picture of The Scream from an earlier Treehouse of Horror and it's not Homer, it's Lisa.

"I want to go to the future please."
[Click for art]

Pechstein: Woman with Animals

Klinger: Dead Mother

(image unavailable)
Münter: Pink Still Life

Muche: Picture 21, 1915

Four Fallen Soldiers in Cosmic Space

Klee: Dried Up Cataract

Marc: Grazing Horses IV
The Nazis tried to get rid of it for being degenerate and we ended up with it.
Someone did this in chalk at the Mayfair.

Ernst: Heavenly and Earthly Love

Kandinsky: Jocular Sounds

Proun 12E

Sigueros: el fin del mundo
A response to the rise of fascism, the Spanish Civil War, and imperialist aggression. How relevant. There's a Kek flag that's pretty much a Nazi war ensign colored green, with the iron cross replaced with the 4chan clover symbol.

Available Portrait Colors
These are all the colors called flesh-hued. Light skin is the default setting.

The Blessed Damosel

A Sea Spell

The Triumph of the Innocents

For the special exhibit, they reconstructed the Philosophy Chamber and showcased its orrery and other scientific paraphernalia, art, artifacts, and specimens. Dighton Rock is a rock covered in lines, shapes, drawings of people, and what could be writing. There are many crackpot theories about ancient Egyptians and Phoenicians, mostly meant to erase indigenous history.

I got ahold of The Gospel of Corax and Tex & Molly in the Afterlife, which is by Richard Grant and in the same contemporary setting as In The Land Of Winter (which I thought was ok) and Kaspian Lost (which I loved) and not in the same future united states wracked by climate change setting as Through The Heart (which I loved), for myself and not for Ashley. Maybe she just forgot our earlier conversation where she said she would be happy if I got it for her or maybe she just doesn't feel right accepting gifts from people who aren't super-close. There wasn't any note from Ashley and nobody tried to sabotage me by writing "te szerettél volna" so I thought she just left it behind by mistake.
I haven't been having bad dreams even with all my doubts about the integrity of my friendship with Ashley. I had a romantic dream when I started to feel this. This morning, I dreamt of fish and other aquatic creatures from an alternate timeline where life never colonized the land.

Someone wrote on a Lush posterboard (cosmetics, not band) #haltallexecutions
If you ask me, best to abolish the death penalty entirely.

I had lychee juice and it was amazing.

Allison Reed made a video of stop-motion elephants with blue eyes and trying to navigate in a world made of eggshells.

Devon Guinn's The Hedgehog Dilemma is a short film about a man who befriends a hedgehog and then falls in love with a woman and asks the hedgehog for advice but the hedgehog just doubts himself. The Hedgehog's Dilemma is about wanting to get close to someone but fearing you'll just end up hurting them with your spinities but being alone is just as painful. You can hold a plush hedgehog and it will vibrate throughout the film. All of the characters talk in glossolalia and I think there's a barred owl call amongst some free jazz. Meanwhile, I can't help but think I'm being overly clingy and pushing her away and doubting myself with regards to interpersonal relationships.

Serena Eggers paints blurry-faced portraits in encaustic.
Gigi Kisela encases objects in cubes of resin, deconstructing herself to understand herself.

Hali Nelson painted empty rooms, removing the subject matter to make the space they inhabit the subject.

Some people made slogans in ceramic.

The Gardner Museum was not participating in Free Museum Day because nobody told them about it so I didn't get to see the sound exhibit but I did get to see the cool mural called I Need A Hero by Ambreen Butt, a Pakistani artist known for painting miniatures, they had outside the building and even helped Olivia and Lauren and Diana find the MFA and someone else find the Gardner Museum. Diana said that she's never been an artist's model before. Lauren looks kind of contemplative in the portrait.

In the Matisse exhibit, objects from his studio, ranging from mundane jars and vases and coffeepots to statuettes from Indochina and West Africa, wall hangings and furniture from North Africa were, juxtaposed with paintings and abstract assemblages made from cut-out shapes he made while bedridden and suffering from cancer. We did things like that in high school art class and I can't help but think it was in imitation of Matisse. Some of our other assignments were to make works in the styles of Klee or Mondrian or Chagall (don't listen to Rebecca's lies! Most sources uncritically repeat the information that he was born on 7 July 1887, without specifying whether this was a Gregorian or Julian date. However, this date is incorrect. He was born on 24 June 1887 under the then Julian calendar, which translates to 6 July 1887 in the Gregorian calendar, the gap between the calendars in 1887 being 12 days. Chagall himself miscalculated the Gregorian date when he arrived in Paris in 1910, using the 13-day gap that then applied, not realising that this applied only from 1900 onwards.).
Fun fact: I ended up taking Drawing & Painting and Advanced Drawing & Painting in the same semester due to a bureaucratic snafu.

A guy had a tattoo of the rebel alliance crest, the jedi order crest, the imperial insignia (which is based on birds-eye views of 18th century fortifications), below Boba Fett's sigil (a tusked skull).

Someone's iphone alarm went off and I immediately reached for my pocket and I'm like wait, that's not me, and someone laughed and said that she's done that thing where she thinks her phone is going off when it isn't and I told her about how I've reached for my phone when I hear one ring when I don't even have my phone with me. One time a girl in my art class said she heard the phone ring and yelled "Doorbell!" I can't remember her name but I do remember that she had the same birthday as my dog. Our friend asked if she yells "telephone!" when she hears the doorbell and that he'd yell "platypus!" or "molasses!" They said I would go on to make the next Star Wars and not to forget about them.

There's a painting in the Boticelli room depicting the Judgment of Paris and someone wondered why all three goddesses are wearing chokers, possibly because it's the stylet at the time, but why Aphrodite's choker doesn't have a pendant but Athena's and Hera's do.
Someone asked if acrylics and tempera are the same thing and they're not so I tried to show him some acrylic paintings I did and compare them with tempera paintings I did but I realized I don't have any tempera paintings scanned in. In tempera, pigment is mixed with typically egg yolk. Acrylics are very recent, only about 75 years old ago they figured out how to suspend pigments in refined plastics. I've never used oil paint. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages. Importantly, watercolors, acrylics, and tempera are a lot easier to clean up than oils are.
Apparently they make water-soluble oil paints so you can get a best of both worlds of acrylics and oils.

Photographs, real and imaginary, people want to preserve: Bob Ross wearing a speedo; a photo of my best friend's ex girlfriend blowing smoke at the camera wearing all white in the dark living room during a party, the only light pink and coming from bulbs shaped like flamingoes; photos are alive, they transport the soul of the person to the viewer; a photograph of my husband weaning our newborn baby, laughing with his best friend, almost 2 years before he took his life; photography is a way of feeling, touching, and loving; a picture of Leah.
I didn't write the last one. But I sometimes feel that way. Or maybe a drawing of Leah. Anything to remember her by.

Lessons learned: you are never alone; capture life but remember to live it; you don't always need a photograph to save a memory; I remembered because I never had grandparents; art is everywhere, love is everything; gay love is magic; if you want to know what a person loves, watch what they photograph; I am sad.
As a proud Social Justice Zealot, I had to deface a sticker that said Kek with "ZERG RUSH!!!" Yeah, whatever, we just had a Dark Archon mind control a few Zerg worker units and now we have our own Social Justice Zerg Swarm.
someone wrote in Telugu and English about when you look at history, what is there to be proud of? I don't have a Telugu font myself but the Latin transliteration of this is: Mīru caritranu cūsinappuḍu, garvapaḍavalasinadēmiṭi?
there were messages in Greek, Chinese, Korean, French, Arabic, Russian, Vietnamese, Italian, and Portuguese.

A woman with rose colored hair said "the garden of eden is where people are larger than all the animals." Her friend had black and green hair.

There is a koi brooch, gold with scales of opals and eyes of emerald.

In Building With Light, kids from Boston used translucent materials and paints and objects to make assemblages, which were lit up.

Stephanie could tell the first few pictures in my sketchbook weren't from the same day because someone was wearing a winter hat and it reached 95°F although on the way in, I saw a man who looked a bit like Dr. Wily and/or Albert Einstein dressed in a leather jacket which seemed hardly appropriate and lo and behold, there's a guy dressed in a heavy winter coat on the train with us. I once said that there's always a guy on campus who wears shorts and sandals when it's below zero F and someone who wears a winter coat when it's 70°. Maybe not 95°. Stephanie has a tripartite bracelet with a stone, a necklace with a small gold triangle, a necklace with small gems, a necklace that looks like a waxing crescent as seen on the equator, a ring with a peace sign, which is derived from the semaphore N and D for nuclear disarmament.

One woman says she's neither very artistic nor very domestic because I brought up someone who said that she wasn't an artist but loved cooking.

burning question: I just used tesseracted as a verb. I don't say someone cubed when they move about in 3 dimensions, do you? Maybe I should use spacetime vorpaled instead, even though vorpal is an adjective. Vorpal isn't a real word, it was invented by Lewis Carroll for The Jabberwocky.


a world bathed in sunlight

Posted on May 17, 2017 at 5:01 pm
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I consider myself an optimist so I think it's a bit too hasty to write off Laci Green as a lost cause. I'm hoping she comes to her senses, realizes that trying to build bridges is stupid, and goes back to normal. I'll give her until June. I can't really find feminist perspectives on this situation; all I can find are rumors that the feminists are pissed and the Social Justice Zealots want nothing more than to try out their forge-enhanced psi blades on her amongst a lot of praise from the wrong kinds of people.

Monica's, or at least, I think her name is Monica, as I'm at the point in the year where I don't bother trying to learn everyone's names, especially when it comes to guys, stance on these challenges like the Cinnamon Challenge and snorting aspirin is would she be embarrassed if she was in the hospital? At least, I think Monica said it. It wasn't Talia. There's Ashley, but Ashley has red hair. There's a Sabrina somewhere in the group.
Because if your name isn't Bill or Josh or perhaps Delan or Kem or Tallheron or Nori, then I'm going to forget. I dunno, I think there's just a larger pool of girls' names to choose from. Probably because everyone chooses Bill and Josh and never Delan, Kem, or Tallheron.
Like this:
Ashley needed something
"I don't know, ask Kelsey," said (insert name here). Earlier, he was saying bare hands give squirrel food its flavor and there are worse things for your hands to smell like than dog food. Like fish. I told them about orange and pineapples and fish and he squirted oranges all over the raccoon food so the kitchen smelled of oranges and not of the fish bucket
to which Kelsey said "I dunno, ask (insert name here)"
And nothing was accomplished.

Margo has blonde hair now. An artificial-looking platinum blonde. I compared her to a Marilyn Monrobot.
Margo's definition of adulthood is being able to eat things your parents wouldn't let you eat as a kid. Unless we're talking about things that no longer exist, like those snack mixes they had at Trader Joe's before they became a wannabe Whole Foods.
Josh, Margo, and Monica were talking about roommate horror stories, including one who would go into other rooms and pee on things as if she's marking her territory and people who eat things on the toilet. Someone brought up a movie that she thought was called Stalker but I've seen Stalker and spoiler alert, that isn't Stalker.

If there's one thing everyone should learn during their stays at the wildlife center, it's that reptiles are completely tied to the ambient temperature. And now that it's warm again, our turtles are going to be released. After being fasted for a week in the event of a future drop, of course.
Some squirrels and cottontails are scheduled for release.
We have a baby great horned owl.

One of the snake is Agnes because he thought that Hognose sounds like Agnes. Percy is short for Persephone which doesn't sound like ball python at all. His sense of time is busted and he has a lock of white hair.

The pig's vaccination wasn't nearly as earsplitting as I thought it'd be. The pig is small and tan with black spots.

burning question: should we give a platform to proponents of the phlogiston theory or the luminiferous aether?


disillusioned by the actual

Posted on May 11, 2017 at 6:10 pm
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It's all so dreary and all so monotonously cold that I don't really consider these days of rest. I ended up giving a tour early on and then ended up cleaning the conference room and scraping away some grime in the upstairs janitor's closet so they can seal up the sink so I don't really know what's going on with our animals, aside from we have a squirrel who went down with the tree and suffered from some kind of head trauma and that our weasel is doing pretty well for himself. Our news for the day was that shipping lanes are causing hearing loss in sea mammals. It's bad news but it's fixable bad news.

Someone whose name is one of the following: Christabel, Ashley, Emily, Emily, Melissa, Mani, Liz, or one that isn't any of those that I couldn't remember, like Daphne or Fiona, has pine green hair in braids.
Don't quote me on this but I think Christabel, Emily, and Mani (Mona? Mana? Maиi?) are the new proper interns and the rest of them are Aggies. I also don't think Ashley is the Aggie with blue hair no matter how much sense it makes to anyone who's even heard of Wild Arms.

Margo was raised on The Simpsons by her uncle who was her age when she was three and thought she would be the first person killed during a Purge, although maybe she forgot that her boyfriend exists to be a human shield for her.
She found a thing of bubbles so she blew on it and told Matt to relive his childhood and he blew really hard and got clouds of bubbles instead of big bubbles. She was eating velveeta mac and cheese and the creme filling between Keebler cookies for lunch and so they were reading off the ingredients and none of them sounded natural. Even the paprika sounded unnatural because it was paprika oleoresin.
Jack said he learns something new from Jen every time but I learned nothing because her voice was drowned out by the rest of the people. Maybe Jen explained what oleoresin is, which is a resin in a solution of oil.

burning question: who would want to claim Pepe as their own creation? I've heard that the hardcore Meme Magic cultists are blaming Matt Furie for Le Pen's loss. I hope that's true because that's hilariously pathetic.


Archive Style

Posted on May 08, 2017 at 12:52 am
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I had to wait 20 minutes but at least I arrived at Harvard Square early enough to see Noble Dust setting up and performing sound checks. Gretchen and the Pickpockets are also folk with trumpets. Elephants was playing alternative rock at the same time. Aisha Burns is a violinist but didn't play violin there, boo-urns, but she did play really good bluesy rock. I didn't have enough for Lisa Bastoni's album of what I assume is the same somewhat melancholic and yet sweet folk she played at the Mayfair. She sang about how when her daughter was even younger, she was afraid of going in the water but one hot summer's day she went swimming in a stream and sung a song by her friend who lived in Germany for a while but is now back here and making music, and talked about how she's going to take her kids camping and had them in sleeping bags to practice and they were up all night, and said that it's important when singing a song dedicated to your grandmother that your instruments are tuned. I'm sorry to ninja edit that in but it's really good advice.
One of the dances was done to a speech by Malala Yousafzai. One of the dances was by a troupe of 70-79 year old women. Some of them were by students of various ages, some were ballets or interpretative dances. I don't think Albino Mbie was officially part of the Mayfair but he played anyway.
Someone was selling Pakistani jade and malachite and pendants made from the bones of nilgai and skulls made from the horn of nilgai.
Someone looking at the crystals had malachite green hair
For her grand finale, Sara climbed up on a pole supported by four men pulling on it and do a hula dance with five hoops and she was talking about how hard it was with the wind.
I did get Celestis for Ashley, though. Right before I made that excursion to get Celestis, I ran into Immelman and his friend. I also ran into Kitty Zen so I hope I didn't use up all of my allocated serendipity for the rest of the season. There are still many more things to be done.

Out of all the possible days this week, this was the nicest. It could stand to be 17 degrees warmer (listen: a long long time ago, there was a cereal called Fruit Brute (I keep writing Fruit Bruit, which is a real word by the way and they are homophones) with a somewhat scary for the target audience mascot which is why he's defunct and my friend said it looks like you can save either 17 ¢ or ° if you buy his cereal and he said that he'd love to save 17 degrees to use on a cold day and I think that if I could increase the temperature by 17 degrees C or even F on a day like this, I'd do that instead. I may have told you about this before. Or I may have only thought about telling you this) but at least the sun was out for about 2/3rds of the event and even when it wasn't, it wasn't rainy.

Kirby has green hair tied in twinned knobs that she says makes her fit in as an art student and a tattoo of a mountanscape on her arm and a t-shirt with the American flag made as a peace sign that she said was originally ironic but has become more and more sadly relevant each passing day. She drew this with chalk and won second place.

This is the first place winner and if you ask me, it deserved it.

Someone did another skull for Cinco de Mayo, even though it was actually Siete de Mayo.

Eagles are the perfect symbol for this country. The only reason they're still around is because of environmental laws and protections.

This painting is done by Vincent Van D'oh or possibly Claude D'ohnet or even Henri de D'ohlouse-Lautrec. I made the last pun by the way.

There were people with ladders so I assume that one day there will be better pictures.

A few of them I can't find include four goldfish around a dusky red sphere, the moon and three stars and a neon owl, the Jaws poster, a woman playing guitar, the Dance at Bougaval, Red Horses, and a sunflower. Last year someone replicated The Kiss.

Chloë was wearing a Vote Obama 2008 t-shirt she says she's been wearing daily. She asked me if she could share it and I said that people probably do though I have no idea where they end up. She asked me where I was going and then she told me she was heading to Chinatown to have some bubble tea.
Despite the imperfect perspective, Brynna said my drawing of her was amazing and told me she's never met another Brynna or Brenna for that matter. Apparently Brynna is a place in Wales and comes from a word meaning hill or mound while Brenna possibly comes from the Gaulish name Brennus, or possibly an Irish name.

Normally Harvard Station reminds me of the first stage of Dr. Wily's castle from Mega Man 4 as if that's a spoiler or the Fifth Ark from Final Fantasy XIII but there's a brightly colored tessellated tile mural called New England Decorative Arts and painted by Joyce Kozloff.

Isabelle and Anna are from France, where Russian and Ecuadorian efforts to suborn elections have been much less successful. I'm pretty sure irony is when they call the French cheese-eating surrender monkeys for not putting a fascist in power.
Conall mostly works in digital but once painted something in Halloween facepaint and he said it took two weeks to dry but looked really amazing. The battery on his phone was dying so he couldn't show us anything. I didn't hear most of it because it was one of the older trains and very noisy and he had to leave by the time we went aboveground.
Julia likes to work with acrylics. Once she was on a volleyball team with only six people and four of them were named Mary. Some of Julia's friends were at the 90s Bar Crawl and I said that there were a lot of people with chokers and/or flannel but that's normal and it's hard to tell who's dressed like it's the 90s and who's just dressed as themselves. She had an unfinished work but she posted it on snapchat and now it's lost to the aether.

Burning Question:
who the hell designed this place, Daedalus and King Minos of Crete?



Posted on May 07, 2017 at 1:05 am
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Sheila is very tall and has orchid-colored hair and had a rose tetrafoil pinned to her dress.
One woman was holding her coat open like she was trying to scare away cougars.
Julia was dressed like an artist: an emerald-colored scarf over her hair with the bangs showing, Cyril Figgis glasses, a baggy beige peasant shirt with blue and white checkered overalls over it, two chokers, mismatched socks, boots, a bicycle helmet and a bag with a rainbow of five-pointed stars. She showed me a drawing by her friend and wished she was that good, she saw the goats in my picture collection, she made a drawing of a two-headed goat with three eyes and an intricate abstract spiderweb floral design in greens and blues and violets. She's not actually in school for art, she's studying sustainable agriculture. She was meeting a friend and then heading off to watch Guardians of the Galaxy, a movie I really need to watch.
She told me to have a lovely day.
A.J plays in a band called Last Chance to Reason while Audrey paints and does things with insects. Facebook says: what? You want to find these insects? HAHAHAHAHAHA no. Audrey has a tattoo of a one-eyed goat deity, or one visible eye with one hidden beneath her yin-yang pendant, and tattoos of insects and other arthropods. I had to look this up because I knew a guy named AJ in high school although he sounded like Clamps from Futurama having a brain aneurysm.

A trumpeter and a horn-player sat in front of me and asked if it was Access Hollywood, as Andris Nelsons and Kristine Opolaīs are classical music's hottest couple apparently and remarked that the booklet felt weightier than it usually did and said something about the Gaelic Symphony, and if she was talking about Henry Cowell's Gaelic Symphony, I am really jealous.
Joining in was a woman speaking in what I eventually determined to be Spanish. She sounded like an Ewok.
Their voices became one with the background noise.

A suite from King Lear by Shostakovich. It's kind of funny how Stalin had the same attitude towards the art that big-L Libertarians (not to be confused with small l libertarians who live in strange and mysterious lands where there are people who identify as libertarian socialists (if I use the generic term leftist to describe myself, it's because the word socialist has been co-opted by Françoise Hollande, Robert Fico, and Miloš Zeman (granted, they're from formerly one-party states))) have Ayn Rand, John C. Wright, the Mad Genius Club, Quent Cordair, et al. For various reasons, King Lear resonated with the Russian people. The ballad of Cordelia is a clarinet in this version.
Rachmaninov's 4th piano concerto is a rarely performed work.
Prokofiev's 1st piano concerto this is not. This is not a composition meant to showcase the pianist's talent.
Mahler's 4th Symphony is the journey from Earth to Heaven, where music is amazing and so is the food, especially the asparagus and there's a feast for all the saints. The trumpet player described it as a more intimate work. It's positively giddy but still sounds like Mahler, which means it's all over the place. The last movement was originally the seventh movement of his 3rd Symphony (tentatively titled "Heavenly Life" or "What the Child Tells Me" and in fact you can hear relics of the 3rd symphony in the 4th. In the second movement, Freund Hein, a fiddle-playing skeleton plays a violin tuned a whole tone higher than standard. The first movement has sleigh bells.

A man had a Hylian shield pendant and a button that said C.O.M.B.A.T. Transphobia. It stands for something. Google isn't helping, as it doesn't distinguish between "combat" and "c.o.m.b.a.t."

I'm one of the few people to say Shayla's name right. Most people call her Sheila. Jasmine likes to make art and took four years of art classes in high school and when she makes a drawing, she spends months putting little details in it, and so she wishes she had her sketchbook with her. She has a shih-tzu (Koda, like in the movie Brother Bear) and a big orange cat (Tiger), just like Ashley, and has an infectious laugh just like Ashley, and big emerald-colored eyes, and always gets nervous about missing her stop. She asks if I prefer to draw younger people or older people and I told her what I told other people: 90 percent of the people I draw are either younger women or older men and she gets it: they have more going on, be it facial hair or wrinkles or cool jewelry. She said that a photograph of the TV screen glitching out looks like Minecraft, which neither of us have played.
A woman had a golden bumblebee hair clip.
Yvonne and Tyla were in Boston for a 90s themed bar crawl, and Yvonne said she just went into her closet for her outfit because she always dresses like that. It makes sense, everyone's wearing chokers anyway. There were a lot of men in neon tracksuits and headbands but I didn't see any. I pointed out that men's formal wear has remained more or less unchanged for the past 100 years. I mean, men no longer wear citrus-colored suits. I also believe that culture is no longer cyclical, it's accretive, or maybe it always has been accretive.
She said something about how if someone apologizes to you, they should say what it is they're sorry for, and that's how you know someone's being sincere. It's not bad advice, though I've been in a situation where I apologized for not being a good friend which was deliberately vague as I wasn't entirely sure what I was apologizing for in the first place but yet it said everything I needed to.

burning question: what is this, Access Hollywood?


dirty work

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Mother Nature doesn't always match her schedules with our college schedules and that's why we were understaffed.
We have a short-tailed weasel, which also called stoats in their standard coloration and ermines when they're in their winter fur which are originally Eurasian but it isn't our fault they're over here while long tailed weasels are native. I say this, even though they've been in North America longer than humans have. They were also introduced to New Zealand to control feral rabbits and hares but have done a number on local birds because I don't know what they expected to happen. They live in burrows but don't dig their own, they just find them, go in, and kill whomever's inside. They typically eat voles and can even take down larger rabbits. This one's a baby. Primrose says he looks like a pez dispenser. Hopefully Jack will post a picture for us soon. I'll give him until midnight on Wednesday/Thursday.

When I woke up the morning after, the picture was there. Whether Jack will post a picture of the weasel as an adult is yet to be seen.

There is a middle ground between the unnecessarily giganterous pictures on Facebook and the rather small "l" size on imgur. I know this is akin to asking "who isn't here" but you're getting the l size when I show these to you on my iPod.
Here's another fun thing about Facebook. We all know about the aggressive user retention e-mailing that Facebook does and how we all know that you can't just stop it by going to the Wildlife Center's page and ganking their images, you have to go to the main page. I've learned that going to the mobile page doesn't set off the "you visited facebook so we'll stop flooding your inbox for a few days" flag, only the main page does that. So if you're stuck with the mobile version, you're shit out of luck and I hope you enjoy five e-mails a day about so-and-so updating their status but not telling you what said update actually entails.

I had to clean out the snapping turtle's tank and the drain didn't work with the hose attached and just made a horrid mess without the hose, so I had to dredge up the water, which is filled with whatever it is snapping turtles shit out, which I can only assume is people, and reeks of lakes and death.

If I'm making food for the raccoons, which involves fish, I can put pineapples and oranges in because the acids will negate the smell. If you're making food for seagulls or whatever else eats fish and only fish or a mixture of fish and dog food and chicks/guinea pigs/mice, you're shit out of luck. I hope the raccoons like parsnips and radishes.

burning question: Muss es sein?


the rich drown in wine

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It's against my policy to ninja edit in a post where someone's commented but since it came up in conversation, it makes a bit more sense to post it here: when Shakespeare put song lyrics in a play, it was meant to be performed to a stock melody, most of which are forever lost to the mists of time.

When I left Braintree, the sky above was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel.
I met someone named Ashley who had pink hair and someone blue-haired of unknown name (some people wanted to go to North Station but the doors closed before they could get off and we told them to just walk because it's not that far and if you get off at Boylston to change directions, you have to exit and pay again but then when I got off at Arlington, I noticed that one can get to the other direction without exiting (Also, I think I did this same exact thing once when I was trying to get from the Hynes Convention Center to the MFA)) but I wonder if she might be this Rae person who once claimed to be the Queen of All Cats. I think Sara might want a word with her. Two words: Melawan rajah. The solution is obvious: break her up with her boyfriend by writing a fake love letter or something and he'll be so distraught he'll just sit there and take it like Glass Joe and Sara can claim her rightful position as Queen of All Cats.

Someone looked like Sara but she wasn't. Someone wasn't an artist but her sister was so she respects it.

When I arrived at Arlington, the sky above was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel. I just love how that sentence meant something entirely different on the day I was born and the day I posted this.

Sophia says the same thing Jack does: Greek is a difficult language. It was the Independence Day Parade and someone there looked and dressed like Gabriella. Sophia says it's gotten smaller but the path is longer but maybe it's because there was a downpour.
Gabriella is Italian and British, though. Her cat was sprawled out near the window, which she left open.

Their version of The Marriage of Figaro is set in a villa in 1950s Italy (Italy became a republic after World War II), and since they like to go for the conceptual rather than the extravagance and grandeur, the set had a floor plan of the villa and a diagonal mirror, inspired by the films Sabrina and Dogville.
Figaro and Susanna are to be married but the Count Almaviva also has a thing for Susanna and Marcellina, Dr. Bartolo's housekeeper wants to marry Figaro, as Figaro is in debt to her and marriage would be so much simpler than having him pay it all off and Bartolo hates him because he wanted to marry Rosina who became Countess instead and the teenaged Cherubino, played by a woman in the original production not as a castrati like I thought and by a woman in this production, is trying to get in the good graces and bed of every woman he meets, and the Count makes him join the army, and to Susanna and the Countess dress him up as a woman and he jumps from the window but the gardner complains because he stomped his flowers, and eventually Marcellina finds out she's Figaro's mother and so the love hypertesseract collapses into a lower order, a pentachoron I guess, and Susanna and the Countess dress as each other but Figaro eventually sees through the deceit after ranting about women and comparing them to malicious doves of all things, and then plays along to further annoy the count, but then the countess shows up. The singers didn't look that much alike but it was by moonlight.
And obviously they knew that because Figaro even says that jumping from things makes him taller. So I feel like the opera is pointing out how ridiculous these disguises are.
The opera is the last of a trilogy of three play adaptations. The Barber of Seville is the first one, which we all know (there's an obscure 1782 opera as well). The Guilty Mother is the second one, which wasn't made into an opera until 1966. I would've thought there's be an opera contemporaneous with the other two. The play was banned in France because it's pretty much a satire of the aristocracy and monarchy.
There's a scene in Bob's Burgers in which Mr. Fischoeder and the guy with the seaplane sing along to Non pìu andrai with the words "Figaro Gigolo."

Someone who spoke Italian said that they took liberties with the translation. For instance, Figaro compares some other characters to the Three Stooges. Unless Operation: Ash Meadow was a success and we've changed the course of history forever, they probably did. I know they did for La boheme.
It's very doubtful. I don't know, introducing the Three Stooges and more importantly, the means to watch the Three Stooges to the late 18th century would cause a lot more divergence.

Speaking of ash meadows, they're putting on the Threepenny Opera and I can't help but think Ashley will be intrigued by this. If the Boston Lyric Opera hasn't made their politics clear in their Carmen booklet, they do now. The Threepenny Opera is a satire of capitalism from a left-wing perspective.
The Nazi regime banned it for multiple reasons.
They're also premiering an opera called The Nefarious, Immoral but Highly Profitable Enterprise of Mr. Burke & Mr. Hare which sounds interesting and is about two serial killers who provided corpses for medical research.

At Park Street, a musician played Mr. Sandman and I am reminded of Back to the Future.

Surprisingly, Gabriella's favorite opera composer is Bellini, not Verdi. Her favorite painters include Van Gogh and some names I can't remember including one Spanish painter. She knows someone who speaks Aramaic because it was the only language his Turkish parent and his Syrian parent had in common. She says that Egypt was very hot but very dry and as you went south towards the Sudan border and that bit of unclaimed land, it becomes more and more religiously conservative. If you want to start The People's Republic of Bir Tawil, just plant a flag there, raise an army, and hope nobody can be fucked to invade you. Which they will, because I don't think it would require giving up more useful land. She described the art museum in Cairo as like the Gardner museum on a massive scale: everything is arranged with only aesthetics in mind. The displays only showed the next Ashmont train. She has never visited Eritrea but has taken the Mattapan-Ashmont line and says that older trains are easier to maintain because all the components are mechanical and there aren't newer electronic parts.
She has a friend from South Korea and after long conversations, will begin to adopt her mannerisms and quirks of speaking.
I find myself doing that or talking with a Scottish accent after watching In The Loop.
She says she sees a lot of monochromatic rainbows above the landfill near the station. I tried to show her my photograph but the wifi from a nearby restaurant was too slow to be of any use and we walked out of range before The Color of the Summer Sky loaded.
I said that I think my sense of time's flow is off.

burning question: what have they done to deserve such advantages?


in trouble again

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Ralph Vaughan Williams - Three Shakespeare Songs
The oldest work of music on the setlist and the only one written by someone who died before I was born, composed in 1951 whilst Ralph Vaughan Williams was 80 years old and meditating on his inevitable death. The words ding dong are indistinct, as if heard from thirty feet underwater.

Adria Stolk - Doubt
Followed up with the newest, premiered just one day ago, written without a tonal core until the final line "never doubt that I love." She was buried under a figurative mountain of work when the ensemble came to her and so she wrote what may be the shortest thing she's ever written.
Hamlet says "doubt thou that the stars are fire. doubt that the sun doth move." when Copernicus was challenging the old geocentric worldview.

Jaakko Mäntyjärvi - Four Shakespeare Songs
Halting rhythms and a sense of despair, lilts and shifts from major to minor modes in an ethereal faery lullaby, the chanting of witches, and underwater bells.

Emma Lou Diemer - Three Madrigals
An old form accompanied by a relatively new instrument: the piano.

Nils Lindberg - Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?

György Orbán
Appropriately for his Magyar heritage, the booklet uses Kolozsvár and not Cluj-Napoca. They did spell it Kolosvár but it's probably a mistake.
In O Mistress Mine, he plays around with jazz harmony and nonsense syllables and in Orpheus With His Lute, he pairs voices but it doesn't sound too anarchic. In Come Away, he shows that there are comedic elements in the tragedies and tragic elements in the comedies.

George Shearing - Music To Hear
As we've been dropping hints of jazz throughout, here we embrace jazz. Sort of. He is a jazz legend. But this is a choral work accompanied by piano and cello.

Ward Swingle - It Was A Lover And His Lass
With scatting to imitate the sound of a bass and a guitar.

burning question: is James Patterson just another pen name for R.L. Stine?

mervyn pumpkinhead

business as usual

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We imagine many people don't take the Flat Earth Society seriously and many other people take it as a joke but what we're not sure is if the Flat Earth Society takes themselves seriously. Their response to the question "if other planets are round, wouldn't it make sense that the Earth is round?" is "you fools really believe there are other planets." That really doesn't help.

I was showing some people a butterfly molting under a microscope. Possibly from the butterflies that were in enrichment a few weeks ago.
the parents were interested but the kids were more interested in the sandbox. Kendra faced her fears and touched one of the snakes. Not Kaa, though he wasn't in his usual spot. I have no idea how he got up on top of the lamp.

Margo said that the movie Moana had its name changed to Oceania in Italy and the character's name was changed to Vaiana because Moana is a famous porn star. It's also many Polyneisan language's word for ocean. If Vaiana means anything in any Polynesian language, they're not on Bing or Google. As far as I know, I can't just go on the internet archive's version of Google 5 years ago and search for things there.
Creegan, who went to England, Ireland, and France, said that they changed the name of Zootopia to Zootropolis in the UK for some reason.
Margo's ancestors were from Czechoslovakia, as it was called before the German annexation and partition as well as after World War II and before its partition at the end of the cold war. The first Chechoslovakia looks more or less like the same thing except a small piece of it ended up in the Ukrainian SSR instead. They were Romany, and half of them came here and the other half, well, Hitler happened, as she put it.

The Museum of Bad Art took down all of their paintings to be replaced with a different set of paintings, possibly relating to animals and nature. When they go up, I'll bring my camera.

We saw this guy walk in with a box, swinging it to and fro like he was doing the Mario. Turns out there were baby raccoons in there. I said something about the butterfly wings possibly because Margo talked about her friend who did taxidermies on spider moltings by soaking them in warm water until they're pliable and stuffing them with cotton balls and Margo thought I was talking about raccoons so she said their eyes weren't even open and TJ's like "they weren't that young."

Carrot cake Hershey kisses are a thing.

burning question: so why did Zaklog the Deplorable think people want to sit through 8 minutes and 45 seconds looking at his ugly mug?


where words fail, music speaks

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Box Of Birds, or at least, half of Box Of Birds was playing on the Boston Common. From a distance, Steph's voice reminded me of the band Orange and so I set off to find the source. From up close, it's Steph and Charlie on acoustic guitars and vocals and Steph on melodica and harmonica and some kind of metallophone. They played some covers, which they don't normally do and they played a song they were working on "right now, well, not right now right now."
La finta giardiniera is an opera Mozart wrote when he was 18 and it's not his first opera. There's a plot summary on Wikipedia and it reaches Shakespeare comedy levels of complexity so just go there. I think that Mithridates opera mentioned in the Requiem booklet was by Mozart. The Cavalier Ramiro was played by a castrato in the 18th century but is now played by a countertenor, a rather androgynous-looking fellow with a painted-on mustache who appears to identify as a male according to the booklet. The other Ramiro is a woman soprano. The woman who played Serpetta had neon beetroot pink hair and I had to look this up, and I found out that henna, indigo, cassia, senna, turmeric, leeks, red ochre, leeks, walnut hulls, amia were all used even in ancient times but not beetroot. Synthetic dyes, however, weren't invented until the early 20th century. Not that this matters, as Arminda was dressed in extremely wide panniers because fashionable and well-to-do women of the late 18th century put emphasis on huge hips, a bright red vinyl skirt and black vinyl lace-up boots, in her hair a gilded birdcage with a red bird that was replaced with a black bird towards the end of the opera. Why, yes, people did actually wear taxidermied birds on their heads.
A woman on the train had rose tattoos and orange and black hair. There was a shih tzu as well who was totally chill about the whole thing. When I got home, I was hoping to say something akin to "what I say, I say in jealousy: eat a big dick dipped in aioli, France." Alas, it was not so. The runoff election in France will be Macron vs. Le Pen, not the best-case scenario of Macron vs. Melanchthon.

Christina says: I bet Jeff Sessions still believes the earth is flat too.
Laurie posed this.
Burning Question: Can you remember which piece of literature the government is beholden to, the Christian Bible or the Constitution?
Trick question, actually. It's The Camp of the Saints.


among strangers

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Lulu had a sign that had a comparison of global temperatures at the end of the 19th century and global temperatures at the turn of the 20th century and a chart of carbon emissions by state and carbon emissions per capita by state.
Texas unsurprisingly is near the top. Wyoming is the top per capita. Massachusetts is near the bottom on both lists because we're small and because we have public transit and we're more post-industrial than industrial. California is lower now than it was on the chart because they introduced a whole bunch of new regulations but Texas is where it is.
A woman had a No Trump hat.
A man had a sign that said "not a viable strategy" with a Trump-headed ostrich hiding his head in the sand. Disclaimer: if you're an ostrich, sticking your head in the sand is a great way to build a nest. Ostriches don't hide like that. They run. They're very good at running. By the time the predator loses track of the ostrich, they've lost the nest too.

My shirt was science-themed but it was so cold and raw that I really couldn't show it off under many layers of clothing.

"When the last tree is cut, the last fish is caught, and the last river is polluted; when to breathe the air is sickening, you will realize, too late, that wealth is not in bank accounts and that you can't eat money." I know this quote from something Sara posted once.

There were two people dressed as Ms. Frizzle and they both had toy iguanas and science-themed clothing. One of them had a tattoo of the quadratic equation.

A woman holding up a socialist group sign wrote "you're my doctor, use my pronouns" in pink lipstick and I suggested we switch to a totally genderless language like every Finno-Ugric and every Turkic language and she said that on the other hand, some languages give chair a gender and I said that there are languages that differentiate between animate and inanimate instead of male and female, or that one language that differentiates between seemingly arbitrary groupings. I told them that I'm glad that people still believe in left-wing causes and that we're mostly free from the madness that has consumed the western world. The alt-right is not the counterculture, no matter what they say. As of Inauguration Day, they are the establishment.

Someone had an Anti-Fascist Action flag. I'm not surprised that people were cheering when an actual neo-fascist punched an antifa woman but I am saddened by it. I think we need to make effigies of Pepe and beat the shit of them on on November 19-22 or maybe July 16.

Lots of Lorax quotes. Lots of I'm With Her with a drawing of the Earth. Some people tried to spell Nasty Woman in element names. NaSTi WOMn or NAsTi WOMn. I was hoping there'd be a St element but alas there isn't. There isn't an Ma. There isn't a Yn but I'm pretty sure the only people who actually write "womyn" are antifeminists trying to be ironic. There were a bunch of Rick and Morty signs. "What is happening, Rick?" "*urp* he's a real piece of shit, Morty, and I can prove it mathematically." More mitosis, less division. Frontiers, not borders.
Four women dressed in pointy hats, black clothes and black veils held signs about witches for science and protecting the earth and how sage and crystals don't cure cancer.
Someone had a sign that said even he believes in climate change with a drawing of Kim Jong Un, whom I mistook for Xi Jinping. I'm woefully out of touch with Asian politics. But then again, information flow is slowing down. Also, I gave her permission to badmouth Viktor Orban in front of me.

There was a guy dressed as Beaker carrying a sign saying meep, and a woman dressed as a dragonfly nymph and a woman dressed as a praying mantis saying to protect even creepy creatures and I said "mantids aren't creepy. they're awesome." Even the frogs support science so SUCK IT PEPE. RAM IT UP YOUR CLOACA, KEK.
The four states of matter: Gas, liquid, solid, black lives. Of course, she's forgetting plasma and quark-gluon plasma and bose-einstein condensates and degenerate matter and color-glass condensates.

One of the speeches was by a woman with a Hispanic mother and a Muslim father who spoke about how she wanted to find out how the Cookie Monster showed up on the magic box so she took a hammer and a screwdriver and then her father opened up the television and showed her the cathode ray tube and the circuit boards and explained how they all worked and how her father was the first in his family to be able to read and how they see dark hair and dark eyes and think "janitor" and not "scientist."
I think she's part Algerian.
Another woman gave a speech about being deaf and trying to keep up with lectures.

A guy had purple, red, and green hair. A woman had purple hair under a hat and a necklace that was one of the molecules in science and a woman had neon pink hair and a ribbon choker and a choker of rainbow gems. A man had very short purple hair. A woman, I think her name was Emily, had blue orchid hair.

Some of them I didn't see, of course. I'll have more dispatches from the revolution later, though I'll have to do them quickly lest they vanish into the aether.
if you want to kill yourself, here's a drinking game you can play: drink every time a republican asks why it was cold and dreary on the day of the protest. You know, despite St. Ajora's Day weather on Easter. If you want to kill yourself even faster, drink every time they bring up gender or race bullshit.

Someone asked what Socialist Alternative was about and they're sarcastically like "we support Trump" and I pointed at their clipboard and was like "see? It's orange!"

Since the cadenzas to the 24th piano concerto (despite dying at 35, Mozart was very prolific) are lost to the mists of time, pianist Radu Lupu played his own. In Romania, they use the spelling Lia.
Mozart's Requiem is a transcendent work of music written by a man who liked fart jokes. I like to think of Mozart's Requiem as a requiem for himself but he died suddenly and accepted the commission because he had never written a requiem before and because it might lead to a job as Kapellmeister of St. Stephen's Cathedral. Then there was an outbreak of rheumatic fever in Vienna and he succumbed to that, despite rumors saying that he was poisoned. He was unable to finish it and so his student Süssmayr completed it using score fragments and notes and that's the version we're all familiar with. This here is why I think 1791 is the worst year for music: imagine what Mozart would have written had he lived but 20 years longer.

Too bad Hunter didn't hear the Enigma Variations instead. It was Hunter and Olivia's first BSO concert and they came here from northern Vermont.

Amber has a tattoo of her sister's name (Skyler, I think) mostly hidden by her shirt, of a moon and sun mostly eclipsed by her shirt, of a chihuahua wearing a bow tie (as she has a pet chihuahua) but she couldn't adjust her jacket, of some more words, and more hidden under her clothes. She was wearing a shirt that said Dreamer with a crescent moon and dreamcatcher araneum constellation motif. There isn't any spider constellation, though, unless you count the Mayan Orion. Amber was having a really bad day and couldn't wait to get home and I told her that I hope my drawing made her feel better and that it really helps to talk to someone even if they don't know exactly what you're going through and I hope Ashley never does know, and I'm still not over Ethan and I don't think I ever will be; I don't think it's something you get over. She's not an artist and she once tried to play violin in elementary school because that's what everyone did. If she thought she sounded like a dying animal, she didn't specify what kind. Maybe an elk. I told her about how she looks a bit like Sarah and I told her about Casey saying that people are more interesting than we give them credit for being and she agrees with that. She once had purple hair.

burning question: what shall I say in my misery? Whom shall I ask to be my advocate, when scarcely the righteous may be without fear?


refugees and pilgrims

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One group of people I drew was Hannah, Hanna, Olivia, and Megan, one group was Hannah, Hanna, and Olivia. The other group was Hannah, Hanna, and Kimmi (I asked if her name was Hannah). I asked a woman if her name was Hannah too but it's not, it's Emily. Elise's friend, whom I did not get a chance to draw but she's not offended and so I didn't learn her name, said she couldn't imagine drawing on a train because of all the wobbling.
Mohammed, a kid from Somalia, was really adamant about having his portrait done and then asked me to draw his mother, Fartun, and then to draw his brother, but his mother said that I wouldn't be able to because she wasn't around. The rest of their conversation was in Somali.

The only restaurant around was El Embajador, which, for those of you who don't habla Español, is Spanish for The Embassador, which is apparently an archaic variant of ambassador and I have no idea why it doesn't just spit out ambassador when I translate Embajador.
I had calamari in rice and beans with plantains on top. I'm not sure they were used to anything but a Hispanophone clientele. But it was good.

I learned that it's easier to follow the news when it's in Spanish (some people got killed in France and Le Pen is making an ass out of herself, but to be frank, she always makes an ass out of herself) than it is in Vietnamese.

At the Green Street Station, which is on the Orange Line counterintuitively, there is the Cyberarts Gallery and they had an exhibit on video games and politics and this included things like Coming Out Simulator (which is exactly like what you'd expect, as an Asian) and Papers Please (which is about being a bureaucrat in a fictional authoritarian quasi-republic) and Sunset (something about labour) and Touchtone (something about surveillance) and This War Of Mine (the consequence of war) and Escape From Woomera (about Australia's treatment of refugees) and Democracy III (head of state simulator) and Yellow Umbrella (a tower defense game about the democracy movement in Hong Kong). While I was there, there was a reception held for a German game maker. The German way of spelling Leah is Lea, I guess. For some reason, I always default to the Italian "Lia." Perfect Woman is about the idea of perfection and being a perfect woman. Being a princess or the secretary-general of the UN is more perfect and more challenging than being a call girl or a street tough.
I've never been beyond Mass Ave on the Orange Line (and on the other direction beyond North Station) so I had no idea how long it was going to take so I timed it. Departure time at Braintree was 4:56 and arrival at DTX was 5:27. I didn't put my departure from DTX time but my arrival time at Green Street was 5:49.
Kali & Ancestors in Training were playing at Downtown Crossing. One of his Ancestors In Training (I know this because I've met Kali before) was playing Radiohead's High And Dry. One of the songs from The Bends. I'm a Radiohead fan but I don't really listen to that album much. I love Planet Telex, Sulk, and Street Spirit, though.

Sam says that he expects the new Atlas Lab album to be released this summer, so I'm hoping by Saint Ajora's Day. Emma doesn't know anything about Sophie Atlas. Alex, Otto, and John weren't around. Since Ashley was working, maybe they were off rescuing Bandit and Auty from a spacetime anomaly. So I know spacetime anomalies are bad and need to be resolved as quickly as possible or else even worse things will happen but please wait until the album's finished, or conscript someone else into doing it.

I think Sam picked the music that played interstitially and before the concert began proper. Nouvelle Vague did a cover of the pop-punk Ever Fallen In Love by The Buzzcocks in a bossa nova French New Wave style. One of the other songs was by Zero 7 and it's not I Have Seen and it's confusing because both bands are like Delerium in that they have guest vocalists in their songs.

Emma speaks French (and a bit of Malagasy) which makes sense because Ashley sometimes reminds me of Emma. I told her I have respect for anyone who speaks an Afro-Asiatic language and described Arabic as what happens if you take English, get rid of all its crazy rules, and then add a new set of crazy rules. It's sort of like Hungarian in that regard, except Hungarian's crazy rules are completely unlike Arabic's and English's.
I tried to draw Emma, had to stop halfway though because she disappeared to freshen up so I drew Sam playing guitar, and then resumed drawing Emma as a mix of before and after. Her hair hung in a helix in front and she had hanging earrings and I thought that made her look a bit like she absorbed Gabriella.
I say this because Seymour Natus is called Seymour Varia in German and when I saw that, I was like "so Seymour absorbed Leah" because the binomial name for the barred owl is Strix varia.
I feel like she probably would remember if she actually saw Gabriella instead of just relying on a name.

Meta Mora could put me to sleep. In a good way, I mean. Meta Mora is Sam. I knew that because I used deduction to figure it out. Sam played on a guitar and effects pedals made it echo out and fade away to the depths of space. The wall projection looked like a television tuned to a dead channel if you pressed your face against the screen in 1984 or like a glitching out television from 2017. The sky above Jamaica Plain was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel. Or it would be if it was still the 1980s.
Midisexual (I thought that Emma called it very sexual and I didn't know what she meant by that but leave me out of it. It would probably be like having sex with Sarah Kerrigan) played drone etudes and string symphonies at 1/8 speed, at times minimialistic piano twinkling and slowed organ meditations by Katharine Styreme.
Aly Pierce read poetry about space and stars and distance and quasars to CLOTH's rainstorm, plunking, alien dance music, Strauss remixed, glitched, and distorted.
Ominous Descent played what sounds like the soundtrack to one of Ethan's films, that is to say, a post-apocalyptic western. It featured a lot of reverb on acoustic instruments and a bit of cowbell and ended with finally reaching the sea only to find out it was but a turbulent and yet lifeless sea. He wishes he could have worked with Ethan on a film soundtrack.
Plymouth, in his absence, is turning into the Nusakan Thornwood or at least Sheratan. Also, while Nusakan sounds like a demonym, it's not. It's a star in Corona Borealis, right next to Gemma.
Emma played a bass and sung with the voice of an angel. By that, I mean Ramiel. She used looper pedals on her voice and bass guitar. Her Bob's Burgers spirit animal is Darryl.
There is so much I want to tell you.
I really needed that hug.
I'm not sure what Substrates was because I wasn't able to stay that long. I'm glad I did stay.

I was lucky enough to catch a train upon getting to the station and in a weird sort of "I had to run" way, lucky enough to catch a train upon reaching Downtown Crossing. On the orange line was a man eating a hamburger and it smelled really good. He said you gotta do what you gotta do, and I told him about the time I saw a guy eating an entire pizza on the Green Line.

I told a woman and a man to consider it an honor they're on the last page of my sketchbook though I confess nobody else really interested me. Later a man got on the train, drunk a bit of Bud Light and made a "I just drank a Dirty Frenchman" (which, by the way, is wine and the brine from a jar of olives and it's something you would only drink if you lost a bet) expression.

It's still April 21st somewhere so...
burning question: Barry, is that how you get ants?

mervyn pumpkinhead

traces of the beast

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Dogs only have red and green receptors in their eyes so a kid said it's always Christmas for dogs.

Last time Puff and Spyro had babies, 18 of the eggs were viable.

Jackie smells strongly of an old lady's bathroom because of the anti-tick lotion she uses and collects bones, so she was trying to identify various skulls we had laying around the wildlife center. Once, on one of the Harbor Islands, she found a bone that looked like a leg bone except it had some kind of tooth or talon sticking out of it. Their collection includes the antler from an Irish elk.

A woman had a tattoo with two lines from a poem written in a puff of cloud, of half a yin yang symbol, of a skull with her hair up in a red paisley headband and three red five-petaled flowers. She had a beardie with a tooth that broke off and got absorbed into the gums. The beardie's name is Charlie even though it's a female, but I guess there are women named Ashley or Aubrey and I've even met a woman who called herself Charlie last summer, so that makes it okay.

We got some fledgeling rodos, someone brought in some squirrels and we're hoping that they can reunite them with their mother instead, the hawk with the facial injury is outside now, the goose and the turkey are still around, and that's about it. TJ told me about the time his gecko escaped and he can climb walls and is really small.

A man had a tattoo of a great horned owl standing on a jack-o-lantern.
A man had Maori designs and a sea turtle on his arm.

McSlush (Her real name is Sarah but she calls herself McSlash and Slush is a reference to Chrono Trigger) was around (this isn't quite the reunion I had in mind but I'll take it), so...
burning question: still playing the comedian, eh, Glenn?


the air stirs

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Some holidays barely anything happens. Some holidays I'm so overwhelmed that I'm sure I'm forgetting to bring up something. I know I am because Emily was talking about a change in something and I brought up the ugliness of self-published book covers in particular but now that I think about it, the ebook versions of professionally published books have ugly cover art as well, it's just ugly in a boring minimalistic way rather than ugly in an inept "a team of snow monkeys and kindergartners could do something better" way.

Speaking of art, Photoshop is apparently subscription based now so you pay to use it monthly instead of all at once because progress I guess.

It's too late to ninja edit but I told Emily and Rachel and Lauren about how I liked the design on someone's shirt: a sun in the arms of a waxing crescent moon circumscribed by flowers and sphenograms and three stars.

Snowy is the grumpy cat, Muffin is the shy but friendly tortoiseshell. I'm not sure I've met Muffin before.

My aunt once blamed Santa for eating Lauren's leftover Chinese food in high summer and once blamed the dog for farting when she wasn't there.

Sam says that people don't take her seriously because she looks like classy Lady Gaga, not meat dress Lady Gaga.

To Emily, Moana has the slight edge over Mulan because it lacks a romance subplot.

Japanese people love our music and in return she loves japanese rock but can't get into j-pop. Rachel's impression of j-pop singing and dancing was great.
Japanese people don't really believe in protesting and rioting which is why they didn't end up like Romania or Bulgaria. After the election, they thought it was a joke and then she was trying to explain that she doesn't hate America, she thinks Trump is bad for America.

In Japan, there's a week of holidays where traveling is even more expensive and if you haven't prepared, you're screwed.
Contrast with the local supermarket where people are still trying to get ham for Easter. She said this in the afternoon. It's whatever time it is now and this statement might still be true.

In Japan, there are no squirrels. Rachel is weirded out by this and I'm not quite amazed by our lack of monkeys, as it actually makes when you think about it. The Americas were only connected for 3 million years or so and a cold climate-adapted monkey wouldn't happen in that time. Yes, I know there are opossums but they're barely cold-climate adapted. Plus I think the raccoon already occupies the niche of "intelligent arboreal mammal." Japan does have raccoons and they have raccoon dogs which Rachel thought were mythical.

Rachel said that Japanese names are typically gendered but Yuki is genderless and her go-to example was Sam, while I thought of Ashley.

It's hard to get root beer in other countries.

Someone got their tires slashed in a Friendly's parking lot, which wasn't very friendly of them.

burning question: If Torgersen and Correia have been disappeared, how come everyone can still see them?


humanity's tale

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I consider myself optimistic about people despite our many problems, you can tell that because I have nothing but nice things to say about the people I encounter through my life.
You might think the Boston Philharmonic picked Good Friday to play the Resurrection Symphony (Symphony 2) by Gustav Mahler but it was the other way around: they got the dates and Benjamin Zander said there's only one thing they could play on that day. For the Jews in the audience, Mahler was Jewish. For everyone else, it's a beautiful work of music.
It doesn't require experiences of death and loss, but they may enhance your enjoyment.
The first movement was written on its own but Mahler regarded it as part of a whole. It's as long as an entire Haydn symphony, or Miles Davis' Pharaoh's Dance or John Adams' Common Tones In Simple Time or Acid Mothers Temple's Pink Lady Lemonade (May I Drink You Once Again?), just to put things into perspective. Zander likened the second two movements to reminiscence of lost love and happier days, and then reminiscence of hardship and grief.
He turned the story of the Sermon of Anthony of Padua to the Fishes, about Anthony, tired of preaching to a vacant chapel, going down to the river to deliver a sermon to fish, who would watch enraptured and then go back to their own vices, and the entire movement is an undulating, watery, slithery, aimless melody in 3/8 time. Mahler implied that he did this while completely drunk. Then comes a scream of despair. During the talk, they were having technical difficulties with the keyboard so Zander was trying to make the sounds with his mouth. He called it Emotional Polyphony. The tam-tam is the sound of death and the glockenspiel is the sound of the afterworld.
Zander's parents were refugees from Nazi Germany.

And then the hope of the fourth movement. It's four minutes long and features a solo mezzo-soprano.
The last movement is itself a set of ten images, of the day of rapture, of the dead arising from their sleep and streaming on in endless procession, the songs of nightingales and a chorus of saints and Radiances, from darkness to light, from sadness to divine joy. The dies irae melody is used in this but is not as ominous or as obvious as, say, the Symphonie Fantastique. It's almost as long as Brahms' third symphony or the Dies Irae from Verdi's Requiem and slightly longer than Szymanowski's Harnasie or Merzbow's Frozen Guitars and Sunloop/7e 802.
It was a splendid performance aside from the fact that they must've had the air conditioning on. No, I don't think I caught anything from Jack, who was getting over a bad cold or a flu, because the incubation period isn't 5 days.

In front of me, some people were talking about Mahler's sixth symphony and the hammer blows and how Mahler was fired from his job so he removed the final blow.

I had a thought about wanting to hear every Mahler symphony before Trump leaves office, but no, I don't even want to see Mahler's 4th symphony before Trump leaves office. I don't even want to post my next entry before Trump leaves office. Sadly, his ego is too big for that.

Someone at the makeshift information desk wanted to be immortalized in a cartoon.

A man had a tattoo of an ourobourous, a snake devouring its own tail. I thought someone said Tammy but her name was Gabby. Michaela, Gabby, and a woman of unknown name had to get off at North Quincy.

Speaking of vipers, I ran into Lindsay at Park Street in the process of meeting some classmates coming forth from distant depths and far-flung reaches. I wasn't entirely satisfied with my drawing of her. In real life, she is pale and has big dreamy eyes and a shy smile. I thought she was wearing the same thing she was when I met her, a leather jacket and button-down shirt and jeans but I think her shirt wasn't striped but floral or paisley based on my swirls.
You wouldn't understand why I say viper unless you've played Final Fantasy XIII.
In the past, reunions have come in groups of three so I hope this means more strange great serendipity in the future.

There's a Treasure Hunt paper pairing revival jewelry with other works of art elsewhere in the museum. After Napoleon's conquest of Egypt and the opening of Pharaoh Tutankhamun's tomb in 1922, Egyptomania was a huge thing.
There was 9 foot long python necklace. Etruscans would fuse tiny balls of gold to a gold surface. Castellani revived granulation but neglected to write about it so contemporary jewelers have to experiment. Someone made the star Chort, which is not Coach Z for The Cheat, it's mangled Arabic for "small rib," and a polyp colony pendant. There are vipers and vipers with the heads of falcons and animals facing each other and dung beetles; Macodinan coins and Renaissance motifs; amber shaped like amphorae on a necklace, brooch, and earrings; heads of Medusa meant to ward off evil; Elizabeth I.
Most of the objects are the MFA's. A few are from Cartier's collection or are otherwise loans.

Łodź was renamed Litzmannstadt after a World War I general who joined the Nazi party and died some time before the Anschluss and Japanese invasion of China.
All their money was seized and they were given banknotes that had no value outside the ghetto.
Rumkovski had the idea to put the ghetto inhabitants to work making mattresses and whatever in order to ensure their survival. It kind of worked; Łodź lasted longer than any other ghetto on Europe. Nonetheless, the Nazis demanded the deportation to Chełmno of those who can not work: the old, the young, the injured, the recalcitrant. The Nazis had no intention on letting the inhabitants survive forever, and so they were all deported to Auschwitz-Birkenau. Makes you wonder what the point was. Makes you wonder if he knew what was going on outside the ghetto, about their pyrrhic victory at Sevastopol or their crippling losses at Moscow, Stalingrad, and Kursk, the coups in Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Finland. Anne Frank knew about it but then again, she was living in a crawl-space and not a ghetto. Hitler only outlived her by a month or two. He's still a controversial figure for this. He met his end at Auschwitz, not by the Nazis hand but by pissed off Jews.
877 people survived at the glorious liberation by the Red Army and it was the Poles who saved them.
Gustav Mahler's niece was killed there. Alma, however, was able to escape.
Henryk Ross was given a camera and the duty of photographing life in the ghetto and factory workers but also took secret pictures showing that things were bad from the start and only got worse from there. Most of the inhabitants were suffering from starvation and malnutrition and photographs showed them digging for food. The photos were buried and instead of restoring them, they're depicted with all the damage done by groundwater.

It ends with art depicting other atrocities; a physical scar from the Bosnian genocide, the taking of Babylonian and Chaldean women by the Assyrian Empire, the Armenian genocide, the destruction of Qing artifacts and one being saved by writing things like LONG LIVE MAO ZEDONG in red and yellow paint, rare photographs of destroyed Warsaw.
I wonder if this was meant to coincide with the ascendancy of the alt-right, which, spoiler alert, is fascism for the 21st century, and unlike the farce that is 21st Century Socialism, does not reject everything fascist, except for maybe that bit about trains running on time. Turner's Slave Ship is in that gallery.

I didn't get to see Matisse. I'll write more about this when I have more time to write notes. I'd post pictures but between trying to find Holocaust deaths per year because I was under the impression that the pace of killings increased after Stalingrad (except in Romania) and Kursk because the Axis knew they were fighting a losing war and they'd feel a lot better if someone were punished and also because Hitler got sick of Hungary dragging their feet on deportations and because I was unexpectedly called in, which had another consequence: I'm playing Baten Kaitos right now and I have to fight a rather easy boss, watch a few cutscenes, and snag a few magnus. Someone wrote this: life is ephemeral. Memories are forever.
I don't know about that one.

Near me at Mumbai Spice was a cellist originally from Tokyo who ate her first meal of the day, a chicken in cashew sauce dish.
I had a very spicy dish called Fish 65, which was my first meal of the day as well. The official description is "fish sauteed with ginger, garlic, onions and spiked with curry leaves." Yep. It's some kind of white fish. I was expecting a filet but instead I got pieces, but then again, this is a Chinese-Indian place and in Chinese culture, it's very rude to give someone food and expect them to cut it up themselves. Given how complicated utensil etiquette is in western countries, I'm glad they didn't assimilate to our etiquette.

The music in Mumbai Spice sounded like post-rock and Indian pop played at the same time, and I think it was. If that isn't a thing, it should be.

Burning Question: What do you make of Chaim Rumkowski?


sunrise in aries

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We don't really have much. I think one of the hawks climbed up to the rafters on his outdoor cage. The hawk with the wound on her face is still with us, as are the couple of flying squirrels and the many turtles. I laughed because we have chicks now. No guinea pigs. Well, there are probably guinea pigs and rats in there too but nobody cares about them. There's a goose with neurological issues, most likely caused by lead. The goose made some sad honks and some noises that sounded like a TIE fighter flyby played at triple speed. TJ said that getting smacked by a goose's wing is like being hit in the face by a basketball. We got a new turkey with blood that can't seem to be tested for lead. Not because it's too high, because the testing kit would let us know that it's extraordinarily high. Not too low, because the testing kit would let us know that too. The testing kit does everything it's supposed to do on everything else, which means that it lyses the red blood cells in the sampler and then applies an electrical potential and the lead collects on the sensor. Or something like that. We even recalibrated everything twice. If the things didn't cost a couple of thousand dollarydoos, we would probably see what happens. There are lists of medications and other chemicals that don't interfere. We might send it out but they'll probably say "it's a turkey" and TJ said "no, it's not a turkey, it's my son."

There was a mechanical noise in med ward. I only noticed it when Greg pointed it out and Jack (a different Jack, kupo. He has a pendant of some kind of brown stone wrapped in a coil of silver wire and a nose piercing) didn't notice it until I wondered if it was stressing out the animals.

We thought Skinky escaped and Jack (the one who can't ever be fucked to put photographs online) even helped me move a couch out of the way so I could see if he was lurking under there but then Jack's like "oh, wait, he's at a school." Someone wrote on the chalk board "when the power rangers overcome the love for power, then we have peace," changing it from "the power of love."

Don't thaw out mice in the microwave for snakes. It reeks of popcorn and death, something I can't imagine. I know what the sea and death smells of all too well. TJ tried it once and someone else was "dude, what the fuck, I wanted to make lunch."

Perhaps I was a bit hasty when making lunch. I had some leftover Chinese food and no microwave (which also means no popcorn during the Trump administration infighting and also Trump being a dangerous loose cannon even to Russia and Syria) (I did have a microwave but that metal plate started sparking) so I held on to it and used the Wildlife Center's microwave instead. Worse, Jen made something with black rice in a pot and not in a microwave, ate it, and it was in her stomach by the time rounds began.

A woman had with her an albino ferret named Luna.

burning question: Social Justice Zealots? Wait, we're all Protoss now? Also, I love how Protoss is a recognized word in TextEdit's dictionary. And so is Zerg. Almost as much as I love how Social Justice is expanding into Starcraft units.



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Sometimes they'll pleasantly surprise me. I don't know how recent the photographs are. They were posted on the Facebook page on April 4, 2017 and they're recognizably raccoons and not the ambiguous atavistic cat-ferret-hyena-basal-carnivore-things I posted a few years ago.

I had a dream in which the city was flooding and then we went to this restaurant where we ate raw shrimp with cocktail sauce and a bowl of black beans and onions.

I had a dream I was in a vast desert peninsula broken in half by a series of mountains and yardangs and we (Ethan, Craig, and I) were trying to get to another place, and we decided to cross through the mountains instead of around and there was a grassy area with red flowers that emitted a paralyzing gas and we had to cross that without touching the red patches or the gray patches, there was a wooden elevator with a crank at the end that led down into a forest.

We got a bunch of fruits and vegetables, some of which were moldy or squishy or otherwise inedible, some of which were still suitable for non-human consumption. Some of them had worms in them but it's ok because they'd be happy to eat worms. Some of the mixed greens resembled sewage. TJ found a bag of somewhat festering and occasionally moldy and offensively noxious mice that he fed to the dermestid beetles along with a bag of something that had deliquesced into a substance visually resembling beef stew (taste it and find out what it was, says either Margo (who has no large intestine), Anna, or Emily (I'm getting better at calling her Emily and not Sarah)) whose origins are better left a mystery. He had no idea what it was so into the garbage it goes. We had so many strawberries that Emily suggested making strawberry shortcake. Emily gets sad when foods she likes, like butternut squash, gets moldy and gross.
Harry wanted her to toss a mushroom cap like a frisbee but she says she played frisbee for the first time in years and sucks at it. I think Harry wanted to try to use it to grow mushrooms. I think gorillas can eat onions but we don't have any gorillas… yet. Potatoes we can feed to the mealworms.

Some green tree snakes start out a yellow green color and stay that way, while some morphs start out a deep scarlet instead. Banded water snakes look tasty so they snap at everything as a defense.

The turtle pond was cleaned out and I thought they repainted it. It's not; it's always been a mintyfresh blue underneath all that grime.
We have a barrier between Puff and Spyro because we don't want any more babies.

We got three admissions last weekend. One is a greater black-backed gull with paraparesis from possibly some kind of poisoning; one is a goose with (surprise) lead poisoning, but he is feisty; and one is incertae sedis and in an unseen realm. We released a few more rodos.

There were jolly rancher popsicles in the freezer and they actually taste like jolly ranchers according to Margo. Despite what Jen said, there wasn't more cranberry sauce than we could possibly need.

We released a red-tailed hawk out in the woods. This one was at least four years old and we could tell from the tail color and she was a female, and we can tell because of her weight. Females are heavier because they have to support the male while he mounts her. There obviously weren't any crows around as nobody raised the alarm. Margo said that laying an egg sounds painful, and Jen's like "at least they're not kiwis," which were once big birds that laid big eggs until they got stuck on an island and eventually became small birds, only the eggs stayed big.
When releasing raptors, we like to "spread the wealth" You send all of them out behind the wildlife center and soon there won't be any prey left and they'll starve.

Whatever music was playing reminded me of Full House music.

Emily went to Washington D.C. where she saw a giant blue chicken sculpture at an art museum and said that her biggest gripe with the city was not the fact that every Metro station looks the same (which she didn't actually notice) nor would anyone encounter a five-member klezmer ensemble (sadly, I'm not speaking from experience but it has happened) but the fact that everything is all about politics, which makes sense because most people are in the city either for politics or because they're needed to keep the political apparatus running smoothly, but she said there's a sense of camaraderie. She said there were a lot lot lot of school groups. She says all museums should have free admission and she says that her favorite period of art is contemporary and she likes paintings and she says that the last time she was at the ICA, there was an exhibit of furniture art. I have no idea what she's talking about. She was eating pizza. Good thing she waited until she was back in Massachusetts.

Penelope was injured in some way. TJ said it was a velociraptor attack (in reality, we don't know what happened) and I said "oh, so the shed is in fact a time portal. Good to know."

"The poop looks like art" says Margo
Once something, possibly a turtle, pooped out worms. That's her biggest fear, to have something living inside of her. Once she ate a scorpion. Since it was in a lollipop, it tasted like a lollipop with a crunch to it.

Keeley can now ask "what?"

A woman with a red-and-black-butterfly-painted-on-a-white-disc pendant and a pendant of St. Michael meant to ward off evil given to her by her aunt and blessed by the pope had a bearded dragon with her. She was a very dark brown color so I thought she was an iguana at first.

I noticed that Matt Walsh (the professional douchebag, not the actual comedian) stopped calling himself a comedian. This makes sense; I've read some excerpts from it and it's not funny. I'm not sure if he's failing at being funny or if he's succeeding at writing something that isn't meant to be funny.

If I got enough sleep this morning, I probably would have dreamt of Leah.

Ashley hasn't been listening to much music lately. I recommended her and by proxy you What Time Is It, Mr Fox? and Ezekiel's Wheels Klezmer Band. I figured Ashley would like klezmer; she likes jazz and they use similar instrumentation. Ashley loved the woman's march sign and she loves Emma's art. Maybe she has spring sadness. It's certainly rubbed off on me.

I have a bit of a conundrum for future women's marches. I want to say a woman's place is in the House (written in white) but the word house should always be written in blue.

“I think they want forced laborers to build a 200 meter high wall to keep people from getting in and out and force Champassak to pay for the materials.”
I swear to Ashley and by proxy you that I wrote that before I knew who Donald Trump was. Maybe if I actually finish the things I start, I'd come off as eerily prophetic. But then again, it's not like the idea of building a wall as high as Trump Tower (Wikipedia tells me that Trump Tower is 202 meters and Trump purchased a historic building and demolished it) and forcing the Mexicans to pay for it is not a radical idea amongst the far right.
Not sure if having the Mexican side of the wall within the US border is all part of Trump's plan.

I really hope what Bernie said about how Trump supporters aren't racist and sexist and that the Democrat party needs to reach out to them at the expense of non-whites and women is an April Fools joke but given what he said about selling out abortion rights in pursuit of the white working class vote, I don't think that's the case.
burning question: If keeping our focus on civil rights makes Bernie Bros leave the Democratic party, shouldn't we just let them go?

delirium makes butterflies

mixed skies

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Someone named the turkey Bob. And he died, of course. The lead poisoning and fractured leg didn't help. At least Jack posted a picture of him before he died.
As a precaution, I've given all the raccoons secret true names that I will not speak; in fact, they are so secret that even I've forgotten them. But rest assured that they're something that nobody will ever say.

The grumpy opossum was released. One of the biggest threats to opossums is the automobile. That's pretty obvious. They're not the brightest and their normal defense mechanism doesn't work. Another threat is frostbite, and a few years back when we had all the blizzards, a bunch of opossums we got had gangrenous feet or necrosis or crusty ears, because the feet are bare.

We have a bat in his stead. It came out of hibernation too early and so we're taking care of it until it gets warm again. We are safe to assume it's a big brown bat, as little brown bats were all but annihilated by white nose.

The squirrel with a shattered pelvis went to the Great Oak Tree in the Sky. I'm pretty sure Yggdrasil is an ash but whatever. We briefly had a chipmunk. He didn't make it either.

The Cooper's hawk batmaned up to the cage ceiling and got the food up there so we released him. I'm pretty sure Batman can't fly. He can breathe in space, but he can't fly. Maybe if he had a jetpack or if he sprayed himself with some Ground Repellent Bat Spray.

A red-tailed hawk has an avulsion on his face and so we have to intubate him to put him down so we can work on it.

Primrose is having dreams about the wildlife center. Specifically, she was cleaning. I dream about the wildlife center too but not this time; a few days ago, I listened to so much Stretch Princess that I dreamt of Leah and barred owls and then I listened to so much Tori Amos that I dreamt of Leah, and then I dreamt of finding a copy of Through The Heart with notes scrawled in it and getting it for Ashley. Dreams do come true for Primrose anyway, as we were cleaning out med ward. Jen's philosophy is that if you put things aside because you don't know what they're for, they just pile up and get everywhere, while if you throw them away, they don't pile up.
Nebulizers aerosolize medication, which is not as cool as what a device called a nebulizer should do. We're not sure if we use them for anything but reptiles. Once Primrose was nebulized for the flu or a cold and it just made her feel like she was going to cough up more than just a lung.
Meanwhile, a rodo got in a fight with his reflection and Emily knocked down a cup of markers and said "oh, sugar."

There was a butterfly (most likely Colias sp. or Pieris sp. Probably the former as it was more yellow than white and it also sat still for more than a femtosecond) in Enrichment and I don't know where it came from and I don't know how it got there, as it's far too cold and far too early for butterflies. Maybe a caterpillar snuck in and built a chrysalis. I decided to leave it in there as it's far too cold for butterflies outside and I am about as likely to catch a Pieris sp. as Blogspot is to actually enforce their terms of service and delete a popular but stalky member. That is to say, if taking him outside was feasible, I'd probably waste several minutes trying to catch him.
I remember when I was taking a summer class (I say "summer" but it was really late May) and many of the lampposts and lampposts were covered in caterpillars. I know the basics of the lepidopteran life cycle: caterpillars hatch from eggs and they eat and eat and they'll eventually build a cocoon or chrysalis and from that an adult with functioning reproductive parts emerges and eventually mates and lays some eggs. I definitely don't have the timing of these things down, though I'd imagine they lay eggs in late summer and they hatch when it gets warm again.

TJ's a huge fan of Rick and Morty and also Bob's Burgers and Archer and BoJack Horseman and I brought up Steins;Gate and said I'm at the point in which it stops being funny.

Fruit flies are not vegetables. Jen says that she's a vegetarian so she'll eat only things that photosynthesize. Jen can eat coral because it has photosynthetic algae. No, that's an oversimplification. She can eat mushrooms, for instance.
Just don't eat sprouts from swampy areas, or else you'll get liver flukes and they have thorny bits on their sides and like to hang out in your bile duct.

We had good news despite Trump gutting the EPA.
Beavers are being reintroduced to Britain after being extirpated in the Middle Ages. A dog was found after 12 days after falling into a valley. A baby Kordofan giraffe was born.

burning question: why the fuck are we cutting Meals On Wheels?


a little bird told me

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It feels weird to not be counting down to the vernal equinox.

Emily went into the refrigerator and presented to me a huge guinea pig and said "Enjoy." If we were raptors, this would be a declaration of undying love despite the fact that I have called her Sarah multiple times. We're not, though, and all I can say to that is "we need some kind of guillotine."

The woman at the front desk has been teaching Keeley to whistle certain songs. I thought it was the Andy Griffith song
Jen says "I used to like that bird."

Jen fails at onigiri, that is to say, she used white wine vinegar and not rice vinegar. After that, she ate avocado cheesecake. Whilst Anna ate a potent-smelling rice cake with picked radish that reminded Primrose of kimchi.

One of the rodos looks like he's heading to a punk rock concert but he needs safety pins in his nose and tight pants. Another rodo isn't afraid of Shorty but then again, there's no reason to be afraid of Shorty unless you have some kind of deathly allergy to dogs.
We're not getting fancy organic dirt for the woodcock. His dirt was currently brown water.
We have a turkey. I think his leg is messed up.

The egg removal (since most people feed their parakeets with mixed seeds alone, they get hypocalcemic and don't have the muscle strength to push out the eggs) was far more elegant than I'd imagine it to be. Push the egg out and then cut away the membranous stuff without cutting any blood vessels, and then push that shit back in. Ninety percent of the time, she'll just get rid of the dead tissue on her own.
More elegant than drawing blood from the hedgehog was, anyway. The blood looked kind of watery and wasn't clotting.
The egg is the size of a jellybean.
We looked at more blood, this time from a ferret with kidney failure. The only non-human animal kidney transplants is done in is cats, and only in certain location and only if you adopt the donor and only if you pay, as they say in Turkmenistan, kop kop kop baksheesh. Which means "a lot lot lot of money."
We can't do abdominal surgery on hippos because the sutures aren't strong enough and all the viscera will fall back out.

I've been listening to Tori Amos a lot for multiple reasons but I don't feel like I need to recommend her music to Ashley. I did recommend Sarah Rabdau and the Self-Employed Assassins. I didn't tell her about conservatory concerts. Gabriella tried to explain it to me but I didn't get much out of it aside from "it's similar to the BSO schedule otherwise" and "there are students from other schools or something who play in June" and "rumble rumble rattle rattle." I did tell her about Dreamscape and she says she's more of a night person than she is a morning person.
She's been listening to a lot of Fleet Foxes lately. I thought of Bulldog's song and there are a lot of covers of Mykonos. I guess it's a single and I guess that I didn't know because the only rock station in Boston is still playing Puddle of Mudd and Creed.
Ashley says she'll be on the lookout for Moreau paintings. I told her to toss a candle of life at Marine Le Pen, or maybe a farplane wind. But not holy water. You're thinking of Melania Trump. And definitely don't mix together a candle of life with some holy water unless she's undead. Try a supreme gem and a door to tomorrow.
On the other hand, the Netherlands dodged a bullet. On the other other hand, the Party for Freedom only lost because the mainstream right wing party was trying to appeal to the PVV's base. An interesting thing about Dutch politics is that there are a lot of single-issue parties. One of those parties' single issue is misogyny. Misogyny and wanting to restrict voting to male heads of households. Lovely.
I told her that it's getting harder and harder for me to tell the difference between the alt-right and the mainstream conservatives.

burning question: how long until there's a Simpsons episode entitled Breit Bart? I'm surprised Rubbercat hasn't thought of that, although there's an episode in which Poochie is coopted as a hate symbol by online Nazis and Roger Myers III turns to Bart and Lisa.

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